On April 4, 2002, on this very site I wrote the first blog post of LaDodgerTalk.com.  It was short and sweet and here it is:

It wasn’t a fan who threw that needle on the field last night.  It fell out of Barry Bonds’ ass!

Nomar?  It didn’t take long.  Call up Loney and get it over with!

World Crossing Sucks again!  I intend to make this a full-blown web site soon with some really good message board software.  Suggestions?

Predictably, there were no comments.

With the transition of Jon Weisman (Dodger Thoughts) to his dream job and the consolidation going on within the Dodger Blogosphere, I am going to claim that I am now the longest-standing Dodger Blogger because even www,DodgerBlues.com is a ghost town.   Maybe there is another one that has ran longer – I am not aware of it, but if there is, I’m sure someone will set me straight.

This is also the only site that doesn’t have annoying ads all over the place.  LA Dodger Talk is sponsored by one of my companies, namely www.USwaterSystems.com, but we have no paid ads.   That simply means that the Marketing Department of US Water helps me with things I needs help with on the blog.  Thanks to James, Owen, Ben and Shawn who indulge my every whim.  I started US Water  about two years before this blog and in that period of time we have become one of the world leaders in water treatment – we have had several years of doubling sales, but last year was just at a 24% rate.  The business takes a lot of my time and it is fun – we are a company where people want to work.  We treat our employees well, pay them better than our competitors and are flexible for families, but they work hard…. while having fun!

We have gongs that ring when certain sale thresholds are met, and the salesperson of the day gets to wear a Superman cape.    Our employee turnover rate is low and we have highly skilled people throughout the organization.  Not a month goes by that someone doesn’t try and buy us, but we are growing exponentially and having fun – why sell now?

I am proud of the fact that I didn’t start this in my mother’s basement, but rather created LA DODGER TALK while I was creating America’s Water Company along with dozens of new jobs.  I was the first blogger to sit in the pressbox at Dodger Stadium and have enjoyed the Dodgers for over 50 years.

I am telling you this because I have had thoughts of quitting blogging for quite some time… and have tapered back.  I also write  another business  blog and all of the copy for US Water Systems, so I sometimes feel overwhelmed by writing all day – especially since I am not a writer.  In fact, I was going to turn this site into a Forum, but that is problematic.  Instead, I have a surprise for you that I will unveil soon.  Stay tuned.

Isn’t it ironic that the guy who is the worst writer of the bunch and not a saber-metric geek has the longest tenured Dodger blog?   Proof that 95% of life is just showing up.  I can’t hold a candle to the writing ability of Mike Petriello, Chad Moriyama or Jon Weisman, but here I am (WOW) … and now I am going a different direction.  The blog will still be here, if that is what you are wondering.


  1. Quasimodo says:

    And a most special thanks from me, Mark. My thanks are special because they are genuine. Long live LADodgertalk.com. I hope you measure your brainchild as a success, because it is a success. Don’t know how that translates to $, but I don’t believe that that’s what your goal was. Again, thanks.

  2. Pete M. says:

    Kudos to you Mark…
    When I tell people about the site, the first thing I note is that the commentators keep it clean and with alot of baseball savvy… (with a lil socio-economic and political banter mixed in when times are glacial)
    LADodger Talk represents what’s good with sports blogs…

  3. Idaho al says:

    Same from me Mark, thanks. I enjoy this blog and everybody is respectful. I look at the other blogs just to read what they may be saying, but this is the only one I comment on.

  4. Quasimodo says:

    I sorta doubt that this part of the off season is where your inside contacts lend a voice to bring you up to speed, Mark. But even more than Tanaka, I’m very curious how extending HanRam talks are progressing. The only signs I’m able to take note on is Hanley seems to be pretty cheerful in his tweets. I don’t fallow those, but they get relayed by bloggers. If we have a cheerful HanRam it has to be a great sign. I guess most writers are just taking that for granted as not a lot of them are addressing this issue yet.

  5. Bob says:

    I am slightly surprised at the salary requests of Jansen and Ellis. Jansen spent half of the year as a setup man, due to someone’s stupidity, and Ellis is on the decline. Jansen is obviously worth the amount of his request but I do not think that is the basis of an arbitrator’s award. The arbitrator will look at the number of saves and hold for the Dodgers. He better compromise in the next couple of days. As for Ellis, his pre All Star Game BA was .262 and his post ASG it was .207. Ellis should be limited to 120 games in 2014. Of course he will argue that the Team’s starting pitching ERA is because of him but will the arbitrator be provided with objective evidence to substantiate such a claim? He should compromise too.

    Everyone should be in the fold by the end of next week anticipating the reporting of pitchers and catchers on February 8th! Let the count down begin.

  6. Voldomer says:

    This is good to read, Mark. I don’t post “good bye” messages anymore when you announce you are shutting things down, because I know you love this too much and will be back.

  7. Bobby says:

    Appreciate all this, Mark!

    Why did it take me so many years to find this site???? I remember I was on Dodgerblues, and somebody messaged me and wrote something like “hey, you seem to have some good opinions, why don’t u come over to this site where it’s less nonsense and more Dodger related stuff”. Thanks to whomever that was!!

    Again, Mark, if you need help with anything related to this site, I’m willing.

    Good NFL day!!!

  8. Watford Dodger says:

    Well done again Mark. Takes a lot of effort & imagination to keep a site like this fresh.
    The credit must also be shared among the posters in here though. It also took me a while to find this place but what makes it different is the quality of the posting. The research and time that some of you guys put in is second to none. The mature comments and respect is much different from some of the childishness on other forums. This format only works if people direct the conversation from within. So the prolific posters – Obviouly Badger but also Brooklyn, Quas, Roger, Bob & Bobby to name a few plus others who would have posted here long before my time all deserve credit for the way things run on a day to day basis.
    Thanks again Mark – let’s hope the new ideas are as successful as the old ones and I for one am very grateful for you keeping it running.

  9. Bobby says:

    I find this tweet regarding Tanaka important. Looks like we’ll know in a few days if our rotation becomes really legen (wait for it)…… dary.

    Tanaka’s decision should come Tuesday or Wednesday to allow time for further medical exams to take place prior to the Friday deadline, an AL scout tells David Kaplan of CSNChicago.com (via Twitter).

