• Lest we forget, Red Patterson is a pitcher who could see some time in LA soon.  Ken Gurnick has a nice piece on a guy we often overlook, who quietly has become a good pitcher.
  • Trayvon Robinson with a HR against his former club?  It’s sad to see haw far his stock has dropped.
  • Look for Ross Stripling back in a year and maybe even better!
  • We knew Brian Wilson was a knucklehead, but a knuckleball?
  • Since Greinke isn’t going to the land down under, I’m sure that means Clayton will be.
  • Oh, and don’t worry about Clayton Kershaw – he will win another Cy Young this year!
  • I am looking for a monster year from Adrian Gonzalez: .320/125 RBI/32 HR
  • Dee Gordon is looking more and more like a second baseman!


  1. Badger says:

    I read Mattingly was going to get Guerrero as many at bats as he could. That’s why he didn’t play him yesterday.

    I guess Gordon is looking more and more like the starter. I saw Turner playing short, so, I believe he will be the infield sub. The weird thing is, there isn’t many games left for these guys to play and get at bats. Very strange Spring Training schedule. But, honestly, these guys are all professionals. How many weeks do you need to get ready for baseball? I would think 2 oughtta do it. You know Spring Training is coming shortly after Elvis’ birthday. Get your ass to the gym and start swinging a bat. 100 cuts a day every day. And pitchers? Take November and December off completely, then start a light throwing program in January. You should be able to throw 90 pitches by April 1 easy.

    I look for Gonzalez to do well. But, not that well. He will do better if Kemp is in the lineup. Everybody will do better if Kemp is in the lineup.

    I like Patterson. If he does what he should do, we will see him later this year.

    At least Stripling had the good sense to break down in March. Unlike Billingsley. I look for him to be back next year and pick up right where he left off – a good prospect.

    I still see Guerrero as our every day second baseman. .265 with a .780 OPS with 15 home runs and he is an improvement over last year’s 2b numbers. He has the talent. If he needs it, give him 75-100 ab’s at AA then get him up here. The sooner the gooder.

    I gotta go the DMV this morning. So, I’m betting your morning will be better than mine.

    I’ll continue ranting later. Like the rant thread. Let it all out. I can rant with the best of them.

  2. Bluenose Dodger says:

    Red Patterson is no surprise to me. I love guys that work the way he does – against all odds, consistently getting guys out,exceeding expectations. Guys like Matt Shelton, Geoff Brown, Michael Thomas and Red Patterson. There are places for them on MLB rosters. In Red’s case it has to be before long as he turns 27 in May.

    I wrote about him on October 19, 2012 on the Think Blue LA blog.


    He had a VG year in the launching pad in Albuquerque in 2013.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I haven’t seen Patterson pitch, so I can’t comment on his stuff. I imagine he’s a prospect, but it would be awful hard for him to find a place in the Dodgers bullpen as currently constituted. Good chance that Withrow and/or Paco will open the season in the minors, and then there’s Seth Rosin. Maybe Patterson could be a player included in a deal that enables the Dodgers to get Rosin.

    Would love to see Agon reach those numbers. I definitely think his power is continuing to improve post shoulder surgery, and we might see more than the 22 he hit last year. Not sure it will be 32. The RBI total will depend on how many baserunners are getting on in front of him, but 125 seems a bit high. But maybe. And much of his production will depend on what’s happening around him. A productive Kemp, Hanley, Puig, etc. will only increase his opportunities, since there will be no way to pitch around him. Again, here’s hoping for health.

    If Gordon continues to play well, second base could get interesting. If Guerrero is deemed to need more at bats and more time getting accustomed to 2B, then it’s very likely he will begin the season in the minors. And that would also give the Dodgers more time to make final decisions on Figgins, Turner, etc. The number of variables is endless, including I’m sure ones I haven’t thought of (I guess that makes sense, given the “endless” part).

  4. Badger says:

    All the way to Cottonwood (about 25 miles) and the DMV for the entire state of Arizona is shut down. They have no idea when it will be back up. If we are going to budget cut the government out of existence, they why bother with driver’s licenses and registration? Cops? Who needs ’em. Schools? Same thing. They aint’ working anyway as we just keep getting dumber and dumber.

    We got some interesting depth in pitching. It would appear our organization is currently arm heavy. There are a couple of American League teams that have some bat depth. We need more young sticks. Let’s deal.

  5. Bobby says:

    I admit, I’d be really really happy if Dee Gordon won the 2b job.

