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Rant & Rave Saturday

  • “One assistant GM proposes that the Rays could trade David Price to the Dodgers for Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, Julio Urias and Chris Withrow, Peter Gammons writes. That would give the Rays two very good hitting prospects in Seager and Pederson, a very young arm in Urias, and a big-league reliever in Withrow. ranks Pederson and Seager the top two prospects in the Dodgers system, with Urias at No. 4.”  What a dope–fiend move.  In a word – NO!  …unless Longoria is part of the package.
  • Even if Don Mattingly wins the NLCS, he may be looking for another job.  The Dodgers wish his IQ was about 10-12 points higher.
  • Last night, Gordon was absolutely safe – MLB lags all other sports in replay and that really sucks!
  • I have a two questions about Donnie bringing in Paco:
    • Why bring him in?  His ERA in September is over 5.50 – he has pitched more innings than he has ever had to, and obviously has hit the wall (maybe mentally).  You don’t bring him in that kind of situation.
    • IF you bring him in, why on earth would you ask him to walk the first batter?  That is felony stupid!
  • Why not SVS against the LH’er?  Strike 3!
  • Hanley drove in all 3 runs last night, but EVERYONE else choked in the clutch!  Hanley is a beast!
  • Don’t bad mouth Puig – he got the Dodgers going in game 1 and is hitting .375 with a .444 OB% while OPS’ing 1.556.  He’s a rookie – what more can you ask of him?
  • Ask Carl Crawford why he isn’t hitting.
  • Someone has to step up with the bat.
  • It sounds like Ryu is concealing an injury!  Uh oh!
  • 2014 Fearless Predictions:
    • Cubs Manager – Joe Giaradi
    • Yankees Manager -  Don Mattingly (McCourt leftover)
    • Dodgers Manager – Not sure yet!
  • Greinke is no a co-ace.  He’s good, but we all know who the Ace is.
  • Look for Greinke to pinch hit.
  • The Dodgers are hitting .309 with a .368 OB% while the Braves are hitting .183 with a OB% 100 below the Dodgers.  Talk about lack of clutch hitting!!!!
  • Whoever wins game three will win the series.  Just get Clayton the ball in game 5!
  • The Dodgers should be leading this series 2-0.


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81 Responses to “Rant & Rave Saturday”

  1. Quasimodo says:

    Its just not very easy to call game #3 wins the series. If that were the case there’d be no use in a best 3 of 5. Won’t deny the odds favor the team that needs to win 1 of 2. I’m not aware of any team that hasn’t choked with odds in their favor. This has now just turned into a regular season series with one of our Aces spent. Cards and Pirates are almost in an identical situation. I like our chances but I’m not sans apprehension. I think all who post here feel exactly the same. Make it mandatory for Dodgers to watch the documentary of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey victory before they take the field tomorrow. And not the Disney movie! The documentary was dynamic.

  2. Gonzo says:

    Dee was out.
    Dodgers got the breaks but didn’t capitalize. It’s a team loss. I expect donnie to have Volquez warming up in the BP. I too believe that Ryu is hiding an injury and has to have a short leash.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Regarding the proposed trade, I think I said pretty much the same thing you did Mark at the end of the last thread (although I was a bit more verbose). I even threw up some red flags concerning David Price.

    I have to agree that there were some questionable moves last night, but I’m not certain that Mattingly will be gone win or lose. Lose, maybe yes. Win, probably not. But you could be right. It will really depend on who’s available. I know that Girardi’s family has some roots in Chicago, but isn’t he a favorite of Colletti’s? I believe he was considered before the Dodgers hired Torre.

    Mattingly had to know that the Braves would send up a righthanded pinch hitter when he brought Paco into the game. Which means he knew that the next hitter was going to have to be intentionally walked. Since there is no way that Jason Heyward was going to be pinch hit for, why not just have Withrow put the hitter on, and go to the lefthander to face Heyward. And actually, it wasn’t so much that Paco was fatigued either mentally or physically. I saw that hit coming when he fell behind 2-0, and felt forced the groove a fastball down the middle. Paco doesn’t throw hard enough to get away with that. Heyward was looking for it, and he hit it when he got it. And of course, Withrow’s stuff is good enough to have allowed him to face the lefthanded hitter. Although, if he had, and a hit resulted, we’d probably be talking about that one.

