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Just wait until next year…

The Cardinals own Clayton Kershaw.  They beat him like a rented mule. Mercifully, it is over.   Now I can concentrate on my Indianapolis Colts.  This was a tough season and I am weary.  This site will be open for comments, but I will be gone for a while.  You know what to do.

Back to the issue at hand:  This team was never built right.  I said it from the beginning.  I liked it when they got hot, but here is the difference between the Dodgers and Cardinals:  The Cards have hit all year with RISP.  The Dodgers haven’t.  I think it’s time to cut bait.  It’s time for a new culture and regardless of what anyone thinks, Don Mattingly needs replaced.  He’s part of the old culture.  That said, he’ll probably be back, but I hope they don’t extend him.

I would make a number of changes in the way this team is constructed.   Here is what I would do:

  1. Trade Yasiel Puig to the Marlins for Mike, er’ Giancarlo Stanton and maybe a prospect or two.  Rationale:  Puig has more talent but is erratic and the Marlins need a Cuban National to draw fans.
  2. Trade Matt Kemp to the Mariners for Kyle Seager,  End of story.  If you don’t get the ramifications, it’s on you.
  3. Trade Andre Ethier and Dee Gordon to the Reds for Brandon Phillips.
  4. Sign Shin-Soo Choo as a free agent to play CF.

This is my lineup:

  1. Choo  CF (an OB% machine)
  2. Crawford  LF (natural place)
  3. Ramirez  SS  (MVP)
  4. Gonzalez  1B  (Solid)
  5. Stanton  RF (40 HR)
  6. Phillips  2B  (Great spot for him)
  7. Seager  3B  (This guy is a #5 hitter)
  8. Ellis C  (He can play for me any day)

I am tired of the “potential” of Ethier and Kemp. Delete!

Make the deals.  Ellis (Mark), Uribe and Young are gone.

Forget Cano – too much money.

Let Nolasco walk.  If you  don’t need him in the playoffs, you don’t need him.    Beckett, Billingsley, Lee and Stripling are at the ready.

P.S.  I still believe that Clayton Kershaw will be the greatest Dodger pitcher of all time.


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  1. Bball says:

    Puig for Stanton is just stupid. I thought you thought the same way too mark. Guess you have changed your mind.

  2. dpwtv says:

    I’m going to chalk up this post to you being upset about the loss and you aren’t thinking straight

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’d keep Puig. I’d like to have Stanton, but not in a deal for Puig. Puig will have time over the winter to think about this year, and all of spring training to calmly work through his weaknesses. It may not be perfect, but I think next year we’re going to see a vastly improved and mature player. It’s time for the Dodgers to give one of their own a little time to develop.

    No Brandon Phillips. Highly overrated at this stage of his career, in my opinion. He’ll be 33 next year, and only got on base at a .310 clip this year. And any power that he has in the Great American Bandbox will not play in the larger parks of the NL West, nor in the heavy night air found in the NL West parks.

    I also don’t think Cano is out of the question. He will be 31 next year, and could conceivably give the Dodgers 4-5 good years (31, 32, 33, 34, 35). And he’d probably pay for himself in the very first few years.

    The Dodgers will have money to spend this winter. They drew over 3.7 million this year, and will likely draw 4 million next year and beyond. And a very large chunk of change is coming off the books (tens of millions), and I think, given a farm system that is being rebuilt, but still needs to grow, the Dodgers will remain players in free agency, both here and internationally. In fact, it appears as if there is a very good Japanese pitcher coming on the market (last name is Tanaka), who the Dodgers could also have an interest in.

    I also like Shin Choo-Soo. He’s a really high on-base percentage guy with some power. Probably a perfect lead-off hitter, which would put Crawford in his natural #2 spot in the lineup.

    Kemp has more than just potential. He had a great 2011 season, and was having a triple crown season to begin 2012 before the injury plague set in. I don’t know if he’ll be healthy next year, but if he is, I believe he would return to his elite status among hitters.

    I looked up Seager, and saw a .260 hitter with 22 HRs and 122 K’s. Not someone I would trade Kemp for, and not someone I would consider an elite power hitting third baseman.

    I have no problem with trading Ethier and Gordon, but not for Brandon Phillips, as I noted above.

