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Barely breathing…

I have been holding my breath all week that Ned would not make a dope-fiend move, like signing Robinson Cano (Seattle’s GM is  is a loser), giving Brian Wilson or J.P. Howell 3-year deals or trading Pederson, Seager or Stripling for David Price.  I’ve been hoping that Ned wasn’t stupid enough to trade Kemp.  So far, so good!

Rating the Signings and Other Stuff:

  • Dan Haren  B+ (he should be a credible #5)
  • Brain Wilson A- (hopefully his arm stays attached to his body for 1 more year)
  • Non-tendering Belisario  A+  (addition by subtraction – he was becoming a cancer in the clubhouse)
  • Mike Baxter C  (he has a shot at making the team, especially if the Dodgers trade one of their outfielders)
  • Brandon League F- (keeping him on the roster is silly – move on Ned, admit your mistake and forget it)
  • Drew Butera Z- (who?)
  • Robinson Cano A+ (the Dodgers stayed away – that is a horrible deal)

I really don’t think the Dodgers should go after a veteran reliever – relievers are so fickle – up one year and down another.  I think the Dodgers will be best served by relying on the young arms.  Let’s look at the pen:

Closer – Jansen

Set-Up – Wilson, Withrow, Rodriguez (Paco ran out of gas last season, but should benefit by being a year older with a little less workload – are you listening Donnie?)

That leave 3 spots open in the pen and you can pick from the following options:

  • Dominguez
  • Beckett
  • Billingsley
  • Garcias (2)
  • Elbert – after June
  • Fife
  • Magill
  • Guerra
  • Lee
  • Stripling

Surely, the Dodgers can get 3 good pitchers from that group.

I would do one the following trades: Andre Ethier, Dee Gordon and Zach Lee to the Red Sox for Xander Bogaerts or to Texas for Elvis Andrus.  If the Dodgers can’t get one of those shortstops, just leave Hanley at SS until Seager-time.  I’ll throw another trade out there if we can’t get a shortstop.  How about Lee and Gordon or another pitcher not named Stripling, for Daniel Murphy of the Mets, who moves to 3B?   He has played 3B before and while not an ideal third-baseman, he might benefit from Mark McGwire’s batting approach.  I really don’t think the trade with the Rangers is likely and the Rangers deal is iffy, so this would be the lineup with Murphy at 3B:

  1. Crawford  LF
  2. Ramirez  SS
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Puig  RF
  6. Murphy  3B
  7. Guerrero  2B
  8. Ellis  C

Fed-EX needs to play more next year to keep Ellis fresh and I think might surprise you with his bat.  Even if he doesn’t, that lineup doesn’t depend on a superstar catcher.



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  1. Robert says:

    You forgot Brandon League.

    • Quasimodo says:

      No, Mark did not leave him out. He dumped him above. I didn’t have the same fears as you, Mark. You have to give Ned credit for getting most of his work done this past year. The Wilson signing was a great move. Especially when looking at the blown saves last season. There’s more than one reason to keep our current outfielders. This team needs little fixing. You have talks with Ray Charles, ask him what he thinks.

  2. Badger says:

    Wilson came really cheap last year. We’ll see how good a signing the new contract is.

    Seems to me we discussed Murphy before. Lee and Gordon for a guy who isn’t really a third baseman? How about Lee and Gordon for someone who really is a third baseman. How about Uribe for one year with an option? Heck we just gave a guy who threw 19 innings with a twice repaired arm 10 mil with an option. Give Uribe the same deal.

  3. RogerCraig says:

    Murphy would be fine at 3B. He’s a pro, can steal a base and is much better offensively than Uribe and he hits lefty. He is a solid, under-appreciated player.

  4. Badger says:

    And why would the Mets trade their starting second baseman? He is under team control for two more years and is in his prime. These are the guys you keep.

  5. Pgunn says:

    Now is the time to think out of the box.

    Instead of relying on Wilson-eighth and Jansen-ninth, you can now use them in earlier innings during high level situations. People have been talking about not confining the closer to the ninth; that you should use him in the seventh or eighth innings if you need him.

