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Writing a legend?

Last nights game was all about a portly Korean, a Cuban refugee, a Dominican Superstar playing in great pain, an American-bearded psycho, a former prima donna playing on one leg, a Curaçaoan closer and junkyard dogism!

Love him or hate him, Bill Plaschke of The LA Times can write and boy did he write a good one last night.  In describing the decision of Hanley and Andre to play with fractured bones, he wrote this:

Together, they strapped it on. Together, they figured it out as they went. And, man, did they go, cringing and stumbling and swinging and soaring and somehow helping the Dodgers to a 3-0 victory over the Cardinals to close the series deficit to two games to one.

We have oft suspected that Andre was all about Andre and Hanley has had that rap for some time, but AJ Ellis, who just says things the way they really are, confirmed as much, but also stated that they had changed:

“Both of these guys have had [reputations] of being more about themselves than about the team, probably in our clubhouse too, but both of these guys have been about winning all year.”

There you have it.  No guts, no glory and they had the guts last night.  Before the game, I wrote that it would take a miracle to win.  Ryu has been frightfully bad in some of his last starts and Yasiel Puig was 0-10 in the series.  I said that the portly Korean and the Cuban refugee would have to lead the charge and they did!

Ryu pitched the game of his life and Puig re-energized the team with key hits and hustle.  The team hit behind runners, moved runners, challenged throws and played baseball the way it was intended.  Carl Crawford’s hook slide scored the last of 3 runs, but one would have been enough for the Korean Kannon!

But now we have to come back to reality.  The reality is “can Hanley and Andre continue to play, and should Ricky Nolasco start game 4?“  It appears that the Dodgers have made the decision to start Zach Greinke on 3 days rest and skip Nolasco who was really bad in his last few starts.  Let’s not forget that Ryu was bad too and he turned it around.

I won’t second-guess this decision because it’s just a matter of opinion, but it does seem to me that Ricky Nolasco will have to pitch somewhere in this series for the Dodgers to win, or are the Dodgers banking on Greinke and Kershaw to win games 4 and 5 and then back to the Koean Kannon for clinching game 6.  If there’s a game 7, it would have to be a well-rested Ricky Nalasco, unless you bring Greinke and Kershaw back for once last shot.

It should prove to be interesting…


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  1. Bill Russell says:

    I would take my chances with Nolasco tonight against Lynn. He would have a short leash with the pen waiting in the wings. We have the home MoJo going and it would be a big game but not a game 7 in St Louis. Then you have Greinke and Kershaw for games 5 and 6 with one more day of rest. I hate seeing us panic too early.

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Also, Hanley is the key to winning. Without Hanley, our chances are slim. I can live without Andre but not Hanley as he’s the straw that stirs this drink.

  3. Pete M. says:

    Can we expect to see Usain Bolt vs. A.J in a pay per view 100 meter race???
    I had a feeling Kim Chi had a bullet or two left in the gun!!!
    I hope their is no need for a short leash on Ricky…Where’s Cap???
    An overused phrase, but nonetheless ” Puig, It Is What It Is”!!! Expect long days at Camelback son…

  4. DRomo says:


    From a few days ago, I know you asked about Bryan Stow. Here you go:

    Google search the video. You can find that easy.

  5. DRomo says:

    I agree with BRuss here. Nolasco goes tonight, if not now then when? You can’t go through the rest of the postseason with a 3 man rotation can you? Throw Ricky out there with a short leash. Have Volquez ready. Remember Capuano is not on the roster for this round. I believe he is hurt (before some of you get all worked up). Volquez was prety solid down the stretch, and is as good as Cap in a long man role.

    Lance Lynn is very beatable. I expect tonight to be the night the bats wake up. Hanley is our key. Just being in the lineup creates a pressence.

    Tonight is huge. Supposing we can win this, Greinke tomorrow in a day game is a major advantage to the Dodgers. I like our chances.

    You can’t say enough about Ryu’s performance last night! Great stuff.

  6. Quasimodo says:

    I’m of the opinion too that Dodgers bats will be alive tonight. Is all the talk about Greinke taking the mound tonight coming from the Dodgers? Or any of it, rather? The Dodgers have been pretty mum about disclosing plans about lineups till the last minute. It feels that Nolasco is still the probable and a short leash just comes with such an important game.

