That’s the question, because if he can, that just might be the key to better defense all over the field.  You know I don’t think Hanley can play 3B any better than he can play SS… probably worse, but I think he could make the transition to 2B as smoothly as Dee Gordon did.

So, the Dodgers move Arruebarrena to SS and Hanley to 2B with Dee Gordon going to CF… Oh, and Crawford and Ethier get traded for two relievers with the Dodgers munching a lot of cash.  I might consider signing Hanley to a long-term deal if he would agree to move to 2B.  He’d be better offensively than any other 2B, including Cano and Utley.

By all accounts, Dee looked comfortable in the outfield.  He certainly has the speed to run a lot of balls down.  Potentially, that would be the speediest OF in baseball: Puig, Gordon and Kemp.  Darnell Sweeney and Alex Guerrero could be trade pieces – their value is high.

Pederson and Van Slyke become the backup outfielders.  I like it!

  1. Gordon  CF
  2. Puig  RF (he hits better here)
  3. Ramirez  2B
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Kemp  LF
  6. Uribe  3B
  7. Ellis  C
  8. Arrrrr   SS

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t think it’s feasible to move Gordon to center and Hanley to 2B. Too much of a disruption for both players in the middle of the season. That’s the sort of thing you work out in Spring Training, and begin the season with. And if Hanley doesn’t want to switch between short and third during the season, what makes you think he’d be comfortable switching from short to 2B? And what do you think happens when a runner takes out Hanley on a double play? Besides, Gordon has become a real asset defensively at 2B. I don’t think that’s something the Dodgers want to lose. And moving to CF in the middle of the season might not be the best idea for Gordon. Let him settle into his job peacefully this season. Why would you want to complicate his life and mess with a good thing? Furthermore, if Arruebarrena comes up, having him at short and Gordon at 2B would give the Dodgers a smothering infield defense. Tons of range up the middle. You don’t get that with Hanley.

    The Dodgers could have a tough decision regarding Hanley. If he gets hot he could help carry this team to a championship. But he might also be able to bring back some valuable pieces, and improve the Dodgers defense by opening the way for Arruebarrena at short. I probably lean towards favoring a trade involving Hanley, but I do so with some trepidation.

    From what I saw of Arruebarrena, I actually think he could carry his weight with the bat. If he could manage .220 – .230 he could be an asset with his superior glove. And who knows, maybe he could do more.

    Pederson is not going to be a backup anything. He won’t be up with the Dodgers unless they plan on him playing everyday. Possibly a platoon with SVS, if only because he’d see the bulk of the work given that most pitchers are righthanded. But the Dodgers may not even want that.

    Badger, from the last thread, I understand your point about the Dodgers having a lot of money, and wanting to win a championship at all costs. But if they think they can win with Pederson, I have no doubt that they would also be very happy to move money off the books, and reduce their luxury tax.

    • Badger says:

      Wait… what? You want Gordon to move again? What happened to un-block Joc?

      That lineup ain’t bad but we were one Hanley broken rib from a championship last year and we are currently in second place with a a Wild Card spot. Why mess with that? And we are undefeated this summer. Why mess with that?

      Third base is easier than short. But methinks Hanley stays right where he is. Hanley looks moody enough. Move him now and it might piss him off. And frankly moving him in and Gordon out makes no sense. What Brooklyn said.

      Tell us how to move Crawford and Ethier.

      And again, the Dodgers management is not thinking luxury taxes. They are thinking championship. They don’t do it with this group this year they will figure out ways to get rid of the dead weight. But it will be to improve the team, not save a few million in taxes.

        • Badger says:

          Well, if these guys don’t get it done, they will be gone. One way or another, they will be moved out. Arizona might take Ethier and SF could use Crawford, especially if we are willing to pay those teams to do it. Ramirez is a DH waiting to happen. Your lineup could happen but replace Ramirez with Guerrero. Pederson might bring us a catching prospect.

  2. Badger says:

    10 out of 14. Keep that up and we win the a West going away again. The defense is better and the situational hitting has been improved. But there is this:

    “The relief pitching remains somewhat unsettled. Their bullpen’s 15 losses are second-most in the NL and 3.82 ERA fourth-worse.

    Left-hander J.P. Howell has also established himself as a dependable setup man. Howell leads the Dodgers in ERA (1.61) but also in appearances (37), meaning Mattingly has to be mindful of how often he uses him.

    Mattingly’s other preferred late-inning options these days are Brian Wilson and Brandon League, neither of whom has been consistent.

    But with roles starting to be defined, Howell said he thinks the bullpen is finding its rhythm.

    “It’s a unit,” he said. “It’s hard to build that. We were a unit in April but it was still in the building process. Every year the bullpens change. The early part of the season is a process that has to happen, grow with each other, knowing who’s behind you.”

    Jansen thinks the Dodgers will go as far as their bullpen will take them.”

    “Not because I’m a bullpen guy, but the biggest piece of this team is the bullpen,” he said.” LA Times

    Before the summer is up, we will see Paco and Yimi.