    In the Dodgers’ case they have two closers(I’m not going near League!), so there would be opportunities to use Jensen or Wilson to get out of a jam in the seventh, with the other still available in later innings.

    This would also give Paco a chance to go beyond being a lefty specialist, something I think he can do. It makes the bullpen more versatile and it gets back to making it a game and not a lab exercise in not taking chances, among other things.

  6. Pgunn says:

    The Dodgers need a third baseman; they shouldn’t play around with Murphy. If I’m trading Ethier, Gordon and Lee, I’m going after Wright or Longoria. Instead of giving 3 for 1(Bogaerts), you can dangle Kemp and get Bogarts/Middlebrooks and two other prospects from the RedSox. Though I’d rather terade Ethier, because He’s going to be platooning soon, anyway.

  7. Quasimodo says:

    There’s things behind the scene that we don’t learn till after the fact. In 2012 I was wondering why the hell Jansen wasn’t pitching the 9th when he destroyed opposition in the 8th with 12 pitches or less. We came to find out his heart condition didn’t allow him that workload. Saw Juan Uribe in his 2nd year with the team and just believed he was a waste and then found out he was hurt before he turned things around. Juan Uribe is a 3B and the team loves him. Badger is right. And I wouldn’t be shocked it the F/O see’s it the same way. Players want to be Dodgers above all other teams these days. They’re that good. I’d rather see youth that’s at hand coming in led veterans at hand going forward.

  8. Badger says:

    How about Ethier for Martin Prado? Ethier goes home to Arizona and we get a guy who can play anywhere and can hack.

    Too complicated? Inter division moves are tricky.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I wouldn’t just dump League. Nothing lost giving him a chance to regain some value. Who knows, maybe that lasik surgery did him some good. If not, it would be easy enough to drop him in May or June. And if he managed to turn things around, he could be turn into valuable trade bait. Let’s just remember what happened with Uribe last year.

    I don’t know if Belisario was a cancer in the clubhouse (maybe he was, maybe not), but I do know that he was largely unreliable on the mound, except for an occasional spurt of effectiveness. I was hoping that he would be non-tendered, and happy when it happened.

    Maybe Gordon goes in a deal. But if not, I probably keep him on the bench over Mike Baxter.

    If J.P. Howell can be had for a reasonable contract (not 3 years), I’d consider him for the pen. Otherwise, the second lefty position could be a battle between Onelki Garcia (if he recovers fast enough from off-season cleanup and bone bone spur surgery, and finds command), Chris Reed (if he also finds command), or maybe our #2 pick from last year, who’s name escapes me now. But all of those guys, and Elbert as well, may best be considered for a call-up later in the season. And there are definitely names to call-on on that list of yours. Also, as long as Paco wasn’t overworked again, I’d consider opening the season with him as the lone lefty in the pen, with the idea to call on one of our other lefties in May or June.

    I doubt if the Red Sox are even considering trading Xander Bogaerts, and definitely not for that package you suggested. If they even considered trading him for Ethier (not likely), they’d want the Dodgers to pick up the Ethier’s ENTIRE contract. The deal for Andrus is OK, that is, if the Rangers were willing.

    Guess there’s always a sucker team out there. Cano wasn’t all that far off from that $300 million deal.

    I’d consider trading Kemp, and I’d consider trading for Price. But in both cases, it would depend on the package received (in Kemp’s case) and the package surrendered (in Price’s case). And of course, as regards Kemp, it would also depend on how much of his contract was picked up. In the end, I’d probably refrain from either deal, since I doubt the other side could satisfy me. However, I never say never, but it would take an awfully favorable deal to make me pull the trigger, in either case.

    Daniel Murphy? I think not. I suspect he would be a defensive disaster at 3B.

  10. Bball says:

    Badger. I actually like the ethier for prado idea. Just don’t think Arizona would do that.

  11. Badger says:

    Probably not Bball. But it does make sense for both teams.

    I would keep Gordon over Baxter too Brooklyn. I’m waiting for the light to go on in that kid, and now he has added OF to his resume.

    I must admit I am surprised by that Cano deal. Them for offering and him for taking it. He is going to miss playing in NY, and they are going to regret about half that contract.

