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OK people, think up!

  • How anyone can argue that Saturday Night’s obstruction call was wrong is lost on me.  I guess I haven’t considered “delusional” as a reason.  OK, I’ll let you argue it was a bad call if you want to admit you are delusional.  If not, shut up!  You got beat fair and square… although I have never seen such an ending.  WOW!
  • Baseball is in trouble and I don’t care what the numbers say.  You have to have vision, not myopia!  The average age of the audience watching baseball the post-season is almost 55 years old.  We’ve got a bunch of “Old Guys” on this board who are extremely knowledgeable:  Me, Badger, Roger Dodger, Roger Craig, Quas, Bobby, Michael, Idaho Al and Brooklyn Dodger (I’ve probably left someone off, but I don’t know how old you all are).   The younger generation has little interest in the sport.  As the baby boomers die off, baseball is going to have to change or die.  Replay, lazser balls and strikes, time between pitches and other things will liven up the game.  I’m for it and I’m not dead yet!
  • Someone brought up the idea of playing Puig at 3B.  I like it – I like it a lot.  Hell, he doesn’t know how to play RF, so what’s the difference if he doesn’t know how to play 3B?  He’s closer to the manager – more control can be exerted upon him – he has the arm and reflexes – he’s young.  I’d move him to 3B in  a heartbeat!  Matt Carpenter never played 2B until this years and the Cards are in the Series.  If Puig can’t learn 3B, he’s not a player.
  • I love Adrian Beltre, but it’s too late.  I hate Paul DePodesta!  The punk…
  • I would trade Zach Lee, Joc Pederson, Chris Reed and Chris Anderson for David Price.  Take it or leave it!
  • In light of what I have said, how about this lineup:
  1. Crawford  LF
  2. Ramirez  SS
  3. Puig  3B
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Kemp  CF
  6. Ethier  RF
  7. Guerrero  2B
  8. Ellis  C



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Agree it was a correct call last night. It sucks that a World Series game ends that way, but whatever. It was a good call, so let espn and it’s boston red sox nation suck it.

    Thanks for the love; I’m a young 42 as of last week. Still feel a 24 year old though.

    But I do agree; the younger kids aren’t in love with the sport like we were, for whateve reason. Ratings for crappy nfl games are way higher than a World Series. For the good of the game, we needed to be in this series vs. the Sox. Oh well.

    As far as Puig, I really don’t trust he can learn the position that quickly, because I don’t think anyone can learn 3b that quickly!! It’s hard enough going from SS to 3b, I don’t imagine any right fielder can do it. Matt Carpenter was a 3b; much easier move to 2b for him.

    HOWEVER, IF Puig could do it, it’d be amazing and great for the team. Wonder if it’s even being discussed.

  2. Michael says:

    61 and counting and thank you very much for including me in your list.
    It pains me very much when I go to the park for a walk that kids are playing soccer, hoops and some game that I don’t even know what it is. When I was a kid we played baseball from sun up until sundown. Heaven help us.

    P.S. Bill Russell, Jerry et. al.

  3. Badger says:

    Amen brother Mark!

    Solid post.

    Puig was spotted at Camelback on a back field taking grounders at third. Word is, 100 a day all winter.

    I made that up. But I kinda wish it were true. He is a terrific athlete. He could be Beltre II.

    The Price is right. Why not? We probably won’t use those guys.

    One small adjustment:

    Gonzalez in front of Kemp? I wonder how many times that might clog the bases? You think Kemp is no longer a 30/30 guy?

  4. Michael says:


  5. Gonzo says:

    I’m in my mid thirties and it seems that the area that I live in my generation was the last to take baseball seriously. Leagues have died off and my city struggles to fill in teams. I’m doing my part and began to coach my daughters teeball team. My guess is that soccer and basketball don’t really need specialized equipment but a ball to play;whereas baseball needs cleats, gloves and bats that are crazy expensive.MLB needs to do a better job donating equipment to local communities or baseball will become a sport like golf where the ones with good resources are the ones that can afford to play.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I think its very possible that Puig could learn to play 3B, and ultimately become very good over there. But he’s not going to do it in one spring training. It would require a lot of offseason work, and probably some time in games in the winter ball. The comparison with Matt Carpenter is not apt. Although playing 2B is different than playing 3B, they do have one thing in common. They’re both in the infield. That’s a lot different than a player making the transition from the outfield to the infield at 3B.

    Playing well at a position like 3B requires lots of repetition. And although Puig has a strong arm, the throws are a lot different. As much as I would like to get rid of Uribe, he was still a great asset on defense this past year, and certainly should have reinforced in us how important defense is at 3B. Just imagine Puig having to come in on slow hit ground balls and bunts, and try to imagine him diving to cut off balls in the 5-6 hole and those hit down the line. I have no doubt he could master those skills in time, but not before giving us a bunch of headaches. If we were frustrated watching him miss the cut-off man, it’s nothing compared what would happen early on at 3B. I don’t think having Puig learn 3B at the big league level, where he would be in the spotlight, is a very good idea.

    And finally. He’s an extremely talented outfielder who will likely be a lot better in 2014. Why would we want to replace that? And don’t think the pitching staff would be very happy with the change. The Dodgers should just develop their own third baseman, move Hanley over there, or just go out and acquire one. Fortunately, I don’t think the Dodgers are even thinking about making such a move. If they were, it would begin in winter ball this year.

    I don’t think I would send that package to Tampa Bay for Price. I’d rather take my chances by signing Tanaka, and hold onto the talent for the Dodgers, or use all or some of it in another deal to plug another hole. Besides, I recall seeing some stats on Price a while back that gave me pause. For instance, I believe his strikeouts per 9 have begun to decline, a possible indication that there might be some wear on that arm.

    If the Dodgers manage to sign Tanaka, then the rotation sets up as Kershaw, Greinke, Tanaka, Ryu. The fifth starter could be among those names you mentioned in the trade, or maybe Beckett/Billingsley. And remember, Beckett was not out in 2013 due to arm trouble. At 34 next year, he may still have a lot to offer. And Billingsley adds further insurance when he returns, probably around July.

