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Parting Shots

  • No longer junkyard dogs.  That title was taken by the Cards and Red Sox.
  • I told you months ago that Clayton Kershaw would get a contract around $300 million and most of you said I was crazy.  How do you like me now after this report from ESPN?

The Los Angeles Dodgers offered left-hander Clayton Kershaw essentially a lifetime contract in the range of $300 million — “an A-Rod deal” — earlier this season, according to a source with knowledge of its scope and structure.

The two sides were unable to finish negotiations, sources say, because Kershaw was initially uncertain about committing to a deal so encompassing, and about having contract talks during the season.

But the negotiations progressed enough that there is confidence among some with knowledge of the talks that a long-term deal — perhaps more conservative in length than the massive contract initially proposed by the Dodgers — will be concluded this winter, with a significant portion of money being devoted to a charity of Kershaw’s choosing.

  • I have also said that Yasiel Puig has more talent than I have ever seen in a player, but I would also trade him even up for Giancarlo Stanton.  My rationale is the Puig may very well implode (many overly talented players do) or he may go on to be a superstar, but this is a once-on-a-lifetime opportunity.  A deal like this won’t last.  The Marlins need a Cuban National to help draw fans and the Dodgers need a power bat.  As much as I love Puig’s potential, I would do that deal in a heartbeat.  The known for the unknown.  I also see Puig as an injury problem going forward.  I love him, but I would trade him even up for Stanton.  By the way – I have no problem with his enthusiasm and it is not lost on me that he was the Dodgers leading hitter during the playoffs, even if he tailed off in the Cardinal Series.  I see Puig as one wall away from a career-ending injury or a guy who might not stay on the “straight and narrow.”  I loved watching him and it’s a tough decision to trade him, which means that it probably won’t happen.  Remember this post three years from now…
  • I really can see the Dodgers trading Kemp and Ethier.  Ethier has a new-found attitude and might flourish in another system.   I love Matt Kemp, but I see injury issues the rest of his career.  It’s not just one thing:  it’s a shoulder, hamstring, ankle, etc.  If the Dodgers could get a 3B, 2B or starting pitcher and/or prospects, I would do that deal.
  • Crawford is untradable, but can be solid as a #2 hitter which is why I like Choo in CF and leadoff.  Ethier and Kemp would have to be traded to make room for Kershaw’s $300 million and Hanley’s extension as well as Choo’s contract.
  • Some of you ask why not sign Ricky Nolasco?  I’ll give you $50 million reasons why.  That’s the deal he will get.  The Dodgers have too many arms to do that.  Volquez is worth a one-year deal.  Billingsley and Beckett will be back at some point and Lee and Stripling are close.  Fife and Magill are organizational depth.
  • I don’t think Hanley is ready to give up shortstop yet (Happy Hanley = MVP), but if he were, I would consider moving him the opposite direction to 2B, not 3B.  He’s a worse 3B than a SS.  Then the Dodgers could go after a defensive  SS.  Ethier for Profar?
  • It would be great to get Brian Wilson back, but someone will give him $20+ million for 3 years which would not be a wise thing for the Dodgers.  The Dodgers have a lot of live arms in the minors.  Forget the retreads – go with the youngsters.  It worked for the Cards.
  • J.P. Howell will likely be gone too, unless he wants to take a little less to stay in LA.  It’s possible his best days are behind him now…
  • Uribe could be a 1-year player, but I think he would want more years.  Uribe was re-born under Big Mac and may produce  as well as 2013, but I can see Corey Seager coming on the scene in 2015.  He’s going to fly through the organization.
  • Punto and Schumaker could be back – I think they would keep the clubhouse loose.
  • What to do with Dee Gordon?  I would switch him to CF.  He has a good arm and the speed to cover it.  He’ll never be a shortstop.
  • Lots of questions, lots of directions to go.  It will be fun to watch.
  • Finally, Shane Victorino hit a Grand Slam to propel the Red Sox to the World Series.  The Sox dumped their payroll on the Dodgers and signed or traded for junkyard dogs like Shane, Mike Napoli, David Ross, Ryan Dempster, Jake Peavy, Jonny Gomes and Stephen Drew – superstars none!   The Dodgers payroll of $216 million got them close, but the Red Sox only spent $154 million and the Cardinal only spend a meager $116 million.  Buying superstars in not the way to win it all.  I have been saying that for years.  I loved the run, but I still feel a little shame in that the Dodgers outspent the Cardinals by $100 million and couldn’t beat them.  The solution is not to buy guys like Cano.  The solution is to grow your own… and don’t put it all on McCourt.  The new mangaement has also gutted the farm.  They are working hard to fix it, but outlandish spending is not the road map to success.  There’s merit in the suggestion that the Dodgers don’t have the right culture and coaches in their minor league system.images1
  • How about signing James McDonald (FA) and convert him to a reliever like I told you 5-years ago, Ned?
  • Congratulations to the Red Sox and Cardinals – They did it the right way.  I just don’t think you can cheat the baseball gods.
  • I do feel a little conflicted about tonight’s NFL football game.


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  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t think you do it all with money, but in this case the new owners took on a mess created by McCourt, and were forced to spend to get this team jump started again. And the result was a team that got to the NLCS, and probably would have won it in 4-5 games had it not been for a roster riddled with injuries. And those injuries were not the result of the spending.

    Sure we gave up some prospects to get Hanley, Agon, etc. But to my knowledge none of those prospects has yet distinguished themselves, and the Dodger farm system is in the process of re-building, the scouting staff has been doubled to my knowledge, and yes, we still have some prospects, including some good arms.

    In the long run, depending solely on buying high priced free agents is not the answer. In the short run, it’s probably still something the Dodgers need to do. And looking at attendance, I’m guessing that we’re going to see more of it for a while. A prospect or two may make it next year, but I think it will be a number of years before we see a steady pipeline of talent, and before we begin to see Dodger prospects ranked at or near the top of prospect lists.

