That’s all I have!

… oh, I’ll be in LA for two games against the Marlins on May 12th and 13th.

Rants & Raves:

  • Brandon League lowered his ERA to 2.84 yesterday.
  • Brian Wilson lowered his to 14.40!
  • Just let Dee play…
  • Ryu never pitches well on 4 days rest.  Donnie doesn’t know that?
  • I guarantee the Dodgers will not lose today.
  • I also guarantee that the Giants aren’t going away.  Like the Cards, they have a winning culture – something the Dodgers have failed to exhibit… yet!



  1. Rob says:

    The giants will have issues with the back end of their rotation and minus elderly scutaro they have avoided any key injuries. The Rockies look good but one or two of their stars will be on the DL soon like always. We have yet to see the dodgers hit on all cylinders and AJ will be back soon. Who would have figured we would miss AJ so much. Kershaw should find his way onto the rotation during this road trip which would send Malholm to the pen. I can’t believe the dodgers went this long with only JP in the pen as the only lefty, how stupid. We have lost some battles this year but we will win the war. Eye on the prize for winning the west.

  2. Badger says:

    The midgets won two by peaking at the right time. I don’t know that winning culture had anything to do with it. Dirt bag ball players pushing back did. The Dodgers have more talent. But we shall see if they have the want to.

    Pitching Ryu on 4 days was dumb. Add it to the list.

  3. Bobbie17 says:

    Mark is right about the Giants and Cardinals. Our team has too many distractions, holes, etc ever to get too comfortable. Too many stars, falling stars, wannabe stars. I think Hollywood is a huge distraction and not conducive to winning. In the old days it may have been an asset, but in these glamour days, when everything is front page, it makes it hard to win. The Lakers set the bar down there, and the Dodgers are trying to emulate that success. But where is our Kobe, Shaq? And all the role players? This team is trying to be prime time, but doesn’t have the IT it takes.

    • donnie says:

      I don’t get this. LA won 92 games last year despite starting slow. They tied the best 50-game stretch in history and lost in the NLCS b/c our best hitter cracked his rib. The Giants finished 10 games under .500, and they’re the ones with the ‘winning culture’?
      I’m sorry. I don’t buy that.

  4. donnie says:

    I have friends who are Giants fans who make this argument. It’s pretty pathetic. So to see a titled Dodger fan use this is pretty disheartening.

    Just saying. If the Giants had a winning culture, then they wouldn’t have finished in 4th place last year.

  5. donnie says:

    also, “scoreboard”? Really? Are we back in 3rd grade?

    I’d hope a self-proclaimed Dodger fan would not staunchly support the Giants organization of doing things when they are 1 year removed from a pretty awful season. Most people know that the key to winning a world series is to just make it to the postseason and hope key hits are delivered. Oh, and hope your star player doesnt get his ribs cracked.

  6. Watford Dodger says:

    A culture refers to a period of time not one year or instance within it. The Giants hada bad time last year but that doesn’t alter the fact that they have a winning culture – same as if the Cards flop this year – doesn’t change a thing. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the virtues of our rivals. It would be immature & one eyed to do so.

    • donnie says:

      Hi Watford. Thanks for giving your opinion in a respectful manner, unlike Jae.

      For the sake of discussion, I’d counter the giants ‘winning culture’ virtue by arguing that the culture is not what helped the giants win, but superior players who got hot at the right time, did. It wasn’t the culture that got them WS rings, it was the fact that they drafted and developed excellent player personnel (Posey, Sandoval, Cain, Bumgarner, Lincecum) along with some acquisitions (Pagan, Scutaro) that contributed at the right time. Last year, Sandoval, Cain, Pagan, and Lincecum all took steps back b/c of overuse or injury, and they started to lose games.

      So, my counterpoint and opinion is, that culture isn’t winning games. It’s superior players who can stay healthy. I’ll credit the Giants for their drafting and developing of players, which I think is the general route the Dodgers org is going in now. The winning culture? I don’t quite buy it. Just my opinion.

      Again, I do respect that you presented your opinion in a reasonable point of fashion. Thank you for doing so.

  7. Badger says:

    The difference as I see it is the gints play Bochy ball extremely well and they have hit on their draft picks. Bochy gets the most out of the vets they sign each year. He is the best manager in the division.

    Ryu’s career record on four days rest dropped to 5-6 with a 4.09 ERA. He is 8-1 with a 1.90 ERA on five days’ rest and 4-3 with a 2.56 ERA on six or more days of break in between starts. Whenever possible, he needs to be given that extra day. I’m of the belief if you have the depth, go with a 6 man rotation and save wear on arms for the long season.

  8. Rob says:

    Bochy is far from being the best coach in the division. He is better then Donnie but not by much. He has made multiple bonehead decisions but his players pick him up afterwards. In the extra inning game in SF, he had two on and no outs and decided not to bunt the runners over in which the player struck out and they later failed to score. He was also the manager Donnie called out when posey batted out of order, when was the last time you saw that in the MLB? Acquisition made Bochy look good but most giants fans here in northern Cali know he is not as good as his record. I would take Black over Bochy, he has had to do miracles with a crappy payroll.

  9. Artieboy says:

    I wish Donnie would abandon the platoon thing. Puig in RF, Kemp in CF, and whomever in LF. I’ll be partial to CC for now. And I agree let Dee play 2B every game….for now.

