I don’t think the question is whether Hanley Ramirez will soon move to 3B (because he won’t).  I think the real question is: “Will Hanley Ramirez be a Dodger next year?”

Don Mattingly may have given us a glimpse of what the answer might be in this LA TIMES article by Dylan Hernandez:

“There’s going to be 30 teams that have a chance at Hanley Ramirez.”

Maybe Donnie has some inside information that the Dodgers won’t offer Hanley enough to make him forgo free agency?  It sounds like that to me and it looks like that as well.  Hanley is MVP material, but he might not be if he had to move to 3B. Shortstop is part of his persona and moving to 3B would hurt him.  Maybe you don’t believe that, but playing shortstop makes him happy and a Happy Hanley is quite a player… when he’s on the field.  That’s the other problem – can he stay on the field?
Here’s what I think – The Yankees will give him a $200 million dollar deal and I don’t think the Dodgers should.  The Yankees made out pretty good for years with that Jeter guy who was no wizard with the glove.  Why not  Hanley as his successor?  I think the only question is:  do the Dodgers let him walk after the season or do they trade him during the season?

Rants and Raves:

  • I would think a platoon at 2B would be between Turner and Gordon, meaning the Gurrero would go to the minors?
  • Think what you want of Ryan Dempster, but the dude walked away from $13 million because he felt he couldn’t still play.  What a stand up guy!  It’s rare to find that.
  • Will Brandon League become relevant again?  I hope so, but I doubt it!
  • The Ethier rumors won’t go away until an outfielder goes down.
  • I have to say that my BS meter always goes off when I read any of the following on blogs:   “He profiles as…”  “He has a projectable body...”   “There is also data that supports….”   “His fastball touches…”  – Just say “I have this wild-ass guess” and it will have more credibility.  How many predicted that AJ Ellis would be a career backup?
  • I hope the Dodgers bring back Matt Kemp in May.  Don’t rush it!
  • I see someone is predicting the Dodgers lineup in 2017 – shoot I can’t predict it in 2014.  I’ll bet he’s well below the Mendoza line in predicting 2017.
  • Wouldn’t it be something if Haren and Beckett regain their past form?  Wow!
  • Quit raising the level of the arcane!


  1. Bobbie17 says:

    The Dodgers smartly have leverage with HR. Recent signings plus the farm allow for the possibility of competent substitutes. Someone of the ability of HR isn’t there, but that is why there are the other 7 guys. Maybe Puig picks it up a couple more notches. Maybe Kemp is his old self. Maybe AGon continues to be Agon. We don’t need or want 9 All Stars. Then there is the old standby: Pitching, pitching, and more pitching. It wouldn’t bother me if HR moves, just not in our division.

  2. Bob says:

    Great post. One of your best. Offer Hanley $14 mil and get the draft pick when he leaves. Maybe Gordon will be ready to play SS in 2015. Ok maybe not.

    Lee still falling on the Baseball America MLB Top 100 list. Will he ever pitch in the big leagues as a #3. Logan pulled $5 mil out of McCheap’s wallet and he got what in return? Still waiting to see if Lee is as good as he “profiled”.

  3. Quasimodo says:

    Those points indeed hold water. When Dodgers invested so much money in scouts with goals of having youth close at hand, there has to come a time to put that play in action. There’s already more veterans locked that might make this difficult. But what HanRam does for a lineup is pretty special and I’m certain the Dodgers will use all of 2014 before jumping. I think Hanley will make it harder to let him go with even better performance this season than last.

  4. Watford Dodger says:

    I think the Dodgers want to see how Hanley goes health wise this season before they offer him anything. If his back/hammy are good by the All Star break they will offer him something he deserves and he will sign as he ” wants to be a Dodger for life”. For me Hanley looks to be the heartbeat of this team. Last year he, more than Puig got us going. He will be a Dodger for a while to come.
    I can’t have League if it means leaving Withrow or Paco out. We have enough experience & quality & have no need to carry anyone who is struggling.
    I think Dan Haren is going to be a great signing & our rotation is going to be as good as there is out there.
    As for 2nd base I think Gordon has a real chance. Obviously Guerro is struggling to make the transition from SS & might need some time at AAA. Flash would at least give us speed at the top of the order & allow Puig to bat further down where he should be.

