The current LA Dodgers have several players playing out of position.  In my opinion, Kemp and Ethier are not centerfielders and Ramirez is exposed at shortstop, but quit suggesting that he go to 3B – he can’t play that position either!  Do you think his double-clutching will work better there?  I have seen him at 3B and he ain’t one!  Hanley is a LF or 1B… or DH!  I am not one to sit idly by and see what happens – sometimes you have to make things happen.

Someone out there will want Hanley.  Probably an AL team where he could DH at times.  Probably the Yankees where he could retain the star status.  I think it’s time the Dodgers fixed the logjam in the outfield and fixed the infield.  Alexander Guerrero is tearing up the league at AAA while learning how to play 2B… and that won’t happen overnight, but he should be much better equipped in 30 days.  I am sure he is getting plenty of coaching help.

Here’s ten things to consider:

  1. The Dodgers could flex their financial muscles and trade Ethier and Crawford for prospects by eating their contracts.
  2. Giancarlo Stanton will be available soon, if he’s not now.
  3. We need to find out if Dee Gordon can hit LH pitching.  He only has 13 AB’s against LH pitchers.  Cut Turner and lets see if Dee can hit a little bit against lefties.  This is imperative.
  4. Could the Dodgers end up trading Kemp, Crawford, Ethier and Ramirez?  Not likely, but what if Dee proved he could hit?  Could you see Stanton in LF, Gordon in CF and Puig in RF?
  5. Could the Dodgers thrive with an all RH outfield – Stanton, Kemp and Puig?
  6. What stud catcher could the Dodgers acquire?
  7. Could Dee Gordon be trade bait?
  8. Joc Pederson is hot and his value is high right now.  Could he be a piece of a trade?
  9. We still don’t know if Arrurbarrena can hit enough to play SS be we are pretty sure he’s a wizard with the glove.
  10. Which starters could be traded by the deadline?

It’s always dangerous to make trades in season, but sometimes it’s more dangerous to stand pat.  The Dodgers have lots of options, and you have to use your imagination, but be careful of what you wish for… you might get it.  Just about anything could happen… probably will!

Kyle Farmer is doing well at Great Lakes – look for him to jump to Rancho soon.  I see him in LA in two years as our starting catcher, but of course there’s a lot to accomplish yet!

2016 Dodgers?

  1. Puig  RF
  2. Seager  3B
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Stanton LF
  6. Guerrero  2B
  7. Farmer  C
  8. Arrurbarrena  SS


  1. Bobbie17 says:

    Kemp, Gonzo, and Puig: the only hold overs? I do like opening up the team to the farm system. The trouble is, we have TO WIN. That’s asking a lot of these guys in a short time. 1 or 2 a year is max for me. That includes pitchers. Gordon has to play every day. The way he runs the bases adds an element that this defective team needs. Even if he doesn’t hit lefties, he can work walks, etc. We need young 4 & 5 in the pitching staff. That would be a priority after seeing what Pederson and Guerrero can do in the big leagues. Will the Dodgers ever have a catcher who can hit? It would be a nice luxury. He will have to come from the farm as Mark suggests.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark and Bobby17 — so many good ideas, so many questions.

    Bball, I too have wondered when the 2B idea would surface for Hanley. But this makes like zillions of guys the Dodgers would be promising 2B too and they only have one bag.

    You just do not move Alex G to third because of a rookie in A ball – Seager might be there with Arruebarrena looking to SS.


    Mark: you have loved Stanton since you first saw him hit a HR. But how much is he worth to the Dodgers? How much is he card-board as a player . . . I have watched him just a little in the outfield and he seems to be a lot of card-board there. Is he a hitter or just a once and a while LONG ball hitter? Is he more Frank Howard type of hitter or Duke Snider type of hitter?????

    If this present group of Dodgers can find a way to win it all now, great. And as Badger says — if not, break them up and re-build quickly. And the keys to the future are there: with Alex G., Arruebarrena, Gordon, Puig, Seager, Pederson — all real Dodgers from the get go. — add the pieces needed to complete — especially a catcher . . . and tee it up.

    If Kemp proves he can stop striking (stinking the place up) out so much, but start hitting the baseball in fair ground, and playing better defense in the outfield, he can stay.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Looking at the 40 man roster, who is this guy the Dodgers picked up April 2 on wavers??

    Carlos Manuel Triunfel . . .

