Obviously, I have ranked them from Right to Left!  I’m on the Right, RogerDodger is in the Middle and Badger is on the Left (which is appropriate).

Anyway, here’s my take:

The Good:  I’m extremely happy that Clayton is staying at least 5 more years!  We have to love that.  My favorite Dodger!  I think the Dodgers did as well as could be expected with the deal.

The Bad:  The Dodgers bullpen worries me.  I don’t think you build a championship caliber pen with a bunch of old guys.  Just my two cents, but Howell, League, Wilson and Wright are all over 30 and Chris Perez is of questionable character.  I know there are bunch of young arms on the horizon, but the structure of the pen concerns me.

The Ugly:  Second base.  I doubt that Guerrero breaks with the team next year and what might be really ugly is Miguel Rojas or Michael Young at 2B!  Badger could play it better! Yikes!!!!

Now, if the Dodgers will just continue their pursuit of Tanaka…



  1. DRomo says:

    Tanaka would make this a ridiculous rotation! Its already pretty damn good.

    I worry about the bench. Very little depth. 2B is a huge question which is why I think Ellis should have been picked up for his last year. It’s only money right? If nothing else he is a solid defender!

    I still think a deal is in the works somewhere. There is an infielder somewhere that will be coming this way.

  2. Quasimodo says:

    Well one thing is certain…every single 2B out there wishes he could land with Dodgers. My wishes for 2B left with M.Ellis. Dodgers should pay a little more attention what my 2 cents are. But all’s good! I’m as giddy as can be! Cheers!

  3. Watford Dodger says:

    Great snap.
    For me the squad looks deep & stronger than last year. The rotation is great with or without Tanaka. The pen is vastly experienced and with Wilson & Kenley taking care of the 8th & 9th innings we have a great knockout . Last year we had Belisario & League finishing things up. We’ve also got a longman this season.
    Guerro will start at 2nd and be an improvement offensively on Ellis. Trust the scouting. Look at Puig.
    The season will depend on the fitness of Kemp & Hanley. Those two for 162 games will make a world of difference plus a full season of Puig and Crawford & Ethier will make us hard to beat.
    The one area that needs addressing is the bench. One of the 4 outfielders plus SVS and Gordon. We definitely need a utility infielder & I would be more than happy if that is Michael Young.
    Fingers crossed on the fitness front and we won’t be far away from a 100 win season.
    We then have the ammo for a deep post season run.

  4. Pgunn says:

    You sign a guy, $28mil/4yrs. and you don’t know if he’s breaking camp? At a position where you have no other options?

    You sign relief pitchers left and right, without any idea as to how they fit, seemingly? Especially when you have young, cheap, talented arms?

    One way I can see out of this is that the Dodgers will make a bid for Brandon Phillips and use the excess pitchers as pieces.

    Another way is that after if they sign Tanaka, then they should have enough to go after Price. I know that’s crazy, but Trader Ned has never been known for his roster management skills. He would sign Trout, Harper and Puig, then decide to add Wil Myers.

  5. Badger says:

    For three old farts, I think we look very not too bad.

    I can still play. I can go 12′ either direction and can still turn the DP. And I can still hit with authority. Of course, that is in the Over 60 Slow Pitch leagues.

    I agree with W. Our squad looks good. Guerrero will be our second baseman and he will be an improvement over Ellis. Gordon is our play everywhere guy and I trust he is ready to contribute.

    I like our pen. Yeah, there old guys but they only pitch one inning every other day. They’ll hold up.

    I am confident. We will be the favorites and for good reason.

  6. Badger says:

    For three old farts, I think we look very not too bad.

    I can still play. I can go 12′ either direction and can still turn the DP. And I can still hit with authority. Of course, that is in the Over 60 Slow Pitch leagues.

    I agree with W. Our squad looks good. Guerrero will be our second baseman and he will be an improvement over Ellis. Gordon is our play everywhere guy and I trust he is ready to contribute.

    I like our pen. Yeah, they’re old guys but they only pitch one inning every other day. They’ll hold up.

    I am confident. We will be the favorites and for good reason.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    The pen . . . some of those arms will have a problem/s and have some rehab time. Count on it.

    And — some of the younger arms we know about — just might force their way on-to the 25 man roster in Spring Training.

