To say that Albuquerque is bad for the young Dodger players is like saying kissing rattlesnakes might not be a good idea!  Why can’t the Dodgers see that?  Paco Rodriguez, Zack Lee, Matt Magill, Red Patterson and Stephen Fife are all AAA Prospects, but really can’t hone their pitching skills there.   Lee was lit up for 7 hits and 6 runs in 5 innings last night.  Right now, he is 5-7 with a 4.86 ERA.  Dumb!

It’s also bad for hitters because it gives them a false sense of power.  Joc Pederson is on pace for 40 HR with his 17th last night.  He ain’t that guy!  Over the years, Mike Marshall, Franklin Stubbs, Greg Brock, Billy Ashley and lots of other players had their stats inflated by Albuquerque… only to be a lot less… or nothing at the major league level.  I have the solution – move AAA to Indy.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Brooklyn Dodger sent me a good article by writer Jerry Crasnick from about Dee Gordon and the Dodgers.  It’s a good read.  Here’s a few blurbs:

Davey Lopes, Los Angeles’ first-base coach and resident baserunning guru, compares Gordon favorably to Juan Pierre, a born worker who parlayed modest skills and plus speed into 2,217 career hits and 614 stolen bases. Dodgers manager Don Mattingly also opts for a left-handed-hitting outfielder, but he prefers a guy who outran a reputation as a suspect hitter to make two All-Star teams and sign a $48 million contract with the Cleveland Indians.

“I look at him like a Michael Bourn,” Mattingly said. “When I first saw Michael, you could almost knock the bat out of his hands. But he got better and better, and all of a sudden this guy was a pain in the butt to get out. To me, that’s where Dee is going.”

Gordon, 26, is a dynamic combination of old-age sensibilities and new-age flair. In his quest to become a leadoff catalyst, he’s embraced instruction on hitting from Mark McGwire, polished his bunting with the help of Dodgers great Maury Wills and done his best to learn the nuances of base-stealing from Lopes. He says “sir” a lot and listens attentively to utility man Chone Figgins, a 12-year veteran who has become his good buddy and veteran mentor on the roster.

The Dodgers have some interesting choices ahead of them. Hanley Ramirez will be a free agent this winter, but his lack of range in the field and mediocre offensive production haven’t helped his chances of signing a long-term deal with Los Angeles. Alex Guerrero, who signed a four-year, $28 million contract in October, was tearing it up offensively before losing his ear in a dugout confrontation with catcher Miguel Olivo, but he’s a questionable defender at second. And fellow Cuban defector Erisbel Arruebarrena, who just arrived from Double-A Chattanooga, is a glove whiz at shortstop and a work in progress as a hitter.

Regardless of the road the Dodgers take, no potential scenarios call for Gordon to return to shortstop. He has a comfort level at second base and the attributes to be a plus defender for a long time, and the organization has no desire to trifle with what’s working.

Kenley Jansen is scaring me a lot!  Nice win last night.


  1. Badger says:


    Switch Rancho and Albu then work on getting rid of Albu altogether. Put the A team in Palm Springs.

    Guerrero at 3b. Hit him 100 rockets every day until he has fielded 3,000 of them and he will be ready.

  2. BOB says:

    Here is a link to MLB’s map of all minor league teams.

    Palm Springs used to be the location of the Angels spring training camp. Do the Angels still have exclusive rights to that area, with only 45,000 people?

    Santa Barbara would be a cool location for the Dodger AAA team but there probably are not enough people who live there to support the team with only about 200,000 in the metro area. Reno is the smallest metro area in the western PCL with a little more than 400,000 people.

    MLB rules probably mandate that they place minor league teams in cities based upon the Metro area population, with higher level teams going to larger cities. Changing AAA team location within the PCL might be governed by old rules that were adopted when the Dodgers bought the LA area from the Cubs? Any one know?

    Vegas is only at 2,000 ft. above sea level but I have heard that the ball flies out of there like the field is at 4 or 5 thousand feet due to the thin desert air.

    The greater Riverside/San Bernardino area is the 13th largest metro area in the US and obviously does not have an MLB team. It makes sense to me as the best place to place the Dodgers AAA team. Of course, this area includes where the Quakes are located so they could move to Santa Barbara!