  10. Mark_Timmons says:


    Since the Dodgers won their epic World Series in 1988 that all us Dodger fans remember, the Giants have been to the World Series 7 times and won twice. They have won it two out of the last 5 years. I hate to say it, but that’s a culture of winning.

    Since the Dodgers won in 1988, the St. Louis Cardinals have been to the World Series 4 times, winning twice. Tat is certainly a winning culture.

    The Dodgers have not been back to the World Series since 1988. Shoot, the lowly Miami Marlins have won 2 World Series since the Dodgers were in the Series.

    Spin it how you want, but the Dodgers do not YET have that winning culture. I wish I could say otherwise, but Jae is right – the scoreboard tells the tale. This isn’t an attack on you – just the facts!

    • Badger says:

      They disagree in SF:

      “Bruce Bochy was a tactician’s tactician in the 2010 postseason, making all the right moves and getting all the right results. His bullpen management, lineup tweaks and late-game defensive changes worked masterfully. He takes a group of misfits and wins two World Series Championships with them.”

      Who knows what he would do with a 230 milyun dollar payroll. Maybe he couldn’t manage the egos, but then the midgets aren’t working with the Marlins budget.

      The Dodgers had a winning culture when they were family owned. Sure is a different culture now.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    We’re 26 games into the season, with the Dodgers 14-12, 1.5 games out of first place. How the heck do we people come to conclusions about this culture and that culture based on that?

    Since 2006 the Dodgers have been to the postseason four times. Sure, they haven’t won the World Series, but they weren’t exactly losers either.

    The Dodgers under McCourt invested very little in their player development system, to the point of being #30 out of 30 teams in their spending on international players in 2011. That’s all changed. I don’t think there’s a team in the game that’s putting more effort into player development than the Dodgers. And although we’ve seen some of fruits of that player development in the likes of Puig, Paco, etc., we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. It’s still going to take several years before we see some the teenagers signed over the past couple of years playing at Dodger Stadium.

    I’ll take my chances with a Dodger team that has gotten by without its ace for most of this year, and a Matt Kemp who appears to be healthy, but has had precious little playing time during the last two years. And although I think that signing Hanley long term to a lucarative contract might be a mistake, I have little doubt, that barring some sort of injury, Hanley will break out soon enough. And hitting we know is contagious. How much better will Puig be when he is surrounded in a lineup where Gordon, Kemp, and Agon are hitting in front and behind him. I also believe that a combination of Crawford/Ethier/SVS will hit. Ultimately, I believe that this team will have a high powered offense, which in turn will take pressure off of the bullpen. And Paco will be back, and at some point the League issue will be resolved.

    And at least now the Dodgers have alternatives in their system that appear to be major league ready. So expect Guerrero to play a role going forward, and perhaps a pitcher or two from our system.

    In fact, we wouldn’t even be talking about the Cardinal culture if Hanley hadn’t been hit in the ribs by that pitch last year. And in case some of you don’t know it, the architect of the Cardinal farm system, Jeff Luhnow, is now the Astros GM. There’s still some players in their system that were brought in by Luhnow, but the number is shrinking.

    And for the record, Baseball America rated the Dodgers farm system at #14 this year, and the midgets were #19. The Cardinals are at #7, but were #1 last year. And the Jeff Luhnow run Astros are now at #5, up from #9 last year, and #’s 17, 26, 30, and 30 in the years preceding that.

    Stay calm, stay cool, it’s early, really early. The Dodgers will not have to go 42-8 to get back in the division race. Fact is, they didn’t even have to win at that pace last year, since they ended up winning the division by 11 games.

    Anything can happen going forward. But for the most part I’m confident that sooner rather than later, the Dodgers will take command of the West.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t Bochy win one or two or at least represent with the little sisters to the south also? Not agreeing or disagreeing with anybody but just saying Mattingly makes him look like Albert Einstein!

  13. jerry says:


  14. Badger says:

    Not likely going to have a run like last year, that is true. But I still believe with all the talent we have we will win the West.

    I agree with Brooklyn’s take. The new ownership is doing it right. I don’t agree with everything Donnie does, he is Torre trained, and I find that nerve racking, but who knows, maybe that is what is needed to manage the highest paid roster in MLB. (That and a deep bullpen). I believe in this team. I also believe if something needs to be done management can, and will, do it.

  15. Mark_Timmons says:

    I am giving them a chance but was never on board with three things:

    1. Crazy Spending;

    2. Ned; and

    3. Donnie!

    I have a bad feeling that this team has “EPIC FAIL” written on it.

    On Hanley getting injured last year: What’s new about that?

  16. Badger says:

    With you on 2 and 3. Not on 1. In my world crazy spending is spending money you don’t have.

    On Hanley and injuries – what’s new about him being injured last year? Not sure I follow you. Before last year he played 142 or more games every year but one.

  17. Badger says:

    37 and snowing in Minneapolis. Perfect baseball weather. Why not just go ahead and leave for Florida? Baseball in Minnesota is a 5 month proposition and April isn’t one of those months.

  18. Badger says:

    “Donnie and Honeycutt, they always have my back, so I’m not worried at all,” Jansen said. “They’ve been doing a good job. I appreciate how they’ve been taking care of me.”

    Seriously? Ask Broxton about the “Joe Don” Looney approach to bullpen management.

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