    And Gordon certainly did look safe, and the umpiring in that game for the most part sucked. Yes, it’s time for replay. Just because the technology didn’t exist at the dawn of baseball, doesn’t mean that it can’t be taken advantage of now. It’s a tool, and should be used.

    I think I mentioned the SVS thing in my post at the end of the last thread. I agree. With Ethier unable to play the field, I thought that SVS was on this team to do more than just pinch hit, or run. And I’m not even an SVS booster.

    I’m not going to ask Crawford why he isn’t hitting. The whole team isn’t hitting, save Hanley. And that’s why we miss Matt Kemp, and even Ethier. Those are the bats (especially Kemp) along with Agon, that need to produce for this team to score. This team has offensive holes, and we all know it.

    Agree about Puig. I had some stuff to say about him in my post at the end of the previous thread.

    I don’t think Greinke is ever considered an ace in the same light as Kershaw. Greinke is good, but he’s no Kershaw. And as for last night, he pitched well enough to win. Problem is, the way this team has been scoring, it takes more than just a good outing for a pitcher to win. It’s the reason why our primary ace only won 16 games in 2013.

    I guess Greinke could pinch hit, although he hasn’t been hitting all that well of late. It would depend on the circumstances.

    The odds say that the winner of game 3 will go on to win the series. But we all know that the odds don’t always tell the whole story. If we lose game 3, but manage to hold on and win game 4, the odds will swing back the other way, especially with Kershaw starting game 5. This is baseball. Anything can happen. In fact, Mark, I’m guessing that lots of people probably gave the Dodgers little chance after they lost the first two games of the World Series to the Yankees in 1981. Of course, history tells us that those Dodgers came back to win the next four (the first 3 of those by one run each).

    Finally, if the Braves hadn’t scored in the 7th, there is no guarantee that Hanley would have hit that 2-run shot in the 8th. The timeline would have changed, and the results may have been different. In any case, I’d have rather the Braves didn’t score, and take my chances that Hanley would have done something, even if it wasn’t a HR.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I’m not sure that picture shows that Dee is out. That little white thing showing in Simmons’ glove doesn’t appear to be the ball. The ball would be bigger. If that’s the case, then that tag is BEFORE the ball got to him. Not conclusive for me.

  5. Mark_Timmons says:

    From that angle, he looks out. The problem is HE DOESN’T HAVE THE DAMN BALL IN THE GLOVE THEN. Go back and look at the other angle. You are falling for the hidden ball trick. ;)

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Sorry Mark, but Puig sucks big time at the plate. He is not dangerous now. He is looking at pitches down the middle, swinging at bad ones and high ones. And he is being fooled time after time.

    Maybe he will break out of it — but what he did in June and July is gone — for now.

    Final 10 games of the season — hitting .129 with 3 RBIs.

    Oh, Dusty is now open and looking to manage. Former Dodger great.

  7. Badger says:

    Pretty sure I saw a bit of snow cone with the tag and that is why Simmons reached again. No reason to tag him twice…. unless….

    MLB needs replay. Period.

    Whoever wins game 3 is up 2 games to 1.

    I pitch to Reed Johnson. The guy hasn’t had a hit since July.

    If we don’t win I am fine with losing Mattingly. The Yankees want him? Trade him.

  8. Mark_Timmons says:


    He can\’t keep hitting .400+. He\’s not the problem. Everyone but him, Hanley and Gonzo are.

  9. Watford Dodger says:

    Well – after a day to reflect and a read of last night’s comments from Brooklyn, Badger, Jerry,and now Mark today I think i was right with my initial thoughts. That was a game that was there to be won – no doubt. I fear we may live to regret that one with Ryu & Ricky up next, neither of whom are in great form. 2 – 0 would have been very hard to lose from. The Braves are gonna come out swinging & Ryu is always vulnerable early. I am worried.
    We had them on the ropes after the 1st game win and especially when we went 1 up early. Mark is right – Grienke isn’t in the same league as Kershaw although he kept us in it. Our problem as Brooklyn has long argued is we are hopeless WRISP. We out hit them but ended up losing again. Then the pen – maybe that’s why Clayton was asked to throw 124 pitches. Donnie doesn’t trust them. He’d used the form throwers the night before.
    Mark is right about Crawford – what is he doing? Looks like a Rookie.
    Also right about SVS / Schumaker.
    Also right about people stepping up – starting with Ryu.
    Also – and this is hard to believe – I was listening to Cal Ripken’s commentary saying that the Dodgers were getting most of the close decisions from the umpires! Not sure what he was watching!
    Anyway – bottom line – not feeling so confident today.

