In Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, Kirk Gibson, pinch hitting for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the bottom of the ninth inning, with injuries to both legs, hit a two-run walk-off home run off the Oakland Athletics’ Dennis Eckersley that won Game 1 for the Dodgers by a score of 5–4.  We all remember that.  I was the only Dodger fan in the room and was standing on a table, jumping up and down and going crazy.  I remember it like yesterday.  On days when I now want to punch Kirk Gibson in the mouth, I just remember that day and calm down.  But I digress…

Vin Scully made that call and was so very eloquent when he said this (after over a minute of silence):

In a year that has been so improbable… the impossible has happened!”

As much as I love Vin Scully, he was upstaged on just the call itself by the legendary Jack Buck (God rest his soul), who said this:

“I don’t believe what I just saw!   I don’t believe what I just saw!”

I’ll never forget that day and I’ll never forget Saturday, when Andrew Luck, trailing by 28 points rallied the Colts to a win over the Chiefs.  Like Gibby, it was borne by sheer will.  It was reported today that when they were down by the score of 38-10, Luck said “We are going to win this game.  Stay with me.”

I watched him exorcise the ghost of Peyton Manning with the Second-Greatest Comeback in NFL Playoff History.  He has more come-from-behind wins than any QB EVER in his second year.  I watched the game and I still don’t believe what I just saw!

It’s a pretty good time to be a Colts and Pacer fan in Indy right about now.  It’s a happening place.  How lucky can we be to have 12 years of Manning and then Luck?

Spring Training will soon be upon us… but I still don’t believe what I just saw.  WOW!

So far we have over a foot of snow today and it will be  -20 Below Zero tomorrow!  I love it! Below is my backyard this afternoon.  Beautiful…

UPDATE:  Rosenthal on the Dodgers Problems



I don’t believe what I just saw!


  1. Watford Dodger says:

    The hairs on the back of my neck still stand up when I see that HR by Gibson. That’s why we watch sport – for those moments. Watching that Colts comeback, (and they’re not my team) on Saturday was one of those off the sofa moments. Was thinking of you Mark as your the only Colts fan I know. What a great Wild Card weekend.
    Do you think Kev is a Colts fan?

  2. Gionfriddo says:

    Pete, I’m with you on both counts–Vin gets my vote every time..

    Baseball AND America lost a hero yesterday in Jerry Coleman–the only MLB player to have seen combat in BOTH WWII & Korea.
    120+ combined flying missions in both wars. .
    2 Distinguished Flying Crosses
    13 Air medals
    Nothing like the Greatest Generation…… may he rest in peace

  3. Badger says:

    More talking heads were of the impression it was a total collapse by the Chiefs. I’m inclined to agree with that. No professional football team should lose after a 28 lead. But, congrats to Colts fans. I am an Andrew Luck fan, so, the team I picked did win.

    Not much new in the Rosenthal piece. But, it’s good to keep talking about the issues. I don’t view the Dodgers issues as problems. They have the best baseball players in the NL West. How can that be a problem?

    I am big fan of Cuban baseball players. Keep your heads up, walk the walk and show people that you are worth it. The world is watching.

    Scully. Always. Nobody like him. Ever.

    Go Seahawks. No other horse in the race for me. Maybe Chargers, but, they won’t go far. Not a 9er fan. Should be after Rams left California, but, old habits……..

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “In a year that has been so improbable… the impossible has happened!”

    is so much more eloquent than,

    “I don’t believe what I just saw! I don’t believe what I just saw!”

    My vote goes to Vin, the greatest ever. Period. Exclamation Point!

    Congratulations to the Colts. Not that I really care. But I’m a Giants fan (no, not those midgets by the bay).

    I guess Ken Rosenthal had to write about something. I’m guessing all those things will be resolved. Too early for me to get nervous, or lose any sleep. Besides, I have faith that the current Dodgers management is on top of everything, until that is, I see evidence that they’re not.

    I heard that about Coleman on the radio this morning, and it made me think. Didn’t Ted Williams also fight in both WW II and Korea?

    • Gionfriddo says:

      Yes, Teddy Ballgame did serve in both wars–however, he was a aviator instructor in WWII–whereas, in Korea he flew nearly 40 missions.. I realize I’m parsing words because to me Williams is, and was, the real life John Wayne…

  5. Bob says:

    If Pete Rose is kept out of the HOF because of his conduct off of the field then Jerry Coleman should be inducted because of his cumulative activities as a player, injured player, manager, announcer, military serviceman, and humanitarian.

    “Winfield hit his head against the wall and it’s rolling toward the infield.” Priceless

    Maybe Gil Hodges should also be in the HOF for his accomplishments as a player and World Series winner with the Mets, and because he was not allowed to have another full career as a manger due to his untimely death.

    I have heard that Ted Williams was a flight instructor during most of WWII, and got as far as Pearl Harbor when the Japanese surrendered, and therefore did not see “action” until the Korean War. Therefore, Coleman was the only baseball player to see action in both WWII and Korea.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, I grew up in Tucson, and saw Ted Williams hit the longest HR ever at Hi Corbett Field in a Spring Training game. He was almost retired then = 1959

  7. Quasimodo says:

    The most things I remember about Ted Williams is the Sears catalog. His endorsements of all the sporting goods there. Its funny sometimes how our minds categorize so many unimportant things that it does. Just yesterday I was posting a comment at a poker blog about talking out loud while playing online poker that Henry Kloss made a quote in an interview I read many years ago, “I’m not in the habit of talking to myself” so more times than not that ‘quote’ pops into mind when I catch myself saying things that my ears are the only ears around to hear. Oh and btw the price of tea in China…………..

  8. Mark_Timmons says:

    I absolutely agree that “In a year that has been so improbable… the impossible has happened!”

    is so much more eloquent than,

    “I don’t believe what I just saw! I don’t believe what I just saw!”

