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Fall is in full swing


This is what my back yard looked like this morning… and most of the leaves are still in the trees.  Maybe the wind will blow them toward my neighbors…

Dodger Notes:

  • So, Elian Herrera is now a Milwaukee Brewer.  He was getting a little long in the tooth, but I liked him.  So long, Elian – we hardly knew ya.’  I thought he might have a shot to make the team in 2014, but evidently the Dodgers think that at 29, his ship has sailed!
  • Remember, Corey Seager is the youngest player in the AFL (19).  He is getting valuable experience.  I still say we will see him in 2015!
  • The cost for Tanaka is allegedly going to be around $150 to $160 million, counting the posting fee which does not count towards the salary cap.
  • Would you consider signing Josh Johnson to a 1-year incentive-laden deal?  It might be worth a flyer, instead of trading prospects for Price.
  • Would you trade Zach Lee, Dee Gordon and Joc Pederson for Chase Headley?
  • Forget Choo now – the Reds made him a qualifying offer and we would lose a pick.


















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71 Responses to “Fall is in full swing”

  1. Adam says:

    Nice digs, Mark. Congrats. If Tanaka is going to cost $150-160 million, maybe it’s better to re-sign Nolasco. At least they know exactly what they’re, while we don’t really know if Tanaka will be as good as Nolasco.

    I would definitely call Josh Johnson regarding a 1 year incentive laden deal based on IP and ERA. He probably would want guaranteed money, but I’d try. We should know by the end of 2014 if Lee, Stripling, Billingsley, Beckett and Chris Reed will be starting rotation pitchers going forward.

    Btw, the only way I re-sign Uribe is on a one year deal, too.

    Stay away from Elvis Andrus. He has ten more years left on his contract! Flexibility is one key to winning; 10 year contracts can sink you, just ask the Yankees and Angels.

    If looks like Mattingly will probably be back, as most of the open manager positions are being filled. I really, really believe the Dodgers should have an elite manager and general manager. They have elite players. If I paid the money Mark Walter did to buy the franchise, I would demand the best. I would refuse to settle for Mattingly and Colletti. They’re not bad, even pretty good; just not good enough for the LA freaking Dodgers! People loved Jerry Buss as Lakers owner because he absolutely refused to accept not being the best. That’s the approach I believe Guggs should have.

  2. Watford Dodger says:

    Mark – yes would definately do that trade for Headley. As we have discussed this team is built to win now. Headley would give us a great chance of doing that especially if returning to 2012 form. I’m not worried about tying up lots of money for Tanaka when Nolasco gives us a great 1234 punch. Forget Johnson. Forget Choo. Get some power for the bench. Resign Wilson – pay him the money. Resign Howell – pay him the money. Get another left handed reliever if possible. DFA League.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Cross all of the names receiving qualifying offers off the list of players the Dodgers should be interested in.

    I’m hopeful the Dodgers can sign Tanaka, and would definitely not be interested in Nolasco. He’ll likely get more than he’s worth. And he’s not the kind of pitcher who profiles well in the postseason, which is where I expect the Dodgers to be next year. The money that would be spent on Nolasco can be put to better use. Besides, Nolasco profiles as more of a second tier starter, much like the pitchers the Dodgers signed when McRoach was the owner. It’s like signing Lilly, Capuano and Harang all over again.

    Josh Johnson. Probably not.

    “Would you trade Zach Lee, Dee Gordon and Joc Pederson for Chase Headley?” NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not a huge Headley fan, and I still think Hanley is best served by playing 3B. Andrus is probably a player the Dodgers want to stay away from, even though Ethier could probably be dealt in that deal w/o eating any of his years. But Andrus’ contract continues 5 years beyond Ethier’s, so the Dodgers could end up eating part of that deal. However, if Andrus is going to be 25 next season, that would make him 33 at the end of his current deal in 2022. Who knows, maybe it’s not that bad of a deal. No reason he couldn’t be a productive player at 33. That’s really a tough one. Maybe the Dodgers could get Texas to eat a little of that deal. Or just try to trade for someone like Profar, and hope he lives up to his potential.

    My head hurts just thinking about that stuff. Besides, what actually transpires will likely be a lot different than anything we’re thinking about.

  4. Quasimodo says:

    Its pretty amazing how all the noise launched on this day. I think I just need the wind to settle a bit and give my 2 cents after the fact. Yeah, Herrera’s story was one that I hoped would of been more successful. Good kid.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    On second thought, trading for Andrus doesn’t really scare me at all. I don’t know the player that well other than looking at his stats, but I’m guessing he is a premium shortstop. If he is, then I would have no problems betting that he could still be productive at 33 at the end of his contract. And moving Hanley over to 3B is something that I think could be absolutely critical. He’s getting to be somewhat fragile, and shortstop is probably going to become too demanding on his body.