  10. Quasimodo says:

    I have a little guilt in that I think I may have chased away Dodger legend Bill Russell. I only meant to compliment him and it seemed he was uneasy with that. Bill Russell played more Dodger games than any other and he very much has my respect. Indeed we all find this site as our #1. You all make good medicine and I’ll bet there’s several current Dodgers who frequently read this blog. Think we talk Kasten into fronting us a suite so we can all tip a beer in cheers? I think we deserve that! Lolz

  11. Bobbie17 says:

    Great site. I have been sampling the others, but none allow the simplicity of the comment portion of the site. I am all for simplicity. The indexing along the margin for the other sites is really helpful, and I hope that once the dust settles, it will be updated. This is the best. Save your time and just reference the other links, and keep this site mostly for sharing comments. Thanks. I was starting to see what the world will be like without this and the other sites that have folded, and I didn’t like what I saw.

  12. Badger says:

    Worldcrossing. It’s been so long I forgot the name of the place. Mark as Mountainmover for years. That was where I started this blogging business. Great group there. Similar to what we have here.

    Agree about Jansen and Ellis. Not sure how much most catchers have to do with ERAs and Ellis appears to tire. What is a 120 game .250 catcher worth?

    Legen…………dary? Have to think about that one.

  13. Quasimodo says:

    What is a 120 game .250 catcher worth? Well to the pitching rotation a lot! While A.J. has had a down year at the plate he hasn’t had one behind it. There’s several reasons I’m a fan of Ellis. He puts more into it than just the game, he’s one of the team that puts a plan together. Very reliable and it seems the Kid K has complete trust in him. Gotta add that into mix.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Given the salaries that players are getting these days, I think A.J. Ellis is worth every penny he gets. Sure, at 33 he’s probably best limited to 120 games. But I’m fine with that, since I really do think he’s an integral part of the success of our pitching staff. And I think that despite what some think, that Fedex is a more than adequate backup, and a better hitter than some believe. But that’s my opinion. And both of our catchers do a great job controlling the running game of the opposition. In fact, if memory serves, I believe that Ellis threw out about 44% of runners. That’s Yadier Molina numbers.

    And I agree with what Quas said above.

    With all that said, it would be nice to see the Dodgers develop a successor. But the for the time being, I believe our catching is in good hands, especially if the rest of the lineup hits around them.

  15. Badger says:

    If you check the lists of best catchers in baseball, offensively defensively or combined, AJ is not to be found. What is the median salary of catchers in the league? Give him that and move on.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    First off, I believe AJ is better than his numbers last year. But that’s my subjective view, as is my belief that his value also includes intangibles like running the game, game prep, and what appears to be the universal respect he seems to have with his teammates. Intangibles are next to impossible to measure objectively, and certainly don’t show up in any stats. Ellis is by no means an All-Star, but valuable nevertheless. I don’t have the time to look at the catcher stats and salaries right now, but for me, at least, AJ passes the eye test. Good enough for me now. And besides, as I alluded to above, salaries have definitely gone up this winter, probably due to $25 million increase the new national TV contract is bringing every team.

  17. jerry says:

    a j,, i think .has more pass ball then fed x..just fed x cant hit , i could be wrong…but it seem to me ..just about every game ..some goes to second on a pass ball or a wild pitch.

  18. Badger says:

    Appreciate the love for Ellis, but he only played 115 games last year. All his numbers were down with an OPS+ of 93. He had a decent WAR so he may be rewarded for that. Arb numbers say between 3-4.5. He made 2 last year. Even though the numbers were down, give him a raise and move on. They’ll get it done. Our catcher position is good defensively but between the two we have it’s a bottom of the order position offensively and I don’t expect much out of it.

    Anything else new? Denver/Seattle – who you got?

  19. Pete M. says:

    Brooklyn…Stick by your guns… I have heard many a story on AJ’s game day prep and tutelage of FedEx… Kersh has said he calls a great game and I’ll stop there… With Stan making it rain this offseason, just do it and then sign HanRam.
    Yes, this is from an ex catcher with meniscus on the left side screaming for arthroscopic magic…

  20. mjrod55 says:

    Hey Mark, I too appreciate this site. I don’t blog much, but I read it everyday and really like the contribution everyone makes to it. I love that it is always about the Dodgers and not the rants I see on other blogs about a bunch of other nonsense. Keep up the good work.

  21. SpokaneBob says:

    I too appreciate this site Mark. I don’t always have time to post, but I read 3 or 4 times a day on my phone. I hate to use my phone to post, its a pain.

    Looking forward to getting Tanaka……hope it happens.

  22. Jimbo says:

    Mark, thanks for this site. Your reward is all the people who come on here and post comments. People can give their opinions without dealing with a bunch of Jack wAgons.

  23. Badger says:

    Well it didn’t take long for DD to turn into MSTI mindless rants from posters. They were all there within a couple of hours – 600 posts already. I’ll read the writers pov’s but I won’t be posting there.

  24. Badger says:

    I think it’s generally accepted policy that the manager, pitcher, pitching coach and catcher go over a game plan on each opposing hitter before the game. The catcher gives both pitch and location with his sign. All of this is predetermined. I’ve heard from some sources that location is what pitchers change more than the pitch itself. Kershaw and Ellis know each other well, study hitters together before each game and talk about approaches for the first, second, third and fourth plate appearances. Heck, we did that in college. Calling the game is easy for experienced catchers. What is more important to me in my catcher is CS % and OPS. But, that’s just me. It’s also why Molina got the contract he did.

  25. Frank A says:

    It seems so odd that just when the Dodgers have real potential to go to and maybe even when the World Series, so many Dodger fan sites are shutting down. Aren’t the Dodgers worth writing about if you can’t complain about them?

  26. Watford Dodger says:

    Just been over there Badger. Won’t be going back. Purerile nonsense.
    I’ve been thinking about signing Tanaka and why I’m not feeling the love. Is it because it almost feels a bit greedy to take him as well as Kersh, Grienke & Ryu? Am I so used to the McCourt era of prudence that this seems wrong – almost like we don’t really need him as well? We should be able to make do with what we’ve got? It doesn’t feel like we collectively as a club & fans are that bothered, ambivalent almost.
    However – when you really think about it, if he does sign what a rotation. Especially if we reach the post season. If Kemp, Hanley & Gonzo stay healthy & Puig progresses we should be in for one hell of a season. The pen looks great as well. Just a utility infielder and we would be ready to go. He really would be the icing on the cake so let’s hope it happens!

  27. Badger says:

    A few merged Frank. That’s what DD is, but as W just noted, a much younger group of posters that don’t bring much to the conversation. The writing itself might be decent, but posting there probably isn’t for this group.

    I think you raise an interesting point W. What I found myself asking is simply this – will this team of rich players have the will to perform at a high level for nearly 200 games? Is it possible that with this much talent on the field they might look around for somebody else to do it? Or, like the Yankees, the Dodgers become an organization that makes bank, but doesn’t win all that many championships. Whatever the future holds, I’m on board and remain grateful the miscreant McButtchump is gone.

