• Brandon League pitched 2 strong innings last night and lowered his ERA to 1.96!  Who is this guy?
  • Carl Crawford, infuriated by my insults, proceeded to go 3-4 last night, albeit all singles.
  • Matt Kemp showing signs of getting his stroke back was  2-4 with his 10th double
  • Pedro Baez struck out two in his major league debut after giving up a two-run homer – I guess someone convinced him that throwing all fastballs wasn’t too smart!  If he can utilize his slider effectively, he can be very good!
  • The Dodgers got 8 hits last night!
  • The Dodgers lead all in baseball in stolen bases!
  • The Dodgers starting pitching is 5th in ERA in the major leagues at 3.04 and have a record of 14-6…. without the best pitcher in the game!
  • Kyle Farmer was 3-4 last night with a double and is now hitting .336 at GL.
  • Julio Urias  pitched 4 effective innings as he scrapes the rust off.
  • Corey Seager is still at .306.
  • The best pitcher in the game is due back tonight!

Now the Bad News:

  • Jose Dominguez was bombed for 4 runs in one IP last night.
  • The Dodgers can’t score a run even though they had 8 hits last night.
  • The Dodgers situational hitting is abysmal.
  • The Dodgers relievers are are accomplished arsonists with a 4-9 won/loss record and have blown 5 of 17 save opportunities.
  • Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier and Don Mattingly are still with the team.


    • grumpy3b says:

      Hard to call if going shutout for the full 9 will offer a win for any starter this season, so far anyway.

      Don’t know why it made me think of it but Dodger history has a number of starters who go >9 innings and mostly lose. And not just the 50s/60s teams either.

      I once watched (1982) Fernando pitch into the 10th+ and lost 3-2…best seats I ever had for a game but it was at Candlestone, 2-rows back right behind home plate. Developed a great appreciation for Fernando’s stuff that night. Checking looks like Fernando, as a Dodger, went into the 10th or 11th nine times, his record was 4-5. Actually that was a better record than I would have expected.

  1. Watford Dodger says:

    Grumpy – I can’t believe that stat -9 times – that is incredible. Was he getting through the innings quickly, keeping the pitch count down or was he throwing 140 pitches in those games?

    • grumpy3b says:

      I thought it was too…no pitch count records prior to 1988. Fernando was not, well, thrifty with his pitches. That guy was a horse. For example, in ’88 he had 14-games over 100-pitches and six of those games with 120+ pitches (121, 128, 137, 137, 138, 150). I seem to remember the game I was at he was around 110 pitches after 9. But he had absolutely NOTHING on the ball in the bottom of the 10th. Still the guy went out and did his best throwing whatever he had left. But you could see the will was there but the tank was empty.

      But what a stat in modern era ball. And today we are happy with a QS of 6-innings. I still as a QS needs to be trough 7-innings.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think Perez needs a hit, literally.

    What happens when you use a closer in a non-save situation? Exactly. Thinking stacking the pen with closers might not be such a good idea.

    Clayton certainly looked great and thanks for checking in Badger, was kinda worried

  3. Badger says:

    As good as it was, and we won so it was good, 4 for 14 RISP with a collective 21 LOB.

    Perez isn’t that bad. Kershaw is that good.

    Crawford 15 points from .260. Let me ask the group…… Mark said Crawford wouldn’t hit .260….. if Carl reaches that figure soon, do I win the bet? It’s a technicality but………

  4. grumpy3b says:

    Any bet Mark loses is a win I think so, sure you win. Why? Just because he quits half a dozen times a year. At least he “gets better” can can resist.

    Personally the bet should be wearing a French Maid outfit (ONLY) to work and post the photo here, scary as that might be and that it might require many of us iron our eyes but, well, still. 😉

  5. Watford Dodger says:

    Fernando was the 1st pitcher I ever saw in my first game at Dodger Stadium back in 88. Fell in love that night – with the game & the place.
    Good win tonight and great to have Clayton back. As Brooklyn says – if we stay healthy we will be ok. The batting averages are all creeping up but we do need, as Badger says, to do much better WRISP.
    “The Bet” as I see it is where Crawford ends up after 162 games. I think Badger will win it as Crawford is still a good player and will get hot.
    It’s funny how the psychology of pitching works. Perez had been our best reliever until his last outing and yet after blowing out at the weekend his confidence has suddenly gone and he looks vulnerable. League, who looked unplayable a couple of weeks ago, has a number of consecutive good outings & suddenly he looks great. So much of the game is played in the head.
    A win tonight & head home to reclaim the division lead against SF.