  5. Badger says:

    Interesting. The Yankees, or Red Sox, make sense because of the DH and the fact they both can overpay him. I think it’s possible the DH will be coming to the NL so extending Ramirez may make more sense. He says he likes LA, we don’t have anyone to replace him, if he tears it up early, pay the man. His bat is very important to this year’s team. There is time to figure this move out. We own him for the entire year. The qualifying offer is a good move if he gets too greedy. But if he has a good year, a healthy extension is worth the risk to me.

  6. Mark_Timmons says:

    Hanley believes he is a Shortstop and if he moved to 3B it would eat him up. Then he would be a cancer. As it stands right now he is a great teammate. He’s not a cancer….but he could be and was in Florida. He’s more mature now, but DON’T MOVE HIM OFF SS!

  7. Bob says:

    Good bye common sense MLB

    Ruiz is busted for using Adderall last season, was suspended and now MLB approves his use of Adderall for 2014. Common on. Does MLB really think that they know more than a physician? If a player receives a prescription from a physician then MLB should not go after the player, they should go after the physician’s medical license if the prescription was not really needed. Where is the “Union” on this issue? Protect the players please. MLB is acting as dumb as the NCAA.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Pretty much agree with Badger. But I also believe that the Dodgers will ultimately not let him dictate where he plays. Shortstop is probably fine for this year and next year. Beyond that it begins to get a little dicey.

    Speaking of shortstops, it looks as if the Dodgers are closer to finalizing a deal with Arrue.


    Finally, if the Dodgers don’t sign Hanley, I’m sure they will find a use for the money they would have spent on him. Make no mistake about it, Hanley is extremely important, but there are probably ways to win without him, especially given the resources the Dodgers possess.

  9. Robert says:


    Alex Guerrero will be the opening day 2b. The media is making a issue of his switch from ss to 2b. If you can play short, you can play 2b. He just needs reps at turning the dp. I’m sure he’s getting great instruction and plenty of practice. He’s a great athlete; the switch shouldn’t be a problem. I’m expecting 15-20 hrs batting 7th. Fantastic!

    • Badger says:

      Good take. Agree completely. He is another player built like a running back. I am really looking forward to seeing what he can do. The Dodgers scouts believe in him. I trust their judgment.

    • grumpy3b says:

      Yup but there are differences, not as big as from 3rd to 1st, in how the ball comes off the bat, judging the swing & spin on the ball which can intimidate some players. I know guys who were super on the left side of the infield but couldn’t pick up a donut if they were a cop on the right side.

      There is also cut-off positioning and all the other “small” things.

      Still an MLB caliber player should be able to make this work. Just I know some guys never feel comfy on the right side of the IF. Oddly it never seems to work the other way.

      • Badger says:

        It’s really not that complicated. If I could do it in college, these guys should be able to do it at the ML level. It is different, and most SS really prefer the left side of the infield (ego mostly) but I look for Guerrero to adjust just fine. It’s a job in the Major Leagues. Work it buddy.

  10. Quasimodo says:

    We can acquire Jose Reyez, put him at short and move Hanley to 3B. Oh yeah, that experiment didn’t go so swell. I don’t think that Hanley harbored any disliking for Reyez, though if Dodgers made that move Hanley would would learn to hate both Reyez and the Dodgers. Moving Hanley to 3B and whoever to short would make Hanley view Dodgers less favorable. The mood at camp really appears these guys are really-really cheerful. I don’t think they’re smiling for the camera, I think they’re having fun. It doesn’t look like any of the OF’s are disgruntled. I’m in my kitchen and living room where I get any clues to judge their demeanor and I and this looks like a team all pulling on the same side of the rope. The 2014 Dodgers are something special. If they’re having fun we will too. 100 games? No sweat! Cheers!