  28. Quasimodo says:

    Word around the campfire is these Dodgers have a lot of fun. For the most part its the same team as last year. The energy is great and there’s no way 2014 will start off nearly as bad as the start of the 2013 season. This crew is more than just passionate about baseball, they’re passionate about being a part of this franchise. Its a little better team than the team that went 42-8, and only great teams can do that good. They are all very aware they’re part of something big. Maybe Dodgers won’t win the Tanaka sweepstakes, but I’d bet Tanaka is hoping the Dodgers win it.

  29. Bobbie17 says:

    Lots of Tanaka talk on the other sites. I think the bench is more important, at this point. I wouldn’t mind giving Gordon a chance to be the guy, but we need a veteran who is somewhat reliable. Let Gordon work into that role. Someone who can play 3d.
    I still like Michael Young, but he might be expensive and may want to start. I think he would get plenty playing time backing up at 2d and 3d, possibly 1st. He is the best option at this point. On Tanaka, let the Cubs pay too much for him, and we can settle for one of the other free agents to be a #5. That will give our farm guys a chance to be that 5, possibly 4. Keep the farm system fluid and moving players up.

  30. Roger Dodger says:

    Usually the #4 and #5 guys in the rotation do not figure much in post season.

    But — I think we better play the season out before we slot with numbers the 1 – 5 list.

    And, I think ownership is looking a year and two down the road — and possible trades involving pitchers we have for other positions.

    At some point in the next year or so, the Dodgers will have to obtain catching. Ellis is getting on in years and FedEx is not the next Campy.

  31. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Just checked in on Dodgers Digest. Some interesting reading, but I too wouldn’t post there. Not a very intelligent conversation going on over there, and most posts just get buried.

    As for Tanaka, just keeping my fingers crossed, and trying to ignore all the rumors. Whether it happens quickly or stretches out until Friday at 5 pm EST (2 pm PST for all you left coasters), we’ll know soon enough. I know the Dodgers have the resources to sign Tanaka, and I’m sure they would pay a lot, and add some extra years over five. However, if one of the other teams goes nuts in their bidding, I’m sure there’s a line over which the Dodgers won’t cross. Where that is, I don’t know, and I’m guessing it’s pretty high.

    If they don’t sign Tanaka then they have to decide if any of the kids are ready, or if they can get by with Beckett/Billingsley. If not, maybe they would sign one of the other pitchers on the market, although I doubt if they would sign anyone beyond 1 or 2 years.

  32. Quasimodo says:

    I just had a thought that TWC might have a voice and possibly bucks to influence Dodgers to make a substantial bid in the Tanaka sweepstakes. It would seem there to be a fairly major market in Japan for its populace to have service for what games he pitches for, and I’m only guessing, but that would seem to funnel through TWC. I think those rights were purchased by TWC. Japan is a very large market.

    • Bobby says:

      excellent point, and one I hadn’t thought of.

      We all know the marketing opportunities for us in Japan if we get Tanaka, but how does Sportschannel LA, or whatever it’s called, benefit from it?

  33. Watford Dodger says:

    I agree Roger – mustn’t get ahead if ourselves.
    However after the experience of last post season it is clear that you need 4 starters. Remember the debate about both Kersh & Grienke being asked to pitch on short rest because we didn’t trust Nolasco or Cappy? And look what happened to Kershaw in game 6?

  34. Watford Dodger says:

    My memory must be going – didn’t think it was as much as 6 days rest. Still think 4 quality starters is essential for post season play as it’s not ideal for anyone to pitch on short rest and then who knows how that will effect the next outing?

  35. Badger says:

    St. Louis beat us with Wacha and Lynn. But then, Kershaw was 0-2 with a 6.3 ERA in that series. Not exactly a clutch performance by our $200MM ace.

    Obviously the more quality starters you have, the better your odds.

    What’s the Weather Channel got to do with this Quas?

    wait… what? Oh…. nevermind. You’re right. And television exposure on the West Coast, where it seems obvious the guy and his wife would be the most comfortable, should play a huge part in this decision. Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Those are the cities on the West Coast that have the most to offer. If all bids are close, who does this guy want to play with? He knows. I expect something today or tomorrow. No need to wait until Friday.

  36. Pete M. says:

    Let me preclude this with with what Watford said “arent we getting a lil ahead of ourselves”??? Kersh and Zack were as good as you get last year, but using them the entire series was another prime example of Donnie’s mis-managing…
    Hell, it could happen again…Lack of trust in Ryu and lack of series experience with Tanaka or ??…
    Anybody hear anything in TW Dodger station??? Cost???

  37. Badger says:

    We got beat by better pitching. Or, they hit better than us. Whatever, and they did it with a kid who was picked after Kershaw. I revisit that every now and then. And yes, throwing Kershaw off schedule is not smart. You got 4 good starters, use them. If they get beat, you lose. Kershaw ended the series with a 6.3 ERA. I think a couple of pitchers we had at the end of the year could have done better than that, or at least equaled it.

    I won’t get the Dodger channel here in Northern Arizona, unless maybe I go back to DirectTV, and those guys can kiss my ass. The cost is ridonkulous after the first year. We’re on a tight budget for the next rest of my life.

    Anybody watching True Detective? Dark, but well written.

  38. jhallwally says:

    Dude, I don’t post or say much, but, Yours is the first blog/site I check out for Dodger news and insights…. I like your insight and abilility to think out side the box (abastractly)… If Nedcompoop thought like you, we would most likely have another WS championship….

  39. Quasimodo says:

    Bobby, SportsNetLA. But whatever team Tanaka signs with the Japanese will watch those games with commercials of Tanaka selling top ramen noodles. If directv markets a complete MLB package they have to purchase Dodgers home games from TWC and that may differ from from SportsNetLA which would have Vin Scully announcing plays. Of coarse Vin doesn’t speak Japanese (my doubts anyways) so I’m sure Japans feed would be different than SportsNetLA.

  40. Pete M. says:

    Is it me or is my memory slipping??? A pitcher turns around to get the rosin bag and he sees HanRam, Kemp and Miguel Rojas… Defense up the middle… How Sweet it is… Oh Ya, our C throws out a few runners too… If necc start the season with Rojas on 2B and Young on the bench… Simple, Rojas has a gold glove and cant hit…So what??? With a healthy AGon, Hanley and Uribe/Young is the hitting really necc.???
    Take care of Hanley’s extension and take a few weeks off!!!

