… until he shows me he can’t!  Look, I have been off the Dee Gordon bandwagon for some time.  I thought he wasn’t going to ever “get it” but he has.  The only question to be answered is “Can He Hit Lefties?”  The only way to answer that question is to let him play.  He is a game-changer!  He has to be in the leadoff spot.  End of story!  I love him leading off and Puig batting second.  Well, I don’t like Puig’s stupid, bone-headed mistakes like getting thrown out at 3B with 2 out which cost the Dodgers a run.

That stuff has to stop!   THINK YASIEL!  But you have to love him…. JUST QUIT THAT STUFF – NOW!

Rants & Raves:

  • I believe Matt Kemp has no physical limitations now – I believe he will get back into “Bison-Mode” and soon!  He also has to play everyday.
  • I don’t like Crawford – never have – never kept it secret.  Van Slyke and Ethier have to platoon in LF.  Fix it!
  • I am not impressed by Drew Butera whatsoever!
  • Is Hanley Ramirez “THAT GUY” who always gets hurt?  THAT GUY?
  • Maybe Guerrero should be playing SS at AAA.  Hanley is a game-changer when he’s there.  Trouble is – he’s not there a lot!
  • Stick a fork in Brian Wilson!  I guess they are waiting until his ERA hits 20.00 – he’s almost there!
  • I predicted A-Gone would have a career year – he’s on that track…
  • Paul Maholm has been a nice, inexpensive pickup – good call by Ned.  I have to give him credit because I sure tear him up about his bad deals.
  • Matt Magill pitched 6 shutout innings last night and Paco got the save in a 1-0 shutout in Game 1 and Stephen Fife pitched 6 innings of shutout  ball in the second game.  Albuquerque won twice with shutouts.  Has that ever happened in the PCL?
  • Carlos Triunfel is hitting a little and playing SS – is he a prospect or just organizational depth?  The later I think!
  • Chris Reed pitch 8 innings last night and allowed 1 run, while walking ZERO!  That’s the key – no walks.
  • Four words: Eighth inning – Chris Withrow!


  1. Roger Dodger says:

    We (wife and I) are in Ft. Lauderdale — in an hour we board a cruise ship for Europe and will be gone till May 12/13 —

    — So you guys and ladies have a task, to get these Dodgers back into first place and on a winning streak. It is your job now.

  2. Zach says:

    Things change! I use to love Hanley and couldn’t figure out how Dee was even in the majors! Yes, Hanley can hit but does that make up for his defensive and injury prone? And his soon to be high priced contract? What do you think he will cost?


    Mike Aviles (34) – $3.5MM club option with a $250k buyout
    Asdrubal Cabrera (29)
    Rafael Furcal (37)
    Alex Gonzalez (37)
    Tyler Greene (31)
    J.J. Hardy (32)
    Jed Lowrie (31)
    John McDonald (40)
    Hiroyuki Nakajima (32) – $5.5MM club option with a $500K buyout
    Nick Punto (37) – club/vesting option
    Hanley Ramirez (31)
    Jimmy Rollins (36) – vesting/club/player option

  3. Watford Dodger says:

    Mark for once I find myself almost totally agreeing with you.

    Wilson to AAA to get “IT” back. The big league is not the place for a Set Up Man to rediscover it. Fork him.

    Puig – I’ve come to realise and someone mentioned it earlier – if you put the Straightjacket on him then he isn’t the same player. He needs to be as Vin says ” The Wild Horse” – to play on instinct. Last night proved it. Brilliance & idiocy. He is though without doubt a game changer. For me he showing more discipline at the plate. Getting into deeper counts & not swinging at so many balls outside the zone. Let him be himself. I have also criticised him for disrespecting the officials & opposition – this seems to have stopped. Fair enough.

    Yes Hanley is fragile – but we need him. The opposition fear him.

    Crawford still has value – he is streaky – he will play a part. So is Ethier & SVS continues to get better.

    Bring Guerrero up. He will get a game often enough now Hanley is out.

    Withrow lacks control but has heat & heart.

    Agon has his power back. Good news.

    Not sure about Kemp…. One good night doesn’t convince me.

    One thing we have learned is that we need to address the catcher situation. AJ is adequate – the rest are not. Nowhere near.

    Pleased for Maholm and disappointed for Beckett. Not bad 4 & 5 starters without Kershaw.

    However the best point you make is about Gordon. He is a game changer. He is doing what Puig did last season and getting everyone going.

    Mark you’ve gone into Blog overload recently – got your taste for it back?

  4. Badger says:

    The Dodgers have played 25 games. Gordon has played in 22 of them. That’s as every day as you will get with Donnie.

    I lose Turner and replace with Guerrero. The sooner he sees ML pitching the sooner he will adjust to it.

    Fife and Magill are right where they belong. We may or may not need them.

