The best pitcher in baseball just showed why he is just that.  By the way, I am not saying Clayton Kershaw is considered the best left-hander in Dodger history… yet!  I just predict that when he retires, he will be.  He has a lot to do to make that a fact, even if his no-hitter was more dominating than any of Sandy’s no-hitters!

Zach Lee wasn’t at Albuquerque last night, but he got slammed to the tune of giving 7 hits, 6 runs and 4 BB in 4 innings pitched.  Without any dominant pitch, if he doesn’t have one pitch working, he’s toast, which is why I am not high on him.  It’s also why I would trade him and Andre Ethier to the Red Sox for Uehara.  Shoot, I’d throw in $15 mil (but it’s not my money).  There’s no way, I would include Joc Pederson in any trade.  Uehrara takes Chris Perez place and Pederson take Ethiers place.  Ethier is re-rejuvenated with his buddy Pedroia, and Lee might go to the pen for a while.  But, NO Joc Pederson included in that deal.  No.  Nada!  Negative!  Zip!  Zero chance!

News of Note:

  • Joc Pederson is hitting .319 at AAA while FedEx is at .318!  What does it all mean?
  • Arrrrrr is tearing up AAA!Mike-Tyson-58523
  • Seager blasted his 14th HR and hit his 28th double at RC last night – he is one of the youngest players in the league and a man among men, hitting .355!  Seager is second in batting but the leader is 3 years older than him!  He needs challenged and should move a level…. soon!  For Godsakes, he OPSing 1.033.
  • Jansen looks like he has corrected his problem(s).
  • So, I ear Guerrero is about ready to resume baseball activity.  Mike Tyson can almost taste it!

  1. Pete M says:

    Mark, like your stand on Joc P… I believe bullpen woes can be solved internally for the Dodgers… Just my take, but I’ll stick with it…
    Now what’s up with the David Price rumors??? God knows I like Price, but are we looking at a 1 1/3 yr. rental??? Can’t see how you sign Zack next year (now that will be scary $$$) and entertain Price in 2016!?!?
    Unless Urias pulls off a young Kershaw miracle I don’t see any starters ready soon and I have long since given up on Lee…

  2. Badger says:

    I was never that high on Lee, but the Dodgers sure were. Called him a top 10 talent. Had he gone to LSU like I advised him he would have 4 years of BMOC and made more than 5 mil in the NFL. Oh well. Trade him to Boston with Ethier. They both will do better there.

    Looks like Seager is ready to bust out. He could be the best we have. He also might end up at first base. Guerrero, Arru, Gordon and Seager. Kemp, Pederson and Puig. Kershaw, Ryu, Price, and who knows. Greinke could leave. Beckett could leave. Haren is already gone. If we win it all who knows what changes will be made. If we don’t, who knows what changes will be made.

  3. Bobby says:

    Question: if we trade Ethier, does Joc for sure come up and either take over CF, or platoon with SVS?

    Seems Kemp will only be a LF now. Crawford doesn’t have the arm for CF (or even 2b, for that matter), and Puig belongs in RF for the next 10 years.

    This is why I’d prefer to trade Crawford (knowing full well it WONT be easy!). Of course, I’d prefer to trade both Crawford and Ethier, and set ourselves up better for now and the long run (both on the field and in the financials).

    Interesting idea on Ethier/Lee for Urethra.

    Saeger does look like he’s the MVP down in his league; move him up already!!! Good call on perhaps him being a 1b for a while, since Agone looks gone

  4. BOB says:

    Ok, Kershaw is pretty good. He could even be the NL player of the month for June.

    As only Maureen O’Hara could say in Only the Lonely, Lee still looks like he has the chest of a 16 year old boy. My auto mechanic just added 4 mphs (90 to 94
    ) on a 17 year old’s arm speed in one month so there is hope for Lee. Do the Dodger trainers ever work on improving pitcher arm flexibility?

    Is it time to promote Seager? How do the Dodgers do that? It seems that SS is now a position of improved depth within the Dodger organization and someone will have to move to 3B and become a utility player if Seagar is promoted. At AA we have Darnell Sweeney who is batting .318 and over the last 10 games is red hot at .409. But then there is that 29 year old 3B who is batting .276 with 14 errors. Should Sweeney be moved to 3B to accelerate his route to the Dodgers as a utility player? And of course at AAA there are 3 Shortstops beginning with Arreberrarrarrarrra who is hot at .365 and Rojas and Truinfel when the rosters are put back to normal. Maybe we will hear that Sweeney is moved to 3B after the Futures game.

    Admiration for the Oakland run differential of 126! WOW! Second best is Seattle at 52. Dodgers at 40 (5th in MLB) and improving.

    Only 3 games behind and the surge is just beginning. Hoping that the Dodgers can hit multiple HRs against Shields today and go 4-2 to finish out the month on a high note.

