Of course, there is still a lot of time left in Spring Training, but with his Granny last night Alex Guerrero has the edge at 2B over Dee Gordon.  Rojas has no chance.  Figgins is utility, but Guerrero is now the leader of the pack, with his .294 BA and team-leading 6 RBI.  I still think Figgins will make the team due to his versatility.    Dee Gordon needs to hit to make it.  Turner has a shot too.

Boy, if Guerrero can hit .250 with 20 HR – that would be HUGE!   HUGE!!!!

I see articles about “pitch framing” and how bad AJ Ellis is – Imagine how good Clayton would be with a “framer.”  I’m sure there is a lot of subjective license involved in that stat.  I also see people predicting the Dodgers pitching staff in 2017.  Talk about having too much time on ones hands.  I doubt they can predict the staff THIS year!  Yikes!

There is so much information overload about baseball stats these days that sometimes, I read stuff that makes me want to gouge out my eyes.


  1. Pete M. says:

    Mark – like your speculation and yes it’s early, but the more Alex is exposed to 2B and MLB pitching the better he will get…
    Actually I had him at .300+, 25 HR and a top 5 ROY candidate after the dust settles…
    The cheese will soon get binding for Donnie and his staff when it’s who stays/who goes time. The IF picture is like the 405 at 5:00…

  2. Badger says:

    I still have him at .265. It will be his OPS+ that I think will make him the offensive upgrade. Hard to really predict something like that but I’m still going with 100+. WAR around 2.5 would work for me. He’s got the power for 20 dingers. Just lay off the sucker pitches and you’ll do just fine Alex.

    Kershaw doesn’t need to be framed. He gets the corner without having to dupe the blue.

  3. Bob says:

    The more I watch Guerrero, it appears he has an upper cut to his swing and likes the ball down and away. I hope he can handle getting jammed because before too long, that’s what he will see along with balls in the dirt. But he knows this and Mark McGuire knows this and adjustments will have to be made. I know he’s a hard worker and highly motivated. It’s going to be fun to see what happens. Let’s hope he’s up to the challenge. Imagine 15-20 hrs coming from 2b!

  4. Bill Russell says:

    So how does the MLB package work guys. Do you have to watch the games on your computer? Are the home games blacked out. Can you buy it through Direct TV? I may be coming in late on this conversation. Any help. I will try to do some research later but I would love to hear if anyone has this.

  5. Bball says:

    I have directv and they assured me they would have sportsnet la, they just didn’t say when. I’ve had to resort to having time warner in the main living room and directv in the other rooms. Hopefully I don’t have to pay 2 cable bills for long.

  6. Badger says:

    Good points Bob. Everybody taking notes. He might try what Dave Parker did – go up there with a 32″ bat and turn those knuckle busters into drives down the line.

    I’m still learning this stuff Bill. The download of premium mlbtv is 129.99 schekels. If you have enough power/speed from your local internet provider you can cable the picture from your computer to your tv. That’s what I’ve been doing. I still have a bit of buffering issues. I have a new Ethernet cable I’m trying out today. I’m sure dang near everybody in here knows more about this than I do. I just know I can watch my Dodgers every day and I’m thrilled.

  7. Michael says:

    Bill, I have had both MLB.TV[ web ] and extra-innings[ directv ]. They both offer home and away feeds and HD but the main difference is $$$. The web version costs 129 and directv will be twice the cost at around 250. I hear Badger is in spring training working out the bugs of streaming it to his TV so my obvious choice and choice this season is the web version.

  8. Badger says:

    Well, new Ethernet cable didn’t work. Still a buffering problem.

    Puig with another error of aggression. Don’t be diving for show out there. He was 3′ short of that ball turning a single into a triple and risking more injury.

  9. Badger says:

    Van Slyke just looked at three fastballs right down the middle. Don’t know what he was looking for but evidently it was not something easy to hit. Haren looks ok. His sinker is working. The triple (single miss played) was up to Trout. If he works the bottom of the strike zone he will do fine.

  10. Bob says:

    The Real Bob.

    That play at the plate was so close that it was as if the shirt was tagged before Trout touched the plate but his body was not touched until after his hand touched the plate. Good call by blue for this early in spring training.

    Lobbying to keep Rosin and trade or DFA League. A long reliever will help keep the total innings pitched by the starters and late inning relievers below 200 and 70 innings respectively thus allowing a more rested staff to pitch in the World Series.

    Haren 4 good innings, and Ryu 4 yesterday. Happy Happy to see the starters getting stretched out.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Quas, I don’t know how many more exhibition games might be televised on the MLB network, but last nights game was (it was the Sportsnet LA feed). You might want to check their schedule occasionally. You might get lucky. Also, I believe that both opening games in Australia will be televised on the MLB network.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This is why you can’t take ST games too seriously. Angels 4 runs so far were scored in the 7th (1 run) and 9th (3 runs) off of Frias, Anderson, Moskos, and Demel. Think that’s what you would see during the regular season?

