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It’s the off-season and I am going to take some time off from this blog.   I’ll put up a new topic at least once a week or more if you e-mail me at  If you want to write a post, send it to me and I’ll post it.

A few notes:

  • My 60th birthday is Monday – I’m sure someone is planning a diabolical surprise.  No big deal – I feel great (my foot is still very sore, but I am very mobile – this too shall pass).
  • My son’s High School football team won the Sectional and Regional Championship and are headed to the Semi-State next week.  If they win, the State Championship Game will be played the following Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Hopefully, the second time is a charm.  They were 14-0 going into the final game last year and lost.  Jaylan Smith of Notre Dame Fame tore them up the first half last year.
  • Pacers 9-0 and they are for real!  What a fun team to watch.
  • Of course the Colts can beat any team in the NFL… or lose to the Rams!  OUCH!
  • Duke Blue Devils – watch them.  Jabari Parker = Grant Hill… only better!


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50 Responses to “The best place to talk Dodger baseball”

  1. Quasimodo says:

    Have a great B-day old son. Hope you’ll celebrating the above championship. Best-O-Shots!

  2. jerry says:

    mark your just a baby…i am older then you.

  3. Badger says:

    He’s a big baby.

    Interpret that as you will.

    A friend just called, midget fan, says the talk in SF is the runts are all in on Tanaka.

  4. Mark_Timmons says:

    Yes, I am a baby. Now I have to decide what to do with my next 60 years. I\’m sure that proclamation is upsetting to many.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    No one’s upset. We figure that the next 60 can’t be nearly as bad as the first 60 (SMILE).

    Of course, unless MLB and NPB come to an agreement, Tanaka isn’t going to anybody.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Like I said, the next 60 can’t be nearly as bad as the first 60 (BIGGER SMILE).

  7. Badger says:

    Attila? Seriously? A ruthless barbarian who plundered and pillaged and choked on his own blood before he turned 50?

    Terrific role model. Might as well choose Paco McCockroach. All he did was plunder. Didn’t kill anybody (probably) and turned a parking lot into a billion dollars.

  8. Mark_Timmons says:

    Thanks for talking some sense into me, Badger.

    Attila is out! Frank McCourt is now my new role model. I am going to be a billionaire! Whhhhooooooo Hooooooooooo!

  9. Badger says:

    I like it!

    Of course you will then need to move your money off shore to keep from paying taxes on it. You prepared for that? If not, let me handle it for you.

  10. Badger says:

    Asked if he was upset that some details of those discussions had gone public, Kershaw said. “Yeah. … I don’t love the fact that I have to talk about it.”

    ummm, well then, get the deal done Clayton. It would appear that the Dodgers are willing to give you the largest contract in the history of obscene, enormously large ML contracts. What’s the hold up?

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    On Cano . . . he is willing to take time for a contract.

    IF, if the Dodgers do not get a third baseman, if they do not spend bunches of money for this guy and that guy to fill holes –

    And if the Giants make a few major moves, as well as the D-Backs . . .

    Then, I can see the Dodgers going to Cano — and moving Guerrero to 3rd base and going with him learning there . . . that would make an interesting infield.

    For insurance, Uribe is signed as relief twice a week and off the bench role.

    To put this in another perspective — if the Dodgers had Cano all last season — they would have won it all.

  12. Mark_Timmons says:

    Cano can pitch?

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Roger, I can’t argue with that. While not pushing it, I’m not totally against the signing of Cano. Yes, we lose the draft pick, but still we get a major piece without having to give up any of our current in-house talent in a trade. It’s one of a myriad of directions the Dodgers could go. I’m OK with it, but we also need to add a starter, and hopefully we can re-sign Wilson to set-up Kenley, and also to serve as an emergency closer on the occasions where Kenley might not be available.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, if need be, we can sign Schumaker to pitch.

  15. Bball says:

    What a b day mark. You are exactly 55 years older then my daughter. Had her party today and hopefully you are having a party. 60 is a big milestone. Congrats and enjoy it .

