Well, actually it’s only 3 or 4.  It’s funny that they say we have 10 people who read this site, when they have about 10 people over there who post what seems to be hundreds of times.  I guess I started it by saying that my IQ drops when I read their comments, BUT IT IS OBVIOUSLY TRUE, AND THEY PROVED IT BY THEIR TROLLING. Most of us don’t bother to post there.

First of all, I have never bashed DodgersDigest – I have it as Mandatory reading.  Want to know how many hits they get from our site?  I know, but they can tell you.  I also think their writers are excellent, led by Mike Petriello, who with Jon Weisman’s abduction by aliens, is now the Preeminent Dodger Blogger – unquestionably.   I did question one article by Daniel Brim, but complemented him on how well researched and written it was.  Geez…. do I have to agree with everything?  The dude is obviously smart!

Yes, my hair is getting a little thin – when you have lived 60 years, let me know how yours is, but I really don’t need your validation.  Come to think of you, you probably won’t ever live that long!  I keep this site because lots of people have asked me to.   I am the President of an International Company that I built from the ground up.  Nothing has even been handed to me, and my wife an I operate 3 other businesses, so I have little time for this.  I do it for the readers now.

I did get a picture of the three main culprits.

I did get a picture of the three main culprits.

So when little, small-minded trolls pop out of the woodwork and call me names or belittle me, it only reinforces that I am doing the right thing.  I don’t need their pathetic validation.  I know what I do and have done.


Since they are obviously too mentally-challenged to stay away, I have blocked two of them for the good of the community.  If they are smart enough to use other IP addresses I will also block them.  I already know who they are.

Dodger News:

  • This just in:  Yasiel Puig’s judge in his reckless driving case was spotted driving a new Mercedes.  He was observing the speed limit, however!
  • The clock is ticking on Mike Young – 9 bad at bats in the playoffs last year should not define him.  There’s a lot more to it than that.  That said, I’d be happy with youngsters on the bench and in the pen (the later isn’t happening).
  • Kyle Russell is now a student at The University of Texas at Austin studying for what looks to be a sports management career.
  • Jody Reed evidently felt he had no future with the Dodgers so he left and took a job with the Yanks.  You may have heard, but it’s been kept quiet.


  1. Badger says:

    It’s just bad manners by some young guys trying to act tough. Obviously they felt threatened by you. OD’s all. Notta to worry. Just move on.

    Puig must have been innocent. Ha. Our justice system at its finest. That highway is a speed trap. You have enough money you can get out of the trap. That IS how it works.

    I’ve been thinking about the #5 job. I believe most if us are comfortable leaving it open as an opportunity. My gut tells me the Dodgers don’t feel that way. My guess is they sign somebody and a work a start or two for – whoever – in late summer.

  2. the truth hurts says:

    Lifestyles of the rich and famous, gotta love it. And this kid was on a boat crossing the border a couple of years ago….go figure.

    Trolls, they crack me up. Nothing better else to do than to hate on other Dodger fans? Really? Maybe we’ll start fighting each other in the stands this season, who knows, that would be different, cool maybe. We can have different Dodger gangs and claim our own sections. Actually, I think we have those already, must be the trolls posting on here that don’t actually pay attention to the Dodgers, but use blogs to talk BS…grammys…things of that nature.

  3. Bobby says:

    Trolls aside: there are 5 Dodges in Keith Law’s Top 100 Prospects:

    14. Julio Urias
    18. Corey Seager
    41. Joc Pederson
    75. Zach Lee
    96. Chris Anderson

    Overall, the organization is up to 11th from 18 last year

  4. Pete M. says:

    #11… Were moving on up!!! Happiness would be plugging in kids in the next several year with an occasional FA thrown in…As much as I like CC, I hope Joc P. rakes in AA next year and makes it it impossible to ignore…Joc starting CF or LF in 2015 or ???