    And the Romak Adventure must end.

    • Pete M says:

      This is getting harder to follow than a Dr. Timothy Leary experiment… You had it Brooklyn, not feasible to switch the middle D and 3B…10 of 14 and a little stability makes me happy… Joc for a prospect catcher??? A few pieces at the deadline and we’ll be OK… Only one thing bugs me now and over the last couple years, if it isn’t working over a period of time, bite the bullet and DFA…(Of course I think about Uribe’s 3 rd. yr. revival)… I would start bringing up and auditioning help for the pen with Yimi and Paco leading the way…

  3. Campy says:

    Dee has turned himself into a respectable hitter, a major disruption on the bases and an above average second baseman. Why would we want to disrupt that kind of progress with another position change. I agree with Brooklin, he is a + second baseman and that’s a valuable thing. What makes us think that HR could turn himself into an acceptable second baseman when he can’t make it as a SS or third baseman. He needs to be in the AL where he doesn’t have to play defense. He would immediately turn several AL teams into major threats to win their division. We have enough offense to give Arruebarrena a try at SS where he stands out with the glove and has the potential to bring along a good bat. We need Uribe to come back with a hot bat and Agon to find his.

    The only real long term solution for CF appears to be Joc and that isn’t a sure thing. We just don’t seem to have another choice if we want to improve defensively. Perhaps you give Kemp another try. Depending on your point of view he needs/needed a new attitude that just may improve his defense also (I think he is still as good as Either).

    Actually, we have a lot of holes right now (CF, 3rd, SS, 1st, BP, Catcher??) the only good thing is the other teams have just as many, but our starting pitching is lights out and it all comes down to pitching.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Talking about possible moves — but NO ONE talks about AGon and his terrible play.

    Badger says that AGon will warm up in the summer. Get hot later on.

    But the team has been needing him for over a month now. And he really clogs up the bases when he is on base. And he is dead meat on double play balls . . . just no speed at all. That has hurt this team.

    Maybe it is time to trade him to an A.L. team for soon to be DHing.

    As stated above by Campy — there are so many holes on this team now — CF, 3rd, SS, 1st, BP, Catcher — that would take so many moves and trades Ned would not get any sleep. Maybe part of the answer lies with present Dodger players and some minor league guys.

    At least 2 of the present pitchers need to be traded or released: Maholm and Perez (and maybe League). And try some of the guys in the minors. We are way past the time that League needs to be in his special Spring Training mode to find himself.

    Last season the Dodgers needed help in the outfield and brought up Puig. Maybe this season they bring up Pederson ahead of schedule because he IS needed.

    And yesterday, against one of the worst pitchers in the majors — Puig, Gonzalez, and Kemp went a total of 1 for 11. Add to that Turner and Ellis were combined 0 for 6. And those five guys were 1 for 17. Surprised they won the game.

  5. Bob Jackson says:

    The Dodgers may be shopping outfielders, But unless some team makes us an offer that would really help the team, I expect Ned to stay with what we have for the rest of the year. I believe the way Ned, Donny and Stan view it is that you basically build the team over the winter and during spring training. You tweak it at the trade deadline and go with what you have. If they were to trade an outfielder I think it more likely that they do it over the winter. Our 4 or 5 outfielders will be needed to cover injuries. And except for a cup of coffee this fall I don’t expect to see much of Pederson until next year.

    The exception may be Hanley. If the Dodgers decide not to resign him they could certainly trade him to the AL for something of value and improve the defense at the same time. This decision is really difficult because of Hanley’s ability to get hot and carry the team. And unless he does get hot at some point, there is probably a good chance he won’t be resigned.

  6. Badger says:

    And yet we did win a Roger. As bad as he’s been, and he’s been awful, AGon still leads this team in RBIs. And Kemp has hit into more double plays. We have 3 guys who could knock in over 90. I still want to put our best up against their best and see how this plays out. (I also want to see Joc, Arru, Guerrero, Paco and Yimi)

    Solid post Campy.

  7. Michael says:

    Hanley has made a few good defensive plays lately and unless he gets hurt or traded [not likely] Arrue won’t be up. Romak will make way for Uribe and I imagine if Guerrero gets it going again Rojas would be the sacrificial lamb. Hopefully Paco and Yimi will get calls for Maholm and Perez. Probably take a trade of Ethier for Joc to get the call.
    Thunderstorms in forecast for KC mañana and the day after. Should come as no shock, must be an omen.

  8. Hawkeyedodger says:

    I’ve heard talk of Hanley moving to 3b, LF, and 2B now. I could see him move to 3B until Seager is ready or he proves that he can’t do it. After Seager is ready, why not 1B and trade Gonzo. I like Gonzo, but come 2017, he’s only going to be slower and his defense will only be worse and there is no doubt that he is a declining defensive player. Plus, the Dodgers don’t have anyone in the system anywhere close to handling 1B.

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