So, the Dodgers owe Carl Crawford $84 million over the next 4 years.  You think he’s bad now?  Check him out in two years.  If the Dodgers paid Crawford’s salary, how many teams would even consider picking him up?  The Dodgers are better served with Scott Van Slyke as the 4th outfielder and Carl Crawford outta’ here!  Van Slyke can platoon with Ethier in the hopes Andre can get hot and the Dodgers can trade him.   Joc Pederson and Scott Van Slyke would be a better platoon – younger, cheaper, faster, hungrier!  Money can’t buy me love… or a leftfielder.

This team is abysmal on defense!  Hanley is horrid!  The outfielders are unfocused.  Olivo may be able to hit, but his defense is so-so.  Uribe and Gonzalez really cement the infield.  At $43 million a year, Adrian is the highest paid player in baseball.  The Dodgers wanted Gonzo, so they took Crawford who is a boat anchor.  That makes Gonzalez a $43 mil a year player.  Maybe it was necessary, but the sooner the Dodgers EAT his contract the better.

The only question is: Will the Dodgers be better with or without Crawford?  It’s simple addition by subtraction.  This is what I always feared and why I did not like the deal with the Red Sox from jump street.  Now, I’m glad that the Dodgers have A-Gon, but CC has to be gone too!  Don’t prolong the agony, Ned – Just burn that $84 million.  Stan will love you for it!  If money is the only thing keeping CC, then he has to go.  What’s a little money among friends?  <wink, wink>

Turner needs to move on too – the Dodgers have an infielder at AAA who is making $6.5 million this year.  Let’s see what he can do…

This team is a defensive train-wreck – even if the box score doesn’t always show an error.  They are worse than their errors show.  Mattingly and Company need to get them some extra fielding practice and challenge them to F-O-C-U-S!

Rants and Raves

  • Jamey Wright has been a godsend!  Better than I expected at 39!  You go, Jamey!
  • Zach Lee line from last night:  5 IP/10 Hits/6 Runs – his ERA is now 4.02 – Do you remember that blogger who said Lee was no better than a #5?  Who was that guy?  I hate to say it, but Lee is not looking so good.  Do you still want to call him up?
  • Alex Guerrero’s BA dipped to .295 last night – Yikes!  Maybe he has to stay at AAA…
  • Watch for Pedro Baez at a Ravine near you in 2015!
  • Tom Windle had his first really good outing at Ranch last night – 7 IP/3 Hits/7 K’s /0 Runs
  • Kyle Farmer is still hitting .316 at GL – he could move to RC soon!  He is the Dodgers best only catching prospect!



  1. Badger says:

    A lot there Mark. Some of it I even agree with.

    On Crawford – asked and answered. Of course he is overpaid. We all know that. But he has value. I noticed you said nothing about my bet offer, suggesting you know he is not a .190 hitter. He is making contact, he still has speed and he is better in the outfield than Van Slyke. If the Dodgers decide to eat his contract they could move him but they better get at least a 1.5 WAR in return.

    On Lee, he is a first round pick, he will be 23 this year, he’s at AAA and he isn’t on the 40 man. I am ready to see what he can do. You keep talking about getting younger, there’s another opportunity.

    Same with Guerrero. We are paying him starter money, get him up here and get him exposed. Since it might take him more than a few minutes to adjust to ML pitching, the sooner the gooder.

    Money can indeed by you love. If you have it, there will plenty of women who would love to separate you from it.

    Can’t comment on any A players. So many of them have great starts only to disappear in a few years.

  2. Michael says:

    Something has to give because this OF rotation is effing with Matts head big time.

    Agree on Turner, Chone is toast too.

    Orel might come around and tell it like it is but right now he’s feeding us BS on how valuable Figgins batters eye is even though he can no longer hit. As far as Charlie goes he’s just not my cup of tea, though I may just be spoiled from listening to Vinnie all these years.

    Do or die for the Pacers, what happened Mark?

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      1. Roy Hibbert is a mental midget

      2. Bird brought in Bynum and Turner and got rid of Granger which affected team chemistry. Danny was more valuable than his stats, since he was the elder statesman of the team.