    Yes Indy is the 33rd largest area and therefore a good choice too!

  3. BOB says:

    There are 4 really good teams, 3 really bad teams, and 23 average teams in the MLB, thus a lot more parity in the MLB this year than in prior years. Therefore, there are a lot of teams (15-20) that could go on a hot streak and become entrenched as a Wild Card team. Unless several average teams go on positive or negative streaks there probably will not very many trades this summer until the day of the deadline. The rightful current significant frustration should not yet lead to complete despair.

  4. Badger says:

    The ‘topes draw well but so what? If the location is counterproductive then the organization needs to address the problem. The current IE team draws 2500 per, Rancho draws about 2300 and Palm Springs doesn’t have a team. I contend if the Dodgers put their team in any of those areas they would draw enough interest to justify it. I don’t know about the politics. And the heck with Indianapolis. A Midwest ML team can have that area. The Dodgers are West Coast. Having teams in the Midwest or East makes about as much sense as did having Spring Training in the Grapefruit League.

  5. Michael says:

    We have a shiny new in Glendale, could it work there? Another option might be to not promote your high end prospects to AAA and just wait until they’re ready at AA. I’m almost certain that Steve Sax went directly to LA from AA and I believe we had others including pitchers who bypassed Alburquaky.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, thanks for including the article.

    The ALBQ. location is probably the worst of the PCL locations, although I believe that Colorado Springs isn’t very good either. And LV too was no picnic. ALBQ. aside, the PCL in general is just not a good place to evaluate talent. Probably the only pitchers that really thrive in that atmosphere are fireballers. Pitchers who rely heavily on their breaking stuff are at a real disadvantage. And how, I wonder, is it even possible for a pitcher to work on his full repertoire of stuff in that rarefied air?

    I’m sure that good hitters hit well in the PCL. Unfortunately, some not very good hitters hit there also. Miguel Rojas, who I believe was your basic .230 hitter in the minors (below AAA) was hitting .302 at ALBQ. this year. Even the infamous Miguel Olivo was hitting .368 until his release.

    I’m don’t know the affiliation process well enough to know if the Dodgers have a means of getting out of the ALBQ. and the PCL anytime soon. But I would hope it is something being considered for the future. Problem is, I’ve been hoping that was the case for years. Actually, based on the type of pitcher he is, I wondered before the season as to whether or not the Dodgers would send Zach Lee there.

    If the Dodgers want to locate their AAA affiliate in Indy, I’m all for it. Or any other baseball friendly environment.

  7. Badger says:

    Jamie Romak plays 3b? I didn’t know that. Good. He’s hitting .083 so he is due.

    I thought about Glendale too Michael but I wonder if that’s just dbag country.

  8. Michael says:

    Ever since Puig started sliding feet first on steals he has been thrown out every time. Compounding all of this, he doesn’t know how to slide feet first. They should put the red light on him before he breaks an ankle.

    Bet this is the lowest watched US Open ever with this guy { Who? } lapping the field all the way. Little drama would help, never thought I would miss Tiger

  9. Badger says:

    Goldschmidt’s HR the only legit run. Dodgers D fails again. How we can’t clobber a guy like Arroyo is mind boggling. He was throwing 84 with a sore elbow.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Talking about bad pitches being called strikes. Bad call against Hanley in the bottom of the 7th led to him swinging and missing a borderline 2-2 pitch, which I’m sure he would have taken for a walk if the count had been 3-1.

    • Badger says:

      Bad umpiring, bad base running, bad defense bad Perez and bad Romak. Lose Romak. The sooner the gooder. Same with Butera. And Perez can be disappeared as well.

      Just heard from dbags tv team – Kemp worst outfielder in the league. 16 runs cost. There’s a distinction.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Kind of seems EVERYONE (manager, coaches, players, writers, fans) are waiting for both Hanley and AGon to get their stroke back.

    You know, if you are in the desert and about to die — you keep moving for life.

    Funny, if you are driving in a car or truck and it goes out of control — you do anything to keep it safe and live to see another day.

    Holy cow, if you are in an airplane and jump out — you hold your rip cord and pull to bring you down to live another day.

