Many abused women and kids are flocking to the Arizona Diamondbacks… because they don’t beat anybody!  But seriously folks….

OK, I’ll stop.  Today is just a bunch of random thoughts.

  • This is starting to look like Yasiel Puigs’ team.
  • Brian Wilson?  I have no clue…
  • Kyle Farmer and Corey Seager have to move up a level.  Their work is done where they are.
  • I think it’s time we see how Yimi Garcia does with major league hitters.  A 1.93 ERA at AAA is amazing!
  • How can it be that the Dodgers have such a hot-shot hitting coach (plus one more) and some players are still hitting like crap?  Adrian Gonzalez is nearly batting his weight.
  • Donald Sterling will beat the NBA – if he doesn’t die first!  This prediction comes from the guy who told you OJ Simpson and George Zimmerman would be acquitted (Scumbags all).
  • Hanley’s contract status is messing with his head, but the Dodgers cannot give him a big deal.  NO WAY!
  • Scott Van Slyke is a perfect platoon partner in LF – Either and Crawford are two left shoes!  I want Joc Pederson there.
  • That Greinke guy is on track to win the Cy – I can see him and Clayton battling for it.
  • Watch for me at the Pacer game Sunday – 9th row!  Go Pacers – Beat the Heat, you bunch of Psychos!


  1. BOB says:

    I have to disagree regarding Seager. The AA pitchers are much better than the A+ pitchers that he is currently facing. In addition he needs to work on his BA w/RISP. .182 is too low and MLB Dodger like. His approach at the plate is too extreme against LHP. Although all of his HRs have come against LHP he strikes out 50% of the time against LHP. If he corrects these issues by the break than by all means promote him even if they just want to put a scare in the underperforming Hanley.

    When Ryu comes off of the DL do the Dodgers DL Maholm with a sore back, DFA or DL Wilson, or Option Withrow? Too many veterans were signed by Neddy, thus the problem.

    The Dodgers now have played more than a quarter of the season and trends are beginning to show.

    Happy, Happy for Greinke, Kershaw, Beckect, Withrow, and League’s performances so far.

    The picture regarding the position players is becoming clear regarding who has been a star and who needs to get to work.

    Puig 2.1
    Gordon 1.1
    Uribe 1.1
    Van Slyke 1.0
    Gonzo 0.9

    Puig 21
    Gordon 12
    Uribe 11
    Van Slyke 10
    Gonzo 10

    d RAR
    Uribe .6
    Van Slyke .2
    Butera .2
    FedEx .2
    AJ .1
    Crawford -.03
    Ethier -.05
    Kemp -.06 (Corner OF & Future DH)
    Hanley -.07 (Future DH)

  2. Badger says:


    .283 last 28
    .220 last 14
    .182 last 7
    .179 vs lhp

    Time to bring up Guerrero and platoon? Alex could also sub the left side.

    Si on Yimi

    Not sure about Seager and Farmer. Both are still years away.

    Sterling might win. But the NBA will find a way to get rid of him. The players have spoken.

    Will the Pacers win one? Yeah, maybe.

    The dbags will win some. And they will find out what their prospects are made of. For that reason alone this will be a good year for them.

    Wilson looked fine. 93 with movement. I think he was getting squeezed too.

    June 21 is still a month away. Patience. This is a team built for summer.

    • BOB says:

      Alex can also platoon with Uribe who has reverse splits.

      The rest of May will determine whether Gordon can adjust to the pitcher’s adjustments to him. Hope so.

      Summer starts at 3:51 AM. I will not be awake yet to celebrate, unless something really important is happening in the world and I get up to watch Morning Joe.

      Mrs. Sterling is rumored to be going after the Clippers as part of her divorce settlement.

  3. artieboy says:

    The more it becomes Puig’s team the less it becomes Hanley’s team. And of course we don’t even that it was supposed to be Kemp’s team. A 10 year deal to what has become a mediocre ball player. What’s the lesson? Don’t make the same mistake with Hanley. No long term deal. Is AGon starting to show his age?

  4. artieboy says:

    Unless Loney hit a HR last night, he is still tied with Gordon for HR’s this season. Wonder who will break the tie?

  5. Badger says:

    Adrian is 32. He should remain productive for a few minutes.

    Hanley will hit. Count on it. So will Kemp. So will Ethier. So will Crawford. So will Uribe. Puig could have a monster year. Some of you aren’t grateful enough. This is a good team. It’s May. Enjoy the ride.

  6. Badger says:

    Maybe “better” is too strong. How about….. won’t likely get any worse.

    Having a get together at my house. Dbag fans, pizza, Beck’s NA and homemade strawberry shortcake. Chase Anderson going tonight. He looked good in his debut. We should see Ethier or Crawford tonight. Maybe both. SVS will ride the pine. Gordon will get on twice, steal 2 and score. AGon goes yard. It’s a good day to be a Dodger fan!

  7. voldomer says:

    It’s very odd that tomorrow will the be Dodgers’ eleventh game with the Dbacks this year and they still have not faced Bronson Arroyo.

  8. BOB says:

    Some more end of the Quarter comparative stats. All players in MLB unless otherwise stated.