    Also, if you look up the dialogue Vin offered up (Wikipedia), it was dramatically more eloquent that Jack Buck, but this was not about eloquent. It was about OMG! I saw it in 1988 and I still don;t believe it.

    Insofar as the Chiefs losing it, I am of the opinion that there are times when a persons’ “WILL” can be imposed and Andrew Luck did that. By all accounts, he believed they were going to win and when you see the invisible you can do the impossible! Andrew Luck imposed his will.

    Did you see him pick up the fumble and dive like a fullback? I have NEVER seen anything like that. NEVER! I loved Peyton Manning, but this Luck guy is a force!

    Force of WILL!

  9. Badger says:

    Where is everybody? All this exiting news and we aren’t talking about it? Why, the Rays just designated Jerry Sands. How dare they? Don’t they know he was one of our better prospects? They replaced him with Pedro Figueroa. Ha. They’ll be sorry about that move…….. maybe. Since I have no idea who Pedro Figueroa is, how would I really know?

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    It could be that Jerry Sands, if signed, could be the starting left fielder for the Dodgers.

    Kemp goes down. Crawford has back problems. Puig is in jail. Ethier is in Center. And Buss is in right.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    If all the players do their job. His job is safe. If injuries, mis-manage the relief pitching staff, screw up batting orders, etc. He is baked Alaska by August.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Even if he’s baked Alaska, he still gets paid through 2016.

    But overall, Mattingly gets good grades from me. Don’t like all the bunting and disagreed with some of his decisions, but on the whole he kept the team playing hard, and was probably a big part of the positive chemistry this team exhibited. And with Wallach taking over as the new bench coach, maybe he gets a little more help with his decisions. And I imagine he’s benefited from on-the-job training.

  13. Roger Dodger says:

    Know what you mean Brooklyn. I signed a 25 year contract through 2016 with the Dodgers 23 years ago, and if they cut me — I still get the last two years pay.

    What is that. A cracked bat each season and the rights to come to Spring Training if I can make it (on my own).

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    On Spring Training, Mark and I would go together — but we disagree on driving.

    He flies here, and we drive in my new Corvette a GM car. But Mark will not ride in a GM car, he calls them socialists cars. He will only go in a Ford. He does not believe in the GM government assistance program by the President. So does that make the old Savings & Loan companies and Wall Street Banks that were bailed out by the government — socialist banks??? I think so.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    One down, two to go.

    Does this mean Hanley and/or Kershaw are next, and who know, maybe Tanaka?

    We’ll know about Tanaka somewhere between now and January 24th (two weeks from this Friday), the deadline for a team to make a deal with him. Since Tanaka has the same agent as Kershaw, maybe they’re in discussions about both deals.

    Actually, I don’t have a clue about any of this. As always, time will tell.

  16. Mark_Timmons says:

    Here is what I said about GM and the bailout:

    “The Unbiased (I say that sarcastically) US Media hasn’t said much about it, but the government bailout of Chrysler is complete. Fiat SpA owns 100% of it and Chrysler is no longer an American Company. Bush started it. Obama finished it. GM got bailed out too. This is why I drive a Ford – the only American car company who picked themselves by their bootstraps and fixed their own problems. Ford is 100% American and 100% not a welfare case. We should respect that!”

    I would ride in one – I just won’t own one. The taxpayers spent over a Billion Dollars to bailout Chrysler and another Billion on GM to bail them out of bad management. I was against it it and now Chrysler is an Italian Company and GM is a shell of itself. You can buy whatever you want – Toyota, Honda, Chrysler – they are all foreign owned companies and GM is a welfare case. NOT FORD!

    And… I’m sure Badger is joking about the Rolling Stone article. He’s smarter than that!

    • Badger says:

      Not joking at all Mark. This country is in the toilet. We need a new paradigm. Progressive nations around the globe, those not built on war economies and offer much higher standard of living for their citizens are moving that direction. It makes perfect sense to me and it begins with putting people to work. It’s effen brilliant, but knowing how this country is operated, the 1% will see that it wont happen. Who knows, maybe the younger smarter generation will be strong enough to revolt and get it done. My generation just f’d it all up.

  17. Badger says:

    One more thing, according to Fact Check GM paid back the TARP money and 61% of the company is owned, in stock holdings, by the US government, which by definition is the people. I have no problem with that and would LOVE a road trip in a new Corvette.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Wages . . . learned something when I picked up my new Corvette last month at the Museum/factory in Bowling Green. The line workers there, part of them make about $35 per hour, and newer workers (hired after a certain date) make only $15 per hour. That will probably cause some serious discussion in the near future.

    That is like, this guy make $8 million as a relief pitcher and the new guy with the same skills, makes only $3.5 million (both per season). Gee, I am not sure if this second guy can live on that 3.5

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    For the money, the Dodger could have signed Jeff Francoeur. Why not. Only 30 years old — power, might have been nice off the bench. Better hitter than Van Slyke.

    If Fancoeur would not have made it out of Spring Training — not much lost. If he made it — might have been nice.

  20. Badger says:

    Assuming you are actually interested in an answer to that I would first recommend you do your own google search on nations with the highest standard of living, happiness levels etc. – but I honestly doubt you would believe the data presented by research. Countries like Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Australia, Canada, Austria, New Zealand are always at the top of every list. We’re on some, but are not at the top and have fallen on most in recent years. We can get it back with some progressive moves, but, our unbridled greed has devoured our collective conscience. I think many if the ideas presented in that article are good, but a few are obviously a bit off the rails. We need to be more socially conscious and I believe we can learn from those models that are actually working.

