Alex Guerrero made his AAA debut for the Dodgers after battling injuries since his signing, and it appears that if he can stay healthy, he just might be a player…. and that’s an understatement!

He had 4 at bats with 3 hits, including a double and a HR and he collected 3 RBI’s.  Not a bad start.  With Dee Gordon doing well too, my idea of moving Gordon to CF takes on more urgency!  Look, the Dodgers are going to have to eat Carl Crawford’s deal at some point.  They just are and they know it.  I would do it sooner than later.  I think the team would be better with Pederson on the team instead of Crawford.  Of course, I admit I was the one who said the Dodgers would “rue the day” they traded for him.  Come to think of it, I said the same thing when he signed with the BoSox.  So, I am biased!  I admit it!

The thing is, we are starting to see that Gordon may have the tools to be a difference maker – we don’t know if Pederson will hit enough (I think he will) and lots of scouts don’t think he’s a CF’er!  The Dodgers may soon be faced with a question that they must answer:  How do we get both Gordon and Guerrero in the lineup?

We know the answer.

The Dodgers are leading the majors in stolen bases with 18 in 22 attempts.  Of course, Dee has 9 of those, but these are the Runnin’ Dodgers!  They are also 5th in home runs.  I am still calling for career years from Uribe and Gonzalez!

Puig’s hitting struggles continue… but lay off Matt Kemp – he just needs to play.


  1. Idaho al says:

    I am not in agreement with you Mark to put Gordon in center field. Pederson is the future center fielder. I hope Guerrero hits well in the minors. It would be a nice problem.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    Here’s part of BA’s scouting report on Pederson:

    Pederson’s most glaring offensive hole is against lefthanders, who turn him into a completely different player. He hit .316/.420/.609 against Double-A righthanders but lefties held him to a .200/.299/.269 line, and 20 of his 22 homers came against righties. He tends to fly off and get pull-conscious against southpaws, so he needs to do a better job staying through the baseball and using the left-center field gap. Pederson runs a tick above-average and makes good use of his wheels on the bases, with the potential for 20-30 stolen bases per year. He’s not a burner, but he did a better job improving his routes and jumps in center field this season with a solid-average arm. He’s solid defensively in center field but could slide over to a corner depending on which outfielders the Dodgers hold on to from their current surplus. The Dodgers have a crowded outfield picture before even considering Pederson with Puig, Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier in Los Angeles. Despite that, he he could force his way to Los Angeles at some point in 2014, possibly by Opening Day depending on what moves the Dodgers make. With his patience, power, speed and athleticism, Pederson has the skills to contribute in all phases of the game as an above-average everyday player, with even greater potential if he can improve against lefthanders.

    Two things about Pederson:

    1. I am not sure he’s a CF; and

    2. Right now, he’s worse than Andre Ethier against lefties.

    You may WANT Pederson to be the Dodgers CF of the future, but I remain unconvinced, much like I was about Gordon/ However, Dee is starting to show us something. Dee is closer to being a major league player than Joc.

  3. RogerCraig says:

    I hate to bring this up, but to me it makes perfect sense for Gordon to go to CF. That said, I see Pederson as trade bait. The Dodgers have a logjam in the outfield and Pederson is off to a great start.

    Package him with Crawford or Ethier and you might get a good return. I agree with Mark that Pederson is not a centerfielder. I have watched him a lot. I think he is a leftfielder. Just my opinion.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Pederson is very young and needs experience playing real baseball games no matter where. Cannot rush him to be a new Mantle and expect to see it with .300/24/110 his first season in the majors. I have watched him on TV games, and I like the way he takes routes to the ball.

    What Ned needs to do is to see in his vision machine — where he wants to take this team by the end of Sept and for the next two seasons.

    Some of the older players just might need to be replaced or traded or playing part time because of injuries.

    3B is an option for a trade, BUT Seager is there as an option to move from SS to 3B, if he could be ready in two seasons.

    Catcher is the prime place for improvement in two season. Maybe that is a trading place.