    I’ve always liked him, and rooted for him. You can see he’s really trying to make it too; playing the OF, learning 2b, gaining weight when for him it’s probably always been really hard to do so. He’s worked hard; it’d be great if it paid off, for him and all of us!

  6. Bobbie17 says:

    When does this team take Spring Training seriously? With the exception of a couple of guys, it’s ho hum. Are they that good? It reminds me of Spring 2013. Will we need 42-8 again? Why don’t we beat the crap out of someone?

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Think about this blocking home plate . . . that is, a catcher used to be able to block the plate.

    But, players (fielders) cannot block the bases (1st, 2nd, 3rd) — those are to be open for the runner.

    Why then, can a catcher or another fielder be able to BLOCK HOME PLATE? Because it has always been that way, up until now. We never questioned that . . .

    So, why not block the bases. I can see it now — ground ball to SS, picks up the ball and throws to 1st base. But it might be close — so the 1st baseman, gets his body in line with home plate thus blocking the bag — bang bang, he gets the ball and the runner is now out.

    And batting averages will drop.

    Same for 2nd base and 3rd base. We just never thought about it before.

    Which brings me back to Home Plate. Maybe we just accepted it over the years that fielders can block the plate to try and protect the plate from runners scoring. Maybe that has been the dumb way.

    • Badger says:

      You CAN block home plate. Just not without the ball. Used to be the catcher could block home plate as long as the ball was coming his way. Hey, you want to protect both runner and catcher? Make home plate a force out. That’s what we do in the over 50 leagues. Nobody gets hurt. But then, we’re over 50. Can’t be too careful.

      I wonder the same thing B17. It’s like everybody is just taking it easy, getting some work in, not gonna bust out yet. Don’t know what’s happnin on the back fields in the morning but I assume everybody is running their asses off back there. And I assume the weight room is busy all week. These games are like warm ups. When the light goes on it will be pedal to the metal. Hope so anyway. You better believe Arizona will be going full speed. I think the Dodgers can still beat them going at 3/4 speed, but, not at 1/2 speed. Arizona ain’t all that. But they will do whatever they can to send LA a message.

    • Badger says:

      I was taught to receive the ball with mask on. If the runner intends to roll you over, a head butt with mask on will send the message. He’ll try that once. He won’t try it again.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not worried about what the Dodgers are doing in the spring. I believe it was Bob who posted in the last thread showing that championships are often preceded by mediocre springs. The Dodgers got off to a slow start last year largely due to injuries. They opened last season with a less than healthy Matt Kemp, no Hanley, Yasiel Puig was in Chattanooga, and there were assorted pitching injuries. And I’m sure there was stuff I’m forgetting. Kemp won’t open with the team this year, but will hopefully be back by May (perhaps earlier), and hopefully Greinke won’t end up scuffling with Carlos Quentin during that early series in San Diego. And last year opening the season our closer was Brandon League. In fact, if memory serves, the bullpen was a disaster early last year. Different bullpen makeup this year.

    I’m confident that this team will win, whether they open the season 0-2, 2-0, or 1-1 in Australia.

  9. Badger says:

    Where’s the rants?

    Interesting piece on DD regarding the metric of framing. As a former ump I can tell you with certainty the idea of framing says more about the ump than it does the catcher. What the catcher does after the ball passed over the plate (or doesn’t) has nothing to do with the call. It’s a strike or it isn’t. We have all noted over the years that certain pitchers get a wider plate. I never bought into that. Framing? Nuts. The idea that there is a metric for it and certain catchers get better marks? Umpires take note. Those catchers are making you look like a horse’s ass.

    • Pgunn says:

      The methodology of framing? Really?? The obsession with trying to quantify everything gets a little too much.

      I agree with you, a strike is a strike. That’s the ump’s problem if he gets fooled.

  10. Bob says:

    Which scout said that Rojas was a good fielder? 3 errors in 6 games.

    It would be funny to me if the signing of Alexander has a big motivating factor for Gordon to turn into an above average 2B and Alexander then has to be traded.

  11. Badger says:

    Both he and Pederson have an idea at the plate. A lot if these guys (Puig) wave at crap out of the strike zone. I’ve seen less of that from Guerrero and Pederson. If course, I haven’t seen all that many at bats.

    Dominguez has stuff. And he throws strikes with it.

    • Badger says:

      I broke down and paid the 129. Now I might have to purchase some booster stuff. They call it mlbtv but it should be called mlbcomputer.

      The offense showed up. Still don’t know who will be ready to start in the Sydney Games. Ryu looked hittable. Dominguez looked the opposite.

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