As you undoubtedly know by now, Alex Guerrero continues to play like a man among boys!  In his second game at AAA he was 3-3 with another HR and 2 more RBI’s.  He did prove to be mortal by making a throwing error, but what’s not to like?  Some of you have said that he was a hitter, but that was more wishful thinking than observation, and YES I KNOW… it’s only two games, but we may have another Yasiel Puig on our hands.  We shall see!  So far, he looks like a hitter and if Dee Gordon keeps hitting, they both have to play – 2B and outfield.  Do the math.  Guerrero isn’t going to 3B, he’s saying on 2B, so Dee has to go to the outfield.  I don’t know about you, but if he can hit .300, he HAS to play over Ethier and Crawford!  Speed Kills!

Then I get my Baseball America today and look who is on the cover – Julio Urias!  They say he is THE NEXT BIG THING!  OK, I am almost wiling to drink the Kool-Aid…  he does look really good, but I want to give it some more time.  But wow!

The question is, how long can the Dodgers keep Guerrero down?  Not long, if he keeps this up!   The next question is, what to do with Dee?  Guerrero brings power.  Dee brings speed.  I cannot see a platoon.  Finally, will Urias make an appearance at Dodger Stadium this year?  I think it’s likely!

Ned is working the phones… I guarantee it!  If he ate Crawford’s and Ethier’s deals could he get a catcher?


  1. Watford Dodger says:

    Mark – it’s way to early to think about Guerrero coming up as he’s in AAA to learn how to play 2nd. Not sure he’s done that in 2 games. Things will happen along the way, mainly injuries. Just look how many DL trips there have been for position players over the last couple of seasons. He could come up at SS or 2nd if needed. Agree that a catcher should be top of Ned’s shopping list.
    Lincecum v Beckett would have been box office a few years back.

  2. Bobbie17 says:

    3A doesn’t prove anything, as we all know. AVS is a good, recent example. They should bring him up in a month and see what he can do at the big league level. If he can do it, he should play somewhere. He is the future. The past is just that. Crawford, Uribe, maybe Ethier are the past. Same analysis for Pederson. The game belongs to the young guys now, particularly now that no one can juice. Careers will be quite a bit shorter now. Keep a flow of young talent. And don’t trade them off for old guys.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    On those articles about Puig’s recent past with drug gangs, thighs, money owed to see die people, etc. in the news the last two days.

    Badger — ARE YOU RAISING A SPECIAL FORCES GROUP to go take this bad elements out !!!!! Mark and I will sign up.

    • Badger says:

      I’m done with any military actions Roger. I’ll leave that assignment to the younger men.

      I liked what I saw of Guerrero early. In my mind it was just a matter of time. He will hit big league pitching. I just know it. I also think Arubueno will hit, but not as well. These guys, along with Gordon if he continues to get on, are our future. I like the look.

  4. Bobby says:

    After reading about Puig’s story, I have to wonder how similar Guerrero and Arrubuena’s stories are to Puig’s.

    Are we going to have secret service with our team nowadays?

  5. Watford Dodger says:

    Now I know how you know all the stats Badger – that is an impressive site.
    Also read the Pederson piece – seems like he’s got his feet on the ground. Hope we don’t trade him away as I think he will be very useful going forward.

  6. Watford Dodger says:

    Mark Ellis gonna make his Cards debut tonight – been off with knee tendinitis. Not expected to see much time this season due to Kolten Wong’s strong start. Looked like a good move for him at the time.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    B17 was right when he said “3A doesn’t prove anything.” And he should have added “at ALBQ”. Very promising start by Guerrero, and he would appear to be a prospect to take seriously. Chances are, that he will make his way to LA if he keeps it up. If the Dodgers continue to platoon with Gordon and Turner, then it’s very possible that they could continue it with Gordon and Guerrero. Personally, I’d love to see Gordon starting games against lefthanders, and see if he can continue to hit. I wouldn’t even begin to guess how this is going to end up. Too many variables, too many possibilities. Maybe both players deserve to play everyday, but that doesn’t mean it happens this year. And while lots of people say that Guerrero can’t play on the left side of the infield, I just don’t know. In fact, I’m not sure how good he is or is going to be on the right side. I’m content to just let it play out, and I’d be more than happy if it turns out that we have two players capable of playing everyday. And if the Dodgers are high on Pederson, then I wonder if they would even consider Gordon for CF, at least as the starting CF.

