Welcome one Dee Gordon.  Speed kills and he will be given every opportunity to be the leadoff hitter the Dodgers so desperately need.  Many of you have been telling me otherwise, but it makes perfect sense.  If Puig could not break with the team last Spring, then Guerrero has to start at AA as well.  Crawford is better in the #2 spot, so the lineup is set.  I don’t ever see Guerrero as a 3B – his arm isn’t all that and I can’t see him at SS.  Second base is Dee Gordon’s spot to lose right now.

I still say Chone Figgins and Justin Turner make the team as backups, along with Van Slyke, FedEx and Baxter.  The thing is, the Dodgers will have to dump two players to add Figgins and Turner to the roster.  Nick Buss is a candidate and Javy Guerra is likely to be traded.    Figgins gives the Dodgers a lot of flexibility in that he can play infield and outfield.  Of course, he has to hit and I think he will be given that opportunity.  Baxter is the LH pinch hitter.

I was castigated over the winter for suggesting that the Dodgers trade Puig for Stanton and I know it’s only spring, but Puig is starting to really scare me.  You may soon wish that trade had happened.  Time will tell…  I hope my fears are baseless, but my eyes tell me otherwise.

Everyone is picking the Dodgers to win it all and their sloppy play and lack of focus is understandable – they are looking at the season, not the Spring.  Last Spring, Kansas City was 25-7.  How did that work out?  St. Louis and Boston (the World Series teams) were .500.  Forget the Spring records – these are just the Dog Days!  That said, I worry about Puig!  I would not be shocked if he has to be sent down to the minors.


  1. Badger says:

    You weren’t castigated, you were reminded that the Marlins best player and the guy people pay to see is under team control for a few more years. It’s stupid for them to trade him, ESPECIALLY for a one year wonder that is owed so much money.

    Not the roster I would start with but this schedule and the number of early question marks has me scrambling to figure it out. I’ll just go with what True Blue posted. It’s mercurial and will change all year.

    I hope Gordon can do it. Many of us have our doubts but obviously we are pulling for him. Getting hits off Spring Training pitchers is one thing, getting on base against bonafides is a different challenge.

    March 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25 and 26 are empty. Two games that count scheduled on the 22nd, one at 1 am the other at 7pm then the Freeway before opening with the Padres on the 30th. After that it’s a bunch of games against the division. Please, just get to April as healthy as possible.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Once the season starts — I think most (all) teams will have their best pitchers going against the Dodgers in the series they face. That is the only way those Western NL teams can keep pace and pass the Dodgers.

    Thus, Dodger hitters will be seeing top notch pitchers on almost every pitch. I do not see many bottom of the rotation pitchers from other teams facing the guys.

    I too have voiced my concern about Puig. His stance looks the same, he just wants to drive the ball — but cannot, yet. Maybe it will all come together as the season unfolds. Without his bat, the task gets harder.

  3. bigblue says:

    I worry about Puig and the sophomore slump as well. I was at last night’s game and while Puig was 0 for 4 three of his balls were the hardest hit for the Dodgers. He hit them right on the screws but right at someone twice and just got under a towering shot that almost went out versus Chris Sale.

    More troublesome to me is Clayton Kershaw. He has been shelled all spring and last night was no different. BTW Fig gins looks very over matched against major league pitchers.

  4. Badger says:

    I am not yet concerned about Puig. I see a natural talent with enormous potential. I don’t believe he will go Mondesi on the organization. He is of different character and background. What he needs to learn is patience and pace. It’s a much longer season than he is used to. Hope I am right about him.

    It’s my opinion Kershaw isn’t ready. I think he will get there but he is behind schedule. Last year by this time he had nearly twice the work in.

  5. Idaho al says:

    I still do not want Figgins on the team. Turner can play all three infield positions. SVS can play the outfield. Fed Ex will on the team. Pick the best pinch hitters to fill out the roster. The most interesting decisions will be who is in the bull pen.

  6. Bob says:

    Does Puig’s weight need to monitored like Uribe’s once was? Sending him to AAA would be a good message for the rest of the players and prospects to workout in the off season the correct way, not that Conte is telling them anything that is correct.