  16. Bill Russell says:

    Happy Birthday tomorrow Mark. I hope you have a grand day with plenty of ice cream from your ice cream parlor.

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, there are several key pieces that the Dodgers need.

    Several are pitching and several are with the other 13 or 14 position players. 2B is a key issue. So is 3rd base.

    In the end — ownership will want a more powerful hitting force — because last season when Hanley went down in the post season — the Dodgers were through.

  18. Badger says:

    If Kemp and Ramirez are healthy enough to play 150 games, this team will score more. If not, it will, again, be up to the pitching.

    Nolasco getting some interest. I think he may be gone. So, we had better be looking into some starting pitching. I don’t believe they will be counting on Beckett and Billingsley. I think both may be capable of contributing, but, I don’t believe either will give anywhere near 30 starts. Garza, Haren, Johnson, the trade for Price, Stripling, Lee, Fife, who knows, maybe they surprise me and bring Nolasco back…… something will come of all that, I just wonder what. For baseball, this time of year sucks. College football is fun, NFL is ok, frankly if the Lakers suck, and they do, I don’t much give a shift about the NBA. Professional basketball is a different culture.

    So, we wait.

  19. jhallwally says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! I will miss your insights…. I wish the Dodger management had your insight and, balls… We might win a championship in what is left of my lifetime….

  20. Pete M. says:

    Happy b-day Mark…Just a damn day older than the day before… Continued success for your son on his trek to the state title… Jaylan Smith is a monster n glad I have him…

  21. Pete M. says:

    NCAA hoops…Gotta love it… Mark hope you got to see the Duke Kansas game…Just about sums up the great entertainment that colleges provide

  22. Idaho al says:

    happy Birthday Mark. Have a great day!!!!. I agree Badger. Kershaw just needs to sign on the dotted line and keep quiet. The Dodgers are not talking and things have a way of leading out. When you are the best pitcher in baseball, people will talk about you. Get used to it Kershaw.

  23. Pete M. says:

    Anyone hear anything on Alex Guerrero??? Hasn’t played since tuesday.Leg problem??? Please, dear God, I dont want to hear ‘hammy’…

  24. Quasimodo says:

    Weekends of the off season. I think we all arrive here more out of routine at such a time. Give our Ho-Dee-Do’s and give $0.01 of our $0.02. I think we’ll get several things to talk in the next few days. But at this moment Dodgers news is ‘dry’ everywhere. Supposed to be happy about world peace – depends at which world.

  25. Pete M. says:

    Off season also means damnable daylight savings time… Takes only 2 days of it and I’m already sick of it. Az, Hi and others had the right idea…

  26. Badger says:

    No injury to report. No world peace either. Daylight savings time is kind of dumb when you think about it. You don’t save a minute of daylight by changing a clock.

  27. Quasimodo says:

    But the way it is with people. People’ll say things like a watched pot never boils. Not only will it boil, it takes the same amount of time. I tell those that I timed it. (I lied)

  28. Badger says:

    Well I beg to differ. A pot doesn’t boil, the water in it does.

    Now I suppose technically a pot could melt down and even boil under extreme heat, but that would take a large, extremely hot commercial oven. And who would do that to a perfectly good pot?

    It’s the off season.

  29. Roger Dodger says:

    But it does take a pot of some kind and a bit of heat of some kind.

    Now a stove that gets hot and beings to boil, means that something is happening like a Cano.

  30. SpokaneBob says:

    Let me begin by wishing you a Happy Birthday Mark and a wish for many more. I work 5 days a week and posting on my phone is a pain in the butt so I don’t post as much as I’d like but I log in every day. I enjoy most of the opinions posted here and it IS the best place to talk Dodger Baseball.

    If I could play GM for a minute I would like to share my thoughts on what I would do this off season if I were the Dodger decision maker. Here is how I see the current roster. I like our catching. A.J. and Fedex are good catch and throw guys and if anything I try to rest A.J. a little more next year.

