On February 8th, I wrote this:

This season has the potential for a World Series title or a train wreck!  Last season was magical in the fact that they won like 45 out of 50 games in one stretch (or some crazy number – I’m not looking it up).   Don’t expect that again.  There are a lot of “ifs.”

Seventeen games into the season, I still stand by what I said.  The Dodgers are 10-7 with a uncharacteristic 2-4 home record.  Situational hitting is a problem… STILL!  I really believe that the chemistry of the team is not where it should be.  I really look for Ned to make a big move at some point and there are all sorts of creative trade scenarios that could happen.

The Dodgers are 14th in runs scored with 69.  Giancarlo Stanton has 14 runs scored and has driven in 26 while OPS’ing 1.047.  He would look pretty good in Dodger Blue right about now, but he’s not.    I would still have done that deal (Stanton for Puig) but with the latest revelations about Puig, I doubt there would be many takers.  The team and Puig are playing it down, but what is happening behind the scenes is a distraction… to Yasiel and the entire team.  Hopefully they can get past it.  He still has more upside than any player I have ever seen, but will he ever harness it?

It’s going to take a while for Kemp to get his timing back – it will come, but I worry about Crawford and Ethier’s playing time.  Injuries on other teams could create trade opportunities for trades.  Personally, I’d love to see a platoon of Pederson and Van Slyke in LF.

The Dodgers are 5th in team ERA at 2.95 and that’s without Kershaw!  The pen has a 3.48 ERA while the starters have a 2.59 ERA.  I can live with that.  Hitting is still the problem, but the pitching should be outstanding.  As EK used to say:  “IT’S EARLY!”

I hope it’s not a train wreck…


  1. Bobbie17 says:

    With the latest Puig news, this team is more like a circus. Might be great for the news media, but lousy for baseball. How can so many really good players play so average? The backbone of this team is Ryu and Grienke. But that is twice a week. What about the other 4-5 days? Did I notice that Kemp flinched on that game winning hit last night? In the old days, he would have tried to make a play on it to save the game. I don’t remember how many outs there were so it might not have made a difference. But gone are the days when he would lay out and do something heroic in the field.

  2. Bball says:

    I’m sure puigs off field issues play with his brain but another thing I’ve noticed (and it might just be my eyes seeing it) but since he’s been talked to by donnie and the other players he’s toned his actions down and I think he has to play with reckless abandon. He’s just that type of player. I say go back to not hitting the cutoff, overreacting to striking out or popping up. I no it sounds crazy but I think he misses his old self and I’m starting to too

  3. Badger says:

    17 games. 10% of the season. Too early for alarm.

    This Stanton talk reminds me of all the Beltre contract offer talk after he went to Seattle. Facts don’t seem to matter much around here sometimes.

    Puig is ours. Embrace the idea or be prepared to take Xanax the rest of of the year.

    I remain confident.

  4. artieboy says:

    Trade for a CF and move Kemp to LF?….trade for a LF?…trade for a 2B?…..trade for a 3B?…..trade for a C?…..trade for a starting pitcher?

    Trading for a relief pitcher is a given Ned standard!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Some of the problems or concerns about present Dodgers — is because some of them are NOT playing with fundamentals in their playing.

    Bunting has been terrible ate times; just not able to bunt the ball.

    Running hard out of the batters box when hitting a ball in fair found.

    Double clutching the ball before making a throw.

    Sloppy play in the outfield. And at times — just not being careful.

    and so on . . . some of the basics need to be done to be a winning team.

  6. Bobby says:

    The BIG problem right now is that our starters are not going deep into games. Couple that with a few extra inning games, and Donnie playing by-the-book matchups with his relievers, and our bp is getting tired.

    Whoever pitches today needs to go 6-7. The guys need a break.

  7. Ron Fairly fan says:

    Kemp wasn’t in center on the game winning hit that was Ethier. The major problem right now is an almost complete failure to hit with RISP. The total lack of production behind the plate is a concern also. The four outfielders are a bit of a problem as they are all hitting .235 or below.

  8. Rob says:

    The only trade we should be talking about is a trade for a young catcher. Maybe we can swap prospects and get stassi from the Astros. I watched him play for yuba city and he would fill that future role for the catcher position.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Gee, game was 0-0 . . . took our dog out back for 5 minutes, came back . . . 4-0 D-Backs. Saw Hanley’s dropped ball. He has been playing like that most of this season. Double clutching throws or poor transfers or this and that . . . D-Backs have a better fielding shortstop.

    So far, another painful game. When is this team going to believe in themselves and play MLB?

  10. Michael says:

    You hit the nail on the head Rob when you said this team is lacking in leadership.
    The inmates are running the asylum.
    I don’t know but its time to install a leader and Donnie ain’t it.
    Stan Kasten doesn’t have a better idea?

  11. BOB says:

    DODGER TV!!!