  41. Badger says:

    I don’t know Rojas that well, and maybe you’re right Pete, but I am really looking forward to Guerrero’s bat in this lineup. Add Kemp to that healthy hitters list. If everybody is there, we have a team that is going to score.

  42. Roger Dodger says:

    Just looked again at Dodger Digest — interesting, but there is a numbers/chart freak there that just loves to deal with numbers.

    But not sure what I am looking at on the chart for today — and what it really means on the playing field.

    Just watched Trouble With the Curve (again) — and I guess I am more like the Clint character in that film —

  43. Bobby says:

    Jason Stark reported that Tanaka already did his physical for teams while in LA meeting with teams last week.

    Therefore, he has until Friday to decide, and not necessarily today/tomorrow, as was believed.

  44. Michael says:

    It’s like 3 weeks before pitchers and catchers report. They have to modify the deadline so these other pitchers/players can find a house in their still to be determined locations. Enough already.

  45. Badger says:

    Barry Melrose just made an excellent point regarding super star teams taking a night off against younger, hungrier teams and getting beat. Playing the Dodgers will be many teams biggest game on the schedule. Beat them and you can make a name for yourselves. That’s exactly what I was referencing earlier.

    Is Tanaka going to deliberately take this to the wire? He knows where he is going to play. No need to go drama queen before you throw your first pitch.

  46. Roger Dodger says:

    30 seconds after the announcement — and you tooooo can purchase an official jersey with his name on the back for something like $350.

    Then . . . autographed baseballs and pictures will hit the wire.

  47. Badger says:

    Thanks for the offer but no thanks. I may go to ST to check out some players and watch the workouts. I won’t be buying anything else this year. I’m on the bench watching from a safe distance.

  48. Quasimodo says:

    Tanaka is probably waiting for the commercial deals he’ll get offered as bonuses for which team he signs. M. Jackson made $50 million for a single commercial. If TWC offers him a commercial under the condition he signs with the Dodgers, it could be mega huge.

  49. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    An improved offense and signing Tanaka would both contribute to making Kershaw stronger at the end of this coming season. More runs means fewer stressful games throughout the season, and more opportunities to give him an extra day here or there if the Dodgers can build up a substantial lead. And if the starting staff is deep, there’s less need to use him in important games. And certainly, if the Dodgers are in the post-season, there is less likelihood that he would ever have to go on short rest, and the Dodgers would have 4 starters that they could trust, especially if the offense is producing.

    I suspect that Kershaw’s meltdown in the final game was largely due to his heavy workload (about 260 innings, counting the post-season). That can be avoided with a stronger offense and deeper pitching. And throw in a deep bullpen to also take pressure off Kershaw and the rest of the starting rotation.

    If possible, I believe in overwhelming the opposition. And for that reason alone, I want Tanaka to help give the Dodgers overwhelming depth. I keep hearing that the Yankees are favored by many to sign Tanaka because they have a greater need for him. Really????? What greater need is there than the Dodgers need to end the 26 year championship drought? That’s motivation enough for me, and I hope also for the Dodgers. Besides, a World Championship would by itself pay for Tanaka’s contract.

  50. Badger says:

    Wow. That’s a lot of f’n fudge.

    Depth. I like the idea. You can’t have enough. And we proved that last year with our pitching staff. It’s a very long season, especially if you go deep in the playoffs. Go for it. Like Brooklyn mentioned, it’s been a long time for Dodger fans.

  51. Pete M. says:

    All of a sudden I’m not getting a warm fuzzy feeling on Guerrero or Bison… Alex is just a hunch and Dave Stewart’s comments carried over by TBLA don’t sound good for a April 1 start… Damn, I guess thats why were carrying 5 OF…
    I hear ya Badger on your fiscal restraint during ST and after… Anxious to see Lee, Reed,Stripling and the Garcia boys challenge each other for attention…

    • Badger says:

      I just read that about Kemp Pete and I had to laugh. It’s Jan 22nd and this guy is saying that in 59 days Matt will need another 9 days before he is ready. How in the hell can he be so precise about that two months out? He is running and hitting now, says he feels fine, so in two months he should be good to go. Good to go anywhere but down under? Maybe he’s made up his mind he doesn’t want to go to no kangaroo country. It is a long trip.

      It doesn’t really matter that much I suppose. He should make the trip though. And if he is playing some games in ST, he should play some games, at least a few innings, in Australia. That’s my opinion anyway.

  52. Badger says:

    A good piece at DD on back-up infielders. It’s followed by several pages of obtuse burble, but the gist of the piece is, we have enough choices to replace the negative 2 WAR our utility infield bench offered us last year. After that, 0 WAR would be reasonable goal I suppose. Not sure why Chad is not giving the Dodgers scouts some dap regarding Guerrero. (I would call him AGuer, but it sounds like the corporal from F Troop) They must have seen something to give him what they did. I trust our scouts. I think we are going to see something special from this player.

    • Badger says:

      They shut him down lat month. It’s two months until opening day. That’s 3 months to heal. How serious is that injury? Is it a strain or a tear? What’s the grade on the injury. My understanding is the Dodgers weren’t all that concerned, it wasn’t a serious injury. Are they underplaying the seriousness of this? Even if it’s a grade 3, he should be back in time for Opening Day. With the medical care available to him, he should be able to recover fully from this in a couple of months. Maybe even a few weeks. He is only 27. If it was me, I would probably take 6 months to recover.

  53. DRomo says:

    I’m not unhappy about it. Pitching is not necessarily our “need”. Plus it would be great to see Lee or Stripling get a shot if we should need a starter sometime in ’14.

    Now let’s secure our bench and strap it up. It’s almost time for Glendale!!

  54. DRomo says:

    He has never pitched in the MLB, but so what. The guy is the real deal. He is getting paid because he is the best available pitcher. The Yankees were desperate for pitching. So were the Cubs. If this was last year (pre-Grienke) the Dodgers would have paid this much if not more.

    You will hear a lot of “he has never pitched in the MLB…” talk today. I heard the Angels station this morning say “he could be Yu Darvish or Hideki Irabu….” as if that is the only 2 Japanese pitchers to compare him to? Nomo, Kuroda, Saito, even Matsuzaka weren’t slouches.

    It’s hilarious the amount of thought people are putting into the amount of money in these contracts. With the amount of television revenue the major market clubs are recieving (i.e. the Dodgers) what should we do with the money? Pocket it? Players deserve to get a slice of that pie. Nobody goes to the park to see Stan KAsten or Hank Steinbrenner.

    So where is our bench help coming from? NOw doews the trade market open up? Surely the clubs wiating for Tanaka to sign have plan B’s. If the Dodgers are interested in Arroyo does that mean Beckett will be a swing man? 5th starter? Or trade bait? Hmm?