    Maybe things happen in 3’s. Kershaw signs. Hanley next, then Tanaka. Spread the good news over two weeks or so. Then on to Camelback . . .

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not in least bit worried about the pen.

    Too many guys over 30? It’s not like they’re all 35-39.

    Howell = 31. Not exactly old, and especially for a guy who’s mostly a lefthanded specialist.

    Paco = 23. Also a lefthanded specialist, who very much figures to bounce back from his overuse in 2013.

    Jansen = 26 (27 at end of season). Nothing to indicate that he won’t be effective again.

    Wison = 32. Not a greybeard. Despite two TJ’s, looked good at end of season. Should be effective if not overworked.

    Chris Withrow = 25. A young pitcher who showed a ton of promise, especially towards the end of the season, when it appeared that he was getting greater command of his breaking stuff.

    Brandon League = 31. Also not very old. If he’s ineffective again, he can probably be replaced by names I’ll mention below. And perhaps, he might even regain command of his splitter.

    Jamey Wright = 39. He’s old. But if used properly, there’s every reason to believe that he can be effective. If not, probably not too hard to replace (see below).

    Chris Perez = 29. I don’t know enough about him to make any predictions. But he has had success in the past, and if used as part of a deep pen, there is reason to believe that he could fit in nicely. If not, probably can be replaced.

    For me, the key to the Dodgers is going to be the kind of offense that they get to support their pitching. If the Dodgers score it will take a lot of pressure off a very talented starting rotation (maybe one that will get even stronger if Tanaka is signed), and which will preclude the need to overwork the pen like last year.

    And there are potential replacements for anyone who doesn’t measure up in the pen. And since I mentioned 8 pitchers above, probably at least one of those names won’t be opening the season in LA. First replacement could be Jose Dominguez, who gave every indication last year that he’s a step away from being a force out of the pen. Secondly, especially if the Dodgers acquire another starting pitcher, there are Beckett and Billingsley. If there isn’t a spot in the rotation for one or both of them, either of them could be an effective force out of the pen. Beckett, who will only be 34, could probably work both long and short, and Billingley showed in 2007 that he could easily fit well in the pen.

    For me, this is a deep pen, which really isn’t all that old (except for Wright), and should benefit behind a strong rotation, and hopefully a strong offense. If the Dodgers’ starters go deep into games, and the offense puts runs on the board, the pen will not have to stressed out with overwork, and should be deep enough to spread the workload.

    And there are other pitchers in the Dodgers’ farm system that might ultimately play a role in the pen. Onelki Garcia certainly has the stuff, and there are others, including Scott Elbert, who could step up.

    Finally, since all of the names mentioned above can’t possibly end up in a 7-man pen, there may well be a deal or two in the works between now and opening day, or even later.

    Meanwhile, I’m happy that the Kershaw speculation is now history. Could Hanley be far behind? Tanaka, maybe? Lot’s can happen between now and opening day.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Thank you Badger. And the only old fart in that picture is the big guy on the right (SMILE!!!). I only put the SMILE in because that big guy on the right can probably (definitely) kick my A_ _. Actually, the “good” in that picture are the guys on the left and middle. Need I mention where the “bad” and “ugly” is located? SMILE! SMILE! SMILE! Please, please, please don’t ban me from this site (BIGGER SMILE).

  10. Badger says:

    Ban the truth? Won’t happen. What makes this place great are the different viewpoints. It’s a microcosm of the macrocosm. Even when it comes to the Dodgers we have varying ideas on what is best for now AND the future. Those three guys up there are very different and have been friends for years. You’d fit right in the middle – as would most in here.

  11. Idaho al says:

    Good day for the Dodgers. I just hope Jansen and Ellis get treated fairly. Both are very important parts to the Dodger success.

    I am not worried about the Dodger bull pen. I am disappointed that Colletti did not give the young guys a shot. He wants to get young and then he goes out and sign older guys for the pen. Colletti likes experience and I get that, but at some point you have to trust the young guys. I really think Withrow and Dominguez should be in the pen at the start of the season. They both looked good last year.

    Last, if all four outfielders are healthy, we have one too many. With the egos of these ball players and wanting to start and play every day, there will be trouble in the club house. Maybe trading one of those four outfielders will be the answer to the second base problem, if that should occur.