    Gordon could be the player that we always hoped that he would be or he could be a good platoon with Alex by the All-Star break or he could be better than Punto and Schumacker as a utility guy. Anticipation of the future is one of the interesting aspects of being a true fan.

    Say good bye to Olivio who is not going to Australia and did not accept a minor league assignment. Does this decision increase Ned’s desire to open the season with Butera? I hope not.

    Having so many roster issues this late in the spring good be a good sign regarding the depth of the Dodger roster. Just waiting to see what will actually happen.

  7. Bob says:

    According to MLB Garcia was added to the 60-Day DL. Hopefully Billingsley will be also. No need to rush him. He can wait until mid May, not like the Dodgers actually have a place in the bullpen for him. Although they might need him as a starter in May, the way that things go.

    With the Dodgers probably losing Guerra, Rosin, and maybe even Butera that could mean they would have only 37 or so players on the 40 man roster when the final 40 man roster must be submitted to MLB. Now this is getting interesting in a nerdy kind of way.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Assuming I’m not forgetting anyone, Figgins, Turner, SVS, Baxter and Fedex make sense for the opening day roster. That of course assumes that Guerrero opens in the minors. And once he gets called back, and Kemp comes off the DL, two of those guys (probably Baxter and Figgins) will go.

    I have no problem with Gordon leading off, although initially I felt he might be better off starting in the 8th slot. Like Badger says (and I think Hershiser last night), if he can get on at a .333 clip, he’s a definite plus. And, of course, if Gordon is in a platoon, who bats leadoff when he’s not in the lineup? Do the Dodgers want consistency in the leadoff spot, or would they be satisfied to start someone else when Gordon isn’t in the starting lineup?

    Ultimately Crawford is best in the #2 slot. But I wonder if Puig couldn’t also fill that spot on occasion. Puig did have some shoulder issues early in the spring, so I wonder if that wasn’t partly responsible for his slow start. And again, ST performances have to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s a whole different game when the bell actually rings to start the real season. And don’t be shocked if you see some occasional regression by Puig (like that recent throw). That sort of thing is natural, and will occur less frequently over time. I would love to have Stanton on the Dodgers, but I’m just as happy to have Puig. And Stanton himself has issues, especially his ability to stay on the field. In the last 3 years he’s played 150, 123, and 116 games, respectively. And, besides, the Marlins probably wouldn’t have traded Stanton straight up for Puig. They would have wanted more.

    Kershaw has worked half as much as he did last spring. So maybe that has something to do with his performances so far. So I’m not certain that he’s going to begin the season at his best. And hopefully his heavy workload last year (259 innings) doesn’t have a carryover effect into this year. But it’s still very early, so I wouldn’t be too quick to jump to any conclusions.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Be interesting just how the Dodgers deal with the Guerrero / Gordon issue.

    Both are being lined up for 2nd base.

    Dodgers have a bunch of money into Guerrero. And soon, maybe after some work in AAA or AA would be ready for the Dodgers and 2nd base.

    But, if Gordon finds his bat, and continues to develop, he too is at 2nd base and super sub.

    I see a log jam after awhile. Both could be producing . . . nice problem to have but does cause problems in the end.

  10. Badger says:

    Agree with Michael. Guerrero will be up. And when it happens Dee goes to the bench. But if he is getting on base he will play a lot. In my scouting book, which is entirely in my head, that is the best scenario for the team. Had Figgins torn it up it might have made it a difficult call but he didn’t so I have no problem letting Chone catch on somewhere else. The Dodgers gave Guerrero a ton of money so you know he will get his chance.

  11. Watford Dodger says:

    Mark – you first suggested trading Puig for Stanton on 11th April last year so I know you have had your doubts for some time. I too advocated this trade early last year as I have always had a problem with his attitude & that Stanton is a proven stud. I think the moment has passed. We may have got him last year when Stanton had his early season troubles with injury & form and with Puigmania at its peak. They would want more now the way things have panned out. Maybe we will see how Kemp comes back and make a decision at the trade deadline. We have stockpiled plenty of talent if we need to use it.
    On a different note I’m sorry to hear the news about Corbin. Hate to see that happen to a quality pitcher like him.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Gordon came up with runners on 1st and 2nd base. He seemed useless in that situation. Runners ahead of him.