    He is 24, and a 2B, SS, 3B all rolled into one. His agent is Scott Boras. From the Dominican Republic. Has 66 ABs in the majors with Seattle, hitting .167.

    Is he just to play in AA or AAA to round out a team???

    Oh, Alex G. was 3 for 3 yesterday. 2 triples and a single and 2 walks. All in a days work of getting ready to be called up . . . but to play where — and who in LA goes to what position?

  4. Badger says:

    Stanton won’t be available until July, and it may be July next year. I’d post his contract status but doing so would make me redundantly repetitious, and I don’t want to be accused if that.

    Stay the course with this group. We are paying them two hundred thirtyleven dollars to win, let them figure it out. This is how I figure it:

    Hanley will start hitting and Gordon will return to earth but be valuable all year in select situations. Kershaw will be back soon and within a couple of starts will be his old self. Kemp will be good (prolly not great) and Uribe/AGon will be steady. Guerrero will be up soon and add slg %. Puig will excite all year. This team as constructed will go to the playoffs. Don’t mess with that.

    There is plenty of time to lite the fuse on the dynamite that is there to blow this team up. It’s not even May yet. There are some very good offensive players in Dodger Blue. They won’t ever be a great defensive club but they will pitch and they will hit.

    I remain confident.

  5. grumpy3b says:

    re Stanton…just what they need is to add another 150 k’s to the BO. Last night Vinny mentioned the team is on pace for over 1500k’s…previous team record was in ’96 for about 1200k’s.

    An OF od Stanton, Puig & Gordon is weak in appearance if not fact. Unless Guerrero hits with power at the MLB level that OF is a big step back, maybe. Mostly maybe because like the Dodger teams for what feels like over a decade they can’t hit w/RISP, they don’t bunch up hits. I haven’t looked but how many 1-run HR’s have they had this year compared to winning years? Now an OF of a HITTING Kemp, Puig & Stanton is a different game. BUt is Kemp really broken for good? Puig = Sophomore Jinx

    Change needs to happen, maybe, but sometimes that change is already in the organization and on the MLB roster. Ramirez starts hitting again and it’s a different BO. I say patience is needed right now not WAG trades.

    Moving Crawford not a bad idea, would like to see Ethier stay but he has not been key since his broken pinky years back.

    Like I wrote patience might need to be the key…but what is killing them is the excessive K’s. Who knows why it’s happening.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    When Alex G. is ready and the Dodgers bring him up — they best have a plan. Because maybe Gordon is really really really ready this time, and will hit at least .260 and above, with bunches of stolen bases. Both cannot play second base. So what is the plan? Plan, sit, pinch-hit, pinch run . . . ???

    Difficult to manage when the options are too much alike.

    The outfield thing. The four outfielders are probably waiting more that we are, to see what happens . . . Crawford in left last night, with that play near the end of the game . . . another outfield might have had the ball. Then the game would now be in the 38 inning.

    • Badger says:

      There are plenty uses for Gordon. Pinch run every night, PH against RH relief, the occasional start at short, late inning CF defense replacement, platoon with Guerrero. Gordon is not going to suddenly hit .300 and get on at .375. Just a matter of time and he will cool off.

      Hanley will hit. Kemp will hit. Puig will hit. Hitters hit. It’s not even May yet. Too early to panic.

  7. DRomo says:

    Two observations that may mean nothing or may be something to remember somewhere down the line:

    1. Before yesterday’s game (where Ethier was sent home sick) he was seen taking ground balls at first. Sure this could be nothing but, could he provide another option or increase his trade value by branching out? Hmm?

    2. The Padres are “in active trade talks” regarding Nick Hundley. He has all but lost his starting job down there. He also is in the l;ast year year of his deal. He is better than Fed Ex. And could be a more than suitable back up to AJ when he is back.

    As for Hanley……yikes! When he is good he is GOOD. But when he is bad he is…..what we have now. This team is as bad as I have ever seen them defensivley. Just awful!!I heard someone say last light Ramirez is approaching Jose Offerman status. Ouch!! The old joke was “you spell Offerman O-F-F-“E-6″. If HAnley doesn’t get right soon he will be “HANL-“E-6″!!

    I want to believe in Dee. I’ll just leave it there.

  8. Badger says:

    Moving Crawford would be very difficult. When we agreed to take him we agreed to swallow that enormous contract. He can be very useful if used properly, which is sparingly. He’s just not a 150 game player. I accept that. He can be a + WAR player, but he will never earn that money.