  21. Badger says:

    Roger, there are a few guys like Francour that bounce around the league every year. Seems to me that the Puntellismacher’s abound. Why not just start the year with what we got? I think Gordon and whoever will be as good as the guys who played us under .500 last year when asked to step in. If a legit .280 bench hitter is out there grab him. Frankly I don’t see him. Our bench is going to be Ethier/Crawford, a catcher, Gordon, Van Slyke and the veteran clubhouse presence dude we eventually sign. Not sure it matters all that much. We are going to win this thing with our pitching staff and our starting lineup.

  22. Bob says:

    Progressive? That article is not about fairness, rather it is about reversing generational theft and implementing pure theft. Any socioeconomic paradigm that does not include both individual responsibility and charity, as a privilege and not a right, results in rampant narcissism and pure theft through wealth transfer from those who may or may not have earned the wealth ethically to those who have not worked at all, when the wealth transfer should be limited to those who can not work.

    Congratulations to all new HOF members.

      • Badger says:

        Whatever. If we aren’t progressing, we are regressing. Be happy and content with national retardation. It’s where we are as a country.

        The minister was completing his temperance sermon.

        With great emphasis he said, “If I had all the beer in the world, I’d take it and pour it into the river.”

        With even greater emphasis he said, “And if I had all the wine in the world, I’d take it and pour it into the river.”

        And then finally, shaking his fist in the air, he said, “And if I had all the whiskey in the world, I’d take it and pour it into the river.”

        Sermon complete, he sat down.

        The song leader stood very cautiously and announced
        with a smile, nearly laughing, “For our closing song,
        we will sing Hymn #365, “Shall We Gather at the River.”

  23. Quasimodo says:

    In Apple Valley, during construction of this huge mansion, 3 stories and could house probably 1000, I’d make it a point while driving if I had a passenger to take the route passing by and ask the passenger who he thought would be the sort of person would be that that mansion was being built for. Every single one of them (at least 25) gave an immediate answer “a doctor”. Well they were correct. Turns out he was born and raised in India. Who’s surprised? Makes one ask themselves ‘just what great deeds did he perform to gain such wealth?’ The ‘bad guys’ are not the sick or the poor but rather those who have had the system build them a sure fire road to wealth. If you look at whats at the other end of government contracts, and in fact all of them, you’ll see where the fat is most concentrated. Its the same system with insurance and doctors. Who’s running the show? It sure as HELL ain’t the people.

    • Badger says:

      Amen to that. And the Citzens United ruling has made it much easier for the fat cats to purchase legislation. The beat goes on. The weird thing is, poverty is already costing every one of us. The idea behind Social Security for all is we pay the same amount, but eliminate all those social programs that cause apoplexy in the bat shit crazy right. What would also be eliminated is the subsidies to corporations. Multi-million dollar corporations don’t need free money, given to them by the people. That’s nuts, but Congress doesn’t talk about eliminating that money pit. Why not? See Citizens United.

      Would it work? Hell I don’t know. I just know what we are doing now isn’t working and making poor people even poorer is asking for trouble.

      I know this freaks some out. Oooohhhh – socialism. I’m not afraid. Read what Einstein said about social programs. Didn’t freak him out, and he was somewhat smarter than any of us.

      • Pgunn says:

        With all due respect to Albert Einstein, whose contributions to physics were legendary, he was like anybody else when talking about things outside of quantum mechanics. Which isn’t a bad thing…

          • Pgunn says:

            Yes I have. Physics lends itself to philosophy better than chemistry or math, so it is not uncommon for physicists write philosophically. Since Einstein was considered a genius by the masses, people would naturally ask him other things besides his work.

            But, Niels Bohr is just as celebrated as Einstein, just as legendary of a theoretical physicist as Einstein. Brilliant people like Oppenheimer and Teller,among the greatest physicists in the last 100 years, were put under the spotlight during that “Red Scare” business.

            Remember what Richard Feynman said: “I believe that a scientist looking at nonscientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy.”

    • Bob says:

      And he created a job. One less person on unemployment insurance. Maybe Puig is learning to become a capitalist and reinventing trickle down theories. Now if he can just learn some fashion sense and stop wearing pink pants….

      I would enjoy some more attempts at humor like the joke that Badger shared above.

  24. Robert says:

    Socialism dont’t freak me out–rather, I find it detestable because it crushes countries, societies, and individuals who come into contact with it. I get it Badger, you loathe conservatives and the GOP in general and to be quite honest, I don’t disagree with that thought process. What I do find interesting in that all your diatribes you fail to place any blame with the current presidents’ ineptitude (hey, 5 years and we are MUCH worse off as a country) or in the continuing abject failures of social programs that have paralyzed the very people it has promised to help. Do you want proof? well, explain Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, Memphis, St. Louis and their decades long poverty, crime, and overall deterioration… by the way, these US cities have 2 important things in common:

    1. They are the top 5 cities in crime (check the FBI crime data base-these #’s were released 2 months ago) & last but most importantly….
    2. All these cities for a multitude of decades have been run by Democratic mayors–the last Rep mayor left office in Detroit in ’62 and that is NOT a typo (for those keeping score Detroit never rebounded from Coleman Youngs’ run of socialist policies from ’74-’94 and if you are not aware of this, do the research).. I won’t even touch Obama & Rahm Emanuel’s adopted haven of Chicago (where Libs all around in their warped thought process cheered when homicides dropped from 500 to 464 in ’13)…

    It would make a lot sense (for liberals, anyway) to sit around and sing Cumbaya & wax poetically how big business, greed, wall street, capitalism, Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43, etc are the core of all America’s problems but those who actually have pulled their collective heads out of the sand know the score…the MSM has sheltered this admin to the point that it goes beyond dereliction of duty to the point of shameful– for reference, turn on CNN right now and look at the around the clock coverage on Christie and Bridgegate– this admin has had scandals that make Bridgegate look like a Sunday picnic (fast & furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, et al)…..

  25. Bob says:

    MLB trade rumors is gone from this website? Was it a paid link?