  12. RogerCraig says:

    Why would the Mets trade Murphy? Because they want to Eric Young, Jr. at 2B and lead him off. It’s hard to say how well Murphy would do at 3B, but it might be worth a try.

    Wright and Longoria? The Dodgers might get Wright for Kemp, Lee and $70 million. Longoria? No way the Rays ever trade him for what they are paying. That’s dream material!

  13. Jae says:

    Ethier for Prado might work if the Dodgers paid the difference in their salaries, which is a lot!

  14. Gionfriddo says:

    Prado 4 Ethier? That’s a great trade for both sides—I love Prados’ game. He’s a clutch, professional hitter who can also play 2B & LF.. doubtful the D’Backs would do it considering the current animosity between the franchises… the Rangers & A’s just pulled off a nice inner division trade so who knows…..

    Daniel Murphy? Came up as an OF–was moved to 2B & has made himself into an adequate defensive 2B. A move to 3B, like Brooklyn said, would likely be disastrous..

    If Uribe can’t be resigned (1 yr/10 mill with an option is fair) then I hope they turn to Omar Infante. Can play 3B, 2B, and corner OF spots as well… another clutch hitter.. only hitch is he wants a 3 yr deal…

    Beltran–3 yrs/45 mill deal with Yanks… NY is now @ 177.5 mill payroll & we will soon see if they blow by the 189 mill luxury tax threshold–a self imposed limit they put on themselves last yr & reportedly wanted to stay under this yr as well… could impact their Tanaka bidding.

  15. Jae says:

    For the illiterate ones here, Daniel has played over 210 games at 3B!

    Some of you just like to disagree – maybe it makes you feel smart!

    • Gionfriddo says:

      Hey smartass, re-check baseball reference..
      Murphy has 28 games @ 3B & 220 innings IN HIS CAREER…. you want to be a stugots & it will be returned….

  16. Jae says:

    Oh, Murphy is 28 and Juan Uribe didn’t have 210 games at 3B until he was 31 years old. I suspect Murphy could be adequate.

    • Badger says:

      So….. you’re ok with adequate.

      If we are giving up our best pitching prospect AND the fastest player in our organization, don’t you want more than adequate? Besides, the Mets aren’t giving up their .286 hitting starting second baseman unless it improves the starting lineup.

  17. Pgunn says:

    Prado for Ethier??? Now, we’re talking! Younger and cheaper,too? Better than the Schumaker/Punto team? Go for it!

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Beltran 3 years with bad knees, and McCann at 5 years. I guess when the time comes they could flip flop at DH.

    If memory serves, Murphy wasn’t very good at 3B when the Mets played him there. Really not all that good at 2B either. Good, but not great hitter. For now, I’d prefer Uribe (never thought I’d see myself write those words) at 3B over Murphy. His defense is that good. And I believe, ultimately (hopefully sooner rather than later) the Dodgers need to seek out something a lot better than both Murphy or Uribe. Maybe Seager will someday be that guy, but at 20 next year, he’s most likely going to be two years away, at best. And we’re going to have to see how well he adjusts to more advanced pitching this year, and going forward. Good prospect, but by no means a slam dunk.

    Mark, as you know, the Winter Meetings are this coming week. I imagine that you’re still holding your breath. I know I am.

  19. Pgunn says:

    Seager will he get playing time in ST, before he joins… say where is he going?

  20. Bob says:

    Surprising Uribe was better during 2013 than all of the alternatives that are being discussed for 3B. How did he improve so much to end up having the second best fielding percentage in MLB and a 4.1 WAR? Can he repeat this performance for even one more year?

    Seager will probably not be ready to play full time for the Dodgers for at least 2 seasons so therefore a 2 year contract for Uribe with a 3rd year vesting at 400 PA during 2015 seems reasonable to me.

    Sign Howell and an older 6th starter to serve as a long reliever, and three infielders and let them all know that they will not receive a no trade clause. Then once the 40 man roster is finalized the Dodgers still have a few players that they could traded or DFA’d, like Guerra and Sellers, should they decide to trade for or sign additional star players such as Tanaka.