    Trade Kemp? I’d do it if his contract could fully be extracted, and we get something of value in return. And yes, I am worried about whether or not his health will hold up. Really, just no way to know. And Ethier I’d trade in a heartbeat. He no longer packs the power he used to, and he’s not getting any younger. Of course, the question is how much of his contract would our trading partner take off of our hands. I’d trade him for a bag of balls if the Dodgers were relieved of his entire contract. But I’m not holding my breath on that one. Maybe something in between works.

    I’m inclined not to trade Puig for Stanton, because I really don’t know enough about Stanton’s health. I believe he’s had some injuries himself, but I don’t the know the extent of those injuries. He played in only 123 games last year, and 116 this year. So while Puig may run into a wall, Stanton may well have his own health issues. And looking at Stanton’s stats, I wonder if we’d be getting the guy who hit .249 this year or the one who hit .290 last year. Maybe getting out of Miami and being in a better lineup would help. And maybe not. But he will be only 24 next season ,so it’s a tough decision. But like I said, I’m inclined to sink or swim with Puig. And also, the fact that Puig comes from a family where both of his parents are engineers, leads me to believe that he has the intelligence to work through his problems. He will have this winter to reflect and all of spring training to calmly begin to work on the refinements. It could well be that next year we will see an enthusiastic Puig more in control of himself, and less likely to run into walls.

    I too like Choo given his .423 OBP, with good power and speed. But I doubt if the Dodgers would go after him (he won’t be cheap) unless they can trade two of their outfielders not named Puig.

    I could see Hanley moving to 2B, and I could also see him moving to 3B. Whether either of those things happen will depend on what the Dodgers do over the winter.

    We apparently agree on Nolasco. That’s an area where I think the Dodgers may seek to spend, if they make a run at Masahiro Tanaka. Depending on Lee and Stripling may be a bit of wishful thinking at this time, but you never know. I think they’ll both probably be on 40-man come this spring, so maybe they get a real shot. Or one of them could be a candidate for a mid-season call-up, much like Michael Wacha was with the Cards.

    I know that Brian Wilson likes it in LA, but I don’t know what he will command on the free agent market. But I do know that some of the bullpen will have to be re-built. Is Jose Dominguez ready to step into an important role? I no longer trust Belisario, so in my mind he has to be replaced. Maybe Withrow can do that. Maybe even Dominguez. You could be right about J.P. Howell, and we have to hope that Paco Rodriguez can recover from his late season meltdown. Anybody know what’s going on with Scott Elbert and whether or not he will be able to return successfully? He didn’t look good in his short trial, but Onelki Garcia appears to have the stuff. And perhaps our second round pick from this year, Tom Windle will suddenly step up. And don’t think that on the starting side that maybe our first round pick from this year, Chris Anderson, might also step up. From what I understand he would have been drafted a lot higher had he not been overworked during the college season.

    I would do Ethier for Profar, but with all the hype, I wonder how good Profar really is. I know he’s only 20, but to date he’s never hit .300, anywhere. Of course, there are some very successful big leaguers who didn’t do that either at a young age.

    If the Dodgers don’t go for Cano (I can see it happening and I can see it not), and don’t trade for another second baseman, and if Hanley doesn’t move to 2B, and the Dodgers sign Alexander Guererro, I can envision a platoon at 2B between Guerrero and Gordon. I agree with you that Gordon is not a shortstop. Just too many problems with the throws. However, the throws from 2B are a lot shorter, and from what I’ve read, Gordon has played well over there, if only briefly. Just sayin’. Who knows, maybe the Dodgers infield ends up looking like this: 1B = Agon, 2B = Guerrero/Gordon, SS = Profar, 3B = Hanley. Just don’t hold me to that.

    I don’t care if Uribe was re-born under Big Mac, I’m still wary of having him back. He’s a great defensive third baseman, but still leaves a lot to be desired with a bat in his hands. He still strikes out too much, doesn’t walk enough, steps in the bucket, and tries to pull way too many pitches, even though he has gotten better at going up the middle and to right. And on top of all that he’ll be 35 next year. Maybe the Dodgers could use him as a backup off the bench in 1-year contract. But who’s to say Uribe wouldn’t get a better offer elsewhere?

    And finally, although the Dodgers are likely to get something done with Kershaw for about $300 million, I’d be hesitant about signing Hanley. He showed a bit of a propensity for injuries this year, and who’s to say that we won’t see a repeat next year. Besides, maybe it’s best to have Hanley playing for a new contract. And as much as I love him as a player (when he’s healthy), who knows what else might be available to replace him after next year. I’m not comparing Ethier to Hanley, but it is true that the Dodgers made a mistake in extending him when it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Maybe the same argument could be made with respect to Hanley.

    Concerning Kershaw. I had pretty much the same thoughts that I heard were expressed by Pedro Martinez after the game the other night. I’m troubled at how hard Kershaw was worked this year, and hope that it doesn’t carry over and result in arm problems next spring. That would be the one caveat that worries me about a lucrative long term deal with Kershaw. And I thought about it during the game as well. The Dodgers have to be more careful about how they protect Kershaw’s golden arm. And that’s another reason why I believe this team needs to pump up its offense. The Dodgers need to score runs to take the pressure off of Kershaw and the rest of the pitching staff.

  2. Yo! Adrian says:

    Oh! Profar for Ethier? If that happens, I will praise Ned.
    Elvis Andrus or Ian Kinsler for Ethier can be more realistic.
    If I could have my way, I’d take Adrian Beltre for Ethier.