    And a lot could depend on what deal or deals the Dodgers can pull off between now and July/August. Maybe there’s a catcher to be had.

    Urias this year? I doubt it. He only pitched 54 innings last year, and in 10 innings this year he’s walked 8 with a 5.40 ERA. The 13 K’s are impressive, but there is no way I see him in LA this year. The Dodgers will likely closely monitor his innings this year, and are unlikely to start his clock by placing him on the 40-man for a September call-up.

  8. Badger says:

    Hanley Ramirez is 30 years old and likely the best offensive SS in baseball. He’s also a free agent next year. If he wants to play shortstop he will play shortstop. I think he’s fine there for at least 2-3 more years. Uribe is signed for 2 years. Guerrero was signed to play 2b. I think the Dodgers probably figured what I did – Gordon would be a backup and run the bases every night. Who knew he would start like this? I’ve been a supporter of his for a few years now and I was hoping for a .300 OBP so he would have value. This is a good situation for the Dodgers but it won’t continue. Something eventually will have to be done.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Agree Badger. As I said the other day, Ned (has to be) is thinking about the future of 2 to 3 years down the pike.

    !B might be a question for AGon who will be 35 (in 3 years),
    2B I assume Guerrero
    SS Hanley would bet 33, so maybe Seager (unless he goes to 3B; maybe in 1B in time, big guy)
    3B is open unless it is Hanley
    outfield: Puig, Kemp would be 32, Pederson

    Remember, draft picks will be signed . . . and one just might be almost M.L. ready

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ve been a Gordon supporter too. But I always thought he was a good hitter, so I’m not completely surprised by what I’m seeing. But yes, I know he’s not going to hit .400. And though I don’t know exactly what he’ll hit, I’ve always thought of Gordon as a potential .300 hitter. And last year he began showing a new found patience at the plate. So even if he doesn’t hit .300, I think of him as someone who will reach base far more than just 30% of the time. It wouldn’t surprise me if he could get on base at .350, or higher. Speed alone should get him more than his fair share of leg hits. But I’ve been watching baseball for a long time, and I know not to get too excited over a fast start or any hot streak. So for now, the jury is still out on Gordon, and he still has to prove that what we’re seeing now is for real, over the long term.

    But there is one thing I’m not worried about. And that’s having an abundance of players who can play the same positions. Things will work out over time, and hopefully the cream will rise to the top.

    And Roger is right about signing new draft picks. And the Dodgers will also be signing new international talent. I don’t know if any of those signings will be ML ready now, but I am confident that within the next few years the Dodgers system will be bursting at the seams with young talent. That’s Kasten’s long term plan, not just loading up on expensive free agents. Over time there will be less free agents, and more home grown Dodger talent.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Paco, who still has options, sent down to make room for Wilson. On the surface he took it well, but rest assured, he’s not happy. Hopefully he uses the time well, because he will be back. Now, of course, the Dodgers have only one lefty in the pen.

    The Billingsley news doesn’t sound good. Guess we just have to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

  12. Idaho al says:

    Why did Colletti sign Maholm and Wright? Colletti talked about getting younger and then he signs two older pitchers. Keeping League and sending Paco down is another bad decision. I always thought decisions should be made to help make the club better. The dodgers have money, why keep League.

  13. Watford Dodger says:

    Ned loves a vet.
    This game is unbelievable. It’s nearly midnight & doesn’t look like anyone wants to win it.
    Wison up now which means we are getting close to League time. That will be the end.