  12. Watford Dodger says:

    With the history of poor health of the four outfielders plus the fact that we can carry the payroll Plus our lack of bench depth – I say keep em.
    Last reason was derailed by injuries. That will be the deciding factor this season.

  13. Badger says:

    Agree with you Yueh. One spot on the bench is taken by the resting outfielder and all the arms in the pen will all get their chance. Counting ST it’s a 200 game season. It’s been my position all along that a pitcher’s season is shortened by throwing strikes. Pound the strike zone and one way or the other you will be out of the game more quickly.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Or another way to say it Yueh Fei — is that the bench has the 4th outfielder as a stick or late replacement. That is a good thing — better than some punch and judy .201 hitter coming off the bench cold.

    Gee, if Tanaka does sign here — look for 100+ wins in 2014. Possible.

  15. Pete M. says:

    “And then if we can’t get Tanaka we can pursue Arroyo?!?!”
    Talk like that makes me worry about my kid starters getting a first audition this year… I think Stripling and Lee are ready…Not far behind are the Minn. boys Tom Windle and Chris Anderson and then upon breaking thru puberty Julio Urias… The future is bright if there’s room!?!?
    Agree with Brooklyn… Any of the bull pen staff falters we got back ups for sure…
    Come on Feb. 13…

  16. Idaho al says:

    I do not disagree that having the fourth outfielder on the bench is nice. However, none of the four will like it. They are not role players. You are seeding discontent in the club house, if all four are healthy. You need role players who are happy sitting on the bench and getting to play when called upon. I have coached High School basketball and have seen players understand their role and everything went well. I have seen basketball teams wrecked by players on the bench bitching, who thought they should be starting. You have SVS and Pederson, who can be role players. I just do not think the four outfielders situation will work, if they are all healthy and ready to start every day. Their egos will not allow that to happen.

  17. DRomo says:

    I would love Tanaka just to have that embarrasment of riches on the starting staff, BUT. That puts us at 4 starting pitchers locked up beyong the next few years. Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, and Tanaka. When do we get these kids coming up? Lee, Stripling, Anderson, etc do they come up at 27 28 yrs old? Obviously I am exaggerating their ages but the point is, how long do we make them wait?

    The same with a guy like Joc Peterson. We do NOT want to let these kids go we need to make room. I think somebody is moved this spring. Beckett, Ethier, someone if nothing else to make rooom for growth within the orginazation. Maybe its bench pieces we pick up or maybe its prospects here and there.

    Hanley has to prove he can stay healthy before he gets a long deal. He was the key to the turn around last year (not Puig) and if he is healthy this season….. the sky is the limit.

    It’s good to be a Dodger fan these days.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Some here suspect that Greinke might opt out in 2015, he has that option. One could go down to injury, etc. One could get traded for another piece. Lee, Stripling, Anderson, etc. might seem ready — but it does take a year or more to establish oneself in the majors. Dodgers do not want to wade in the water that way.

    Outfield — Kemp must prove he can take playing, running, etc. on those feet and legs for a almost full season before they trade one away. The worst thing is to trade one now (say Ethier) and then find that Kemp is not even 80 percent and has more rehab. Then there are only 2 major league outfielders there: Crawford and Puig, and we are not sure about Puig (can he get by himself or is himself his biggest enemy?).

    Pedereson might look almost ready, but lots of pressure if he is thrown out there and expected to hit .285 with some power and throw out 95 runners.

    Ned and Donnie most likely want to wait, watch and see just what happens in Spring Training.

  19. Badger says:

    Roger and Al are both right, so I think we keep everybody and see who goes down first. If all 4 of them look 100% in ST then we can address the issue if anybody starts bitching. How does KC or Houston look? Methinks all of them would want to be a part of this. Seeins how none of them look like 160 game players, the smart thing would be to stfu and make the most of your at bats. Pederson, Lee and Stripling all have the same level of ML experience and since it is about THIS year, they stay where they are. Who knows what we will need by the deadline but those guys could bring it.

    Yep, it’s good to be a Dodger fan again.