    Also, if Ethier was in that deal, it’s likely the Rangers would take on all of his contract, or at the very least, the lions share of it. If Andrus becomes a difference maker who contributes heavily towards bringing the Dodgers a championship (or more than one championship), then he likely pays for himself, and makes it palatable for the Dodgers to take a hit on the out-years of his contract. And by that time the Dodgers may well have their own hot young shortstop prospect who could plug the hole cheaply.

    Given that the Dodgers are still recovering from years of neglect under McDirt, it’s probably imperative that they take some gambles to get the ship completely turned around and bring a championship back to LA. It’s a gamble I think the Dodgers have the resources to make, and one at which there is probably a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow. I say just go for it.

    Of course, as I write this, I haven’t a clue if the Dodgers are even considering a deal for Andrus. Like I’ve said before, there are so many variables, that almost anything can happen. And there’s a ton of stuff none of us knows about, and are therefore not thinking about. Quas probably has the right idea. Maybe I should just wait “and give my 2 cents after the fact.” But if we all did that, this site would be silent.

  6. Idaho al says:

    Mark–I would take a shot at Josh Johnson on an incentive contract.

    I would not trade any prospects for Chase Headley. If you can sign Uribe, who I think if he plays like last year, is just as good as Headley.

    I like to see the Dodgers go after Tanaka. However, if the bidding is too high, then Johnson would be a good choice. The fifth starter can be filled from within.

  7. Badger says:

    I would consider that trade. Maybe playing for a winner would inspire Headley to get his 6 WAR back. I still am ok with a veteran to keep that seat warm for two years. Aramis Ramirez, Peralta or even Uribe. I would do Ethier for Andrus and I would kick the tires on Middlebrooks.

    Johnson makes me nervous. If nobody else takes him LA could be the place that fixes him.

  8. Pgunn says:

    I don’t want Ned to start signing everybody, just because he can. Ned doesn’t do well when he has too may options. Ned made that move with Casey Blake.

    I could live with ARamirez for two years; just dont give the farm for him.

    If they ogt Andrus, what do you do with Seager? Seager is a no. 1 pick.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    What do you do with Seager? I don’t ask questions like that. There is nothing wrong with having an abundance of talent. Gives the Dodgers lots more options.

    Aramis Ramirez? Why would the Dodgers want a 36 year old third baseman who only played in 92 games last year. Sounds like something the pre-Guggs Dodgers would have done. The Dodgers need not be shopping in the bargain basement. Heck, I’d rather bring back the younger Uribe. At least he has a glove.

  10. Watford Dodger says:

    Brian McCann anyone? Definately an upgrade.

  11. Mark_Timmons says:

    McCann was made a qualifying offer, so in my opinion we don\’t sign a player that costs us a pick. If you want to rebuild the farm, you can\’t lose first rounders. PERIOD!

  12. Idaho al says:

    Agree, do not sign McCann. We have a good catcher in Ellis. He handles the pitchers very well. If he bats 8th., he will do well in that position.
    I would also do the Either for Andrus trade. I just do not think we can keep four outfielders. One has to go. Either Cra
    wford or Either.

    Seager is still playing short stop in the minors.

  13. Badger says:

    Why ARamirez Brooklyn? Because he played in Chico of course. Do I need another reason? Forget him, he is owed another 16 million this year. He had a sprained knee last year, should be fine next year and will probably thump like he did the previous two years. But he might have DH written all over him.

    This IS the off season so it’s time to throw out everything and see if it sticks. We need a third baseman, I am anxious to see what Mark can put together for us. Like I mentioned, Seager is a big dude and will likely put on some pounds as he matures. I don’t see a 6’4″ 225 pound SS coming up, but, others might. I think he moves to third. I also don’t believe he will be ready until he is at least 22, maybe 23, so what do we do in the mean time? It makes sense to me to move Hanley over and bring on Andrus. Sure he is overpaid, which might make him available. Early fantasy rankings for next year have him the 7th rated SS, and he is entering his prime years. Of course, his fantasy numbers are projected for hitting in Texas, not LA. Nobody comes to LA and hits better. That’s kind of a given, but at least Andrus is the right age, has some speed, and maybe can hit at the top of the order. Sure he is overpaid, which makes him perfect for us.

    We know San Diego won’t likely deal with us, unless they schnooker Jed, which is possible, but we also know Boston LOVES dealing with us. I am sure they would like to dump Middlebrooks on us. But, again, we just need a guy there for 2-3 years. Who you got?

  14. Badger says:

    Did I mention Andrus was overpaid. Didn’t proof read. Had to rush the trash out to the curb.

    Another name that nobody has mentioned – Jhonny Peralta.

    ok ok, so I mentioned him. Just trying to stir things up.

    So, Middlebrooks? He tore it up until he broke a wrist. Did that ruint him?

  15. Adam says:

    Elvis Andrus is not the answer. Ethier for Beltre is much better for both teams.

  16. Bob says:

    Sign Chavez (35)(2013 $3 mil) and Palanco (38)(2013 $2.75 mil) to platoon at 3B while simultaneously strengthening the bench, and building a bridge to Seager.

