And I hate stats that people try and use to prove some obscure point about something that is not even worth knowing.

Some bloggers write this stuff like we must be blind and read Braille because what is sometimes written flies in the face of the “eye test.”

I won’t elaborate, but take it for what it is worth.

OK, it doesn’t take a stat geek to figure out that the Dodgers beat two teams that weren’t very good (D-Bags and Friars), while they had a problem with a really good team… and make no mistake, the Giants are a good team.  They have made plays and the Dodgers haven’t!  Period.  Simple as that,

It appears that I was premature in praising Yasiel Puig.  I retract it all.

Situational hitting is still the problem.  For the past 5+ years it has been.  Fix it or get rid of the players.

Really though, look at the Giants manager and the Dodgers manager – are you really inspired by Mattingly?  Do you think he can make in-game decisions that will prove significant?  How about Lorenzo Bundy?

I think we have the wrong manager, but I have felt that for 3 years.  What do I know?

At least Gordon is batting in the right spot.

It’s not gloom and doom, but I don’t like the leadership of the team.

This could be a tough year if they don’t figure it out soon.  It’s only two games but the Dodgers looked like a Little League team against the Giants.


  1. Badger says:

    Stats are useful. But stats after 7 games are just incomplete.

    Here’s an interesting stat. 8 pitches to blow through the first three Dodger hitters. 1 inning. Like 7 games, doesn’t mean much.

    Greinke already getting squeezed.

  2. Bluenose Dodger says:

    Mattingly doesn’t go to plate to swing the bat. This lineup, in my opinion, is not built for the long haul. It will either be very good or not very good, going in fits and starts. It has too many big name players and not enough steady players who are consistent day in and day out doing those little things that win games.

    Again, the manager doesn’t go to the plate. This is early in the season after a several month respite. Surely they can get a hit with RISP without being inspired by the manager. If not, simply put, they are not professionals. It isn’t junior high school. Is there no self motivation? If not, things won’t go well.

    In my opinion the Dodgers are owned by the Giants and the Cardinals because of the every day kind of players those teams have.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Sometimes it takes just one player to wake up a team. A team that is just going though the motions.

    Back in the mid-1950s (1955 or 1956) the Dodgers were playing great ball and went to post season. But in the late summer they struggled for a couple of weeks, hardly winning a game.

    Then on a Saturday TV game nationally, in the middle of the game, Roy Campy swung from the heels and hit a monster HR. That hit turned the team around and they went on to win it all.

    Maybe Matt Kemp’s blast in the 2nd inning — woke up the crowd and maybe the team.

    Might be a good sign.

  4. Badger says:

    Greinke dealing so far. Good to see one of our aces on his game.

    Good point made by Bluenose. A manager is probably much more influential on younger players trying to get that first big contract. What is Mattingly going to tell players like Gonzalez and Kemp that they don’t already know? What a guy like Donnie can do is manage the egos of successful ball players. He might have an edge with that because he was one.

    I sure hope this means Matt Kemp is back. This is a different team with him hitting well.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Since we’re on the subject of math (a subject I used to teach), just let me point out that the Dodgers are 5-3, which works out to .625 baseball, or 101 wins (or to be mathematically accurate, 101.25 wins).

    Good to see Kemp and Hanley break out. Those guys just need to stay healthy this year, and we’ll see plenty more of that. Kemp’s shoulder is clearly better, and the power is definitely back. All he needs to do is just stay on the field. And when Puig gets healthy, having productive hitters around him is going to make him that much more dangerous.

    And if the tablesetters get on base, all the better. Like a number of us have said, all this team needs to be successful is HEALTH. That’s my only concern. If we have that, then everything else will fall into place.

  6. jerry says:

    every one talks about 4 out fielders…but we have 5..and that make it harder..van slyke is the fifth. so it not like we can sit one each day…we have to sit 2…i dont know if any one else spoted that..

  7. Badger says:

    SVS is here for his potential slugging %. His defense hardly matters but yes, he plays 1b and LF.

    It would appear there are no 162 game outfielders in this bunch. I would be very careful with Matt Kemp if I were Donnie. Matt will bitch, but I don’t care. We need him for every game in September and October, not April and May.

  8. Watford Dodger says:

    Great point about Kemp Badger but so far this season those two bombs that he hit last night are the best bit of news the Dodger’s have had. The power is back. I think it was Brooklyn who said the second year after surgery the power would return (Hanley, Agon) and it has. Also I didn’t expect him to be back this soon especially playing CF – to an adequate standard. The line up with him in looks frightening – acknowledging they havnt all bit top form yet. We should be able to score heavily if we can get men on & the key men stay healthy.
    I’m really optimistic as long as Kersh is not properly banged up.

  9. Badger says:

    I still rest him every chance I get. It’s a loooong season. We have a lot of guys that deserve at bats.