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Are you projecting Guerrero to have 15-20 years at 2nd for the Dodgers? Of course, you realize that Guerrero is about 27. Maybe you’re being humorous and I don’t get it. Wouldn’t be the first time for me.

    Based on everything I read about Kemp, it’s totally understandable why the Dodgers haven’t traded any outfielders. First off, it isn’t so bad to have one of them everyday as bench depth. And secondly, Kemp may not be back as soon as some would like. Personally, I agree with Mark, and hope the Dodgers don’t bring him back until May, at the earliest (“at the earliest” is my emphasis, not Mark’s). But like Mark said, “don’t rush it!” June would be fine with me. And when he does come back, I would hope that he’s eased into the lineup, gets some days here and there, and is removed from games early whenever it makes sense.

    By the way, has anyone noticed if Kemp is wearing protection on his ankle when he hits. Seems to me that the Dodgers wouldn’t want him fouling any balls off that ankle.

  12. Bobby says:

    Meanwhile Yasiel Puig pulling his best Andruw Jones imitation and shows up to camp at 251 lbs, or 26lbs than he played at last year.

    WTF (and the F doesn’t stand for fat)

  13. Pgunn says:

    Despite all of the craziness surrounding him, ARod was an SS who moved to 3B in his prime. Led the AL in double plays at SS three of his last four years. Led the AL in putouts at SS two of his last three years. A better shortstop than Derek Jeter. Moved to third after winning the first of his MVPs at SS.

    When that back tightens up and those hamstrings get sore and those long throws get longer, 3B is gonna look good.

    What might save him at SS is that Seager might outgrow SS and needs to be slotted at third. Somebody needs to have a direction on how this should play out.

  14. Pgunn says:

    If you’re going for a platoon of Gordon/Turner, you might as well have Figgins play 2B.

    AJ Ellis is a career backup; he just happens to be the best C the Dodgers have. So, you work with what you have; no problem with that.

    Donnie can find a way to use League.

    • Badger says:

      I know what he meant.

      I’m on record saying. Seager does not project as a SS. We shall see.

      Arrue is being compared to Iglesias. That would be fine with me. With him at short, Guerrero at second and Hanley at third that may leave the outfield for Seager. Who knows how this will evolve, but it sure is interesting.

    • Pgunn says:

      Because the Dodgers let Russell Martin go and gave Carlos Santana away, AJ Ellis starts. It’s what the Dodgers have and I don’t have complaints in that regard.

      I try to stay away from Brian Kenny…

  15. Pgunn says:

    So, the Dodgers have a shortstop who they are trying figure out a way to move to third.

    A shortstop who is on the track for the majors, who may or may not grow out of the position.

    Two shortstops who they are trying to move to second.

    Now, they sign another shortstop, who may or may not hit, but has got a lot of money.

    What is the plan?

  16. Badger says:

    I think it’s to stack up as many good baseball players as possible. The system was nearly dried up by McButtcheeks, now there is potential all over the place. Except at the catching position. It will sort itself out.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Robert, my humble apologies. I don’t think I need new glasses. Maybe I do. Worst part is that it took an another old guy (SMILE!!!) to catch my error.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, DEPTH, DEPTH, DEPTH, …. And as Badger says, “it will sort itself out.” That’s better than having a paucity of talent, and have nothing to sort itself out.

  18. grumpy3b says:

    as our old pal Al Campanis once stated “…better to move a guy a season too soon than a season too late…”

    I love HR’s ability but unless he can show he’s not “Deja Vu Furcal” AND is willing to be happy at 3rd (or DH soon enough), it was nice to have him on the team but too many other permutations are now present. Make him the QO and see if he is serious about BaD4L.

