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You’ll see it when you believe it!

  • One rule for signing free agents – Never, Never, Never sign a free agent for whom you have to give up a draft pick… NEVER!  That means no Cano, Choo and others.  No, No, a thousand time no!  No matter how bad you want any of them.
  • Consider trading Puig, but try and swindle the Marlins.  We all know why the Marlins would love to have Puig… so make them pay!  So, Andrew Heaney, Colin Moran and Giancarlo Stanton to the Dodgers for Yasiel Puig.  Two top 5 prospects plus Stanton – that should do it and I would do it in a heartbeat.  Puig has a huge upside… and a bigger downside.   I’m telling you right now!
  • So Marlin Byrd gets $16 million?  That means Nolasco might get his $80 Million.  Holy Cow!
  • Juan Uribe was the 7th best 3B in all of baseball last year with a WAR of 4.1.  That was better than Ryan Zimmerman, Kyle Seager, Chase Headley, Pedro Alvarez, Brett Lawrie, Chris Johnson and Martin Prado.  Adrian Beltre, David Wright, Evan Longoria, Manny Machado, Miguel Cabrera and Josh Donaldson are the only better 3B in baseball, so unless you are going to trade the farm for one of them, how can you do better than Uribe?  2 Years/$15 million.  Get it done.
  • Maybe Omar Infante for 2B or 3B?   A poor man’s Robinson Cano.  It’s worth consideration.
  • You all know that Clayton Kershaw is my favorite Dodger, but he has to sign soon…
  • Surprise of the Spring:  Chad Billingsley breaks camp as the number 5 starter!
    1. Kershaw
    2. Greinke
    3. Ryu
    4. Tanaka
    5. Billingsley



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14 Responses to “You’ll see it when you believe it!”

  1. Idaho al says:

    I would take those 5 starting pitchers any day of the year.

    I also agree with you Mark on free agents. Never give up a draft pick. That is why Tanaka is important to the Dodgers.

    I agree with you on Uribe. That will give us time to see how Seager does and who will move to third. Either Ramirez or Seager.

    I do not know anything about the other two players from the Marlins. If they are top of the line young ball players, then I make the trade immediately. I like Puig, but I just do not like the way he plays the game of baseball. Standing in the batter’s box after being called out on strikes, does not help. Those umpires are professional, but they are also human beings. I am sure he has been told not to do these things, but he still does them, like over throwing the cut off man.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I would stay away from surrendering up any draft picks this year. But NEVER? I don’t think you ever say NEVER. There might be times when it makes sense.

    Bring back Uribe? And for 2 years? What are you smoking? Put me in the same camp as Mike Petriello at MSTI.

    I wouldn’t do that deal with Miami. I completely disagree with your take about Puig’s downside. Everything about Puig tells me that his upside is a lot more likely than his downside, and that his upside is a lot greater than Stanton’s upside. Guess we both just come from a different perspective on that one. Everything about Puig tells me that we’re going to see a lot more growth than people expect. Let’s just say that I have a different vision on this one. As for Heaney and Moran, both very good prospects, but I still don’t do the deal. That’s how much I like Puig.

    Omar Infante. Sounds like a McCourt second tier free agent move. Why did the Dodgers sign Guerrero? I’m sure the Dodgers can ultimately do better than Omar Infante. Maybe for the bench. Nothing else.

    Billingsley is very unlikely to break camp with the Dodgers, much less as one of their starters. I believe he had his TJ surgery in June. Generally takes at least a year to come back from that. I wouldn’t look for him until midseason. And whether he ends up in the rotation or the bullpen will depend on the circumstances at that time.

    The Phillies probably overpaid for Byrd, but an average of $8 million per year isn’t astronomical. They saw his 24 HRs in 2013, and likely figure he can provide good power in their cozy little ballpark. Nolasco getting $80 million over I don’t know how many years, doesn’t compute in my brain. At best I think he does $50 million or so over 4 years. And even that’s too much. But who knows, with the money that’s thrown around these days, I guess anything is possible, even if it’s eminently stupid. Which is why, I guess, it’s possible the Dodgers could sign Uribe for 2 years at $15 million. Please Dodgers, don’t get that done.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Brooklyn, well if you are in the MSTI camp, here\’s what he said about Uribe:

      \”I still can’t believe Juan Uribe‘s turnaround. It’s just incomprehensible, going from one of the five most hated Dodgers in history in 2011-12 to lovable, productive, arguably star-level Uribear after Luis Cruz imploded. He was fantastic on defense and in the clubhouse, he was adequate on offense, good enough to be a top-ten third baseman, he provided the single most memorable moment of a game I saw in person this year with his NLDS homer… and I have absolutely no idea how to value him. I really don’t. He turns 35 next year, and what is he? If he gives you another 2013, wonderful, but it’s also not that hard to see him turning back into a pumpkin, and then, yes: Haters are gonna hate. Someone’s going to give him two guaranteed years. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

      This is a pretty ugly situation. I’m still interested in Headley, with the hope that his down year really was related to the knee more than anything, but the Padres will still want a big return and I’m not sure how much I’d really be willing to give up for the single year he has remaining before free agency. I’m not completely against the idea of giving Freese a try, either, but as things stand on October 23, I think bringing Uribe on a two-year deal for something like $10-$12m is the most likely outcome. I still can’t believe I’m even typing those words, but the options here are so thin.\”

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Oh, and as much as I wouldn’t trade Puig in that deal, I seriously doubt if Miami would trade away that much talent for one player. They are in a re-building mode, and need help at multiple positions. So even if such a deal were proposed by the Dodgers, it’s not one that the Marlins would likely entertain.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    HRs can be mis-leading.

    In reality, averaging only 2 HRs per month will net a person 12 for the season.

    3 HRs per month = 18 for the season.

    4 HRs per month or 1 per week —– is 24/25 for the season.

    I would think a guy like Ethier should be the 4 per month type.

    Puig should be the 5/6 per month — or 30 to 36 per year.

    Heck, Badger, from his easy chair can do 3 a month.

  5. Watford Dodger says:

    Lots of Vets on here – respect to you all.
    Mark I absolutely agree with you about Puig. His value may not be as high as it is now again. Of course only time will tell but my feeling is that he may not be the best team man in the long term. The other players have probably tolerated his antics understanding that he is young & inexperienced but there will come a point when they will no longer want to be embarrassed by him. Unlike others I don’t see him learning his lessons quickly & as Idaho Al says the disrespect of the officials is just not right. My concern about losing him is mainly that he is about the only player we have with any speed. Stanton is as good a hitter as there is in the game and is just coming into his prime. He’s an LA boy. Over time I think he plays more games in a season than Puig. Puig is an accident waiting to happen. So Mark yes to that.
    However although the 3rd base market is thin I really feel we need more production here. I like Uribe but I’m not sure he will repeat last season. Badger predicted an upturn as he was in the final year of his deal & he was proven to be correct. We need to score more runs from somewhere so unless Guerro is going to shock us all at 2nd base we have to improve somewhere. Having Kemp & Hanley for 162 games would help but not sure we are gonna get that. I think that this is where we make a big trade. The Mets seem to be in full rebuilding mode – let’s kick the tires on Wright & kick em hard. This Dodgers team is for now – we can’t wait 2/3 years with Gonzo, Hanley, Crawford, Ethier & even Kemp. Go out and get a stud.
    Imagine Stanton & Wright in our lineup. Failing that then go for Headley – free agent next year so the Padres may want to cash in now. Last years stats aren’t great but he is better than Uribe. Tanaka or Nolasco to start – Wilson for the pen. Easy.

  6. Gregg Z says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Uribe signs a two year deal until Seager is ready. However, I’m still convinced that we will trade for a SS so Hanley can move to 3b and add some years to his career.

    I think Andrus if they want to go young or Tulo if they want a veteran. TX and CO could be logical trade partners for an outfielder, and prospects.

    Puig for Stanton and the prospects is intriguing. I just wonder what message we would be telling our newly hired international scouts. Also, the fans love PuigMania!

    Personally, I’d take Stanton. He’s a proven slugger without the attitude and recklessness. Tough call!

  7. Yo! Adrian says:

    If that’s given, I would get a Premium 3B or SS(Tulo, Longoria, Beltre, Wright, Machado……) for Puig, not OF.
    Stanton can’t solve roster needs.
    And take into account that Josh Beckett will be back next year.
    Billingsley is next.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    I keep thinking — it was Puig AND Hanley who turned this team around last season.

