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It’s time to trade Clayton Kershaw!

Who saw this coming?  But it’s here and the Dodgers have to make a move now.  Clayton is  not an LA guy.  He is a Texan and an honorable man, but the Dodgers are not going to be able to keep him.  Cut bait, make a move.

Here’s the deal:

The Dodgers trade Clayton Kershaw, Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier to the Texas Rangers for Elvis Andrus, Adrian Beltre, Jorge Alfaro (C) Luke Jackson (RHP) and Alex Gonzalez (RHP).  Zach Greinke becomes the ace and the Dodgers HAVE to sign Tanaka.  The Dodgers could also sign Josh Johnson or Matt Garza as insurance for the rotation.  That said, the rotation would have Greinke, Ryu, Tanaka, Billingley, Beckett and Johnson or Garza.  Zach Lee and Ross Stripling are also available,   Kershaw goes home, signs a big deal and everyone is happy.  The Dodgers are able to sign Choo with the savings and they also get salary relief and 3 hots prospects!

Dodgers lineup:

  1. Choo  LF
  2. Andrus  SS
  3. Ramirez  2B
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Kemp  CF
  6. Puig  RF
  7. Beltre 3B
  8. Ellis C

I love Kershaw, but this is business!  Move on!



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28 Responses to “It’s time to trade Clayton Kershaw!”

  1. Gregg Z says:

    Kershaw is an absolute stud! I can’t believe they are possibly talking about anything near 300 mil! He should be paid the highest for a pitcher, but that’s way too risky. With that said, what team besides the Dodgers can offer him anything close to that?

    BTW, your trade scenario is interesting but you don’t need Beltre with HamRam at 3B.

    My guess, Kershaw signs 7 years 200-220 mil

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Well shake my shoes. Mark lays it out . . . A year ago, he would have had my lunch on this Clayton move. But he is right, business is business.

    Say, do you think Clayton was named after Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger)???? Do not know, but could have.

    I concur with Badger on the last file.

    If the Dodgers really want him, they will move soon to do this, then figure out Tanaka and all the possible others.

    Ownership wants to win it all next season, they were really so close this year.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t know where the Dodgers and Kershaw are in talks, but for now I don’t read all that much into the fact that a deal hasn’t been signed. The Dodgers don’t tell us everything that’s going on behind the scenes, and even your sources probably have very limited knowledge, since any knowledge is probably known only to those at the highest levels. Oh wait, that probably includes you Mark.

    As for your trade, I don’t have a clue how good or bad it is, because I don’t know anything about most of the names you mentioned, and I don’t think this is real enough for me to make the effort to look them up. And by the way, I’d trade Kershaw if it became necessary, and the return package was strong enough. But that’s a last resort, and I don’t think the Dodgers are there yet, or a likely to be there.

  4. Badger says:

    Tanaka comes first. We land him, anything can happen. We don’t? That trade, or any trade involving him, probably does not happen this off season. Remember, we don’t have to extend him right away. Even he doesn’t appear to be in a rush.

    Everything the Dodgers do is about next year. If it makes us better now, they will not hesitate to do it.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I just decided to lay down for a nap, and no sooner had my head hit the pillow, than it occurred to me that I saw Ramirez in your lineup above at 3B, and not Beltre, who isn’t even in the lineup. Since you’re not suggesting that Beltre is being moved anywhere else, where exactly is he going to play. Maybe you should trade Agon too, and move Beltre over to 1B.

    OK, I’m going to take that nap, and when I get up, I assume you will have a correction. I just didn’t know that my dementia reached all the way out to Indianapolis.

  6. Badger says:

    Interesting lineup. Guerrero?

    I haven’t even looked at those prospects. I assume they are pretty good.

  7. Gregg Z says:

    Mark, even with your revised line up…what about Guerrero? If he tears up winter league, I’m sure he will be starting at 2B come opening day.