  20. Jimbo says:

    I can’t say I’m overly concerned about the pen. Howell has a specific roll and does it well. I agree with Brooklyn about Paco being overused last year. Hopefully team helps him to better manage the load from a physical standpoint and doesn’t Torre him from a usage standpoint. Wilson should be better Belisario even if he’s not as good as he was last year. If Wright or Perez tank they’ll be gone. What more can we say about League. I’m torn on Tanaka. He’d be nice to have from a potential standpoint and how the rotation would look (Ryu as the #4?) but is he really needed? As for the bench, I’d like to see us sign Jeff Baker. He rakes against lefties so he’d be an option to pinch hit for/spell Crawford and Ethier. He can also give Uribe a breather and be an option at 2B.

  21. SpokaneBob says:

    In terms of getting Tanaka, I thought our biggest advantage was being on the west coast. But if Tanaka’s wife is in a rock group what better place to be than in L A.

  22. Pete M. says:

    I agree that Grienke might opt out after 2015…Why??? God knows…
    Zack is a pure #2-#3…My intentions for the kids is purely as a #5 starter to get their feet wet…If Beckett falters bring em up…
    I hope the Blue go into this year as if there is blood in the water…We can win it all this year, but why stop there. With health we got a shot at multiple rings…Good enough for NYY, Good enough for me… Attrition equals Pederson, Stripling, Lee etc, etc…

  23. Bob says:

    Although I generally believe that Ned is merely an average negotiator and therefore ends up overpaying for players I have concluded that the methodical approach that he is using to create a new team for 2014 should be greatly respected.

    The Kershaw contract is being properly lauded around the world.

    Yesterday was a great day to be remembered. There may be some more good days for the Dodger family before the season begins.

    Wish List for 2014
    Sign Tanaka
    Trade Beckett and League
    Both Guerrero and Uribe have a WAR of at least 1.0
    Sign at least one backup middle infielder
    Have one true long reliever on the 25 man roster
    That none of the four star outfielders end up being on the DL for more than 15 days
    Win 100 games
    Win the World Series

  24. Gonzo says:

    After Kershaw’s contract why wouldn’t any stud pitchers with out clauses do so? Haren is no lock to finish the season as he is breaking down as are Beckett and Bills. In fact, when Bills comes back it will be to showcase himself and get traded. I really feel Beckett will be DFA’ed and his contract will get eaten or covered by Lloyd’s of London. With Tanaka, on board we’ll be set for at least 4 years and the 5th spot will remain open for competition and OJT. If Tanaka doesn’t sign 4 and 5 spots will and should go to the rooks.

  25. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t know about that. I’m really looking to Bills’ return and can imagine he’ll show something pretty special. Don’t know where he’s been rehabbing or what sort of program he’s put himself on, but if he shows up in shape I expect the best of Bills is yet to come. I’d count on that more than Tanaka signing with Dodgers. And I see chances favoring Dodgers to land Tanaka. Bills may end as #5 and that ain’t bad.

  26. Quasimodo says:

    Directv and TWC are both assuring us that ducks will be in a row by the time the cameras start rolling. Still I’m unable to set a plan for which route I’ll need to take here in a couple weeks. Do I ditch directv and buy an Xbox? Who doesn’t pay for a whole bunch of channels where only 5 or so are even watched? I’m sure there’s a couple or few here that have all the bases covered. I’m still stuck in yesterday.

  27. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I wouldn’t bet against Billingsley or Beckett. Billingsley can be successful in the pen, if necessary, or can return to be a successful starter. Recovery from TJ has become the norm. And again, I’ll repeat what I’ve said before, and that is that Billingsley looked awfully good when he spent some time in the pen in 2007. I remember him hitting 97 regularly, not something he did as a starter. As for Beckett, keep in mind that he did NOT have arm trouble last year. Thoracic outlet syndrome involves a rib pressing up against a nerve and causing tingling, etc. in his arm. The rib has been removed, and his arm is probably just fine. He’ll also be only 34. He’s certainly no lock, but I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if he can regain his effectiveness. I seriously doubt if he’s DFA’d.

    If the opportunity presents itself, both Beckett and Billingsley could become trade bait, or not. And Haren didn’t show any signs of a breakdown in the second half of 2013, when he was very effective. In fact, maybe he can have a positive effect on League, since he also throws a splitter, as does Tanaka. And Bills ending up as our #5 isn’t bad at all. Of course, I still prefer we add Tanaka, but that’s on faith that what we’ve heard about him is actually true.

