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Rants & Raves

  • I think in the scheme of things, Dee Gordon becomes the Dodgers Centerfielder, IF (BIG IF) Alex Guerrero can be an adequate second-baseman.  I ear that he doesn’t have the arm for 3B.  I hope the Dodgers get value for Hanley, but I do not believe they will sign him.  If they trade him in July, they can get a lot, or they can get a nice pick if they keep him all season.  I just think that sooner is better than later.
  • I worry that Joc Pederson is becoming homerun happy at Albuquerque.  His strikeouts are up and he he launching homers with regularity.  Albuquerque is a pox on the organization.
  • I see the team without Hanley Ramirez, Andre Ethier, Carl Crawford and maybe even Joc Pederson next year.
  • Peter Gammons has suggested that the Dodgers trade  Zach Lee and Tom Windle for Ben Zobrist.  Sounds like something Ned would do – Zobrist is 33!  I don’t think the Dodgers would be giving up much and Zobrist is OK.  Just OK!
  • It was good to see the Dodgers have almost signed Grant Holmes.  He has a lot of upside.
  • Will AJ Ellis be the next Dodger manager?
  • Tonight is a very winnable game with Greinke on the mound, so they will probably lose.

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Photo: Dee Gordon #6 of the Los Angeles Dodgers runs to first base. Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images Sizzlin-Summer_1

  1. Bill Russell says:

    Just curious on why you would think Joc Pederson may not be with the team next year if the Dodgers don’t have a true center fielder? Do you really think Gordon can learn that position in one spring? Or you don’t think he is for real and want to sale while the value is high?

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Before I put Gordon in CF — I want to see Joc play there for the Dodgers. Gordon is fine a 2nd base and a backup for SS if needed (like in a 22 inning affair where he has to go there in the 19th inning because of injury or someone being thrown out of the game, etc.)

    Joc needs his change. He is still young. Bring him along right . . .

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Bob, thanks for the compliment in the previous thread. Must be that I’m a “dummy” not to see the humor in your post. Maybe it’s because I work long hours every day, and mostly skim through posts, and don’t really spend a lot of time writing my own. From their length it may seem that I do, but they’re all extemporaneous, since I don’t have the time on my hands that some people do. But I’m the forgiving sort, so I’ll leave it at that.

    From what I saw of Joc Pederson this past spring, it appears to me that he has 20-25 HR power, and maybe more as he matures. No way to know for sure what sort of hitter he’ll be in the long run, but I suspect he could be good. But you’re right, “Albuquerque is a pox on the organization.” I understand why you think Gordon could be the Dodgers CF, but I also understand that second baseman with his range and arm are few and far between. A lot will depend on what the Dodgers think Pederson can do it CF, or maybe they’ll attempt to acquire one in a trade or by some other means. I too could see Pederson ending up elsewhere, and the same with Guerrero, and any number of other players. I believe the Dodgers will do what they think is necessary to plug the weak spots, and that probably no one outside of Kershaw and Greinke is safe.

  4. Campy says:

    Seemed to me that Dee didn’t really turn on the afterburners until he rounded first, almost like he knew he had 2 out of the box but then saw the ball bounce past the left fielder. If that observation is correct, I think he could have trimmed that .9 off of his time.

  5. alarnzen says:

    I like Gordon right where he is. Badger on another post, gave his opinion on who would start in the future. I agree with every one.

    I do believe AJ will be a manager some day. I just hope he does it for the Dodgers.

    The stats from Alb. are not correct. The pitchers are better than the stats indicate. The fielders are worse than the stats indicate.

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