First of all, let me caution you about believing rumors published in blogs or even from major sports news agencies… and you don’t have to believe this either.  Just know that the Dodgers, nor any other team are not going to tell anyone what they are doing.  They might mislead you into believing something, but they are not going to tip their hand, and they are not going to tell a fish hack or stinking blogger anything of consequence.  They may tell you something in confidence, but if you published it, you would be forever denied access much like what happened to my friend Tony Jackson, when he reported what happened at the Dodgers Arizona Swimming Party.

As fans we are mushrooms – they feed us BS and keep us in the dark!

This is no BS zone – I do throw out lots of ideas, but I try and leave out the BS.  That said, there is a lot of talk that the Dodgers might be willing to trade for David Price and maybe even Koji Uehara.

Julio Urias and Joc Pederson would get that deal done, but the Dodgers could be loathe to trade Urias, so it might take Pederson, Zach Lee and one of the Chris': Reed or Anderson…. maybe more!  Uehara might be worth Andre Ethier and someone like Pedro Baez.  I would do both of those deals, but I would not include Corey Seager in any deal.  If the Dodgers were to trade Pederson and Ethier, they would need a Center-fielder.

The solution is on the roster.

Dee Gordon has some experience there, but after seeing his adaptation to 2B, I have no doubt he would take to CF like a fish to water.  Second base could be manned by Justin Turner and hopefully Alex Guerrero, who could give the power-starved Dodgers more juice with the bat.  If the Dodgers could make those trades, they should do it!

Ethier is no Centerfielder.  I have no doubt they would be better defensively with Dee Gordon is Center.  Justin Turner is sure-handed at 2B and Guerrero is learning.  No, Guerrero is not a SS and he doesn’t have the arm for 3B.  He is a second-baseman, period, and moving Dee makes room for him… hopefully soon.


  1. Gordon  CF
  2. Puig  RF
  3. Ramirez  SS
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Kemp  LF
  6. Uribe  3B
  7. Turner/Guerrero  2B
  8. Ellis  C


  1. Kershaw
  2. Greinke
  3. Price
  4. Ryu
  5. Beckett

Haren and Maholm would have to be traded.


  1. Badger says:

    This actually works for me. Centerfield would be easy for Gordon. But to do this midseason is risky.

    If the Rays would take Pederson, Lee and Anderson I would do that in a heartbeat. They want Baez? They can have him.

    I love that rotation. Make it happen Sensei.

  2. t.o.dave says:

    OK. I would agree with that to keep Seager. I’d prefer him to Pederson under the right circumstances. I don’t know that theDodgers would switch Dee to CF mid season, but why not? It’s been talked about in here a lot, and even Maury Wills sees Gordon as a replica of himself (see March 2014 LA Times article). He was working on that position and 2b after all, and all reports were, if I’m not mistaken, good. He has the arm for CF and could definitely run down a lot of would be hits. I just say we don’t pass up on Price if we can get him. Despite other needs (relief and catcher) you don’t pass up on a talent like Price especially when a playoff rival won’t. You can never have enough ELITE starting pitching. Turner has shown himself to be more than adequate with the glove and bat. Guerrero would be best played at 2b. I also agree with that.

      • Badger says:

        Gordon has worked very hard to become a good second baseman. The risk, as I see it, is not so much Gordon in centerfield, he would probably take to it like a duck to water, the infield defense up the middle wouldn’t be as good. I’d still do it though.

        If Boston won’t do Uehara, how about Miller. Or Badenhop?

        • t.o.dave says:

          Can’t say I know Miller or Badenhop well enough, but the latter has a wicked sinker I think I read. What about the relievers the Padres may make available, Street and Benoit? Any thoughts on trading within the division for either of those two?

          Back to Price. If Pederson and others could get that deal done, then I’m all for it and am intrigued with moving Dee to CF in that event as Mark suggests. But, if Tampa insisted on Seager, I’d still do the deal.