    Adrian will obviously be at first for the next few years and I am glad to have him. He may not have the power he once had but he is a great RBI guy, a good teammate and a fantastic draw for the Latino fans in L.A.

    I am hopeful that our new Cuban can handle second base and provide added power to our line up. I have always liked Mark Ellis but a decision will have to be made soon. I only sign Mark if it is to be the everyday second baseman for one more year. I just don’t think we can have a guy on the bench who is a one position player unless he brings some pop as a pinch hitter.

    Hanley is our shortstop. Lets hope for a happy and HEALTHY Hanley.

    As much as I hate to say it, I sign Uribe to a 1 year deal if I can. Right now he looks like the best option available.

    I keep all 4 outfielders. In 162 games we only had all four for 2 games. I think we are a much stronger team with one of them on the bench and if everyone is healthy they each get more rest during the long season and give Donnie a little more flexibility.

    I am hoping the Dee Gordon experiment works out. We need to rebuild our bench and if Dee can play 3 positions he brings valuable speed off the bench. It looks like his plate discipline is improving and I believe he could become a Darrel Thomas type of player. And as has been mentioned here many times we need some power off the bench. Who that is and where he might be…I have no idea. Maybe someone who can back up first and third and hit with power.

    Where I put our money and effort is in our pitching staff. Agree in principle on a long term deal with Clayton but don’t announce it until after everything else is done, it will just elevate the price of all other pitchers.

    I do everything I can to sign Brian Wilson. Give him closer money to pitch the 8th and fill in for Kenley when needed. I believe Brooklyn made that suggestion and it is right on. I’d also like to resign J.P. Howell but it is not as pressing as getting Wilson. I was happy to hear that Brian told the Yankees he wouldn’t shave his beard.

    As far as starting pitching goes, I let Nolasco go wherever he wants and I make sure we get Tanaka and not the giants. BTW it looks like he will be posted sometime next week.,0,4136497.story#axzz2kwKrtidE

    We have options for the 5th guy and I don’t want to spend on a second tier pitcher. It would give us the best starting staff in Baseball.

    What do you guys think?

  31. Badger says:

    Sounds reasonable Bob.

    Ricky’s agent says he has multiple 4 year offers. First I wonder if that’s true and secondly I wonder who would do that. He was good last year, but good with #3 numbers – 199.1 innings of 101 ERA+. We could maybe find that (obviously at our #4 spot) in any number of ways and do so without offering 4 years.

    Tanaka will cost a fortune. If we win that one we are going to have franchise money on several starting pitchers.

  32. SpokaneBob says:

    So be it!

  33. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If Tanaka is made available, he’s likely to be the Dodgers’ prime target. Cano only becomes an option, in my opinion, if the Dodgers lose out in the bidding for Tanaka. I am thinking that there’s a good chance the posting fee reaches or even exceeds $100 million if both the Dodgers and Yankees are involved. One of those teams could make a huge bid to blow the other one out of the water, much like the Dodgers did when they bid over $2 billion for the Dodgers. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    • Badger says:

      Wont be soon enough for me. It’s been really quiet on the baseball front. The Royals signed Francisco Pena, so, there’s that.

      Off to the Prescott VA.

  34. Idaho al says:

    Spokane Bob, I agree with everything you say. I believe we should sign Uribe for one or two years. I would never of said that last year. I hope the Dodgers are not interested in Headley. The only question I have is the four outfielders. If all four are healthy, and wanting to play, I think we will have problems. I think you need to trade one (Either or Crawford) and have Pederson and SVS as back-ups. The only way I would keep four outfielders is if I knew Kemp would not be ready on opening day. Then we could trade one of the outfielders in the middle of the season.

  35. SpokaneBob says:


    If all 4 outfielders are healthy I think that in most games the one who is not in the starting line up is likly to get into the game at some point. If we are losing, they are probably going to pinch hit. If it is a close game the guy on the bench can come in at a key situation or a double switch. Probably the only way they do not get in is when we are winning and then it just becomes a day off. We know Crawford is not going to play 150 games and the health of Kemp and Ethier is anything but guarenteed. I also felt that Puig became fatigued by the time we got into the post season. He has never played so many games in his life and it showed. Keeping them all well rested can only help, especially in September and October.