    I can’t speak about the future of baseball, and I’m not sure exactly what it will take to liven it up for the younger generation. Maybe some of your suggestions would work, and maybe the NL will eventually adopt the DH (which I don’t like, but could live with) to add a little offense, and eliminate the need for fans having to watch the pitcher helplessly strike out or bunt. Somehow, with all the money that there is in the game, there is incentive to get imaginative.

    And of course football is not without its problems, especially given the debate on its long term effects on the brains of its participants.

  7. jerry says:

    bills way over rated

  8. Bball says:

    Mark. All I got is I’m 26 and absolutely in love with baseball. But I do agree that baseball is in trouble. Everyone and I mean everyone around me, work, friends etc etc just wanna talk about football. Personally can’t stand it. But what can I do. All I can say is I’m here till the end. I love the dodgers and it’ll never change. Just wish I could express my thoughts like everyone on this site. I swear every time badger writes I’m saying to myself I was thinking the same thing. Just not smart enough to put it in sentences. That being said I love this game and I’m trying to make sure my kids do as well.
    P. s. my daughter already can’t wait for the dodgers next season. That’s what I’m talking about

  9. Badger says:

    I can think of one reason we would want to replace an outfielder. Choo. Here’s another – Pederson. Outfielders are easy to replace, third baseman, not so much. I don’t think the Dodgers are planning to do that, but I DO like the idea. I went from lf to SS to 3b and was actually looked at for a minor league position at 2b. It can be done. Athletes can do it, and the league is filled with players who have switched positions. Personally, I think Puig would be an outstanding 3b and would probably love the position.

    I can’t speak about the future of baseball but all the markers mentioned do make sense. I remember when I was at Chico State we had a championship soccer team, brought the school some notoriety, and I learned in one of my classes that the school could suit up and supply an entire soccer team for what it costs to suit up one football player. That’s huge. Like many colleges, Chico no longer has a football program. Is baseball next?

  10. Gonzo says:

    Once bills comes back I hope the Dodgers brass have one word in their minds, SHOWCASE! Bills will not finish his contract with the Dodgers.

    The Dodgers better get Tanaka, this kid is the real deal. His wind up reminds me of Hiroki and this kid is seasoned. Let Beckett, Stripling and Lee fight for the #5 hole.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I too, prefer Tanaka over Price.

    of course, I’ve seen Price dominate in the AL East, and never heard of Tanaka until a couple months ago. But if the hype is true, he’s younger than price, he’ll eventually wind up costing a lot less than Price (both monetarily and in terms of prospects), and he’s a right hander, so he slots for now after Kersh, Greinke, and Ryu.

    Another good game here; hopefully StL loses; I don’t like anything Boston (stems from being a Laker fan all these years).

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and I agree with Bball: Badger and Brooklyn know how to write very well. Even if you disagree, you have to agree with their logic and respect their posts.

  13. Bobby says:

    The last 2 posts were me; not sure how my name deleted from the “name” field

  14. Badger says:

    Happens to me when I use my smart phone. Not so smart a phone really. Don’t even know it’s me.

    Appreciate the compliments gentlemen. I like the way Brooklyn writes too. But I think everyone here makes their point well. We won’t always agree, but we do stimulate the gray cells. What’s left of them in my case.

    Dammit Gomes. Petaluma boy. That’s where I met my mrs and where we lived a few years before moving here. I don’t remember Gomes. With only 56,000 people there, you think I might know him. Maybe not.

    Aaron Rogers. Chico boy. He went to the same high school at which I did my student teaching. Of course he was a minnow when I was there. Maybe he knows me. I’m a legend in Chico. No wait. That wasn’t me. My son met him at a celebrity basketball game. My son wasn’t the celebrity but he guarded Rogers. Scored at will on him. That’s his story anyway.

    I prefer Tanaka too. But the bidding will likely be furious. And I don’t know how highly our prospects are valued. I suspect not very, which is why it might take all of them.

  15. Badger says:

    Man I’m old. I was a student teacher in ’79. Rogers wasn’t born til ’83. I dated his mother. Ok, I didn’t really date her but I knew. She was a student in my class……..

    did I tell you I lived in Petaluma?

    I’m losing it.

    Come on Cards. Make this interesting.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Bball, you put it perfectly. And when you have an idea, don’t hesitate to express it here. The more you write the better you’ll get at it. Probably will end up surprising yourself at how well you can write. You’re probably a lot smarter than you think. Besides, this is a friendly place, so when you don’t get it just right, no one here will bother you. And like I said, the more you do it, the better you’ll get. And as we all know, making mistakes is the best teacher. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Badger, you’re definitely right that good outfielders are easier to find than good third baseman. And I’m pretty certain that Puig could learn to play 3B very well, might even become the next Beltre. But it wouldn’t be pretty in the beginning, and it would probably take a couple of years at least before he really got fully comfortable and developed the specific reflexes needed to play the position without having to think. This organization has the resources to find a third baseman, and as everyone knows, I think we already have that person, namely Hanley. As it is, Hanley leaves something to be desired at short, and given his health problems, a switch to the less demanding 3B would probably be good for him. And while outfielders may be easier to find, you really don’t find too many with Puig’s toolset. Once he gets his throws under control, his arm is a game changing weapon in right field. It’s not just the runners that he guns out, it’s all the others that never bother to even attempt to take an extra base on him.

    And with all that I just said, there’s one more thing. Puig has enough to work on over the winter and next spring. I don’t think he needs anything else occupying his mind. The kid needs to focus on being a more selective and disciplined hitter, and on his outfield defense. No sense in muddling his mind with 3B. If he becomes established over the next couple of years, and the Dodgers then want him to give 3B a try, then fine. But at least for now, let’ not give the kid too large a plate.

  17. Badger says:

    I agree with all that Brooklyn. I seriously doubt the Dodgers are considering that. But it IS interesting to talk about it.

    I think John Jay may be playing himself off this Cardinal team. Going back a few years his post season stats suck. They have Wong ready to step in at second. Think they would do Carpenter for Ethier?

  18. Badger says:

    Maybe they would do Ethier for Wong.

    I’m goin to bed.

  19. Bobby says:

    At least now Punto no longer owns the bonehead play of the playoffs.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m goin’ to bed also. Of course, over here it’s 12:50 am.