          • Badger says:

            Boston has expressed interest in Ethier, and I think he would thrive there. Badenhop has a 1.77 ERA and Miller has a WHIP under 1.

  3. idahoal says:

    How about Lee and Pederson for Price? How about Perez and Kemp for Matt Miller and Anthony Ranaudo of Boston? How about Uribe and Perez for Wade Davis of Kansas City? These were trade suggestions from Bleacher Report. I would make the Lee, Pederson for Price in a heart beat. I do not think we would get Price that cheap. I would not trade Kemp. I would trade Either. I would make the Uribe, Perez for Wade Davis trade.

  4. Gonzo says:

    Seager and Urias are the only untouchables in the minors. A price for Joc, Lee, Anderson and reed would certainly get the Rays attention. Ethier straight up for Uehara, the BoSox owe us. I’ll reiterate that we wouldn’t be looking for another pitcher if we’d signed Tanaka. Not only would we have 4 #1’s, but also insurance in case Greinke opts out.

    Many say that making changes during the pennant race is not prudent, but changes need to be made PERIOD.

  5. grumpy3b says:

    I’m wary of Price right now. Was reading the other day his velocity numbers are down as well as all over the map. Would have to look long and hard before such a deal. But not sold he is 100% or is not on the verge of his arm falling off.

  6. idahoal says:

    I just do not want to see Gordon moved. He is doing so well at second base and at lead off. During the off season I may agree to moving Gordon to center field. If we have Guerrero at second, Arrrrrr at short stop, Gordon at centerfield and AJ catching, that would be a strong group up the middle defensively. I do not believe Handley will be with us next year.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Talk all you want about Price . . . the real Dodger problem is hitting and runs scored.

    Somewhere and somehow, this lineup needs to get better, fast.

    The team could carry AJ Ellis who does not hit — IF the rest of the lineup were solid. It is not.

    The team could carry Uribe is he were a better hitter — but he is not.

    Same when Ethier plays, he has lost power and average.

    Same with AGon – he too has lost power and average . . . .

    None of that is easy to fix right now.

    But I can see Price coming — and getting out pitched in many games — because the Dodgers just do not score runs.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’d be reluctant to play with fire and move Gordon to CF in midseason. The Dodgers don’t need a star in CF. They just need someone who can handle the defense and get on base. He may not be the answer in the long run, but why not a player like Dexter Fowler. He’s not great, but he’s better than anything we have out there now, and he gets on base. And he definitely wouldn’t require a kings ransom to deal for. Then the Dodgers could decide over the winter whether to hold onto him, or look for something else. In the meantime, they could explore a Price deal, and any other deal that would beef up the pen, catching or whatever. And if it’s not Fowler, maybe there’s another worthy CF out there that might be available.

  9. Badger says:

    I don’t trade Kemp. Not yet. Fowler has a negative dWAR, so not sure about that one.

    I still think this team will hit. I’m not as confident in the bullpen as I usta was. That is why I try to get bullpen arms. I think Van Slyke and Puig can occupy CF once we move Ethier for relief pitching. I make the offer to Tampa and see. Fleecing organizations of talent is how they stay in business. Make the best offer we can and if somebody else beats it, oh well. I don’t think it will be the midgets, I think it would be the Cardinals, but you never know.

  10. Mark TImmons says:

    Here are some things to consider:

    1. The Dodgers bullpen has lost 15 games and won but 5! By contrast, the Padres have lost 5 (won 11) and the Giants pen has lost 8 (won 17) .
    2. The Dodgers starters have the most wins of any starting rotation in baseball and the best ERA at 3.13.
    3. The Dodgers starters have given up the fewest earned runs, but have also given up the most unearned runs (27). The Cards have given up one more earned runs, but only 10 unearned runs. Deplorable defense up the middle – a fast CF would help.
    4. The Dodgers are 3rd in runs scored and OB& in the NL.