  14. Watford Dodger says:

    My Mistake – Donnie keeps Wright in. He must know that if he uses Wilson he’s only got League left. Top of the 12th and meat of our order up. Should win it now.

  15. Watford Dodger says:

    So a League wild pitch and it’s game over.
    Why can’t Ned see what the rest of us can? You made a mistake, admit it, correct it and move on before he costs us more games. It was so predictable once he came out to pitch.
    That one hurts.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s simple. Uribe misplays that ball only because League is pitching, and of course, League gives up the winning hit. It’s the curse of League.

    Not a good way to start of stretch of 13 consecutive games without a day off. Maybe it’s just a slump, but I have absolutely no confidence in Ethier when he gets up. Now that I said that, expect Ethier to get hot.

  17. Watford Dodger says:

    You are right Brooklyn – Ethier looks terrible. He’s the one that needs to sit.
    The decision to send Paco down has come back to haunt us already.
    Can you believe Fedex’s batting average? 0.67 with 1 hit this season. He makes AJ look like Piazza.

  18. Rob says:

    Well finally made it home and had to hear it from every fan around. Butera might be the better option at catcher until AJ gets back. FedEx looks out matched and that bunt was the icing on the cake. Figgins watched three pitches down the middle for strikes! Let’s just pitch hit greinke in a situation that requires some good hitting. I don’t expect the dodgers to win tomorrow with puss ball Malholm pitching.

  19. Watford Dodger says:

    You’re right about Figgins. He is always trying to draw a walk. Couldn’t understand why Donnie used him in that situation. FedEx is really struggling so you may be right about Butera and that says it all really.

  20. Badger says:

    All I have is the box score. Another unearned run, 2 blown saves and 2 for 13 WRISP. Not a great night. And we know how the midgets and their fans love to beat the Dodgers.

    The Paco decision is just wrong. The League signing was a big mistake and Jansen isn’t a consistent pro yet. Withrow needs seasoning and when the team doesn’t come through with ducks on the pond we won’t beat the better teams.

    Still work to do and though my confidence level in the team remains high, my confidence in Jed is marginal.

  21. Idaho al says:

    I finally went to bed at midnight. This Is Colletti’s loss. The dodgers played poorly, but you cannot trust League. I have been saying this ever since they traded for him. I saw him play at Seattle. Matingly is the good soldier with his comments on League, but I am sure he is burning inside.

  22. Idaho al says:

    How long did it take Colletti to get rid of Matt Guerrier? I believe it was more than two years. I believe nobody will take League. Then you can send him down to give him time figure out his problem. The major league is not the place to solve your problem. We just may have League all year.

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    There have been (over the past month or so) more and more baseball analysis that feel the Giants just might beat the Dodgers this season.

    Dodger fans in their hearts expect the $$$$$ Dodgers to win it all in a cake walk.

    But the roster is still not ready for prime time. Starters down, relievers not in their game yet, and some relievers should not even be on the 25 man roster.

    Donnie was out managed last night. In the middle of the game, when the Dodgers got the bases loaded and FedEX was up, I called for Kemp to come in. Any pinch hitter would have been better, depending on a squeeze or slap hit or just swing away. But Donnie went with his starting AAA to AA catcher. Not harping on FedEx, but he is just not a major league player yet.

    Paco must be feeling like, helpless.

    Games like this, using so many pitchers for short bits just to get a left or right handed situational hitter out — really wears out a pitching staff over a season.

    The Giants left 24 men on base — the Dodgers LEFT 32 men on base.

    And I cannot wait for tonight – Vogelsong and Maholm.

  24. Badger says:

    If it comes down to managing decisions, the smart money would be on Bochy.

    You were right about League al. I thought his stuff was good enough, all he needed was to get his command back. I was wrong. And I just read the team can’t send him down without his permission. If he is released, we pay for him to pitch for another team.

    We have more talent than the gnats. Will Donnie pull it together? Stay tuned.