    AB Ramirez 24th, Gordon 26th, Gonzo 37th
    Walks Gonzo 32nd
    Runs Gordon & Gonzo 32nd
    Hits Gordon 9th, Puig 18th
    SLG (min 50 AB) Van Slyke 4th
    Doubles Ramirez 3rd, Gonzo and Kemp 38th
    Triples Gordon 4th, Puig 19th
    Home Runs Gonzo 11th. Puig 18th
    On Base Figgins 25th (All Players)
    On Base (min 50 AB) Puig 7th
    Stolen Bases Gordon 1st (by 10!)
    OPS (min 50 AB) Puig 4th, Van Slyke 5th

    With all of the moaning and complaining I did not realize that some of the Dodger players are playing very very well so far. Happy Happy!

    Number of innings pitched starters (Not so good)
    Greinke 40th
    Haren 50th
    Beckett 106th
    Ryu 112th
    Maholm 119th
    Kershaw 150th

    Number of innings pitched relievers (A few too many but getting better)
    League 11th
    Wright 12th
    Withrow 43rd
    Jansen 50th
    Perez 83rd
    Howell 128th
    Wilson 145th

    A slight improvement in the length that the starters go and a reinvigoration of the infield should do a lot for this team to make a run. Happy Happy!

  9. Idaho Al says:

    I agree with you Badger that this is a good team. I do not like our defense. It is what it is. I do think we have to trade Either and Crawford. We need to bring Pederson up and platoon him with SVS. Move Kemp to left when Pederson is in the game.

    League certainly has done better than I thought. When he keeps the ball at the knees he is effective. Let’s hope it continues.

  10. Michael says:

    You must be having a blast at your get together.
    I think I’m going to chance missing a miracle and get back to my binge watching Breaking Bad. Speaking of breaking bad, tomorrows another game.

  11. Badger says:

    Well this sucks. My dbag buddies are giving it to me good. One of them is a dbag/midget fan. Goin for the strawberry shortcake in a minute.

    Not going to be a good defense. But the lack of fundamentals is irritating. The bags just hired LaRussa and in the interview tonight he was talking about that very thing – insisting the entire organization play solid fundamental baseball. You can bet they will with him in charge. Would love to see that theme expressed in the Dodger system.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    I was busy for the early part of this game. Kershaw . . . I can see the box score stuff, but tell me — what went wrong with Clayton tonight??????

  13. Roger Dodger says:

    Looks to me like the Dodgers are making the D-Backs and their fans feel real good about themselves . . .

  14. Badger says:

    Kershaw didn’t have it Roger. Throwing lollipops over the middle of the plate. Same thing with Withrow. Just not the staff’s night. Two drubbings in the last few days. Tighten up.

    And we still suck WRISP.

    And right through the bullpen we go.

  15. Badger says:

    Kershaw threw 50 pitches giving up 7 earned in 1.2. You know, at that point, rather than burn up an already overworked bullpen I just tell Clayton “you are here for at least 80 pitches. Good luck.”

    Our bullpen gave up 5 home runs? I didn’t see them all. Maybe they’re not as good as I think they are.

    Man that sucked.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Most Dodger fans would like Hanley to be a Dodger for a few more years —- because of his bat. But not his glove.

    Well, maybe Ned needs to look across baseball for a BIG BAT and target one or two players who might become Free Agents over the next winter OR go after a big trade come later in the year — and forget Hanley. He wants a lot of money and it can be spent elsewhere. Also, get rid of 1 outfielder — got with 3 and SVS and be ready to call up Pederson when he is needed.

    Hanley does amazing things with a BAT, but not a GLOVE. Maybe it is time to part with him.

    Now — all of this might not be necessary IF some of the present Dodgers were taking up the slack. Like Ethier, like Kemp, like AGon. They are playing, but not in high gear.

    I agree with Badger and others — bring up Alex G. and play him. Gordon has been nice and fun to watch, but even leading the league with 25 stolen bases — means not a lot when a team is playing terrible ball and falling farther behind.

    KEY TO WINNING — have Greinke pitch, then 4 days of rain, then have Greinke pitch again, and then 4 more days of rain, then Greinke again, then 4 more days of rain . . .

  17. Badger says:

    Two blowouts in the matter of a few days. Our pitching needs to get sorted out. Withrow, who went into the game with a .102 BAA, seems to get himself in trouble with his control issues. To ALL Dodger pitchers – put that cheese at the knees and all be well. With the exception of Greinke, this staff has command issues. Why?

    I still don’t see Hanley long term. Unless he finds a different position, or starts OPSing over 1.000, he is American League bound. His play at shortstop is costing this team and it is time to do something about it.

    What about the rest of you? This is LADodgertalk. Start talking.

  18. Michael says:

    Thinks its time to show donnie boy the door. I don’t think he is a leader. Need someone to motivate these guys that commands their respect. Just sayin

    • Badger says:

      Who you got in mind Michael?

      I’m still in wait and see mode. No pennants are won in May. There have been many great starts in the history of baseball. It’s great finishes that win championships.

  19. jerry says:

    i usually agree with badger ..but not on this one…i dont believe the dodger will pull out of the way they play.., they didnt better them self from last yr..and some are getting if there is not some changes soon…we will slowly move downward..

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