    What this team really needs to improve on is hitting with runners in scoring position. That stat, if improved, will add up to wins. The defense won’t ever be great, but they can improve on the fundamentals. Unearned runs are killers and this team seems to give them up in bunches. Fix it.

  10. TMWISH says:

    Dee gordon should bat 8th until he proves he can get on base for more then a week at a time. Don has actually been pretty great this year. His saturday lineup was wonderful, besides turner inexplicably batting second. But lineups don’t matter that much as far as order anyway. I am excited for the RISP average to even out and we will be all good. Especially with this seemingly healthy Kemp. IF Kemp is somewhere near his old self this division race is over. The giants staying healthy/being able to win anything with two good starters is very doubtful.

  11. Bobbie17 says:

    The manager sucks. But we are stuck with him for x years. No use complaining now. The rate the bullpen is being used, we will have no arms come July. I hope there is some help in this category on the farm. Nice win. Horrible series against a team that too many of you take too lightly. I live in it daily up here in the Bay Area. Hopefully the Giants’ starters continue to suck, too.

    • TMWISH says:

      TV Network will get worked out. As far I as I hear the net work itself is great. Just got to get Direct TV, UVerse, etc on board. Which the Dodgers have no control over

  12. Artieboy says:

    Asking major leaguers to improve their fundamentals sounds strange. Maybe because at one time being fundamentally sound was a given. Boy have times changed.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t care if Gordon hits 8th or 1st. But I certainly wouldn’t move him to 8th because he had one hitless game. Doesn’t everyone occasionally go 0’fer? And I’d even consider playing him in games against lefties. The bunt he put down the other day, while not definitive proof that he’s mastered that art, it was at least encouraging. And I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I was was also encouraged when Gordon bounced out relatively hard to 3B in the the 8th yesterday against the lefthander. He did what he should have done, and that is hit the ball to the left side on the ground against the lefty. That ball could have just as easily found the hole instead of the third baseman’s glove. With Guerrero learning to play 2nd in the minors, let Gordon play everyday, and keep Turner where he belongs, on the bench. And when Guerrero is ready to return, Mattingly can decide then what he wants to do at 2nd base long term.

    Discretion is the better part of valor. Kemp should get days off now and again, if only as a precaution to help maintain his long term health. He can also DH when we play in AL parks. And given that Ethier and Crawford both struggle against lefties, that Crawford is somewhat injury prone, and that Agon will need an occasional day off to keep him fresh, I see no problem for SVS to find plenty of playing time. And, of course, he’s a valuable power bat off the bench.

  14. Badger says:

    The point about Gordon successfully going the other way is a good one. Sandoval was in and made a good play. I’m encouraged by that too Brooklyn. 4 out of 10 of those will find a hole or he will beat them out. Keep working on that game Dee.

    Taking my 20 handicap to the Sedona Golf Resort. I don’t really have an official handicap, I have a goal. Later……

  15. Artieboy says:

    Ball players are supposed to work on adjusting to pitchers, playing the carroum at a visiting ballpark., etc Yeah I understand. My point is if you are not fundamentally sound why are you in the majors. At one time it meant you weren’t in the majors. At least I think that’s how it worked. It’s painful when the fundamentals aren’t executed…and detrimental.


    • TMWISH says:

      Supremely talented players have always been allowed to not be as fundamentally sound as other players because they didn’t need to be as sound to be just as good or better. Puig for example. Yeah he is learning some “fundamentals”. He is still just as good as pretty much every other right fielder in baseball. At worst he is projected to be in the top five. If you think in years past players were always fundamentally sound you are being nostalgic for something that never existed.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    ClemsonDodgersRams — sometime it isn’t over, when you think its over.

    DirecTV is really really really big — and might be positioning themselves for a specific unit price per account.

    I kind of felt it might take 2 or 3 months of discussion to iron it out. Time-Warner is in the drivers seat, and in the end, if they do not take something from DirecTV, they (T-W) loose a lot of money. Mucho money.

  17. Badger says:

    “My point is if you are not fundamentally sound why are you in the majors.”

    Because you can straighten out a 95 mph fastball. That’s it. There are better defensive plays and stronger outfield arms on softball fields all across this country. Hitting your cutoff, backing up bases, moving runners, successful bunting – all of that was done better by my high school team. I’m not kidding about that. The Dodgers are making mistakes only sophomores made at Western High.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, major league baseball players (who are playing) has changed greatly since you and I were kids.

    When I started following baseball at age 8, the major leagues were basically “white.” Jackie Robinson was in his first season then. Then slowly more players of color from outside the United States entered teams. Then by the late 1960s and early 1970, some of the best players in the major league were players of color. Which meant some “white” players from the U.S.A. did not make 25 man rosters.