  25. Rob says:

    I really didn’t think Donnie was out managed. Bochy made the bonehead decision not to bunt the runners over with two on in the 8th. The dodger player just did not execute in key situations. We have strong pieces in the pen but some glaring weak links too. Your stars need to step up in big situations against a good team.

    • Badger says:

      2 for 13 WRISP against the strongest division rival. You’re right, that ain’t Donnie. And sending Paco down ain’t Donnie either. When talking about League he said “he’s one of our guys and I’ll continue sending him out in big situations”. A reliever with an ERA over 6 for the last 2 years is a huge problem. With starters who can’t complete games, or even go 7 innings, Donnie has a problem with his bullpen. He can’t manage around League.

  26. BOB says:

    Last year the Dodgers took off the same day that Donnie finally took the closer role away from League. Maybe the Dodgers will take off this year when Ned DFAs League. Why not use Wilson instead of Leaque? Why not use Malhom instead of League and call up another starter? Donnie talks about his confidence regarding Leaque? DFA him by 4/30. Over/Under on Maholm’s innings tonight should be 4. The bullpen will be pissed by the end of the game tonight. Who is going to be the 5th starter later this week? Ned we are watching you.

  27. Rob says:

    I don’t understand how ned thinks the team can get away with just one lefty in the pen. I understand Paco has options but that’s just stupid. We are truly missing AJ more then we thought we would. FedEx’s approach at the plate last night looked bad especially on the failed bunt attempt. We will rise to the top and win the west but with decisions like Ned is making we will lose in the NL championship again.

  28. Watford Dodger says:

    Bob – I think Donnie said the right things but it was strange that he went for League in the 12th having had Wilson warm up all through the 11th. Maybe Donnie used League to prove the folly of putting Paco down & that League cannot be relied upon. He wouldn’t have wanted to lose the game of course but it might help to hasten Lesgue’s departure. The fans are booing him at Dodger Stadium now – it’s only a matter of time surely.
    Can we not give SVS go in the outfield or is he not a big enough name?

  29. Badger says:

    Wilson was up to close. We used 6 out of the pen last night and 5 the night before. Somebody gonna blow their bilateral pleziasticus very soon at that rate.

    Somebody on this staff has to get 7-9 innings with 110 pitches and I doubt that somebody is Maholm. This team needs a blowout. Score 10 early and just leave him in there until he completes the game or his arm falls off.

  30. Roger Dodger says:

    Donnie, like many other managers today, are too used to using 2 or 3 and maybe even 4 pitchers in an inning — just to be clever and try the left/right deal.

    Heck, pitchers should be able to face both sides of the plate hitters. Just to bring in a lefty to pitch to a lefty hitter — then take him out for another pitcher . . . that has to end.

    OR, or, have MLB increase the rosters to 28 players because today’s pitchers are just overworked and under skilled.

  31. Badger says:

    Overworked and under skilled. Sounds like my entire career. I do agree that using pitchers in so many “matchup” situations constantly is overkill. The LOOGY is one thing, to get the power LHer out in key situations, but using 5-6 relievers day after day cannot be sustained.

  32. Idaho al says:

    If Maholm has a bad night tonight, what is Donnie going to do? How soon can he go to the bullpen? I would use Malholm and League only to prove a point. Then DF League and see if you can make some trade with Malholm. Bring Paco back.

  33. Roger Dodger says:

    I just re-watched last night’s last 5 innings. Gee, it really plays like post-season stuff.

    There is not much to say.

    But, when I saw Puig just slowly moving from the plate on that long drive he hit to deep right field — I knew he would be in trouble. And tonight he sits.

    Someone – like the first base coach needs to be yelling to him to run . . .

    I have changed my thoughts on League. I think he will find himself. Something is wrong, grip – feet – arm slot – pressure on the ball – eyes — something that can be fixed.

    Go get them tonight. Or fall deep into nothing.

