Fix What Can Be Fixed, But You Can’t Fix Everything… Can You?

  • I am convinced that Brian Wilson’s ineffectiveness is a result of injury.  How  serious it is remains to be seen, but in my mind I have zero confidence he will help this year.   He wants to play and probably won’t admit it easily but he needs to be shut down… at least for a while.  I think he is a big Ned boo-boo, but that’s a mistake that can be fixed.  Put him on the DL and call up Paco.  FIXED!
  • If Brandon League can’t continue to pitch like he has recently then he has to be DFA’ed.  Either way – FIXED!
  • Carl Crawford is becoming a boat anchor.  This was the day the Dodgers would rue… or so I said.  Sometimes subtraction is addition.  Pay his salary – get a prospect and move on.  This ain’t working.  He will start to get hot and then pull something and we are back to square one.  Let Ethier and Van Slyke platoon.  FIXED!
  • Justin Turner – DFA and call up Guerrero.  I’m not crazy about platooning him with Gordon because I think Dee needs to prove if he can hit LH pitching – shoot before this year he couldn’t hit RH pitching, so give him a chance.  FIXED!
  • Kershaw will be called up in the next 10 days. and Dominguez will go back.  FIXED!
  • Josh Beckett looks like the second coming – 8 IP, 4 Hits, 0 BB, 6 K’s.  He looks FIXED!

The FIXES are easy, what worries me is that the Dodgers proclivity not to hit in the clutch can’t be fixed.  This has been going on for 5+ years and seems to be part of Dodger culture (except for a 50 game stretch last year).  How do you fix that culture?  I don’t have a clue and neither do the Dodgers.  Otherwise they would have fixed it!

On a side note, Julio Urias, the next big thing, can’t get A hitters out.  With his 7.50 ERA he looks pretty pathetic right about now.  Trend or temporary issue?

Maybe it’s time for some humor.  How about the wallpaper in this men’s restroom?




  1. Badger says:

    Some of that makes sense.

    Like the Wilson idea. Give him some time off.

    League can still get people out. Maybe he still has value.

    Crawford’s line drive % is the highest it’s ever been. Don’t give up on him yet. But, Ethier and Crawford on the same team is redundant. You don’t need them both. Trade Ethier. Fixed.

    Turner has value to somebody. That’s why I asked if the Mets might want him back. I would rather see Guerrero up and it’s my opinion anybody that grew up an All Star SS can play the other infield positions, especially on the left side. He could get plenty at bats platooning with Gordon and giving both Hanley and Uribe days off. He would also be a much better threat pinch hitting in key situations late in games.

    Is Kemp ever going to be what he was for one year? Doubt it. But he can still earn most of his money. Not all of it maybe, but, the Dodgers have overpaid many players of late. He’s just another one. It may be the cost of winning a championship and it’s paid for by the fans anyway. The Dodgers won’t lose money in the coming years.

    I notice your ad right below the urinals. Those yours?

  2. BOB says:

    1. Lack of Clutch. Mental issues and approach. Fix Donnie and Mac first.
    2. Maholm. Just wait for Kershaw.
    3. Relievers. Fix Donnie’s bullpen mismanagement first. Then fix Ned’s ego and DFA 1-2 of them.

    Easy Button!

    3 Starters batting over .250 during the last week. Time to change your approach at the plate? The pitchers are changing their approach to you you dumbies.

  3. Bobbie17 says:

    This year is looking like all the others. Underachievers. Inconsistent. No one clutch. I think Beckett said last night that the Rockies hitters are feeling pretty good about themselves right now. How many of the Dodgers feel that way? This is the team we love. Nothing is different except the $. We all have to ride it out and see what happens. I don’t think there is an activist approach. Let the chips fall with what we have. I don’t think we will get any help from the farm. Too many egos and $ on the line. And our 3 year manager??????

  4. Bobby says:

    We’re playing sloppy baseball. We’re honestly playing pretty boring baseball for the most part. I”m not really enjoying watching this team yet.

    Somehow, we’re 1/2 game out of first. I’d rather be crappy and still right there, then crappy and already 8 games back. WHEN this ship gets righted, we’ll be fine.

    It just show how talented we are, because we’re playing quite subpar, and we’re still basically tied for first. Watch out NL West.