    Yes, the Dodgers weren’t built right. And that’s on McCourt, who decimated our farm system. New ownership is on the right track, but don’t expect that a farm system can be re-built in a year or two. The Dodgers have re-entered the international market, and in time we will begin to see results. In the meantime, trades and free agency are the major tools that this team has available to re-build. And if anything, the Dodgers do have some good arms down on the farm.

    I am looking forward to an active winter by the Dodgers, and expect that the team fielded next year will run off with the NL West, and will be primed for the playoffs both offensively and defensively. In fact, I would argue that if the Dodgers were healthy this year, they would have rolled over the Cards in 4 or 5 games. Just think how close the games were, and what a huge difference would have been made by a healthy Matt Kemp, Hanley Ramirez and Andre Ethier.

  4. Quasimodo says:

    As painful as it was, I went to the Cardinals site and gave my congrats. Its not always easy to be a good sport.

  5. Joseph Olivas says:

    You must be on crack right now lol…

  6. jerry says:

    if puig does not hit the cut off man next year…i would sit him for about a week..he has been told..and does what he want..and i dont care how good a player is ..if he doesnt do what he is told he sits.

  7. dpwtv says:

    So you never want him to try and throw out someone at second or third or even at home. Tie game top of the ninth, man on second. Someone hits a single to right field. Puig has a good chance to throw him out, but if he doesn’t hit the cutoff man, he’s benched for a week.


  8. Yo! Adrian says:

    This would be my choices this winter.
    1. sign Brian Wilson (8~10 mil/yr, 2~3 yrs)
    2. trade Puig for Seager, Paxton
    3. sign Alex Guerrero (5~6 mil/yr, 4yrs)
    4. extend Mark Ellis (5.7 mil option)
    5. sign JP. Howell

    Then, the 2014 roster will be

    (position player) AJ Ellis, A.Gonzalez A.Guerrero H.Ramirez K.Seager C.Crawford M.Kemp A.Ethier
    Federowicz M.Ellis D.Gordon Van Slyke J.Pederson

    (pitcher) Kershaw Greinke Beckett Ryu Billingsley
    Wilson Jensen Withrow P.Rodrigez Paxton Z.Lee C.Reed
    O.Garcia JP. Howell S.Fife

    (batting order)
    1. C.Crawford 2. A.Guerrero 3. H.Ramirez 4. A.Gonzalez
    5. M.Kemp 6. K.Seager 7. A.Ethier 8. AJ Ellis

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Want to know how ridiculous the PCL is? I just read this in Baseball America, and it brought a smile to my face.

    “Infielder Eugenio Velez finished the season with a 22-game hitting streak in Nashville while also reaching base safely in the final 36 games, the longest streak in the PCL. He hit .382/.443/.533 overall in 38 games.”

  10. Badger says:

    Well, looking carefully at that lineup, it’s actually pretty good.

    But I don’t trade Puig (or Kemp). Not yet. I still think Puig can be coached. He’s young and he’s smart. I may be wrong about that, but if I am not, he and Kemp in the same outfield all year could be extremely productive. I believe Kemp will be back. As will Beckett and Bills. Ramirez will be there all year, as we sit right now we have a damn good club. Of course we still what we needed at the beginning of this year, and I think we can get it. We need a lead-off hitter and hopefully we can find it from a second baseman. If not, the maybe the Choo idea is not all that far fetched. Have to look more closely at the problem.

    Not sure what the fascination with Seager is, maybe because he too is pretty young, but the Mariners aren’t going to ship him. He is not a free agent until 2018. Ethier is puzzling, but somehow he still OPS+’d 122. Somebody would probably take him, but he too has a sizable contract.

    The team ran out of gas. We have all winter to figure out what to do, but the day after an embarrassing shellacking like that one is not the day to make judgments and throw out trades ideas. I have some thoughts, but, I haven’t taken the time to study who with what contracts, might be available. I am with Brooklyn on the no to Phillips.

    It was a good year in here. Except maybe for that whole rhoid OD thing we went through, this has actually been a damn fine group to chat with.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The first thing we all have to do is avoid getting emotional, and coming to conclusions based on the last thing we saw at the end of the season. Remember, with some changes, this was basically the same Cardinal team that lost to the midgets last year, and the midgets were pretty much the same team that won it all a year ago. Next year is a new year, and with a change here and there the Dodgers could go the extra mile. In fact, I submit that a healthy Dodger team would have beaten the Cards in 4 or 5 games. Let’s not forget how close most of these games were.

