I really like the idea of putting Clayton Kershaw on the DL to “protect himself from himself.”  Limit his innings and let him be fresh at the end.  Good idea!

I know a lot of you think it is so barbaric to fight in baseball, and someone even said:

“Charging the mound is stupid. Retaliating is stupid. These are adults and professionals making millions of dollars. They should act like it and not be hateful. The way you gain respect is by being the best not by being the nastiest. People remember Greg Maddux. They don’t know who the hell is John Rocker.”

 I don’t see the comparison between Rocker and Maddux, but I guarantee you are clueless about the real world.  Yes, it’s worth a suspension or two to send the message that “the Dodgers take no prisoners when you hit one of theirs.”  I look at winning the war, not just the battle.

Hitting batters is a form of “bullying” and if you hit a bully in the mouth, they will leave you alone.  That’s not the Mamby Pamby viewpoint, but that’s the real world.  You earn respect, that’s true – but you earn it in a number of ways and one of the ways is by not just accepting getting hit.

YOU HAVE TO RETALIATE, whether by charging the mound or drilling the pitcher who hit yours.  Watch and learn!

I learned that as a Freshman in High School.  The basketball coach told some Seniors to essentially bully the Freshmen at practice.  One kept elbowing me hard and pulling my shorts and I told him to quit twice.  The second time it happened, I said: “if you do it again, you will regret it.”  He did it again and I picked up the basketball and threw a 97 MPH fastball at the back of his head.  He went down like a rag doll and he never messed with me again.  The coach kicked me out of practice, but took me aside later and told me he liked my fire.  I have rarely been in a fight as an adult, but when I was, it was because I won’t tolerate that kind of behavior.  By the way, the other kid was bigger than me.

Suffice to say that right about now, the Dodgers don’t have that reputation.  Charging the mound is not always warranted, but retaliation always is, when your player is hit.

Now, we get to find out what this team is all about.  Kemp will be back soon and I think he is motivated to show he’s still one of the best in baseball.  I think A-Gon, Hanley and Matt will have great years, but the keys are Puig and Gordon.  If they can play to their potential – watch out!

I also think the Dodgers will be very happy with Chone Figgins and Juan Uribe as complementary players.

Finally, it is very clear that some Dodger players were/are upset with Puig, although they may not want to go on the record with it.  Believe me, it’s there and has been addressed, but those of you who want to make those of us who KNOW some players are upset, look stupid – JUST QUIT!  You are wrong, so peddle your papers elsewhere.  Hopefully, it ends up alright.  Puig is taking the criticism appropriately.  We have a similar player in Lance Stephenson on the Indiana Pacers, who other teams hate, but we love.  Let’s hope we can keep loving Puig, but don’t be blind!

FYI:  We had a cyber bully here, but I blocked him, unless he knows how to get around it.  He may, but he’s still a cyberbully!  I’ll bet he feels really big!


  1. DRomo says:

    Happy 2nd Opening Day fellas.

    I have my concerns with this team. Granted I haven’t been able to watch them much (thanks direct tv and Dodgers). But everything I have seen causes me to think twice. Clayton looked very ordinary all spring, now he is “hurt”. Greinke looked good in his limited spring, but isn’t he due for some “dead arm” symptoms? I hope not. The offense has been DOA.

    The problem with hype is, it usually never leads to fulfillment. I am hoping with all my might to time it’s different.

    Either way it’s still a special day. I am firing up the grill. Dodger dogs and ice cold beer. Here’s to 2014. Cheers Dodger brothers!!

  2. Bobbie17 says:

    Let’s toast the new season. Baseball is Back! Let’s hope the Dodgers are in the mix in late September. Every game against the Giants is a must win. Period. No matter when they are playing. Let’s play aggressive baseball, even if it is not smart baseball all the time. We don’t want to be St.Louis. We don’t want to be the Giants, Yankees, Red Sox. Let’s be the Dodgers, and start something Blue for a decade. Let Puig play Puig ball. That’s not so bad. Here’s to the new season!

  3. Bob says:

    Before the 3rd game of the season begins I would like to point out that the Dodgers lead MLB in BA, ERA, and Fielding %. That has not happened in a long time.

    They also have the Top 3 hitters in MLB
    Gordon .750 Happy! Happy! Who said 2B was a problem?
    Van Slyke .667
    Ryu .500

    And Ryu is the leading starter in MLB regarding ERA 0.00.

    Ryu is currently the MVP.

    Starting the season off undefeated and nowhere to go but down. :)

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, maybe my memory is clouded, but somehow I recall that the Dodgers last year did establish a reputation as a team that will retaliate. And I do agree that if retaliation is necessary, then do it. If anything, developing a reputation for protecting your own players will in the long run PREVENT any form of intimidation that other teams may be thinking about. So I’m all for retaliation, as long as it’s not stupid retaliation. For example, having now seen the replay, I have no doubt that retaliation for hitting Agon the other night would have been totally unjustified. There didn’t appear to be any intention in the action, and as I believe Badger pointed out, Agon didn’t do much to get out of the way of the pitch.

    And Mark, if you really could throw 97 mph, aiming a basketball at the back of someone’s head at that speed (even slower) could have fatal consequences. Hopefully you were exaggerating, which is not to say that some sort of retaliation wasn’t called for.

    And B17, every game against the Giants is a must win, as is every game against the D-Backs, Rockies, Padres, and every other team we play. And of course, “must win” as we must, not every game will results in a win.

    And I agree that putting Kersahw on the DL was a good move. Hopefully it’s just a minor thing as being reported. Looking at the bigger picture, that this is a long season, is what’s paramount. After those 259 innings last year, limiting Kershaw’s innings and having him fresh at the end of the year makes perfect sense. Besides, it’s more like the 7 or 8 day DL, since it’s backdated to March 22, and Kershaw is eligible to come off the DL on April 7th.

    By the way, speaking of injuries, maybe we should reevaluate what we’ve been saying about the Dodgers medical staff. What’s been going on in Texas and Atlanta indicates that medical problems are not limited to just the Dodgers. In fact the D-Backs suddenly have two pitchers, one who’s had (Patrick Corbin) and the other who’s about to have (David Hernandez), TJ surgery. And they have another pitcher, Matt Reynolds, who is recovering from TJ surgery he had last September.

    Somehow this feels like opening day to me, not just a second opening day.

    • artieboy says:

      Great response. Charging the mound in a spring training game days from the start of the season borders on lunacy. Here’s to kid k getting healthy and that we get off to a good start. Yes it is a long season. Cheers to all….should be fun!

  5. Badger says:

    I remember John Rocker. Racist red neck cracker that was just too stupid to get his head out of his ass. Classic $100 arm and 10 cent head.

    The teres is an interesting muscle. You sure don’t want to mess with potentially tearing it. Clayton could miss at least two starts, I’m guessing more.

    Mark, I know you like Figgins, but I still like Guerrero, Turner, and Gordon. With SVS that’s enough.

    • Badger says:

      Nobody throws a basketball 97 mph.

      And retaliation is just part if the game. I believe it stays part of the game. And there was no need to retaliate for what happened to AGon.

  6. artieboy says:

    No one has mentioned that Agon and Uribe are one the wrong side of 30. So are Dre and CC but they won’t play everyday. April is one thing but come July? Will their production being to decline? We’ve seen the worst of Uribe! Hopefully we never see that again but age has to be considered at 1B and 3B.

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