    • BOB says:

      Of course I was kidding. Only Moneyball can make up for poor fielding!

      Rameriz is on pace for 40 errors. Why not send him to the DL and let Guerrero play SS? Looks like a push right now to me. Donnie needs to shake things up and stop being a players manager. Maybe the players would practice more, study charts more, and concentrate more if they thought that they might actually ride the pine when their performance ditates so. Baseball is capitalism at its best. It is not an entitlement culture. Oh, ok, not any more. I guess I have to take that back.

  9. artieboy says:

    I always thought a bad SS was much worse than a bad 3B. You don’t want bad defense anywhere but a bad SS is not good at all. My point is that I would move Hanley to 3B. But now who plays SS?

  10. artieboy says:

    Speaking of Dee what would have been the reaction if he had been thrown out at 3B late in the game down by 1? It was an exciting, gutsy play. Was he sent or did he go on his own? Was it a fastball or a breaking ball? I don’t think it was the correct play…but no guts no glory. If that had been Puig and he was thrown out…oh baby!

  11. BOB says:

    You want a trade idea?

    Actually it is too early to make a real trade because no one has actually consciously given up yet, even the D-Backs, but

    Hanley and Butera to Seattle (They currently have no SS or DH that is performing) for 2nd string catcher John Buck and their prospects
    (#2) D J Petersoon (3B) ETA 2016 (MLB #86), and
    (#7) Tyler Maylette (C) ETA 2016, MLB Catcher #9


    Hanley Straight Up to the Yankees for their (#1) prospect Gary Sanchez (C) ETA 2015, MLB Catcher #3 and MLB Overall #45

  12. DRomo says:

    I don’t trust Colletti. Once he got a budget to stop bargain shopping that guy brought us Greinke, Ryu, Hanley,Gonzalez, and Puig.
    I don’t think it’s Ned we should worry about. It’s the players now. They will shape up and perform or they will be replaced. Money be damned. It’s April 23rd people. The Dodgera are in 1st place. Virtually nothing from Kershaw and AJ. Nothing from Kemp and Hanley yet. Why panic?

    The roster you see today (if you are lucky enough to see the boys) will be drastically different come June or July. Remain calm. Changes will come.

  13. Roger Dodger says:

    Artieboy —

    A) Let Hanley play this season (2014) then make the big move over the winter. But then, winter of 2014-15 he is a Free Agent. So it would be a draft pick back.

    B) Trade in during the season . . . for something important.

    Who played SS. I want to look to Erisbel Arruebarrena and see if he has that magic glove and can play . . . he is right handed, 6 feet, 200 pounds. 2 years old.

    He he getting his feet wet in AA. Now as 19 ABs. Seager is not ready yet and might move to 3B (they say).

    But they do not pay me the big bucks to made these decisions.

    Right now I am worried about Matt Kemp and his Ks numbers building up, but he just has to get his hitting eye back and become the beast #2

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ve had too much work to do lately, and having the additional burden of a knee with a bit too much swelling has only taken away more of my time to think about problems like Hanley. So I don’t have any specific suggestions, except that I think it’s time for the Dodgers to consider parting ways with Hanley. So my suggestion, is, if anything, more generalized.

    I think the Dodgers need to be considering a future without Hanley, and BOTH Gordon and Guerrero in the lineup everyday. I started writing a post a day or two ago addressing this, but couldn’t find a way through it. I think both Gordon and Guerrero have the talent to play everyday, and I definitely agree that both Ethier and Kemp are NOT full-time CF candidates.

    I think defense is extremely important, especially on a pitching-centric team like the Dodgers. There are innumerable variables that can be considered, but for me the focus comes down to simply considering the a team that has Gordon and Guerrero in it everyday, WITHOUT Hanley. However that happens is probably OK with me, and like I noted, the variables are endless. And while the Dodgers may be forced to eat most, if not all, of several contracts, they will also be relieved of the burden of carrying Hanley’s contract. Mark’s suggestion above is likely one of many that could work. It’s all about getting used to life without Hanley, and about getting started on the road to getting younger and more versatile.