  7. Bobby says:

    Yeah, before Donnie makes his own call about who goes tonight, Nolasco or Greinke, I don’t know what to do.

    Can we trust our bats to be alive today vs Lynn? If so, then maybe we give Nolasco some time to pitch. Who knows, maybe he can go 6 and give up 1-2. Greinke on 3 days is no sure thing right now. Or maybe he is.

    I do not know. I just don’t want to come back at 9pm tonight and say “we should have started Ricky, or we should have started Zack”. I don’t know.

  8. the truth hurts says:

    I am with you guys, I like Nolasco tonight and full rest starts for Greinke and Kershaw for 5 & 6 and if there is a game 7, the KOREAN KANNON!

  9. Bobby says:

    Thanks Romo. I had no idea about that side of the story.

    I was showing a Giants fan buddy right now; he didn’t know of it either.

    • DRomo says:

      Again, I’ll say he didn’t deserve it. But there was a reason he was singled out by a coupe of thugs. He was drunk and being a jerk. He may have deserved to get escorted out but not beaten.

  10. Badger says:

    I stay with the gut feeling I have had for months now….. we will win this with pitching or lose it with same. I don’t see either of these teams winning in blow-out fashion.

    The Cards defense didn’t look all that last night. They had a few miscues in the outfield of which we took advantage.

    Nolasco. Risky. But that IS our rotation. He says he feels good and is ready to go. He is up? Will they skip him for the possibility of a 7th game in St. Louis? Or is this an effort to avoid that 7th game. Can the Dodgers score enough to win this one if Nolasco is off again? Going to be interesting to see how this one works out.

    One game. Tonight. Then we can talk about tomorrow’s game.

  11. DRomo says:

    Against Lynn, Nolasco has his best shot at succeeding. Giving up a few runs won’t be too deep of a hole. Unless he is hurt, I still have faith Ricky can be the pitcher he was when he first came to LA.

    We need 5-6 strong innings and we can have Volquez waiting to go if he struggles. The bullpen is fresh thanks to Ryu’s strong start. I feel good about Ricky.

    Badger said it best: ONE GAME! Thats all they should worry about.

  12. Bill Russell says:

    If Nolasco has to pitch a game, this is the one. Against Lynn and a stuggling offense at home. Have Volquez ready and warm. Hopefully we won’t need the pen for the next two games.

  13. Bobbie17 says:

    Nolasco tonight. Period. His chance for greatness before a home crowd. Game 4 is his game.

  14. Quasimodo says:

    I remember how cock sure I felt about the Dodgers March 31st. Needless to say that being a Dodgers fan wasn’t much fun the 1st couple months. But since Dodgers gave us quite a ride and here we are with our fingers crossed in a heads-up battle for the Pennant. If Nolasco has good stuff tonight I think we’ll see a crooked lopsided win for Dodgers. But its a bit dangerous getting too damn cock sure.

  15. Quasimodo says:

    Puig was in Cuba in part of 2012 with many hurdles to clear to get where he’s gotten in such a short time. So I say go ahead and celebrate to your hearts content….you’ve earned it, kid. And phuck the ones who hate seeing it.

  16. DRomo says:

    I love how butt hurt the Cardinals are over Gonzales pumping up his own dugout and Puig just being excited and playing to the crowd yet say nothing but good things about Chris Carpenter who would openly yell at opposing batters. Chris was “a competitor”.


  17. Bobby says:

    Beltran was “rather happy” on 2nd base after his 2 run double in game 1.

    The game 2 pitcher yelled a ton after striking out Agone and Puig with 2 on.

    Beltran and the Cards need to shut their hypocritical mouths.

  18. Bill Russell says:

    If you don’t like what the Dodgers do when they get excited, just beat them. Or shut the F up.

  19. dpwtv says:

    Nolasco on the mound tonight. Like this

  20. Bill Russell says:

    Thank God Mattingly reads what we talk about in here.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If memory serves, Agon did the same thing in the Atlanta series, and I never heard of a complaint from any Braves players. Maybe they’re not as sensitive.

    I’m not about to predict how effective Nolasco will be. I just hope he settles in and pitches a nice game, and that the Dodgers put some points on the board to support him. This series so far has been about pitching, but it still takes runs to win.