  19. Watford Dodger says:

    Somebody on here called the Puig weight thing a few weeks back when he last got arrested in Florida – said something along the lines of “did you see him when he got outta the car – looks like he’s done some weight?” – what a great spot!
    26lbs – that is a lot of timber in 3 months! I’m with Bobby – WTF?
    As I’ve said before – I’m not sure Puig’s gonna work out long term.

  20. Pete M. says:

    It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar or D.M. to proclaim “30 teams will want him”!!! That’s a given.. Will we give him an extension??? I would…
    Complaints about lack of IF depth… Now concern over who they keep. No win… Defer to Badger…
    The helmet Sandy, the helmet!!!
    Damn Puig is getting a free pass compared to Uribe and his fat jokes…

  21. Michael says:

    Program alert. ALL the Dodgers spring training games will be televised on MLB.TV[your computer,iPad;phone,et.al.] if that is your path to viewing the games. First game this coming Wednesday.

  22. Quasimodo says:

    Babe Ruth’s home runs we didn’t start until he was moved from the mound to the outfield. He could play all positions, but he pitched better than he fielded. It would of been silly to move the Babe back to pitching. I’m not suggesting that Ruth was disgruntled as a pitcher, I don’t know. But I am suggesting its very possible, I think even likely, that moving Hanley would result in poorer performance offensively for him. If he’s moved to 3B then I’m sure he won’t be a Dodger in the 2nd half of 2014. He’ll be the Yankee’s shortstop. Its paramount for Dodgers winning the championship that HanRam plays short.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And there’s this about Arrue:


    In the above, the following is attributed to Colletti.

    “Our conversations with Hanley, he’s open minded to changing positions at some point and time,” Colletti said.

    The above indicates to me that Hanley is willing to ultimately move to 3B, and that what we’ve heard about him objecting to moving back and forth during the season is likely the case. So yes, I see Hanley as our shortstop for this season, and maybe even next. But ultimately, if the Dodgers develop a better alternative at short, Hanley would willingly move, as long as he’s playing on a championship caliber team. And if the Dodgers with Hanley aren’t a championship caliber team, then we don’t need him.

  24. Badger says:

    At some point in time.

    But that time is not now. Gonzalez, Guerrero, Uribe and Ramirez – Opening Day 3-4-5-6.

    I’m thinking Arrowbar will light up AA, dazzling on defense and hitting there at least what he did in Cuba. We should see him this year. If Figgins has a decent Spring he could catch on somewhere but we don’t need him. Not with our infield depth. Turner and Gordon should be enough.

  25. Roger Dodger says:

    Agree Badger. I think our minor league guys need to perform, and also be ready.

    Injuries just seem to abound here. All of those above 3-4-5-6 could go down for a week or so here and there and we need guys in the minors to call up to play or at least sit on the bench.

  26. Bob says:

    After the World Series was over I thought about the Dodger roster and was concerned about the complete lack of depth in the infield. The Dodger management team has chosen several players who appear to be an upgrade over the talent left over from last year’s roster. We know that Stan is a man with a plan and that Ned can spend money that usually results in the addition of talent.

    I for one now am very excited about the probability of a healthy Dodger team playing in the World Series. Do not rush the injured, do not over work the great, rest the old guys, play the bench, create some healthy competition, play like a team without concern for individual awards, and peak in October.

    I hope that the starters are healthy and therefore are as deep as they appear, the relievers perform beyond our expectations, the outfield is not a major issue, and that the players at second base and catcher perform at an average WAR of 2.

    With much anticipation I hope to sneak away from work to watch the first game of Spring Training on TV.

  27. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Assuming the Dodgers carry 12 pitchers, and 13 position players, that leaves only 5 for the bench. And those are likely to be:

    4th Outfielder (or whatever they want to be called)

    That leaves no room for Figgins, unless he somehow beats out Gordon or Turner.