    Then, in the last decade or two, more Latin players have entered the majors (from outside the the U.S.A.), some are the best players in the game, others are just holding a spot, but — fewer “white” players. Also, more Asian players are entering each season. Not many, but some.

    This is telling me something. Inside the U.S.A., we are not developing solid players, or, players are not doing what it takes to make the major leagues. At least not as many as decades ago. My theory ——- too many kids might spend more time with electronic phones, IPads, computers, etc and less time PLAYING baseball. Sure, they show up for Little League and other future leagues and at school, but not practicing until it gets dark and mom called us in. The skill levels for some is just not developed to have them go past H.S. or College ball. Or at the most A or AA.

    This is just a product of the times. Electronic stuff is just more fun for some. And, then some youth are involved in many other things after school. It all adds up.

    Yet, I think we might find in some of the foreign countries that have more and more players in the majors, those kids played a lot and worked hard to become baseball players.

    Just my thoughts . . . have more but must go. Taking last Chemo pill on this round now.

  19. Badger says:

    It is a different game in some respects. When I coached everyone in my lineup could bunt, even middle of the order could, but they didn’t often. With the shifts they out on now a single is just there for the taking but nobody seems to do it. One of the most exciting plays in the game of baseball is the squeeze bunt. When was the last time you saw one executed? We tried hit and runs every game. They are rare now. Many things I see done on the Major League field are mind boggling to me. But it’s systemic. Some teams are better at it. Boston seems well coached. Maybe it was Francona’s teams. Bochy teams are well schooled. Different times.

    Beautiful day on the course today. 76 and sunny. Shot a 92. Not bad for me. Rimmed 5 puts and left 2 on the lip. That’s my game.

  20. BOB says:

    March Madness should end in MArch. Baseball should start in April. And every team should show their games on TV to people who live closer to 2 other stadiums then theirs. Stupid MLB contracts that give TV control areas that overlap. I can watch Angel games, I live 1 hour fromn their stadium, I can watch Padre games because I live 1 hour from their stadium (and in their minor league contract restricted area) and I can’t watch Dodger games because I live 2 hours from their stadium, and I can’t even get Dodger radio during the day. Maybe I should become a Angel or Padre fan. Oh yea they suck as much as Dodger TV.

    • TMWISH says:

      If you want Dodger games order MLBTV and get a VPN. While at the same time canceling your cable and letting them know you are cancelling cause you want the Dodgers

  21. Rob says:

    Former catchers make great managers and I would trade Donnie and a prospect for Scioscia. He has won it all before and understands how to win. As soon as the Angels went to signing big free agents they killed their chemistry and their young talent. Look at all the players they have traded away. I would be pissed, especially watching segura playing in Milwaukee after the greinke trade.

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    Part of my discussion above at 9:35 — was to see that today, we have less USA players in the majors — and more and more foreign born players — and I think they come bettered prepared with skills because of playing more as kids, youth, etc.

    Badger, bunting is a still that we all learned as kids, youth. I agree.

    • TMWISH says:

      Bunting a major league pitch is hard not to mention a good way to guarantee an out for the other team a majority of the time. BTW USA athletes are not less talented or worse because they play on the Ipads. Athletes now are much stronger/faster/smarter then they were 20 or 40 years ago. There are a lot of good latin players because they do play from such a young age, but that comes at the heavy price of severe poverty. The game is becoming more multi-national and that is a great thing.

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    Weaver and the Angels. Did any of you see the MLB Network or other sources after Weaver pitched against the Astros the other day?

    He gave up 4 HRs and another hit over 5.2 innings.

    They showed the Angels catcher holding a low target and when Weaver threw, he put all those pitches up and in the hitter wheelhouse of power. No control and command of those great pitches he usually has.

    Any pitcher would have a bad game pitching like that.

  24. BOB says:

    I tried to sign up for MLB tv and they refused because they can’t figure out where I am. Dumb shits. I am in Purgatory. Close to SD and LAA but still in Verizon’s extended No Dodger broadcast area which is used to determine if you are close to Dodger Stadiums.

  25. BOB says:

    According to MLB (212) 931-7800 I live in the Dodger, Angel and Padre market and therefore will be blocked out from watching all of their games and MLB Extra Innings and MLB TV are only for Out of Market games so therefore I can’t watch any games for any of the three teams. As I live close to Camp Pendleton I have the right to say Cluster Fuck.

  26. Badger says:

    You’re getting screwed BOB. Write a letter to the Dodgers and tell them you now won’t come to ANY games because you won’t be forced into doing so. They get a few thousand of those letters and things might change

    TM, I got a feeling you don’t fully appreciate the value of laying down the perfect bunt. I’d explain it to you but – not going to bother. I’ll just ask you this – if you had a 90% chance for a single or a 5% chance for a home run, which opportunity would you take?

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