  17. emerson-Lake says:

    I wouldn’t trade Pederson for anyone (since I don’t think his real value could be realized now, and he’s our only legitimate superstar prospect except maybe Shebler). I would trade Crawford or Ethier–but good luck with that one Ned! I’m fine with bringing back Uribe (with a weight clause), and would overpay to get Wilson back. I wouldn’t touch McCann–he’s on decline and vulnerable to injury–thought we were going to get younger–plus I think Ellis is super-valuable team guy who still has upside. I like the Japanese pitcher of course, and would raid Mark’s bank account to sign him.

  18. Watford Dodger says:

    I think the signing of Wilson is imperative as too many question marks remain over Paco & Bellisario. Would give us a lights out 8/9 innings.
    Keep the 4 outfielders – we can afford them and when will they all be fit?
    However as a team we need to score more runs but if we don’t upgrade some of these positions how will that happen? Yes AJ is a good guy etc – I like him – but there is better out there. Same with Uribe. We should be looking to bring in the best possible players now.

  19. Quasimodo says:

    They’ve been talkin about the ‘trade Puig for Stanton’ today and yesterday on MLBN. I think that brain child came from a couple posters here. Still, I’d rather not see that happen. I’ll bet we’re going to see the kid show more focus than we have a right to hope for since the world quit with the endless tugging on his coat. At any rate, Puig sells more tickets than Stanton would, so its not very likely.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Schebler struck out 140 times and walked 35 times, and since his first year in 2010 has only managed to advance to A-Ball. Superstar prospect? Why, just because he hit 27 HRs? And if he’s a superstar in the making, how come no one else recognizes it? Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall seeing his name at the top of anyone’s prospect lists, not even the top 100. Pederson, I think, might be on a top 100 list or two, maybe.

    And while Pederson is a good prospect, and might well have a nice upside, he too, while being a far better prospect than suspect Schebler, does not figure to reach superstar status. But who cares. A player doesn’t have to be a superstar to be productive, even very productive.

    Signing Polanco and Chavez to platoon at 3B is another one of those McDirt moves. And building a bridge to Seager might get us a bridge to nowhere. The Dodgers are trying to win a championship. You don’t do that with short-term mediocrities. So if, for example, we move Hanley to 3B, and Seager is ready in 2016, what do we do? Well, one solution would be to let Seager hang around in the minors another year or two. Why would anyone complain about organizational depth? And heaven forbid that Seager just turns out to be another Adam LaRoche. And if he blossoms and turns out to be really good, my guess is that the Dodgers will figure it out. Maybe Agon will shows signs of decline, and Seager could move over to 1B for a year or two. Oh wait, we have Cody Bellinger waiting in the wings to play 1B.

    Ethier for Beltre? Beltre will be 35 in 2014, and is signed through 2015 (when he’ll be 36) with a 2016 vesting option. Sorry, I’d much rather have the young Andrus, and move Hanley over to 3B, where he might well outhit Beltre. Let’s forget about Beltre. That ship has passed.

  21. Bobbie17 says:

    It is starting to sound like the only reasonable acquisitions are not much better than what we already have. We need pitching depth in the rotation and bullpen. Go out and get it. 3b and OF will have to wait. If worse comes to worse, keep what we have.

  22. Mark_Timmons says:

    I think Adrian Beltre has 2 or 3 more very good years left. He played 161 games this season with 699 AB\’s. I have always pined for him. I would love to see him come back to LA, so that he could retire as a Dodger and enter the Hall-Of-Fame as a Dodger.

    The problem is it would take a lot more than Andre Ethier to get him. He\’s a GOLD GLOVE 3B who is also a premier slugger. I don\’t think a package of Ethier, Lee and Withrow would pry him from Texas, unless the Dodgers were to pay most of Ethier\’s salary.

    I am sure Texas would trade Beltre for Ethier AND Seager, but I wouldn\’t!

  23. Mark_Timmons says:

    Oh, and putting Ramirez at 3B isn\’t going to help his injuries – he gets them batting or running the bases.

  24. Watford Dodger says:

    But that is the type of deal we should be doing. Why are we presuming Seager’s going to be the next Babe Ruth? We know what Beltre brings now. The numbers Mark mentions from last season are great and good for 2/3 years – imagine the line up with him in it?

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Shortstop is a more demanding position that 3B. I don’t care how Hanley got his injuries this year, because in future years they could be different. And playing 3B doesn’t mean he won’t get injured. After all, the thumb injury was while playing 3B in the WBC. I also would prefer to have a quicker more athletic shortstop, with greater range. Hanley can still play short, but not like he did earlier in his career. Besides, it’s not just this year I’m thinking about. I simply believe in the years going forward he’s best suited to 3B, so why not start ASAP.