    First off, before the Dodgers make any moves over the winter they will first assess what is available via trade and free agency. And that probably won’t become clear for a while. And some of it will never be clear to us, since we don’t have the same info. that Colletti and Kasten have.

    For example, I suggested above that the Dodgers might consider Cano. But I didn’t say that that’s exactly what they should do. I simply don’t have enough information to consider the endless variables. The Dodgers do.

    As for Alexander Guerrero, even if the Dodgers sign him, what makes anyone think that he can just be plugged into a major league lineup and produce immediately, if ever. I’ve read that he has power, but is not considered by many to be an overall good hitter. We know nothing about him, so why do we jump to conclusions, based really, on nothing.

    As for Kyle Seager, I can’t say that I know all that much about him. But I’ve looked at his stats, and while he’s apparently a pretty good player, he’s not someone I would hang my hat on, especially if I have to give up a lot to get him. And I might be committing LA Dodger Talk heresy here, but I still think that Hanley Ramirez is an option at 3B if the Dodgers can get there hands on a top caliber shortstop. But that’s just me.

    And I do think that extending Mark Ellis for $5.7 million would be a huge error. He’s part of the McCourt legacy of second tier free agents whose contracts we’re finally getting rid of after this season (Capuano, Harang, Uribe, Lilly also come to mind). Mark Ellis is a nice player, but I want an upgrade at 2B, and I also want this team to start to get younger. And furthermore, Mark Ellis, to my knowledge, can only play 2B, which doesn’t make him much of a utility option.

  12. Rob says:

    Although I am disappointed by not winning the WS I feel the season was a success. We are not that far off from making that leap. Just a few tweaks and having a healthy lineup would change everything. I really believe if Hanley never cracked a rib we would have taken the series in six.

  13. Roger Dodger says:

    This morning, the most surprising thing I realized — in all of that last night, the Dodgers had a total of 2 hits. First one was Crawford beating out a ground ball to the SS area, just barely. Then AJ Ellis’s double.

    That is it. All of those hitters . . . boy, were the Dodgers out-pitched, out-hit, and those Cardinals did what they had to do —

    So what is that — over $1,000,000 a hit that game cost the owners (well fans, playing for tickets, parking, and stuff).

    Now to the post season and Dodger moves.

  14. my boy blue says:

    Lets not have knee jerk over reactions. We got within 2 games of the World Series with arguably our best hitter (Kemp) out, Eithier hobbled, Hanley our MVP hurt, and a rookie making rookie mistakes.

    Pitchers: Let Nolasco walk.Pick up Capuano’s option. We have a rotation of Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Bills, and Beckett. This is a solid rotation.

    Relief Pitchers: Resign Howell,Wilson. Pick up another lefty. Keep working with League and Marmol. If one of the two gets their mind right we have the best bullpin in baseball.

    Outfield: Crawford, Kemp, Puig

    3rd. Trade Eitheir for Ryan Zimmerman. Washington has one of the best 3rd base prospect in Anthony Rendon. Seager is still a couple years away.

    2nd-Cuban Prospect, sign a veteran

    SS- Hanley





  15. Badger says:

    Ramirez to third would open up some other options, but I still don’t see the OBP second baseman that could lead off…..

    unless maybe Rickie Weeks just needs a change of scenary. He was at one time a .350 OBP guy (.346 career, which is better than anyone we have). The other names out there are Cano, Kendricks, Peralta, Infante….. still time to work on that one.

    Ethier for Zimmerman? Wow. If we could catch the Nationals on a day the GM was really drunk, they just might do that. Both of those players had the same OPS+ – so…. there is that.

    If you could find a taker for Crawford, would you take an outfield of Puig, Choo and Kemp? It would cost a ton of money to do it.. but… I don’t know, just throwing crap against the wall here.

  16. Badger says:

    Aramis Ramirez is scheduled to make $16 million next year. Maybe the Brewers would be interested in trading that contract? If he could play 135 games, he would have a 3 WAR.

    Still looking………..