    No way they do Ethier for Wong. Their #1 prospect is Oscar Taveras, who is considered a very hot outfield commodity. He’s the guy that will likely step into Beltran’s shoes, assuming the latter is signed by another team this winter. Besides, why did we sign Guerrero? I don’t think it was to play short or 3B. The Cards are probably thinking about plugging Wong in at 2B, and moving Carpenter back to 3B, which would make David Freese a trade candidate (and no, I don’t want Freese to be our third baseman).

    The Cards need a shortstop. Maybe we could trade them Hanley for Oscar Taveras and a couple of their hot young pitchers. That would give us another outfielder, thus allowing us to move Puig to 3B. I should just leave it at that and wait for the barrage of expletives to follow. Yes, I’m not serious. Come to think of it, maybe that deal could work.

    I’m sure Punto is relieved. Then again, at least Wong has the excuse that he’s a raw rookie, unlike the wily veteran Punto.

  21. Badger says:

    4:30. Time to get up.

    Guerrero has been a SS. Third base might be a better switch for him than 2b. I was joking about Wong, but depending on what happens in this series, it might be a while before the people of St Louis forget that one. Carpenter would look good leading off. Still lots of time to try to figure out what to do about our holes. If Crawford remains leading off for us I will consider it a weakness. I doubt his OBP goes up as he gets older. In a few years he is going to become an 8 hole hitter. I still would like to see him in the 2 hole for next year. If I am GM, I’m working on a way to make that happen. For me, that’s what a lot of this talk is about.

  22. Badger says:

    Just checked, Matt Carpenter, 27, is arb eligible next year, not a FA until ’15. So losing Freese and moving Caroenter to 3rd as Brooklyn suggests makes sense for them. Come to think of it I think I read that somewhere else recently.

    Haven’t read the papers yet but I’ll bet the headlines in St Louis read “Wong move sinks Cardinals”. That kid is going to get skewered. But, St Louis will likely forgive him. Good thing it wasn’t Philly or Chicago. I don’t think Bartman has been seen yet.

    Haven’t had my coffee yet. Been trying to meditate. Got a VA appt in Prescott this morning. Gotta get moving.

  23. Badger says:

    Damn smart phones.

    One more thing – me and the Mrs. saw a UFO last night here in Sedona. (common around these parts) – big bright light with a smaller off white light tucked in front, relatively low, moving NW to SE in the early night sky. Didn’t blink and didn’t make a sound. Very cool.

  24. Idaho al says:

    Thanks Mark for putting me in that group. I will be 73 on Wednesday. I like your line up. Puig at 3rd is interesting and I believe he may be able to do it. At least he won’t crash into a fence, but he may end up in the dug out chasing a pop up. I also would like to go after Tanaka. We need to keep all of our young players in the system and bring the very best up when they are ready. If the farm system produces, we will have a great team each year. Free agency should be used only to fill a hole and stop trading players. I realize that trading players is a fun thing to do for all of us would be general managers. However, it is not good when you are trying to build a great team year in and year out.

  25. Gonzo says:

    I think that realistically Ethier coul fetch us a couple solid prospects. The main objective with him is to have the other team pay most if not all of his contract. I can also see moving Crawford to an AL team and netting a better return if LA picks up most of the tab. I don’t know why but I think Oakland or Houston would be a good destination for him. If both of these guys are moved this offseason not probable but far from impossible, I’d plug in Pederson in LF.

    On Puig moving to 3b I know he has the physical attributes to do it but the one thing he doesn’t have is the smarts. Now he’s a very intelligent kid, but the way he plays will make him his own worst enemy. Imagine if he makes a critical error, history has shown us he dwells on things affecting him and his thought process. Leave Puig alone and find a stop gap.

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually Badger, after I posted and was about to go to bed, I had a delayed surge of mental energy, and immediately realized that you were not serious about the Wong thing. But once I hit the submit button it was all over. Maybe they’ll skewer Wong St. Loo, but I’m not sure it’s something they’ll dwell on. Biggest problem for the Cards in this series is the same as the Dodgers. No offense.

    I don’t know for sure who is tradeable. However, just like I never give up during the season, I also never consider anything impossible. Ethier and Crawford would appear to be extremely difficult to near impossible to trade. But I think we’ve all seen some strange things happen over the years, so maybe moving both of them is not out of the question. The owners accomplished there task with last years Boston deal, and put the Dodgers back on the map. Now that that’s accomplished, maybe they’re willing to go the extra mile to bring a championship to LA, and eat a significant portion of those contracts in order to pave the way for upgrades now, and an influx of new young players that can be plugged in down the road. They know how much money they have, and probably have a strong grip on what they expect to come in, especially if they can win a championship.

    For me, Tanaka is job 1, and the rest will flow from that. From what I’ve read (and you can’t always believe what you read), Guerrero does not have much range at short, and is probably best suited for the right side of the infield. If that’s the case, he probably slots into 2B. If that’s the case, I’d love the Dodgers to seek out a talented young shortstop in a deal. Most likely that would cost us, but would probably be worth it. I wonder if Atlanta would even consider a deal for Andrelton Simmons. Probably not, but you never know, especially if the Dodgers were willing to pay the price it would take. Be it Simmons or someone else (Profar?), I still think Hanley is best served by moving over to 3B.

    Whatever the case, the Dodgers need to get imaginative this offseason, be it along the lines of what I just suggested, or something else. Can’t wait for the Series to be over, and get the offseason started.

  27. SpokaneBob says:

    Another factor in the decreased popularity of Baseball among the youth is the fact that progressive educators have removed the game from elementry schools…….least someone might get hurt or hit by the ball.

    I am also down with signing Tanaka ASAP. Price has seen his best days and Tanaka’s are in his future.

    • Badger says:

      “Another factor in the decreased popularity of Baseball among the youth is the fact that progressive educators have removed the game from elementry schools”

      Horseh*t Bob. It wasn’t the educators that removed programs from any school. Funding cuts come from politicians. And we know who it is in that arena that want to defund education. And for the record, I would estimate that 100% of all educators are progressive thinkers. Even those that teach at Christian Schools know that funding education is a must. It’s kind of a no brainer. Besides, baseball isn’t played until Junior High. Baseball at the age to which you refer is a summer activity. Maybe they do things differently in Spokane?

      and btw, it’s “elementary” school.