    Maybe, if he could get just one or two more hits a week, he would be better in the lead off spot. He needs to be able to do his thing on the bases.

  13. Mark_Timmons says:

    I have not been a Dee Gordon fan for some time, but I see something different this year.

    Who plays 2B for the Dodgers will be up to Dee and Dee alone. If he is hitting .320 with a .350+ OB% come June, 2B is his alone!

    I’m not predicting that, but if he does, it’s his place to lose. It could precipitate a trade of an outfielder and Dee could move to CF as well.

    First, he has to hit!

  14. Bob says:

    With Kershaw pitching poorly and Greinke, Haren and Beckett probably not going to Australia, it makes sense to me to take both Rosin and Maholm as long men for the two games just in case. Two long men in a Dodger bullpen, now that is a sight to behold, but it does not imply good things. The Dodgers probably need one long man when they go to San Diego because of the uncertainty of the starting pitching health. That could mean that Maholm makes the team as a long man and all of the under 30 relievers except Jansen and Perez start the season in the minors. Wow, not what I expected when spring training started. Of course they could trade of release League by April 15th. Letting underperforming personnel go and putting the right players in the right positions, especially Puig and Jansen, was one of the big things that set the Dodgers on fire last year.

    I am wondering if Logan White is lobbying to get as many of the young MLB ready players to start the season in the minors so that he can get a high system rating for opening day and receive a performance bonus. What ranking would the Dodgers get with the following players in the minors? Puig, FedEx, Guerrero, Arruebarrenna, Fife, Magill, Withrow, Rodriquez, Dominquez, Garcia, Baez, Martin, Garcia, plus the youngsters not yet on the 40 man roster? Just wonderin.

  15. Bill Russell says:

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  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Wade Miley (LHP) in first game, and Trevor Cahill (RHP) in second game. If the Dodgers go with a platoon at 2B, Gordon will not start in the opening game.

    According to this, it appears that Figgins will open the season with the Dodgers.


    That being the case, if Guerrero opens with the Dodgers, then after him there’s only room for Fedex, Figgins, SVS, and Turner, since there are only five open spots after the starting eight. And when Kemp comes back, one of those guys has to go.

    It does appear however that Guerrero is one of the 30 players going to Australia.


    Big deal, so Gordon made an error. It’s not like he’s been making error after error at 2B. Everyone makes errors, even gold glovers. How about cutting him a little slack until he proves he can’t play 2B dependably. Seems to me that he’s made some nice plays over there as well, and has demonstrated his superior range. Even got a hit today to bring his average up to .286. Gordon deserves a long look. And it’s not like he’s never hit. He does come into this season with a respectable lifetime big league average of .256.

    As for Guerrero, I think he’s going to be a good player. But I also think he might need some time in the minors to get his feet on the ground. It didn’t hurt Puig, and it won’t hurt him. Yes, the Dodgers gave him $28 million, but they also put a clause in the contract that allows them to send him to the minors this year. Since they can’t do it after this year, they might as well take advantage of the opportunity. As for the $28 million, it was a long term investment. If Guerrero is temporarily replaced by a player making at or a bit above the MLB minimum, sending Guerrero to the minors is not going to cost the Dodgers very much. I think the Dodgers will do what they think is best, and not worry about the money. Besides, Justin Turner is more than an adequate platoon partner for Gordon if that’s what the Dodgers decide is best.

    And the last thing I’m worried about is the Dodgers having too many players at any particular position. Depth is a good thing to have. And I’m certain the Dodgers can find plenty of playing time for Gordon and Guerrero. And let’s not forget that neither of them is yet a proven big league player. If one of them wins the job outright, fine, it they end up in a platoon fine, and if one of them ends up as a utility guy off the bench, that’s fine too.

  17. Badger says:

    Guerrero just needs to play. He’s 26 and has near 2000 at bats in the Cuban pro league.

    Gordon is getting his long look. Turner is on the team. Not sure how Figgins sticks but he’s in the rotation for now.

    I can see a lot of roster moves early.

    White gets a bonus? Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Our minor league teams are getting stacked. And I just read an article that says the best from Cuba may be yet to come.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If Guerrero is with the Dodgers, then Figgins would appear to be the first to go when Kemp comes back. Of course, things could change between now and then.