    Should the Dodgers trade for Price so that they would have more leverage should Kershaw consider signing with Texas in 2015?

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Seager only had 100 ABs at Rancho, so I’m guessing that’s where he begins 2014. If he adjusts and does well, I can see a possible promotion to Chattanooga at around mid-season.

  22. Badger says:

    URBueno has a great glove but a mediocre stick. Frankly I can live with that. Can he hit .250 and learn how to get on at .320? Rumors suggest maybe 15 teams will be interested. I am a big believer in strong up the middle, especially at SS. A left to right infield of Hanley, Bueno, Guerrero and ARod works for me. We have the wood, we have the arms, depth and defense and this team can win 98 games.

  23. Quasimodo says:

    Badger, I’ll go a little further. I’m putting 100 games at the bottom. I feel the only way that we’ll fall short of that is injuries again. Oh, I think you meant AGon not ARod.

    • Badger says:

      Atta boy Quas. Love the positive thinking. Shall we have 98 as the over/under for 100 push-ups this year. That’s pretty high. 96?

      • Badger says:

        Yeah, AGon of course. Thanks. If the Yankees will pay all the salary I’d consider ARod for my bench.

  24. Quasimodo says:

    Did you re-up another breath to hold, Mark? Hanley is back in L.A. and I’m certain you can relax on that one, but you never thought we’d lose Hanley. There’s some noise going on Kemp will get traded in the meetings starting tomorrow, but I don’t believe its much more than noise. I hope Ned heads into the meeting shopping for staples only. Going grocery shopping when you’re starving makes for bad purchases. Dodgers F/O isn’t starving and that’s good. So I hope for things to be relatively quiet this coming week. I’m not for most of the trades ideas circulating.

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    100????? Why not 100+. But like Quas says, that takes health.

    I could go with that infield of Hanley, Arruebarruena, Guerrero and Agon. If we get production from Hanley, Agon, and the outfield (including a healthy Kemp) that defense up the middle can be invaluable, but does come with some caveats. Up the middle are both rookies (albeit with international tournament experience), and we don’t yet know how they’re going to hit. And in Guerrero’s case we know very little about how he will fare defensively at 2B.

    That showcase that Arruebarruena was supposed to participate in was scheduled for yesterday and today. And I still haven’t heard whether or not he’s received clearance to sign from the U.S. OFAC. So is a signing imminent, or is it weeks away.

    In the meantime we have the Winter Meetings coming up this week. Stuff could happen.

    Guererro hasn’t done much lately since returning from his hamstring injury. But really, I probably shouldn’t read very much into that.

  26. Quasimodo says:

    Badger, Pre-stroke I was good for 70 push-ups in one set, post stroke maybe 7 per set. Sometimes I look at the floor and tell myself to get down there and do it, and even see progress. but I’m also bucking about 60 lbs more now. So I’ll bet 100 push-ups, in as many sets as it takes, that Dodgers win at least 100 games.

  27. Quasimodo says:

    Ugh, today is another vicodin day. Been avoiding taking for about a month. But when I have to take it I make sure to take enough to get a buzz. That way I can tell myself that I took it because I wanted to rather than needed to.

  28. Pete M. says:

    Now if Prado wanted to come here, all he has to do is mumble about Gibson or not minding going to L.A. I think Gibby would see that his ass was gone… Gibby likes his kinda guys surrounding him… Dre would love to go home…
    Give em hell Quas and I luv your 100W prediction… Im feeling it with good health God willin…

  29. Badger says:

    Do modified push-ups Quas. I have rotator cuff issues (worse in my left) so my bench has suffered and my number of push-ups is often counted in single digits, unless modified. Heck, just put yourself in the position and hold it for increasing lengths of time. The key is to keep trying. Never give up.

    I’m not necessarily looking at that infield to start the seaso Brooklyn. Maybe even 2014, as those guys need a little US seasoning. In the mean time, to start next year, Hanley is penciled in. And I am using a pencil purposely.

    Prado started slowly and wasn’t all that well received. A very popular Arizona player was lost in that trade. Ethier is something of a local hero here. They would love him. It could work – on paper anyway. I really like Prado.

