Kenley Jansen <Vomiting sounds> is a real problem.  Simply put, right about now, HE SUCKS!  The Dodgers are cursed by the Big Dodger in the Sky who is just as embarrassed as me to be a Dodger fan!  Kenley has been sketchy most of the season, flirtin’ with disaster!  Come to think of, the pen (except for Howell) kind of sucks big time.

I don’t want Matt Kemp in CF, but he would have caught that one at the wall that bounced off Andre’s glove.  Kemp may not be a CF, but neither is Ethier.  The Dodgers need a CF – where can they find one?  I happen to know where one is…  might be… maybe.

Dodger Notes:

  • Kyle Farmer was promoted to RC.
  • Can the Dodgers call up Joc Pederson anytime soon?
  • Seager still at RC?  Why?
  • Someone said that some teams have role players like Carl Crawford… sure they do, but only ignorant savages pay them $21 million a year for that role.  That embarrasses me to be a Dodger fan.  The Dodgers are the STUPIDEST team in MLB because they were the only ones who would take “Rue the Day” Crawford!  I wish they would just cut him so I could forget it.  Carl ‘Freakin’ Crawford?  Never say that name in my presence again! <Vomiting sounds>
  • Why do the Dodgers allow James Baldwin to draw air?  <More vomiting>
  • RDLR is looking like the pitcher many of us thought he would be.
  • What is it with former Dodger Catchers?  Santana is hitting .196 with a .355 OB%.  Russell Martin had that disease for a while too, but now is hitting .276 with a .429 OB%.  He’s a free agent after this year?  Want him back?  Would he come back?  He’s three years younger than our future manager!



  1. idahoal says:

    How do you really feel Mark? Kenley did not look like a closer last night. Seager should be promoted. I would like to see Pederson come up, but it may never happen this year. If we are in a pennant race, and we are, they will never trust him to play center field during a pennant race.

    To be a championship team you need to be strong up the middle defensively. Ellis and Gordon are strong. Either is so so. Handley is horrible. It is what it is.

  2. Badger says:

    You’re just pissed because Crawford is going to cost you 500 push-ups. Get started now and you might be done by the time the Dodgers take the field in the playoffs.

    Yeah, that sucked the ruby begonia. But stuff happens. Put it away and move on.

    Ethier is only an average outfielder. But he can still hit and that has value. He is one of those guys that needs to play every I don’t know where his power went but maybe he can find it in a new city. A city that has a hitters park.

    You want Pederson, a guy with exactly zero at bats in the big leagues. OK. Put a rookie in centerfield in the middle of a pennant race. It might work.

    I just don’t understand your hate Mark. We finally have a chance and all you can talk about is the money. And you are a staunch conservative. You guys worship the corporation. We finally have some power behind the name and that fact embarrasses you? It doesn’t make any sense.

    Something doesn’t look right with Jansen. He’s given up 5 earned in his last 4 outings. Maybe time to close by committe?

    Hopefully this loss is just a hiccup. Tee it up again tonight. These are the Padres, not the Cardinals. We will see the Cards soon enough.

  3. Mark TImmons says:

    I don’t worship the corporation, in fact, I think there should be some type of cap of CEO pay. At my wife’s and my business we have less than 70 employees, but the organization is very flat, not run from the top down, which most are. American Corporations are frequently absurd!

    The Cards got there last year with Wong in the lineup. Being a rookie doesn’t mean he can’t play.

    • Badger says:

      Ok, whatever. I’ve known you a long time.

      If the Dodgers decide to do it, I’m all for it. But I’m reading the leaves here and I just don’t see that happening. We’ve put together a modest win streak and the midgets are playing more like the team we thought they were. Combined with our history of injury I think Jed is hesitant to make major moves with the outfield. It’s true Crawford won’t earn his money, but he had raised his average about a hundred points when he rolled his ankle. He is a a positive OPS player and I would ask you to review his post season stats with the Dodgers last year. If he leaves we will be paying for him to do that with some other team. I don’t see the Dodgers doing that. Maybe you do. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      What to do today? Hard to know what will be done with Kenley but he has gone through this before. His mistakes last night were up in the zone. Could it be that simple? Or has he lost velocity and movement? Nobody talking about it in the Times this morning (Plaschke must be on vacation in Brazil) but I suspect a move will be made. Give him a different role until he figures it out and close by committee for the time being. It’s 3 outs. Just go do what you’re paid to do. League, Howell, Wilson (ok maybe not Wilson) use everybody in the 9th. It’s a team game. We need everybody to step up until our guy gets his mojo back.