    But I do not just give Ethier away for some prospects. Crawford is more of the giving away, he is getting older, and probably will continue to have some day to week injuries and is really an average outfielder.

    Gordon or Guerreo. Both seems to have some skills that any team would want in their lineup. But both cannot play 2nd base for the Dodgers come September and next season. One moves, or sits, or gets traded . . .

    I have a funny feeling that if the Rays are open to trade Price come July — Ned might do it, and give some pieces away for him. If Pederson goes, I might become a Rays fan. Just like him, fielding and swing. He is one of the best young outfielders in the minors today. And the Dodgers do not have much behind him outfielder-wise.

    If Ned did trade for Price — then the Dodgers would have 3 left handed starters in Kershaw, Ryu, and Price. That might not always work against some teams; do not know.

    Oh, Price was born in 1985, so he is about 30 (soon), if the Dodgers do get him, the sooner the better.

  5. Badger says:

    If Pederson can’t hit LH pitching at AA, and only hits .300 there, he isn’t ready. Another full year of work there is needed. He doesn’t figure this year as far as I’m concerned.

    Crawford isn’t that old and if he stays uninjured he is a .280 hitter with good speed. He has value, though obviously not 5 WAR value. I keep him for this year’s run. If you want to platoon him Van Slyke is the guy to do that. So in my opinion that makes Ethier the obvious trade candidate.

    As I said in the other thread, Gordon is still my super sub on this team. He can play every up the middle defensive position and steal bases. He is 100 runs waiting to happen. That is value.

    Guerrero will hit his way back on this team. Who goes where when he does?

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, I do not thing the Dodgers were ever thinking of Pederson foe THIS season, unless there were injuries to the 25 man roster, and then for only the injury time.

    I think they see him as a year-and-a-half or two away. Maybe with some short call ups next season when needed.

    Crawford will be 33 this summer. Not old, but not young; past the prime years (almost) — so they should get ready to move him out of full time after awhile.

    Someone should be going in a trade. But but for some niece piece back.

    Uribe is hot now, and he probably has the best infield glove on the team, but next or the next after the next season needs to be replaced at 3B.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    I keep watching Puig in the #2 slot and I do not think that is the place for him. When Gordon is on 1st base, Puig is not the kind of hitter needed up there. Yes, the speed of both together is nice, but Gordon needs a more patient hitter behind him.

  8. BOB says:

    Depth is a good problem.

    18 SB, next best team has 11. Wow!

    The Most 2Bs. Wow!

    Last in Triples. :)

    5th in HR and 7th is SLG. Who are these guys?

    8th in ERA. Even with all of the “terrible” performances that have occurred.

    1st in Strike Outs.

    Second in Wins!

    First in Position!

    13 games is enough for a perceptive person to determine who needs to get healthy, who needs to make some minor changes, who is the same old player that they were last year, who needs more ABs, and who needs less inning from the bullpen.

    The Dodgers will probably keep Leaque and send Withrow and Rodriquez to the minors because that is how you keep depth and that is what Ned does. (See Butera)

    When everyone is healthy and activated, including Bills, then League will be DFAd or traded. Not sure that Conte or GMOs will ever allow all 40 players to ever be healthy ever again at the same time.

  9. BOB says:

    Every thing is actually pretty good with the Dodgers.

    I would consider an discuss the merits of the following, no MR. can’t read that does not mean that I would do all of these things:

    Make League the long reliever as his punishment until he agrees to go on the DL or take a minor league assignment.

    Allow Perez to pitch all of an inning and to face more left handed batters until he fails.

    Use Jansen less often.

    Use Wright only when he is needed for at least 2 innings.

    Rest Gonzo, Uribe, and Rameriz at least 3 games during the next month.

    Carry 13 pitchers during the next 30 days.

    Bring up Magill for true long relief just in case someone, like Maholm, gets bombed.

  10. Bobbie17 says:

    Too many good players. Nice problem. Time for some smart moves, with the long term future of the club in mind. This is the time when you really have to trust your scouts on these “can’t miss” prospects. How good are these player development people? It’s not an exact science, for sure. I would get pitching, pitching, and more pitching. By the way, Withrow is starting to be a force. And he knows it. A confident guy right now. Nice to see. He probably should be moved into the starting rotation at some point. I love winning. Now on to San Francisco.