  30. Badger says:


    Edit please.

  31. RogerCraig says:

    I think the Dodgers would have to throw in another player and about $20 million in cash, but I like thaT DEAL A LOT.

  32. jerry says:

    i read a article on dodgers web page ..and of the three outfield ..kemp is first in line ..then either ..then crawford..they are worried about kemp s injurys.

  33. jerry says:

    sorry guys be traded..

  34. Badger says:

    I too am worried about Kemp’s injuries. If he is taking care of himself, and rehabbing properly, he SHOULD be ok. But, who knows what he is thinking. Maybe he has his head in Rihanna’s lap again.

  35. Quasimodo says:

    I see signs that the contract for Hanley is larger than we probably figured. I’m gonna guess 5 or 6 years for $170 million. HanRam loves L.A. and we love him back.

  36. Badger says:

    I don’t understand the need to offer these guys guaranteed money several years past their prime. You are in your prime from 25-31. Earn your right to live forever like a king during those years. After that, everyone, including you, knows that the numbers will decline. Guaranteed money for several years after your prime? Ok, it, along with your production, will decline as you age.

    The current model is what you get with a powerful union. How come conservatives aren’t stepping forward and screaming about this? They will shout loudly about food stamps for poor children, but it takes a liberal like me to point this out?

  37. Quasimodo says:

    I think HanRam is more concerned for a contract for years and a no trade than the amount of money. His agent is opposite minded. Is Hanley a headcase? Yeah, but that has its pluses. That’s what Miami didn’t recognize.

  38. Badger says:


    Then owners will pass the savings along to we consumers.

    Yeah, that’ll happen.

    Off to PHX aero porto. Wife back from Denver for a few days. It’s supposed to snow here and drop to around 23, which is 23 higher than it has been in Denver.

    Drop and give us 3 Quas. Hey, it’s a start.

  39. Quasimodo says:

    Lolz, 23 degrees and snow in PHX. Better the cotton make itself some coats if Arizona want to remain #1 in cotton. And alfalfa’s normal 11 cuts there won’t be met. Really, what is the coldest its ever been there?

  40. Mark_Timmons says:

    How come conservatives aren’t stepping forward and screaming about this?”

    I have screamed about it repeatedly and said I was ashamed to be a Dodger fan, that baseball needs a salary cap, but was told by you that’s “it’s not my money.”

    They will shout loudly about food stamps for poor children, but it takes a liberal like me to point this out?”

    I have no problem with the children – it’s deadbeat parents I have problems with! It doesn’t take a liberal to see it – even Ray Charles can see it.

    • Badger says:

      Then insist they go to work! Put together a jobs program. Oh wait, that’s not what conservatives do. They collect corporate welfare and bitch about the less fortunate.

      Steep Price to pay.

      Give Lee the #5.

  41. Bobby says:

    I will guess that the Hanley extension is roughly 4 yrs, 85-90mil.

    i really have nothing else to say at this time except that today is a great college football day. Go Dogs!

  42. Michael says:

    High of 21 and not expected to get warmer than freezing until Wednesday. Shoveling snow is one hell of a workout, so if any of you gets this added to your chores, be careful.
    That’s a great article Bob, thanks, found it fascinating that we match up best at a hefty price to be sure but I have always felt this would be his new home;
    Anyway troops the reason I dropped in was to ask that we not forget that its December 7th. Taps

    • Badger says:

      It’s 57 at PHX. The 23 will be in Sedona when we get home. The plane is late. Snow will be piling up.

  43. the truth hurts says:

    Anybody notice that Tony has not posted in awhile over at DodgerScribe?

  44. Gonzo says:

    Right on Mark its the deadbeat parents all right. It’s a cycle. If a parent chooses not to work an receive public assistance that gives the kids the notion that hard work really isn’t necessary when someone else is footing the bill. If you ever have some time I recommend “A Framework for Understanding Poverty” by Ruby Payne.

    If many people get drug tested to get/keep a job the same should be applied to those getting public assistance.

    While I’m about helping thy neighbor, a lot of them have abused the system. I guess I’m a conservative liberal…if there is such a thing.

