1. Roger Dodger says:

    One way or another, the Dodgers will build or re-build the pitching staff. They know you do not go far if you do not have pitching for the end of the season and then the post-season.

    Kershaw in Texas . . . if that is important to him and his wife, so be it. If so, maybe the Angels and Seattle will teach him a lesson.

    Cesar Izturis to go with the Astros . . . nice guy; might have been nice on the Dodgers as back up . . . oh well.

  2. Quasimodo says:

    Kershaw ain’t goin nowhere! Maybe after Dodgers win the enchilada, but not before. And even then I see it unlikely. There’s too many reasons Clayton will stay. Firstly, he’s gonna dance with the one who brung him. And then I think he’d rather retire. His home is L.A. no matter where his house is or where he was born. Money won’t be a factor. He’s not a suit and tie guy and his dreams are not aimed at another team. Dodgers and Kershaw aren’t really big on disclosing what they share. The kid is is old school and he feels the fans in L.A. deserve him.

  3. Badger says:

    Nice sentiment Quas, but if Mark is even close about what Kershaw would cost we could pay Darvish and Tanaka with what Clayton will demand. I could see Texas all in on that deal. I could see Mr and Mrs Kershaw in on it too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I here you badger but if there was ever one guy who deserved that amount of money it’s kershaw. If he gets 300 mill. Good for him. I bet a third of that would go to his charity anyway so 200 mill for the best pitcher in the bigs. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  5. Gonzo says:

    I have been one of the most vocal posters to trade Kershaw before the season starts. I think that the Dodgers match up better with the Astros as they have a really good top 5 prospects. If they deal with Texas so be it. The conversation begins with Darvish and their top two prospects Jorge Alfaro (C) and Rougned Odor (2B) (gotta love the name).

    Another thing I was thinking about on my way to work is that almost all the monster contracts are done in the ’17-19 seasons making it accessible for LA to infiltrate the big league club with mature MLB ready prospects.

    A rotaion of darvish, Grienke, Tanaka, Ryu and ___________ would still be great.

  6. Idaho al says:

    You may be right Mark. I have worried all winter about signing Kershaw. I just do not think it is about money with Kershaw. There is something that is holding up the signing of a new contract. According to reports the Dodgers have offered him 300 million. If they cannot sign him, then they need to trade him. Darvish and 2-3 of their top prospects and then sign Tanaka. Texas may wait for free agency. I would shop him around to any team who would give me the best deal. If the Astros are willing to give us 3-4 of their top prospects, deal with them.

  7. Badger says:

    Good takes.

    No matter which way we go, we should come out on top. Right now we own him. If the best pitcher in all of baseball is for sale…. I think even Colletti can’t screw that one up.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    I live in Texas . . . and Houston where the Astros play — is, is not Texas in a way, IF you live in the Dallas area as Clayton and his wife do.

    Houston is down in that armpit of Texas on the coast and really far from Dallas. Dallas is their home — I think if it is Texas, it is the Rangers.

    Be interesting to know if Mrs. Kershaw has some close friends in the L.A. area for the number of years she has lived there (renting). Can she call L.A. home, or just the place they have to live for six months? And on long road trips, does she fly with the team on the road, go home to Dallas, or just stay in L.A.???????? Might be important questions.

    Kershaw probably knows what he will do right now — just waiting for the right moment. And the Dodgers are probably making the moves they have to do: contracts out, trade talks under-way, Tanaka a must if Clayton goes, etc.

  9. Quasimodo says:

    San Antonio’s really the only pretty city in that biggest state of the 48, and those ain’t mountains near El Paso. Texas sure has pretty women I’ll admit. Mrs. Kershaw better think twice if its her that’s pushing that.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    I live on the edge of San Antonio . . . used to be the home of the San Antonio Missions, AA baseball, and farm team of the Dodgers from about 1975/6 till . . . but in the late 1999 went to Seattle, then to San Diego.

    At Vero the last year of Spring Training, I was talking with Terry Collins, who was with the Dodgers then — and he said they were trying to get back to San Antonio for the AA action. But not as of yet.