    I remain hopeful that the Dodgers can come back, but like Ryu in the first game he pitched (and probably yesterday), I’m nervous. Just want the Dodgers to continue to delay my focus on the postseason until after the Dodgers win the World Series.

  22. jerry says:

    there was a pitcher for the card out of a base loaded inning and he pumped his fist as he was turning they did the same thing …criwritht is a criebaby.

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    The Cardinals should feel relieved.

    On the play at the plate last night . . . Crawford and Molina . . .

    If Crawford would have GONE IN HARD AT MOLINA’S LEG — like many plays at the plate to score — Molina could have been hurt — bad. Maybe like Posey was, maybe.

    Really, Crawford slid in very soft.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    If Crawford had slid in hard it might have been him that got hurt. So maybe the Dodgers should feel relieved. I’m sure that Molina has had his share of collisions at the plate, and survived to play the next day.

  25. Badger says:

    I too support the Nolasco start. He earned it. Now put some runs on the board for him.

    Kinda surprised to hear so much whining out if St Louis.

  26. Badger says:

    Being a pitcher is no damn excuse. At least give an effort up there. He never took the bat off his shoulder. At least GO DOWN SWINGING!!!!

  27. Jason says:

    Thanks Nolasco

  28. Badger says:

    Well, here it comes.

  29. Roger Dodger says:

    I watched Nolasco bat there — with the bases loaded and two out . . . What dribble was that!!!!

    Yes, the pitcher could have walked him, hit him, thrown a wild pitch — but he didn’t.

    Three over the heart . . . and out.

    Like there was nothing in the plan for that AB.

    Well, here is one. Try a bunt approach but make it a swinging bunt. Put the ball in play. As the infielders move in for the bunt, and then he swings away — maybe the ball goes over their heads and 2 runs score. Maybe they field the ball, but throw it away. Many things can happen . . .

    But to stand there with the bat . . . nothing, nothing could happen. A waisted AB and bases loaded opportunity

  30. Jason says:

    Swing the damn bat Nolasco. Anything can happen…ask Bill Buckner if all grounders are automatic.

  31. Roger Dodger says:

    Second guessers . . .

    Keep him in . . . go to Volquez or others — this is life and

  32. Mark_Timmons says:

    Pure junkyard-dogism!

  33. Jason says:

    Why why why why why put in skip?
    I knew he was going to hit into a double play.

  34. Quasimodo says:

    Could you all hear me telling Schumaker ‘no double play, Skip’? I’d rather have Nolasco striking out with Crawford coming up. Dammit!

  35. Roger Dodger says:

    All the credit goes to the manager.

  36. Jason says:

    Why can’t they pitch to opposing pitchers? It’s a pitcher… not Pujols.

  37. Oops says:

    Bring in Wilson now! Don’t let withrow pitch to holiday!

  38. Mark_Timmons says:

    Ummmm, haven\’t I told you that Donnie is not a Rocket Scientist?

  39. Bobby says:

    I would bunt with Ellis here

  40. Jason says:

    They dared Hanley with 3 straight fastballs and the bat didn’t leave his shoulder. Wtf

  41. Quasimodo says:

    Sadly HanRam just made the ugliest plate appearance I’ve ever seen from him.

  42. Rob says:

    I think Hanley is hurting too much to hit that outside pitch. He might actually be hurting the team by being in the lineup tonight.

  43. jerry says:

    dont like cris w.. going two innnings..

  44. Oops says:

    Matheny is too confident in Lynn. Make him pay. Go Blue!!!!

  45. Oops says:

    Just as I type that, Puig gets a hit and Lynn gets pulled.

  46. Jason says:

    I just dreamed that right?
    Please tell me I dosed off between innings.

  47. Badger says:

    Why not bunt with Nolasco? Schumaker?

    Matheny’s moves working. Donnie? Not so much.

    Hanley in pain. Don’t know if he can help.

    The Dodgers remain crippled offensively.

  48. Bobby says:

    There was the worst play of the year.


  49. Rob says:

    Punto you are a buzz kill!

  50. Badger says:

    Dumb. Just flat out dumb.

    He was lucky to get on. That fly ball to straight center hit grass. A gift. And you get picked? F’n dumb.

  51. Rob says:

    Can’t hang this on Donnie maybe only knowing hanley should not have started.