    It would appear to me, that the hitting is adequate and if we had another power bat (Guerrero) or high OB% player (Turner) in the lineup with a real CF who could cover some ground (have you ever seen Dee run down pop-ups in the outfield?), the team would be better offensively and defensively. However, adding a starter of Price’s caliber and another arm or two for the pen would make this team hard to beat!

    Third in the NL in runs scored, first in most earned runs scored by the opposition and 15 losses by the pen means that the Dodgers problems are not hitting as much as bullpen pitching and defense. By the way, Juan Uribe was hitting .303 when he went down.

    • Badger says:

      The defense has been better of late – right? I don’t see this as a great defensive team, but it could be adequate. We will win this thing with pitching, Gordon doing what he has done and brute force with the middle of our lineup. We just need tweaking. Settle the outfield logjam by trading one of them not named Puig or Kemp for bullpen help. I would love to see Arru up for late inning defense but I’m fine with Rojas. We are not that far off. That is providing our big guns do what they are paid to do.

      I would rather have Price this year than Pederson next year. Pederson may be good but I just don’t see him helping as much this year as Price would.

      It would be fun to see Gordon in centerfield. Dee has received a lot of votes for the All Star team at second base. Mark, you keep bringing it up. Do you know something you can’t talk about?

      • Mark TImmons says:


        I have no inside information. I do however, possess two eyes and one brain (or half of one). I know this:

        1. Other than Joc Pederson, the Dodgers do not have a center-fielder within 2 or 3 years of the majors.
        2. Dee Gordon could be a really, really good CF. Even Ray Charles can see that!
        3. Alex Guerrero looks like he could be a 20-25 HR guy. His defense should be more than adequate. The Dodgers could use that!
        4. I do know Dodger brass thinks Dee can play CF with no problem.

        Do the math! I think it makes a lot of sense.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Consider Dodger losses so far: 36 to date

    Dodgers have been blown out by other teams, by 3 or more runs: 15 times so far.
    So I see most of those as lost causes. Just too much of the other team for one reason or another.

    Losing by 2 runs: 8 times – a better team might have won some of those.

    One run losses so far: 13 times. This is what hurts.

    I believe that better hitting team might have cut into those 22 losses (2 and 1 runs) a bit.

    I think the Dodgers lead the majors in fewest hits with the bases loaded.

    Say, how many WALK OFF wins do the Dodgers have at home? Yeah, those come back in the 9th or extra innings . . . and everyone goes crazy on the field.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Gordon sounds intriguing in CF. However, playing CF is more than just about speed. Maybe Gordon would be a great center fielder, but I won’t know that until I see the kinds of jumps he gets on fly balls, and the kinds of routes he runs to get to them. So while I wouldn’t be opposed to having Gordon play CF, I’ll only be convinced after I see him play there.

    • Badger says:

      My experience, and my gut tells me if you can play shortstop you can play outfield. I would really like to see what he can do out there. Everything I read says the Dodgers best outfield is Kemp, Pederson and Puig. I was assuming that was how next year would be set up. Frankly until Pederson is actually traded I still see that happening. Guerrero and Arru were signed with intent, so I still see Guerrero moving to third (unless Hanley does) and Arru as the starting SS and Gordon playing All Star caliber second base. But much of that is next year. I don’t see major changes in starters roles mid season. Not on a successful club. But I don’t know what the Dodgers are thinking and some of this stuff is making sense to me.

      • Campy says:

        Can Gordon play center? With a little time and experience I think he could make the adjustment, it is just hard to do in the middle of the year when you are going for the penant. Hanley is the big question mark. Do you resign him? Trade him? Move him to third? I don’t think he will go to third especially if Uribe hits his weight. My guess is that one way or another he is not with the Dodgers next year. He can still hit the ball and has value so I would like to see us cash in on that value. Maybe the best for the Dodgers would be if Hanley goes on the DL and we see what Arrr can do for 15 days. That might tell us a lot about the future. If Hanley is traded it will have to be done soon or I suspect he will be gone with only a draft choice to show for him–he is worth more than that and I think the front office knows it
        We have the pieces it is just a big puzzle to put them together in the right order.

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