  3. el_che says:

    wow agree with everything you said except there’s no way in hell we get profar for ethier

  4. Badger says:

    Sorry to hear you are still embarrassed by the Dodgers Mark. I am also very surprised that a man with your alleged business acumen doesn’t understand the dollars and sense behind this move. The Dodgers make money. They make A LOT of money. The Dodgers are more valuable than the Red Sox and this business move did nothing to change that dynamic. And here’s another fact to which I think you should give serious consideration – the baseball squad that this management team put together could have swept through the playoffs if everyone had remained healthy. It all went perfectly for the Red Sox. Whoopdee do for them. We lost Ramirez, Greinke, Kemp, Ethier, Billingsley and Beckett. You put all those guys on the field for 162 + playoffs and I believe we bury everybody.

    I have no idea what the play for next year is. But first, Seager won’t be ready until he is at least 22. That’s three years off. He could quickly become an A prospect. If all those guys you mention leave for better contracts, ef ‘em, we’ll find players who want to be a part of this and will work their asses off to be successful. As for the current management team “gutting” the system, well, let’s just see if any they gave up actually do anything. What you don’t seem to realize is, we don’t have any A prospects in our system. Haven’t for some time. The best we got now is Zach Lee and he is a B prospect. The guys we gave up to Boston? None of them were anywhere near being a top prospect. I liked Eovaldi, but, we did ok in that deal, didn’t we? Who else is there? We kinda sucked the ruby begonia in our drafting and international signings for a few years there didn’t we. We have gone over that many times, and, we could go over it again if you would like.

    WE DID GREAT this year. I am thrilled the old Boston phukhead is outta here and we have new, smart, baseball people in place. The Dodgers are back. We will win the West again next year. I look forward to this off season.

    The Badger remains confident.

  5. Jae says:

    What you don’t seem to realize is that the Red Sox didn’t have many prospects either and they were more successful than the Dodgers on a lot less money.

    That’s a tired excuse that you keep using.

  6. Badger says:

    The money doesn’t matter. Are they making a profit? Hell yes! If they lost money by making the moves then the point is valid. But they are not! It’s all relative. The Dodgers are behind only the Yankees in net worth. And frankly it wouldn’t surprise me to see them pass the Yankees in the coming years. I don’t know why that is so difficult for some to understand.

    Ethier had a a 122 OPS+ and a 2.7 WAR. If we trade him it had better be for something equal.

    Oh, and go Colts.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, I wished I had written that piece. Sums up my thoughts perfectly.

    And, the Brooklyn remains confident.

    • Badger says:

      Outstanding. I know you get it. The Dodgers could possibly draw 4 million next year. That is freaking huge. With the new t.v. deal, they will be on solid foundation even with a $200+ million payroll. What matter is, are they putting b.i.s. and winning? The answer is a resounding YES! And I say again, if Kemp and Ramirez are 100% and on the field at the same time for those playoff games, we crush the Cardinals and would smoke the Red Sox in 6 games. I mean that.

      I just hope Kemp can return to form. I think Hanley, given a full winter to recover should be fine. Beckett should be good. Bills will be back by mid season. If Nolasco goes somewhere else, sign that Tanaka guy. And why won’t we still get Guerrero if we really want him? Where else would he rather go? LA is THE place! It’s all happening in Los Angeles. I LOVE LA!!!

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    The reason I said I would trade Ethier for a bag of balls if the other team took on his entire contract is because the money saved could be used to add additional talent. That to me is tantamount to getting talent in return. If a team wanted to trade for Ethier and have the Dodgers pick up a large piece of his contract, then I would insist upon something of equal value.

    • Badger says:

      I have no problem trading an outfielder. Ethier has had a steady run of 122 or better OPS+ and last year he had a 3.8 WAR. Those kind of steady numbers are extremely valuable. I would do Ethier for Profar, AND another prospect. Profar is JUST a prospect. Like you said, what kind of bat does he REALLY have? He hit .234 with a negative WAR this year! Come on man, Ethier is a Gold Glove All Star with a solid history and positive numbers across the board. You need more than just a prospect for that! Kinsler is another story. He is also over 30. The numbers are better for a straight up trade with him. I think I would do that, but would Texas? Maybe. And that would fill a need. He could lead off.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    This is also about more than money. Part of it (after the profits they made this season) is about re-establishing the Dodger name and bringing back some of the long-time Dodgers into the family.

    The TV contract is big bucks (I guess). The Puig jerseys must have made a million alone.

    No more sigining with hurting players. No more trades with hurting players. I believe some free agent will stand in line to be a Dodger.

    One thing that really interets me — is the quality of the bench / role players. No more Hairston, no more Schu, no more SVS — get me players who can play . . .

  10. Badger says:

    Great game.

    Does anybody care about the upcoming a World Series? I can’t really root for either team, especially after what happened to Ramirez. Screw them both.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger I agree with just about everything you said about Ethier. But the reality is that his contract depresses his value to another team. He’s coming off a not too great year, and ended it hurt. I’m not sure another team wants to invest the $70 million due to Ethier in the next 4 years, and give up quality prospects as well. In fact, his contract can get him an additional $15 million if he meets certain plate appearance criteria at the end of it. And Ethier isn’t getting any younger. He’ll be 32 next year, and 35 at the end of his contract (36 if he gets those plate appearances).

    I don’t say that the Dodgers shouldn’t explore getting something for him. But if they hit a wall in trying, I wouldn’t be opposed to them just saving the money and using it to get another player or players who could help the Dodgers just as much as Ethier, and maybe more.

    I seriously doubt if Texas would trade Profar for Ethier. Despite his less than stellar numbers, he is still just 20 years old. He probably still has plenty of upside. If I were the Dodgers and could make that deal, I’d do it in nanosecond.

  12. Pete M. says:

    Like some I had to take a little time to mourn and reflect…

    Spot on Badger & Brooklyn… Some great homework and thoughts by both.