    Even if the LA Dodgers do not sign Tanaka they could certainly try to run up the price for him as part of the auction process. However, that might backfire and also raise Kershaw’s asking price especially since both pitchers have the same agent.

    Is Kershaw waiting for Tanaka to sign, and for his agent Casey Close to gather additional information regarding the LAD personnel budget before signing an extension. Will Kershaw’s extension include an opt-out clause like Greinke’s? Will any of the White pitching draftees be ready to pitch in the MLB in 2-3 years?

    And I still want 1-2 more Polanco type infielders.

  26. Roger Dodger says:

    Robert, funny that most of the money made on Wall Street was during Dem’s watch as President. After the bust on 1987 and 2007-8 — came the great growth under Clinton and Obama. Interesting.

    So the Dodgers have one player who played as a Dodger entering the Hall of Fame. Nice.

    • Robert says:

      Roger, money has been made on Wall street for the last 7 decades, regardless of the letter following the presidents name.

      Since you are in the mood for humor how’s this:

      17+ TRILLION in debt

      Obamacare has been a complete disaster

      Fast and Furious deaths & the subsequent coverup by Holder

      IRS targeting of groups opposing the Dems

      AP phonetaps

      Benghazi and the 1st loss of an American ambassador in over 30 years and the subsequent coverup by our inept sec of state and the dems ’16 presidential candidate

      Poverty is up 16% per the adminstrations own CBO #’s

      Unemployment is up 68% per the admin’s own CBO #’s

      Food stamps up 42%

      Funny stuff huh?

      • Roger Dodger says:

        But big money has been more more under Dem’s than Repub. Remember 2008 (Regean); 2007-8 (Bush II) — and under Clinton and Obama — the markets soared.

        Most of the rest of your stuff is right of of Fox News, which is not news but the Repub right wing think tank.

        They would have you think that all the food stamp money is for broken down cheats on the government. But many are military service persons, single mothers tried to make it on their own working for $8 an hour . . .

        President Obama has not been able to do much in 5 years — because Republican leaders have this pack from 5 years ago — to let nothing go through from President Obama. Block him and show up that . . . What a way to run the country.

        • Robert says:

          Actually, I get the info from government run entities that you and others can access if you so desire. Your Fox news remark is nothing more than a canned response– try a different tactic because labeling someone like that & placing them in a box is intellectually lazy.. I suggest you read about Saul Alinsky and his teachings because Obama lists him as one of the men who influenced him greatly–maybe then you will understand the man you & millions of others continue to prop up…

          Obama has not been able to do much in 5 years? You are aware that in the 1st half of his 1st term he had full control (dem house & senate)? During this time the Dems passed Obama’s 1st signature piece of legislation in the 787 BILLION stimulus bill.. how did that turn out? wasn’t that supposed to get the economy back on track? Obama promised every American that with the passage of this massive bill unemployment would plummet…. let me know in detail how that worked out, ok? I’ll wait for a response….

  27. Gionfriddo says:

    I’m thinking all the GM’s who have needs for middle infielders are letting the situation play itself out– too many good gloves/avg hitting guys out there: Alexei Casilla, Justin Turner, Cesar Izturis, Yuniesky Bettencourt, P. Polanco, Ramon Santiago, Chris Getz, Ronny Cedeno..

    I’m might be part of the minority when I say bring in Ramon Santiago/or Casilla and Michael Young. .. Young can spell A Gone @ 1st, Uribe @ 3B & pinch hit…

  28. Bob says:

    Funny thing is that maybe Gordon and Sellers actually are the best choices for infielders to be on the 2014 LAD 25 man roster.

    This link to the CBS Sports Top 105 free agents has 18 players at 2B, SS, & 3B and only the following 3 players averaged .250 or above last year.

    Drew .253
    Young .279
    Polanco .260

    After very little thought I would chose Polanco and Gordon over everyone else.

  29. Badger says:

    Sounds like we are actually in agreement. Bush’s boneheaded mistakes are legendary, the Tea Baggers are bat shit crazy and Obama can’t get anything done.

    We are in the toilet.

    Why not try something new? Because we are the greatest country in the world? We don’t need change? That’s just stupid.

    btw, technically there is no such thing as Obamacare. It’s the ACA and the rollout was a disaster. But Social Security took a while to become successful and it too was unpopular with the right. It’s worked out ok. Same with Medicare – also unpopular with conservatives. And the Civil Rights Act wasn’t popular with some groups (obviously still isn’t with many) but where would be without all of these things? You know what I find weird? Blacks got the right to vote before women. In the United States? Women received suffrage in 1920. My dad was alive then! African American Men received suffrage in 1870 with the 15th Amendment. But many Blacks were scared away from the polls by the KKK and other terrorist groups. They received official Voting Rights in 1965, and now right wing groups are again trying to limit their right to vote. Yeah, we are the model for the rest of the world. Follow our lead. Crazy.

    And, I’m fine with Polanco but I don’t think he is necessary. I think we win the West just as we are – provided everyone stays healthy. If someone breaks again, who out there on the market is good enough to step in? Our problem last year was depth. We haven’t done much to fix that, and frankly, barring a trade, I don’t see much in the way of depth available right now. Maybe something comes up by the deadline. In the mean time, we need good health.

  30. Robert says:


    I don’t want to drag this on but when you put pure bullshit out there I’m going to call it as such. Right wing groups are trying to disenfranchise blacks or minorities in general is what I believe your beef is.. so, let’s deal with that head on and for a quick disclaimer I’m african-american, so feel free not to lecture on what it is like to be discriminated against..