  17. DRomo says:

    I think something that is being under reported is the abuse on Kershaws arm. Clayton threw way too many innings. I brought it up earlier in the season when he was completing games with 120+ pitches in blow out games (one in Miami comes to mind, I’d have to look it up) but it was meaningless pitches when we should have saved bullets for October.
    I want to extend Clayton but power arms like his flame out fast. I would bet Clayton has a few good years before he will need an arm/shoulder surgery. Beware the length of contract with him. That said, I still write a huge check for him if I am Stan & co.

    The bashing of Puig is well deserved but short sighted. Misdirected hostility. Kershaw laid a huge egg in the biggest start of his career. Puig tried to be a hero when he shouldn’t have to try and save Clayton’s bacon (to borrow a Scully-ism). The team was out played. We didn’t have our best player at close to 100%. Even Eithier was duct taped together. Did we really expect to win it all on smoke and mirrors?

    I’m optimistic. We all should be. This ownership group has improved everything just like they said. Remember where we were just a year ago? Do you think they will just stop trying to win it all after being this close? It will not take a drastic overhaul. We don’t have to spend huge. Our farm system is on the rise so we may find answers within.

    Ignore the know it all’s who play the panic blame game (trade Kemp , trade Puig, fire Mattingly). Changes will come. This team will look better in April. 127 days until Glendale.

    This was still a fun season. It just didn’t work out. No blame. No excuses.

  18. Badger says:

    Still working, but have to shut it down in a minute……

    Long Beach Poly grad Chase Utley leading off? Hey, we could do worse. He has a career .373 OBP, played 131 games this year and got on at .348. We could have a .270 back-up hitter by keeping Skippy as our utility dude.

    Utley, Crawford, Kemp, Gonzalez, Ramirez. Not a bad front five.

  19. Gonzo says:

    I too consider this season a success. It just shows how spoiled we are as fans. Before the historic run, a lot of us knew this was a control, alt, delete type of season and were okay with letting management evaluate the players. I was and still am happy because on the other side of the coin, McCourt could still be running things. From not being able to pay players to finishing 2nd in the NL merits kudos to this ownership team for such a quick turnaround. The best part is that we’re only going to get better. The loss stings, but in the grand scheme of things we’re on track. We’ve waited 20+ years a little longer won’t hurt. I look forward to all the debates, name calling and apologizing that’s going to go on in here as we all put on our GM hats and come up with trades that are laughable. So I apologize beforehand. It’s always fun coming in here. One last thing. Some please immobilize Clayton’s arm for at least 2 months. Let the dealing beginning.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    Now that Donnie is in . . . I bet the discussion will continue next May if the Dodgers just cannot get out of the gate . . .

    We have seen, he does just enough every so many games, to not make it an open path for a win. As said above, A.L. style managing in the N.L. And his use of pitchers and especially pinch-hitters.

    But maybe the players will play above his managing — and make Donnie look like a genius.

  21. Rob says:

    The gnats players made bochy look like a genius twice so I am sure our guys can do that for Donnie.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The Dodgers I’m guessing will be active this winter.

    Don’t count on Billingsley in the rotation. At best he won’t even be back until mid-season. I look for the Dodgers to seek a pitcher or two in free agency (Tanaka from Japan?????) or maybe deal that gets us Price. Maybe both, or maybe something else.

    I think the bullpen is OK, especially if Jose Dominguez returns, and begins to master his offspeed stuff, and adds a little more command. If Brian Wilson is a free agent, then hopefully he signs with us.

    I really want nothing to do with Aramis Ramirez, who will be 36 next year, and whose power is declining. We need to get younger, not bring in any more greybeards. Same about Chase Utley. Again, younger and more athletic is what I’d like to see. But Ryan Zimmerman sounds just fine. He made more errors than usual this year, but he’s always been an elite fielder. I have to believe it was an aberration, or maybe an injury that hampered his throwing. I don’t know, but I’m sure the Dodgers do.

    Absolutely agree about Kershaw’s workload. He pitched about 259 innings this year, including that game he had to work on three days rest. Also, because of the anemic Dodger offense which rarely gets him runs to work with, those innings were largely stressful innings. He needs not to be stretched like he has, and the Dodgers need to boost their offense and score more runs to take the pressure/stress off the entire pitching staff, starters and relievers alike.

    I believe our farm system has some arms that could help. But that’s not for certain. Still, I wouldn’t expect a whole lot from the farm given that the Dodger foray into the international market is probably getting us a lot of 16-18 year olds. That’s going to take time, which is why the Dodgers probably still have to spend.