  55. Gonzo says:

    I wish we could have signed him but it’s no biggie. I hope he’s successful except if they play the Dodgers. I believe that he made a bad decision baseball wise. The Yankees are not on the brink of winning a championship they are OLD and even more fragile than our team.

    LA would have offered him a better home park and division that is pitcher friendly and we’ll see just how he handles the NYC media when he struggles. He is used to being praised by the Japanese media.

    If we would have signed him I’d be happy but the fact that we have some pretty decent kids on the farm doesn’t make this non signing all that terrible. With the 5th spot open for completion and Haren in the 4th slot those kids will more thank likely get the chance to prove what they got. I’m excited.

    Last thing, I wonder how much LA offered?

  56. Badger says:

    He still has to pass the physical but no reason to believe he wouldn’t. They can have him, we really don’t need him that much. Would have been nice, but, that kind of money can buy several players.

    Moving on, as long as our starters can all play 150, our bench doesn’t need to be the best in the game. It actually looks like it has potential now to me. Sign Young, or make the necessary trade and tee it up.

    I think we will try to land one of those remaining starting pitchers.

  57. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I was disappointed the Dodgers didn’t land Tanaka, but I’m guessing they had good reason not to overbid. The money the Dodgers didn’t spend on Tanaka will most likely be put to use in other, multiple areas.

    Maybe the Dodgers will sign one of the available pitchers currently on the market. And maybe they’ll save the money, and see what they can get out of Beckett, Bills, and our kids. And whatever moves the Dodgers make do not have to come now. Lots can happen between now and the July trade deadline.

    The Yankees no doubt improved, and will likely be better than last year. And maybe they have some more moves in mind. But even with all the offseason moves they made this past winter (including the loss of Cano), they still have holes in their rotation. And how much is left in Sabathia’s tank or Kuroda’s tank?

  58. Bobby says:

    It seems everybody is in agreement here. Tanaka would have been a great luxury for us, but he was an absolute necessity for NY. Good for them; they wanted it and got it done.

    Now this gives one of our kids (Lee/Stripling) a chance to show their stuff in spring training and maybe be called up for that #5 job later.

  59. Pgunn says:

    Like you said, Tanaka is a luxury; someone the Dodgers could use, but they can win the pennant without him.
    Like you said, this gives the Dodgers to advance their minor league pitchers. I think they need to give these guys a chance.
    But don’t worry, Trader Ned, who loves to have 30 man rosters, will hold on to his rep and fo after David Price.

  60. Badger says:

    Go after Price?

    Fine by me.

    Give the kids a chance?

    Oka doke.


    Sure. Why not?

    I think the Yankers needed another star to replace the ones who have fallen. If Tanaka is any good, those empty seats behind home plate will fill up. The Dodgers don’t need any more stars. They just need the ones they have to show up.

    • Roger Dodger says:

      But ——– do not trade Joc away. I have a feeling the Dodgers will need him in the outfield at some point this season. Kemp will not play 162 or anything close to that. And — Crawford the same.

  61. Roger Dodger says:

    Thought I heard that the Dodgers are bringing in several all-stars from a Burbank Little League team as an invite to Spring Training to see if any of them can make the team.

  62. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    To me Chone Figgins is just another NRI, who has a chance to break camp if he can remember how to hit. Looking at his stats, it does appear that he has had a penchant for getting on base. If he can remember how to hit, might be that he could have value. But I’m not holding my breath, and just consider him one of many who will be fighting for a job, with nothing guaranteed. Looking at his listing at baseball-reference.com (link below), all I can say now is Happy Birthday Chone.


  63. DRomo says:

    You guys goy it right. It’s jsut anotrher minor league deal with an invite. If he does well, GREAT! If not? Se ya later Chone.

    I do think the focus is on a bench player with the ability to play 2b/SS/3B. I stll worry about Hanley staying healthy for an extended period of time. We need a plan B at least for scheduled days off (which I hope are plenty for Hanley).

    If only we could teach Dee Gordon to steal 1B?

  64. Badger says:

    Agree with that Romey.

    In theory a guy like Young makes the most sense but I don’t know his motivation level. Jed will find somebody. Again, the key to our success is keeping all the bench guys where they belong – on the bench.

  65. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If Gordon gets down the bunting thing, he might be able to steal 1B on occasion. And, of course, I’m one of those who still believes that he can actually hit. But he’ll have to get the opportunity to do that.

  66. Badger says:

    He doesn’t appear to like bunting. With that home to first speed he should be an expert at it. Do it often and the infielders have to be moving. That alone would add 25 points to his OBP, which is THE stat that counts with him. .333 and he has value.

    Any movement on another starter? I don’t understand why they don’t just tell Stripling and Lee – “the #5 goes to the dude who wins it out of ST.” Lee is a first round pick. He’s been a pro for a few years now. I see no reason not to expect 180 innings out of him.

  67. Pete M. says:

    It would be great to get the old Chone Figgins back, a Player…
    I’m still a DG believer, God knows why, but I am.
    I cant understand Michael Young’s reluctance!??! A ring is a great possibility…
    Badger, I’d throw Beckett in the Lee/Stripling mix…Winner take all..
    I’m in the group that believe bunting is a dying/dead art… With DH at every level it’s just not cool. I remember seeing George Brett or even Carew look and see a 3B back too far and zap!!! IF single EZ…

  68. Badger says:

    Yeah me too Pete. You now have RH pitchers falling off the mound toward first and third baseman near the outfield grass. In the old days nobody played like that. Shifts? That is an automatic single for anybody who wants it. Different game. And because of that a guy like Gordon could make millions perfecting one skill.

  69. Roger Dodger says:

    From some comments above . . . the Dodgers do indeed a B game plan for this season.

    Agon is not 162 game guy any more. He will need quality backup and maybe some late game and extra inning backup.

    2d is a crap shoot. We do not have a person who has won that position as of yet and there could be multiple players in that position.

    SS – Hanley is another, no 162 game stud. Will need a strong backup there as well.

    3b — when Uribe goes )’for for awhile — need to rest him and replace him from time to time.

    Outfield. I have talk and re-talked this concern. Crawford is another who will not play every day. Kemp is not ready yet —- and I still worry about his size and the weight his body carries and the legs. Puig might make it all, maybe. Ethier, if not traded is the healthy one of the senior guys. But I do not trade Joc because he will be needed during the season.

    • Roger Dodger says:

      He will be 32 and entering that third zone or the more trips to the DL zone for his career. I’m just saying —

      He is contracted to make over 100 million dollars for the next 5 seasons, from the Dodgers.