    My wish list: Puig rest for a couple weeks and be escorted/trained by a trio of LAD MLB instructors in Winter Ball…

    Report early to Camelback (dont worry, he’s young and God knows energetic) and back to the basics…Bunting, sliding, OF work etc etc…

    The most intriguing name thrown out to me was FA OF Shoo. Damn do I like that guy, but he would screw up my OF completey.

    Maybe I just stick with Joc Pederson as my #4 OF who would seemingly get alot of inn’s…

    Parting shout out to Mark…Thanks for another great year of LAD Talk..

    P.S. Badger my Irish Def looked the best I’ve seen in a long while. Despite it’s woes, USC still has alot of athletic talent espe running and WR’s and we shut em dow for the last 3 qtrs…

    • Badger says:

      Yeah I watched that game Pete. It would not have been as close had Reese stayed in. USC has a way to go, and could use those extra scholarships. They don’t have the depth needed to play with the big boys. I still don’t understand that penalty. Way too harsh.

      Our outfield is kinda set isn’t it? Crawford, Kemp and Puig. With a 3 WAR guy, Ethier, as a fourth. To bring in Choo would mean some major changes. And – why wouldn’t the Reds re-sign him? Pederson isn’t ready. (I still say nobody down there is ready) We may see him late next year.

      I will remain a Puig believer for all the reasons I have already said, and I believe Brooklyn mentioned above. (good post by the way Brooklyn) Puig is young and tried to carry the club. The mistakes came from youth and effort to be the Willie Mays the club needed. I still say with Kemp in center, and Ramirez 100%, Puig won’t be inclined to think he has to do everything himself.

      Make no mistake about it. The Dodgers are the best club in the NL and will somehow get better. Just staying healthy gives them 5 more wins – AND BEATS THE FREAKIN CARDINALS!

      I had a lousy day yesterday. Went golfing and shot a 98. Golfing is supposed to be fun, but when you spend money and 5 hours to something like that – I don’t know, wasn’t all that fun. But, I live in Sedona. Golf in the Red Rocks. 75 degrees. I guess it wasn’t all that bad. Sore today.

  13. Pete M. says:

    Thats with no mulligans!!! Right???
    Good Lord, do I like Sedona… Not into the power of the pyramid thing, but the place is very serene…
    I have a feeling with a good ST Joc could stick as #4 OF… With Kemp and CC having days off he might getenough inn’s. to stick around. Joc is off to hot in Ven Winter Ball and thats a good sign…
    If I had to pick a darkhorse SP out of ST, it would be be Stripling.

    • Badger says:

      No mulligans. And actually it was a 97. I usually shoot at or under 92. Golf is just not my thing. In fact, I ask the guys I am playing with to make some damn noise when I am addressing the ball. I tell them I am used to playing in front of thousands of screaming fans and can’t focus in all that damn quiet. I feel like I am under a microscope like that. It’s funny, and they enjoy doing it, but it actually helps me. Of course, you know serious golfers, anal retentive types. I am out there to laugh and have fun. When I was playing with my softball buddies in California it was a riot every hole. These guys here? not so much……

      OK, about Pederson. Since he is only a AA player, and a decent one, wouldn’t you want him getting 4-5 PA’s every night? I would.

      Figuring each WAR point this year was worth 5.25 MM (goes up with inflation each year, will be over 6 by ’17, which many our contracts go to or past) Ethier earns his money each year. Hey, that ain’t me, that’s what the cybernuts say about the issue. Crawford, Kemp, and Gonzalez were all overpaid this year using that yardstick, but again, money is relative. What we NEED is wins above average at every position in the lineup. Did we get that this year? I don’t know, probably, but not much with Puntellismaker on the field. The big guys need to STAY ON THE FIELD, produce close to or over 5 and be there for the playoffs. We do that, and keep the pitching supply line fed, we WILL win.

      Having said that, do we really want a 3 WAR (Ethier) player on the bench? Or, do we trade that player for more better prospects (better be at least one A player in that trade) and go with Pederson, getting plenty of at bats resting our seemingly fragile multi-million dollar outfielders. I think it’s a legitimate question.

      Do we give Uribe (5 WAR 34 years old) another contract or did he play over his head in a contract year (I predicted he would) and we MAYBE think about a guy like Peralta (3.6 WAR, 32 in May). Both will cost about the same, and both are the bridge to Seager. I would like to give a one year contract for that position, but not knowing who is free agent in ’15, not sure about that yet.

      Second base. Again, why wouldn’t we get Guerrero if we decide we really want him? Where else would he rather go? His agent is the evil devil agent Bora$$, and you know he would LOVE to deal with the Dodgers. And, giving Cano what he wants is of course outrageous, but giving him 5 years with an option sounds fine to me. He won’t hit in the NL West what he hit in the small parks of the AL East, but he will hit. Yankees offered $23 million per for 7 years. I think that is more than enough, but of course Cano wants 10 years $300 mil:

      Cano will be 32 next year. That is scary to me. Who wants to pay a 39 year old $23 million. He could be finished at 36 for all we know. That’s another ARod albatross contract that I would avoid. Let him stay in Gnu Yourk. Get the Cuban kid, sign Uribe/Peralta and tee it up.

  14. Bobbie17 says:

    AJ Ellis said in his last news conference that it was fun being a Dodger again. He also said “the Dodgers need to be good.” The attitude this year should continue into the next. I will be very surprised if they start next year like they started this year. Health is the biggest obstacle, I think. Mainly, with Kemp. When he is healthy, he is one of the best around. So, get him–and keep him–healthy. Keeping the bullpen dominant is paramount. Paco is a big piece. I hope they figure out what happened to him. I would take on Wilson again, for the 8th inning only. Can Withrow start? Spring Training will be fun. I expect big crowds. Can’t wait. Give Kershaw the bank. He deserves it. Plus, he is a media/Dodger spokesman of the first order–the face of the team, I think. There are 5 openings for managers. I doubt if Mattingly will be a 6th.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually, Cano will be 31 tomorrow (Happy Birthday to him), which means he would start next season at 31 and hopefully (if a Dodger) end it with a World Series title at 32. He would actually start a seventh year at 37 and end it at 38.