  28. Bobbie17 says:

    Baseball is not in trouble. Baseball ON TV is in trouble. TV has ruined most sports. Only the theatrical sports seem to draw national interest, ie, the NFL. Commercials and the endless analysis, reanalysis, etc make baseball hard to watch. Regional games draw fair audiences during the season, but there is regional interest for them. Baseball has become a regional sport, I think. It is still our National Pastime, but the “Nattional” part is fading. Do you change the sport to suit TV? I vote “no” on that. A shorter season with a longer, more inclusive playoff? Maybe. Next year will bring the theatrics of instant replay to the game; maybe that will be enough to get the fans excited about something other than the game itself. It seems to work for football; fans will be able to argue about whether a challenge should have been made, or should have been saved for later, etc. Anything but baseball. I like it the way it is. Replay is for TV, not for baseball. The umpires will become the stars of the game.

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Joc Pederson is off to a good start in Venezuela. Of course, I don’t know anything about the pitching he’s facing, so for me the jury is still out. However, I decided to take a look at his minor league record to see if walks were anything new. It appears they’re not. Apparently the patience he’s showing in Venezuela is nothing new. And it does appear that as he matures, so is his power.

    I’m not fully convinced, but he’s definitely worth considering for a starting role in LA should a spot open up. Heck, why spend a lot of money on Choo if Pederson also has on-base skills as well. And he’s probably a better defensive outfielder, and has youth on his side.

  30. Gonzo says:

    Changing the subject a little bit, I don’t know if this has been talked about yet or not, but what do you guys think about the Cards not complaining about the BoSox celebrating the HR from Gomes yesterday? The bat flip,beard tugging, and “flat out disrespect” for the game by showboating.

    Or, is it just against the west coast team that has an exciting young player that while wild, plays as if he were on a sandlot playing the game? Or the quiet leader that got a key hit and celebrated on 2B?

    I think that the cards have begun to believe their hype too much and if you’re a “classy” organization you don’t really need to be saying it over and over again that you’re a classy organization. It’s like a hot girl telling everyone she’s hot, it gets old. Let others complement you.

  31. dpwtv says:

    In response to those who think baseball is in trouble…. here is an opposing viewpoint

    • Badger says:

      Interesting article. But I must have missed it – where did it give the average age of those actually attending baseball games?

      As ticket prices skyrocket, and we old geezers that actually have a little money saved (not as much, thank you Wall Street de-regulation) the average price to take anyone to a game has got to be $100+. Unless of course, you sit with the seagulls and low earth orbit satellites. Even then it’s going to get expensive. I guess kids with any money would rather go to a Miley Cyrus concert.

      I don’t pretend to know what baseball will look like in 20 years. However, I did see an alarming youtube video this morning about what is ACTUALLY going on with the Fukishima leak. Those interested might want to do a google search and see what the scientist are saying about it. It’s much worse than we are being told. Those who don’t believe in science….. as you were.

  32. Michael says:

    Baseball in twenty years will be played by robots controlled by video gamers, no shit.
    I loved your line [Those who don't believe in you were]
    If you see this thing again Badger use your iPhone and get a video
    Read about that Fukishima leak at HuffPost, I believe, but anyway I may have to stop eating Tuna
    Best bat flip ever has to be Hong Chi Kuo

  33. Badger says:

    Got several videos off computer this morning. Tom Hartmann is on it. Also a 48 minute video from a Canadien blogger. Canadien coast already hit. Fish dead all over the place.

    What I saw this morning suggested they have no way of stopping the leak. All models first shown was for that week only. The site is hemorrhaging daily. The Pacific Ocesn is literally dead. Scary stuff. A North Amerca evacuation? Baseball may not matter in less than a few years.

  34. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, there are lots of people who don’t believe in science. Surely you’ve heard of global warming deniers.

    So much for eating Pacific salmon because it has less mercury than Atlantic salmon. Guess I’ll just stop eating the stuff altogether. Actually I’ve stopped doing that anyway. Anyone interested might want to read “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell. No it’s not about China. It’s based on a comprehensive study of nutrition done in China by Campbell. Good book, i.e., if you believe in science.

    Anyone interested in Jeff Samardzija?

  35. Badger says:

    I have that book! Others I would recommend you read – Seeds of Deception (exposing GMO’s) and Mad Cowboy, Howard Lyman’s odyssey from a fourth generation cattle rancher to animal activist, environmentalist, and vegetarian. One helluva story about the meat industry.

    I have been a vegetarian since 1970, and eat organic every chance I get. Both my kids have been vegetarian since birth. I haven’t eaten anything from the ocean but kelp and sea salt for over 40 years. But I would recommend to the world – be cautious about what you eat. This Fukashima thing is extremely scary.

    If the other pitchers cannot be had, I have no problem with Samardzija as a 5. Obviously not my first choice.

  36. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ll take a look on Amazon.

    Samardzija not my first choice either. Just saw the piece in Rumors, so just threw it out there.

  37. Badger says:

    Another strike zone all over the map. This is getting tiresome.

    Rams take an early lead. That can’t last. Can it?

  38. Pgunn says:

    Think up,eh!!!

    Bad call. Where was Craig going when he got up, back to second? Two or three feet inside the third base line and on his way to second?? If he he stayed o the bag and took a step outside the bag, he doesn’t bother with Middlebrooks. What I think is that the ump thought Middlebrooks interfered with Craig. If he says that then that’s even more debate. But, by saying intent doesn’t matter, he takes himself and Middlebrooks out of the line of fire. Now the call is easier to digest ,because there was nothing Middlebrooks could do

    My opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  39. Badger says:

    PGunn. No intent needed is written in the rule. The runner establishes his own baseline. They got it right by the rules of beisbol. I can see how some might want that rule revisited.

    I want a walk off. Then I want this series to end next game in a blow out. Then I want some news in Tanaka. I have wants.

  40. Pgunn says:

    Part deuce!

    The younger generation’s taste change faster than they change their underwear. So chasing that money is crazy, because, what’s now on Tuesday may not have a long shelf life.