  5. Badger says:

    B17 and Bobby….. your points are valid, but it’s still so early. We will get Kershaw back, hopefully, and with Paco and Guerrero added to the squad, we will be near complete. I don’t see these players suddenly becoming sound in defensive fundamentals as that has not been a part of Dodger baseball since Alston was manager. It just doesn’t appear to be taught anymore. Donnie has his Torre-like bullpen dysfunctions and loves to “play big league manager” with is match-up addictions. It would be funny if it weren’t so counter intuitive. As I see it, what this team is going to win with is superior talent. We still have it. Our starting pitching is deep and outstanding. Puig, AGon, Kemp, SVS, Ramirez, Uribe, Guerrero, Crawford and Ethier are all +WAR players. Gordon adds a dimension that has been missing and our bullpen will eventually get worked out. We are under performing now, that is true, but these guys are just too good for it to go on all year.

  6. TMWISH says:

    There is no way you are trading Ethier or Crawford right now. Trades of salaries just do not happen this early in the year. Teams would prefer at this point just see what they cause they know 20ish games is not nearly enough time to figure out who is actually good or bad.

    • Badger says:

      I agree with that in principle TM. An argument could be made that, for some teams, NOW is the best time to make that offer to the Dodgers. Everybody knows what Ethier can do. He has been a 2.9 WAR player for two straight years now. His slow start means little to those who are looking for a deal. On the right team, say Boston, he is a 3 WAR waiting to happen. On this team, he is a part time player.

  7. grumpy3b says:

    No question they need Kershaw soonest possible but really Kershaw won’t likely make a bit of difference, final outcome wise, right now. The rotation has been very good so far. He might have avoided a blowout or two but in the end it’s the bats and the pen dropping the ball here, literally and figuratively in this case.

    He will be great to have back but with the scores the Dodgers have been losing by it’s not the starters making negative contributions. But shore-up the pen and find a few hits in a row here and there then now and then Kershaw might win a game 3-2 rather than a ND or lose 4-3. Obviously that applies the the whole rotation.

    Biggest thing Kershaw makes happen is pushing Maholm back to long relief. Of course at which point Haren’s arm will go Dravecky on them.

  8. T.O.Dave says:

    Just heard whoever it is doing the analyst job for the game currently on make an excuse for the Dodgers striking out so much…he basically excused it because the Dodgers had played 2 more games than other teams. Uh, no, not true. Lots of days off. The Dodgers have played the same number of games as the Giants. Other teams have played more.
    Still, it’s been a small sample size…BUT…

    I wouldn’t start Puig AND Kemp every game and platoon the other OFers as was mentioned on this site. I think Kemp needs to spend time in the minors relearning his craft. He has had so many injuries and missed so much time, that he is just overmatched by big league pitching right now. He needs to be humble and accept a minor league assignment to get both his head and bat right. Just my humble opinion. If not, we may lose just enough games waiting for him and the team to straighten out.

  9. Badger says:

    I figured Kemp would need til May. Remember it wasn’t that long ago he was facing minor league pitching for 6 at bats a day and not hitting them. He needs daily at bats against Major League starters. I play him every day.

    Having Kershaw back might just light the club up.

  10. Idaho Al says:

    I agree with many things you say Mark. League is too inconsistent to be a relief pitcher. Get rid of him. Bring Paco back. Donnie cannot manage the bull pen when you have two relievers (Wilson and League) who you cannot trust. It does not matter what we say, Colletti will never admit he made a mistake. Donnie will have to live with less than a full deck. I read an article about the general manager and coach of the Seattle Seahawks. When they realized they made a mistake, they got rid of the player immediately. We can only hope Colletti would do the same.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    No doubt the pen could have been better, but for me it’s all about the offense. If this team was scoring like it’s capable (at least capable on paper) then there would have been lots less pressure on the pen, with lots less need to go to it as often as has been done.

    I think Kemp needs to be in the lineup most everyday, maybe with an occasional day from time to time. And though I expect that he could pick it up in May, it wouldn’t at all surprise me if he needs until June to begin to look more and more like his old self. What he probably needs is more reps, and some warmer weather. No exact timetable, but there is no doubt that he needs to play. And it wouldn’t hurt Kemp to have Hanley and Puig hitting around him. That would take some of the pressure off, and allow him to see a bunch more fat pitches to hit.

    Whatever the case, between now and mid-season lots will happen, and the conversation around here might be a lot different. After all, Boston is 12-13 and the Cardinals are 13-12. Bet their fans aren’t too happy either.

    Unless this just turns out to be one of those years, let’s not forget that this is a marathon, and that the tortoise beat the hare. Hate to rely on cliches, but it really is a long season.