    If Arrue gets called up later in the year, he likely replaces Gordon, Turner or SVS, unless someone goes down with an injury, or there’s a trade or some other player move.

    And yes, as I said, it’s Hanley at short this year, and maybe next. Beyond that is anyone’s guess. And of course, he hasn’t signed yet for next year and beyond.

    Assuming that Kemp opens the season on the DL, who replaces him? Maybe in that scenario Figgins makes the team to open the season. And unless he has a very hot spring, I don’t see Pederson opening the season in LA even to get a taste of the big leagues. That would give the Dodgers 3 lefthanded hitting outfielders, two of which we know have had problems with southpaws in the past. Besides, SVS can play the outfield.

  28. Badger says:

    Yeah Brooklyn, for a guy who says he likes match ups, having two left-handed left fielders doesn’t provide that for Donnie. Hoping Gordon plays his way on this team. His LH bat and speed gives Mattingly options.

    I like Capuano W but my guess is he gets clobbered in that division.

  29. Roger Dodger says:

    Most of us Dodger fans would like the Hanley drama to end very very very soon.

    Either sign a new contract for a number of years — or declare that he will enter the FA market as soon as he can.

    Enough of this drama and bring on 1,400 SS just in case.

  30. Badger says:

    My feeling on the Arrue signing is a clear message the Dodgers want to improve defense up the middle. Hanley is an average defender at best, plus he hasn’t shown he can stay on the field. Signing Guerrero could have been perceived as a threat to Ramirez but the team immediately moved him and talked about his offensive potential. The Arrue signing is a different message altogether. If he can hit a lick he will be the Dodger SS after this year. Like it or lump it H, our plan is to keep you hitting in the middle if our lineup but you will be moved to third base. If he doesn’t like that idea he won’t sign the extension. And the Dodgers will give him a qualifying offer. I think this is a good plan. I fully approve if the Dodgers direction here.

  31. Pete M. says:

    Being one of my favorites, what’s going to happen to Seagar??? OF??? Really???
    This kid is the real deal in my mind and I hope we dont fiddle-f— all up…
    2015 – Guerrero 2B, Seagar SS, Hanley 3B…

  32. Roger Dodger says:

    Agree Pete M, but the real deal a couple or several years from now.

    He needs to greatly improve his hitting against AA and AAA and major league pitching.

    Watched several games on TV from the Arizona winter league — and he was over matched there.

    He is still very young. If he improves in 2014, maybe he has a shot in 2015 or really maybe it is 2016.

    He is 19 years old right now and in April turns 20.


  33. grumpy3b says:

    Maybe he discovered Hometown Buffet? Probably not too many of those in Cuba. He;s young his arteries can handle it. For now and likely will drop at least 10lbs before the end of spring training.

  34. Bob says:

    Puig looks to me as if he added both muscle and fat. He seemed to have lost some weight during the long 2013 season. I like Donnie’s interview (2/22/14) about Puig leading off and why. Also that many of the players will need to be multi-positional.

    Heard an interview with the attorney for the injured Giants fan while driving the other day. He said several times that only the old Dodgers and McCourt are being sued, not the “Magic Johnson” Dodgers and he gave a long list of alleged violent events of the McCourt years that never caused McCheap to add security personnel and allegations regarding Dodger personnel who testify to it. Also said that the case will definitely go to trial in June 2014.

  35. Badger says:

    The fact that mcPhuknuts hasn’t stepped forward to make this go away says all you need to know about that greaseball. I still blame Selig for letting that cockroach under the door.

    I got the infield as Seager, Arrue, Guerrero and Gonzalez by 2016. Hanley is traded to the Yankeees where he can DH and add a few years to his career. I’m on record saying the NL will adopt the DH and it might happen before ’16, in which case we could keep Hanley. I still say it will sort itself out. Seager, after playing the most demanding position facing the pressbox can play anywhere else behind the pitcher.