      He just might be a DH waiting to happen. Maybe even in the N.L. if they could ever agree.

  70. Badger says:

    Because of all the games he’s played the last several years?

    Fangraphs has him between 143 and 154. It would be nice to give him a break late in the season. Young would be the guy to get the call to back up first and third. If not him?……

    Pederson is an interesting player. He has no experience in the Majors but seems to project well. If we don’t trade Ethier I can see us trading Joc at the deadline for a needed piece. I still see Guerrero as a starter and Gordon on this team (I’m a dreamer too). Lee, Stripling and Magill will all likely start in AAA. one or more of them should get a call up. The system is starting to project better with Seager, Urias, Anderson, Garcia and others a year older. I anxiously await those that can impress at AA.

  71. Watford Dodger says:

    Garza gone to Brewers – 4yrs $52m. Didn’t see that coming. They have a strong rotation.
    I’m not as confident as most of you guys in our starting pitching depth and would welcome someone like Arroyo for two years as he wants a multi year contract. Very reliable innings eater.

  72. Badger says:

    I’d take him too W. But maybe Beckett is going to be fine and Bills comes back strong mid summer. If that can happen, we look pretty good. Of course, we looked good last year too.

    If I could get TWCDN I wouldn’t hesitate. Not many Dodgers games televised here in Arizona. Might be even fewer after what happened last year.

  73. Quasimodo says:

    Rightly or wrongly, its my understanding that directv (which is what I have) will have the channel in the smaller packages and the non sports viewers will also be charged a small increase of around $5. That’s cool with me as I already had to buy more channels in order to view MLBN and Primeticket. I’m okay with the $5 increase, just as long as I don’t have to buy a bunch of channels and pay $25 extra a month.

  74. Pete M. says:

    Quas, Im with ya… I’m 67 years old… I got a nice paid off flat screen and a good dvr… I don’t ask much of the little woman, just a little money for bait and Dodger baseball. Oh Yeah, and ND on saturdays… I’ll just take a close look at the monthly budget and adjust… Heck I’m sure I piss away $5 or more a month on God knows what!?!?
    P.S. Don’t dare mess with my Dreyers though…

  75. Bobby says:

    I admit, I already have Time Warner at home, so this Dodger station, like the Laker channel last year,are all part of my regularly scheduled programming.

    However, if I had to pay for it, I would. $5 a month? That’s 60 a year?? Hell, I can’t even buy 2 bottles of Macallan for that much! Id pay $75 to watch a World Series contender! And it’s not like its 3 games a week. It’s every spring game. It’s 6 games a week. You do get your money’s worth.

  76. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Here in NY I used to get MLB Extra Innings (TV) and MLB.tv (Computer). Last year I saved some money and just ordered MLB.tv, and watched the games on my 27 inch monitor. Worked fine for me. Also, with MLB.tv I had a choice of which feed to watch, which of course was always the Dodgers feed. With MLB Extra Innings I was often forced to watch the other teams feed.

    Arroyo????? Maybe. But not for more than a year, and he probably wants more. I would also not be against acquiring no one, and trusting that Beckett or one of the kids could step into the 5th slot to open the season, and maybe Billingsley later on. A lot will depend on how the Dodgers feel about Beckett and the kids.

  77. Quasimodo says:

    Pete, have you tried ‘Breyers’ natural vanilla? That’s the ticket. When I have it I don’t add anything to it, just more! I almost bought a 50″ TV today. A lightning storm killed my JVC and I’ve been watching my old 25 or 27″ RCA. But all’s good, I just don’t know much better. Bless my heart.

  78. Bob says:

    Start the countdown to ST. Just got home from Scottsdale so here is the first ST Report. The Gift Shop is closed and no tours available. Freeway construction from Camelback to Glendale off ramps. Felt more giddy driving past the Dodger exit than when I arrived at the 5 Star resort. Heard the dumb Giants station while driving into Palm Springs even before I could hear the Dodger station. Something is not right there. Dodgers need to create a new radio station.

    I hope Ned bid up the Tanaka and forced the Yankees to overpay both to Tanaka and to pay even more excise tax.

  79. Badger says:

    “I want it to be fair for me and my family.” Jon Lester in contract talks.

    To all professional athletes. Just stop it. Stop talking about your family like they are all living out of the back of the family station wagon. Jon Lester has already made over $30 million in the Major Leagues and stands to make at least another $30 million with his next contract. Your family is doing just fine. Your kids are all running around in $150 Nike’s and attending privates schools and your wife goes to the Country Club every day in her new Lexus SUV. There should be scholarships set up for your entire family for generations to come. Just stop it. All of you. My family got by just fine on a $25,000 a year teachers salary and your family gets by just fine on the $350,000 a night you get when you pitch.

    • Roger Dodger says:

      Yeah, I remember those Tuesday nights with tuna and soup. And Thursday with left-overs from the past week.

      Somehow, some foods and meals seemed to taste better on the second go-around.

      • Badger says:

        Somehow we made it and even got our kids through college. The middle class was much stronger then. I just get weary of these spoiled rich guys saying crap like “you takin’ food out of my babies mouths!”. Horseh*t. Your babies, and your babies babies, are all going to be trust fund kids. Just STFU about all that family crap. Leave your family out of it and just say “market value”.

  80. Bobby says:

    Some exciting information for you kids on this lovely, 72* day here in LA:

    More from Eddy, who tweets that the Dodgers have inked outfielder Trayvon Robinson, second baseman Ryan Adams and righty Mark Pope to minor league deals. Robinson is the most notable of the bunch, as the Dodgers originally drafted him and included him in the three-team Erik Bedard trade with the Red Sox and Mariners in 2011. Robinson, 26, has a .602 OPS in parts of two big league seasons but is a .266/.344/.454 hitter in Triple-A. Adams was a second-round pick by the Orioles in 2006 and has a career .770 OPS in the minors. Pope, a former fifth-rounder of the Padres, thrived in 51 2/3 innings in the independent Frontier League last season, prompting his return to affiliated ball.

  81. Quasimodo says:

    Would have to think it would, Roger. After all, what else would a Dodgers channel be showing opening just before spring? Depends on what you mean in “Spring Training workouts and all”. Thinking that way it’ll likely make writing a little harder for TBLA’s Eric Stephen, who will be there for reporting. If I’m recalling correctly, the new channel is supposed to be televising all the Spring Training games. I’m sure they’ll fill in the fluff with the workouts.

  82. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark you just hit a soft spot with me. Global warming is not a debate, it’s real. Global temperatures have been going up very gradually over a very long period of time. And global warming deals with averages over time, not short term extremes like the current cold spell.