    I do love Andrus at SS! Perhaps a trade of Ethier and a prospect for Andrus. We would probably need to eat some of Ethier’s salary for that to happen?

    I still think Kershaw will sign in LA.

    The signing of Tanaka will probably come down to us or the Yanks. If not, perhaps a trade for Price?

    Rotation: Kersh, Greinke, Tanaka or Price, Ryu, Bills

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Maybe I really needed that nap. I am almost certain I remember seeing Guerrero hitting 7th, and now I see Beltre, with Guerrero out of the lineup. I must be worse off than I thought. Either that or your lineup was miraculously updated without a sign of the one I thought I saw. Forget the nap, time to get a good nights sleep.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    OK, I feel better. Just saw Gregg’s comment and your reply about the revision. I guess in this scenario Guerrero is opening the season at ALBQ or Chattanooga.

    • Badger says:

      In that scenario Guerrero is an afterthought riding the pine. You don’t pay that much for a player and leave him in the minors. He may start there, but he won’t stay there. He isn’t a 22 year old like Puig. Guerrero was signed to play second base.

  10. jerry says:

    bills is only a 6 inning pitcher..i dont want him.

  11. Quasimodo says:

    At Food4Less I bought two packages energy efficient light bulbs at 50 cents per package = 12.5 cents per bulb. 75W replacement using only 18W. And using four bulbs instead of incandescents is supposed to save between $140-$200 a year. $300,000,000????? I think they must have knowledge that the world will soon end because something has to give. Isn’t what MLB estimated the value of the complete Dodgers franchise around $300 million before a deal was made? I mean we’re talking a span of less than 2 years and at this rate the 1st pitcher to sign for $.5 billion is only 2 years away. Hell I’m thinking about busting one of these light bulbs to see what they’re made of. Twelve and a half cents and suppose to last 7 years. Pitchers aren’t suppose to last much longer than 7 years.

  12. Gregg Z says:

    Don’t kick Bills to the curb just yet. After his procedure, he now says he hasn’t felt this good since High School. He’s still reasonably young and worth a shot to prove his doubters wrong.

    I’m more optimistic with Bills making a strong comeback than Beckett.

    • Badger says:

      I agree with Gregg. Maybe all Bills needed to go 7 was the knife. I am hopeful of Beckett too. He ain’t that old. Who knows, maybe he could even be a long man.

      I’ve decided…. bring back The Beard and The U-RI-BEAR. There’s nothing else out there. Bring back Howell too.

      We still don’t have a quality lead-off dude, and without changing everything looks like we won’t get one. We won 92 last year without one. I think we can win 96 just the way we are – with Tanaka. In fact, as soon as we sign him, 95 will be the over-under this year. For 100 push-ups of course.

  13. Idaho al says:

    Mark, I do believe the Dodgers will sign Kershaw. However, if it becomes apparent that they cannot sign him for what ever reason, then they need to trade him. I really do not think money is the issue. However, I do not know what the issue is that they have not agreed to a contract. Maybe it is living in LA that is the problem. It would be a sad day for any Dodger, if Kershaw is not a Dodger.

  14. grumpy3b says:

    who says the deal has to be with Texas? If you are trading a guy who is the caliber of Kershaw well why go after a guy at 3rd who does not want to play in LA and likely will call bite-me on that deal. And a SS who is not a “win now” level guy yet. Plus no way Ramirez will be happy with moving to 2nd. With his back and legs and with turning the double play from 2nd needing more twisting on a regular basis he just might snap in half by mid-season.

    And the $300M number has been floated as being a “lifetime” offer which tells me there was a ton of cash spread over 10-15yrs plus he would be committed to the Dodgers until he retires and perhaps beyond as a special assistant sort of deal. That is likely why he was a bit flummoxed by the rumored deal. Many players want to play in the hometown region in their later years plus Kershaw seems a thoughtful man. Meaning he and his wife are a team who want to think about such things before saying yay or nay. He has not shown he does not want to play in LA only that it’s a big decision to accept the rumored offer so he wanted more time. It is not as if the offer will *poof*…nobody will offer him more than the Dodgers.