  10. Badger says:

    Mark – where you getting your stats? Puig is 3 for 8 (3 singles) with 4 Ks. His OPS is just OVER .800. Not bad, but 1.556? Yoiks.

    I hear you W. That was a game that could have been won. But it wasn’t and we need to do it at home. Don’t know what Ripkin was talking about but the Dodgers weren’t getting calls. Home plate ump had one of the worst strike zones I have seen all year.

  11. Mark_Timmons says:


    You are right – I looked at the line above which is Hanley\’s. Yasiel is only at .819 – not bad for a rookie though.

  12. Badger says:

    Like the uni’s Pete. But I think Irish going down.

  13. Badger says:

    Good game. Notre Dame not in top 25? Fresno State is. Fresno State ranked higher than Notre Dame?

    Oregon does classy thing and takes knee on 1 yard line. LSU? Not so classy.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, you and I are watching two different Puig’s playing for the Dodgers.

    I am watching the guy who throws the ball from the outfield (like the other day) past second base, missing it altogether, where the SS had to zip a bit to get the ball before it went to the left field foul ground area. Missed his cut off man completely.

    And . . . a non-effective hitter for the past several weeks . . . I see a guy who in his last 10 games of the season hit .129. And some of his recent hits are weak singles or off someones hand and hit just beat the throw to first base.

    As Vin said back in June: “Folks, this game is not that easy.”

    Maybe Puig should go after more first pitches, but major league pitching is eating him up alive now. That is the Puig I see of late. But I guess you are watching another Puig.

    Then subtract: no Kemp, no Ethier, add Schu and Ellis and Ellis and Uribe and a weak hitting Crawford — and there is trouble in Hollywood city. AGon and Hanley cannot carry this team unless they each drive in two runs and Dodger pitching throws a shutout.

    • Badger says:

      Yep Roger, those are the same guys I see.

      It’s a different team without the .400 Puig. Vin is of course right. But Puig has the talent. He needs to adjust. Lay off pitches out of the strike zone and make strong, ACCURATE throws. Without Kemp and Ethier it makes his play that much more important.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And without Kemp and Ethier it makes his play that much more difficult. Would be nice to have those bats in the lineup protecting him, and perhaps removing some of the pressure he feels to drive in 5 runs every at bat. And yes, he will adjust. Question is, will it be now, or is it something we’ll see starting next season?

  16. Mark_Timmons says:

    Remember, I am the guy in favor of trading him, but he\’s not hurting the team as much as he is helping the team. The win in game one came from his ignition. Sure, I wish he would hit .500 like he did for a while, but he is over .300. If he was .150, that would be a problem.

  17. Pete M. says:

    Badger…I bet T.J. Jones and Devarus Daniels be loving those uni’s…Me, damn, help us all…Trying to be a midwest Boise!??!!?
    Alot of stuff on the table… Donnie needs to make one small move for 2014. Have Wallach at his left shoulder. We all know that’s not going to happen…If Donnie goes I’d have the aforementioned at the helm in a heartbeat…
    Even during the infamous streak…Hitting w/RISP and D was our achilles…D’s holding up…
    Darn, let Ryu throw at least a couple pitches…

  18. Badger says:

    Puig is pressing. You can see it in his body language when he fails.

    We are operating on 7 cylinders and the most talented athlete on the field is trying to do too much. It takes a while to learn how to let the game come to you. Relax, focus, manage the strike zone and calm down out there! The mistakes he makes are errors born of excitement. In a few years, or maybe even months, you will see him take more pitches and punish more mistakes.

    I really liked those uni’s Pete. And they played well in them. Who knows, maybe wearing them will move them past Fresno in the polls!

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Well said Badger. Just what I’ve been thinking, only less eloquently. And actually I think it will be both, years and months. I expect he will be a lot better next year, and that over time he will continue to make refinements as he gets more experience and matures. Until the injuries sabotaged him, that’s pretty much what we saw with Matt Kemp. And because Puig is coming from a stronger baseball background, maybe it will be a little faster for him. And given that both of his parents are engineers, I suspect he has the intelligence to absorb the lessons he’s learning. But he probably also has to gradually let go of some (not all) of the youthful enthusiasm that gets in the way of his brain.

