… and I’m not talking about the fact that the Dodgers are barely a .500 team even though they have the highest payroll in baseball, although that would qualify also.

What I am talking about is how the Dodger’s organization has failed their left-handed hitters.  Here’s what Dodger left-hitters are hitting against lefty pitchers:

  • Crawford – .240
  • Gordon – .208
  • Ethier – .179
  • Gonzalez – .169

Shoot, it has even infected some RH Hitters:  Uribe is hitting .188 and Matt Kemp is at .141.  Abysmal!  Los Angeles is a place where left-handed hitters come to die.  If it was just Andre Ethier, which it has been for several years, I could stand it.  But it is EVERY Left-Handed Hitter.  No one can convince me this is not an epic fail on the part of the Dodger’s organization.  Surely, there are things that can be done – how about extra batting practice against tough left-handers including video and instruction?

Every lefty hitter sucks against left-handed pitchers.  This is a pox on the Dodgers organization.  What are they going to do about it?  Maybe Stan and Ned can put their heads together and spend some more money.  They are very good at that, even if they are miserable at equipping their players to succeed!

Rants and Raves:

  • Chris Perez – 5.11 ERA 0-3 record!  At what point does Donnie quit rolling him out there?  Call up Yumi – DFA Perez!
  • Matt Kemp looks to be getting his confidence back.  I think he can hit .285 with 20 HR this year and that’s OK.  Maybe next year he will be all the way back.
  • Chone Figgins is a nice bench piece for this team, no matter what you think.  Ditto for Justin Turner.
  • Even after his blast (total guess) Fed-Ex is hitting .111.  Ouch!
  • The Dodgers need Uribear back!
  • Andre Ethier may be the best CF on the Dodgers roster, but he’s no CF’er!
  • Brandon “Freaking” League!
  • I think it’s time to see if Joc Pederson can play CF.
  • Corey Seager is up to .350.
  • Aaron Miller was 4-4 with 2 HR last night.  It would be fun to see him make the show at some point.
  • Errors are killing the Dodgers!   That and the bullpen!



  1. Badger says:

    I believe you were saying the same thing this time last year.

    I wonder if Turner is a good clubhouse guy? He hit .280 with a 100 OPS+ last year in a backup role and the Mets let him go. We are talking the Mets here. No matter. He does not belong on the field this much this early. I don’t want him getting 200+ at bats.

    SVS has struck out 9 times in his last 21 at bats. But his OBP during that time is .467. Odd.

    Lasorda’s Lair making a point that this is just not a good enough mix of players to win a championship. Maybe. If Ramirez and AGon don’t hit, we won’t win. If we keep fielding 1/4 to 1/2 of the field with backups we won’t win. If our bullpen keeps leaking we won’t win. Wrong mix? If it is, we will know by the deadline.

    AGon has a career .275 avg vs lh pitching. Andre has a career .249 avg against lh starters. They can do it. They just aren’t. Why? Why is Ramirez not hitting? Why has Kemp looked like a rookie? Why FedX? Wrong mix?

    Still have 7 weeks to the deadline. Patience.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t see Turner as an everyday guy, but I would argue that he’s done a nice job overall since filling in for Uribe at 3B, both with the bat and defensively. And if memory serves, I believe that during last offseason Ron Darling, one of the Mets broadcasters, questioned why the Mets let him go. And Figgins too has done a nice job, especially just getting on base. Neither one of them is part of the problem, unless of course, they’re doing something other than being valuable utility guys. Turner is only playing mostly everyday because of necessity. With Uribe out, who else should be playing 3B? We do have a nice 3B prospect in Seager, but nobody suggests, I think, that now is his time.

    Can’t disagree with the DFA of Perez, and bringing up Yimi. It’s something I would support.

    Badger, I don’t feel like going back to look at the stats, but I recall that Ethier actually hit lefthanders well in his first year or two with the Dodgers. That might have inflated his lifetime average against southpaws. I think it’s a lot worse since then. I’m sure someone will look it up and let us know if I’m right or wrong.

    Gordon I would just give more time against lefthanders. Maybe he’ll improve in that area with time. In fact, if he can master his bunting, I’m sure his average against lefthanders would greatly improve. Has Crawford ever hit lefties? I’m sure someone will look that one up also. As for Agon, I’ve noticed that this year he’s swinging at a lot of pitches out of the strike zone (against righties and lefties), a lot more so that in past years. And he’s continuing to hit balls into the shift rather than going the other way. Maybe those things have something to do with it. It would seem that he’s gotten into some bad habits, and that either he or the coaching staff is not addressing it. So who’s to blame? Gonzalez? McGwire? Valentin? Mattingly? Or all of the the above?