  45. Quasimodo says:

    At TBLA its said that Colletti has make several offers to Uribe. This almost confuses me, I’d think their relationship would be more intimate than waiting for Uribe to respond. It probably is, and perhaps that means an agreement has been made but disclosing such after the GM swap meet is in order. There’s only so many times in “several”.

    • Badger says:

      Several offers? Or the same offer several times. I’m betting Uribe is holding out for another 3 year deal.

  46. Adrian says:

    A very interesting stove league so far. When Ellsbury got 169 mil deal, Carl Crawford’s contract has become reasonable.

    Let’s get Jose Reyes for Crawford, Fife and Sellers.

    And Dodgers may get Aroldis Chapman for Zack Lee, Dee Gordon

  47. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    According to this,, Kemp is doing weight bearing exercises on the injured ankle, and expected to begin hitting in January. So maybe he’s out of the boot.

  48. Badger says:

    I don’t like this talk.

    Boston wants Kemp for $16 million because that’s what they were willing to pay Ellsbury? Well neither Kemp nor Ellsbury make $16 million. They are paid what stars in the league make.

    F@&# Boston. They want Kemp they can give us equal talent and they can pay Kemp what Kemp makes or he stays here.

  49. Quasimodo says:

    I know, and that wasn’t the 1st time Reyes bumped Hanley to 3B. My Choctaw blood tells me ‘bad medicine’.

  50. Roger Dodger says:

    If Kemp can play and can come back and does . . . he will be a tiger. Open the door and give him awards.

    I think he has learned a lot over the past two years.

    He knows he has the talent.

    He knows some of the mistakes he has made.

    He knows the window for a great season or three is NOW.

    He knows all of this and more — and he will produce.

    Do not give this guy away.

    I would rather risk trading Ethier — and keeping Kemp, and if it does not work, then make a deal or call up Joc.

    Do not let Kemp get away.

    Mark, I leave for the airport in a few minutes . . . sorry you could not make it down. But Jed and I will accept the car and drive back between the weather.

  51. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t think Kemp is bound for any other team. Nor do I think Either is, and the same with Crawford. If 2013 taught Dodgers anything, the 1st thing they should have learned was Roger’s plan of four outfielders has merit. Even ‘IF’ all are able to keep off the DL its still a good plan. As its affordable there’s no good reason to settle for less. We’ve got to remind ourselves just how good this team is WHEN healthy. I’m not the only one who looks through blue tinted lenses.

  52. Quasimodo says:

    Roger, dirty old men out to get a chick-magnet. Also a good plan! Lolz.

  53. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I didn’t post the above about Kemp to Boston because I was advocating such a trade. I did so to offer a little news as to where Kemp is on his on his recovery. At the same time I am not completely against trading any of our outfielders, as long as we get equal value in return. What that value is I don’t have any idea. If it happens, and we see what the return is, then and only then will I have any idea if I like it or not.

    For arguments sake, let’s say Kemp went to the Red Sox, and they took $96 million off the Dodgers books. In that case, I’m assuming that the Dodgers would have gotten back at the very least, some top prospects worth the $32 million that they were eating, and the talent they were surrendering. And on top of that the Dodgers would then have $96 million that they could earmark for other things. For me, it comes down to what the Dodgers get in return. And the same reasoning goes for Ethier and Crawford.

  54. Badger says:

    I agree with both of you this morning. Kemp is the number 3 hitter on a very good offensive club. When healthy he is the heart and soul of this team. Boston wants him cheap? Screw that! I listen to what they have to say, and as soon as they are done I tell them – “you can watch him play next October”.

    Kemp is ours. If he succeeds, or if he doesn’t, he should remain in a Dodger uniform.

  55. Quasimodo says:

    Brooklyn, I sure didn’t see it as anything you were advocating,(nice word. I’ll use it more often) and thus I’m sorry if I sounded like you were. But Boston was, and I thank you for that info. I’m sure Colletti will listen respectfully to what all GM’s put on the table. I just hope he’s inwardly as stubborn as I am.