    I wonder if Javy Guerra could be included in a deal that brings Seth Rosin to the Dodgers. Package him and another not so great prospect to the Phillies. You never know, they might bite.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Zach Lee is just one of the extra players taken along in case there’s an injury. 30 players went, but only 25 will be eligible to play. They also have an exhibition game against the Australian national team, and pitchers like Lee, Patterson, Dominguez, and Rosin might be used in that game. Same thing with the extra position players brought along, such as Butera, Pederson, Baxter.

  20. Quasimodo says:

    Hi Guys, It feels good to be missed. I haven’t made many comments as I’m getting so far behind missing these games. So obviously any input would be like counting how many teeth a horse has without looking in his mouth. When the season begins I’ll have to do something even if its buying a computer package. I’m not dead yet.

  21. Badger says:

    I read in the Times this morning that Pederson, Lee and Patterson are not on the 40 man roster. That can’t be true, can it?

    Puig will lead off. Mattingly said so. If he continues at .122 he won’t lead off for long.

    Kershaw and Ryu are both expected to throw 95 pitches in the Openers. Any guess on how many innings each will last? If we get 12 between the two I’ll be happy.

    Looks like Beckett will likely start the year on the DL. That’s fine. With the bizarro schedule he won’t be needed.

    Good to see you Quas. You can follow the games on the computer. Gameday is a reasonable substitute.

  22. Badger says:

    One other note – I find the Guerra move curious. He won’t clear waivers and when Guerrero is brought up, and he will be, Figgins becomes superfluous. I would try to find a trade partner for Guerra. We are thin at catcher. Once Olivo leaves in Jhne, there is nobody there.

    • Bob says:

      I am not surprised regarding Guerra. His WHIP is too high against AAA players and his ERA will probably go higher. Somebody had a very creative idea. Trade Guerra plus a top 50 player for Rosin! That might work. Otherwise keep Rosin and send Withrow to the Minors just to show the other MLB teams that the Dodgers will keep Rosin no matter what.

      Olivo appears to want out now and has said that he will not report to the minors. How long until the files a grievance with the Union even though he was given the chance to show his skills in exchange for a specific deal that he now does not like?

      Since catcher is a real problem you know that Ned is thinking about sending FedEx to AAA and keeping Butera. Say it aint so Joe.

      This season is going to be very interesting both on the field and off.

      When will Beckett return? B4 4/15?
      When will Kemp return? B4 5/1?
      When will Alex be called up? B4 5/15?
      When will League be DFA’d? B4 5/31?
      When will Bills return? B4 6/30?
      When will Wright or Perez be traded? B4 7/4?

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Pederson and Lee were both drafted out of high school in 2010. Based on the following, it appears that they don’t yet have to be protected from the Rule 5 draft.


    “Players who were 18 or younger on the June 5th preceding the signing of their first pro contract must be added after five minor league seasons.”

    Both players were drafted in 2010, and therefore have only 4 minor league seasons behind them. Pederson was 18 when he signed (born 4/21/92) and so was Lee (born 9/13/91).

  24. grumpy3b says:

    So when is Colletti gonna sign Figgins to the “Uribe Special” contract? Not knocking Uribe but just Colletti because, well, he needs it now and then to remind him of “the before time” when he only had millions to squad….ummm, no….spend, no wait….”invest” on table scraps not billions to get prime cuts.

    What is the over/under on Urias starting in the bigs before the ASB? Kid looked nice, obviously needs nurturing to build strength but he is very nice to watch throw the ball…fluid and not forced purely natural was all I could think watching him.

    How fun if he could get 90-120 innings in MLB this season? That is pure fantasy fun but it’s our Bums and they find ways to be, well, different.

    For me this ST was very fun because of of getting glimpses of the youngsters shaping up and showing hints of what might be…now if one of them could play 3rd.

    Wonder if Ethier can handle 3rd when not in CF? (j/k…yeesh!!)

  25. Badger says:

    Wasn’t aware of the 5 year rule. Thanks Brooklyn. Another reason to sign high schoolers.

    I think Guerra still has value. Trade him. And quickly.

    I think Kemp in a month. F League. After on Beckett. Before on Bills and Alex. We keep the pitchers.

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