    Great use of Stats Mark. Stats are great information when they are presented truthfully and without any twist or deception. Stats are full of knowledge and wisdom. The knowledge is predominately contained in the present nature of the stats and the wisdom in predominately contained with the subjective extrapolation of the current stats into future stats. Thus stats are simultaneously multi-dimensional and focus on these multi realms. Therefore all stats should be interpreted simultaneously for factual and prospective purposes. I feel sad for some people when they do not understand these concepts.

    The score sure has changed since I started writing this post!

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Gee, my wife wanted to see an episode of NCIS that we had missed last month. Dodgers were loosing 4-0; when NCIS was over it was 8-4 Dodgers —

    Did the guys wake up?

  13. Badger says:

    Three more unearned runs. Wilson looks hittable. We are good enough to beat the bad teams while playing sloppy. Sure hope it gets cleaned up soon.

    Kemp around .200, Gordon around .375, Uribe at .340 or so, all of which extrapolates to nothing.

  14. Anonymous says:

    In his last two games Guerrero is 0 for 7. If one cogitates the extended valued variable of that recent performance, over the next 6 months he will never get another hit until forever. That’s bad I think.

    The Dodgers are now at least talking about a rehab assignment for Kershaw.

    I predict that no one on the Dodgers will have at end of the year the same average and OPS they have on May 1. And I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Gonzalez will fall short of DiMaggio’s hit streak.

    Back home. I have expanded respect for what Mark accomplished when the justice system stacked the deck against him. When cops lie, they do so with permission and impunity. Overcoming that asperity is an enormous, and costly challenge. Even if you have done nothing wrong, don’t ever piss off a cop.

  15. dpwtv says:

    Every cop? Hello there mister stereotype.

    There are bad apples in every walk of life. Most are good and truly want to help… but people doing what they’re supposed to be doing… that’s boring. That’s why stories about murders, robberies and scams lead the news and stories about people doing amazing things end the news

  16. Badger says:

    “Every cop? Hello there mister stereotype.”

    Difficulty reading? Evidently. Maybe you’re a cop?

    We don’t get real news very often here. The stations are owned by large corporations and you have to realize their agenda. Once you do, it is possible to look past the fear mongering. People in fear want to be led to safety. One must ask oneself – does today’s police force really provide safety?

  17. Badger says:

    I was at the park for Collmenter’s debut a few years ago. It amazed me he could get people out with an 87 mph fastball but he does. He will often throw it high then come back with off speed low. He has stuck around not because of his stuff, but because he is smart. Make him throw strikes and he is hittable. The dbacks are in real trouble starting the guys they are. I’m thinking they might as well bring up Archie Bradley. He’s probably better than anybody they have now.

    • Badger says:

      I never said there wasn’t. Cops lie in court on a daily basis. Even our attorneys, who are in court every day, told us that. There is zero accountability when they do. That’s just fact. Accept it or don’t, it doesn’t matter to me. But I have spent the last year researching the subject. The data is clear.

  18. BOB says:


    Dodger Digest has a very good article today regarding statistics. One that even those that chose to not understand statistics, either as to how to interpret the results regarding performances, how to evaluate performance, when to make changes in body motions that affect performance, or to predict future performance; and/or misuse them should be able to comprehend.

    Police apparently have the legal right to lie. I know police officers who are the salt of the earth, I know those who are serial adulterers, pathological liars in every walk of their lives, total narcissists, and sociopaths. But then again one should never generalize.

  19. Badger says:

    The statistics at the end of the year are the ones that matter. Statistics are used to establish the size of the coming contracts. I have never said they are not useful. I merely said predicting 162 game outcomes based on 20 games or less is folly.

    Allow me to be more specific, all of the officers we are dealing with, and there are more than one, are lying through their teeth. All one needs to do, if interested in the truth about the subject, is google “police perjury” and “why cops lie” and start reading. Again, it’s happening to me and my family, I hope it never happens to any of you. I’m done

  20. BOB says:

    The AL East and the NL West both have 4 teams with .500 records or better. Are these two divisions BECOMING the best in MLB or have they already achieved that status?

    All statistics matter. It depends on what you are using them for.

  21. dpwtv says:

    Really Badger? He said if every cop takes a lie detector he bets they would fail. The absolute definition of stereotyping. There are bad cops… but there are also cops who do incredible work that nobody hears about because nobody cares when the police do something great, only when they do something bad. This is also true for almost every job or situation in life

    not a cop… work in television… i know exactly what i’m talking about when what. I guarantee you this.. the cops provide more safety than the people who rob, steal, murder, rape, etc. Stopping crime is hard, when the police have a set of rules they have to abide by and they’re trying to stop the lawbreakers who have none of this

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course you are right. But in those instances where the officers involved in an arrest collude in a fabrication, when evidence that could prove innocence is “disappeared” – and the DA is in on it – all if this can be done, and is done daily, with impunity. If you or I lie under oath we go to jail. Cops lie under oath every day in this country and get away with it. We who KNOW this happens pray it never happens to you.

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