I have been a Dodger fans for 51 years, and since I live in Indianapolis, I have been an Indiana Pacer Fan since the Mid-Seventies.  This year, the teams parallel each other in that one night they look like they can beat the world and the next night they can’t beat the Little Sisters of the poor.  It’s maddening.  One night the Pacers, the next night the Dodgers.  I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!

Some nights the Dodgers could jump out of the Queen Mary in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and not hit water!   Most Dodgers  could be arrested for impersonating a hitter.

Sure, the pen is a problem, but if they could get some clutch hits, the pen wouldn’t look so bad.  Their margin or error is ZILCH!

By the way, the Dodger starters  are 15-7 with a 2.93 ERA, most of that without Clayton Kershaw.  The bullpen is now 4-10 with a 3.92 ERA.  The ERA is 19th in the majors, but the 10 losses are the most of any pen.

When your hitters are crap, your pen is doo-doo!

Fix the hitting and the pen will get better too!

OMG – The Pacers AND the Dodgers are both playing tonight.

BTW – the Giants are pretty good this year.


  1. Badger says:

    The starters are part of the problem. Finish what you start and the pen won’t be so overworked.

    Our hitters will come around. Crawford already has. Maybe you noticed?

    It doesn’t matter what the Pacers do. Miami is toying with everybody.

  2. artieboy says:

    I think the pen is bad right now, regardless of the hitting. Errors don’t help either . I wish they would bring Paco back up. As Vinny says “hitting is contagious”. So eventually the hits will come. But it won’t do much good with a bad bullpen. Against good teams (ST, StL) most games will be close, which means no margin for error anyway. I think someone here said bullpens are fickle. I agree with that.

  3. Rob says:

    The dodgers have the ability to make a bad pitcher look like an allstar. I just don’t get how this lineup is so bad. The only gamers I see on this team is Puig and Gordon everyone else are just collecting a pay check. My frustration level is at an all time high with this teams hitting and management.

  4. Bball says:

    U guys just need to relax. I no it’s maddening right now but this team is to good to stay this way. They’ll get it going. Deep breaths rob still have 126 to go

  5. BOB says:

    I am thinking about the relationship, if any, between Hits and SOs, and whether that affects “Clutch” performance.

    9 MLB teams do not have more hits than SOs. The Dodgers have 322 hits and 306 SOs.

    However 11 of the 17 position players do not have more hits than SOs.

    The stars so far, fortunately all-full time starters
    1. Gordon +20
    2. Uribe +14
    3. Crawford +13
    4. Rameriz +10
    5. Puig +9
    6. Gonzalez +7

    The underachievers so far, knowing that some of the part-timers would be even worse if they played more games:
    1. Ethier +0
    2. Guerrero -1
    3. Figgins -1
    4. Baxter -2
    5. Ellis -2
    6. Van Slyke -3
    7. Olivio -4
    8. FedEx -6
    9. Butera -6
    10. Turner -6
    11. Kemp -10

    Kemp really sticks out in this analysis as a whiffer with low proof of being a clutch performer. There may be no actual corelation between Hits and SOs regarding clutch but you sure can’t win in the long run with doubles hitters stiking out more than they get hits.

  6. Idaho Al says:

    It looks to me that you have to trade Either and soon. Mattingly has now said that Puig and Kemp will be starters. If they do not make a trade, the club house will be a mess.

    I am not a fan of Figgins or Turner. I do not know why Colletti keeps signing these reclamation projects.

  7. Badger says:

    This team has been hard to watch at times. Terrible d again tonight. I agree with Bball, we need to relax and let the season play out.

    0 for 9 RISP this series so far. Not sure where we stand against the rest of the league, but my guess is we lead it in non clutch hitting. We’ll get better. If not, changes will be made.

    It’s not like the midgets are tearing the cover off the ball. These two teams are evenly matched.

    And we are in the bullpen early again.

  8. jerry says:

    every one keep s saying it early …so when we lose at the end of the yr by one game….its because of these games…quit give these big pay days …and you will start to see a good team again..because they dont have to work at it any more…these young guy say i can bye any thing i want and just show up

  9. Badger says:

    It is early. But this still sucks.

    Dee, Ramirez and AGon 0fer. Kemp with a couple if singles, Puig with a bat flip on a solo home run.

    So we continue to wait for the complete team effort. The gints are better than us now. That will change.

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