  52. Roger Dodger says:

    Beginning to see the changes for Spring Training . . .

    I think ownership has their notes all in order. They made it to the championship series. If the Dodger DO fall here — they will set the ship in order.

    Healthily backup bodies on the roster. Power bat on the bench of a veteran. Selecting arms for the pen.

    Oh, best lock up Clayton before he wants to test the market.

  53. Badger says:

    A lot of easy outs off these bats.

  54. Bball says:

    Anyone else thinking price and cano are dodgers if they don’t win the series.

  55. Jason says:

    Man…to think that I thought there was hope after last night’s win.

  56. Badger says:

    Shane Robinson – 5’9″ 165 pounds can find the seats but not one Dodger can?

    I think we will force a game 6.

    There is always hope.

  57. Quasimodo says:

    $%^&*&^%$#$%! What else is there to say other than the ball goes to Greinke, Kershaw and Ryu to pitch gems.

  58. Jason says:

    The look on Kershaw’s face as he stared into the infield after the last out says more than I can type here.
    After that amazing run this was supposed to be “our year”.

    It’s gonna take a miracle guys.

  59. Bobby says:

    STL was up 3-1 on the giants last year as well.

    Granted I think SF got games 6 and 7 at home, but whatever.

    Just have to win tomorrow

  60. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Well I don’t really want to start talking about the offseason until this one is over. Without Hanley it’s going to be tough, and I suspect that although he might try to play, he’s just not going to be able to, at least effectively.

    So clearly we need great pitching from Greinke, Kershaw and Ryu, and some contributions on the offensive side to at least get them something to work with. Hope springs eternal, so giving up is not an option. Weren’t the Cardinals up on the midgets 3-1 last year?

  61. Bill Russell says:

    This turned out the same way like pretty much all of my Vegas trips turn out. One big F-en loss. If Hanley is too hurt to play, our chances are slim anyway. Wait till next year…….. I thought the Nolasco start was great for the first two innings.

  62. Watford Dodger says:

    Why is SVS on the roster ? Couldn’t believe it when I saw Schmaker in the on deck circle. He is the double play king.
    Things have conspired against us. And we made some very poor decisions. But in this series the ball that hit Hanley in the ribs was massive. With all the bleating the Cards have been doing that pitch & the one to Puig last night have been overlooked. I think they were intentional. It’s not coincidence that they were to our two best hitters, first pitch, first time up. Ultimately we don’t score enough runs though. I’m beginning to lose hope now.

  63. Badger says:

    I agree with MSTI and I also share the same feelings W just expressed. Why the ef is SVS on this roster if not to pinch hit? And frankly, I have to say I might have left Nolasco in to bunt bringing Carl Crawford up with 2 runners in scoring position and 2 outs. I know it’s hindsight now, but I was asking the question at the time last night. Skippy just doesn’t fill me with confidence, as you all know.

    I am hoping Mattingly is a smart baseball guy, wants to be good at this, and is learning this craft. We have all seen some very strange things out of him this year but maybe it’s just a learning curve.

    I knew this team would have trouble hitting against good pitching. I think if we all look at it with an honest eye, we can all admit the same thing. Puig is a coin flip, Kemp is gone, Ethier hasn’t hit with power in years and is hobbled – as it is currently constructed, this is just not a great offensive club. We all hoped they would hit over their heads and it just hasn’t happened. It will take a Herculean effort from the pitching staff the rest of the way, but, things happen in this game. I also think that if there were a way for a team to lose when they shut out the opponent these guys would find it.

    If it ends the way it has been going, we all know what will need to be done in the off season. For now, it’s game 5 and I think we can win it. Maybe St. Louis is confident they can win it at home. I don’t blame them if they do, but, let’s force them to do just that.

  64. StL Fan says:

    Really? Think that with 2 strikes on H.Ramirez, first inning in game 1 that Kelly was trying to hit him just so Dodgers could have 2 guys on base with their #4 & #5 hitters coming up. Come on. And last nights pitch to Puig was intended to be inside but definitely not intended to hit him. If that was the case the pitch would have been thrown at his back (or behind where he stands in the box.) In fact he made more out of the pitch than what it was worth. Puig is going to be pitched to on the inside half of the plate so he might as well get use to that.