    The real money is the casual fan, the people that only watch when the playoffs and World Series are on. The people that think Buck and McCarver are great. The people who enjoy the dot races and kiss cam. The people who come to a game during the third and leave in the fifth. The people that think juicing the players isn’t so bad.

    Selig has been chasing the casual fan for years.

  41. Pgunn says:

    The younger generation’s taste change faster than they change their underwear. So chasing that money is crazy, because, what’s now on Tuesday may not have a long shelf life.

    The real money is the casual fan, the people that only watch when the playoffs and World Series are on. The people that think Buck and McCarver are great. The people who enjoy the dot races and kiss cam. The people who come to a game during the third and leave in the fifth. The people that think juicing the players isn’t so bad.

    Selig has been chasing the casual fan for years.

  42. Pgunn says:

    One reason Puig should not play third… Tommy Davis. (I would have said Steve Garvey, but Garv was a better third baseman than TD. Or Bobby Valentie)

  43. Pgunn says:

    Beltr, too late. They would have been in a WS by now, if they had Beltre. As for DePo, you better not let the whizzes hear you say that. They worship the Prince of the Calculator and will hunt you down!

    I’m not emptying my farm system for Price. Ned has to learn that he has a farm system for a reason. For him to make a move like that, he has to wait another two years. What he needs is players that, when dealt, won’t hurt the organization and that can be part of competition for positions.

  44. Badger says:

    Is Matt Adams supposed to be scary? I don’t see it. In 63 plate appearances in the post season he has 1 home run and 4 RBIs.

    I still say we would be a better match for the Sox.

    Come on red birds. Wake up.

  45. Badger says:

    Also a lousy MNF game.

  46. Pgunn says:

    Any game with the Rams is a lousy game.

    • Badger says:

      I think you are right about that. They are close, all they need is a qb, a couple of wide recievers, an offensive line……….

      I think I might be slowly becoming a Seahawks fan.

  47. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, a healthy Dodger team would have rolled over the Cardinals and the Red Sox. But, unfortunately the Dodgers haven’t been fully healthy all year. And that is why getting this team healthy and keeping it that way is critical going forward. Maybe the shake-up in the training staff will make a difference, maybe not. Whatever the case, the Dodgers need to be younger and healthier next year. Signing Guerrero was a step in the right direction to get us younger, and so would the signing of Tanaka. And I’d like to see a younger third baseman or shortstop, depending on where Hanley plays. And adding Dominguez and maybe Yimi Garcia to the pen could also help. Younger, younger, younger, healthier, healthier, healthier.

    Won’t be easy for the Cards to take two in Boston. But like they say, just take it one at a time.

  48. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Matt Adams just looks scary. That’s what happens when your 6’3″ and 260 pounds.

  49. Badger says:

    Neither Kemp nor Ramirez are 30 yet. Hanley will be in December. Just getting those two on the field with Guerrero makes us younger.

    Not a good night for St Louis.

    If you can find it on YouTube check out King JB on the Fukishima disaster. He’s a no nonsense gangsta dude blogger that is telling it like it is. He thinks a whale is a crustacean, and that’s funny, (maybe he is kidding) but he makes his point. If it’s slow in here tomorrow I’ll grab it and post it.

  50. Watford Dodger says:

    Is 47 young or old? Maybe being a Dodgers can just speeds up the ageing process.
    Been watching the chat in here since the Dodgers exit and where I thought things would quieten down, you boys are still going at it which is great to see.
    Haven’t had much to comment but one thing is really bothering me. With the exception of Kemp – who they have operated on both his shoulder & ankle what are they doing about our other long term chronic injury victim? – namely Hanley? I ask you this ” do you think Hanley will play more or less games next season than he did this?” Less is my guess. I’m afraid that the hamstring injuries he keeps picking up will be there consistently for the rest it his career unless they get to the cause of the problem. They diagnosed nerve irritation in his back as the cause. So what is going to stop it happening again. The nerves run in sheaths from your back down into your hamstrings and over time they get worn and although Hanley is only approaching 30 – this problem will not cure itself. I’m no expert but either they need to operate if they can or implement a robust conditioning programme to take pressure away from the irritated area. If nothing is done then the problem will keep resurfacing and we will be in the same position again as we were this season. Surely we must be proactive in this.
    On a different note and I know we’ve touched on it before and people in here felt that his numbers had dropped off last season but what about Chase Headley as an offensive upgrade on Uribe? He is a free agent. In 2012 he was the leading RBI hitter in the NL and won the Silver Slugger award as well as a Golden Glove for his defence. He is only 29. He got hurt early on last season and never really got going. I would definately see him as an upgrade and give us some much needed power. He hurt his thumb in ST and had a knee injury that hampered him all last season but has now had it cleaned up. He earned $8.5 last season in a 1 year deal. We could get him for less than that for a couple of years until Seagar is ready. I have always liked him and those stats from 2012 are fantastic.
    Just a thought.

    • Badger says:

      It’s my feeling, and only a gut feeling based on my years in coaching and PE, that with proper rest and nutrition both Kemp and Ramirez are young enough to rebound and offer 500 at bats next year, and at perhaps 5 years beyond that. It’s also my opinion that proper bench depth is a must. Do we have it?

      Looking at post season stats I would say our pitching was doing fine right up to the day our ace fell flat. I believe we will figure out the staff. One thing we seem to able to do is pitch. Pitchers know this and everybody knows Chavez Ravine is pitcher friendly. Even if the Yankers outbid us on Tanaka we will find pitching. What we really need is more better hitting. I think the organization knows this.

  51. Badger says:

    Did some PGunn posts just disappear?

  52. Badger says:

    King JB comes in at about the 6:20 mark, so be sure you hang in there for his report.

    Now, I do understand that there are a thousand mixed reports in the media. Depending on where you go (Bob and Mark will likely get their info from places like the Heartland Institute, I go to Truthout, BBC, Tom’s Dispatch and Huffington Post, and we all know the differences you can find out there). Understand this also, Fukishima was designed and built using GE specs, and GE owns a lot our news agencies. Don’t expect the whole truth from any sources owned by the corporations that are vested in this. Also some are saying that to allow TEPCO to manage this after-disaster containment is like allowing a murderer to decide his own fate. At any rate, it’s technically the off season, so, I assume different topics are ok in here. If you aren’t interested, just ignore.