    Where was I talking with Terry Collins? On one of the practice fields before any of the players came out — it was about 9:15 in the morning. Just Terry and myself for about 20 minutes. Not sure than would happen at Camelback these days; too crowded.

  11. Michael says:

    Idle minds thinks up this stuff, Clayton isn’t going anywhere except to the bank.
    Can anyone give me any indication of his desire to get out of town even hinted at in any reputable news source or for Hanleys’ perceived aversion to playing 3rd[which may have been clarified recently]?
    Somebody is watching too much Dr. Phil

    • Pgunn says:

      The thought is that since hasn’t signed his extension, something is up. But the Dodgers took their time with Mattingly’s deal, they will probably take their time with the four outfielders and the starting pitching and they will take their time with Hanley’s deal. I don’t think there is anything to worry about; besides the Rangers don’t have enough for Kershaw.

  12. Badger says:

    Dr Phil?

    Not sure what you mean by that Michael, but there is chatter all over the internet about what could happen with Clayton Kershaw. MLB Trade Rumors addressed it a few days ago. Perhaps you missed that? It’s the off season. This is what fans do.

  13. Gonzo says:

    You’re damn right he’s going to the bank. The question is who’s checks will he be cashing. Idle minds do have time to come up with ideas but those of us who’ve followed sports for a while know that something doesn’t smell right. I hope he stays but the odds of him deciding to leave aren’t as low as you suggest.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Michael (above) both the Dodgers and Clayton (also his agent) — are all closed mouth and do not work with rumors . . . they deal in the back room and announce went ready. Soooooo no source. That is how they deal and want it.

  15. Badger says:

    I’m not a mathematician but I believe it is possible to have too many wives in an equation.

    Good one Bob.

    I think Roger is right. Nothing coming from the Dodgers but the rumor Colletti and Kershaw’s agent are talking. Talking can be a good thing – as long as it isn’t the two wives that are doing it.

  16. Quasimodo says:

    What starting pitcher in his right mind would prefer Yankee Stadium to Dodger Stadium? Even more so Wrigley Field? But MLBN has been keeping Cubs name in the mix too. I didn’t know Dr Phil was a dodgers fan either. Maybe he has the inside dope.

  17. Badger says:

    My wife watches Dr Phil. And Oprah. Not sure they ever talk about baseball, but every now and then it will watch episodes. I learn from them so it’s worthwhile. I’ll have to pay more attention for baseball references.

    I still believe the Dodgers would be the favorites. Especially after hearing that Jed said we would not be outbid.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Who’s” or “Whose”, that is the question.

    Here’s the difference.



    If the Yankees don’t care about the luxury tax they just might go all out for Tanaka. And if the Dodgers really want him, they’ll do the same. In that case, it’s anybody’s guess who would win.

    As for Kershaw, I don’t have a clue as to what he’s thinking, so I wouldn’t venture to offer an opinion. I tend to think that he’s a lot better off in the friendly confines of the NL West, with its spacious ballparks, and the marine layer that knocks balls down in LA, SF, and SD. But if he really pines to play in Texas, maybe he’d be willing to subject himself to the rightfield jetstream in Arlington. And if he really wants a championship, what team is more committed to getting there than the Dodgers, and has the resources to back up that commitment?

    My bet is that Kershaw remains with the Dodgers, but really, like I noted above, I don’t have a clue, and if anything, I’m NOT clairvoyant.

    However, if Kershaw does leave, the Dodgers are likely to end up with a bunch of talent acquired in a trade, or if he just leaves after the season, a couple of additional draft picks next year, and a whole bunch of money freed up to go heavily into the free agent market next year. In fact, even with the trade scenario, they’re likely to free up wads of additional dollars to add some significant talent.

    I hope that the Dodgers sign Kershaw, but I will not panic if they don’t.