    For starters, voter ID laws have been twisted and turned by our MSM to make the wack jobs on the left feel(and I said feel because no thinking is taking place) that discrimination is taking place. That, is pure nonsense and here’s why—let’s list the places where we need to show a photo ID- when purchasing alcohol, cigarettes, when opening a bank account, applying for a job, renting or buying a home, when driving or buying a car, when getting on an airplane, when getting married, when purchasing a gun, when adopting a pet, when staying at a hotel, when applying for a hunting license, when picking up a prescription, when giving blood at a blood bank……

    Now, you yourself have stated how other countries try certain ideas and maybe the good ol USA should take note. Well, these are the following countries that require photo id’s in order to vote and some are progressive bastions that people like Obama, crazy Joe Biden, & the lying Hillary C drool over: Spain, France, Malta, Belgium, South Africa (voter ID’s were backed and promoted by Nelson Mandela by the way, who we all know was a rebel rousing right winger huh, Badge), Argentina, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, and Norway… Wow, quite the list by any stretch… bunch of bigots, hate mongers, & right wing nut jobs from where I’m sitting–except for the little fact that the MSM has told us for decades we should be following the lead of the aforementioned countries when it comes to social issues…

    Lastly, we know for certain that in the last 2 general elections thousands upon thousands of dead people have voted (yes, it’s a little nugget that your nightly news is not going to soon promote cuz it spoils the narrative) and that thousands more have voted multiple times, so don’t you suppose we should maybe guard against such voter fraud??


    • Bobby says:

      Thank you!

      I don’t come to this board to read people’s opinions on politics, but yet some people think by posting their irrelevant opinion on politics on a Dodger board makes them look smart and tough.

      Get over yourselves. You want to talk politics, go to, not

      Can’t wait until we sign Tanaka, or extend Kersh/Hanley, so we have something important to discuss on a DODGER board!

  31. Bob says:

    I presume Kershaw is happy with his agent and especially happy that his agent’s other clients are being handled in such a confidential manner. But I want to hear more rumors every single freakin day about Tanaka.

    At the minimum Ned should be running up the price during the next two weeks.

  32. Gionfriddo says:

    Don’t like how the Kershaw situation is being handled. Trust me, this goes on into season & it’s sets up a bad ending for Blue fans. Of course, my gut says by opening day Kershaw will agree to a 8 yr/240-250 mill deal.. however, if that don’t occur & a deal cant be finalized by then, Close/Kershaw will go to free agency imo & will couch it with “we won’t negotiate during the season”….at that point, LA will be letting Texas enter the equation & we don’t want that…

    That being said, Ned let’s extend Kershaw & get Tanaka signed:
    Kershaw–8 @ 250 mill extension
    Tanaka—6 @ 120 mil
    Hanley—5 @ 75 mill extension

  33. Badger says:

    I don’t know how the Kershaw situation is being handled so I can’t comment on it.

    For not wanting to drag it out you sure did Robert. If you think it’s about voter ID you really are missing the point. I think you know better. As for the other countries, they aren’t the self established world’s police force dependent on a war economy so they can use their resources differently. They do and it has resulted in a happier more content citizenry. I just thought it might be a good idea to look around and see what else is working. Maybe not. I know a certain percentage in this country think its working just fine. Food for thought, that’s all. No disrespect intended. All we can do is follow the paradigms that make sense to us. Cayce said it best – “define your principles and then live them”.

    We are allegedly still in on Tanaka. I wonder who else might be asking their agents to look over the fence?

    • Gionfriddo says:

      Ya, Badger, you’re probably right on that… he’s gonna want Tulowitski coin in all honesty ….
      Didn’t think that one too well… don’t u think the brass might have to make a decision on Hanley IF they extend Kershaw AND sign Tanaka? As far as letting him walk? Just food for thought….

      • Bob says:

        Because of Hanley’s history of injuries I like your proposal as a base salary for him. Although no player wants to take a pay cut, $16 mil in 2014?, he probably deserves a cut in base pay due to his risk of injury.

        Your proposal plus $1,000,000 for each 10 regular season games played above 120 games each season equals a maximum salary of $19,000,000 per year. He should go for it!

  34. Ball says:

    Hey anybody I was wanting to get some advice and tips for spring training. This will be my first year going and I have a couple of questions for anyone kind enough to respond. My first is I was planning on going the 14th – the 17th, is it worth going cuz I no games don’t start till the 26th? I guess that’s my only question, ill be going in blind so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated

  35. Robert says:

    Badger, I meant no disrespect in my posts and I hope none was taken. Time to move— can’t wait for Jan.24 to get here to see how the Tanaka situation shakes out… reports say he has returned back to Japan, which means he did not visit Chicago or NY, correct? John Shea of the SF Chronicle reported that Tanaka’s reported preferences were LA, NY, or Boston (Boston is most likely tapped money wise?)…So, as I expected all along it, will come down to LA vs NY…

    • Badger says:

      No problem Robert. I can tell by your history here you’re a stand up guy. Agree to disagree and move on.

      Agree about Tanaka. No surprise he wants to live in one of those cities. Jed said we won’t be outbid. I’m getting a good feeling here…..

  36. Quasimodo says:

    Badger, Energy equals mass, times the speed of light, times the speed of light. Perhaps I’d be able join the, what I’m certain, is a very small club that really comprehends what E=MC2 really is. I’m told its ‘in this or that book’, but I’ve read of couple of those books and only to find that I’m still in the other part of the house. But Einstein the politician wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. If he had an island populated with his mind-like, it wouldn’t be a paragraph in history. That island wouldn’t of thought of defense. Albert Einstein is ‘my’ hero and I’m not smart enough to explain why. In ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ Kevin Klein said “apes don’t read philosophy” and Jaime Lee Curtis quickly replied “yes they do!, they just don’t understand it!”. She hit the nail on the head and I’ve realized from that moment on, that man IS just another ape, even Albert Einstein. I’m sure glad I’m not a rabbit as everything in a rabbit’s life says he’s little more than ‘fast food’ and if Albert called the shots apes would last as long as rabbits. At least the messenger who explained the most profoundly true philosophy to this ape’s mind had maybe the best set of tits on the planet. That only substantiates more proof that I’m an ape. Also spell check told me it took 4 tries to type ‘politician’. To Dell and Rob, thank you for being there for me. You guys make good medicine and the tender plant my head represents was watered with my visit to your home. Hope you join in here from time to time, there’s a great bunch here that are thick skinned enough to put up with me. Cheers, friends! I’ll go with Dodgers in 1st before May and NEVER look back. $100 even to any takers here that the season ends over 100 games.