    Andre Ethier isn’t only not a good CF’er, he’s just not a good outfielder. Forget the gold glove, that was for the bat that he used to have.

    My guess is that the Dodgers have a plan vis a vis Joc Pederson, and that they’re not going to deviate from it, no matter what. They’ll bring him up when they think he’s ready, and when they know for sure that he will be in the lineup everyday. They’re likely not going to bring him up for sporadic work, nor as part of a platoon situation.

  3. Badger says:

    Well yeah, Turner is the guy to fill in but only occasionally to give your starter a rest during the dog days. He’s not the guy you want there weeks at a time. He is a lifetime .260 hitter with a lifetime OPS+ of 93 and a negative dWAR every year but his first in MLB. We need Uribe back or we need to trade for better at that corner.

    I looked, Ethier did hit lefties for a few minutes but they figured him out. To tell you the truth I’m not sure how he managed that 6.8 over two. Even when he hit 31 and 106 he only had a 3 WAR. He hasn’t come close to those numbers since, won’t again, and somehow the saber-stats say he has considerable value.

    AGon is pressing. He should just take the walks he is being offered. If he did his babip would rise significantly. Ramirez looks depressed.

    I still believe it will come together.

  4. BOB says:

    I can’t agree more to Mark’s comments.

    After watching the LA Kings hustle, grind, and comeback from extinction time after time my opinion of the LA Dodger prima donnas continues to plummet into extinction. The Kings had an average season, tied for 9th most points, and added some players at the trading deadline and now have a great team. Don’t think or even hope that these Dodger prima donnas can duplicate what the Kings are doing.

    The current roster of Dodgers is the most unprofessional, self-centered group of athletes that I can remember. If I was pitching yesterday or managing the Dodgers I would tell the 2 prima donnas OFs that were not even on the field when the catcher threw down to 2b in the 4th or 5th inning to install a catheter and a bag and suck it up if they can’t hold it and videos are to be watched before the game or after the game and maybe they should ride the pine if they want to watch videos during the game and do not have the common sense to even watch the clock. Morons. If you did not see this crap yesterday, which I did not because of McCourtesque TV, then you certainly heard about it on the post game show from Kevin Kennedy.

    This is the perfect opportunity to rest Puig, put him on the DL and bring up Pederson just to show the prima donnas that they are on the verge of riding the pine or being DFA’d.

    Ned’s ego will not allow him to admit the failure of some of his signings. As I have been saying DFA Perez, and bring up Garcia until Billingsley is ready. Wilson you are next.

    During the month of June the slackers are hitting .211 which is 28th in MLB. Only 3 are even batting higher than .250 so far this month, Van Slyke, Turner and Gordon. Where is McQuire?

    The Dodgers have the worst batting average against LHP in the entire MLB at .208 and only current 3 players are batting are over .250, Puig, Van Slyke and Butera. Even Kemp is batting .141 against LHP so just think of him as another Left Handed batter when you imagine the lineup each night. Now there are 3 virtual LH batters among the 3 former All-Stars.

    These players are playing like a team that knows that Stan is fed up with them and that he is going to break up this Band of Individualist losers before the season is over.

    My ranking of the players by position
    1. RF
    2. DH :)
    3. 3B
    4. 2B
    5. LF
    6. SS
    7. 1B
    8. CF
    9. PH
    10. C

    These players are Rich and Very Stupid.

    And of course the 40-man Roster and the Draft.

    How many of these 25 prima donnas were even drafted by the Dodgers?
    3 of the 12 pitchers, 0 of 2 catchers, 1 of 7 IF, and 3 of 4 OFs.

    There are 25 pitchers on the 44 men 40 man roster. You would think that the Dodgers have enough pitchers to maybe draft some position players. NO! Of the 40 kids drafted so far, 5 of 7, 10 of 15, 15 of 35, and 19 of 40 were RHP. Of yea, they drafted 2 LHP, 7 OF, 2 1BG, 2 2B, 4 SS, 1 3B and only 2 catchers.

    Why all of the pitchers when in their TOP 20 Prospects there are 8 of 10 and 13 of 20 pitchers? Where are the position players? This sure ain’t Money Ball. It looks more like Waste Money Ball.

    An example of the Dodger’s perpetual dumb drafting is in 2011 the Dodges drafted Santana (3B), who is not even in the Top 30 of Dodger prospects. And this is a guy that I like! He was drafted out of HS and will not be ready to make the team until at least 2018 if he ever does. The next pick in the draft was McCann, yes a catcher who is now 24 and playing at AAA with an ETA of 2014, which means that he should be a backup catcher in the Red Sox team in 2015. Yes, he is their #8 Top Rookie, is batting .277, and has played in 47 of 60 games this year. I bet that you can go through all of the Dodger drafts during the last 5 years and find that Logan passed on some very good players and picked a lot of losers. Time to change the way that the Dodgers draft and DFA Logan White and De Jon Watson.