    Beltre may well have a number of good years ahead of him. And maybe not. He’s at the age when skills can diminish considerably, and very quickly. And the older he gets the more prone he probably becomes to injury. I’m not suggesting that the Dodgers eschew every older guy when it makes sense. However, I don’t think it makes sense now, and I also think that whenever possible the Dodgers should emphasize getting younger and more athletic. It’s one of the reasons I want Tanaka, because he’s only 25.

    And I like having Corey Seager in our system. But at this stage I wouldn’t be counting on him for anything in the near term. He’s likely at least a couple or years away, and maybe a bit further. And he hasn’t distinguished himself that much that we should be depending on him. If he’s good, the Dodgers will find a way to utilize his skills. And who knows, a future injury may eventually force him onto the 25-man roster. In the meantime, let’s be happy that he provides organizational depth, and the potential to be future star, or valuable trade bait to bring us another future star.

  26. Watford Dodger says:

    But that is the type of deal we should be doing. Why are we presuming Seager’s going to be the next Babe Ruth? We know what Beltre brings now. The numbers Mark mentions from last season are great and good for 2/3 years – imagine the line up with him in

  27. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t know if Andrus is available, but if he is, I’d rather have him at short and Hanley at 3B, than Hanley at short and ????? at 3B. And if Beltre was at 3B with Hanley at short, don’t be so sure that Beltre would continue to put up the same numbers for 2-3 more years, especially at Dodger Stadium and in the spacious ballparks of the NL West. And it’s in those spacious ballparks where Andrus’ speed would become an even greater asset.

  28. Badger says:

    I’m not as sure about that W. Just take a look at his stats for last year and you will see that for the first time in a LONG time he had a negative dWAR. And September/October he fell off dramatically offensively. A sign? He is owed $35 million over the next two years and, being a year older in LA, I would have to figure his oWAR numbers come down a bit. I am thinking we can get more for that $35 million. But, the fact of the matter is, there aren’t a whole lot of choices out there to improve third base. Asdrubal Cabrera had an off year and the Indians are rumored to be shopping. Anybody interested in him? I don’t know. Still so early in the winter process. I got no answers.

    Jed has his work cut out for him.

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, you hit it on the nose. It is early in the winter process, and there are no easy answers. In fact, there is no single answer. There are lots of things the Dodgers could do, and we won’t know how it comes out for quite a while.

    Asdrubal Cabrera? Maybe. Would have to know a lot more about him. And he’d be for short, since he’s only played one game at 3B, and that was in 2007. And also, he’d be only for one year, since he’s eligible for free agency in 2015.

    Quas hit it on the nose the other day when he said he would give his two cents after the fact. There’s so many things that could happen, some which are not even being discussed. And Badger isn’t the only one without answers. Guaranteed that Dodgers’ management has a plan, and also more than one scenario as to how it’s going to play out.

    Not a single one of these predictions has the Dodgers winning the bid for Tanaka. Here’s hoping they’re all wrong.

  30. Bobby says:

    Umm that one guy picked the Giants to get Tanaka? They can afford a $60mil + posting fee?

    if so, that only adds to the crazy NL West!!

  31. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Maybe if “Gnu Yourk” signs him the Dodgers will counter by signing Cano. You never know. Maybe Cano can play 3B. Guerrero????? 3B, SS, ALBQ.

    Well these things have a way of getting unpredictable. So we’ll just have to see. But if the Dodgers don’t get him they’ll just have to spend their money differently. I assume they have plans A, B, C, and so on.

    From what I’ve read, the midgets have a lot of money, with some of it being the additional revenue they took in as a result of their two world championships. Plus they sell out AT & T. Also, Zito’s contract is now gone.

  32. Quasimodo says:

    The two championships the Giants won netted more that revenue. It created monster-trolls. I had always thought Yankees fans were the worse but I sure learned otherwise. Giants falling 16 games behind Dodgers for 2013 was sweet but just not enough. We don’t talk much on Kemp these days. I’m certain he’ll return physically healthy. I just hope he hasn’t gotten too used to building his mansion and not really earning it. It really showed how he felt guilty when that subject was brought up by media. I think whats more important than chasing superstars is a routine that will result in the durability of the Dodgers. As Brooklyn said, Dodgers would of won it all if healthy. I agree..

  33. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Nothing wrong with superstars, as long as they’re healthy superstars. I’m not certain Kemp will return physically healthy, but I’m hopeful. We might hear some stuff about him as the offseason progresses, but for the most part I’m just hoping that he’s quietly going about his business working out and getting healthy again. I think the shoulder surgery last offseason might have cut into his overall conditioning program. The progress that Hanley and Agon made in their second year back from the same shoulder injury gives me hope that Kemp’s swing and power will begin to show progress in 2014.

    In the meantime the offseason continues, and I find it hard to believe that the Dodgers won’t be very active. Hopefully this will all mostly be sorted out by sometime in January.

  34. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Oh yeah. Hopefully Kemp returns PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY healthy. And by the way, I’m not the only one around here who said the Dodgers might have won it all had they been healthy. Badger made that point on numerous occasions, and there may have been others that my meager memory doesn’t recall.