    • Badger says:

      Pederson gets on base (.381) and steals bases (31). Maybe he is the lead-off hitter we have been looking for. I wonder what the Dodgers plan for him actually is. We have eleventy hundred millions of dollars tied up in our outfield and none of them are really a lead-off guy, though I suppose Puig could do it. Crawford isn’t the right fit for that role. He hasn’t played 150 games since he was with the Rays, and projects, at best, around 140 with a .325 OBP. Frankly I doubt he sees 130 games. Who leads off when he is nursing owies? I would sure like to know if Pederson can hit ML pitching, or at least get on base better than .325. How do we find out?

  5. Quasimodo says:

    Lolzz, Just read the last entry and can see Mark had removed a couple comments. Usually any comments I’ve made at MSTI were to compliment the author’s writing of whichever story or, less often, to state how I see things different. I guess I’ll need to restrain myself from doing even that as I’ll be identified as the enemy and I just don’t seek wasting time to go nowhere. I like when my comments gain respect and puts me on the writer’s friendly side. It opens the door the have a voice the next time round. There exists a threat inside this keyboard life that’s likely to evolve into more social rudeness. If one occupies the majority of his time practicing rudeness it’ll just be habitual. It sure isn’t brave.

  6. Adam says:

    “I know what I do and have done.”

    Attaboy, Mark! If somebody doesn’t like you, it’s not your problem, it’s their problem. I seen practically everything Dodgers related, and your site is far and away the best!

  7. Quasimodo says:

    Clay Davenport today said Dodgers win the division with 88 wins. 88!? I’m not buying that at all. I’ll bet him even $ and spot him 10 wins Dodgers will best that. Yes, I’ll bet Dodgers get 98 wins at worse. $100 anybody?

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s gonna cost more to see a Dodgers game.


    The price of winning, I guess. Of course, it’s not going to affect me over here in NY.

    Not sure I’d be all that keen on a Price for Ryu deal. Price obviously has the longer track record, but their comparable stats last year were pretty close. Ryu is younger, way cheaper, and currently under control through his contract for quite a few more years. I’d just as soon keep Ryu and use the saved cash for other purposes.



  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Pederson hit 22 HR last year and 18 the year before. As he continues to mature, his power could continue to increase. Even with a high OBP, the Dodgers may see Pederson as a middle of the order guy, not lead-off. Perhaps in time, if he continue to progress, Perderson could find a home hitting third.

  10. Bobby says:

    I have a feeling that because of guys coming off injury (Kemp), Joc Pederson will see a LOT of time this spring. If he struggles hard, oh well, he goes back to AA.

    BUT, if he really opens eyes, then for sure Ethier or Crawford will be dealt, and I personally think the other one of Ethier/Crawford who isn’t dealt first will be dealt later to make room for Joc.

    I still think Kemp has MVP talent, and you can’t trade that. Puig obviously is in RF.

    2015 outfield could be Pederson, Kemp, Puig. That’s athletic.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Interesting possible situation for next winter:

    In 2014, Kershaw has a nice season, goes 18-9 in 34 starts, with a 2.12 ERA.

    But — Greinke goes 23-4 in 34 starts, with a 2.02 ERA and wins the Cy Young Award.

    And Greinke wants to re-look at his contract — asking for the same kind of deal that Kershaw has per season. Not talking about the total amount or years here.

    What do the Dodgers do? Sign him as equal annual pay or let him escape one way or another . . . .

  12. dpwtv says:

    When is Greinke’s opt out… 3rd or 4th year? In any case, he can have that season this year…. they can work on any extension the following year if it’s 3 or the year after if it’s year 4 opt out

  13. Chad Moriyama says:

    “Jae says:

    January 27, 2014 at 4:52 PM

    I read the post earlier and went to Daily Dodgers to look at the rankings and Feelin’ Kinda Blue had no votes. Neither did Chad Moriyama and MSTI had just a few.

    Now they have a bunch of 10′s.