    • Badger says:

      Not sure what the Dodgers trainers work on BOB. I’m thinking maybe these days they are spending late nights in the libary readin up on hamstrings – you know, what they are, what they do and how to prevent injry to them.

      Shields vs Haren. Smart money on Shields. I’m not that smart.

      Arreberrarrarrarrra. Helluva shortstop.

      • Bobby says:

        If Harey Carey couldn’t pronouce “Irabu”, I wonder how he would attempt to pronounce Arrubarrena?

        Id pay to listen to that attempt, though (with a couple glasses of Macallan, of course)

  5. bobbie17 says:

    I agree on the take on Lee. Over time, he may be a 3-4 starter, but when? I would say another 3-4 years. I don’t think he is worth the patience it would take to wait for him to figure it out. The same is true with the 2 high draft picks at RC. Both very average. The only thing going for Lee is his age, but if he has real major league potential, he should have advanced higher by now. He can go. Our closer is good enough for now. Somewhere out there is a failed major league starter who can become a decent closer. The Dodgers probably have about 10 of them in the system. A trade for some good middle bullpen/5th starter guy would help. Ethier is too good not to get some real value in return. He could still be very good for 5+ years. I would go for 5th starter/mid bullpen type. Pederson and Seager are off limits–for now.

  6. Watford Dodger says:

    I’d pull the trigger on that trade in an insant Mark. Uehara is lights out like we hoped Wilson would be. But I would 100% not include Joc in any deal unless it was to get someone like Stanton.
    Every deadline we are linked with Price, but I just don’t see it. If we’d wanted another stud starter we would have gone all in on Tanaka.
    Badger – maybe there’s a job for you in the GMs office when Ned finally gets the bullet?

    • Badger says:

      Arm chair GM W. I don’t follow other teams that closely. There are literally thousands of players that have to be watched daily and I don’t do that. Being retired I have more time than most, and being an old coach I know what I’m looking at. Right now I am looking at the middle of our lineup and wondering if they have a run in them. When I first saw this put together as you know I loved the mixture of right/left power and speed. I figured 3 years of NL dominance. I didn’t figure these nagging injuries. So I definitely got that wrong.

      Closers aren’t that easy to find Robert. If they were every organization would have a plethora of choices. I used to believe “it’s one inning” but have since learned it’s THE inning. Meltdowns between the ears happen to a lot of these guys. I do believe that many games are won and lost in the 7th and 8th. If I were king I would change a few things about that whole save thing. Since games can be lost in the 7th and 8th I think they should also be saved then too. If you are facing the top or middle of the order shouldn’t you get the save and the guy who mops up the bottom of the order and PH’s get a hold? No blown save and W in the same game and I don’t believe a starter should have to go 5 innings to qualify for a win. A reliever can throw 1 pitch and get a W. Something wrong with that. Maybe If a starter goes through a lineup twice and leaves with a lead he gets the W. Or just leave it up to the official scorer to decide. He’s the OFFICIAL SCORER for crying out loud. It’s what he is paid to do. Yeah, things would be different if I were the overlord.

  7. Campy says:

    Looking at our team position by position:
    2nd base looks good with Dee’s improvement
    RF is set, hopefully for many years
    Starting pitching is as good as one team can expect
    LF looks adequate with Kemp’s attitude adjustment and he is hitting better

    Catching, Ellis is adequate, but we have no backup at all
    3rd Uribe will give us good defense and if his bat is ready we will be in good hands here

    1st Agon is still good in the field, but his bat is gone and he needs to find it
    SS Hanley can still hit, but he needs to be a DH in the American League so he doesn’t have to field balls. Seems like help may come with Arrrrr
    CF Like a black hole and the only light seems to be Joc, but we can’t be sure of what he brings because of where he plays
    RP outside of the recent turn-around by Jansen and Howell we don’t know what to expect from day to day.

    What I would like to see– Hanley traded to the AL for a catching prospect that can be a back up now and grow into the full time spot. Arrrrr brought up to play short.
    Either and Crawford traded for whatever, BP help. Joc needs to get his shot, this would be a defensive improvement and the offense can’t be any worse, can it?
    Maholm, Perez, Wilson—by, by…. For whatever help we might get and bring up a couple of young guys for a shot

    I know that to make these kinds of changes in the heat of a pennant race is taking a big chance. Unproven players are usually brought up under different circumstances when they don’t have to press. However, we really should try to upgrade a couple of key spots like CF, RP and a back-up catcher. Build it strong up the middle.

    • Campy says:

      Can you imagine the starting rotation with Super K, Ryu, Greinke (if we can resign him for the future), Beckett (if we can keep him here for a couple more years) and someone like Price? What team from the past would you compare that to???? Too bad Bills didn’t come back strong, I really thought he was going to light it up. Then we would have really had a “deep five”.

  8. Badger says:

    One third of our lineup today is back-up players. Great opportunities. Make it rain reserves.

    About a month to deadline. Campy, are you making moves then, earlier – now?

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