  53. Quasimodo says:

    Mark Timmons, have you noticed a high spike in water filters that are radio active isotope capable? I recall you saying that you got a huge government contract, and I thus wonder to what extent our government may seem threatened. Was your installation to service All the water? IE= bath and shower, garden and lawn, etc? The ‘red flag’ is the huge contract. So your substantiation, one way or the other, of how concerned our government offices are about contaminated water for themselves is when they’re raising the acceptable level of contaminates for the populace would be appreciated. Any further red flags?

  54. Bill Russell says:

    I fit in the old guys club but haven’t been that involved over the past few years so probably forgotten by Marksky. Wait til next year guys………………………

  55. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t even know if there’s such a thing as a filter that’s capable of working against radio isotopes. I would think that even where deionized water was steamed distilled it would still be contaminated if contaminated H2 compounded with O. I could be very wrong in believing that even water on a nano scale is possible to have a half life of radiation. I’m not an expert.

  56. Badger says:

    If there was a way to filter that water, wouldn’t someone be doing it? This event is 800 days old.

  57. Quasimodo says:

    I’ve done a small bit of searching and found the T.R.A.P. replacement filter was designed to meet the needs of the people of Japan to consume water to be free of radioisotopes. So there are filters and I’m sure Mark provides several that are capable of giving radioisotope free water. So Mark, collect ALL spent filters and run tests of them. Your products may be as important as food itself and you might consider advance methods of clean air too. The cost of living is about to take a mega-leap.

  58. Mark_Timmons says:


    I have bodyguards so that DePo supporters cannot get to me. ;)

    You can’t compare TD to Puig. Puig is a pure athlete. Davis was a decent athlete, but a pure hitter.

  59. Mark_Timmons says:


    This is bad stuff people. Move EAST!

    Here’s the problem. How do you remove it, because whatever you use to remove it has it? Then what?

    The US government used to have a website where you could read the daily radioactivity in each city. It was shut down after the meltdown in Japan.

    There is no easy answer, but if you are on the West Coast, you are being exposed to levels of radioactivity that are unreal. I don;t have a solution. It’s in food, fish, air, water and foliage. It will be here another 2,000 years…

    Check this out:

    • Badger says:

      Read the sites.

      The natural radiation is of course low dose and we have tolerated it for a long time. What is happening in Japan is unprecedented, it’s enormoups, and it’s coming our way.

      I guess we just hang on and pray for a miracle. In the mean time, I do recommend to everybody here, and everybody everywhere, do what you can do keep your own water as clean as possible. I already bought an RO system, and am about to buy filters and back-up filters. Not sure what else we’ll do because we aren’t survivalists either.

  60. Anonymous says:

    So if you’re in Hawaii, just say Aloha!

  61. Mark_Timmons says:

    Put your head between your legs and kiss your a$$ goodbye.

    20 years from now, we will be appalled!

  62. Quasimodo says:

    Mark, the website that shutdown is another red flag. And if you inform us that our government got systems that ‘scrubbed’ ALL the water, including what would be designated to gardens and lawns, I’d see that as another huge red flag. So again, were the systems our government purchased through you geared to isolate themselves apart from the population while they raise the acceptable levels for the people to eat, drink, bathe etc.? I mean, are they afraid of watering their lawns with what is acceptable radiation levels for the masses?

  63. Badger says:

    Mark speaks the truth.

    The water being used in an attempt to cool the melting reactor cannot be re-used and is being stored in temporary containers on site. There are no containers built to hold this material for centuries. They are already leaking. The word use was hemorrhaging. The area is too hit to send workers in. Those going in are over-exposed quickly. If anyone could come up with a way to clean this water contain it, and continue to use it they would be saving the planet, likely short term, but no one has an answer. As King JB so eloquently put it “we’re phucked people”.

    This not being talked about in our corporate owned news world is a crime.

    I didn’t read Mark’s water blog but am heading there now.

  64. Watford Dodger says:

    I’ve got a name for it. Watergate.

  65. Quasimodo says:

    I know Mark is busy composing a story to help bring us up to speed because this is important and he’s an expert. At least to what his products capability’s are. While it would not be inexpensive, it is doable for Japan to concentrate the radioisotopes and add them to the toxic dumps for future generations to deal with. We’re good at passing the buck to our children’s children’s children. But, my question still remains about our government taking steps to protect themselves while raising acceptable levels of poison to the people. ‘We The People’ or ‘We The Sheep’?

  66. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t know if this city was working on the pipes yesterday or not, but last night I went to relieve myself and in the toilet it appeared that I’d forgotten to flush at my prior visit. After flushing at this time I discovered that the toilet still appeared to be unflushed. I’m not thinking that radioisotopes yellow the water, but I sure hate coincidences that physically jump out at me. I’ve lived at this resident for 10 years and never had yellow water. So unknowingly I ate spaghetti cooked in, and drank lemonade mixed with, my new yellow water. Geez!

  67. Quasimodo says:

    Where is everybody?

    • Badger says:

      Kissing their asses goodbye.

      Quas, the elites have been preparing for something like this for a long time. All the wealth, the property, the underground bunkers, are owned and operated by the same group of people. None dare call it conspiracy – of course. Only the nutballs would do that. But, I think with just a small bit of research, you can see what is happening here. The first item, just to keep the people from freaking out, get them to look at this stupid fight going on between political parties. OK, eye off ball? Raise the accepted limits of radiation in your food. Nobody gonna notice that, not with Obamacare in the news, the sequestration squeezing balls all over the place, government shutdowns lathering the folks up. What’s next? Well, their are websites predicting all this stuff, but, again, only the nutballs are reading them, and I know some in here already think I am one of those guys, so, I’ll leave that alone.

      Hey, in Dodger news, Gordon is playing outfield in winter ball. If he could only hit, or bunt, that would make him a valuable asset.

  68. Quasimodo says:

    I read it w/o noticing.

  69. Anonymous says:

    I’m reading what you all say. I dont know much about it, so I sit and read and learn.

    Scary stuff. Too scary to want to think about.