    You all know what you need to do. Go there and vote. They are obviously doing it.

    This is really funny.

    Mark has so much power over those “little boys.””

    Hi, I just wanted to say that:

    1) I had no idea that site even existed before I was made aware of your comments today.

    2) The fact that you think I care at all about the results of an open poll is disturbing.

    3) Even worse is you trying to assign me personality/character traits on the ASSUMPTION I’m there voting for myself for the sake of my e-rep or something. It’s borderline delusional, seriously.

    Not even going to bother with the rest of it, but it’s honestly a bit freaky that you spew so much vitriol towards me even though I’ve said absolutely nothing and done absolutely nothing. Like … how is this not ridiculous in your head?


    • Mark_Timmons says:


      I am not sure if you are saying the above to me or Jae. I’ll let Jae speak for himself but lots of what I say I tongue in cheek and I have NEVER spewed vitriol towards you. I read your stuff all the time. I just wanted to set that straight if you were referring to me. If not. Peace!

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Chad, brother, people will talk and say things to some that men nothing to others. Those comments to me mean nothing (above).

    I have looked at the DD site — and for me, the stats are “overkill” big time. And the junior comments posted by viewers is like the Mickey Mouse Club in full power.

    I get lost with +3, -2 or what ever, so what.

    Better yet, get me inside Matt Kemp’s rehab. How many hours a day, what is he doing, how is it going, etc.

    More on the Cuban possible players. There has to be more stuff down there . . . get an insider report from Cuba, someone who lives there, to get us just what kind of a player are some of these guys.

  15. Badger says:

    I voted.

    Mike calling to trade for Daniel Murphy. We talked about that last year, but that was before we signed Guerrero. You don’t give a guy that kind of money without believing you just signed your starter.

  16. Pete M. says:

    We dont need Daniel Murphy… Give me a good glove and I’ll be happy.. ST will tell us alot about Dee G., Rojas, Sellers, ad nauseum…
    What do we have brewing, a Hatfield mcCoy blog thing??? I cruise all the sites and enjoy a little bit from all…Some days are better than others… Thats where it ends though… I have to go to the comments section and every 3rd or 4th. page has something sports related…NOT HERE and I hope it stays that way…

  17. 86McCourt says:

    I never knew that site existed till it was posted as well. Im sure others thought the same. There is obviously two different writing styles for these entirely different blogs. Mark is known for having some outside of the box ideas (putting it nicely) and being very brash in the comment section. DD is MANDATORY reading!! While i dont entirely agree with all Marks ideas, it is entertaining……and thats what blogs are all about. Right?! Not to mention the wonderful insight from all you fine people. But, honestly, if you dont think ya went down to their level with an entire post dedicated to trolls and the comment to VND……well….it doesnt matter really. Lets just get back to baseball!! I see you all have…..i came when the dust settled and wanted to comment on it : )

    • 86McCourt says:

      I wouldnt have considered these guys trolls hadnt ya provoke a reaction out of them…..it was more of a defensive move……BASEBALL!!! Does anybody know if Dee gordan sill has options?

      • Badger says:

        I believe Gordon was out of options last year.

        I still have Guerrero starting and Gordon on the bench. I could see Gordon playing 156 games next year, pinch running often late in games. What a weapon speed is. If Young signs we’re good, if not I guess we find a corner back up somewhere else. First base is the easiest in the infield to learn. A good athlete could be adequate with a few weeks practice. Heck, I could teach Ethier the fundamentals in an afternoon. I could teach Mark in a … ok, maybe that’s a stretch. The point is both Uribe and AGon will need time off. It would be great to have the same guy do both positions but we can get around that.

  18. Gonzo says:

    What 86 said. If it’s a dodger site, I’m all for reading it. Eventually the inferior ones weed themselves out. Dodgers Digest is awesome reading, even if I don’t understand some of the numbers they present. I think you have to be at another level to not only write about those stats, but to use them effectively in your writing. My hats of to those at Dodgers digest.