    This team is in good hands after the long nightmare of FOX and McCourt. Things will happen, just don’t know exactly what they will be at this point. For now, my glass remains half full.

    • dpwtv says:

      I think Brian Wilson has proven he’s ready to step into a closers role. He’s not the closer here. I fully expect him to sign somewhere else to be a full time closer. Besides, he’ll want three years….and we’ve had terrible luck signing closers to three year deals…. Guerrier, League…. I’d love to have him back. I just don’t see it

  23. William says:

    The general media attacks on Puig are ridiculous. Yes, he keeps overthrowing the cutoff man, because he is trying to make a spectacular throw to the plate, and that is not good. However, he hit over .300 in the playoffs. He wants to win, he just thinks he can do it all himself.

    Where are the comments in the media about Ethier, who not only didn’t hit, but couldn’t field his position, and also decided not make an effort to avoid a double play in game four, when he just stood there and let himself be tagged out? I do not want to see Ethier as a Dodger next year. This was another idiotic move by Ned Colletti, signing him to that five year, $85 million deal.

    In fact, the real disappointment I have now is not the loss in the series, though that hurts. It is the fact that Colletti and Mattingly will be back. Beating Atlanta was great, but was it worth more years of Mattingly? Mattingly is the most passive offensive manager in baseball. He has a preternatural fear of sending runners on hit and run plays. He is so afraid of the batter missing the pitch, and the runner being thrown out. So his teams hit into endless double plays. Mattingly makes the team not fun to watch, because there is no daring, no matching of wits with the other manager. Mattingly just sits back. Occasionally he bunts at the wrong time. He can’t think ahead in a game. He does the same thing every time. If the Dodgers had a smart and aggressive manager (admittedly, there aren’t many of those around), Puig would be used to his fullest capacity, Crawford would be more of a weapon, etc.

    As for Colletti, he is really the guy who is buffered by Mattingly. Colletti gets credit for things that he had very little to do with, such as signing Puig or Ryu. Once again, his late season offensive acquisistion (Young) did absolutely nothing. Wilson was a good if obvious addition. The rest of the bullpen consists of Colletti dumpster diving pickups, such as Marmol and Volquez. Colletti loves to pick up players who were good a few years ago, thinking that somehow they can be resuscitated. It happens sometimes in baseball, but not often. See Blanton last year. See League. Now we have a bullpen which (assuming Wilson goes, because he wants to be a closer somewhere, not a setup man)is not nearly as strong as the best teams. Bellisario, League, Marmol, Howell, et al. That is all on Colletti, who trades away most of his minor league pitchers, and then thinks that he can pick up somebody’s waiver dump, and it will be okay. Well, it wasn’t.

    With Colletti and Mattingly running the show, the Dodgers may always be at a disadvantage against the Cardinals and any other well run teams. The only hope is that upper management is willing to spend another $100 million, which I think is doubtful, because they don’t want to be hated by the rest of baseball. Give Colletti only $50 million more than the other teams, and it is not enough, because he will waste $100 million of payroll on deadweights such as Ethier, League, and Uribe for his first two years. And Billingsley, while unfortunately injured, has never been that good, except for his first year. We may get to watch him and Volquez and Beckett battle for pitching spots. The Dodgers may have lost this series because they did not have a fourth starter, while the Cardinals did, in the crucial game four.

    But since the Dodgers will not fire Mattingly or Colletti, we will have to make do. I would get rid of Ethier for whatever I could get. I would hope very much for Kemp to make a comeback. I wish Puig could play left field, because he wouldn’t be tempted to make impossible throws to the plate from there. But Crawford has no arm so cannot play anythng but left. The Dodger team is getting older, and you have to keep Kemp, who might be able to come back, and who is younger than most. All these injury prone players are going to have more aches and pains next year. The Dodgers desperately need to be younger, with player who will get better each year, not decline. Kemp at least gives you that hope, while Ethier does not.

    As to the rest of it, I would really try to add a top pitcher. I actually think that Price is somewhat overrated, but he is at least pretty good, and might flourish here. The Dodgers need to have the best and deepest staff in baseball to win with this manager. I will hope for some good acquisitions. I do not expect Colletti to make good trades; he almost never does, unless they involve the other team shedding payroll.