    A lot of what we’ve been through lately is a phenomenon known as the Polar Vortex. The link below provides a pretty good explanation. In short, the frigid air that is generally trapped in the north pole is being driven further south by a shift in winds. Might even be caused by global warming.


    And maybe you can explain why glaciers have been melting for years, resulting in a rise of sea levels.


    And in recent years we’ve had an increase of severe storms, which may well be the result of higher energy levels in the atmosphere brought about by global warming. And didn’t the country go through an extreme heat spell relatively recently?

    Global warming deniers remind me of the tobacco industry executives who for years denied that there was any evidence that smoking caused cancer and other diseases, when, in fact, their own studies supported that conclusion, something they ultimately admitted to congress.

    So Mark, as cold as it might be, global warming is a FACT, and it’s not something that should be made light of.

  83. Bobby says:

    Global warming/climate change. Whatever you wana call it, it’s real, and it’s spectacular (not really, but in it’s own way, it is spectacular)

    The Fox News folks like to laugh at Global “warming” when it’s cold. Cute line. Shows complete ignorance, but cute line.

    Not to make light of the Polar Vortex, but did anyone see the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”. Filmed in 2004, with Dennis Quaid. Good movie, and the premise of the movie is the crazy weather all over the place that can’t be explained is caused by climate change.

    What have se ween the past few years? Earthquakes in Texas and DC. Absurd thunderstorms in the Phillipines. Ridic cold in certain places that don’t expect it. Absurd heat in other places.

    It’s very real. And I expect a crazy “warming” in socal this summer with record high temps.

  84. Bob says:

    The warmest year on record was 1934, 1998 was second, and 1921 was third. The current massive solar flairs combined with the significantly increase of air pollution in the developing countries could make 2014 the warmest year in history. You want to fix global warming, then the first thing that should be done is to slap import fees on all products manufactured in countries with little or no pollution control equipment and spend those fees on pollution control equipment in the BRICs and the lesser countries like Vietnam, thus raising the price of imported goods and allowing US companies to be more price competitive and guess what, the result would be more jobs in the US for lower middle class families. But maybe more jobs is no longer the real goal of the political parties.

    Just another issue that people are spinning by conveniently leaving out significant facts in order to advance their own political agenda.

  85. Badger says:

    Oh it’s happening all right. The scientific data is in.


    But then, who actually believes in science? Science lies all the time. Scientist actually used to believe the world was flat and the sun moved around a flat earth. (didn’t they ever ask what was underneath?)

    “then the first thing that should be done is to slap import fees on all products manufactured in countries with little or no pollution control equipment and spend those fees on pollution control”

    Yeah, that’ll happen. That is the second most compelling reason corporations from the US sent their operations over there in the first place. The first reason of course was 25 cent an hour wages.

    As long as we have a two wing system the necessary changes will never happen. I’ve been pounding this sand since 1968 when I got back from Southeast Asia. Not a whole lot has changed. The pendulum swing, but, ultimately it’s the corporation that makes the rules. And after all, as we learned from Mitt, corporations are people too.

    Good luck to all in the coming decades.

  86. Quasimodo says:

    I sure Mark concedes global warming as a fact. A person that’s freezing in cold weather will say cute things. I’ll say I hate the wind on any windy day and where would the world be without wind? I hate the snow. But without winter snow-pack the wells run dry in the summer. 40 years from now the earths population will be doubled what it is now and its already over populated by 4 times what it can continually support. We have cities that have the populace who believes food comes from grocery stores and think the world can be divided in sections that their city is. Idiot asshole comedians like Dennis Miller (I never could stand the punk)say things like “fuck Alaska, I don’t a fuck about Alaska) and people laugh. Global warming is real. The varnish thickness on a globe is about how thick the breathable air is by comparison. People think the problem is fixable. I do not. Any fix will only be temporary. Already we have to shop the world for food. Real estate sales in Europe aren’t land, no land is for sale. Mark deals in water. He is very aware of the change. As abundant as water was in our childhood, it was during our lives that it needed filtering. And not too far in the future water will need filtering for plant life.

    • Badger says:

      Don’t worry about overpopulation Quas. The 1% have a plan in place for that.

      Not sure that Mark does believe buddy. My experience with him is, he believes in a particular wing’s b.s. and that wing isn’t professing truth in global warming beliefs. I should let him speak to that, but he and I have been going round and round about these issues since I told him Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11 and when the dust settles and we finally leave Iraq, those tribes would continue their millennium long fracas. He wasn’t buying any of my other wing b.s..

  87. Bobby says:

    Bob, I don’t think any of us who speak of global warming/climate change/east coast freezing are being political. It’s a real scary thing that people smarter than me need to figure out, regardless of what side of abortion or healthcare a person stands.

    Quas brought up water. It’s not a big deal in some places, but here in SoCal, it’s a HUGE deal. For whatever reason, we arent getting rains anymore. This is a serious long term issue that affects everything from drinking water to farms. Again, smarter people than me hopefully are on the ball figuring it out.

    I don’t care if that smart person is republican, democrat, or communist. Just figure out how to get water to LA!!

    • Badger says:

      “I don’t care if that smart person is republican, democrat, or communist. Just figure out how to get water to LA!!”

      well said Bobby. Know any Republicans with answers to this problem? Know any that give a sh*t?

      My girlfriend in the 80’s, a biology graduate from Oregon State, told me then that water will eventually be the biggest global concern. I didn’t believe it because I figured by the turn of the century we would easily find ways to use the oceans supply and would also be light years ahead in using water efficiently in our commercial irrigation systems. Man, did I have it wrong. (i.g. places around certain unnamed states nobody can go below a certain depth in the water table. Nobody except of course the high end golf courses) We have had the technology to advance all these issues for decades, we just haven’t had the will. There are folks who know how to do it. They just don’t get the funding.

  88. Quasimodo says:

    Actually if its true that milk’s radiation levels have increased as much as we’ve heard, then the water cows drink and or the alfalfa they eat should of been filtered. And if you think those cows don’t reach dinner tables when they quit giving milk, then you’re naive. A friend who worked at a dairy told me that cows that are even beyond their last leg are sold for human consumption. I’m saying cows that are unable to stand and are in the state of dying become McDonalds hamburgers.

  89. Gionfriddo says:

    If you’re going to make an asinine statement of “know any republicans that give a sh** ” in regard to water I highly suggest you research the central valley of California & the delta smelt controversy that sadly plagued this great region. Only after you have done so will know the complete political zealotry from the environmental whackos of the Democratic party… If ANY of you think that the far right are the only folks to blame on issues you are either intellectually lazy or down right ignorant…..