    I don’t feel like going back, but I recall that there was a comment or two that expressed concern that there would be no room for our younger players if the Dodgers keep on adding experienced players like Tanaka. Personally I have no problem with the Dodgers adding good young talent like Tanaka or re-upping with good young talent like Kershaw. Nor do I have a problem with the Dodgers going with Kemp, Crawford, Puig and Ethier. The Dodgers game plan calls for heavy investment in player development, but it also calls for winning a championship NOW as well. I’d love for our young pitchers to find success in LA, but I’m also willing to keep them on hold if we can bring in more experienced young talent (like Tanaka) with a future. The Dodgers haven’t been out in the market signing a bunch of greybeards. If some of our kids are held back by young talent that’s just better than they are, that’s fine with me. That just makes our system deeper to fill-in spots due to injury, or gives us trade bait that can be packaged in a deal to bring us some new talent.

    In short, I have no problem with an abundance of talent, but I do have a problem with a paucity of talent. I don’t think a team can ever have too much talent. And if it is a problem, then all I can say is bring on the problems.

  28. Quasimodo says:

    Jan. 5th long odds for leading Dodgers were 6.5 – 1. I think that’s likely changed a tad since. Tigers were 2nd at 8.5 – 1. 11 days ago and that’s likely to have changed a tad also – just in the opposite direction. If Dodgers sign Tanaka will there be betting on any other team? I just hope running backwards and Russian Curls are part of the exercise program.

  29. Roger Dodger says:

    How is this for opening day lineup . . .

    Badger, 2B
    Bob, LF
    Quasimodo, CF
    Mark, C
    Brooklyn Dodger, 1B
    Pete M, RF
    Spokane Bob, 3B
    Bill Russell, SS
    Rodger Dodger, P (RH)

    I see speed and power . . .

  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, Spokane, Bill, I don’t want to be digging any throws out of the dirt. So you’ve got me protecting Mark. I predict Badger runs wild out of the lead-off spot. Roger, guessing you have an electric arm.

    Definitely a World Championship lineup. Great defense, unhittable starting pitcher, and like you said Roger, lots of “speed and power”. And I’ll be glad to take the MLB minimum.

  31. Bob says:

    Wow I wrote a post that took 5 minutes and got a reply that I was posting too fast.

    Is there some kind of anagram in that lineup.

    BBQ = Variety, saucy with periodic skewers
    MBP = Mega Base Pairs – Doubles hitters?
    SBR = Styrene-butadiene rubber – good abrasion resistance and good aging stability

    Ok, I do not have to understand it in order to like it.

  32. Anonymous says:

    For our gun nuts:

    This morning I lucked out and was able to buy 6 boxes of ammo.

    I placed the boxes on the front seat and headed back home, but stopped at a gas station where a drop-dead gorgeous blonde in a short skirt was filling up her car at the next pump.

    She glanced at the boxes of ammo, bent over and leaned in my passenger window, and said in a sexy voice, “I’m a big believer in barter, old fella. Would you be interested in trading sex for ammo?”

    I thought for a few seconds and asked,

    “What kind of ammo ‘ya got?”

  33. Badger says:

    And for our conservative friends:

    Having more money doesn’t make you happier. I have 50 million dollars but I was just as happy as when I had 48 million.
    ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    I’ll bet he has a lot more than that now. That’s 2 years of Clayton’s contract. More after taxes I suppose. His tax for one year will support a couple school districts! Atta boy Clayton. Taking it for the kids.

  34. Quasimodo says:

    All this ‘true face of the Dodgers’ stuff means too little for me to slam my fist down and proclaim its so and so. When I try to put an answer to who I see as ‘the face’ its like the slide projector is on auto change. If the question were ‘who’s the voice of the Dodgers?’ that’s not even a question as Vin will still be wearing that crown in his grave. So who’s the face of the Dodgers? I’m happier with who gives a shit.

  35. Quasimodo says:

    I just read that Mike Petriello is shutting down MSTI. That could prove to be dangerous! And I’m not gonna say how I see that as so. I sure don’t fear we’ve heard the last from Mike. I’m gonna guess he’s facing a pay raise that’s too good to turn down.