      A tweak here and there is all we need. I suggest you stop examining the payroll and start looking at ways to make this happen with the cards in our hand. It’s just a suggestion.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s been looking to me lately as if Jansen has lost the bite on his cutter.

    Idaho, at the end of the previous thread I made some comments about Ethier’s play in CF. I think Ethier has crossed the boundary from “so so” to “really bad”. I thought he missed a catch in the 8th that should have been made, and also thought that a good CF would have caught at least one of the balls hit in the 9th, and maybe both. He looks terrible in CF, and the numbers bear it out (-0,5 dWAR). And he’s lost his power. Maybe some people think the Dodgers can get something for him. I’m not one of them. The only hope is that there is a GM out there who is willing to gamble that a change of scenery is all Ethier needs to re-energize himself.

    I’m not sure Pederson is ready, but I believe he can’t be worse than what we’re seeing now. And even if he’s ready, it’s possible that we will see the normal ups and downs of a young player getting acclimated to the big leagues. But that being said, I think now is probably the time to pull the trigger, and whatever happens, happens. At the very worst, he grows as a player, and enters next season that much more prepared.

    I’m not concerned that Seager is still at RC. It’s still only June. There are times that I just put my trust in the people who see him play everyday. And let’s not forget that he is only 20, and probably is not going to see Dodger Stadium until at least September 2015. And even if he doesn’t move up to Chattanooga this year, there is still the AFL and/or winter ball. I can’t see any reason why the Dodgers would be in a hurry to promote him. It could happen, but it will be on their timetable, based on what they’re seeing.

    Part of the cost of being able to get to the NLCS last season was taking on Carl Crawford’s contract. The Dodgers made that deal to get Agon, and it worked out just fine. I’m not in the least bit embarrassed by an ownership willing to spend to get the Dodgers on the map, and also willing to spend to re-build a broken player development system. Our previous owner was the embarrassment. Carl Crawford was the price of doing business. Time to just forget about it, and move on.

    • Michael says:

      Random thoughts
      I would love to see Russell Martin return
      Move Dee to CF, with Uribe at 3rd move Turner to 2nd until Guerrero is ready
      Cut Perez and bring up Yimi
      Trade Maholm and recall Paco

      No answer for HR Haren

  5. Badger says:

    Well, as you all know, I am a progressive and as such believe in science and evidence as foundation for deduction.

    In looking at the evidence, pure objective science, not “hope” not “want”, I see that Ethier at about this time last year was hitting .252. He ended the year at .272 with a 3.0 WAR. Not making this up, you can believe what you want to believe, or you can look up the evidence yourself. He ended up with similar numbers the year before, even a higher WAR. Something else that must be noted – he did this over a full season – 149 and 142 games, NOT as a part time player. Now, not sure what that tells some of you, but what it tells me is that, this player has value if he is on the field all year, not riding the bench waiting for opportunity. That is why from my GM chair, which is nice leather recliner in my living room, I have already moved him to a team with a hitter friendly park (Boston, any team in Texas) and I am rotating SVS and Crawford in left field, Kep is in right and my best outfielder, Yasiel Puig, is in center until I bring up Pederson. Who knows, I might have brought up Pederson instead of Romak. Probably would have seeins how I never heard of Jamie Romak until I saw him in uniform on tv.

    Farmer? Seager? Who cares where they are now? We won’t see either of those guys until I’m pushing 70. I need it done this year.

    Speaking of that, with all due respect, some of you sound like my kid when he was 3. wahhhhhhh!! I don’t like this! I want THAT NOW! Not this one THAT one! Relax children. Stop whining. It’s a long year. Show some patience, and you will find you get what you need.

    As for the update above…. you not sure what you’re talking about – Martin? How does that help this year?

    btw. It’s finally summer. It’s now officially OUR time.

    • Badger says:

      no matter how hard I try, I continue to make typing mistakes. Most of the sites I post at, not many these days, save my sorry ass with edit capability. Not sure why we can’t have that here, but, we don’t. My apologies for my sloppiness.

  6. the truth hurts says:

    Ill say it again, Kenley is the second coming of Broxton. Both heartbreakers when we need them to step up the most. This will continue until we find another closer. Relief help is certainly priority number 1 this year.

    I am ok with giving JocP a shot, trade Ethier for relief help, put him in the 6 slot, good to go.