    The pitching is good, the starters are very good and have almost reached 6.00 innings per start, and the relievers are average. The position players generally just suck like the guy who put this team together!

  5. Badger says:

    5 backups starting today.

    At least we don’t have to watch so many LA prima donnas this afternoon We get Rojas, Romak, Butera, Figgins and Turner. Think we’ll score?

    “Where is McQuire?”

    Who is McQuire?

    I’m all for giving Pederson a try but I don’t expect much out of him. Everybody hits at Albu and the few that have come up from there haven’t helped.

    It’s simple science for me – we need our first stringers on the field together, healthy, playing everyday or this b.s. will continue.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    The two big hitters in the Dodger lineup: Hanley and AGon keep pressing and not producing . . . one thing we know . . . this team will stay at about .500. Win 1, lose 1, win 2, lose 2 . . . and so on.

    And if that continues for much longer, that is longer than a slump . . . then it might be time to re-build and move them to the American League to get on with their lives.

    I believe the Yankees would love Hanley and he them. Maybe some hopeful team would take AGon and hope he puts them into the post season.

    No, I have no suggestions on a new SS or 1B agenda in my plan. But I see a lot of younger player out there, every day, hitting the heck out of the ball.

    But IF these two guys get it together — the Dodgers might still make the Wild Card. And IF the Giants lose their focus, the guy could catch them. I will take 1 game per week to catch up.

  7. Adam says:

    Mark, this LH hitting problem is an excellent observation. I’m very surprised that Mattingly and McGwire are not able to diagnosis and correct this problem.

    If the Dodgers are out of it in mid-July I would put everybody on the trading block except Kersh, Greinke, Ryu, and Puig.

    The two clubs I’ve identified as good trading partners for Ethier and/or Crawford are Detroit and Milwaukee. Both teams have very few LH hitters and are in pennant races. These two teams won’t take Ethier/Crawford for their contracts and good minor league prospects, but they may give take the contract or give the Dodgers a good prospect.

    I don’t think Hanley will be traded; he’ll just sign elsewhere in the offseason with the Dodgers getting a compensation draft pick.

  8. Badger says:

    5 innings. Call it.

    Too early to fold. Kemp looks much better. Gonzalez and Ramirez will figure it out. Crawford, Uribe and AJ back will help big time. As long as Puig and Gordon are ok we should be fine. We have no real center fielder but this is still a good team.

    Having said that, if we have gained no ground by 7/28 then your plan must be considered Roger.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m conflicted. Normally with the game official and the Dodgers ahead 6-1, I’d be hoping for the game to be called. But a part of me would like to see Romak and Rojas keep their first ever hits.

    Would the Dodgers get a compensation draft pick for Hanley? To do so they would have to make him a qualifying offer, and he would have to turn it down. I’m pretty certain the Dodgers would make him that offer, and just as certain that he would turn it down. But you never know. Also, I have to check the rules, but wouldn’t the Dodgers get a first or second round pick, PLUS a supplemental pick?

  10. BOB says:

    Rojas gets his first base hit and has an average of .333, the only starter today with a BA above .257. Can’t say that the prima donnas are playing with honor and distinction!

  11. Bball says:

    U guys overreact. I’m staying positive. 1/2 game back in the wild card. I still believe this team will win the west. So the giants are hot now. It won’t continue. And yes I’ll still put 500 on that.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t know the compensation rules perfectly, but I do know that the type A and type B classifications are not longer used. But even under those rules Hanely would have garnered compensation picks, since they were not based on a single years work. However, the rules are now changed, and I do know that all a team needs to do to get a compensation pick is to offer the player a qualifying offer, and have him turn it down.

    So if the the Dodgers decide not to sign Hanley, they will become eligible for a compensation pick if they make Hanley a qualifying offer, he turns it down, and another team signs him. Not sure exactly what the rules are if no one signs him, or if he has to sign by a certain date.

    I shouldn’t listen to Hershiser and Garciaparra. They indicated that the hits in the top of the 6th wouldn’t count if the game was called. Apparently that’s not the case. The final boxscore on the rain shortened game indicates that Hanley, Romak and Rojas keep their hits and RBIs, and that the latter two did in fact get their first big league hits, back to back.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    9.5 games is a lot to make up, but perfectly within the realm of possibility. And while I don’t expect the Dodgers to run off a 42-8 record in the next 50 games, I certainly believe it’s possible that they will get hot and whittle down the midgets’ lead and might well overtake them. And for sure, I think the wildcard is a definite possibility.