    I wish everyone here a great offseason. I wish the Dodgers could actually win a title, instead of just talking about it. And if the Dodgers trade Puig now, they will regret it like they regretted not keeping Roberto Clemente. A few misses of the cutoff man are being blown wildly out of proportion. AJ Ellis, who is a great guy, probably missed about ten pitches in this series. Not for lack of trying, of course, but it amounts to the same thing. And the manager made about twenty mistakes in the playoffs, which is perhaps a record.

  24. Bobbie17 says:

    Interesting season. Disappointing finish. Just about everything about it was erratic. Too much up and down. We need consistency all over. Except for Puig. His plusses far outweigh his minuses. He doesn’t like to play smart; it’s not his game. He is instinctive, and no one will change that much. He is a fan magnet, even for Dodger haters. He stays. Let Wilson go. Paco has to last an entire season, somehow. I agree on Nolasco going, unless it is really cheap. Farm system has to produce a 4th starter. It is time for these potential superstars to step up. The team needs a healthy, productive Kemp. Our training staff might be the most important “position” on the team next year. I like Howie Kendrick at 2d. Lastly, Mattingly is not the guy. He did manage a hard-to-manage bunch, but that is not enough. If he stays, it is because, maybe, he is a better manager now than when the season began. That is probably true, but not enough, in my opinion.

  25. RogerCraig says:

    I have been sick for a while, so I didn’t much feel like posting, but I have been watching and I see a lot of merit in Mark’s proposals. You have to consider that Hanley and Clayton will have to be extended to big deals. The Cardinals winning formula seems to be to get younger, not older, so I would hope the Dodgers don’t even consider players like Aramis Ramirez, Robinson Cano or Chase Utley. I am positive that Kemp will be shopped and Kyle Seager is about 6 years younger with his best years ahead. That would free up a lot of salary. I doubt that Seattle would do the deal however.

    Uribe and M. Ellis are on the wrong side of 30 as is Michel Young and Capuano. We can only hope Crawford can stay healthy as he is practically untradable. I know that Cincinnati is looking to unload Phillips – he plays great defense and has speed. While he wouldn’t hit as many HR in Dodger Stadium, he wouldn’t need to as he would hit 6th or 7th. We don’t know if Guerrero is any good. Many say he is not. I don’t know. Phillips has a couple of good years left. I think the Dodgers would have to pay some of Ethier’s salary and he could play CF if the Dodgers sign Choo, who I really like.

    On Puig: His talent is off the charts, but he is undisciplined and reckless. He will get better or decline. I tend to think he will continue to play with reckless abandon until he suffers a serious injury. I see merit in getting a player like Stanton instead. The Dodgers could be trading away player who might be HOF material, but Stanton is not chopped liver. I’d have to consider that.

    Mark is on crack? Crazy? Like a fox he is.

  26. dpwtv says:

    Clayton made over 35 starts this season including the playoffs. He made over 110 pitches in a start, exactly 8 times. It’s not the number of innings, it’s the number of pitches. He actually was pretty much equal last season with this season. He may have arm issues. It’s hard to avoid it…. but in my opinion, it won’t be because of overuse. He’s very efficient…. he’s rarely in trouble during games, so those pressure innings where analysts say put extra stress on your arm, are less.

    Clayton may have arm issues in the future, but his workload this season won’t be the reason.

  27. dpwtv says:

    Utley signed a three year deal with Philly at deadline

  28. Quasimodo says:

    The clock slows down and the stir begins. Seems like April was only a month ago, so it must of been fun. I’m sure all the Dodgers are waking up in their own beds and several of them are as hungover as I am. The deepest post season in 25 years sure ended with a reason to be hungover. What to see in this off-season? The ‘new Dodgers channel’, trades a plenty that we’ll likely need a channel package upgrade to feel informed enough to throw our pretend GM two cents in. I’ve avoided putting on any sports channels since the last pitch was thrown in the laugher as it’d be rubbing my own nose in it. I’ll soon have to face it, so I’m easing into it amongst the same friends that I gloat with when Dodgers are victorious. Sorry if all’s I’m doing is rambling – the coffee hasn’t taken effect yet.