    The pitch to Puig last night was no different then the pitch to Freese or Molina. The pitchers are working both sides of the plate and definitely do not want to error and leave the ball out over the plate.

    • Badger says:

      Well of course the St Louis fan would defend his team. Duh.

      I don’t know if it was intentional. Probably not. But, it was way inside, right at the ribs, and the pitch to Puig was high and inside. I believe in pitching inside, under the hands, but to be that far off on Ramirez, our best hitter, is just bad form. You guys whine about our players getting excited, and yet you do shit like that, and it was also shown you do the same thing on the bases. STFU and just play ball. And you will notice the Dodgers have not retaliated – yet. If it were me, Beltran, The Mouth, would get chin music every time up.

  65. StL Fan says:

    Not sure that I’m defending anybody, just stating what I’ve seen.

    Can safely say that not one Cardinal fan was happy to see H.Ramirez with 2 strikes, get hit by the pitch and put a 2nd Dodger on base with only 1 out in the first inning.

  66. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger and MSTI pretty much said it all for me. And quite frankly, I wonder why, when Mattingly does something tactically questionable we don’t also ask what his coaches were thinking, and how much input they have in decisions.

    I’m not sad to see him come back, because if anything he does have the respect of the players, and like Badger said, maybe it’s all part of a learning curve.

    As for Hanley being hit intentionally. I doubt it. As for Puig, probably just a brush back pitch to keep him off the outside stuff.

    Beginning today we need to continue getting great pitching, and the bats have to show some life.

  67. Badger says:

    Not sure I buy that one Fan. Hanley Ramirez is a good two strike hitter and I can assure you EVERY Dodger fan would rather have him hitting with two strikes than have him walked (as the Cards have done intentionally) or in this case hit in the ribs with a 90+ mph fastball. And I know there no Cardinal fans are upset that Ramirez has basically been removed from the lineup because of that incident. Ok, perhaps one toothless farmer in St James may feel that way, but obviously most fans are happy about it. Truth be told, if Grienke plunks The Mouth and sidelines him for the rest of the year I wouldn’t shed a tear.

    It’s fine you want to post here. If course you are welcome and you appear to be respectful. But we’re not stupid. Many of us on this site have played, coached and even umpired for a long time. Don’t believe for a second we don’t see exactly what went on on that field. Coincidence or most dangerous offensive threat has a broken rib? Maybe. St Louis players and fans sorry it happened that way? Of course not.

  68. Badger says:

    Damn auto spellcheck. Posting from my phone is NEVER error free.

  69. StL Fan says:


    You can think whatever you want on H. Ramirez getting plunked but I’m just saying that the situation/circumstances do not support it being intentional…at all. Is it tough luck that he apparently has a fractured rib, of course. I understand the frustration.

    I was at the game and Kelly had an 0-2 count on Ramirez. Obviously it was a brush back pitch to set up the next pitch and it went probably 6″ further inside than what he had intended but it was in no way intentional. Kelly was wanting the strike out, not put the guy on base in the first inning.

    p.s.–I played college baseball, started all 4 years and have 3 brothers that did as well and all 4 of us had most of our college paid for.

  70. StL Fan says:

    And trust me, I’m not on here to mouth off. Actually am impressed with the intelligence of the folks on this site. If you look at the very first post of mine (on an earlier post), I had mentioned the baseball intelligence. I’m from an area of the country where many ‘Cubs fans’ truly do not understand the game. The majority of Cubs fans treat the games as just a social event and their fans understand the game at that level.

  71. Badger says:


    Bullshit. That missed by a foot.

    I never said it was intetional. What I said was there is no remorse. I don’t give a damn there were two strikes. That means nothing! Sure he would rather get him out but I contend he would rather miss 12″ inside than miss over the middle of the plate.

    Your brothers?

    Why are we having this conversation?

  72. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t believe HanRam was intentionally hit by that pitch. I also don’t believe that comments made by a couple Cards players were as insulting as made out to be. Cardinals franchise and their fans, for the most part, are very classy. If that pitch was with intent, it’d of been a call from Matheney and that’s not his style. But dammit to hell, it sure was a pitch that took the wind out of every Dodgers fan. Is a 3 game run from here possible? Yes, but odds are drastically reduced without Hanley.