  36. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Seager is now going into his age 20 season, and still hasn’t produced against more advanced minor league pitching. Maybe he turns out to be a star, but there’s no guarantee. And, if he’s good, it doesn’t mean he has to make it to LA in 2015 or 2016. In 2017 and 2018 he’ll only be in his age 23 and 24 seasons, respectively. There’s time, and most importantly, the Dodgers have control.

    And what makes anyone think he has to be our third baseman. Seems to me that he could play 3B, 2B, SS, 1B, or a corner outfield spot. Like any competent organization the Dodgers are adding depth everywhere and anywhere they can. Keep in mind that as Seager gets older, so do our currently 30-something players. Over time things will likely work out.

  37. Anonymous says:

    “And what makes anyone think he has to be our third baseman. Seems to me that he could play 3B, 2B, SS, 1B, or a corner outfield spot.” Brooklyn

    I’m all in on that. He is playings short well from I’ve read, but he don’t play it like Arrue does. I say again, if he can play shortstop he can play anywhere. I see Seager with at least two more years figuring it out in the minors. It may take three and he may be blocked at third by Ramirez. In fact, I hope he is. I also hope he starts pounding minor league pitching so hard he forces the Dodgers to move him up.

  38. Quasimodo says:

    I’ve made many more apologies to Juan Uribe than things I’ve said bad of him and I think he has forgiven me. I’ve been checking and asking about the demeanor of the team at camp. Mattingly, Coletti and the vets are responsible for making an environment and opportunity to those who’ve been brought around. I’m in the Figgins camp! Can’t help that. This story has all the makings to prove the F/O is pretty sharp. I don’t know how some see so many wrongs. To put the rights and wrongs on a liberty scale the wrongs don’t weigh shit. I’m excited that as great of a team as we had last year, this one is far better as the plan is falling in place. Are there any of us (I trust opinions here most) who think 2014 Dodgers will be a less than 100 wins? Answer honestly., Cheers!

    • Bob says:

      I believe that the Dodger are capable of winning 100 games but I hope that the Dodgers win less than 100 games, and in the games that they do win they win by an average of 3 runs, because that could mean that Donnie is playing everyone, resting those that need it, trying to peak in October, and has stopped trying to win every game and burn out the bullpen, and the rest of the team, like his mentor Joe Torre. Just win three more than everyone else.

  39. Bobby says:

    Agree with Brooklyn about where Saeger could possibly end up. He could be anywhere on the field and he could be Billy Ashley. Better to have too many options than rely only on some 19 year old. It all sorts itself out.

    I like how the Australian officials are upset at Greinke over his lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming Australia series. It’s actually pretty funny.

  40. grumpy3b says:

    i’ve mentioned this on a friend’s Dodger board years back. But As far as I’ve known the one position the Dodgers have historically had marginal or short term older guys who were once very good to excellent but not near their peaks as Dodgers is….3rd base. They had Cey and Beltre but other than A bit of Wallach and, cripes I forget the other guy that was pretty nice at one time, with another team, it’s been a spot where they use a Franken-player of bolted together parts. Even Pedro Guerrero was only there because he needed to be and just a couple seasons.

    So this era Dodgers issues with 3rd seem like business as usual to me. I think it would be awesome should Ramirez would move over to 3rd. One reason is he could actually be “the guy” for the Dodgers for a long time as I also feel the DH is indeed coming to the NL and right now with this team, I actually would LOVE it this season.

    Oh, and all the Dodgers need to do is start signing Russian & Czech players which when combined with the last names of the Cuban guys, Vinny might have to hit the DL fro a sprained tongue. I live for hearing Vinny with these names, it will be a classic moment. I won’t mention Steiner trying to mumble his way through them.