      3. Lance Stephenson became more concerned with his stats.

      4. Atlanta has always been tough for the Pacers, for whatever reasons.

      That said, I expect them to win tonight and I will be there – Section 9, Row 12. Seat 14. Watch for me!

  3. Bobbie17 says:

    Lee has to be given another spot start or 2 or 3. If he fails, he should be shopped. He has had enough time. He might be good some day, but this team has no time to wait. It would be a nice luxury to put him into a regular #5. For me, these young guys should be pitching instead of Beckett and Maholm. But politics and $ come into play. And the need to win—-now.

  4. Bobbie17 says:

    A follow up: I wouldn’t mind seeing if Withrow can be a starting pitcher. He’s proven his worth in the bullpen. Now it’s time to move him up. He could be good.

  5. Bluenose Dodger says:

    I believe Spencer Navin is a catching prospect in the Dodger farm system
    second to Kyle Farmer.

    Too soon to give up on Zach Lee. The impatience of the Dodgers over the years has resulted in a turnstile of pitchers in and out of the roster. This team will never be competitive consistently until 3/4 of the pitchers are home grown. That’s just the way it is.

    Withrow has demonstrated over those years he is more suited to relief work.

  6. Badger says:

    SVS isn’t fast, but he can run for a big guy.

    I have to admit I’ve been pulling for the Pacers as I’m damn tired of Miami. But I don’t see anybody beating the Heat. Certainly not the Pacers the way they’ve been playing.

    If this were one of maybe 28 other organization Lee would be given a shot now. I like him going 6 more than Fife. But, not my call. Agree with Roger and Bluenose about Withrow. He’s closer material. Leave him in the bullpen.

    Kemp still needs at bats. As does Crawford and Ethier. Somebody should be moved, but it means swallowing money or getting much less in return. I still think it will be Ethier.

  7. Badger says:

    So let’s see if have this right – you bitch about a guy hitting .190 but the bet you make is that he won’t hit 70 points higher than that. That means we should split the difference and make the bet for .225. But I know you would disappear on that one.

    I did some rough estimates, if he were to get the same number of at bats as last year, and he is currently on pace to do so, he would need to hit .277 the rest of the way to pull it off. That’s absolutely possible. I do about 200 push-ups a week anyway, so I could bump that up. 100 a day every other day…… and even though I know you won’t do yours if we wager……… You’re on. You have a good shot at winning this one.

  8. Spur says:

    Just because Dodger management gave the appearance of overspending early doesn’t mean they will continue it. Don’t expect them to flush $80M down the toilet. It’s not going to happen. Crawford is going to be here for a while. Stop smoking that stuff you’re doing. Sell more water. You’re watching too much baseball. Look at the examples they’ve set. They stayed with Uribe and they have had great success there. I’m starting to believe even League can be saved. And look how smart Perez turned out to be. I’m not saying Crawford is going to suddenly turn into Superman. That’s not going to happen either. But Van Slyke is not facing a lot of right handers. He might not look so good if he were. And to bring Guerrero up (which is what I think you’re inferring) would be a mistake. He hasn’t learned second base in this few at bats if that is the intention. Yes, you’ll probably have a bigger bat but it will just be another defensive liability and make Gordon start looking over his shoulder. Gordon is one thing that is working right now. LEAVE HIM ALONE! He may not last. Look what happened to Luis Cruz? Second base can be decided AFTER Guerrero learns the position.

    • Badger says:

      I’m having difficulty finding defensive stats or frankly anything current on Guerrero’s adjustment to second base. Maybe you can post them for me as it appears you know something to be so sure in your assessment. Thanks.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      I think you are the one on the crack pipe. What made Carl great years ago (and it was YEARS ago)was his blazing speed and the fact he played like Puig (with reckless abandon). He can’t play like that anymore and he will be gone soon. I don’t think the Dodgers will continue to overspend, but keeping him because you overpaid is stupid when you have players who could do better than him.

      And, look! How long does it take to learn to play 2B? Not that long. It’s the easiest infield position to learn. Leave Dee at 2B. I am all for that!

