HAPPY 51st BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE!   Manny Pacquiao won on her birthday so she is a happy camper. 

Last night’s win was another nice one, but so far all we really know is that we can beat the Arizona Diamondchumps like rented mules.  Now, if you know anything about me, it’s that I am always looking ahead.  So, here’s what I would be doing if I were Ned:

  1. I would spend the rest of this season seeing if Dee Gordon can continue to hit (.360+ OB% is a must).  If he does, in the off-season, convert him to CF.  He will always be a liability in the infield, so let him roam in CF where he can run down dang-near anything!
  2. Matt Kemp goes to LF and Yasiel Puig stays in right.  As many of us have been saying, Kemp is not a CF and LF will prolong his career.
  3. That means that Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford are expendable.   Both get traded for prospects with the Dodgers eating a lot of their contracts.
  4. Scott Van Slyke and Joc Pederson are the extra outfielders, which is a very good situation.
  5. Sign Hanley Ramirez to an extension.

The lineup in 2015 looks like this:

  1. Gordon  CF
  2. Puig  RF
  3. Ramirez  SS
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Kemp  LF
  6. Uribe 3B
  7. Guerrero  2B
  8. Ellis c

The lineup in 2016 looks like this:

  1. Gordon  CF
  2. Seager  SS
  3. Ramirez  3B
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Kemp  LF
  6. Puig  RF
  7. Guerrero  2B
  8. Farmer C

If you watched SNL last night, you should know that my son shot this skit:



  1. Badger says:

    Thinking ahead is good. And since it’s the topic if this thread, and I only have a few minutes if free time this morning, I’ll be brief.

    Crawford, being paid over 20 million through ’17, is by most accounting, less tradable with each passing month. If you trade him absorbing most of that contract, and move Pederson into his slot, you are essentially paying Pederson over 10 million. Crawford has value, but it will diminish with each passing year. Gordon in center makes sense if he continues to get on base, but to me Pederson makes more sense. Seager won’t be ready for everyday play in ’16.

    Much depends on if the Dodgers win it all this year. If they do, they may indeed roll over the roster with more younger players, which would include players we would pick up from moving guys like Ethier and Crawford.

    And lastly, what is your confidence level with Ned in control?

  2. Bobbie17 says:

    Greinke did not have a dominant pitch last night, but he has several “useful” ones. He is a great quote with an odd ball way of looking at things. Might be a good GM someday. Why is Pederson in 3A? Isn’t that where players go to die? Maybe to be around older guys? Hitting .400 there isn’t a guarantee of anything.

    • Badger says:

      A left to right sinker 4″ inside at the shins followed by a 92 mph fastball on outside corner at the knees is, in my estimation, virtuoso. He did “just miss”
      too many times (I thought the ump missed some close third strikes) but he will clean that up in time. And, on a better defensive team he would have gone 6 full yesterday.

      We are very close to being a NL pennant winner. We do need both Kershaw and Greinke at full strength in the playoffs to do it.

  3. Michael says:

    Yeah, the Dodgers against the final round of The Masters requires some multitasking to be sure. Matt going yard of course might loosen lips or should I say fingers.

  4. Bball says:

    Badger come on no one watches golf unless they wanna take a nap. Man I thought the d backs were better then this. Maybe it’s just were so good. I said in an earlier post that I didn’t get the Haren signing. So far I’m eating crow on that one. Keep it going Danny.

  5. Idaho al says:

    I am watching baseball Badger. Three stolen bases by Gordon. I also like Pederson in centerfield. I have no problem with Gordon playing second. Either and Crawford will be traded this year. When Kersch, Wilson, and Bills come back we will be in great shape. I have no faith in Colletti making the right decisions.

  6. Watford Dodger says:

    This is heaven. I’ve got The Masters on the TV and The Dodgers on the computer. Bubba’s winning which means $$$$ and so are the Dodgers. To cap it all the missus has taken the kids away with her mother for a week. Doesn’t get better than this.
    Love Grienke & Ryu they have stepped up without Kershaw.
    Gordon is proving a great asset as many of you predicted. Let’s hope it continues. Kemp getting better?

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If Pederson can hit big league pitching, I prefer him in CF. Appears to me that he’s developing big time power. I also disagree that Gordon “will always be a liability in the infield”. Seems to me that he’s improving at second base before our eyes, and he has superior range. And don’t underestimate the advantage of having a second baseman with a strong arm. Any one around here remember Manny Trillo?