  34. BOB says:

    If Maholm does not go 5 innings tonight or the game is another extra innings game, I would give Figgins $50,000 to fake an injury so that Paco could come back to the 25 man roster tomorrow.

    I predict that Ned will never DFA a veteran player like League until some time in May. Bad mojo later on when signing free agents.

    TV. I am willing to bet that the West Coast Yankees will allow many of their fans to go without TV for a year just like the Yankees did when they launched the YES Network many years ago. Why negotiate a low monthly price when that could just reduce the value of their company when they are in the middle of merging with Comcast? No TV until the merger is done? Radio reception is getting better every day!

  35. BOB says:

    Yea something is strange with Jansen. 15 SOs in 8 innings and a BA of .343. Both missing bats and targeting bats. Is one of his pitches not moving like it did last year?

    I know it is early in the year but I want some catching depth. Trade idea:

    Astros trade
    Oberholtzer (SP)(MLB #3 Starter), and
    Starssi (Catcher)(#10) to

    Dodgers for
    Maholm (MLB #6 Starter),
    Lee (#4),
    Y Garcia (#16),
    League, and cover Leaque’s entire salary.

  36. jerry says:

    league should only be use in a blow out game…and i mean when the dodger are already get there but kicked, no other time… less they are using him to see a few more game so they can be sure to get rid of him

  37. jerry says:

    BOB if no one goes to the game …the dodger will do some thing about it….i love the dodger ..but i will not go to a game this yr if i can t watch it on tv…i have dish..and i not going to change.. just no body go ….i not even listen to it on radio..

  38. Jason says:

    Why did Uribe flail at a ball low and away with a 2-0 count,one out and the bases loaded?? The tapper back to the pitcher was a killer.

    That ball needed to be on a tee before the bat should have left his shoulder.

  39. BOB says:

    9-6 Record. Equals 97 wins
    5-0 record against the worst team in MLB, the D-Backs. Towers can create a bullpen but that is about it. Lotta fans in SD never liked him.
    1-4 Record against the Giants. Oops.
    3-2 record aginst the Padres and Tigers. Still on track for 97 wins!

    All 4 minor leaque teams have at least one major prospect performing very well! Is Lee ready for MLB?

    Gerrero has almost a .200 point difference between his L and R BA. .750 vs. .556 :)

    Good job Maholm and Gordon last night.
    Crawford, Kemp and Uribe, mental mistakes and 8 LOB. Not so good.

  40. Badger says:

    The box score tells me we still aren’t clutch against good teams. 9-6 says we are ok after 15 games, but not much else. The standings after 15 games are never the same as they are after 162. The Dodgers have work to do.

    Teams like pitching Hanley inside don’t they.

    Maholm was fine. So was League. So was Gordon.

  41. Roger Dodger says:

    Gee, if the old Dee Gordon were playing last night, the Dodgers would have had only 3 hits against the Giants and Vogelsong. Not a good sign. Oh, and zero runs.

    Watching Kemp play in centerfield the last several days and seeing all of the trouble he is having out there — looks like a man out of position. Wait . . . he is out of position out there. Move him to left field.

    Might just be something bringing it on — eyes, the pills he taking or not taking, personal problems, lack of his head in the game, something.

    Badger and some of you old timers — watching Kemp try to catch those fly balls and messing them up, but trying with one hand — I bet some of you thought — “2 hands Kemp, use 2 hands and you do not drop that ball.”

    Well the guys are in 2nd place now after the Giants beat them up. Oh, S.D. is 2 games in back of the Dodgers and moving fast.

  42. Rob says:

    Is it just me or does someone need to get plunked for Hanley getting hit. I feel like this team rolled over after Hanley got hit. Agon got a hit but kemp struckout (should have bunted with the infield playing back). Andre gets on with a ball in the hole which would have scored the tying run if the runners were over. Yesterday I said bochy made the bonehead play by not bunting the runners over but this time it’s Donnie’s fault.

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