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Obviously I was in no mood to watch any post game shows last night, so I didn’t. However, I was told this morning that Pedro Martinez criticized Mattingly for keeping Kershaw in the game. From what I was told, he said that Mattingly should have known Kershaw didn’t have it when Matt Carpenter kept fouling off so many pitches, with Kershaw being unable to put him away. That’s a good point. And I also know that I wanted Kershaw out of the game well before Mattingly actually did so. Kershaw is way too valuable to be handled that way, especially given that he had thrown over 250 innings this year, including the recent short rest start against the Braves. And while I haven’t been on the fire Mattingly bandwagon, I’m more inclined to get on it after what I saw last night.

    I also heard that Martinez said that Hanley shouldn’t have been playing because he was unable to reach a number of ground balls that went for hits. I didn’t notice that during the game, but maybe I should have.

    Whatever the case, there is reason to be critical of Mattingly, and most especially with respect to the way he handled Kershaw.

    And by the way, I’m not sure I extend Hanley. Maybe it’s best to see what he does next year, especially since he’s shown a propensity to get injured this year. Besides, maybe the Dodgers are better off having him playing in a contract year. They made a mistake extending Ethier. Same could be true for Hanley.

  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually, Kershaw is almost always pitching in stressful innings, because the lack of runs that he gets means that he’s almost always pitching in a close game. This team needs to score more runs to take the pressure off the entire pitching staff, not just Kershaw.

  31. Bobby says:

    The thing I like about this site is that there are always some very good, well formulated opinions.

    Rarely is there the stupid name calling, or sarcastic remarks about someone else’s posts.

    We may agree or disagree about what each of would do if we were the GM, but at least they disagreement comes from 1) Dodger love, and 2) good baseball knowlege

    Someone above mentioned Pedro Martinez: i also thought he was a very good, unbiased commentator. He was right a lot, and it came from his experience. Sheffield, on the other hand, came off like the selfish player he always was.

    I haven’t figured out what I would do yet if I were Ned. What I do know is that I would love a 3,4,5 of Hanley, Agone, Kemp. I don’t see us trading Kemp, as he’s coming off injury (which should not be career altering) so his value is low and we’d have to eat some of that contract. You do NOT pay someone to take Matt Kemp off your hands. At $20 mil, a healthy Matt Kemp s underpaid. It took Hanley and Agone both 2 years to recover from that shoulder injury which Kemp had. Next year if he’s healthy he’ll get some of it back and by 2015 the shoulder should be perfect.

    I’d like to have a real leadoff hitter, and bat Crawford (or Ethier) in front of Hanley. I say that because I believe Crawford or Ethier will be the one one dealt. I also feel SVS can be a very solid 4th outfielder so we don’t need to waste a $18mil + player on the bench.

    Agree with B17: I have no problems with Howie Kendrick as our 2b. Always have liked him. Perhaps Kendrick is our #2 hitter and Ethier drops to 6.

    I would like Uribe on a 1 year deal and a lot of that reason is he’s so loved in the clubhouse and can help teach Puig. That babysitting salary is worth it.

    Brian Wilson would be great to keep, but Im sure he wants to close, and I”m sure he’ll leave to close elsewhere. Can’t blame him.

    We need young athletic baseball players. Get rid of Ellis; if Guerrero is the real deal he’d be an upgrade at 2b.

  32. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Just posting this link FYI. It’s a scheudle of MLB Important Dates. XX(B) refers to Article XX(B) of the CBA, which sets the rules for free agency.

    The actual CBA is found in the next link, which you’re free to read if you have the time. I don’t. You can even print it, or download and save the .pdf file.

  33. Watford Dodger says:

    Have read every single one of all your insightful comments from last night & today and as usual there are some great angles. Was too down to post during the game. Was a bit surreal to watch it slipping away.
    With time to reflect if you had told me on June 22nd that we’d end up two games from the World Series I wouldn’t have believed it. What a fantastic run that was. However lurking in the background was injury. We overcame a bunch of different disasters and kept driving forward. In the end though they hamstrung us (like it?). Ethier’s foot & that first at bat broken rib of Hanley’s were to prove fatal. Both were becalmed for the series producing nothing.
    Please don’t blame Clayton – he was trying – just didn’t happen for him without a lot of help from the umpire. They were all trying. Just lacked some power WRISP which has plagued us for a while.
    For me setting aside all the potential deals and free agents, the biggest problem we have is the same one as last post season – how the hell do we know who’s gonna be fit come ST and how fragile will they be? Kemp’s got 2 injuries. Hanley’s got nerve damage in his back that won’t heal (I’ve had it), Bills & Beckett – who knows? Dre’s foot. Crawford?
    How do you go out & select a squad with that many question marks.
    So – I’ve loved the ride really but without wanting to crawl up your collective arses this season was my best as a Dodger fan since I found this site – gives me a sense of belonging.
    Here’s to much more of the same. Cheers.