  56. Idaho al says:

    How about a trade with Seattle. Either for James Paxton and Nick Franklin. James Paxton is as good a looking left hander as I have seen in quite a while. He pitched three games (I believe) last September and I watch all three. They have no need for Nick Franklin because of the Cano signing. Nick is also young and not a bad stick. Seattle has a surplus of young pitchers and may let Paxton go. If we could get Paxton, we would have no need for Tanaka.

    • Badger says:

      Interesting idea al. I just read somewhere about a trade idea involving both those guys to KC for Hamilton (I think that’s what it was). The piece mentioned Seattle needs a RH bat to balance a lefty heavy lineup. I don’t know that much about Seattle, but they seem willing to overpay for players. Having just added Cano, not sure they would want Ethier. They would rather have Kemp.

  57. grumpy3b says:

    Some 2nd hand insider poop…kid who manages the local grocery store for his parents went to some concert, I believe last weekend? Not sure or who for that matter but it’s likely some sort of rapper-ish thing) anyway, he was in the $500/seat section and who was sitting behind him, Kemp and date (pretty blond apparently). I’ve seen the photos so I know it was real…the conversation he kept on with Kemp was casual. Kemp was constantly restating his desire to play in LA forever…blahblahblah…my question to this guy was “…so was he wearing the boot I read he was still supposed to be wearing…???…”….NOPE…so either he was being naughty or his ankle is improved enough that he hcan go about normal walking and such. That would be a good thing. Been through several blown/broken ankles in my life (worst was due to a nerf football in Ensenada and that was before medicating with tee-kill-ya) and getting back to just walking around is a big deal. Took me about 3-4 months after that point before I could fully play ball of any sort. Not being a guy earning a living doing it I would think Kemp is in juuuust a bit better shape than I’ve ever been and he will indeed be ready for ST.

    I say give him a bucket of Tiger Balm, let him rub some of that and a bit of dirt on it and run his arse out there.

    Anyway, just thought it was interesting. If I can get an emailed photo I’ll pass it along somehow…

    I do wish Kemp could learn to play 3rd, hell, Peeeedro Guerrrroooo did it, sort of…why can’t Kemp? Bad ankle really doesn’t bug a guy playing 3rd…trust me, been there done that more and a few times.

  58. Bobbie17 says:

    I favor youth in the bullpen. Future starters and closers come from this group. That is how they are supposed to learn. Kemp has no trade value at this point; frankly how can the Dodgers give up on his career when they have seen how good it can be? He has to stay healthy for a season, though, and get this stuff behind him. It has to be affecting him mentally, which probably will bleed onto the field. The only minor league position player that is untouchable is Peterson. The others are trade bait. Keep all the minor league pitchers. 3B and bench are the needs now. It wouldn’t hurt to have someone around to back up our new 2B, if he is no good. Someone who could play every day, just in case. Mark Ellis isn’t a bad guy to have around, if he will be utility and if he will take utility $.

  59. Bob says:

    Generally I favor staying pat until most of the other outfield free agents are signed and the value, err desperation, goes up for the services of Kemp or Either.

    When will Phase Two of the Guggenheim Plan really start? Are any of the Dodger minor league prospect players ready for promotion? Based upon the outdated MLB Top 20 Rankings the Dodger prospects have the following ETAs. In the past these projected ETAs have appeared to be, as Donnie would say, kind of “Early”.

    Also, I have subjectively ranked the players based upon certain semi-relevant factors as age, level achieved, and stats.


    #5 Magill (B) Starter 2013
    #13 Dominquez (A) Reliever 2013

    #3 Lee (A) Starter 2014
    #6 Reed (C) Starter 2014
    #8 O. Garcia (C) Reliever 2014
    #12 Y. Garcia (A) Reliever 2014

    #10 Stripling (B) Starter 2015
    #20 Frias (C) Reliever 2015

    #4 Urias (A) Starter 2016
    #7 Anderson (A) Starter 2016
    #9 Windle (B) Starter 2016
    #15 Bird (C) Starter 2016
    #18 Martinez (B) Reliever 2016

    Position Players
    None 2014

    #1 Pederson (A) OF 2015
    #2 Seager (A) SS 2015
    #16 Schebler (B) OF 2015
    #19 Cuevas (B) OF 2015

    #11 Santana (A) 3B 2016
    #14 Valentin (B) SS 2016
    #17 Baldwin (D) OF 2016

    Because of the many “Starters” that are projected to arrive on the scene starting in 2014 I would like the Dodgers to have signed 4 very good experienced starters and add one prospect to the rotation each year. Otherwise trade the prospects for position player prospects.