  6. Badger says:

    It’s always been push-ups but what the heck. I still got the legs for that outfit. Might increase my popularity around here too. But I expect to win that bet. Haven’t lost one yet. Good thing I dint bet on Hee Sop Choi. Had him wrong.

    Not sure what’s going on with Perez. He looks overweight. But I don’t know that he hadn’t always looked like that. Maybe inconsistency is why Cleveland let him walk.

  7. BOB says:

    Inconsistency? – Got that one correct.

    Donnie Mis-Management still can’t determine when one of his high priced relievers just does not have it that night. None of the Dodger relievers are smart enough to figure out what is wrong with their mechanics in less than 50 pitches so there is no reason to leave them in the game, stinking up the game, and watching Honeycutt be unable to figure out what is wrong without analyzing a video for 5 hours. Really sad. When the second runner reaches base there should always be another reliever up in the pen getting ready to be called in when the 4th runner to reaches base.

    Looks like another illegal bait and switch TV advertisement regarding the Dodgers being on MLB TV channel this morning and the game probably being blacked out again. Received a $300 coupon from Time Warner yesterday to switch to them. Got to think about that one.

    Looks like the 4 OF O’fers have heated up in the outfield, all 4 batting above .300 during the last week, and the infield is now in a slump with Gonzalez .179 and Rameriz .237 not playing very well.

    Butera is batting .222. That means he is having a career year.

    Giants and Rockies are RED HOT. The Dodgers had better get focused. Time to obtain league permission to break out the Adderall.

  8. Badger says:

    I still like the talent level on our team. The midgets seem to play over their heads. I say seems because they don’t have the stars many teams do. Oher than Posey, I like our team better.

    I think Honeycutt is good at his job. He does have a wtf look on his face lately but I believe he will get it worked out. I agree with BOB about relievers and scoring position situations. If that were a closer game Perez would have been yanked. Your job as an 8th inning reliever is to keep people off base. You put two on in a close game you are done for the night.

  9. Pete M says:

    Back from a week of fishing and checking on my ailing brother in the San Jose area… Boy they love trying to rattle LAD fans, but to avail…
    Not too much in depth stuff with my Blue and you know, that’s a good thing once in awhile…
    Congrats on the grand child…Luv ours to death, especially when we can head up to Oregon and Wa., spoil the heck out of em and jam back home…
    Kersh is back and isn’t that fun!!!
    Welcome to the Bigs Baez… Work on that second pitch…
    Dee G. has formally blown me away…So many heart break opportunities… I would have have lost a ton of $$$ in L.V.
    Whoever penned it, stick with it…’ Wait until it gets warm out there’…

    • Badger says:

      Welcome back Pete. I trust you reached your limit.

      Guys who throw as hard as Baez and Dominguez just need to change the grip and throw the same pitch. (see Hershiser) What Hersh did (saw it at a clinic) was to throw the two seamer and adjust the thumb under the ball. (thumb under index finger ball breaks to the right, thumb under the pluck you finger, ball breaks left). Back the ball up in your hand a quarter of an inch and it takes a foot or so off the pitch as well. A circle change or a splitter would be nice too, but those take a lot of work. easy squeezy. I taught my kid those pitches in one afternoon. Took a couple of sessions, but, he was throwing strikes, and missing sweet spots on the barrels, within a few days.

      Yep, these Dodgers are a summer team. You watch, June, July and August we will make it rain. Not literally of course because, well, we’ve seen enough bad weather and want the games…. nevermind. You get the idea.

      Speaking of weather, man has it been nice in Northern Arizona. Been Spring for over 2 months now. Love it. 70 and sunny.

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