  41. Quasimodo says:

    I will never be in favor of DH in the NL. Yes its little more than stubbornness. But I want to see pitchers up. If Dodgers moved to the AL, I’d gag and surely lose interest. And Dodgers having what’s probably the best hitting rotation in the big’s is not my reason. It wouldn’t too shocking if the AL were to DH shortstop as in most cases shortstop isn’t considered a position of offense. I don’t care for so many HR parks that are featured in the biggest part by the AL. I’ll say that umpires bunk calls being possibly disputed through instant replay is a long time coming because that only makes sense. Oh well, I really don’t think we’ll see DH in the NL in my lifetime. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen soon.

  42. Pete M. says:

    Quas I’m with ya 100%… It’s a beautiful thing seeing our staff lay down a bunt or just flat out hit.. Just say NO TO DH…
    Grumpy its been a parade of heartaches… One guy I thought had a chance to break the speel was Mueller from Bosox and I dont think he made it out of of ST…
    Could you imagine Harry Caray calling em out about the 6th. on??? Have mercy…

  43. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Did those extra pounds and added muscle transform Gordon into our new cleanup hitter?

    On paper the Dodgers have the potential to win 100 games, even more. But how many games this team wins depends mainly on one thing. HEALTH. If the Dodgers are completely healthy they will run away with the West. If not, it’s anybody’s guess.

  44. Roger Dodger says:

    I do not like the DH for baseball . . . BUT, the A.L. has it and it does change the game.

    Their teams (in the A.L.) have one player designated to do just that. Hit. Most N.L. teams just use a bench role player.

    Therefore — over the past several years (you can check here) I have been FOR the N.L. to adopt the DH.

    I am tired of seeing the A.L. teams get older player to be their DH and keep them active longer. AGon and Hanley are two examples of players who could do some serious DHing from time to time now, and in a few years just be the full time DH.

  45. Badger says:

    I’ve been a hold out on the DH. Most of us older guys have been. But I think ithe move to the DH is coming. And watching pitchers attempt to hit has been frustrating for years. Most of them can’t bunt worth crap either.

    Gordon off to an interesting start. Who did he hit it off? Was it a cookie?

  46. T.O.Dave says:

    Hello All,

    I can smell it. Baseball is in the air! Ahh, spring training. Grumpy, was that other 3b you were thinking about Robin Ventura? I loved watching him play. He just became a Dodger too late. Hope he has a long, successful career as a manager. I’ll never forget my neighbor Sparky telling me what a hell of a manager he thought Robin would be some day. Yes, that Sparky (RIP).

  47. Watford Dodger says:

    With you all the way Quas. I enjoy watching the pitchers bat & the management of the latter innings – however one thing I can’t have is that you would lose interest in the Dodgers if the DH was introduced – absolutely no chance – well maybe until game time!

    On a different note, something I noticed last season was that Ryu is very vulnerable early on. I have no idea if the stats back that up? And I know you guys love your starts, but I certainly noticed him getting hit hard early towards the back end of the season. He then would go on to pitch strongly. His problems were nearly always in the first couple of innings.

    Therefore it wasn’t too much of a surprise yesterday when his second pitch disappears ( to Dee Gordon of all people) and then a further HR to HR in the same innings. Just an observation.

    I’m also rooting for Chone to get a spot. Think it’s nostalgia but he was good once upon a time.

    • Quasimodo says:

      As I’m possibly remembering wrongly, it seemed he put runners on base and work out of a few jams. I recalled Vin telling us that Ryu enjoys runners on. Maybe he’ll be able to explain his theories to Bills when he returns. Bills sorta dint do as swell in jams. Well the last 8 games were great except his exits from last season and one before. There’s a continuing saga to this bummer of having such a weak computer. a couple days ago I re-upped a subscription to McAffee and Don’t know if I will be able to to move it to a new computer. I can’t say McAffee provides a decent product. I’ve had visitors who are much more savvy with these damn things and my problems multiply daily. If I’m not around for awhile it’ll be me or this P-O-S dead.

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