  11. Badger says:

    That’s three long relievers?

    Hopefully the starters will get to 7 innings soon and we won’t need so many relievers.

    I was wondering the same thing Jason. Guerrero at third if the platoon at second continues. We definitely are creating a surplus of good infielders and many of them are young. I wonder if Turner might be the odd man out?

    • Badger says:

      Yeah probably Adam. But in my world, which begins later in the season, Gordon gives both Ramirez and Guerrero days off, Van Slyke gets his at bats resting Gonzalez and Crawford. I know most teams carry multiple utility players, but the Puntamacher mix seemed redundant to me. I guess Turner will be needed to rest Uribe but my feeling is a shortstop can fill in anywhere on the infield, and that means third base too. Both Gordon and Turner can play anywhere so those two will get a lot if at bats in late summer. Should be interesting to see what happens.

  12. Hawkeyedodger says:

    Pederson is the CF of the future. Once Alex conquers 2b then it would be a good idea for him to play some 3b too so the Dodgers can take advantage of their depth. Dee might become what Figgins once was with the Angels but for now he should be allowed to focus on 2B only just like Guerrero. Both players are work in progress.

  13. Watford Dodger says:

    Just read all the above & to be honest I don’t see the need to trade anyone unless as Roger has been saying – for an upgrade at catcher. Surely we should keep all these pieces intact, including Crawford who when push came to shove at the back end of lady season posted some good numbers and showed grit & experience I the playoffs. Badger sees the upside because this team is about winning now – this year. Keep him & Ethier. They’re not moaning about lack of game time & we need to rest Kemp & CC anyway. SVS is a favourite of mine but what a weapon off what was supposed to be our “weak” bench. Who wouldnt want to be on this team? Keep em all – we’re not paying them. And before you say that we are, through TV packages then you’d better get used to it because that is the way of the world.

    Loved Gordon last night – he really helped to unnerve Cahill. Will be an interesting series in SF with Beckett & Maholm up for us. Hope the offense stays hot.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    I would not want a trade – NOW. But in the future. This teams still has injuries.

    Need for 5 solid starters. Becket and CBills are sill question marks. The number 4 and 5 now are also question marks for the long season. #1 has been down now for a bit. So Ned will want to make sure in the end — postseason, there are at least 4 solid starters who can throw, and his pen works itself out. He might have to trade some stuff to get there, we do not know.

    The starting 8 are all on board now. With Guerrero trying to get going and Pederson just learning his craft. Again, wait until the dust settles to see if there are bodies to fill out a lineup that can work.

    But in the future or near future someone has to go.

    A new catcher can be a year or two away . . .

    AGon will not last forever for 150+ games. Might see some decline there.

    Solid team, that need attention

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    Having dinner tonight, had the Pitt & Cin game on MLB.TB and saw the Pirates back to back HRs, then went back to the game later and saw the next back to back HRs, and then again later (after the rain out) the next back to back HRs by the first two guys again.


  16. Badger says:

    Guerrero is a big league hitter but not a backup. It seems rather strange that Figgins is on this team and Guerrero isn’t, but, that’s how deep our infield is. Turner plays everywhere so that gives him a job. We are the Power Rankings #1 team this week without Kershaw.

    Stanton slumping. If the Fish keep tubing he and that contract might become available. It won’t happen until the deadline and I wonder who by then would be desperate enough to do the overpay that will no doubt be needed to get him. The dbacks? The midgets?

    Beckett vs Lincecum. Who you got?

  17. Zach says:

    What is the problem with Dee being a back up at SS, 2B, and CF? I do not think he is a everyday player yet. He needs to work on his defense at all positions. Also, he be a great pitch runner option.

    I think everyone is trying to solve the outfield position but is that really going to solve being under the $189 luxury tax? Should Dodgers even worry about it?

    Also, Why is everyone not as high on Van Slyke? I think he has just as much right to play as Dee.

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