    If the Dodgers could get Cano on a long term deal at closer to $200 million or less, he could pay for those extra years if he helps bring a championship to LA. However, he also comes with another cost, which is the loss of a first round pick. You can bet that the Yankees are going to make him a qualifying offer. It’s the Dodgers who have to determine whether or not to commit that money, especially since they may be in on the bidding for Tanaka, who won’t come cheap given a posting fee that could be at or above $60 million. Maybe the Dodgers have already decided whether or not they can afford both, or maybe just one. Or maybe they have something completely different in mind.

    Maybe Peralta is good for a one or two year fill-in at 3B. If he’s ever ready, Seager likely isn’t going to be in LA until 2016 at the earliest. And while he’s a good prospect, he’s by no means a slam dunk. And even if he is good, what makes anyone think that he’ll just come up and be a star from the get go. There could be growing pains.

    But I still have my doubts about Peralta, and I suspect that there are other alternatives, including Hanley.

    • Badger says:

      yeah, I guess you’re right. I checked Baseball Reference and it says he is 31. But, they are wrong. He is not 31. Still, do you want to pay a guy that much money, KNOWING his best years are way behind him? Not me. But again, if he can give us 5 WAR for 4 years, in that lineup it could mean a few championships. How much is a championship worth? Can he get a 5 WAR in the NL West? Frankly I have my doubts. This is the division bats come to die. Especially the older ones.

      Agree about Seager. We need the cover until he is ready. If we knew Uribe would do for the next two years what he just did, I re-sign him. But, it’s Uribe. I think it’s a risk. So is Peralta. Where are the alternatives? And I don’t yet consider Hanley one. If we had super star SS ready to step in, then maybe he could be convinced to move. I doubt he wants to go to the right side. As a former middle infielder I can tell you how a SS feels about that move. It’s the left side that sees the action. That is where ALL infielders really want to play if they like playing defense.

      What about Gordon?

      Dominguez. I think he makes the squad next year. What a pen we could have – if we get to choose.

      Starters? You can bet we will have them. This organization knows the value of starting pitching.

  16. Bobby says:

    Well we now know who our 2b is.

    Dodgers agree to a 4 year, 28mil deal with Alexander Guerrero

    • Badger says:

      Nice catch Bobby.

      So there you have it. Why not LA? Damn straight.

      • Badger says:

        Love this part of the announcement:

        “With Hanley Ramirez under contract next season and the team reportedly looking to sign him to an extension, it seems unlikely the Dodgers will pursue Robinson Cano as a free agent this winter. They could always play Hanley at third base, Guerrero at shortstop and Cano at second, but that’s a little far-fetched.”

        Yeah, far fetched. Would you pay to see that lineup? Yeah, me too. 4 million b.i.s.. New tv contract. Wow. The Dodgers are very interesting these days… don’t you think?

  17. Bobby says:

    Can’t wait till we start to hear/see more of this guy.

    Good gamble in my mind. We don’t have any stud 2b’s coming up anytime soon anyway.

    Now I wonder if we go hard for the Japanese starting pitcher? Keep our young, tradeable assets and still get young? I like the idea of that

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Yeah, Bobby, I like the idea of that also.

  19. Quasimodo says:

    The 1st Monday after getting KOed the ‘hot stove’ is in action. Ya gotta give action to get action. The slogan ‘wait till next year’ has more meaning now than it ever did. For me it kinda takes a little time to welcome new players as I’ve for the most part cheered for the ones exiting. Guerrero’s entering likely means Mark Ellis’ exit. So Mark, if you read this, I want to give thanks and wish you the best – you’ve made me a big fan. Mr. Timmons, I’m gonna guess that Guerrero’s signing is likely where the spending big reaches its cap for awhile and Dodgers concentrate more in the fashion to all of our liking’s. Unless some international unknown to us talent arrives on the scene. The Dodgers organization is in good hands and really have a grip on things. The ‘blockbuster’ deal served it purpose and the team has only small holes to fill. Already the off season is bringing excitement.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This is a scouting report from Ben Badler at Baseball America that was written in July.

    “After several strong seasons of offensive performance in Cuba’s top league, 26-year-old shortstop Alexander Guerrero is now a free agent in the Dominican Republic.

    Throughout the industry, Guerrero is not viewed as a premium talent, but it would not be a surprise if his contract ended up exceeding the scouting consensus on his talent level.


    In his final season in Cuba, Guerrero hit .290/.402/.576 with 21 home runs, 39 walks and 30 strikeouts in 328 plate appearances for Las Tunas. The Cuban league is a supercharged offensive environment, but he had strong numbers in Cuba for five straight seasons, so his performance wasn’t a one-year fluke.

    Scouts saw Guerrero at Haarlem Baseball Week in the Netherlands last summer, when Guerrero went 0-for-4 with a strikeout as he and Aledmys Diaz were the backups to slick-fielding shortstop Erisbel Arruebarruena. The Cubans seemed to value other shortstops like Diaz and Arruebarruena ahead of Guerrero when it came to selecting players to travel for international tournaments.

    Scouting Report

    At 5-foot-10, 200 pounds, Guerrero’s best tool is his righthanded power. It’s not outstanding raw power, but some scouts have given him above-average raw power and say his pop seems to have increased since he arrived in the Dominican Republic.

    Several scouts have reservations about whether that power will translate against major league pitching. Guerrero takes an uppercut stroke and he loses his balance against breaking pitches. It’s a pull-oriented, swing-for-the-fences approach that scouts think he will have to change to hit quality pitching. Scouts have also noted that the holes in his swing leave him susceptible to good velocity.