    The Dodgers have 98 games remaining, and it’s definitely possible that they could win 65 of those games, which would be .663 winning percentage, and give them 98 wins. And since they have 9 more games head to head with the midgets, anything is possible. And if anyone thinks .663 is out of reach, just keep in mind that teams have played entire seasons with a higher percentage than that.

    I am confident that the Dodgers will have to mount a furious comeback in the remaining 98 games. But I thought this team had the talent to win over 100 games this year, so I definitely think they have it in them to turn it all around. It will require health, and turn arounds by Hanley, Kemp and Gonzo. And maybe they’ll add a piece or two or three before it’s all over.

    So like others on this site, I still remain confident, but cautiously so, since I know it will take a lot of things coming together to make it happen. Oh, and I also think, that it’s likely that the midgets will hit some bumps in the road. They could cool off just as fast as they got hot.

    • Badger says:

      There have been numerous late season collapses by teams with large leads. 9.5 in early June is no reason to blow up a team. Let’s see where we are st the deadline. Even if we are still behind I don’t see this management team as sellers. They are more likely to trade for players that will help this year.

  14. Badger says:

    Sorry, posted wrong article.

    My understanding is the compensation has been simplified. If you make an offer it has to be the average of the top 125 free agents. Last year that was 13.3. Next year it would likely be more. If the player refuses your qualifier, you get the first round pick of the team they sign with unless it’s top 10, in which case you get their next highest pick plus one in the compensation round. I would like to see Hanley go ape from here on out, sign an extension with us and agree to play 3b. If not, bye Hanley.

  15. dpwtv says:

    as far as the left handed hitter, left handed batter thing goes…. it’s not a Dodger problem, it’s a Major League issue. Lefties hitting lefties well rarely happens at anytime. Any left handed batter who can hit lefties consistently for a lengthy period of time is the exception…. not the rule. Yes.. all your stats are right. The lefty hitters are terrible against lefty pitchers. It has something to do with the break of the ball that makes it more difficult than when a righty hitter hits against a righty pitcher. There are also more righty pitchers than lefties… So the lefty on lefty matchup doesn’t happen as much as the righty on lefty.

    I’m not making excuses for the Dodgers… but the truth is… as soon as one coach on the planet figures out a way to get their lefties to hit lefty pitchers…. then we’ll see a change. Until then, most teams will struggle with this

  16. Badger says:

    Good info Brooklyn. I’m anxious to see what Seager can do against AA pitching. We will know soon enough.

    It’s worth noting that when looking at splits both Ethier and Gonzalez have better numbers against LH starters than LH pitchers. Gonzalez has a career .295 avg against LHP. Obviously the LOOGY is harder to straighten out. I would also submit that if Gonzalez could figure a way to beat the shift 40% of the time teams would think twice about using it. Also, if he would stop fishing he could get on over 40% easy. Take the walk and your BABIP rises significantly. That is hitting 101. He knows it. They all know it.

    Dee Gordon has settled right where I’ve asked him to be – OBP .333. Please stay there the rest of the year. If he can, he will steal over 90 and score near

  17. Badger says:

    Pederson 0 for 5 with 3 Ks yesterday. He can’t hit. Trade him. Arruebuena hitting .000 at AAA. He can’t hit either.

    I’m bored with LeBron James. People don’t like Kobe because he’s a Laker. I don’t like LeBronJames cuz he’s LeBron.James. LeBron. Who names their kid that? It’s supposed to mean “the king” in African. But he ain’t African. His distant relatives are from Puerto Rico. And “Le”? It’s Spanish and is an indirect object pronoun used in intransitive sentences. Bron means overly fond of heavy foods such as meat, potatoes and pastry, and could suffer from intestinal disorders, constipation and boils. So, his name actually means a boil covered flesh and pastry consuming glutton with bad gas. Ok, I made most of that up but I feel validated in my dislike for the man. Take him off that team and they lose in the first round.

  18. Watford Dodger says:

    Like the way kemp & Hanley stepped up last night.
    Maybe that is the challenge of playing in such a talented line up? The next man up will do it if you don’t? No pressure, someone will come through – surely?
    We know the game doesn’t work like that. The opposition see every out against the Dodgers as a victory. Maybe taking some big guns (Puig/Uribe/AJ/Gordon/Ethier) out has mentally made the others stand up to be counted.
    Clayton always stands up to be counted.
    We are a streak away from being a good team. Don’t give up. I really believe this team will deliver.

  19. BOB says:

    A month ago Seager was batting below .200 against LHP. Promote his batting instructor to the Dodgers until the break. Hire a new left handed batting practice pitcher who can throw curves and especially sliders. What they are doing now is NOT working. Are the insane Dodgers going to keep trying the same old things over and over that do not work? Try something new.

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