    And I think what I said in my post above speaks to the pressing part. Assuming that the Dodgers put more protection in the lineup around him, and spread the burden to drive in runs, the less likely he will feel the pressure that brings on the pressing. Experience, maturity and a lightening of his load is what I think will bring out the best in Puig. The talent is unmistakable, but it’s just going to take some time before it fully manifests itself. Just look around at the stars in the game, and ask yourself how much time it actually took for them to fulfill their potential. This stuff just takes time, whether we like it or not. Step by step Puig will get there. How many steps? Not sure.

  20. Bobby says:

    Whatever happened on Thurs or Friday, you want to at least take 1 of the 1st 2 on the road in a playoff series. We did that, so I’m satisfied. Big picture, we got what we needed.

    Now time for the home crowd to get us thru today!

  21. Bobbie17 says:

    I think everyone is underestimating the value of Paco in this playoff. Fortunately, Wilson is around now. Mattingly seems like he still believes in Paco; that is a mistake. I love the guy, but he has hit a wall. I hope it is not terminal. Wilson should be the 1-2 with Howell. Withrow, maybe. Without Paco, the starters have to be better.

  22. Badger says:

    Well said Brooklyn.

    Donnie must not agree about Paco. Looks to me like his edge has dulled but I’m not in that dugout.

    I’m for keeping it simple – starter goes 7, set up guy gets 3 then the closer gets 3. Personally I believe you can over-think these matchup situations. You don’t walk Reed Johnson to get to ANYBODY let alone doing it to face Heyward. Keep it simple and trust in your best arms. In my world if you are going to use LOOGY, and I’m not sold on that idea, you know ahead of time who that is and exactly when you intend to do that and it is based on previous results. Sometimes a RH sinker ball pitcher is actually your best match up against a LH power hitter.

    Donnie is learning his craft, but with the Dodgers minus two of their best hitters (and the uncertainty with Puig) he just can’t afford to get it wrong from here on out.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I agree that leaving in Withrow against the lefthanded hitter wasn’t a bad option. But bringing in Paco could have worked, had he gotten ahead in the count. As I said previously, when Paco got behind 2-0 in the count Heyward was looking for the fastball, and he got it. If ahead in the count, that at bat could have turned out completely different. If Paco had gotten ahead 0-2, or even stayed even at 1-1, he would not have been forced to throw his fastball, and especially not down the middle. In a better count he could have thrown his slider, or even have gotten by with throwing a the fastball, especially if he was just trying to locate it rather than feeling forced to throw it for a strike.

    And maybe Howell would have been the better choice at that juncture, since he has previous playoff experience, and has been effective all year. And Badger is also correct. I’m guessing that Heyward hits lefthanders better than the righthanded hitting Reed Johnson. There was a time in his career, I believe, that Reed Johnson was murder against lefthanded pitching. But that’s probably not the case anymore.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually, it does appear that Reed Johnson still hits lefties pretty well.

    That being the case, the argument would be allow Withrow to face the lefthanded hitter, instead of bringing in Paco to intentionally walk a hitter before facing Heyward. Or, and this is second guessing, maybe Paco should have been brought in to intentionally walk Reed Johnson, and then been removed for Howell, since there is no way that Heyward was going to be hit for. Since the Dodgers are carrying 11 pitchers, I don’t think using the extra pitcher would have taxed the pen.

  25. Badger says:

    Johnson is hitting .244 and hasn’t had a hit since July 28th. I pitch to him. No seriously, I pitch to him cuz I think I could get him out!

    There were “baseball” reasons why Donnie did what he did. Obviously hindsight is always 20/20 but I thought at the time Heywsrd scares me a lot more than does Reed Johnson.

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Didn’t know that Reed Johnson had been out as long as he was. Didn’t appear in a game in August. Was out with Achilles Heel tendonitis. And when he came back he went 0-3 against lefthander Cliff Lee. Knowing that (and the Dodgers should have known it), I would definitely have pitched to him.

    Well, it’s over, so we should give that one a rest. Besides, if the Braves hadn’t scored there is no guarantee that events would have played out exactly as they did. We might have still lost. Or maybe there would have been a play on which one of our key players was hurt. You just never know. A change in just one play before Matt Kemp hurt his ankle, and he might be in our lineup today. No way to predict what would have happened in an alternate universe.