    “He has raw power, no doubt, but I don’t see there being enough hitting ability to make that raw power that usable,” one scout said. “It’s a real rigid swing with stiffness.”

    Guerrero didn’t show much speed when scouts evaluated him during international competition or with his stolen base totals in Serie Nacional. In four seasons from 2008-11, Guerrero went 0-for-7 stealing bases, then last year he went 2-for-7 stealing.

    Since arriving in the Dominican Republic, Guerrero has shown improved speed with above-average times in the 60-yard dash, which is highly unusual for a 26-year-old to start running faster. Even still, scouts aren’t convinced that his 60-yard times will carry over to baseball speed going home to first, stealing bases or in the field.

    One thing Guerrero has going for him is that some scouts think he can stay in the middle of the infield, although shortstop is probably out of the question. His hands and actions are playable but he doesn’t have the first-step quickness or range to play shortstop and he can be a bit stiff in the field. Second base could be an option for him and a team that likes him a lot will probably play him there.

    Future Projection

    Once Guerrero signs, he will likely go to Double-A or Triple-A, with the hope that he can get to the major leagues quickly. Several teams aren’t convinced he has the ability to either reach the majors or stick there as an everyday player, but whatever team signs him will probably see him as an offensive-oriented second baseman.

    While Yoenis Cespedes showed in his first season that the scouting hype was merited and Yasiel Puig has developed faster than anticipated, several scouts believe that Guerrero’s talent level is more in line with players like Leslie Anderson, Juan Carlos Linares, Jorge Padron and Adonis Garcia, four Cuban players who also performed well in Serie Nacional but have yet to reach the majors.”

    Not a glowing report, but you never know. Besides, he cost a mere $28-32 million. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Apparently the Dodgers have a favorable opinion.

  21. Bobby says:

    So the team is having it’s media session today. ESPN710 has been playing Donnie’s comments about his future (and his contract). has some of the audio/video. Donnie basically saying he doesn’t want to be a lame duck again next year, and hinting that after 3 years, they should know enough to either extend him, or let him go.

    Let’s see what happens!

  22. Badger says:

    Found this:

    Summation: Lots of uncertainty. Very good, strong body with solid athleticism and some fast-twitch ability. Has hitting ability and speed but will be tested against better pitching. Struggles with breaking balls and will always have strikeouts in his game. Potential .270-.280 hitter with 20+ home runs, plenty of doubles and 15 steals. Defense needs to catch up to the offensive ability. Potential 6 player but there’s a lot of risk involved. Some questions surfaced about effort and attitude but that’s yet to be completely born out.

    Relative Risk: High. Still a high degree of unknown including a lack of experience against upper-level competition.

    Future: Will play in the AFL and could be positioned to start 2013 at Double-A. Advanced pitching could be a challenge and he could take a year or two to adjust and truly be big league ready.”

    I wonder if Guerrero can play 3rd base? Guerrero, Ramirez, Cano and AGon as an infield?

    oh, the above report was from 2012 for Puig.

  23. dpwtv says:

    If Donnie leaves… I want Manny Acta…. here’s a good reason why

  24. jerry says:

    well donnie sure tolled the dodger either sign me or get rid of me.

  25. dpwtv says:

    I think Don Mattingly is going to walk away from managing the Dodgers. I don’t blame him for leaving. They’ve had three years, they know what he is. If they won’t extend him long term, he should walk away. I also don’t blame the Dodgers. While he’s great in the clubhouse, there are questionable in game issues in the management of the game. You don’t want to have to pay a person a long term contract, if u don’t think he’s the right person

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I wonder how Stan Kasten is going to take Mattingly’s comments today. From what I’ve read it appears that Mattingly would like a multi-year commitment. I wonder if he would take a one year offer, and if management (Kasten especially) are willing to offer anything more than that, if even that. I doubt if Mattingly being vested (which means he gets paid next year, no matter what) plays a role, since I’m sure his contract is just a rounding error to the Dodgers.

    Colletti indicated that a decision is forthcoming soon, so I guess we’ll know something shortly. I even wonder if a move regarding Mattingly could be coupled with one regarding Colletti himself. That’s kind of wild speculation, but it did cross my mind.

    dpwtv, I read that piece above on Manny Acta. Very informative. Seems like with him there would be a lot less bunting. And if there’s anything I hate, it’s too much bunting. I hate giving up that out. Which leave me to agree wholeheartedly with this thought expressed by Acta. “I’m not big on bunting guys from first to second. I don’t think it’s a secret, because the facts are out there. It’s been proven that a guy has a better chance of scoring from first with no outs than from second with one out.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Be very careful for what you ask for, see you Donnie Baseball, thanks a lot for the out. Happy Trails

  28. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Well this doesn’t sound good.

    I would guess any thought of trading Kemp just became a lot more difficult, or near impossible. It sounds as if the Dodgers will need to be prepared to open next season without Kemp. We probably won’t know anything for quite a while. And based on the quote below from the above linked article, it’s apparent we can’t trust anything coming from Dodgers management.

    “Oddly, general manager Ned Colletti said earlier Monday that he was not aware of any Dodgers player facing surgery.”

    So much for being upright with the public.

  29. Bobby says:

    Brooklyn, Kemp’s agent, Dave Steward, says Kemp is expected back by opening day. (We’ll see)

    In other news, our favorite trainer, Sue Falsone, will not be back next year. She and her apparent lack of stretch routines will have to go somewhere else for work.

  30. Gonzo says:

    Well this is a good beginning.

    Stan Conte, Magic and Kasten want to see you in the board room.

  31. Badger says:

    Buona sera Falzone.

    Obviously we are not trading Matt Kemp.

    Choo is sounding better. So does getting younger.