  36. Badger says:

    That’s a lot of money for a broken second baseman. Wasn’t he shut down a month ago?

    The face of the Dodgers? There isn’t one anymore. If we had to choose, then it’s Kershaw or Matt Kemp. They are stars that came up with us. Maybe we should just pick Magic as the face. He will be around longer than any of the guys on the field.

  37. Quasimodo says:

    While I don’t look forward to revisit the banter of Kershaw vs Koufax, at least at this early stage anyways, its hard to imagine Clayton can improve. But that’s all he’s done so far. He keeps getting better. And in a very smart way. I’m not real big on stats and I get lost trying to understand graphs, but my eyes tell me that pitching is becoming easier for the Kid K. Will he ever pitch a ‘perfect game’? I don’t think he’s even got a ‘no-hitter’ on his wish list. The most important stat at the end of the game is the ‘win’ and he’ll most assuredly serve that opportunity every single appearance he makes.

  38. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    No way to predict the future. My guess is that Kershaw will earn his contract, and continue as one of the top pitchers in the game. Can he get better? I guess so, at least in subtle ways. But it will be hard to improve on that 1.83 ERA, and 0.97 WHIP (did I get those numbers right?). Hopefully, however, he improves his win total by getting more support from the offense.

    I haven’t seen Miguel Rojas, but I do know that he’s a .233 lifetime minor league hitter. But he’s also been compared to Omar Vizquel in the field. So maybe he can manage to hit enough to stick around on the bench if his glove is really that good. And if the Dodgers hit enough they can afford to carry a gold glove caliber player on their bench. Hanley’s going to need a day here and there. Of course, I’ve never seen Mr. Rojas, so really all I’m doing is speculating.

    The face of the Dodgers? That big guy on right in that picture up top.

    A week from today we’ll probably know where Tanaka ends up. Hope it’s in Dodger blue.

  39. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, you touched on a new angle for major league baseball with Rojas as not a hitter but a great fielder.

    What is baseball expanded their team rosters to like 48 or 56 players. And, like football, had substitution. Like you send 8 fielders and a pitcher in the first inning to field. Then after 3 outs, they come in and you have 9 guys ready to come up to bat, but they just might be 9 different guys. Then if there is a guy on first base, in comes a pinch speed runner.

    Then back on the field, the manager wants to bring in another pitcher for one hitter, fine; in he comes, and then the original pitcher comes back in after that.

    Special teams, special situation — heck, we have been putting up with this method in football — and people love it. Why not in baseball? OMAHA

  40. Michael says:

    Bet the house. Tanaka will be a Dodger.
    In case you haven’t figured it out yet, women rule the world; and if Mrs. Tanaka wants to live in LA, guess what?

    Can’t wait until they decide to improve the offense.

    Face of the Dodgers? The one constant that is music to my ears, Mr. Scully

  41. Pete M. says:

    Let me throw a wrench in!!! Vin Scully as face of the Dodgers…
    Figuring Kershaw’s productivity over the next five is darn near impossible… I can only hope he becomes like one of my favorites in years past… Just going out every five days and keeping us in a game, C.C. Sabathia…
    Remember starting every four days and complete games??? Damn I’m old!!!

  42. Bob says:

    Offer Tanaka $20 mil for 5 years with an opt out clause after 3 years. If he is great he will demand more money or leave. If he is not great then he can stay and be possibly be traded. The good news is that Stan hates no trade clauses so most of these high priced Dodgers contracts will have bought out that clause of the contract.

    When will the Dodger prospects have an opportunity to shine in the Bigs? One Plan is to sign 5 All Star starting pitchers and in 2015 trade one for position player prospects, bring up a starting pitcher prospect and if he works out then trade another high priced All Star starting pitcher and bring up the next starting pitcher prospect. Sooner or later these alleged prospects must be given a chance to show their stuff, be traded, or they will be claimed by another team.

    I am ok with the Dodgers telling Young that they want him to try to play for at least half of the 2014 season and just see how things go. His OPS was 102 with the Dodgers in 2013 and his WAR was -0.2. Plus he can play all four infield positions in an emergency. If he will settle for $2-3 million then I think that would be a good signing especially considering who is available. Since he will not be making $16 million we should have much lower expectations for him.

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