    If the Dodgers move Kershaw they loose 5,000+ season tickets and the idea of Fox ownership is alive and well…so not a freaking chance it happens. A deal will be made even if “only” for 7-years more. I really sense it’s the backend of the deal which he is considering. He’ll be a Dodger for a good 5-7yrs for sure. After that, who knows.

    The only part of that deal I like would be adding Choo. He can be signed if that is the desire. Beltre is a nice player still but it’s Texas and the ball in Dodger Stadium will not carry near as well (no I haven’t looked at his splits) but with the glove he is still stellar and so is Uribe. I have no prob seeing Uribe back. They need a stable-pony for Puig anyway.

    Something overlooked is the impact of the back-to-back tandem of Kershaw-Greinke. That influenced a lot of Greinke’s success even though was indeed outstanding. Plus he was very rested for the second half due to missing so much time early on so we have no idea what he has in the tank for a full season these days. Kershaw-Greinke-Tanaka/Ryu-whoever has three guys, potentially a 4th if Tanaka is worthy, which make facing the Dodgers a true forced-march. Putting that much pressure on opponents will take a toll in each series and no team will catch a break missing either or both Kershaw/Greinke. Face it after than and, at times Ryu, teams looked forward to facing the Dodger’s 4/5 guys. In that rotation #5 could be a #3 on any other team. Huge difference. Then stiffen up the pen including moving Belisario for whatever they can get. He has not been great for a few years now.

    I do worry what that 160-pitch performance followed by relieving the next game could have done to Tanaka. Still he has to be worth the shot and cheaper than Price because of the prospects he will cost.

    It’s an interesting what-if but it just fails on all levels.

  15. Badger says:

    I think most of us believe Kershaw will stay with the Dodgers grumpy. He may want to finish his career in Texas, who knows. But I’m betting he wants to finish what he started here. There is a championship to be won in this city and he is a huge part of the puzzle. It’s not a question of money, because nobody will pay more than the Dodgers will. For me, and others, it’s a question of years. If they want him to stay and coach, or advise, or whatever, then the life contract makes sense. If it’s about pitching, the sensible thing is to stretch it out until he is 32, and no longer. IF he is Cliff Lee, then he can choose which team he finishes with. If he is Barry Zito, well, he’s finished.

    I’m sure Tanaka is fine. He is young, he is strong, he can rest up. Still, a medical examination would be in order.

  16. Bobbie17 says:

    Wow! The only truly great player the Dodgers have produced in 25 years, and he is being traded. I don’t like the sound of that. A PR nightmare. I would agree if $ were an issue, but it is not. If ever a pitcher should, in this day and age, become the Franchise, it is Kershaw. Just comparing him to Koufax and the impact he has on the team, makes Mark’s position unacceptable. I suppose that there is some limit to what the Dodgers will pay, but I can’t imagine it will ever be reached. If they become concerned with the luxury tax, like the Yankees, they will have the same success as the Yankees, left with a bunch of old, washed up players. It is time to pay and pay more. Give Kershaw the bank.

  17. Bob says:

    Lifetime contract? Really?

    How about $15 mil for 15 years plus $5 mil for the next 30 years. Total equals $375 mil guaranteed through age 70. Some wives like this type of income security. They could go to Africa for 6 months out of each year with everything paid for once Kershaw is injured or he retires. How is that for the Dodgers supporting Kershaw’s lifestyle?

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Bob, for that kind of money ($375) — Mrs. Kershaw can go shopping at Best Buy, Dollar General, and Costco almost every day — and never feel it in their investment accounts.

  19. Quasimodo says:

    Hell. She could purchase Best Buy, Dollar General and Costco every day and make a fortune doing just that.

  20. N1120A says:

    Yeah, you ate crow on this


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