Carl Crawford is not even hitting his weight.  Number 9 hitters sure get paid well while not hitting a lick.  I would have Greinke pinch hit for him.  YIKES!

Who was it that said “the Dodgers will rue the day…?”

Welcome, Red Patterson.

Goodbye, Chili Buss?


  1. Bobby says:

    Miguel Olivo has officially become a Dodger with that hideous throw from his butt to 3b.

    28 errors so far this year. well, 29 if you count Carl Crawford?

  2. Badger says:

    Well Dee Gordon is hitting twice his weight so they off set.

    Do you really believe Crawford is a .190 hitter? I feel another 500 push- up bet coming on. And I must confess, I love kicking your ass on all those bets. You are over due to finally win one. We on?

    Who’s Chili Buss? One of the lesser known Laker owners? Oh wait… I remember now.

    2 errors and an unearned run already. Geez we stink on defense.

    • Badger says:

      I used to live 90 minutes north and east. Not just cold. Damn cold. And not just winter. Damn long winter. Soooo happy I’m outta there.

      9 runs. It can happen when you hit over .400 WRISP.

      • Anonymous says:

        “I don’t have an ounce of goodwill and I hate everybody
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  3. Badger says:

    Didn’t take long for a bad defensive play in the nightcap. Gordon this time. They gave him two outs and he blew it. Also a questionable call on Puig. For an ump on that call it should be about intent. Does he make a definitive move toward second base? No, he did not.

  4. BOB says:

    Aderall for everyone. Or unplug all headphones and clubhouse music after every game that an error is committed, fielding practice for one hour before every game, and play instructional videos on the plane flights. Time to put the BIG foot down on these boys who are unable to make themselves focus.

  5. Watford Dodger says:

    A 17-12 record with the most errors in MLB. In the end, in the big games, that will come back to haunt you. Well done Red. Well done Yasiel. I am seeing a real improvement in attitude although obviously still the obligatory dumb play. It’s the sign of a good team to win when not at your best…..

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, I thought about you several times during the second game tonight. Is Tim Timmons related to you? (SMILE!!!)

    Frustrating as it was, it was a win. Sometimes I’m just happy with the crumbs. No doubt this team needs some fine tuning, but really, there aren’t too many teams with a better record.

    Badeger said: “Unearned runs. Can a defense this bad win a championship? They can if they hit with runners in scoring position.”

    Throw in pitching, and they can definitely win a championship. Clearly, a strong defense would make this team a lot better, and it’s definitely an area that requires improvement. But mostly, the Dodgers need to hit more, and I think that’s coming, especially if Kemp finds his timing. Looks to me as if he’s close, but not quite there yet. Could come any day, or it could take a few more weeks. A more consistent Hanley would help also.

    And we’re adding some young pitcher next week to the starting rotation. Here he’s pretty good. Name is Kershaw.

    I remain confident.

  7. Quasimodo says:

    Well, looking at a pitch grid and two players of one left and one right to appear in the batters box isn’t my favorite way to fallow a game. But doing that gives a different view. Every top of the inning it shows who’s up, who’s next and who’s in the hole. It makes it real easy to see that these Dodgers are the best we’ve seen for a very long time. I did see highlights of what looked pretty bonehead defense. It also looked very cold there and that could be part of the excuse. I’ve been indoors all day in just my boxers and my evaporative cooler is still on.

    I said it last season that Crawford seemed to be rapidly blinking in the batters box. I do that too, but I’m only trying to read what I’ve typed instead of a 100 mph fast ball. At any rate something will happen with Crawford and Ethier and that’s that they’ll start hitting. One of the highlights was of HanRam making a play that no other SS could of made. Many things are really going great, I’m sure glad Gordon hadn’t got shipped elsewhere.

    This sweep puts the Dodgers .5 games back and the fun hasn’t yet been put in gear but its coming! Cheers!

  8. Jimbo says:

    I went to bed at the end of the 11th so of course we win it in the 12th. The last game was ugly but it’s still a win. One thing I didn’t like about the second game last night compared to the game Wednesday night (I dvr’d but haven’t watch the first game from Thursday) was the situational hitting. Wednesday night guys went with the pitch and hit it the other way. Last night it seemed like most of the hitters were pull happy again (nevermind 11 walks!!). That’s one thing I’ve noticed alot this year. Everybody knows the pitch is going to be away and the batter still tries to pull it. The other thing I have noticed the past couple years is the lack of working ABs. Sometimes we spoil several pitches until the pitcher makes a mistake like Boston and St Louis do. Most of the time though it get 2 strikes on us and here comes a trip to dribblerville or whiff city. To me that’s what was impressive about the AB that A-Gon hit the homer on. He spoiled several pitches until he got one he could drive. I was watching the Twins broadcast and Blyleven even commented that the pitch A-Gon hit the homer on was a good pitch but A-Gon got a good swing on it. That’s Kemp’s problem now. He seems to be late on alot of pitches but isn’t fouling many off to stay alive.

  9. BOB says:

    There are so many negative things that we can say everyday about certain aspects of the Dodger player performance yet they are surprisingly still on pace for 95 wins. So there must be some good and some players must be playing well. I have attempted to determine quantitatively who is playing well by calculating the improvement in each position player’s OPS+ and each pitcher’s ERA+ for the current year compared to their prior year performance. Althought this caculation does not mean much going forward it does give me a basis to subjectively decide who I think has been playing comparatively well so far this year and who I want to congratulate for 5 weeks well done.

    Position Players Change in OPS+

    Olivo +186
    Butera +131
    Van Slyke +91
    Gonzalez +65
    Gordon +48
    Figgins +30
    Uribe +27
    Kemp +4

    Puig -7
    Ethier -37
    Ellis -51
    Rameriz -56
    Crawford -67
    Turner -77
    FedEx -86
    Baxter -120
    Guerrero N/A

    Pitchers Change in ERA+

    Withrow +355
    Perez +173
    Patterson +93
    Kershaw +72
    Beckett +71
    League +71
    Haren +65
    Greinke +32
    Wright +4

    Ryu -6
    Maholm -15
    Howell -30
    Jansen -93
    Rodriquez -100
    Dominquez -141
    Wilson -527

    So congratulations from me to the following pitchers Withrow, Perez, Patterson, Beckett, League, and Haren; and the following position players Butera, Van Slyke, Gonzalez, Gordon, and Uribe for a job well done.

  10. Badger says:

    Those numbers are interesting. 18% of season played, I think it’s safe to say every one of those stats will be changing. This is Spring baseball. Summer baseball doesn’t start for a while yet.

    That was as strange a series as I think I’ve ever seen.

    This team will pitch well. This team will hit well. This team will also likely be at the top in giving up unearned runs and could very well be near the bottom hitting WRISP. I hope I am wrong about that. Championship teams aren’t generally as sloppy and non clutch as we’ve seen this one so far.

    But, we are winning.

  11. Rob says:

    So who starts for Ryu? Recalling Dominguez and figgins is puzzling if we need a starter for Sunday. Maybe it will be a bullpen day. Four from wright or Dominguez and the others will follow.

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