  13. Voldomer says:

    I agree that the MLB.TV (computer) package is a much better deal than Extra Innings through DirecTV. I’ve had both, and the computer package (the one for $129, not the cheaper one) has three major advantages:

    1. You can watch the computer package on your TV in HD. Some do this by hooking up a computer (and I do that when traveling), but at home I use a Roku. You can get an entry-level one for about $50, and it also can be used for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant/Prime video, and numerous other channels. (Do a Google search for “Roku channels,” and it will turn up tons of options. Some admittedly are junk, but others are good, like international news, free movie channels like Crackle with decent–but not great–options, etc.) The entry-level Roku has the same programming capabilities (except for YouTube at present) as the more expensive ones. The cheaper one uses wifi only and can connect to older TVs with an included RCA cable (thus no HD) or HD TVs by HDMI (no HDMI cable included with any Roku model). You pay more ($80 or $100) to get a Bluetooth remote (with a headphone jack built in!), a faster processor, the option for a wired ethernet connection, and/or dual-band wifi. I don’t have an Xbox, but I understand that one can watch baseball through it or similar high-end gaming systems.

    2. With Extra Innings, “they” decide which broadcast you get, and usually it is the home team’s. With the computer package, you get your choice (home or away), and if you don’t like a particular TV announcer you can “overlay” the radio broadcast audio instead. They are able to sync it amazingly well. Also, I found that you get more games with the computer package than the TV package.

    3. You can watch the computer package on virtually anything that has an internet connection–Roku, computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.–from virtually anywhere in the world. (I watched Hanley Ramirez’s first game as a Dodger on my computer in Amsterdam.)

    Either package is only beneficial if one does not live in the LA area. I live near Chicago and have watched significant portions of every spring training game so far. Mark has discussed a way to get around geographical restrictions for the computer package, though.

  14. Rob says:

    The best part of the MLB.com package is I can watch the games on my iPhone. Just download the MLB at bat app. Since most browsers on smart tv’s are slow you should try using your laptop and hooking it up to a USB port on your tv.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    Getting Dodger / and other MLB games on TV.

    It really comes down to money and what one can spend or wants to spend.

    Because of this years changes or possible changes — I have kept both MLB.com TV and Extra Innings. Yes, it is expensive for TV reception, but living half way around the country (in Texas) I do want to see games or at least part of games.

    So I will pony up and pay the bill. But, if I lived in the L.A. area and went to 5 or 6 games — I would probably pay more than the TV bill to see them live.

    I like the MLB.com on my computer, so if the Extra Innings feed only has the other teams broadcast, I can see the Dodgers feed on the computer.

    If I am on the road, conference or vacation, I can log on at a hotel and get the Dodger game on the computer. Same if I am in the doctors office or hospital (which happens a lot these days), same thing.

    But it does come down to money. Being retired and old, I choose to spend it today, so that when I die — I will become broke on the same day.

  16. Watford Dodger says:

    I’m very happy with the MLB package for $129 as it gives you every single game with the Dodger broadcast if you want it. As I live out of area, it’s perfect and as I have it on my iPhone. I can watch it on the go.
    Also if I am not mistaken today is a special day for the doyen of LaDodgertalk – Happy Birthday Badger – how you gonna spend your day?

  17. Badger says:

    Amen to all that Roger. Let the last check you write bounce.

    I went for it for two reasons – 1. I think this is the year and 2. It cost less to see every game than it does to go to 1 game.

  18. Badger says:

    Thanks W. I was going to Camelback but got talked out of it. Nobody to go with so that would be a long lonely ride. Got a breakfast offer from a couple of friends – that was nice. Now just gonna take it easy. My wife is still up in Denver so it’s just me. Birthday celebrations are for the young. I celebrate waking up every day.

  19. Quasimodo says:

    Brooklyn, thank you but sadly I live in the ‘blackout’ area. Even when MLBN shows event (re-runs) they too are blacked out. So, as I’m not sure if or when I’ll be having to move, I’ll just let things go as they will. I really dislike TWC. When I switched from TWC to Dish I got more channels for half the price. Now I have Directv. I’m seriously considering cutting lose television all together and taking my crippled ass to the gym every day.

    • Badger says:

      You can do both Quas.

      Lee’s first inning was interesting. Choo missed a dinger be a couple of feet then he got out of it. Kids got a great hook. If he keeps the ball down and works the edges, he can pitch in the bigs.

  20. Bill Russell says:

    Heading to Camelback tomorrow for the Saturday night game against the Seattle Cano’s. Thanks for the input on the differene between the two baseball packages. Still not sure what I’m going to do. Hoping that Direct TV signs the deal with Time Warner so I don’t have to do anything. Now I get the Lakers which are too painful to watch so I am hoping I can trade that channel for the Dodgers station. Peace….. Go Blue

  21. Watford Dodger says:

    Well I’ve got to say I will take that from Branden League – only one run conceded in that innings. If Donnie can use him when we have at least a 3/4 run lead every time we should just about be ok.

    • Bob says:

      Amen. Pitching is great except for League. Would it be a bad message to the rest of the Dodgers for them to know that 1 player will be DFAd every year? My candidate for this year is League.

      Time for the bats to get going. Who knew that Gordon’s glove would be better than his bat this spring?

      Good job yesterday by the kid pitchers Lee and Windle.

      A 4-4 record with a run differential of 3 in low scoring close games. Could this be a vision of the season. $250 mil payroll playing like the 1965 Dodgers? That would be funny.

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