  90. Quasimodo says:

    Badger, I don’t think its a plan by the 1%. Actually I think its more a ‘not plan’ as in other parts of the world the ‘not plan’ is in action. The old saying “its not my job”. And I can’t blame the 1% more than myself, because its not my job either. Or so I say. I could of made it my job a long time ago, but I’m guilty of being selfish too. Those commercials that come on about children dying at unfathomable rates, in other countries, at my end are in vain. I notice, but I have to admit that I don’t walk the walk. The problems we speak of ARE happening. They just haven’t reached close enough to home. I’m nowhere near the 1%, but I’m a lot closer to that 1% than those children who are starving are dying of thirst.

  91. Quasimodo says:

    I will make a statement about republicans that republicans could take offense. They cheer lies. As long as those lies smell of victory. They KNOW its a lie and their proud of it if the lie works. Just like O.J. Simpson’s defense was proud of their lies. The fact is and always was is Iraq NEVER attacked the US. And every republican knew that. I’ll also say things against the democrats. Democrats can’t point their fingers at republicans and call them the reason for war. But they do. The US was on the Democrats watch we sent kids to Vietnam and lied about it also and they knew it! Hate to tell you all that you do not live in a republic or democracy and the use of the term ‘freedom’ has been stretched beyond all recognition.

  92. Roger Dodger says:

    Climate change is also, as the ice of the world warms and melts and becomes part of the ocean/s — the earth loses some land . . . ok . . .

    And it means more moisture in the air — results in both rain AND snow.

    Thus, the great amount of flooding in the spring, summer, and fall. Then, more stupid snow and ice in the winter — that moisture is up there just waiting to come down.

    I have been in the arctic and to antarctica and all they speak about are the changes

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC3VTgIPoGU (click up size – glacier just breaking up; over 5 1/2 million views of this video alone)

    http://www.chasingice.com (watch the trailer; click up size)

    More: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_76ljY_NbS0

    I saw James Balog’s production and his comments at the NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) Summit Conference (I am a member and go each year) and talked with him.

  93. Mark_Timmons says:

    Some things people say about me are so silly they don’t deserve a response. I’ll leave it at that, because some people go to great lengths to measure nothing with great accuracy.

  94. Bobby says:

    On a lighter note, have you guys seen Dodger Stadium tonight for the Kings/ducks game? Looks amazing! Brian Wilson is standing on the mound, and just in awe by it all.

    If you have the channel, throw on nbc sports. It will blow you away

  95. Badger says:

    Asinine friddo? Just asked if you knew any that gave a shit. I noticed you didn’t answer. It is one if the many issues each party should champion but neither does to my satisfaction. “Even Supreme Court justices screw up in that issue. And we know how the balance falls there. A few years ago, the court handed down an unfocused decision that could leave seasonal streams and more than three-fourths of the nation’s wetlands unprotected by the Clean Water Act.

    Talk about activist judges. The ruling undermined a long-settled interpretation that the Clean Water Act is broad in scope. Republicans should be part of the effort to clean up after the court by backing the Clean Water Restoration Act. They do not. But Mark could probably speak more knowledgeably on that topic. He is the water boy.

    How many people showed up at that hockey game Bobby. Let me guess…. 132.

  96. Badger says:

    Beautiful day here. Was golfing all afternoon, 67 degrees. Came home to no relevant baseball news.

    Quas, there are conspiracy theories that are saying the Illuminati have plans to cut earths population by half. I don’t know about that. There are also people who say there might be another pole shift, wiping out most of us. Don’t know about that either. But I know if you live long enough you learn anything is possible. I don’t believe we will see the current population double. I know I won’t.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah but they were there for beach volleyball and the Kiss concert.

      I’m joking. I read there were plenty of tickets left then a last minute drop in prices sold it out. Good for them.

    • Badger says:

      For the record I’m a Green Party believer. Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Sustainability, Economic Sustainability. How can anyone argue against those principles. Both wings of our system now have lost their collective minds. We’re heading for third world status.

      Something else I believe firmly in Quas. There is no such thing as death.

      Sure hope we have some Dodgers news this coming week.

      5:55. Coffee time!

  97. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Should the Dodgers sign Arroyo? Only, in my opinion, if it’s a one-year deal, and the Dodgers think they can trade him in July if better pitching alternatives emerge.

    I pretty much agree with this.


    I read that piece on the Cuban players. Didn’t see any mention of that Cuban shortstop with the long name. Maybe he dosen’t hit enough to interest the Dodgers, especially since we already apparently have our own version of that in Miguel Rojas.

    If there are prospects out there to sign, you can bet that the Dodgers will be in on them, especially since not signing Tanaka makes more money available for that type of thing.

    Thanks Roger for reminding me about “Chasing Ice”. I ordered the video from Amazon. Already own Balog’s “Extreme Ice” video.

    • Badger says:

      Then stop complaining and bring it.

      Just found a notebook that had something Mountainmover posted on May 29th 2004. It is called Comes the Dawn. Google it. worth reading.

      Yes on Arroyo for the #5. Obviously we don’t trust Beckett, Lee or Stripling to do the job. Might as well give it to someone who has proven he can do it.

      There was Cuban SS mentioned, Diaz, but you’re right Brooklyn, it wasn’t Erisbel Arruebarruena. I wonder what is up with him.

  98. Bob says:

    I am still laughing at the price that the Yankees paid for Tanaka. The Dodgers are not the Yankees of the West Coast, they are not in the same ballpark regarding stupidity and wasteful spending. Tanaka might be great but $155 mil is way too much of a gamble. Time to begin rotating in the pitching prospects into the #5 position and see whether they can succeed or whether the Dodgers should demote Logan White and the whole player development team. The Dodgers have 6 pitchers that were originally projected to arrive at the big league level by 2014 and the oldest is only 23. I guess, in Ned’s world, they will have to continue to wait thier turn.

    Where are the unsigned free agent IF reserves that want sign a contract with the Dodgers and win a ring in 2014?

  99. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I figure that if Lee or Stripling or some other kid is going to get the #5 slot in the rotation it won’t be at the beginning of the season. Probably would be a call-up at the end of May or in June. Even the Dodgers probably want to save some money, and would likely start their MLB clock a little later to avoid super-two status down the road.

    Like I said, I have no problem with Arroyo, as long as it’s a short term deal. In fact, given the days off early in the season (including those after the trip to Australia), the Dodgers won’t need a 5th starter until later in April. I probably don’t trust Beckett, and Billingsley will also raise questions when he returns probably in June.

    Actually, whatever the Dodgers do is probably going to be OK with me. I trust they know what they’re doing.

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