  32. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Also, according to Dylan Hernandez’s tweet, strength coach Stephen Downey will also not be returning. Is Donnie next to go in the purge? Colletti?

    I’ll take anything Dave Stewart says with a grain of salt. But maybe he doesn’t have any reason to hide anything given that Kemp is going to be paid no matter what for the next billion years. Actually, I’m guessing that no one really knows when he’ll return. I’m guessing that they will have to monitor his recovery and workout/rehab progress before they know anything definitive. Right now they have three healthy outfielders (assuming Ethier gets healthy by next spring) in Crawford, Ethier, Puig. Unless Ethier is traded, signing Choo might make things awful complicated. Could depend on how the Dodgers think Pederson is progressing this winter. I suspect he may still need some time on the farm, but really, you never know. Maybe a light is about to go on.

  33. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Joc Pederson has 14 BB in 26 AB. Either the pitchers in Venezuela don’t have any control or he’s becoming extremely disciplined.

  34. Quasimodo says:

    I find it more than simply amazing that I’m more qualified at assessing Kemps ankle injury than all the trainers, doctors and whoever else connected to the Dodgers by watching MSTI’s continuous over and over feed of it. I was astounded that very few of us could agree to the apparent extent. So now they’ve pussyfooted around with his condition and didn’t address his needs timely enough to get our $160 million CF to make camp next spring. And its not likely waiting this long benefits his return better than earlier. I guess his bones needed to be sticking out to see he was hurt. Geez!

  35. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s also possible that they had to wait for some of the swelling to go down in that weight bearing bone before doing any surgery. But I understand the point. Perhaps an earlier MRI would have revealed the full extent of the injury, or at least given them pause in allowing Kemp to play at all after the injury. I’m not a doctor, and I don’t have access to all of his medical info. These things are not always what they seem to be on the surface, so I’m not ready to point any fingers.

    What I am happy about is that the Dodgers are addressing the training staff, since the epidemic of hamstring pulls was disturbing. I don’t blame the medical staff for Hanley’s injuries (except the hamstring), or even for Kemp’s non-hamstring injuries, or Ethier’s late season ankle injury. Those were the result of traumatic events which had nothing to do with conditioning.

    Hopefully the Dodgers will institute a system-wide training regimen that will put an end to all these muscle pulls (although some are probably inevitable no matter what you do), and other conditioning related injuries. Here’s for an injury free 2014.

  36. Brooklyn Dodger says:,0,2548668.story#axzz2iBOqQwrT

    This from the above linked Dylan Hernandez article.

    “Kemp’s talus bone is still healing. Kemp is expected to undergo another MRI exam in a couple of months to determine if more surgery is necessary.”

    I’m glad Dave Stewart thinks Kemp will be ready on opening day. I’ll just wait and see.

  37. Badger says:

    “I find it more than simply amazing that I’m more qualified at assessing Kemp’s ankle injury than all the trainers, doctors and whoever else connected to the Dodger” – Quas

    I’m with you on that one Quas. As soon as I saw it I knew the same thing you did. “Ankles aren’t supposed to bend that way”. When the word was released, whatever b.s. they said about being back soon, I said to myself, “they are either lying or they are stupid”. It became clear over the weeks that followed they are really stupid liars.

    I believe with the technology that exists in sports medicine, Kemp can come back from these injuries to play baseball. We have seen what they are able to do for football players, why in the world wouldn’t the proper medical procedures allow a guy to play baseball? It’s a non contact sport. Fix the problem, rehab the hell out of it, and get your ass back on the field. Could it be motivation to get back ain’t all that because, like Brooklyn mentioned, the man is going to be paid a lot of freakin’ spondulix for a while ($57,534.25 every day of the week for the next 6 years). Who knows, maybe that’s enough for him to live on. Knowing these guys, he will likely spend it all and be broke by 2020, but, hey, maybe he can take up acting.

    Personally, knowing that contract is probably insured, I wouldn’t count on him and I would make a move on Choo. Crawford, Choo and Puig. As I have stated, Ethier and his consistent 122 OPS+ can be moved. Do it. Put Choo in the lead off spot, bat Crawford second, Ramirez third, Gonzalez fourth, Puig, Guerrero, Uribe, Ellis… whatever. Sign more pitching than there is room for, then sign some more because you know what happens to arms, sell 40,000 season tickets, or have bobblehead/crystal Kemp doll nights every now and then to fill the place up and let’s tee up again in a few months.

  38. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, I know you said “whatever” at the end of your lineup, so I’m sure there’s some flexibility in your thinking. The order looks pretty good (although we really don’t know yet where Guerrero belongs), and I’m hopeful you just put Uribe in there because there are no other candidates at this time. So if Kemp is not back, I have no problems with that lineup as long as its sans Uribe.

    Regarding Mattingly. My guess is that his aggressive move yesterday earns the respect of Kasten and company and he’s rehired to a multi-year deal, or it raises Kasten’s ire, and Mattingly is history. And the decision could also hinge on what had already been decided before yesterday’s press conference. I didn’t like some of the moves Mattingly made at the end of the season, and even during it, but there’s also a lot to like. So whatever happens, I will probably be OK with it. And we should know something soon. And still, my major focus now is on the player moves that will be made this offseason.

    And Badger, I’m with you on the arms, although I don’t think it all has to come from signings. There are still some good arms in this organization, and we should get a boost next season with the return of Beckett, and Billingsley (mid-season). Still, I’m hopeful that if the Dodgers do anything this winter, that they will make a big play for Tanaka. 24-0 with a 1.27 ERA is impressive, even if it was in Japan. Throw in the fact that he’s only 24 years old, and I want the Dodgers to be in on this one.

  39. Badger says:

    Hey I am all in on signing Tanaka. Can we sign everybody? Maybe. I know the Yankees are interested as are the Rangers. I would imagine Boston will be in it too. How much will the Kershaw extension influence what the Dodgers throw at other pitchers? I have no idea. But you can bet our interest will drive the price WAY up.