    However, in more important news, despite hitting .150 in the AFL games, Seager was selected to the AFL all star game game to be played this Sat. Note: last year in the AFL, a young Joc Pederson hit .090.

  70. Quasimodo says:

    So far today I’ve had 2 pots of ‘tritiated’ water (H3O). But I filtered it through ground roasted coffee beans with paper filter.

    • Badger says:

      I had radioactive russet potatoes and California Cesium onions boiled in irradiated Sedonaium water, sprinkled with some sodium chloride particles.

      I’m good.

      Just read another article by an alleged nuclear physicist who said something to the effect that there was no nuclear disaster – what leaked was the equivalent of 76 million bananas. So, there is that.

  71. Quasimodo says:

    Greinke not being awarded a Golden Glove is purely outlandish! I’ve never seen ANY pitcher anytime more at ready than Greinke after the ball leaves his hand. So much for the worth of Golden Gloves.

    • Badger says:

      I don’t really care about those awards. Don’t care about MVP or Cy Young either. Only care about W’s.

      I look at those things like I look and the Oscars and the Grammy’s and all those award shows – just people in their own industry handing awards to people in their own industry. My happy meter goes off when we beat the midgets, win the division, go the NLSCS and actually win the damn thing. Been a while, but I do remember what it was like to win a World Championship. I was 40 that year. Seemed at the time it had been a while. Compared to 25 years, it really wasn’t so long at all.

  72. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    The Dodgers must be monitoring this site. Maybe they will give Dee Gordon a shot at being a supersub. He’ll be playing CF in the Dominican Winter League. If you remember, I actually liked the idea. I still think Gordon can hit, and his speed in an undeniable asset. If he can be used off the bench filling in the outfield, and perhaps at 2B, maybe over time his bat will catch up, and he’ll become a real asset.

    And Guerrero will also be playing in the Dominican Republic.

  73. Quasimodo says:

    Oscars, yeah. When actors like Vincent D’Onofrio give a performance like he did in ‘Men In Black’(played the Bug) and Gary Oldman (nearly all his performances) don’t win awards says how meaningless those awards really are. Gotta give props to George C. Scott for callin it like he saw it. I’m giving props to somebody to call it like he see’s it. Still waiting though.

  74. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Dodger news is kind of scarce here in the east, so I bit the bullet and decided to pay. I’d rather not, but I also want the news.

  75. Gonzo says:

    Scary stuff. I researched it online and there are many that are saying this can wipe us out. Others are saying it is minimal. My take is that the truth is somewhere in between. What I don’t get is that there isn’t a sense of urgency to fix this thing. It’s just the right thing to do.

  76. Michael says:

    I can’t wait for this to get over. The floodgates will open and hopefully baseball news and moves will abound upon us[this could be the last day of his Dodger tenure]
    What you don’t know can’t hurt you. I learned a long time ago not to worry about all this shit. The last time I thought the world was going to come to an end was last month, that Syria stuff had me sure WW3 was imminent.
    Don’t Worry, be Happy

  77. Badger says:

    There will be no WW III. But the idea that greed can destroy is an absolute.

    Also, consider another pole shift. Planet Niburu. The New Madrid fault split. Global warming. War is just good business. We can keep that going at multi billion dollar levels without a Third World War. I have no doubts about that. But this nuclear business is just greed. Create isotopes that last for centuries and just collect the money for distributing it. Easy peasy. And go ahead and build them on fault lines. The stupidity of man is astounding.

    I’m actually rooting for a game 7. I have recently discovered how much I dislike the Red Sox.

  78. Quasimodo says:

    “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” Quite the opposite. While ignorance might very well be temporary bliss, it can surely bite you in the ass. Even worse, your loved ones. Badger made a statement about the ‘elites’ and it made me think that a group of elites are never in good company. Trust couldn’t really exist inside that group as betrayal has been part of the makeup. There’s always gonna be the top and bottom to the totem pole and everyone can’t be in the middle. I’m not going to worry about it. But I’d like to become aware. I just may turn into a lion-eating-lamb!

  79. Badger says:

    Where’s that Cardinal clutch hitting?

    The elites that run the planet have been doing it for a while. Check out those who were on both sides of the WW’s. Interesting read. Here’s a hint, there is a group. I used to spend a lot of time speaking truth to power but I am older and tired. I am choosing to live a more peaceful retirement. But the bullshit goes on. I have some science friends researching the nuclear business. I should hear from them in a few days.

    Tanaka. His split finger could be radioactive.

  80. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Ignorance is bliss to those who pull the strings. For the rest it’s temporary comfort followed by pain, sometimes unbearable pain.

    Actually, I’m not astounded by the stupidity of man. We may live in a technologically advanced society (at least by current standards), but we’re really not that far removed from the caves (only several thousand years, which is the blink of an eye in evolutionary time). And although we have made what appear to be astounding advances over the last several centuries, in fact, we have not evolved as a species one iota in that time, given that evolutionary changes occur over hundreds of thousands or millions of years. While knowledge and innovation have advanced leaps and bounds, human intelligence is no greater than it was centuries ago. No greater than it was when we were in the caves. In many ways, we’re still a primitive species.

  81. Badger says:

    Astute observations Brooklyn.

    So the Zetas are right about us. Young species. Potential. But a long way to go.

  82. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, we saw what the Dodgers did to the Cardinals hitting (except in the last game, when they were probably facing a worn out Kershaw). As you well know, with a healthy Hanley we probably would have finished them off in 4 or 5 games. Add a healthy Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier, and it would have been a total wipeout. A healthy Dodger team, I believe, would have handled the Red Sox. But fact is, the Dodgers were never fully healthy in 2013. And that’s why getting this team healthy and keeping it that way is so critical to its success.

    I’m not watching the game tonight, but from the looks of the score it will take a miracle for the Cards to win. Since I’m not watching the game I can’t comment on Wacha, but I’m guessing that either the Red Sox have figured him out, or perhaps the innings have added up on his arm, and he just doesn’t have it. I’m pretty certain he has never pitched this much in his entire life.