  15. Michael says:

    I certainly haven’t lost any sleep over it. It’s still spring and when the weather heats up I believe the bats will follow.
    Lets support our team of misfits, we didn’t start playing last year until June

  16. jerry says:

    this team is a lot worst then last yr…we had some good veteran last yr .that are gone…we replace them with nothing..maybe ned is still on the giants payroll …to pick up players that will not help the dodgers to win. think about it ..ned working for the giants..just a thought

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    Rob, add to that that he looks lost at the plate — check his head, his medicine cabinet, his friends, his emotions, and his counsellor.

    That is another way to say — is Hanley in the game fully at this point in time — or is he elsewhere?????

  18. Badger says:

    This is a contract year for Hanley. I’m betting he puts together a streak before too long. He knows how to hit. It’s not like he is old. He’s only 30. Maybe he should get his next contract from an AL team, but for now, he is the Dodgers shortstop and I don’t really have a problem with that. He isn’t a great defensive player. In fact, he isn’t even a good defensive player. His value is in his bat. He will hit. Same with Kemp. Same with Puig. Same with AGon. Ethier will put up his usual 3 WAR 120 OPS+, Uribe will chip in with a +WAR. Gordon will run crazy, Guerrero will come up and contribute and the pen will work out it’s issues. This team will be ok by mid season. No trades are necessary. Relax. It’s April. This are going to be just fine.

  19. Pete M says:

    I sort of let this post evolve or simmer if you will… As always Badger speaks the truth and my feeling to a T…
    Lets give this team till at least mid may before the plank is brought out…
    What do Dusty B., Donnie B. and Joe T. have in common??? Yep that’s right… Kenley’s 16th app??? Yikes…
    Heading to Bishop next Mon. to see if I can find some trout that wanna be fooled!!!

  20. Badger says:

    hello – goodbye

    Maybe we already talked about this Pete but when I was a kid my dad, my grandpa, my uncle and I fished Opening Day at Crowley every year. Good memories.

    You guys are right about Donnie Mattorre. There was no need to use Jansen again last night. He can’t keep doing it.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    While I believe that the Dodgers have to begin thinking long term about a future without Hanley, I certainly do not feel any urgency that the they have to do something now. I am sure that long and short term plans are in place that include and don’t include Hanley. We are in first place, and with one of our so-called competitors (the D-Backs), buried in last place, already 8 games (9 in the loss column) behind us (and with only about half of their head-to-head competition with us, behind them). So there is time to give players like Guerrero and Arruebarrena time to get acclimated to their new realities. I still believe that haste makes waste, so really there is no hurry. Whenever the Dodgers deem that circumstances call for a move, is fine with me.

    And Roger, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why the Dodgers aren’t paying you the big bucks.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Agree about Jansen. No urgency required for any trades/moves, and certainly no urgency to keep on overworking Jansen. Donnie, just keep reminding yourself, it’s a long season. And aren’t the Dodgers carrying 13 pitchers right now? And aren’t they in the midst of a long stretch without any days off?

    I said the other day that past isn’t always prologue. But sometimes it is. If this kind of stuff continues with Jansen, he could turn out to be Broxton.

  23. Badger says:

    Interesting early attendance numbers. The midgets are drawing over 100% at home and the Dodgers are drawing over 100% on the road. But the Dodgers remain MLB’s biggest draw.

    You are right Brooklyn, the month of April is not a time to overreact. As long as Kershaw is ok in a few weeks, this team and this organization should be fine. We have said it numerous times over the the last few months – the key to this year is our health. We have a very impressive collection of talented baseball players. From AA to the ML roster we are stacked. If they all do their job, we WILL win the West.

  24. Roger Dodger says:

    So just who were those players on the field last night IN Dodger uniforms? Sign-em up!!!

    Keep Hanley for at least another week or two. He hit a bomb. And the running wild horse was running wild.

    Even the catching slot got two hits.

    Nice game, in the end.

  25. BJ Rassam says:

    Good point about Ramirez’s defense. Ramirez leads the Dodgers in errors this year, and even led the Dodgers in errors last year, even though he played in only 76 games – almost unheard of!

  26. Rob says:

    In a rare case where I give Donnie props, he has been doing a good job rotating the outfielders trying to keep them healthy and happy as they try to find their swings.

  27. Hanyaghani says:

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  28. Reggie says:


    You sound a lot like that PoopPee guy – a bitter little troll. I have no clue how you jump to the conclusion that you do, but then again my mother is not married to her brother. Maybe I’d feel different if I were you!

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