  73. Watford Dodger says:

    My missus would be happy if my 6 inches were that big. It was way inside.
    It was probably meant to keep him back and send a message for the rest of the series, I get that but as it turned out it was better than that – it was a busted rib. Don’t tell me anyone is losing any sleep in SL organization over that one. I suppose their gutted that Kemp’s made of glass & Ethier can’t move too.
    And what a coincidence that Puig should recieve an inside & high pitch in his first at bat of last night – not his third or fourth – his first. Just coincidence I guess. I was shouting at the TV for Nalasco to pin one on Molina. He fancies himself as a hardman. Let him play with a busted rib. So far we’ve been to soft throughout the series. Puig should have done what he really wanted to do and put Lynn’s lights out. That’s what should have happened. We’ve rolled over without a fight & I don’t like it. They have been the aggressors from pitch one & we’ve let it happen.

  74. Badger says:

    I agree with all that Quas.

    The Cards have coughed up hair balls twice when ahead 3-1. It could happen again, but with so many of our best players hurting the odds are against us. What we can hope for is continued good Dodger pitching and some clutch hitting from the B team.

  75. StL Fan says:

    Well I guess we’ll agree to disagree. IMO, he missed his spot by 6″….but I’m assuming that he was throwing an inside fastball ‘off’ the plate to set up his next pitch and yes I feel he missed his spot by 6″, maybe it was 8″…..maybe it was 12″, the point is the same.

    • No BS says:

      I think the point is he made damn sure he missed his spot a foot inside and NOT a foot the other way, which would have put the ball rib high over the middle of the plate.

  76. Quasimodo says:

    Isn’t it getting late for no lineup announcement? At any rate, I’m getting the feeling that HanRam will be a show for today’s game #5 and he’ll be on a mission. I’m getting pumped! THIS SERIES IS GOING SEVEN GAMES! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Bobby says:

    Hanley and Andre are both in the lineup

    So we can likely assume it’s the same lineup as last night

  78. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Hanley is starting.

    And from what I read in TBLA, it appears that unlike last night, and like the night before, he will be taking pain medication.

  79. Badger says:

    Hitting inside 90+ mph fastballs under the influence of pain medication?

    What could possibly go wrong with that?

    If it were the Cards, they would just plug in another A prospect. We aren’t there yet
    - but we will be.

  80. Roger Dodger says:

    IF, if the Cardinals do win this series — I would believe that most Dodger fans would be rooting for whoever they play in the World Series.

  81. Quasimodo says:

    Well one thing is certain…..if Kelly decides to pitch inside and up to HanRam today he better do so with great caution. Because Dodgers won’t take kindly to ANYTHING suspect of carelessness.

  82. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    This is what it Mattingly reportedly said according to the TBLA article. “He got treatment, I’m sure he’ll take something before the game to take the edge off, the pain.” I don’t know what that “something” is that he’ll be taking, but whatever it is I’m sure it won’t mess with his head. I’m just hoping that Hanley is well enough to mess with the Cards’ heads.

  83. Watford Dodger says:

    My prediction is that it’s gonna go off at some point tonight.

  84. Badger says:

    He will pitch inside. That is the book. He won’t need to miss by a foot that direction now. Hanley is hurt. There is no need to bust his knuckles. Just don’t miss over the middle of the plate. There is a 9″ square right over the heart of the plate that every pitcher is trained to avoid. Miss that and the Dodgers can be pitched to.

    The Cardinal pitchers have all put the ball where they want to. One got away. I doubt another one will.

    One game. THIS game.

  85. Watford Dodger says:

    Can Hanley really be that much better less than 24hrs after being unable to hit?
    We will know at his 1st at bat.

  86. Watford Dodger says:

    How did we get out of that 1st inning?
    Let’s take advantage now.

  87. Watford Dodger says:

    Badger – you called it. 1st pitch to Hanley up & in.
    When are we gonna make them dance?

  88. Quasimodo says:

    Well I’m gonna start with a count of one that this ump is a Cards fan. Hope he’s not.

  89. Roger Dodger says:

    I was in the car listening to the game — that pitch to Hanley . . . curve ball inside, with the crowd reaction.

    Are the Cardinals a dirty team? Using any advantage to win! Sorry Brooklyn, I think that pitch to Hanley that got him in the ribs was not meant to be close, but close and if it hits him there — knowing he he made of glass, might take him out. That is how some teams play.