  35. Mark_Timmons says:

    If Kemp AND Ramirez had both been healthy, the Dodgers would have cruised to the Championship. Ray Charles told me he saw that.

    Of course, if chickens had lips, they would be people.

    It is what it is!

  36. Mark_Timmons says:

    Hey Brooklyn,

    You evidently understand that Kemp has a mental hurdle to overcome in addition to his physical issues.

    Why can\’t you understand that Hanley has a mental hurdle with playing somewhere other than shortstop?

    It is what it is! You suggested that the Dodgers might have to move him. That may not be far-fetched.

    How about Ethier and Ramirez for Beltre and Andrus?

  37. Mark_Timmons says:

    Think outside the box.

  38. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, I think outside the box, just not the same box as you.

    Matt Kemp is likely to face mental hurdles that are the natural outgrowth of a prolonged series of injuries. It’s possible that Hanley has a mental hurdle playing anyplace other than shortstop, but if so, I doubt if it’s something that he would resist, if moving increased the odds of his achieving what he really wants, and that is to be a driving force on a championship team. Also, Hanley’s decline in Miami probably had very little to do with a bad attitude. He had the same shoulder surgery as Kemp and Agon, after the 2011 season. He won the batting title in 2009, hit .300 in 2010, and fell off into the .250′s in 2011, probably largely due to the shoulder. Given what we’ve seen with Kemp and Agon, it’s likely that it takes 18 months or more to fully recover from that surgery. Consequently, Hanley started off slowly in 2012, and picked it up a bit in the second half after coming to the Dodgers. Only in his second full year back from the surgery did he totally get his game back, and that was this past year in 2013.

    At this stage of their careers I would rather have Hanley than Beltre. Beltre’s been a great player, and maybe he has another couple of good years left. But at 35 next year, that’s not a chance I’d like to take, especially given the size of his contract. Hanley at 3B and Andrus at short would represent a huge improvement of the left side of the Dodgers infield. And I wouldn’t underestimate the importance of Andrus’ speed and range at short. I loved Adrian Beltre when he played for the Dodgers. But that was 10 years ago, and both Beltre and I have gotten a lot older. I’m not interested in reprising the past. I prefer a new beginning. Might be that you’re stuck in the same old box, while I’ve moved on.

    OK, that’s enough. It’s 11:30 pm here in NY. Time for me to take my old bones to bed.

  39. Roger Dodger says:

    Finally back from vacation (15 day cruise) and out of touch with e-mail and all.

    On the Star Princess, they had the World Series on the big screen on the top deck and game 6 was packed with folks watching. Standing room only.

    This weekend, with pro football games, same location on the ship, just a few people watching. Like 4 or 5.

    Note: these were older cruisers. In the 60-70-80 year range for the most part.

    Sat next to a guy for the Game 6, he was a Cardinal fan. And he said he always gets double-takes when people get his name: Bill Buckner. And he is African-American. A real baseball fan and saw Stan the Man play when he (Bill) was just a kid.

  40. Roger Dodger says:

    Question: about Kershaw . . .

    What is the reasoning now about his last game this season.

    1. was he over pitched; too short rest . . .

    2. do the Cardinals have his number and have figured him out . . .

    3. has the scouting of the Cardinals figured him out . . .

    4. has he lost his stuff and needs some more seasoning in AAA . . .

    5. is he still worth $300 million . . .

    6. was it just a bad day . . . (night)

  41. Badger says:

    Hey Roger. Welcome back.

    Now get outside the box. Like this:

    7. He choked. He swallowed an olive on the biggest day of his career. Everyone knew, with this pathetic Dodger offense he needed to throw a shutout, against another pathetic offense, and he failed.

    How you feeling?

  42. Roger Dodger says:

    Thanks Badger. Taking Chemo today. So the 8 glasses of water today and again tomorrow.

    Call waiting at home when I arrived, my new Corvette has just been built in Bowling Green. I am doing Museum Delivery (go there to pick it up; tour the factory and watch others being made, then to the Museum and they present you with the car prepared by the crack team . . .) But cannot go until Dec 9th. They cannot do it till Nov 22, but that day I fly to Baltimore for a scholars conference, then Thanksgiving, then another quick trip — Dec 9 might be the day. Oh, it is Red outside, Red inside. Web that and you will see it under images.

    Mark wants to fly here, and drive to Spring Training next year in the Vett.

  43. Badger says:

    Interesting Roger. I have a friend here in Sedona that wants to buy a new Corvette, fly back there to pick it up and drive it back out. He asked if I would go with him. Hell yes ROAD TRIP!! Problly won’t happen now until Spring.

    The more I check stats, the more I see that many players have their career years at 26 and 27, some as young as 25. With that in mind….. we may have seen the best of Matt Kemp. Of course we expect him to recover and give us a full year, but, with the damage he has sustained, he might just be good, not great. But he is ours for years to come.