    In addition, I hope that the Dodgers only sign one more experienced reliever and allow the present core of reliever prospects to hone their skills in the majors and, when or if ready, attempt to stretch out by migrating to long reliever and then to #5 starter, if capable. However, most of the Dodger pitchers who become relievers in the minor leagues do so because of their inability to remain as starters.

    Desired Dream Rotation for 2014
    #1 Kershaw
    #2 Greinke
    #3 Price
    #4 Tanaka
    #5 Ryu

    Presumably Tanka will not be posted during the winter of 2014 or the owner of his team will wait until spring training thus making his point about his perception of the unfairness of the new system and saving face before it is too late. In my opinion the posting team should also receive a payment from the player, as a co-agent, of 10% of the annual compensation received post signing.

    Until The Fat Lady sings I will believe that a 3 way trade with the right third team would allow the Dodgers to acquire Price.

  60. Quasimodo says:

    You’ve all likely read at TBLA Colletti talking about resigning Wilson. The part of that story that I like mostly is Colletti getting affirmation from the ‘TEAM’ about bringing Wilson back. I’m really glad to hear they have somewhat of a voice in considerations moving forward. Group cohesiveness – gotta love it.

  61. Badger says:

    That’s a lot of work Bob. Thanks.

    I peruse the top 100 list a lot during the year. Have been doing that for a while and my feeling is, you get somebody in the top 25 and you have a prospect that will make it. The guys in the top 10 are really worth watching. The Dodgers haven’t had anybody on those lists for some time. It changes frequently, and the last time I looked Pederson is our best prospect, somewhere in the 40-50 range. Seager is there now as is Lee, who has been in about the same spot for what seems like years.

    The years you have listed for their arrival might be accurate if we were the Twins or the Padres. We are the Dodgers, and the way I see it NONE of those guys on that list will do much with the Dodgers in 2014. Pederson could probably play, but how do we know? He has never done it. And we all know the numbers Gordon put up in the minors as he sailed through the system only to get stymied at the Big League level. We do have some pitchers who have helped lately, but they are 1-2 inning guys. Sure would be interesting to see what our minor league starters can do, but, with this team looking to win it all, I doubt we see Lee or Stripling given the #5 out of ST. Would love to be wrong about that, but, I suspect we trade for the #5 rather than allowing a rookie to assume the job. Those guys will compete when the rosters are expanded, but again, I would be very surprised to have that 5th spot available to an unproven pitcher come Opening Day.

    This organization has a way to go before their students graduate. We just aren’t that strong in the minors yet. I think we will be, but we aren’t there yet.

  62. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Phase II of the Gugenheim Plan will likely take a while. The international signings of the last couple of years (except Puig/Guerrero) have been teenagers. Most of those kids still aren’t on our radar, and when they get there, it will likely take a while before they’re big league ready. However, other than those signings, we do have some prospects in the system (especially pitchers) who could be ready this year or next.

    Maybe Urias will advance quickly, but since he won’t turn 18 until August of this coming year, I think that a 2016 big league debut might be a bit optimistic. But Kerhsaw made his debut at 20, so maybe Urias does too.

  63. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It appears that an agreement has been reached between MLB and NPB on the posting system, and that it may go into effect as early as next week (I’m not sure if that means this week or the week beginning 12/16).

    Wonder how this will affect the meetings this week.

  64. Badger says:

    I’m not changing my position. Tanaka gets posted and the bidding will be furious.

  65. Badger says:

    Dodgerscribe is either done, or Tony is only allowing paid customers in. I can’t even log in anymore.

  66. Mark_Timmons says:

    Maybe he feels the same way I do about baseball.

    I am starting to hate it. Big bucks and the Guggs are ruining it.

    Oh wait, I can’t say such a thing. That is only the intellectual property of Democrats.


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