    Best lineup in baseball? Best rotation in baseball? Best team in baseball? World Series champs? Wait, that relief issue……

  7. BOB says:

    OK, so last night was frustrating and some people are pissed. I am frustrated because the same thing happens every day with the Dodger pitchers. They do know how to figure what is wrong with their grip, their arm slot, their landing, or anything else. Honeycutt does not know how to figure out any of these issues in less than 50 pitches or by watching film for less an hour. And of course Donnie does not know how to pull the trigger and replace a pitcher when he obviously does not have it that night and can not work himself out of the jam because he knows not and never will know how to correct his mechanical mistake(s). And where is the future manager catcher when all of this is going on?

    What makes me pissed is when a lazy idiot leaves a retired marine, who could not figure out how to make a U-turn, with PTSD in a Mexico jail for 3 months just because and then returns 4 armed Mexican police officers who crossed over into the US after 2 days. Anyone who is not mad about that is drinking spiked Kool-Aid everyday.

  8. Pete M says:

    Damn, now it’s Honeycutt!??! Badger it’s like lets spin the wheel and jump on whoever comes up…
    It would be foolish to bring up Joc P… CC will be OK… Dre isn’t going anywhere and Kenley is not imploding…
    Come the Trading Deadline the brass will do whatever is necessary… LAD vs. Motor City…

    • Badger says:

      Thank you Pete. A voice of reason.

      I have the answer for the Tahmooressi situation BOB. There are a number of Marines living close to the Mexican border, just sitting there with not much to do but run up and down the hills at Pendleton. It would probably only take a squad of grunts, or one Marine Recon team (baddest in the business) to get him out. Ask nicely for his return. If the corrupt beyond belief Mexican authorities say no, go get him. He’s back in a matter of a few hours. Mexican cops won’t put up a fight. Or if you don’t want to use military force, after all it isn’t the Middle East, it’s only Mexico, offer them some of that money you used to buy off tribal leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s only money. We can just print more of it. Mexico speaks $.

  9. Campy says:

    We had company last night so I couldn’t catch the Dodgers until the bottom of the 9th. I turn it on and see we are up and the first thing I say is, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a simple 1-2-3″. It only took 3 or 4 pitches to put that dream to rest. Maybe it’s my bad memory, but it seems like the bp simply can’t get 3 outs in a row. Even when we get a save it seem like there is a walk or hit or two or three thrown in there. Remember the closer for the O’s, Stanton who drove Earl Weaver crazy. Didn’t they call him “pack a day Stanton” because he drove Weaver to smoke?

    What is it with our pitch counts? It seem like we can’t throw a strike until there are one or two balls on a batter. Are our pitchers (outside of Kershaw) unable to start batters off with a strike and get ahead of the count? Lot’s of foul balls too. Just can’t seem to miss the bat with two strikes and that leads to high pitch counts. Very few starters are getting to the 7th, let alone the 8th inning.

    • Badger says:

      It’s just not how it’s done anymore. Pitchers want hitters to swing on pitches 4″ off the plate. Only the best pitchers, with proven records, get those calls. Pitching to contact is a thing of the past.

      When you can see right away your closer is missing his spots, why risk it? Jansen has been off, don’t leave him there long enough to blow it. Go get somebody else!

    • grumpy3b says:

      It was not Stanton but Don “Full Pack” Stanhouse that drove Weaver insane and up the ramp to smoke a “full pack” everytime he entered the game. He was about the same with the Dodgers and probably added 6″ to Tommy’s waist from stress eating when he entered the game.

      • Campy says:

        Thanks, youre right. I knew Stanton wasn’t quite right but I just couldn’t remember the correct name. Pretty close for an old timer. I think our entire bp should be known as “Full Pack” right now.

        • grumpy3b says:

          haha…know what ya mean…only reason I remember was Vinny’s eloquent descriptions of the Stanhouse saga. when he entered the game. I actually got a pool up on when Tommy’s head would explode during a Stanhouse appearance. Didn’t Stanhouse also have the moniker “Stan the Man Unusual”?

          I seem to remember he was one of the early FA’s signed by O’Malley and, of course like all early Dodger attempts to sign FA’s, went ka-boom on them in short order.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    The Padres looked like they really wanted to win that game. In the 9th inning, they came for bear.

    Jansen had this problem last season as I remember. Then he made some adjustments and figured it out.

    When I watch MLB channel for the re-cap of the games — gee, I see guys on other teams with beautiful swings — and hammering the ball. I do not see that often in Dodger games by Dodger hitters. Hitting approach . . . And Puig seems fooled a lot of late. Not hitting the ball solid and with authority like he has in the past. He they work on it soon.

    • Badger says:

      Everybody in the West wants to beat the Dodgers.

      The Padres stink. Historically stink, as in one of the stankest offensive teams since Babe Ruth passed away.