    3rd base. outside the box:

    Can we pry Brett Lawrie away from the Blue Jays? I’m thinking they could use another outfielder as they have two guys listed in two positions. Ethier and some cash for Lowrie? How about a couple of young pitchers for him? I think he is about ready for a break out year. He is not a free agent until ’18, so, might not be a snowball’s chance, but they have several good young infielders and may want to upgrade with a veteran LH bat in the outfield.

  44. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Welcome back Roger.

    I’m trying to picture you and Mark driving to spring training in that red Vett. Who’s driving?

    Yeah, Kershaw choked. No doubt about it. There is no other explanation. Why are we talking about trading Ethier to Texas for Andrus? No doubt in my mind, send Kershaw to Texas for Beltre, with the Dodgers picking up all of Beltre’s contract, and throwing in a few million to Texas to help them defray the cost of Kershaw.

    I just looked up Brett Lawrie. Former first round pick who will be 24 next season. Hasn’t done badly in his brief big league career, but also nothing to get excited about. Guessing he has some upside, and maybe will hit for power as he matures. For now, however, I have no opinion because I know so little. I also feel kind of constrained by that box I’m in.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      Roger once drove from Las Cruces, NM to San Antonio by himself while I was puking out my guts with food poisoning all across the Southwest.

      With food poisoning, you go through 3 stages:

      1. You think you are going to die;
      2. You know you are going to die; and
      3. You are afraid you won’t die!

  45. Roger Dodger says:

    I think most of here now REALLY realize that to go all the way NEXT season — the Dodgers need to re-tool some areas . . .

    1. get away from some of these injured player types that are out from time to time and do not add any others like that (no matter how great their past was). Injured: Crawford, Kemp, Ethier, Ramirez . . . Van Slyke seems to make a great catch then hurt himself on the play and is out 2 weeks. Pitchers: Beckett, Billingsley, Elbert (like every year), Fife, Greinke, Guerra, Tolleson . . . Some of these here will recover but Crawford & Kemp both need bandaids too often. Ethier and Ramirez will be fine but we now know that Hanley is made of some glass.

    2. No more of this “B” squad on the field of . . . M. Ellis, Punto, Hariston, Van Slyke, Federowicz, the the pitchers slot. That is OK for a Spring Training game, but not a world championship team.

    3. Spend a bit more and have a bench that is a bench. I want one left and right hand hitter/s (at least) who can crack a bat with results. And not one of these guys that Donnie says: “He can play a little third, a little corner outfield, and a little first – also he is a great clubhouse guy.” He have had those.

    Heavens, if they are going to spend $200 plus million, go to $250 have have a real team.

  46. Roger Dodger says:

    4. I know that Mark says that AJ Ellis is the heart and soul of the team last season. That is fine, but if 3B, 2B, if filled with quality — then you can carry a weak hitting good catcher.

    Some of us remember the great Johnny Rosoboro as a Dodger catcher for 11 seasons with only a lifetime average of .249 and a total of 104 HRs. He did ok for us.

    Or,Steve Yeager. BA was only .228 with 102 HRs, in 14 years with L.A. He did ok for us. I believe he was a co-MVP in one of the Dodger World Series wins.

    But I do question having FedEX as the backup to Ellis. Tim might be a nice guy but a championship team should have a stronger major league player. He hit .231 in 160 ABs and his last 10 games he hit .192. NOW, if the powers that be say — he is really a fine young hitter and needs just to play and we have no problem playing him for three week or so if Ellis gets hurt — fine. I trust that. But, maybe this should be an upgrade — like a left handed hitter as the backup.

  47. Badger says:

    steamer projections has Lawrie at a 3 WAR, 16 and 73, a 110 wRC+ in 130 games. Not bad for a 24 year old. The thing about him is, his best years are in front of him. But again, why would Toronto let him go? Because we offered them a 3 WAR outfielder + money? Maybe. How about Lee and Garcia? How about Gordon and Seager.

    Kershaw to Texas for a 36 year old player? Back in the box Brooklyn. You gonna get yourself hurt out there.

    Roger, the A team without Kemp, won a ton of games. Maybe just getting everyone we got back would be enough? Sure would like to see that happen for about 145 games. Both of those guys had some bad luck, though the hammy thing is disconcerting to me. Those things have a way of re-manifesting. New training staff had better be working on that all winter.

    Lakers look like a .500 club. Maybe Kobe makes a difference. He won’t move like he usta did, but, hopefully he can still shoot.

    Big game tomorrow night. Who you guys got? I am a Stanford fan (almost went there, all I needed was 2 points on my GPA and some interest from them and I was in!) but in this case I want a PAC 12 team playing for the championship …. so…… GO DUCKS!

  48. Roger Dodger says:

    Just read about Puig’s legal driving/insurance problems in Tenn when he was in AA ball this past season. He got off — but this guy needs a butler to be with him 24/7 before he really gets into trouble.

    Is he playing winter ball or AFL or something?