  27. Bball says:

    At my first playoff game of many. Hope they can pull this one out. Go get em boys

  28. Bobby says:

    Nervous time gents!!

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Encouraging beginning for Pedro Baez. Maybe now that he has a year under his belt it will come fast. Something besides Cory Seager to keep track of in the AFL. Just hope that Onelki Garcia is OK, because despite his rough beginning with the Dodgers, he has the stuff to be good if he finds the command.

  30. Bobby says:

    OK this doesn’t help my blood pressure

  31. what the heck says:

    dammit ryu

  32. Badger says:

    Weak a.b. by a Ellis. You have to at least move the runner over.

    • Roger Dodger says:

      But Vin told me many times on TV that Ellis was great a moving the runner over . . . so what happened . . .

  33. Badger says:

    Terrible start.

  34. Bobby says:

    Since the start of game 2, we are losing in the fundamental dept.

    They get another couple 2 out RBI, and we can’t even get a guy from 2nd with zero out home. Horrendous

  35. Badger says:

    Teheran with better stuff so far. First bad call (didn’t take long) goes against Dodgers.

  36. Roger Dodger says:

    Finally Puig gets good wood on the ball.

  37. Bobby says:

    Our vets with some pathetic at bats with nobody out.

    Bunt u idiots

  38. Bobby says:

    Thank you Carl

  39. Jimbo says:

    Ok Carl, I apologize. I was just thinking you would be the goat of this series with not coming through with 2 outs. Thanks for proving me wrong.

  40. Badger says:

    Ryu coming apart.

  41. Rob says:

    Should have been outta that inning with only giving up one run. Ryu looks like a true rookie.

  42. Mark_Timmons says:

    CARL CRAWFORD – my buddy. I always knew you could do it. I\’ve always been in your corner… even when you were fat!


    I\’m Lying!

    But happy!

  43. Bobby says:

    Cap HAS to give us 3 quality innings.

    come on buddy!

  44. Jimbo says:

    Can we all hold our breaths for 2 more innings?

  45. Jimbo says:

    Off-season plan

    1) Sign Kershaw to an extension.
    2) Sign Ramirez to an extension.
    3) Figure out the outfield.
    4) Relax

  46. Anonymous says:

    Hirschbeck is bush league. He called that just to show up Gonzalez.

  47. Roger Dodger says:

    How many pitchers will the Dodgers use tonight?

    6 run lead is still not enough . . . 12 more outs to get, and against this team, that might not be as easy as playing the Padres.

  48. Bobby says:

    Let Cappy go as long as he can

    That way everyone ready for tomorrow

  49. Jimbo says:

    Agree. Looks like he may have just done the same thing to Crawford.

  50. Badger says:

    He did.

  51. Bobby says:

    Can we save some of this offense for tomorrow please!

  52. Jason says:

    I am happy — but Paco cannot be trusted.
    What happened to him? He used to be lights out.

  53. Badger says:

    Note to Mattingly:

    Paco ain’t got it no more.

    I would have used Schumaker for the last out.

  54. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Well, at least Withrow and Wilson didn’t pitch. And I’m guessing that Howell should be OK for an inning.

    Best solution for tomorrow is to get a good game out of Nolasco, and hope we can beat up on Freddy Garcia. And keep in mind that even with all the pitchers the Dodgers used out of the pen tonight, so too did the Braves.

    Either the league has caught up with him, or Paco is out of gas. Either way, if the Dodgers manage to advance to the NLCS (and I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch) I wonder if he will be included on the roster. But since a 2-1 series lead can disappear in an instant, let’s beat the Braves tomorrow. I am confident, but beating the Braves is by no means a sure thing.

  55. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way Roger, Puig hit the ball hard tonight more than once. You just never know.

  56. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And finally, I’m guessing that Greinke is available out of the pen tomorrow. Maybe even Kershaw if the circumstances are right. And, of course, the Braves will have some of their starters available for the pen also.

  57. Bobby says:

    The post game guys on 570 (Kevin Kennedy and whoever else) are saying they would thru Kersh tomorrow and end it tomorrow.

    I’m not sure i agree. Thoughts?

    p.s. I will be at the stadium tomorrow. Anyone else?

  58. jerry says:

    we need to leave paco off the next round of the play off,s

  59. jerry says:

    i would use young at second instead of ellis ..ellis look bad at the plate.