  36. Quasimodo says:

    I do not agree that any of the four outfielders need to be traded. Especially with the after sight of this past season. The four outfielders we’re speaking of only fit that ‘problem’ scenario for 2 games. I find many reasons other than just health issues why having four quality proven outfielders has its advantages. Two left-handed and two right-handed options can help lineup decisions and its likely these players understand there’s room for each of them to get playtime.

  37. SpokaneBob says:

    Brooklyn, I believe your right about the approach the Dodgers will take if indeed they decide to go after Tanaka. Go big or stay at home. I read a giants blog where they feel the giants have to get him to stay competitive with us. Don’t let it happen Ned.

  38. Bobbie17 says:

    The Giants are on the cheap side, so I doubt if they will go after Tanaka. Giants’ success is based on the farm system which, finally, appears a bit bare, I am happy to say. How about Arroyo? He gets hit a little, but is reliable, maybe more than Nolasco. At Dodger Stadium he should put up better numbers. I like the way he pitches; a real competitor. I might give Withrow a shot a #5.

  39. SpokaneBob says:

    Its being said that Arroyo is seeking a three year deal. MLB network said that Hudson, Haren and Colone would probably sign 1 or 2 year deal. If we went that way Hudson is the only one I would consider.

  40. SpokaneBob says:

    This from a blog called The Giants Cove….

    We know that money is not an issue, even though it’s only in the past year or so that San Francisco’s upper management finally stopped trying to insist to fans and the media that the Giants are a small market team with a limited payroll budget. And next year Major League Baseball’s new national TV contract kicks in which gives each team an additional $25 million a year for the next eight years.

    Which increases every MLB team’s total national media revenue package to about $75 million a season. And that doesn’t count local TV and radio revenue (the Red Sox have an $18 million a year radio deal, the Texas Rangers pull in another $150 million a year from their local TV broadcasts).

    As the 2013 off-season moves on, time is running out. The NL West Champion Los Angeles Dodgers have already signed Cuban second baseman Alexander Guerrero– and remember that name. Guerrero’s power bat could be a huge addition for the Dodgers and a nightmare for opposing NL West pitchers.

    LA also has four starting outfielders (Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Yasiel Puig, and Carl Crawford) and a top minor league outfield prospect in Joc Pederson. So expect LA to get even stronger when they trade an outfielder or two this off-season.

    How can we know exactly how the 2013 offseason is shaping up for the San Francisco Giants?

    Easy– by which free agents they sign and (just as important) which ones they don’t sign. And also by one other measure: can the San Francisco front office make the high profile trade the team needs to get back into contention, whether it’s for a run-producing bat or a front line starting pitcher?

    Three free agents that would absolutely transform the San Francisco Giants in 2014 and for years to come:

    > Masahiro Tanaka, SP
    Tanaka is not a free agent, but the twenty-five year old Japanese pitching star will soon join a Major League team.

    It is estimated that the posting fee simply to negotiate with Tanaka’s Japanese team will be in the area of $75 million. Whichever MLB team wins the bidding would then negotiate a multi-year contract with Tanaka. A number of teams are expected to put in a bid– including the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Signing Masahiro Tanaka would be, by far, the best and most significant signing the San Francisco Giants could make now and maybe for many years to come.

    He will be a franchise changer for whichever team gets him and more than worth the posting fee and whatever the cost of his contract.

    In his last three seasons with the Rakuten Golden Eagles Tanaka is 53-9; over his seven year career he is 99-35 with a 1.108 WHIP. He has 1,238 strikeouts and 275 walks. Tanaka has four quality pitches, including a world class splitter.

    The Giants need to sign two quality starting pitchers this off-season. If they signed Tanaka he would immediately be the team’s ace.

    In addition,the giants sell out every game so I do think they have money to spend.