  49. Watford Dodger says:

    Roger you are so right. We have Agon, Hanley, Ethier, Crawford and hopefully Kemp for the present – these guys are for now – to win now. They are all at the peak of or possibly just over the peak of their powers. This group cannot wait around for two or three years although we have them tied up on Albatross contracts. We know what we have & we know what we lack, namely power/ run scoring. We have the opportunity to upgrade at key positions ie 2nd & 3rd and to your point definately the bench. You are right, spend the money to get the right people now. You can’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow may never come. Use our financial strength & don’t worry if it offends anyone.

  50. Watford Dodger says:

    I would do the Puig for Stanton trade. Not sure his teammates are gonna find Yasiel so entertaining second time around like most acts when uve seen them a few times they begin to get boring. For me I hate all that bat flipping nonsense and disrespecting of the umpires. Not sure how good his gonna be for team harmony long term. Besides that – and I know he’s young and can learn – these NL pitchers are no mugs @ the scouting reports will be out there – not sure if he’s got the mental fortitude for it. I know most of you won’t agree but I would cash in now.

  51. Badger says:

    “People don’t change, but they do mature” – Phil Jackson.

    I think I keep Puig. I understand your point W and I respect your opinion. I just feel that Puig has too much to offer. You’re right about ML pitchers, but Puig has shown he can hit anything. Once he stops offering at pitches out of the strike zone, and I believe he will do just that, he will bring more WAR over the next 5 years than will Stanton. I am fully prepared to be wrong about that one.

  52. Bobby says:

    Stanton to me looks like a guy who’s forever going to be dinged up. He played in 123 games in 2012 and 116 games last year. We already have an injured OF as it is, do we need another guy whos gona pulla hammy or strain his ribcage because he swings so hard?

  53. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    OK Badger, we can refine that deal with Texas. Kerhsaw for Beltre, and instead of throwing in a few million we substitute Matt Kemp instead. And I do like the safety of the box.

    Ditto what Badger and Bobby said about Puig and Stanton. I believe I made that injury point about Stanton a while back. I actually saw progress with Puig during the season and then an occasional regression. I think that’s normal, and that over time we’re going to see Puig mature and get steadier and steadier. Let’s give him a chance to think about his season away from all the glaring lights, and a spring training to seriously work on the areas he needs to improve on w/o the pressure to perform. And also, if we can get back a healthy Kemp, and if the offense in general improves, there will be a lot less pressure on Puig, and a lot more pressure on the pitchers facing him in a lineup where nobody can be pitched around.

    Here’s suggestion for the bench from MSTI. I haven’t thought it through, but on first blush it would seem to have merit.

  54. Yo! Adrian says:

    * b-WAR comparison :
    1. Puig 5.0 vs G. Stanton 2.4 (his best was 5.5 in 2012)
    2. Kershaw 7.8 vs A.Beltre 5.5 (and he will be 35)
    D.Price 2.8 (his best was 6.9 in 2012)
    Longoria 6.3 (his best was 8.1 in 2010)

    from this point of view, Puig’s value is at least equal to Stanton’s.
    Kershaw cannot be replaced by Beltre, and an ace like Kershaw is more important than a hitter (even if that is a hitting machine like Cabrera) to the championship – caliber team.

  55. Roger Dodger says:

    Maybe Puig will see some of these awards being handed out — and watch the video of the players getting the awards — and he wanting to be “the man” next season — realizes he has to improve is game in depth.

    When will the new guy make it to the majors, and then how long of an entry do we project him for????? Coming to the U.S. from many foreign ports and playing American/Canadian baseball is not as easy as some might think. Dynamics, crowds, size of the baseball, condition of the baseballs, bats, rules of the game, etc. all have some effect.

  56. Roger Dodger says:

    Just noticed in the AFL – Corey Seager was 1 for 4 but it was a grand-slam HR.

    Pratt Maynard was DH but 0 for 4

    Chris O’Brien, C, was 1 for 2.

    Also, pitching:

    Yimi Garcia pitched 1 inning with zeros.

    Jarret Martin pitched 1 inning with 1 hit, 2 Ks, giving up 1 HR.

  57. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Adrian, I was not serious about the Kerhsaw/Beltre thing. I’m having trouble, even now, getting my tongue out of my cheek. In fact, I’ve already expressed my reservations about acquiring Beltre.

  58. Bobby says:

    I don’t think anyone could take seriously any Kershaw/Beltre trade idea, rumor, joke, or whatnot.

  59. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    A little breakdown of Dodger prospects from Mark Saxon, some of whom could contribute in 2014.

    Onelki Garcia is mentioned as lefthanded pitcher in the in the piece, but has RHP (incorrect) next to his name.