    — These present Dodgers just do not want to live . . . no crawling, no steering, no rip cord.

  12. Badger says:

    Just reported by dbacks on field reporter – Gibson overheard telling Peralta “if you can hit it to Ramirez’ right, he won’t get you.” No sh*t.

    It still remains true – this team is not good defensively. If they don’t score at least 5-6 they can be beat.

  13. T.O.Dave says:

    Albuquerque sucks; Chris Perez blows!

    Bare with me on this but there is an obscure song from the 80s, the lyrics of which can be useful on our Albuquerque sucks for baseball theme…”Hot dogs, jumping frogs, Albuquerque.” After all, the ball sort of comes of the bat like a jumping frog there. OK, I swear, I’m sober. See for yourself though. Maybe it’s best put that AAA baseball makes about as much sense as this song and video…

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    If I am Donnie ————–
    —— I go into Ned’s office and demand a few player changes on the roster.

    Donnie cannot manage with some of the relievers he has, the bench he has, the catching situation he has . . . . let along the outfield situation. I”’ over look SS for now.

    Some changes need to be made . . . or, hello Cubs and Astros — you will finish better than the Dodgers.

  15. Bball says:

    Brooklyn. Yes he is. And also to all the haters. 6.5 back. I’m still willing to bet 500 this team wins the west. We will get hot and we will win. Hopefully it all. Giants suck big fat ball sack and the dodgers will overtake them shortly after the break. Count on it. Have faith people. Just have faith.

    • Badger says:

      “Giants suck big fat ball sack.”

      Love that one.

      I believe. But when you play like we did today it prevents any long win streak. We are not a good defensive team. I accept that. I just look forward to the day we have the varsity on the field for extended periods. Guys like Romak and Butera belong in the minors.

      Good news – Turner up to .295. He ain’t that good but it is nice to see somebody on this team actually playing over their head.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Bball — ok, you say the Dodgers win the West.

    Thus, you are counting on Adrian, Hanley, Ethier, and Kemp all stop hitting about .250 and move it up to .300 and more.

    You are counting on Puig finding himself again (he has been hitting poorly of late).

    You are founding on Clayton, Zach, Hyun-Jin, Josh, and Dan all pitching like lights out.

    You are counting on the pen of who ever is there to hold and close like winners.

    You are counting the catching to start being major league catchers. Face it, the Dodgers have terrible catching and hitting catchers. We build them up all the time, but it is a lacking position here.

    So, all of that falls together — with Donnie making out the lineup cards of winners.

    I will take that to the bank.

  17. Bball says:

    Yes I am counting on that and I still believe it will happen obviously. What’d we make up, 3 games in the past week. Just shows u it don’t take long to make up ground. Also Puig is in a slump but this kid is resilient. He will be back soon. Actually kinda came out of it today. 2-4 ain’t bad.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Guerrero would certainly be preferable to Rojas, Romak. And let’s admit it, if Olivo wasn’t a cannibal, Guerrero certainly would be in LA, and perhaps playing 3B in place of Uribe.

    Badger you’re probably right that Turner is playing over his head, but let’s not forget that he did hit .280 for the Mets last year. Maybe he’s a late bloomer. Seems even to have a little pop in his bat. Just wish he had hit that ball a little further today.

    Bball, you’re treading on dangerous ground. Go back and look at the “Hope Springs Eternal” thread. Mark may have you “committed” for having “faith”.

    Roger, those of us who have confidence that this team can turn things around are counting on better performances from a number of our players. And we’re also counting on some changes, be they trades or otherwise. Not everything will turn out as we want, but please don’t make it sound as if a 6.5 game deficit in the middle of June is insurmountable. That deficit could disappear in a week, a month, two months, and so on. And certainly the midgets themselves may find the pace they’ve played at up until now is unsustainable. Is it so difficult to believe that they might hit some bumps in the road?

    I have confidence and I have hope. Like our fearless leader said, “Hope Springs Eternal”. My glass is half full.

    • Badger says:

      “My glass is half full.”

      Drink up homey. Our Dodger stars have for the most part underperformed and we are still in it. They will get it going, and when they do, they will roll.

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