  37. Badger says:

    Interesting Quas.

    Einstein the citizen philosopher was equally fascinating to me because his take on society was much easier for me to comprehend. For reasons as complex as human consciousness we are drawn to people with similar traits, interests and belief systems. The very word society is a large group of people living together. What Einstein understood, in a quantum way, us that we are all connected. The practical aim of today’s politics is to separate us. If we remain pissed off, if we are warring with each other, they all win. While we scream and point fingers, they are fleecing us. Einstein knew this and that is what his societal paradigms point to. We all must work together and share our individual skills wthin the society for the sake of society. Having been a professional warrior, lied to and sent to a war based on economic gains for the war profiteers, my opinions on how we conduct ourselves on the global stage have, for obvious reasons, been changed. Einstein was more than a physicist. He was a gentle man, a pacifist and a vegetarian. He and Ghandi are at the top of my most respected list.

  38. Quasimodo says:

    We all know that Badger leans towards the democratic party. I’ll bet he is not real happy with LBJ’s choices of Vietnam and the lies told that impacted his quality of life. Everybody’s Vietnam was different than any other’s. His is a busload of baggage that that he won’t close his eyes to. It took more than two terms for FDR’s plan to be put in motion and it could also be an accident by him that he was the #1 reason the US became the most powerful country in the world. His job programs gave this country the tools to win those wars. The USA had 5 times surplus electricity than the country who came in 2nd. I can’t call myself right or left. I get very pissed off when people cheer for what is obvious lies. If you think 3 strikes should apply with a man’s life you didn’t read the fine print. If you believe “they hate us for our freedom” you should take cuts in the slaughter line. If you are thanking god that those lies are there to make you free then you won a long time ago. Just because a master feeds you and doesn’t whip you make things good. If you’re happy that G W Bush was our man, you’re an easy sell. Its possible that it could of been worse. The populace in Germany were very proud when they became the most single powerful country in the world. I hope they felt betrayed in the end.

    • Badger says:

      Yes, I lean left. Man of the people. Though I am disappointed in the Democratic Party, the Republican Party offers me nothing. As for Vietnam, I was young and very naive. I actually believed there was a communist menace. It’s a different eidolon today, but it’s the same play book. I remain an idealist. We must look for production of leaders who advance science, art, government of the people (ALL the people), education and social welfare generally. Where might I find all that in the clown car that carries our political choices?

  39. Quasimodo says:

    Einstein never gave up his battle disclaiming ‘quantum physics’. “God doesn’t throw dice with the universe”. Ghandi didn’t view the black race as equals. Einstein tops my list of heroes. At least of those I didn’t have a personal relationship with. Yes, if people fallowed the ideals of the man its a win-win on all accounts. I’ll agree we are all connected in a quantum way, but Einstein would give you an argument with that. Me, I just have to take the word of others. Einstein voiced an opinion of a static universe, but Hubble gave us evidence of a better truth. Quantum physics say there are such things as better truths. Every bit of this is all above my head and I’ll keep watchin the TV and my two cents belong to somebody else. Einstein had said there are ways to feed ourselves that are better than taking an animal’s life. But he was a cheater as a vegetarian. I’m a high school dropout and don’t know where the bullshit ends or begins when it comes from me.

  40. Quasimodo says:

    Is there not such a thing as a communist menace? That menace which was the strongest in the 60’s is still very real communistic. Yes, Cuba has the crown of being the most communistic country today. The most used currency in Cuba is the US dollar and its biggest enemy is 22 year old Yasiel Puig. Fidel’s homosexual brother is hated most of the two. Those two know the it would be best for Cuba for them to die. The baton will likely be handed to Fidel’s daughter and the country will love her and the casinos will be open again

  41. Badger says:

    Ball, I know Mark and Roger both have a ton of info about ST. I go down every year but I live here so it’s just for the day each time. I like to go to the back fields and watch infield practices, batting practices and instruction. The complex is very nice, very accessible and sits considerably west of the dump known as Phoenix. Glendale has nice hotels and restaurants all over. Have fun.

    • Bob says:

      Until I receive additional facts in a few years I will assume that Cuba is changing in the same manner and scope as China did a few decades ago. And they didn’t even need a jump start caused by a visit from Nixon. The additional change that occurs when Fidel’s brother passes away will be interesting to observe.

  42. Idaho al says:

    This is the second or third time I have said this. If you want to talk politics, go someplace else to talk politics. This is a Dodger web site and that is what I come to this website for. I have my politics and I do not care to share it with many people. Our whole political system is screwed up. If you think you can blame one party over the other, you are crazy. Until we admit that, we continue to play the blame game, and nothing gets done.

    • Badger says:

      Thank you al. Your opinion is valued. I must say however, you blast others political views with a political view. As Mark said……..

      how ’bout them Dodgers?

      Nothing new in that realm.

  43. Badger says:

    Ok, I’ll try some baseball news:

    Yada yada…… zzzzzzzzzzz…. something about Sizemore (insert penis reference here… ooh, Badger said insert penis)

    And this:

    “A National League GM predicts that one of Masahiro Tanaka’s many suitors will “come in and blow everyone away. There’s going to be a dance where everyone is in the same boat and then there will be a team that breaks the bank for him.”

    Is this Dodger news?