  12. T.O.Dave says:

    Hope you guys are right about Kemp. He just looks so lost. He could struggle so much that it could cripple the team just enough waiting for him to play through it. Sending him down to work on his game and his head may or may not be the answer. I just don’t know. But yikes, is he out of sync. Maybe playing with his teammates in the bigs is the answer. I can surely see that point as he wouldn’t be surrounded by them in the minors. He just doesn’t look like a big league player right now. Maybe tonight will be a different story. Maholm? Not feeling so confident here. The Giants AND Rockies could quickly put enough games in front of our Dodgers to make it a very long season. 42-8 just won’t happen again I’m afraid.

    • Badger says:

      Ethier looks worse. They both need at bats.

      Maholm is a mediocre #5. If we could score 5-6 each time he pitches he could est up some innings and be a .500 pitcher. But, with RISP avg as low as it is, Maholm may be screwed.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Let’s see, the midgets and Rockies are both 1 game in front of the Dodgers, and already someone talking about them putting enough games between themselves and the Dodgers to make it a long season for the latter. And we’re also beginning to talk about the Dodgers not putting together a 42-8 run. Think maybe the Dodgers could put together a 31-19 run (.620 winning pace)? That’s exactly 11 games worse than last years run, which is, by the way, the exact number of games the Dodgers won the division by. And that was coming back from a 9.5 game deficit.

    Let’s get real. The other teams in our division aren’t exactly powerhouses, and there is very little likelihood that the Dodgers are going to need a 42-8 run at any point this year to just catch up, unlike last year when it built us a commanding lead.

  14. T.O.Dave says:

    Don’t forget that the Giants won 2 very recent World Series. Can’t write them off. The Rockies have a better offensive attack in my opinion (and the opinions of others). Brooklyn, you post a lot and that may mean a lot or may mean squat.

  15. T.O.Dave says:

    Let’s assume, arguendo, that Hanley goes to the DL for another right thumb injury. Do we bring up both Guerrero and ARUBueno? Rid the team of Turner to do so? Just bring up one of those two?

  16. jerry says:

    i beleive kemp is over rated…he as always chased the down and away pitch..and he still does..and i beleive he will never be what he was…you all kept thinking he will ..but i dont..

  17. Watford Dodger says:

    Bring up Guerrero. Need his offense. Whoever we play there will be an upgrade on Hanley defensively.
    So far tonight Puig has been great. Taking the extra base on the infield out was a game changer. Plus Gordon turning a double into a triple – these are the things that make the difference. We really need a catcher that can hit as, like tonight when you get to 8 & 9 in the order they are automatic outs.

  18. Bobby says:

    I like Gordon and Puig at the top of the lineup. Their youth and speed is a huge asset up there.

    Malholm with a fantastic performance. 7ip. If the pen does it job we don’t need to waste too many arms tonight. and as I say that, Withrow walks the first guy

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Brooklyn, you post a lot and that may mean a lot or may mean squat.”

    Please explain to me the connection between midgets having recently won two World Series, and the danger that they will create lots of space between themselves and the Dodgers. Last year, the one most recent to this one, they were 76-86. Your logic escapes me. In fact, do you even understand what I wrote above? I doubt it.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Watford, your support is appreciated. I probably should have ignored that inanity. Must be the knee that made me do it.

    Meanwhile, no matter how they try, it’s looking tougher and tougher for the Dodgers to stay away from Kenley Jansen. And as I say that, out comes Mattingly and in comes Kenley.

    Why can’t this just be easy?

  21. Badger says:

    Wilson says he just “needs work”. Give it to him. Go to Albuquerque and work your ass off.

    Puig with both excitement and bonehead base running.

    I have no problem with replacing Turner.

    Catcher remains a black hole offensively.

    Gordon got it going on.

    We are better than the midgets and the Rockies.

  22. Badger says:

    Wilson entered the game with era over 15 and it went up. I don’t care who he thinks he is, he has to go somewhere else to get his collective sh*t together.

    Hope Hanley isn’t out long.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If the Dodgers are going to end up using 3 pitchers out of their pen in a 9-inning game in which the starter goes a solid 7 innings, then Wilson definitely has to get his sh*t together elsewhere. If the Dodgers don’t want to send him to the rarefied air in ALBQ., then send him to Chattanooga. They’ve got the same strike zone there.

  24. grumpy3b says:

    I just wonder how useful Maholm is going to be once the rotation coalesces into Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Haren, Beckett. I would hope there are no injuries though there will be of course but again with Fife and the others around the farm there are guys to call up for spot starts or even a few weeks. Maybe by the turn Maholm could be a trade piece in some trade.

    Don’t know why but I just don’t warm up to Maholm. He feels like a McCourtCo McSigning. But I suppose not too many starters would sign knowing as long as the rotation remain healthy best he can hope for is a spot start or two and long relief.

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