  60. Watford Dodger says:

    Thank you Bobby for that link which I found very interesting (wish I knew how to incorporate links into my posts ). I agree that it’s a very big call to trade Puig for Stanton as so much of what Puig can achieve is based on speculation as is the case with all Rookies but with Stanton you know what you are getting & he has already shown a certain maturity that will fit well into another team environment. The argument was made that he doesn’t get on the field enough but I would say that having watched the reckless way Puig played from June to October I wouldn’t like to bet too much on him being a 162 game a season man. Also – look at the difference in Hanley since he came across from the Marlins. Questions were being raised about attitude & application but look how he has flourished in LA. Stanton is a SoCal boy – let him come home and play in a decent team and see how he flies. As I mentioned before – not sure how Yasiel’s gonna roll going forward with his teammate. Stanton is a good age too.
    So – only time will tell with Puig & I could well have egg on my face when he is crowned a Dodger legend in the future but I would do the deal today.

  61. Roger Dodger says:

    But is Stanton more the Frank Howard type of hitter?

    Big, powerful, long ball, but basically slow afoot. Not for average, but raw power.

    I worry about Crawford — like in Spring Training — “Today Crawford sprained his lower back and will be day to day for about three months or so . . .”

    Need 4 major league outfielders, rotating, DHing when can, pinch-hitting — my old 4 outfield plan.

  62. Badger says:

    Well, compelling argument W, but I still don’t see it happening.

    Would Puig mean more b.i.s.? Only the Miami management would know that. If Giancarlo Stanton, one of the most exciting players in the game can’t sell tickets there, not sure a Cuban would. Of course, Stanton needs to be on the field 81 games, and he has had some issues with that.

    IF, big if, Stanton stays on the field Roger, I think he can put up another 6 WAR season. So would Puig. And Puig offers something Stanton can’t – speed and dWAR. If it happens, and I don’t think it will, I guess I would be ok with it. The Dodgers are going to draw no matter what, so, it would only help them if Stanton can get back to what he did a couple of years ago. If he went to a place like Texas, or Boston, he could DH and in those parks put up monster numbers. I see him as an American League player. Somebody over there will pony up the prospects to get it done. And of course, it will be one of the rich clubs that does it.

  63. Roger Dodger says:

    I have a feeling now, that the N.L. will move to the DH. They have balked and not gone that way — to play baseball the old fashion way —

    but the youth and young adult of today likes action. And the DH gives that extra.

    Plus, I hate seeing this hitters who do not field so well, and aging players going to the A.L. and finishing out their careers.

    And — the N.L. teams when they meet the A.L. teams in the season or the post season, usually do not have the real bats to put in that slot in the lineup.

    • Badger says:

      Agree with that Roger. I can see it happening. And it’s not like NL pitchers are so good at hitting they make up the difference in those IL games. Pitchers for the most part suck. They can’t even bunt.

      More offense.

      Do it the slow pitch way. All hitters step in with a 1-1 count. That’ll get ‘email to swing.

      Just kidding. Sort of.

  64. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Looking at Stanton’s numbers and his history with injuries, I can’t see any advantage of giving up Puig to get him. I don’t measure Puig by just what I saw, I measure him by what I saw he can be. It’s always possible he won’t work out, and the same can be said of Stanton. I’m happy with Puig, and can’t see the advantage of trying something else just because he showed a little immaturity. Maybe others see something else, but I see a good kid with lots of youthful enthusiasm, which I believe he will inevitably tone down, and probably starting in 2014. Furthermore, given that both of his parents are engineers, I suspect there’s a lot more upstairs than a lot of us suspect. Besides, I just can’t see such a deal happening. If he works out (and I believe he will) Puig is probably a marketing goldmine, more so than Stanton. And although I don’t know that Stanton is a plodder, he by no means has anything near the game changing speed that Puig has. Nor does he have anything near the game changing arm that Puig has. And on top of that, there is every indication that he has the same humongous power that Stanton has. I prefer to take my chances that Puig will mature into one of the premier superstars in the game.

    Here’s a little something positive about Corey Seager.

    Watford, incorporating links into your posts is mostly just copy and paste.

    If you want to post an article from another site, just go up to the address bar, highlight the address, and copy (keyboard shortcut is CTRL-C). That will put the copied address in your clipboard. Then when you’re ready to paste it into your post, do so with the paste command (keyboard shortcut CTRL-V).

    If you’re unsure of yourself, try it out using your word processor or text editor. Copy addresses from the address bar in your browser, and paste them in the word processor/text editor, just for practice.

    Remember, when you copy something it only remains on the clipboard until you copy something else. So remember to paste it before you copy that something else.

  65. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And Watford, if you just want to paste only a particular portion of an article into your post, but not the whole article, then do this:

    1. Highlight only the text that you want to copy.
    2. Copy the highlighted text (CTRL-C).
    3. Paste what you copied into your post (CTRL-V).

    If you don’t want to use the keyboard shortcuts, you can find the copy and paste commands in the edit menu of your browser. Actually I have an edit menu in Firefox, don’t remember what’s in MS Internet Explorer, since I never use it. But CTRL-C and CRTL-V work no matter what browser you’re in.

  66. Watford Dodger says:

    Brooklyn thank you so much for spending the time & explaining so clearly the process.

  67. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Watford, you’re welcome.


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