    This community here is poster driven and more dialogue which is what I prefer. I read both sites but post only here. I hope that everyone remembers that we are on the same side and get back to baseball

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    I suggested, above, that Greinke could out pitch Kershaw this coming season — based on:

    Kersahw will pitch a lot of games facing the other team’s #1 pitcher. Thus, our #1 verses their #1.

    Then Greinke could face their #2 pitcher in the rotation. But Greinke would be a #1 on many teams — and I believe just might have an easier time of it than Clayton.

    Thus, by the end of the season, Greinke could have a better record than Kershaw. Just a possibility — and if so, then over the winter he could want to re-look as his salary with the team.

  20. Gonzo says:

    I see what you’re saying Roger, but Greinke is one of the top 5 paid pitchers in the MLB.
    1. Kershaw

    2. Verlander

    3. Hernandez

    4. Sabathia

    5. Greinke

    He is being paid like a number 1. He makes more than Cole Hamels who I think would benefit from playing in a bigger park than Philly. Based on ability I think you could swap Sabathia and Greinke, but nobody will pay him top three money.

  21. Badger says:

    You can go to fangraphs for definitions Gonzo. I realize all teams use the metrics system, and I respect that, but I think you only need a few to know how good somebody is. Guys who hit .300 with 20+ home runs and 100 RBIs will have high metrics across the board. Same thing for pitchers with 200 innings of 1.0 WHIP.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I’ve heard that stuff about our #1 facing the other teams #1, and our #2 facing the other teams #2, and so on. That simply is not the case after the start of the season. The schedules of teams don’t coincide throughout the season. Different days off, game cancellations, and so on and so forth. So as the season progresses, #1 could go up against #5, and #2 could go against #4, and so on.

    It’s possible that Greinke could have a better season than Kershaw, but that’s not what is expected based on what we’ve seen in the past. But as they say in the investment world, past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. So anything is possible.

    I was on the fence about Michael Young. So maybe, for the Dodgers, it’s just as well that he retired.

  23. Bobby says:

    Michael Young had a great career and man, I wish we had him about 4-5 years ago!!

    But a dead cow could have done less harm than he did in the StL series. Never ever have I heard of a guy causing more outs than having at bats in a series. We can do better, and apparently, we will do better. Thank the good lord!

    Pitchers and catchers report next week, I believe?? Since this Laker season ended before it began, and the Kings offense scores about as much as I did in high school, Im so happy the Blue is back.

  24. Bob says:

    So Young retires. He no longer is a top 1% earner. Then again all baseball players are in the top 1% since the major league minimum of %500,000 is higher than $400,000. So why would a liberal follow baseball and all of the 1%? Never will understand that.

    Glad that Young chose family over the money. He is now back in the real world like the rest of us.

  25. Badger says:

    Why say something silly and provocative like that Bob? There are progressives who are wealthy . Many of them sit in those seats right behind home plate at Dodger Stadium.

    Young made around $90 million playing baseball. You think because he stopped playing all that money is gone?

  26. grumpy3b says:


    Been reading off and on for mo that a few years now now, oh this is not about the trolldiots, but never looked at your business site, until today and that AirMax system add popped up. Now that is a nifty product. IN the industry in which I work it could be a nifty novelty selling point to customers. The price point is over what I could justify to the bosses just now, but I am passing it along just to plant the seed.

    Where we are it’s all about conservation and especially water in this drought we’re in. I’m sure your marketing folk have the metrics pointing to this area as it’s affluent beyond reason and the LOVE the idea of water rationing and abhor the idea of buying water in bottles even though 90% of them are invested in some form of beverage mfg stock. But I could see the city being intrigued as they are seriously considering water rationing as we have a bleak rain outlook the rest of the winter/spring.

    Would love to see some of your gear in place around the county. Wish our business could justify the investment but not this year…great product though.

    now back to basebrawl…

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