  44. Pete M. says:

    Ball – You’ll find Camelback quite fan friendly…Get to the game early, as you can wander around the back fields and see some the Dodger kids going thru instructions and practice…

  45. Quasimodo says:

    “Is this Dodger news?” Guess it very well may be Dodger news. Tanaka landing on whatever team is Dodger news. It would be easy to embrace Tanaka arriving with the Dodgers franchise after the initial disappointment of our team stacking the deck to win 162 games. I just find it hard to believe that Dodgers will get another top of rotation pitcher to fit as #3 or #4. There’s 29 teams who need Tanaka more than the Dodgers. Something in my gut tells me that Giants will have to most aggression in the bids, but it could also be something I ate.

  46. Bobby says:

    Amidst all the msnbc vs. fox news drama on this board, did you guys see this tweet by Dylan Hernandez? It is Dodger related:

    @dylanohernandez: The Yankees, Dodgers and Angels are finalists to sign Masahiro Tanaka, according to Sports Hochi. (h/t @JballAllen)

  47. Badger says:

    A tweet? No. I didn’t see the tweet. But thanks. If I was asked to guess I would have said Cubs, Dodgers and Yankees.

    Must have missed the MSNBC references. Did see the faux news bit. I don’t get much info from either of those sources.

  48. Bob says:

    Finally saw the Puig arrest video. Puig looks to be argumentative and a little fat.

    I do not envy Ned having to negotiate with Tanaka when Tanaka’s agent is also Kershaw’s agent. TMI will be revealed during the negotiations. Good tactic by Kershaw and his agent. Will the Dodgers have to pay Kershaw double what they pay Tanaka? Do they really want to blow everyone away with a deal for Tanaka and then turn around and have to negotiate with the same agent and complete a deal with Kershaw between January 24th and February 8th? We will find out soon how good their negotiation skills are and how big their bank account is.

    • Badger says:

      You mean the red neck oinker that made the arrest? Yeah, I noticed that too. Argumentative and fat. A few too many donuts I suspect. You know what else I noticed? That black sports car the cop passed in catching up with Yassie. Could it be there was a race going on?

  49. Mark_Timmons says:

    I am going to make several points with this post:

    1. Robert Mathis is a beast, but the Colts just didn’t have the horses… yet. The future is bright!

    2. The IndyStar had a great article on Mathis yesterday

    As you read it, you will read this:

    “Robert’s father drank. He was gone by the time Robert was 5, and dead by the time Robert was a sophomore at Alabama A&M. Emma qualified for welfare but never accepted it. She would arrive home nightly at 6 or 7, worn, weary but dignified.”

    The point I want to make is something that cannot be measured but is just as real as anything: Giving people welfare usually robs them of their dignity and once you do that, they are dependent FOREVER on you because you just took the most important thing a human has. A welfare state is doomed!

    Now, back to Dodger baseball!

    The Dodgers will sign Tanaka followed by Kershaw!

    Tanaka – 7 Years – $140 Million

    Kershaw – 10 years – $300 Million

  50. Anonymous says:

    “The point I want to make is something that cannot be measured but is just as real as anything: Giving people welfare usually robs them of their dignity and once you do that, they are dependent FOREVER on you because you just took the most important thing a human has. A welfare state is doomed!”


    Wish I could have understood whst those guys were saying. Looked to me like the cop saw a black/Hispanic man doing over 100 in an $80,000 car and his rabbit ears shot up. Reckless? Maybe. Probably not really. Just speeding on a really fast highway in a really fast car. Reckless just adds $ to the ticket. Why not write the speeding ticket and head on back to Winchell’s for the rest of the day? Because, that’s why.

  51. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Puig didn’t look fat to me, but his relative that go out of the car looked a bit on the hefty side.

    As for the officer, I thought he was reasonable, and simply stopped the car due to its excessive speed. And it’s pretty apparent that he didn’t stop the car for any other reason, since he actually got the 110 mph reading while on the other side of the highway, since he crossed over the median and turned his car in the opposite direction to pursue Puig’s car, AFTER getting the 110 mph reading. As for the black sports car he passed, it doesn’t appear at all that that car was involved in any race with Puig’s car, since, in fact, it was well behind Puig’s car, simply based on the time it took the police car to catch up with Puig after accelerating past the black sports car.

    The officer on a few occasions mentioned that Puig was jeopardizing his mother and the other passengers in the car by driving at 110 mph. I thought he handled the situation professionally, and was impressed by the fact that he also spoke Spanish even though there is nothing that indicates that he was of Hispanic heritage. And I’ve heard nothing to indicate to me that he treated Puig other than fairly and with respect. From what I’ve heard, it appears as if even Puig knows that he screwed up, and that the officer was perfectly within his rights to make the stop and the arrest.

    I’m sure there are some “red neck oinker[s]” out there. But not every cop in the south fits that description, and, in fact, probably most don’t. I’ve spent a lot of time in the south, since I have friends in Georgia, and the more time I spend there the more I think I’m still in NY. This is not the south of the ’50’s, ’60’s, etc.

    And Mark, welfare dependence is a bad thing, and is in no way justified. However, accepting welfare when it’s absolutely necessary is not a bad thing either. The trick is to honestly do your best to avoid it, and the dependence that comes with it.

  52. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Wish I could have understood whst those guys were saying. Looked to me like the cop saw a black/Hispanic man doing over 100 in an $80,000 car and his rabbit ears shot up. Reckless? Maybe. Probably not really. Just speeding on a really fast highway in a really fast car. Reckless just adds $ to the ticket. Why not write the speeding ticket and head on back to Winchell’s for the rest of the day? Because, that’s why.”

    The cop did NOT see a black/Hispanic man doing over 100 in an $80K car. Take a close look at the video, and you will notice what I mentioned in my post above. The cop got the 110 mph reading while on the other side of the highway, and then crossed over to pursue. I doubt if he could even see who was driving the car when he got the reading and made the decision to cross the median and pursue in the opposite direction.


