If Brandon League makes the team and Chris Withrow gets demoted, it sends the team the message that what you make is more important than what you do… and that’s a damn shame (if it happens).   Think about it hard, Ned.  Swallow your pride and think about it some more!

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Let all the other 600 Dodger blogs talk about Clayton’s back… all I can say is “who knows?”

P.S. Great Pacer win over the Heat.  I was downtown early and late.  It was rockin’


  1. T.O.Dave says:

    See your point and it’s a good one. League has been bad almost since he signed that contract as we all know. But, maybe letting him go sends another message to the players. We will give up on you if you are in a rut. Just the other day, Jerry Hairston was interviewed on am570 and sort of stated this latter point. Of course he works for the Dodgers and maybe felt obliged to give the BS answer to the question asked (should the Dodgers got rid of League). I’m in the camp that says its time to let League go. If they keep him, he had better turn it around real quick…not likely. Too bad he stayed and Rosin is gone. Good luck to Rosin in Texas. They will need him early on. Geez what a mash unit there.

    Clayton’s injury is likely minor. On the bright side, he gets rest AND the home opener start against the Giants. Doesn’t seem like a serious injury according to my sources (ok, my physical therapists working my torn labrum back…no Dodger insider connections here). Hope I’m right.

  2. Bobby says:

    Good point, TO, but I don’t think League has been in a rut. He’s been pretty disgusting since he signed that 3 year deal.

    Now, from what I recall, Withrow didn’t exactly tear it up in spring training either, so that could give us some justification for sending Withrow down for a few weeks to get things straight.

    I”m quite certain that the 7 man bullpen we start with on Sunday will weed 2-3 guys out by June anyway and we’ll have a different 7 man bullpen come playoff time.

    Other than that, thank God the season starts! (for real, i mean)

  3. Bob says:

    Letting Rosin go was stupid, even without hindsight.

    The Dodgers turned around last year the day that Mattie finally demoted League from closer and put Jansen in as closer. The players got the message that the Dodgers would do whatever it took to win including insulting players with insulting performances. Puig also played a part in the change in attitude.

    DFA League, send a message, and have two long relievers so that the starting day starting rotation is not worn out in October. By the way, who are the Opening Day Starting Pitchers anyway? Maholm, Fife, Magill, Patterson, and Lee?

    Billingsley – 60 Day DL, Returning Late May?
    Beckett – 15 Day DL, Returning Mid April?
    Greinke – Sore leg, Wow up to 4 innings in last start
    Ryu – Sore Toe, DL?
    Haren – Sore Arm?
    Kershaw – Sore Back

    I guess 10 starting pitchers is not enough to make up for Conte.

    Maybe the Dodgers could just start the season with 2 starting pitchers and 10 relief pitchers, and keep rotating healthy starting pitchers between the Major league team, and the DL and the minors for the first 2 weeks when hopefully all 5 the intended starters are relatively healthy.

    Any time I fly in an airplane for 3 hours my neck and shoulders hurt afterwards and I am the same height as Kershaw. Not surprised that all people between 6-3 and 6-5 have back or neck pain after flying because of the non-ergonomic way that the seats are designed, although they might be perfectly designed for a person 5-8.

  4. Bob says:

    The Dodgers do not have to DFA League, they could just consciously uncouple him. Actually Withrow will be in the minors this year when the roster is finally settled after the injuries are healed, the choice is between League and Rodriquez.

  5. jhallwally says:

    I totally agree. If League was not signed to that incredibly stupid contract. He would have been cut or in the minors…. Way to go Ned and whoever signed off on that deal… You are morons….. Not one person on this blog would have done that deal..

    • TMWISH says:

      Yay. So you have decided one relatively dumb and minor thing means they are a moron. Even if yep they do other things like sign Puig and Kershaw and Grienke and Ryu. Nope that one dumb thing makes them a moron.

  6. Badger says:

    The best arms make the team. Period.

    Bob – do you fly first class? I’ll bet Kershaw has his own cabin on that plane. With a waterbed if he wanted it.

    My son is an athletic trainer. He could do a much better job of getting these guys ready. But who knows – maybe with 100+ mil guaranteed they don’t feel the need to listen to anybody.

    • TMWISH says:

      Kershaw had the same seat all the other players do and no what your son does is not the same (probably) as taking care of world class athletes. Who are very interested in keeping themselves in peak physical condition.

      • Badger says:

        Peak physical condition? Surely you jest.

        And my son is a tri- athlete that could run jump swim and bike every guy on that team into submission. These guys aren’t world class athletes. They are baseball players. Look it up. Only professional bowlers and golfers are in worse shape.

        • TMWISH says:

          Yeah some baseball players are in bad shape. Most are not. Many baseball players now are very much physical specimen puig, crawford, Kemp. Kershaw especially is a world class athlete and taking care of a pitcher is very different than taking care of athletes in different sports or whatever.

  7. Watford Dodger says:

    Interested to read that Donnie held a full team meeting to discuss Puig on Tuesday where Puig asked everyone concerned to try & help him with trying to hit the cut off man & his base running. Hanley & Uribe were most vocal in this meeting. Two things. Firstly what a great piece of management – involve everyone & get it out in the open. Secondly – it proves what Mark & many of us in here were saying in that there IS a potential team problem with Puig’s antics & Donnie has had the foresight to try and face it head on rather than let it fester. I respect that – and it also shows that Donnie’s post game comments in Australia were not said for the sake if it. He was letting Puig know that he’s not gonna stand for his antics this year – and that he, Donnie is in a much stronger position now. Good for him.

  8. Badger says:

    Donnie has the power of making out the lineup so in that respect yeah, he can deal with discipline by benching anybody. I remember the day Billy Martin took Reggie Jackson off the field during a game. But make no mistake, everybody on that team knows the best chance to win is with Puig on the field. This will be worked out. No problemo.

  9. Badger says:

    Veritable genius.

    LOS ANGELES — The Dodgers open the Freeway Series against the Angels with essentially their everyday lineup against left-handed pitchers, with southpaw Hector Santiago starting for the Halos.

    Everyday lineup against left-handers that has 2 LH hitting outfielders in it and SVS on the bench.

    And Guerrero with an intercostal tear. Must be something in the water. Sure can’t be the conditioning experts hired by this team. Who’s next?

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