    Hanley has had some misfortune. Let him heal. We need him this summer.

    Kemp will get better. I just hope he stays on the field.

    Crawford will improve. His line drive rate is good.

    Our catchers can’t hit. None of them. But I hope AJ returns soon.

    Withrow needs to throw strikes. Why the crap control? Take 3 mph off that fastball and hit a corner with it.

    I’ve made my case for Wilson. He says he just needs work. I’ll believe him. Put him to work in Tennessee.

    Have fun Roger. You deserve it.

  5. BOB says:

    Gordon has become what we hoped he could be. Amazing how a person’s body can change just by no longer playing basketball in the off season, or so the rumor goes.

    Kemp is still slowing down very slowly. Not 100% yet, or at least doesn’t trust the ankle completely just yet.

    Biggest problems remain
    Catcher position which has worst BA in MLB
    CF which has 23rd worst BA
    LF which has 22nd worst BA
    And the bullpen with a 2-8 record, the most losses in MLB

    Yet with a 14-11 record they are on pace for 91 wins, which is essentially the same as last year’s 92 wins.

    2014 is a better team with more potential, Kershaw will be back within 10 days, as will probably also be Ellis. Several candidates in the minors for OF, IF and pitchers for post All-Star game call up.

    Keep Maholm as the long reliever when Kershaw arrives, at least for a month, send Wilson to the minors for “All Summer Long” or at least until he stops pitching like “Barbie”b Tell him that he won’t “Be Here in The Morning” and that he Better “Get Back In Bed” because we “Can’t Wait Too Long” for him to leave the “Dance, Dance, Dance”. The next time I hear Donnie say “Don’t Worry Baby”
    I will tell him to “Hang onto His Ego” and Ned might eventually say to himself “I Should have Known Better” and we might hear the fans say things like “I’m Wait’n For The Day” and for Wilson to be sent down because “Isn’t It Time” or “It’s About Time” or “It’s Just a Matter of Time” or “It’s Over Now”. …. Why not jump all the way to “Sail On Sailor” because he needs to be “Shut Down”.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If Gordon can begin to lay down bunts like he did in the first inning, he should definitely be in the lineup everyday. If Gordon begins to get down the bunting thing, there is no telling how good a hitter he can be. His defense has, to this point, become an asset. Maybe Guerrero will become an alternative at short, at least in the long run. In the short run it’s Hanley, whose bat I believe will come alive. However, I do question whether he’s a player that the Dodgers should commit big bucks to long term. We’ve got alternatives at short, admittedly none with Hanley’s bat. However, losing his contract would give the Dodgers more flexibility in acquiring other talent, be it at catcher or elsewhere.

    I still believe that Kemp will eventually come alive. Just needs to play. His first at bat today was indicative of a player who is still out of synch. Every pitch he swung at was out of the strike zone. I’m not suggesting that he should be taking pitches, but he shouldn’t be swinging at pitches clearly out of the strike zone, especially when he’s ahead in the count, and especially against a lefthander that he’s hit before. Same thing in his second at bat.

    If I had to choose between Ethier and Crawford, I definitely take Crawford. I still think Crawford will hit a lot better than he has until now, but for the long term neither he nor Ethier would be in my plans. In the long run I think it’s either Pederson or someone else that might be acquired. For now, however, probably the best solution is a platoon that inlcudes SVS. Until he proves otherwise, SVS needs to be getting more playing time. And although he’s been successful in the past hitting #2, given Crawford’s lack of patience at the plate, I wonder if that’s where he still belongs. Also, with Gordon leading off, it don’t like Crawford’s lefthanded bat hitting behind him.

    You’re not impressed with Drew Butera? Shocking is all I can say. How can you not be impressed with a player who has a lifetime average of .181, and has never hit above .198. Amazingly consistent player as far as I can see. Maybe the Mendoza line should be called the Butera line.


    It’s a small sample, but I can see why Nolan Arenado won the gold glove last year.

    As long as those walks were just an anomaly (which I believe they were), I would have no problem with Withrow being our 8th inning guy. And there is no doubt that Wilson needs some work in ALBQ. or Chattanooga. And as far as I know, the Dodgers are only committed to Wilson this year. If memory serves, Wilson has performance incentives built into his contract that would trigger a guaranteed second year. And without looking at what those incentives are, I imagine that he’s not likely to trigger any of them. So if he doesn’t perform this year, he’s probably not returning next year. And the Dodgers would probably be willing to eat whatever remains of his contract if he doesn’t pick it up this year.

    Really bad play by Turner. Needs to have a better handle on where the runner coming off third is, before committing to running the runner back to first base. Still too many sloppy plays.

    Can’t say that I’m confident (about this game) with the Dodgers down 6-1. That means they need at least 6 runs to win, a weeks worth for this offense. But stranger things have happened.

    Enjoy the trip Roger.

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