I hope so, but doubt it.  On one hand, he has not pitched this well for years.

On the other hand, he has NEVER pitched like this.

He’s not the 97-98 blow you away pitcher he once was, but maybe he got smarter and re-invented himself.

It’s way to early to consider whether to re-sign him and that will depend upon what other offers he has.  I just know that contracts to pitchers his age and with his innings, seldom turn out good.

Awesome game however.  Ryu needs to slam the door tonight.

Image Credit – Hunter Martin/Getty Images

  1. Campy says:

    I am not at all surprised that Beckett has come back strong. He has that bulldog attitude of a Greg Maddux, that enables him to change his style of pitching and be successful. He still has some heat on his fastball, topping out at about 93-94, and now he is using his curve as his main pitch, with a very serviceable changeup. When he throws strikes with those pitches he is tough. I really expect him to keep it up.

  2. Bobby says:

    Good question. If the answer is no, then who starts a game 4 of a playoff series, unless we go short rest with Kersh/Greinke/Ryu. If the answer is yes, then great!

    On the last thread, Bob posed this statement/question: “With the length of the contracts of the Dodger OFs and the low probability of making a trade of the excess OFs that makes any sense why not trade Pederson?”

    My answer is, because he’s likely just as good as Either is now offensively, and likely much better than Ethier is on defense is now. Andre is hitting .244 with 3hr, 27rbi, a .648 OPS in 221 AB. Does anybody think Joc couldn’t AT LEAST match those numbers, given 221 AB’s???

    Andre makes $17-18 mil this year, and the next couple years. I’d rather trade him, hypothetically eat $8 mil of it per year, and let Joc play. Yes, it’s like we’re paying Joc $8 mil a year to play (because of the eaten salary), but I’d rather pay Joc $8 mil than Ethier $18 mil. Not to mention the prospects/reliever/bowl of Fruity Pebbles we get in return for Ethier.

    We can get younger, more athletic, and still contend now, while reasonably expecting the young guys to ascend, as opposed to Ethier and Crawford who are clearly not ascending.

    Trades of Ethier and Crawford need to be done to not only improve this year’s team, but the next 3-5 years’ teams.

  3. Bill_Russell says:

    I agree with Bobby up above. Joc should be able to match Ethiers offense and give us better defensive. You also have Scott and hopefully Crawford to back him up if Joc falls on his face. You have to get rid of an outfield EGO before it tears apart the clubhouse. If you have a strong pitching staff you should have a good defense to back them up. Where did this Rojas kid come from? This guy can play. GO BLUE

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Watching the Pitts – Mets game earlier. Pirates CF made probably the catch of the night in RC field at the top of the wall, running hard. Not sure any present Dodgers on the 25 man roster would have caught it. Pederson might have.

    The catch will be on the Plays of the Day . . .

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Watching the Cardinals this season from time to time — they all look so serious. Not a lot of little boy in them. Their manager is that way. Wonder how it is in their clubhouse.

  6. BOB says:

    I see absolutely no trade value in Andre Ethier. He is much worse than anyone is willing to admit especially Ned. As of today I believe that no GM would take Ethier, and his -.7 WAR and 8 straight years of negative dWAR, without the Dodgers paying them $15 mil per year. I doubt that either of the following trades would be acceptable to the non-Dodger team who both currently need help in their outfields.
    1. Ethier, $10 mil per year, and Lee to Houston for Fowler.
    2. Ethier plus $12 mil per year to Colorado for Kahnle.

    Crawford (to age 36) and Ethier (to age 35.5) are weights around the Dodger’s neck with outrageous contracts through 2107, for 3.5 more years. As each season shows their decreasing ability the probability of them being DFAd increases significantly.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    That small chopper that Puig hit in the first inning to 3B — if Hanley were at 3B playing — no way he makes that play. Plus, I do not think he wants to break in, grab a ball bear handed and make that 3B throw to first. Just my opinion. But I think Hanley likes to have the ball come to him.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And that poor communications is because we don’t have a take charge CF who would have made it clear to Puig that the ball wasn’t his.

    Agree with Bob, and have made the point myself in the past. Ethier is not going to bring back much in a trade. If some stupid GM thinks Ethier can be resurrected, so be it, but I’m not expecting it. I’d be happy if the Dodgers could just clear him off the roster and open up a spot for Pederson or some other CF. And whatever the Dodgers don’t have to eat of his salary is just gravy.

    I don’t really consider the catch that Jon Jay just made on Uribe a great catch. Any good CF should catch that, and that’s just the sort of play the Dodgers’ CF’s don’t make.

    • Badger says:

      Ethier’s value is as a starter. Any good GM will know and accept that. Though he has kept his shut, I am certain he is not happy. We should do the right thing and give him away. His talent is wasted here.

  9. Badger says:

    We’re 7-3 and the midgets are 3-7. Cards 5-5. Keep the faith.

    SVS is no center fielder but even if Pederson catches that ball, and he would have, it’s still 1-1. We made base running blunders, didn’t hit WRISP, and they made outstanding defensive plays. Gotta give them that one.

    We are pitching well. I still believe in the middle of this lineup. Van Slyke 2 for his last 30 and approaching projections for him. Ethier is lost, Puig back to earth, Gonzalez obviously frustrated, Kemp returning but swinging and missing way too often, and who knows where Ramirez is. Could it be he knows he is on a hot seat?

    Ned has a lot to consider. And that’s troublesome.

  10. Pete M says:

    Maybe it was a bad of sleep, but why not slide Kemp back over to CF and see if there’s any personal improvement??? Can it really hurt that much for a trial??? Trust me I really like SVS and what he brings to the club, but he is no CF… I’m puzzled over Dre this year, but he could be a couple swings away from a hot streak!?!? As you can see I’m not mentioning Joc P. and that’s becuz I’m holding onto ‘Not Yet’ stance… I got a lot of abuse over my piss poor minor lg. system in the past and now I’ve got a few studs down there and there’s (trade) panic in the streets…

    • Badger says:

      I agree Pete. I’m waiting for Ethier to put together that streak but I’m thinking it may have to be somewhere else. He is an everyday player. Van Slyke isn’t. Rojas isn’t. Turner isn’t. Even our starting catcher isn’t anymore. We’ve put together this run wth a starter backing up and backups starting. This team is proving to be an odd mix of better than average talent that is pick a name out the hat because of these persistent nagging injuries. If our starting lineup would be the same for 8 out of 10 games the rest of the way I REALLY like our chances.

      Kemp is settling into left field nicely. Ethier or Puig is our best center fielder and I don’t want either if them there. If it isn’t going to be Pederson then find someone who is a +dWAR CFer and move on. I can sure see why Mark has been promoting Gordon for that spot. If moved, I am confident he would immediately become the best outfielder on our team.

      We need to start out scoring teams. We’ve scored 2 runs in 2 games against the defending NL Champs. We need to do better. And how do we do that with so many backups on the field night after night?

      Come on Ned. You’ve got money and minor league talent. DO SOMETHING!

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