    Both of them. If Hanley gets injured (he is made of glass) or takes what Mark calls the bad Hanley attitude — that is a problem. If Puig plays in April and May like he did in September — that is a problem.

    The rest of the roster is just a roster. Ethier is serviceable; Crawford is always day today and ok; AGon is a year older and will be a step slower; 2nd base is up for grabs with a new kid on the block (unknown); 3b is probably Uribe unless a trade comes to play; AJ — the same (here and starting unless a trade or signing).

    So — these two guys are important. Puig and Hanley. And there are big IF’s with both right now in my book.

  9. Quasimodo says:

    Totally agree with how Mark started with his take on “never sign a free agent for whom you have to give up a draft pick….NEVER”. But from there my take differs. I’m just not big on surrendering talent of Puig’s caliber at any cost. I don’t want to see Dodgers let that slip through their fingers. This kid is a story that will become a legendary tale. It’ll be told in part of Cuba’s change in world politics. Puig fits the bill. I’m proud of Dodgers bringing in Robinson. The amount of fans Dodgers have throughout the WORLD is in big part due to Robinson – Ryu brought us Korean fans and Puig will be a chapter in Dodger Greats. There’s always Blue dotted every where Dodgers play. I’m very certain Dodgers are not entertaining any idea of Puig in a trade anytime soon in fear on letting a legend get away.

  10. Bobbie17 says:

    Unless we have a 3b in the farm system, sign Uribe for as short term as possible. No trades for that position. Puig has to stay; he is a star, for crying out loud. And a great player. Don’t forget the intangibles that none of the Marlins will have. Pitching, pitching, pitching. Billingsley might be a 5 when he is ready, whenever that is. Until then, we better have a back up plan. I still think Nolasco is good enough to hold up that back side of the rotation. Pay him. Tanaka will be a crap shoot: first, getting him; second, how good will he be here? It is worth a try for his potential at his age. Spring Training is short next year. Dodgers break camp 3-17.

  11. MJRod55 says:

    Mark, if we could get those top prospects with Giancarlo that would be great… but that’s a big if. Bring back Uribe on a 2 year performance laden first year guaranteed contract, 2nd year only if he hits like he did this year. I think Beckett will be back before Bills, and either one would be a great #5. Tanaka is an unknown as far as MLB is concerned… but worth the risk with with Beckett and Bills still in the fold.
    The guy I want moved is Crawford… his arm is terrible! Get Elsbury, trade Crawford for anything, Eithier for Andrus, move Kemp to right, Hanley to 3rd, Giancarlo to left, Elsbury in center… boom! That’s an outfield! Sign the Beard, make Pederson your 4th outfielder.
    Sign Ellis, Punto, and Schumaker for the bench (I think Schumaker is worth another year).




  12. MJRod55 says:

    Opps… forgot about Uribe! Keep Eithier for 4th outfielder instead trading for SS, and move Ramirez back to SS. Bat Uribe 7th.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And MSTI says this about Uribe: “2014 Status: Free agent, and I cannot believe we’re actually kind of hoping he’ll return.” And Mark, it doesn’t sound like even you want him. Personally, I believe that the Dodgers have gone past having to choose between the lesser of evils. I don’t want Uribe back under any circumstances. One year as a backup I might accept, two years is an insane waste of money. There are all sorts of other options out there that are preferable.

    And I’m not all that interested in Headley, since he’s likely not going to come cheap, especially from the rival Padres. Nor do I think he’s all that people make him out to be. Other than one career year, there really isn’t much that recommends him.

    Too questionable for me to give up anything to get him. And the Padres won’t just take anything.

    I’ve heard that Texas is interested moving one of their infielders. If so, and a deal is possible I’d be interested in Andrus or Profar, not so much the 32 year old Kinsler. I don’t know what it would take to get such a deal done, but it would definitely interest me. Maybe even Kinsler in the right deal, but less so than the others.

    Apparently Guerrero is ticketed for 2B, but I have heard that he has played some 3B and/or SS in winter ball. But, of course, he’s still a question mark no matter where he plays.

    I say NO!!!!!!!! to the suggestion that we sign Ellsbury. First of all, he’s a Boras client, and will be looking for very BIIIIIIG dollars, probably for 5 years or more. He’s past 30, and has an injury history. And, I believe, he received a qualifying offer, which means, in the Dodgers case, they would have to surrender their first round pick. No way the Dodgers should even consider him.


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