      Mike over at MSTDD asks us not to apoplect an aneurism over Jansen’s meltdown. After all, it’s his first blown save in quite a while. That’s true, but his outings of late have been anything but clean. The five IP before last night – 10 K’s, which is great, but 6 hits, one a home run, 2 runs and a walk. Add last night and it’s 5.2 IP 9 hits and 5 runs. And last night it was the Padres, who, you know, can’t hit the floor when they fall off their bar stool.

      What I saw was a pitcher throwing cheese belt high over the middle of the plate. Even the stanko Mini Pads can put a bat on that. Give Jansen a day or two to think about it but let him know, we see you throwing cookies up there again you will be yanked quickly.

      Puig’s swinging at balls again. Last night with Ramirez running Puig swung at ball 4 around his ankles and Ramirez was out from Long Beach to Escondido. From 2 on nobody out to nobody on and 2 out. We then rallied for a couple. Could have been an inning that chased Kennedy, but no. Puig gotta swing at one a foot out of the zone. Discipline. Fundamentals. This team, with all it’s talent, still has nightly brain farts.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Folks are jumping on Ethier and his centerfield play. Ethier was never a real center fielder. But the Dodgers were forced to play him there.

    When a ball is hit in the air and he can get there. He will catch it. When a ball it is shallow or deep — maybe and maybe not. It is not his fault, he is what he is.

    I tip my hat to Andre for trying the best he can. It is Ned’s fault for not putting that part of the team together.

  12. Bill_Russell says:

    How can anyone be sure if any minor league player is ready? How can anyone be sure any Major League player is going to continue hitting? I believe Joc Pederson has accomplished all he can in the minor leagues and is being blocked by the current logjam of the Dodgers Major League Roster. We need to see him play to determine if he’s the guy of the future. He is the only true center fielder out of the 5 Big League outfielders and himself. We have sat on the outfield logjam far too long which has created dissension among some of the players. As I stated last week, the team is lacking chemistry and that may be caused by dissension among the players. All five of the Dodger outfielders think they belong in the lineup and all 5 are unhappy every time their name is missing from the lineup card. A good bench player knows his role and supports the players in the starting lineup. That’s not happening this year. We need to ship out Either and Crawford for whatever we can get and not wait for the trading deadline and expect a larger return in value.
    I am worried about Jansen as he doesn’t appear to be the dominate pitcher that he was the past few years. Can he be hiding arm issues? Something is going on. The Padres are one of the weakest offensive teams in baseball and should never have lite him up like that last night. The Giants are keeping us in the race right now but we should never lose games like that to the weak teams in our division. What a huge disappointment listening to the game on the radio last night. We continue to strand runners in scoring position which kept the Padres in the game last night.

  13. idahoal says:

    It will be interesting what Mattingly will do with the the bull pen this evening. Let’s hope Beckett goes nine innings. Mattingly really seems reluctant to remove a bull pen pitcher when it becomes obvious that he does not have it. Some of you have said that already. Jansen last night was throwing the ball in the middle of the plate and waist high.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I think the Dodgers know what they’re doing with respect to Pederson, and that he’ll get the call when they think he is absolutely ready. His numbers are nice in ALBQ., but that’s just the point. It’s ALBQ. and it’s the PCL. I have no problem with him being brought up, but I also know that it’s night and day when comparing the big leagues to the PCL. He could just as easily struggle when he comes up as he could ignite the team. Besides, I don’t see the hurry. It’s not like the Dodgers are struggling. They’ve been playing better for the most part, and I’m not sure if it makes much of a difference if Pederson makes his debut now, or sometime in July. Also, while the Dodgers may be trying to work out a deal for one or even two of their outfielders, it could be that they’re not being offered all that much. I don’t know if this will play out until the trade deadline, but it might. It takes two to tango, unless the Dodgers are willing to just give their outfielders away.

    I don’t know if the adjustment Vin Scully mentioned helped Jansen, but I did see more movement on his cutter, especially the last pitch of the game.

    • Badger says:

      Agree Brooklyn.

      Ethier isn’t helping himself much as far as earning an everyday job here, or somewhere else. .249 with a .666 OPS. Come on man. You are better than that. At least you usta were. Time to take your job seriously. A good 30 day run and you are back.

      It’s been a long time since Puig hit a home run. No home runs and 4 RBIs for the entire month of June. Where’s the thunder Yassie?

      I think AGon is about back. He squared up several pitches last night. They were ground balls but he hit them well.

      Beckett pitching well. It would be helpful for all our starters to go 7 or more. Haren won’t, but the rest can.

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