    We should not speak to fast, because Greinke is like that . . . over challenging and gets in players faces with his words.

  90. Roger Dodger says:

    I hope I am wrong, but Ethie with that foot problem, seems to have lost his power or hitting strength. Hitting is not just arms, but even more in the hips, legs, feet and body thrust. As well as on the fat part of the bat.

    He has a bunch of Texas leaguers — but a bunch of fly outs. Maybe SVS should be in the outfield today.

  91. Watford Dodger says:

    Roger you are right about Ethier – no power. SVS should be out there.
    They did not hit Hanley by mistake in game 1.

  92. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    When I ask, is Crawford going to learn to lay off the breaking ball down and in?

  93. Badger says:

    $@&¥/ Crawford! Stop swinging at that pitch around your freakin ankles! You can’t hit it so lay off it!

  94. Badger says:

    I think Kemp catches that ball. Ethier’s speed is hampered by that ankle.
    And a good throw might have nailed Holliday. Injuries.

    Dammit. Greinke not sharp today. Whst a day to be off.

  95. Bobby says:

    An ace shuts the other team down the inning after his team gives him some runs.

    This guy twice blows the lead RIGHT away! Talk about a momentum killer.

  96. Jimbo says:

    A-GON hits one agone! Yeah that’s stupid.

  97. Badger says:

    You’re right Bobby. Greinke not sharp today. Hope he guts it out n

    Ramirez not right either. What a shame. The option is Punto. Not much of an option.

    Hope the AGon dinger lights them up.

  98. Watford Dodger says:

    Ethier looks terrible in the field & at the plate. Hanley’s struggling as well.
    Get SVS in for Ethier now.

  99. Bobby says:

    i really hope we can build a big lead so we can take Hanley and Andre out to rehab em.

    They’re trying, and props to them, but their injuries are limiting their play.

  100. jerry says:

    when i played ball if it was close where suppose to swing the bat at it…seem like the dodgers if it is close just watch,s it..dodgers take to many pitches..need to be agressive.

  101. Bobby says:

    I agree Jerry.

    Puig seems to have no sense of the zone right now. I hope we show him video of all the strikes he’s taking.

  102. Watford Dodger says:

    Need to take Hanley out now.

  103. Bobby says:

    once again, Wilson and Kenley just need to do their job now.

    Solid start by Greinke. Really picked it up the 2nd paft of the game, and God willing, if we can make it to a Game 7, he’ll be able to pitch in (no pun intended)

  104. Roger Dodger says:

    I just called Donnie and told him to give the guy off tomorrow. He said he would consider it.

  105. Roger Dodger says:

    Just what happened to Puig in the outfield their in the 9th inning?

  106. Watford Dodger says:

    This series is very alive now. All the pressure on them and they’ve got a history of chocking. Problem for us is what to do with Hanley & Ethier. Both not fit & not hitting but both better than What we’ve got on the bench. Still they will be not be looking forward to it.

  107. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, just saw the K of Hanley in that first AB. The Ump — really called him out because of what Hanley did early in the AB and just stood there, questioning his call.

    I hope the league talks to that ump, that is no way to ump with emotion that could have changed the series . . . he is to call them the way he sees them, not how he feels at the moment. My opinion . . .

  108. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    As far as I’m concerned the pressure is on both teams.

    Well, after 5 games one of the teams has to be down 2-3. I’ve got confidence in Kershaw, but the offense still has me concerned. I like the HRs, but I would also like to see us put some crooked numbers on the board with a barrage of hits.

    I was thinking the same thing Badger about Beltran’s hit. I thought too that Kemp might have made that play. I can’t say for sure that he would have, but I think he would have at least made it close. But what can you expect? Ethier is not only playing on a bad leg, but he’s also really not a center fielder. He does a serviceable job, but we really need someone else out there. But that’s something the Dodgers will have to think about over the winter and into next spring. Because even if he comes back healthy, I’m not sure that’s the best place for Kemp.

    But let’s forget about next year for now. We need to get that game on Friday, and make Saturday’s game an elimination game for both teams.

  109. Quasimodo says:

    What a fun game. The kind of fun that has legs to the pennant and beyond. CHEERS!


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