      • Spur says:

        I may well be (cracked, that is). I’m just saying, don’t expect THIS Dodger ownership to just cast off Crawford and we all know he has no trade value. Right now, there is only one of the surplus outfielders legitimately doing well and that’s Puig. I think Kemp is a ghost of his former self. Same holds for Ethier. And Van Slyke, since he’s really not matching up against many good righties, his stats are smoke. So until you’ve got three real productive everyday outfielders, we’ve just got a lot of smoke being blown. As for Guerrero, I’m sure the plan was for him to go down to Triple A get his feet wet at second then come up and push Gordon into a utility position. But that didn’t happen, did it? Gordon is burning it up with the bat and now defensively. So you just don’t bring Guerrero up now and stick him behind Gordon. It’s just not done. If you’ve got a guy that’s got confidence, you want to keep that confidence going. I don’t have any idea what Guerrero’s defensive numbers are at second base at Albuquereque and it doesn’t matter. There just isn’t a place, now, for Guerrero in the Bigs. If Gordon can keep it going all season, they really have some decisions to make. If Hanley or someone else breaks down, then it’s another story.

  9. BOB says:

    Crawford appears to be redundant in the lineup as long as Gordon is hitting well. As long as Gordon plays well Crawford should sit on the bench. Just make a decision and play Puig, Kemp, and Ethier almost everyday and use Van Slyke to rest these three players. Donnie needs to stop being politically correct and play the best players. Crawford can sleep in the clubhouse and make up for the sleep that he is not getting at home while his cougar’s baby is crying.

  10. BOB says:

    I guess money can’t buy innings from the Dodger starting pitchers either. Dodgers have 5 relievers with more innings than any individual Marlin reliever.

  11. Badger says:

    Cougar? That’s a little strong. She’s not that much older. Gold digger? Probably. I don’t know her.

    I think Crawford and Ethier will split time until one of them is gone. They are the redundancy in mi mind.

    Dee “on pace” for about 89 stolen bases. Think he’ll reach that? I don’t.

  12. Michael says:

    Tough assignment mañana against Fernandez but Barney Fife has surprised me before.

    Pacers live another day[series], wonder who they play next?

    • Spur says:

      Absolutely agree. I think he’s too vain to admit it to himself but he’s just hurting the ballclub. I think he’s afraid it’s another Tommy John and that may be true and if so he’s done. Sad after what he did last year. I also think Jansen is too enamored of hitting 96 on the gun and is wrecking (or has wrecked) his arm. We’d be in sad shape if we have to rely on Perez and/or League to close. That is although League did a fine job closing tonight.

  13. BOB says:

    Money can’t buy a brain for Donnie either. Wasted Howell, bad bullpen management again. Withrow would have pitched the ninth tonight. League instead of Wilson tonight! Can’t believe that I just said that. Whenever Wilson comes into a game there should already be someone up behind him. As soon as 2 guys are safe Wilson should be pulled. Donnie Dooh Dooh Mind. Another extra inning game due to Mattingly Mismanagement. Hey stupid Donald Duck look at the Dodger Digest website each day to see what relievers are overused and who should be used that night. Dumb Shirt.

  14. Badger says:


    “The bullpen will turn it around and turn it around soon. There is just too much talent down there.” Orel Hershiser. Hope he’s right. It would help if starters now and then would go 8, or heaven forbid, actually get a complete game.

    I like Crawford. Always have. Don’t love him. I’ll leave that for the two of you. 😉

  15. Watford Dodger says:

    Start getting in some work for those push ups coming your way Mark. Don’t write Crawford off yet. He was our best hitter last post season.
    Geeeeez we made hard work of that.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    When certain players are struggling there’s a tendency to write them off. Crawford is such a player. I posted a while back that I preferred Crawford over Ethier. Still do.

    Say anything you will about the deal with Boston. But that deal put the Dodgers back on the map, and returned them to relevance. And the Dodgers will eat contracts when they deem it absolutely necessary, and when they have a clear alternative replacement for the player(s) whose contract is eaten.

    Tomorrow will be a tough game against Fernandez, who can clearly challenge Kershaw for the best pitcher in the game. But even the best have bad games, or maybe Fife (assuming he starts) throws a shutout, and the Dodgers win 1-0 in 10 innings. But as I said, even the best have bad games, so maybe the Dodgers win 16-3.

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