  41. Watford Dodger says:

    Spokane as usual a lot of good points. I tend to agree with you & Quas about keeping the 4 outfielders and your reasoning. There’s enough games and injuries and illness plus the point about probably playing off the bench on your off day anyway to keep everyone happy.
    Idaho I have to disagree about Headley for no other reason than I’ve always been a massive fan of his & have always seen him as a good fit for us. He’s one year removed from a career year and is only 29. Any return towards those figures of 2012 would be a big upgrade on Uribe. He could see us through 2/3 years until Seagar is ready. He certainly has good hands so we shouldn’t lose anything there. Bottom line is we need to get more runs from our line up somewhere so if we bring Uribe back are we hoping that all our increase in output is going to come from Guerro as he’s our only new starter? Are we hoping Hanley & Kemp are going to play more games next year and that’s where the extra runs are going to one from? I wouldn’t be putting much money on that happening. Surely we need to improve our line up when we can. Now is one if those times so let’s take the opportunity – we know what Uribe can do but we need more. We could get Cano and swap Hanley to 3rd & Guerro to SS but I believe The Dodgers see him as an everyday 2nd baseman. If we don’t do something about our production we can’t expect to win it next year.
    As for the pitching for me it’s the pen that needs addressing – Wilson is a must so pay him. That’s the 8/9 innings taken care of. Bring Howell back. Paco will be ok with some rest but we need a good longman and another leftie plus we have Withrow & the young guns. I’d sign Nolasco as I think he did everything we wanted from him bar a couple of poor late season outings. Seems we have become fixated on Tanaka – a man we know little about – with no MLB experience when we don’t really need him. We have enough pitching if we add Nolasco. Tanaka will cost a fortune. I would rather make Cano an offer – we know what he can give us. That’s where the money should go. Hitting. Pitchers break down (I know position players do as well but there’s less chance) If we are in a good position at the trade deadline than deal for a starter as a rental if we need one. If Cano’s salary is an issue then trade the 4th outfielder because we need MORE runs from somewhere.
    This is a hard time of year. Seems such a long time to next season.

  42. Badger says:

    Kemp, Ramirez and Guerrero will give us more runs. That is IF they are in the lineup for 150 games.

    How would we get Headley? That sounds as likely as getting Seager. I don’t see either happening. Getting Uribe’s WAR again would be enough, but can he do it again? I would say not likely.

    There are quite a few arms out there. Like most I would prefer Tanaka.

  43. Bobby says:

    Say goodbye to Skip Shoemaker

    Just signed a 2 year deal with Cincy

  44. Watford Dodger says:

    Padres are reportedly after starting pitching. Can we afford to give up a young arm or two bearing in mind this Dodgers team is to win now. I don’t think they will want to trade with us however. Depends on how much we want him. I just feel we need to make more than the one starting upgrade. Kemp & Hanley for 162 games would see us bang in there – make no mistake with those two in the post season we would have gone very close last month. Just want to see us upgrade the positional players as those positions become available. We have done that with Guerro (hopefully). I don’t want us to just tread water – I want us to improve whenever we can. We’ve got the financial clout so let’s do it. If money is an issue let the 4th outfielder go and save the money there. Personally don’t think Tanaka is a priority but obviously he would make our rotation potentially fearsome.

  45. Watford Dodger says:

    Don’t mind Skip or Punto going. Both good guys but we need better.
    Dodgers are up to something – they must have plans afoot. I’m actually pleased to see those guys signing elsewhere.

  46. Michael says:

    Was hoping that we announced signing the Kid for your day but have a HB anyway.
    Lot of action today with Ruiz, Skippy and Hudson all signing but no Dodger news. Hope we’re up to something like WD surmised.

    Happy Birthday again kid, I’ll toss one down for you

  47. Quasimodo says:

    You mean you’re pleased if Dodgers can stay off the DL. Me too, I guess. But both Skip and Nick don’t leave without thanks and best wishes from me. They both came in handy when needed, even where Skip was called to the mound. Dodgers better grab M Ellis and J Uribe while they can.


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