    I said Uribe because I have no idea, other than Peralta, where the Dodgers might be looking to get that position covered for three years. I don’t know what they are thinking, and other than the signing of Guerrero, which as you know made perfect sense to me, it’s hard to know what Colletti and Co. are planning. I know they must be as frustrated as all of us (except maybe Mark) who know we had the team to win it all THIS year only to be de-railed by some freak plays. We lost the first two games of that Cardinal series by a total of 2 runs. You think maybe Kemp, Ramirez and Ethier together could have influenced that? Duh.

    So now what? Looks like the signing of Guerrero tells me they want some more thunder in that lineup. Hallelujah. And with the uncertainty of Kemp, why wait? Sing Choo. Send the message to Kemp we are moving on dude. You want in on this? Get your ass back on the field. We own him until we don’t. That contract is insured. Take the insurance money and spend it on a center fielder. Makes sense to me.

    Peruse that for some potential mid season trades.

  40. Jimbo says:

    Trey Hillman is out. Can’t say I’m surprised. After the ‘interesting’ press conference yesterday I wonder if this is a play to get Mattingly to quite or if they want him to have a better bench coach. Would they make Wallach the bench coach? I can’t think of anybody off hand that jumps out to me as a gotta have him. I know Mark mentioned Jody Reed earlier this year but I think that was in the case of Mattingly being fired in June.

  41. Badger says:

    If you haven’t yet, check out the comments on the Dodgers over there —>

    Many think we will have a new manager next year. I am fine with it if that’s the move.

  42. Bobby says:

    If Donnie is let go, trade a prospect for mike scioscia?

    Just wondering

  43. Badger says:

    Sign and trade / for Girardi.

  44. Quasimodo says:

    Even though the Dodgers failed the league championship, they’re still bigger news either teams that made it to the World Series. If Mattingly has managed his last game for the Dodgers I’ll expect more news coming of the sins behind the scenes. Those who are disgruntled seldom keep quiet.

  45. Badger says:

    I’m disgruntled and I keep qui……


    Seems to me the writing is on the wall here. This has all the appearances of a divorce in waiting.

  46. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I recall that in a post, I don’t know how many threads back, that I questioned what Mattingly’s coaches were telling him when he made some of those questionable decisions during the NLCS. Well, apparently Kasten and company noticed, hence the firing of Hillman. Does that mean Donnie is gone? Maybe. But as suggested in Gurnick’s article on the Dodger website, “Removing Hillman could be a sign of a compromise between ownership, which has reportedly been unhappy with Mattingly’s game management, and Mattingly, who indicated he would return as manager only with assurances from the club that he was wanted.”

    They also dismissed an advance scout, Wade Taylor, who was reportedly close to Mattingly. I guess we could read a lot into this stuff, but I’ll skip that temptation. Right now I think anything is possible. I don’t think Donnie is necessarily going to be fired, nor do I think he will necessarily stay on. Too many unknowns, especially with respect to the dynamics between all of the parties involved. And while Wallach may seem the logical choice to be Donnie’s new bench coach, just remember that he may also be considered for some of the several open managerial positions, which might ultimately also include the Dodgers.

    It’s fun being a Dodger fan.

  47. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mike Petriello characterization of the latest doings in Dodgerland probably hit it on the head. It’s a circus. And he’s probably right that they shouldn’t let this drag on any longer. But I also believe that once the World Series starts tomorrow MLB imposes a news blackout on all 30 teams, which means they can’t make any significant announcements until after the Series.

  48. Badger says:


    And the Dodgers surely could announce they plan on keeping Mattingly. Feels to me Kasten ain’t happy with Donnie. But, who knows.

    Yeah, it is fun being a Dodger fan.

    Anybody read the live feed with Adams?

  49. Quasimodo says:

    Mattingly may have been instrumental in swaying Coletti to sign players who performed less that satisfactory. League comes to mind on that one as Mattingly stayed overconfident in League too many times before excepting wasn’t cutting the mustard. We’ve read Donnie had a voice in McQwire being hired. I don’t know where Dodgers F/O rate BigMack as a hitting coach, but I expected better results than we were shown. Idontknow, I get everything from here in my kitchen or from my living room couch.

  50. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And Cory Seager’s struggles continue. Down to .172 in AFL.

    It’s early. One hot streak could change those numbers in a hurry. But they are also a testament to the fact that this game ain’t easy. Looks like Seager has some work to do to match performance with hype. He may turn out just fine, but it’s likely to take some time. Any thought that he might be playing in LA in 2015 (other than a September callup) is a bit premature. My bet is that he begins 2014 at Rancho, and only finds his way to Chattanooga if he puts together some good numbers at Rancho. I wouldn’t expect him in LA until 2016 at the earliest, if even then.

    If we pick up somebody like Peralta to keep 3B warm for a Dodger prospect in 2-3 years, it could be that that prospect will be a player other than Seager whose name we don’t even know yet. Maybe one of the international signings.

  51. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The above from TBLA. Seems that the Dodgers will be retaining the entire coaching staff, except for Trey Hillman. If I’m correct about the World Series news blackout, I’m guessing a decision on Mattingly won’t be announced until after the World Series. And I’m sure the Dodgers want to get this thing settled quickly since free agency begins the day after the Series ends, not two weeks after like it used to be.

  52. Michael says:

    My gut feeling is that we pick up M.Ellis option since it is speculated that the new kid on the block is going to start out in the minors [chump change] for the high heeled boys.
    I also think Stan is irate at Donnie foot in the mouth. Stan is going to let him choke himself. No extension coming and if Donnie wants to quit, so be it.

    P.S. How come Tony LaRussas’ name keeps popping up? Preseason and in the last couple of days???

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