    7 yrs., $140 million
    10 yrs., $300 million

    Sounds like an awful lot of money to me. However, I’m sure the Dodgers decision will be based on how much they perceive they can get back in increased attendance, increased promotional opportunities, and in a possible world championship. Those numbers sound crazy, but maybe not to the Dodgers’ management. We should know relatively soon.

    • Badger says:

      “The cop did NOT see a black/Hispanic man doing over 100 in an $80K car. Take a close look”

      Umm – ok. You REALLY sound convinced. But taking a close look at a dash cam video doesn’t tell me what the cop can see. I know I can look across meridians and see people in cars. But, it’s not worth arguing over.

  53. Badger says:

    Simple explanation Brooklyn – the guy in the black sports car was white AND he had a V-1 radar detector.

    Simple fact is we don’t know what happened there but I saw initial attitude with Tubby Morales. Yes, he was an Hispanic officer. Some Hispanics actually speak the language too.

    Your experience with cops is obviously different than mine. I used to respect the police force. Not anymore. We have become a police state and that disturbs an old timer like me. I had officers in my family years ago. Different time. In so many ways, it’s not like it used to be.

  54. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Definitely not worth arguing over. But clearly you’re eyesight is a lot better than mine. Moving at legal speeds I can’t quickly determine who’s driving a car coming in my direction on the opposite side of the road, especially since there is usually some sort of reflection coming off the windshield of the car coming at met. Also, in this case, the median between the two sides of the highway was quite wide, probably making it extremely unlikely that the officer could see who was in the car on the opposite side of the road, especially if that car was going 110 mph.

    As for the guy in the black sports car, there is no way to determine how fast he was going, and I’m glad you can see that he was white and had a radar detector. I can’t. Besides, if you watch and listen to the video carefully, you will hear the officer refer to the “white car” going 110, and see that white car pass by on the opposite side of the road. So clearly, when the officer drives through the median to pursue that car, it’s his primary focus, and consequently he is not interested in the black sports car, since he can only pursue one car at a time, and the black sports car likely wasn’t traveling near 110 mph, especially given how quickly the police car accelerates past it.

    And maybe my experience with the police is different than yours. But I do recognize that there are abuses committed by the police, sometimes serious abuses. I am simply unwilling to paint them all with the same brush, and I’m also fully aware with all its abuses, the United States does not even come close to approaching a police state. I’m sure if you lived in a full-fledged police state you’d recognize the difference.

    And if you think I’m some kind of conservative ideologue, well, I’m not. In fact, I don’t consider FOX to be a news station. I generally refer to it as the FOX propaganda channel. In general, I consider myself to be moderate, disliking mindless extremists on both the left and right.

    • Badger says:

      Again, I wasn’t there so I don’t know what the cop was looking at, but they’re cops, they are trained to look. He had the radar gun pointed that way, he had to be watching. Just playing the defense lawyer here, I see some reasonable doubt. Yes, Puig was speeding, but I would point out that according to the RadarBusters website those guns are inaccurate 25% of the time. When was the last time that gun was calibrated? Why was reckless added to the charges? Why did you make that poor woman cry you heartless bastard. And Officer Morales, for heavens sake do some sit-ups man. You look like you swallowed the neighbors pet pot bellied pig.

      I know you better than to believe you rely on the Fake News Network for information. You are much too well informed for that to be the case. I’ll now give you the last word on this subject. Doh!

  55. Quasimodo says:

    I’m told here in California that you can’t get a ticket for 100+ mph. If you get pulled over having driven that fast you’ll be booked because 100+ is an arrest and not a ticket. Everybody has driven faster than 100+ mph but I’ll bet those who were arrested are not mostly black. But the chances of getting a break in the form of a ticket for driving 99 mph when doing 100+ are much greater in an expensive car. Profiling, it happens but the only profile Yasiel Puig fit in was driving over 100 mph. Famous rich people get the most breaks because everybody loves a winner. I’ve found out something about myself in the past few days. I’ve been more depressed than I was aware. Visiting a couple dear friends for two days was really good for me. Life feels a little better than it did a few days ago. Cheers, friends!

  56. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Yeah, Badger, best to drop it. As for news stations, I’m a CNN guy. In fact, I have it set as the default station when I turn on the TV. Of course, I know a guy who takes his right wing extremism to the ridiculous by referring to CNN as the “Communist News Network”. When he says stuff like that I just stand there in disbelief and keep my mouth shut.

  57. Badger says:

    Just read in Florida anything 40 mph over the speed limit is considered reckless. Also read anything over 100 in Florida is intent to kill, which means you can go ahead and kill them.

  58. Badger says:

    “For the most part, everything was off duty,” the chief said. “Everybody needs to understand — our police officers — that unless you’re at work and you have to speed to an emergency, you’re a regular citizen. Coming to and from work, you’re expected to abide by all the laws and do everything you’re supposed to, like anybody else.”

    Well duh.

    What we really need to understand here is that cops do pretty much what they want when they want. We are in the middle of a case involving several cops right now and one of the first things our lawyers told us – cops lie and they do so with impunity. What I am finding in my research about that subject is mind blowing.

    • Badger says:

      That doesn’t mean Morales is lying. It just means cops in general are notorious liars.

      I wonder if they all asked for Puig’s autograph when they got him back to the station.

  59. Quasimodo says:

    Most all the speeding tickets I received were when I was on a motorcycle and wasn’t speeding. It takes but a flash going 0-45 on a bike and just because a cop has to step on it to catch up to you he’ll write you up to 60+ when you never went over 45 mph in a 45 limit. I’m sure they believed I was speeding, but that only proves them liars wherever they have false beliefs. But I knew this long before my 1st speeding ticket. A highway patrolman told me that when they patrol a new route they use logs of average amounts of tickets for that route. Thus you’re just as likely to get ticketed for 10 over as 20 over. And on a motorcycle you’re just likely to get pulled over just because.

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