    We still don’t know if Guerrero can hit big league pitching, and if he can, we also don’t know if maybe he can play elsewhere. And we still don’t know for sure if Seager will hit big league pitching, or at least if he’ll hit it on his first try. The earliest I see him in the Dodgers lineup in 2016, but it could also be 2017 or 2018. And let’s not forget about Erisbel Arruebarrena. Hopefully we have a surplus of talent that can be put to use playing for the Dodgers or be utilized in trades. And of course, with the Dodgers now serious about their player development system and the signing of international talent, there well may be new names to consider next year and beyond.

    And rest assured that the Dodgers brass is thinking ahead, and probably with multiple scenarios.

    Watching golf is tantamount to watching grass grow. For that matter, so is soccer (at least to me).

    We need our pitchers to get deeper into games. That alone is one of the reasons we miss Kershaw.

    Farmer would appear to be a good prospect, who hit well last year in the hitter friendly Pioneer League. However, he’s going to have to move up quickly past low-A Great Lakes where he’s playing this year. Based on the numbers I see, it’s hard for me to project that he’s going to be big league ready by 2016. For that to happen he’ll have to move up through the system this year, at least to Rancho, and get to Chattanooga next year. Maybe, and maybe not. From what I’ve read, he’s a converted college shortstop who’s taken well to catching. As always, you never know.


  8. Bob says:

    All shopping areas and places to purchase stuff to perform honey does were packed today. Glad to be able to watch the highlights and be able to kinda listen on the radio while running around. How can the Dodgers have such a good record when they have so many problems. Oh yea, it is really just the end of spring training for them, especially when they play the D-Backs AAAA team. The season starts on Tuesday. Hopefully the Dodgers win at a .550 pace for the rest of the year for a 91-71 record. That should get it done the West.

  9. Bobby says:

    Horrible what happened at the Jewish centers in KC today. White supremacist strikes again

    I look forward to upgrading in middle relief by replacing League and Wright.

    I watched Gordon a bit today at 2b. Didn’t succeed on that slow ground ball. but did make a great backhand stop on a hard hit ball and threw the guy out. Looks to me as if has improved, will continue to improve, and now is a real asset out there. I don’t move him again just because it’s fun to play checkers with guys. Joc Pederson is much more ready to be our cf than Gordon is.

  10. BOB says:

    I am not ready to release League, at least not until the starting pitching is more settled, Kershaw is back, and the starters can average 6 innings per start. Here is hoping that Figgins is a team player and goes on the DL so that the Dodgers can carry 13 pitchers for at least the next 15 days and maybe for the next 30 days when they have 29 games in those 30 days. Since the Dodger starters are averaging more innings per start (5.4) than only 3 other MLB teams I am concerned about over using the bullpen especially since Donnie has not yet showed that he knows how to manage a bullpen in a manner other than taught to him by Torre the relief pitcher burn out expert.

  11. Badger says:

    Wright was wrong yesterday. He looked so good last time out.

    With Guerrero in the system, and likely to tear up the minor leagues, we have a decision to make. It would be exciting to add even more thunder to our lineup. As you know, I had Gordon as my super sub, playing everywhere because he can, but if he keeps getting on base, he gotta start.

    I still see Guerrero as our starting second baseman. Not sure what that means for Gordon. We have a lot of starters on this team. I guess that should be the case with payroll as it is.

  12. jhallwally says:

    I like it.. I believe Crawford and Ethier are expendable right now… The only reason they are still here is there incredibly stupid contracts…. Same for League…

  13. Artieboy says:

    I agree 100% on moving Kemp to LF. He’s in left, Puig in RF and someone to play CF. Should it be Gordon???? I’m not convinced that he can catch a ball while in movement. But stranger things have happened. I remember when Juan Samuel tried to play RF!

  14. TMWISH says:

    I find it hard to believe dee is just all of a sudden going to become a good centerfielder. Plus the potential is for Pederson for to be better than him anyway. You wouldn’t block a prospect like joc for dee. At least I wouldn’t agree with doing that. My long term plan would have joc either in CF or in Miami wih zach lee and an OF of Stanton, Kemp, puig

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