  60. dpwtv says:

    Michael Young should not see one inning of the field in this entire post season. I’d switch The Ellises in the batting order. AJ second and Mellis 8th. Mark Ellis is an incredible defensive 2nd baseman.

  61. dpwtv says:

    Michael Young is a terrible defender

  62. dpwtv says:

    I’d start Punto at second before I start Michael Young

  63. Badger says:

    I would like to see Young get more if Ellis’ at bats but tv is right about Young’s defense. If we can score without him, we’re better off with Ellis in the game. Too bad we don’t have a real lead off hitter. That would solve the two hole problem we have.

    And I can imagine this lineup with a healthy Kemp replacing Schumaker.

  64. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Honeycutt apparently said that Kershaw would NOT be starting tonight. And I tend to agree, since Kershaw really is a huge part of this team’s future. Probably not worth the risk throwing Kershaw on short rest.,0,4687943.story?track=rss#axzz2h39XTYYk

    We have to hope that Nolasco has a good game in him, and that the offense can take apart Freddy Garcia. And if the circumstances call for it, both Greinke and Kershaw could probably add depth to the pen, although I would hope that wouldn’t be necessary.

    By no means is Mark Ellis the #2 hitter I would like. But I still think A.J. Ellis is best suited to hit 8th, and that’s where I prefer to keep him.

  65. Bobby says:

    If Andre or Kemp were healthy, I’d like Puig/Crawford/Hanley/Agone, etc.

    But since we need protection for Agone, Puig fits at 5 for now. Therefore, we need Ellis to at least get guys over and NOT strike out!!

    But whatever. He’s been bad offensively, and we’re up 2-1. Hopefully tonight he can help us clinch it. Crawford was bad in game 2, and rebounded game 3. Let Mark do it from 3 to 4

  66. Badger says:

    MEllis is due for a decent game. AJ may need a break. I’m sure his arm is plenty sore today. Young and Ethier give Freddie something to think about off the bench late.

    It’s my opinion that if Ramirez and Puig continue hitting, add the professionalism of Gonzalez and I think we have enough to win not only this series, but the next one as well.

  67. the truth hurts says:

    I agree Badger, that elbow of AJ is probably not feeling to hot this morning.

    You leave Kershaw for game 5, the Braves fear him even at their own park, the fans certainly did.

    This one is going to be on the offense, Freddy Garcia? Time for the vets to step up again and set Kershaw up for a game 1 NLCS.

    In a perfect world, this is whats going to happen!

    Tommy, Magic, Walter, Kasten, Patton, Boehly, Guber were all about 5 rows in front of me during game 1 of the series. Sitting with the crowd and going back and forth through concessions, except Tommy and Magic who stayed at their seats. I shook Walters hand leaning over the rows in front of me and thanked him while he smiled and pointed to the scoreboard when we were up late in the game. Everyone knew Tommy and Magic, but no one seemed to have a clue who everyone else was, it was pretty funny, even Dodger fans. Fans lined up between innings to try and get through the “ticket security” for pictures and autographs. I thought at one point I would try but decided not too. They were all standing (except Tommy, I think he was actually sleeping) and clapping for the final pitch of game 1, it was great. Andy Garcia (Oceans Twelve) actor made the trip with them and sat with them. Braves fans drink alot and do heckle but for the most part are pretty nice. I met Tony Jackson and spoke with him for a few minutes, very nice guy. It did not even cross my mind, but apparently the smart fans waited outside the press box to get a picture with Vin, something I can’t believe I didn’t do. Anyways, we all know the outcome of the games. Go blue!

  68. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Didn’t Ellis get hit on the left elbow. By no means is that good, but it’s better than being hit on his throwing arm. In any case, he’s going to feel it today. Does it keep him out of the lineup? Maybe. It can make a difference, but I also think that Fedex is capable of giving us a good game. At the very least he can give a good game behind the plate.

  69. Bobby says:

    Kershaw going tonight.

    Donnie going for the kill!

  70. Bball says:

    Just Hurd the same while watching Oakland Detroit game. Matt vascersion just mentioned it.

  71. Matt says:

    Wow….well I guess for ATL to win this series they need to beat Kershaw and Greinke. WOW.

  72. Badger says:


    Assume he will be on a pitch count. Pound the strike zone kid.


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