    According to the following article by Joel Sherman of the NY Post, MLB and NPB are expected to work out a new posting agreement by November 1st, this Friday. If it comes down to a single bid winning the rights to sign Tanaka, I believe the Dodgers bid will have to be ridiculously large to outbid the Yankees, since the posting fee does not count as part of payroll, and therefore does not figure in the calculation to determine the luxury tax. And I wonder if the Dodgers are unsuccessful in winning the rights to speak with Tanaka, if they then turn their focus to Robinson Cano, in spite of Guerrero.

    By the way, don’t bet against the Dodgers making a ridiculous bid to win the rights to Tanaka. They did just that when they outbid everyone to win the right to purchase the Dodgers.

  83. Badger says:

    I think I posted a similar article the other day. This “bidding” is going to, once again, piss off a lot of people. The number being thrown out there is 60 million+. That would be the Yankees and Dodgers for sure and likely only the Rangers and Red Sox for maybe.

    True about a healthy Dodger team. The Cards hitters just look exhausted and beaten. I am only checking in occasionally.

  84. Quasimodo says:

    Well the season is officially over. Hot stove tomorrow.

  85. dpwtv says:

    The Cardinal Way has the same number of World Series victories now that they did at the beginning of this season. Just saying

  86. Badger says:

    Cardinals fold like a 10 high.

    Going to take a page out of Mark’s book this morning. Maybe I should wait for the new thread, but, maybe we can talk some about these issues on that thread, which might even be about this stuff.

    According to a site I read this morning, on Newsday, the American League East has the highest payroll in MLB. Followed by the NL West. Newsday says that the Yankees lead all teams in salaries, with the Red Sox 4th. So, it’s not like the WS was just won by a bunch of low paid dirt bags. It was won by a bunch of high paid dirt bags.

    On the list of highest players, the ones that are only are few years over 30, and those several years over 30, are for the most part dead weight. Robinson Cano will likely join that list, as could Matt Kemp, Zach Greinke and Clayton Kershaw if he gets that ridiculous 10 year contract being talked about.

    Take a look at the top 40 or 50 and tell me who among them you would really want to trade for. There are a few, but, honestly, don’t most of them appear to be not worth the money? The good news is that Matt Kemp is under thirty, Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford are right at 30.

    We need the balance between those guys that still have some left in the tank, and will put b.i.s. and those guys that grind out at bats or still some life left in their arms and those that want to make a name for themselves. Yes, we can certainly afford guys like Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp – but do we really want to stack our lineup with guys that make that kind of money and only offer a sub 2 WAR and/or 300 at bats?

    I think Carl Crawford is overpaid but I also think he has value. Not as a lead-off hitter, but as a 2 hole hitter that can play 130 games. I knew that when he got here and I accept it. What I don’t accept are guys like Hanley Ramirez and Matt Kemp making all that money and sitting in hot tubs most of the year.

    What to do about it?

    I really don’t know. New trainers, new attitudes, new expectations and a manager that will crack a whip and get the most out of his roster would be a start. Donnie? Again, I don’t know. What do you guys think?

  87. Pete M. says:

    Mgr’s who crack the whip!! Bobby V. comes to mind…That seemed to work, huh???
    With todays salaries, I think the crack of the whip goes to the agent first…
    I think Donnie will learn and thats why I’m in favor of the 1 yr. for him.I wish Wallach would be his bench coach…
    I’m only asking the Gugg Clan for a couple things…Sign Kershaw to an extension like yesterday… Sign Choo (Dre & Crawford go) and I’ll figure who hits in the 2 hole later…All in for Tanaka and whomever + the kids fight for #5…
    67 Y.O – just got back from Bishop and creek fishing and feel all of 67 plus some….

    • Badger says:

      I know Bishop. Used to ski Mammoth years ago. My uncle owned Ward’s Cabins at June Lake, fished opening day at Crowley every year as a kid. Also worked some advertising gigs in Bishop. And to hike up Whitney, you have to start in Lone Pine, not far from Bishop. Interesting time of year to head that way. Cold yet?

      What kind of contract do you offer a guy that is just now in his best WAR years? The data is fairly clear on this – his next 3 years will be among his best, then it’s downhill. The team does have one more arb year left. Do they risk it, pay him the arb money, that should be around 15 million, and extend him then? Or, do we also risk it and extend him well past his peak years? I would say a 5 year contract with a team option is best for the Dodgers, but, I know what is best for the team won’t fly in this case. 10 years is just stupid, 7 years is very risky and would likely end up with the Dodgers overpaying him for at least 2 maybe 3 years. He is VERY important for a run at the championship for the next 3 years. Trade Rumors calls what might happen an “ARod contract” meaning to me that the Dodgers will be stuck with a dead arm for the last several years of the deal.

      What do YOU offer him Pete?

  88. Pete M. says:

    As someone else mentioned earlier…Damn, Badger you took the words right out my pee sized brain…
    To some pure blasphemy… Like putting a goatee on the Mona Lisa… If Kershaw demands 10 & 300M+…Sayanora…
    5 @ a yearly stipend that makes him the highest paid pitcher in history…
    Even talking about all Monopoly/funny money makes me upchuck…
    One day a GM or Team will just have to say NO!!!
    Damn cold Badger and it started snowing in Mammoth…

  89. Badger says:

    Mammoth is a damn cold place several months out of the year. I skied June Mountain once when the wind chill was -60. Had the mountain damn near to myself, right up until they shut the lift down.

    Nobody else will do it so I will play the devils advocate here:

    in the biggest game of the year, our ace swallowed an olive and lost to a rookie.

    We could avoid arbitration by offering him 18 million and go into the year talking extension again. If it’s going well, we give him the 5 +1. If it aint going well we could trade him to his home team Texas (or Houston) for everybody in their system.

    Chew on that one.

    Off to the VA in PHX.

  90. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Ages are wrong on that salary list you posted Badger.

    Adrian Gonzalez – listed at 30, is currently 31, and will turn 32 on May 8th. (5/8/82).

    Matt Kemp – listed at 27, is currently 29, and will turn 30 on September 23rd. (9/23/84).

    Carl Crawford – listed at 30, is currently 32, and will turn 33 on August 5th. (8/5/81).

    Zach Greinke – listed at 28, is currently 30, and will turn 31 on October 21st. (10/21/83).

  91. Badger says:

    Then it’s even worse.


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