  19. Yo! Adrian says:

    If Tanaka comes to LA, a surplus starter(+reliever too) should be traded. Kershaw should not be that case. Dan Haren might be the best bait.
    Trade him for a good 2B prospect

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If Tanaka comes to LA there are no surplus starters if you exclude Billingsley (not ready at least until June) and Beckett (maybe not ready when the season begins). The rotation would be Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Tanaka, and Haren. That’s five. If Billingsley and Beckett both prove to be effective, then there’s a surplus. But what’s wrong with a surplus? Also, as loaded as the pen appears now, maybe either Beckett or Billingsley or both, could find a place in the pen. And of course, if a surplus develops, the Dodgers just have more bodies to include in trades.

    Badger, maybe it’s considered a negative that the Dodgers are without shame when they outbid other teams. Not for me, not for you, but maybe for some.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Oh, and I would have nothing against trading Kershaw, as long as it brought back a bunch of talent with it. The added talent and the added payroll flexibility could actually make the Dodgers a stronger team. An argument can be made against putting too many eggs in the same basket.

  22. Badger says:

    It’s not what other GMs are painting it to be. It’s good business. It’s the American way. It’s the free market at work. This is exactly how it’s done out there. The rich get richer because they can outspend their competition. Getting Tanaka guarantees several things that are positive for the Dodgers business model. We get him, nobody else will. When he pitches, the park will fill up and advertisers will pay more to get their names in front of a much larger tv audience. This guy will initially pay for himself and if he’s as good as advertised the Dodgers will cruise to post season play.

    Hey, if you don’t like the Yankees and Dodgers then get some regulation in place – install the salary cap. Until then, our dad is richer than your dad and tough tomatoes you have to drive a Plymouth.

  23. Bob says:

    My thoughts regarding a Kershaw deal.

    10 years for $300 million payable at $25 million per year and the balance of $50 million payable on the last day of the contract if he has not been resigned by the Dodgers to a new three year contract extension. If he resigns for a new 3 year contract then the remaining $50 million is paid at $5 million per year for 20 years beginning at age 40. 28 team no trade clause, tradable to Houston and Texas.

    • Badger says:

      My thoughts on the Kershaw deal……


      Also, it’s being reported that Kershaw was offered $300 million last year and that offer is still on the table. Why hasn’t that deal been consummated? If ever there was a pitcher that deserved the largest contract ever it’s him but that offer is about $50 million over the top. 10 years at $25MM per is not only plenty of money it’s about four years beyond his prime and is going to start stinging when Clayton goes past 30. The data is clear on this issue. Kershaw and his lawyers have to know this. Why delay signing? Get that ludicrous contract inked before it disappears.

  24. Quasimodo says:

    There has been no reasons for Kershaw to rush to any signing. Probably he is as far from understanding what all those extra dollars mean as I do. He knows he’s a very filthy rich man and can afford the luxury to take his time. So eliminate money as any reason to determine his destination as with time as a factor. From this point its hard to see Clayton wanting to be anywhere else. Where would there be a better fit? All that stuff would only complicate matters. If it was all about the money we’d see him plastered all over cereal boxes, shampoo commercials and watch ads. I think he wears the Dodgers uniform rather proudly. He has the same friends he had before got more money than Bubba-Gump shrimp. The only time he’s not smiling is when he’s on the mound.

  25. Bobby says:

    Im joking Badger. All the talk of getting Texas top prospects for Kersh used to make me laugh. Either way, glad it all worked out.

    Another reason I feel we need Tanaka is that Greinke has an opt out after the 2015 year. So just in case he does leave, Tanaka still gives us a a legit front line guy.

  26. DRomo says:

    Trading Kershaw (or even talking about it is laughable).

    “Ellen Kershaw does want to be in LA”

    “Clayton doesn’t want to be in LA”

    Seriously? There was no panic in here?

    This same sight (and I love Mark’s site) had a post last year about this time tell Zack Greinke to go pound sand. We didn’t need him anyway….LOL!

    Be calm guys. This is the new Dodgers and they ALWAYS get their guy.

    Bobby if Greinke walks after 2015, so what! We will have arms ready to go by then.

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