  34. Badger says:

    Wilson is a set up guy. If he wants to close, he can probably get his old job back with the midgets.

    Forgot that the Phillies had come to their senses and gave Utley what he deserves.

    Getting younger is a worthy goal. The problem of course is, other teams don’t usually shed their younger players. I have said this before and I’ll say it again knowing I could be dead wrong on the subject – Seattle will not trade Seager any time soon and Miami will keep Stanton for a while. If you read the contract status of each, it just makes sense to hang on to them. They are both under team control and affordable for a few more years.

    Let’s try to find the ways to improve this team that are actually possible. Otherwise, we are going to be talking about a dream team that has NO possibility of actually happening.

    Will given a new contract, does Uribe become the .200 he was for the first two years he was here? If we trust him, might as well keep him at third until Seager is ready – which I say won’t be for another two years at least. That is why an older guy with a 125 OPS+ (Ramirez) would intrigue me. We aren’t going to get David Wright or Evan Longoria (or Ryan Zimmerman who extended through 2019) so we need to do some figuring on balancing youth with experience.

    If we would have had a healthy Kemp, a healthy Ramirez, a healthy Ethier and Cano instead of Ellis, I think we would have tore St. Louis a new one.

    I love Puig’s enthusiasm. I’ll take that any day over the ego maniacal me-first veterans around this league. He tries to throw out a guy at home and would have had him had he not overthrown the catcher. I’ll take it and work with it. He actually hit the cut off man on that other one and AGon dropped it. His defense can be improved. 1. Stop the showboat bullshit and two hand everything. 2. Learn your strike zone and have an idea how you will be pitched and kid you can hit .330 in this league. Puig has 40/40 potential and that is not something you trade, unless you get 45/45 in return.

    Howid Kendricks is an improvement but I don’t believe he is a lead-off hitter. I like the idea of the old Rickie Weeks in this lineup, but can he get his mojo back in a new organization?

    We really don’t need that much to be much better. We need the guys we have to be 100% and tweak here and there.

  35. Bob says:

    2013 was a very good season

    Pick up Donnie’s option but do not extend
    Fire Conte and his entire staff

    I love AJ but his body is older than you might think. Sign a better backup just in case.
    Sign Mark and platoon with Gordon. Sign the Cuban and bring him up in the summer when he is ready like Puig, then trade Ellis.
    Keep Uribe on a 1 yr deal
    Wait and make trades in the mid-season like maybe Ethier for a pitcher if Bills/Beckett/Volquez doesn’t work out and the kids in AA/AAA are not ready

    5 – Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Beckett/and Rookies by May if needed, Volquez/with Bills in June
    7 – Jansen, Sign Wilson, Sign Howell, Belisario, Sign Marmol, Withrow, new long reliever, with many kids at AAA to bring up if the veterans fail.

    2 – Ellis, New Backup
    6 – Gonzo, Ellis/Gordon(Cuban mid-season), Rameriz, Uribe, Punto
    5 – Crawford, Kemp, Puig, Ethier (Platoon), Van Slyke

    Say good bye to Nolasco, Moylan, League, Schumaker, Hairston and maybe Guerra, Tolleson, and Baker depending upon how many kids need to be added to the 40 man roster.

    The 2009 draft, and its effect upon the 2013 post season
    LA picked 2 spots ahead of STL
    LA 1 – None; STL 1 – Miller
    LA 3 – Brett Wallach; STL 3 – Kelly
    LA 13 – JB Pearson; STL 13 – Carpenter
    LA 21 – Chris Henderson; STL 21 – Rosenthal
    LA 23 – Jimmy Marshall; STL 23 – Adams

    Does it matter who the dodgers draft if they do not have good coaches in the minors for player development?

  36. Watford Dodger says:

    I would sign Nalasco definately.

  37. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I think that when the Dodgers survey the pitchers that will be available, either by trade or free agency, that Nolasco will not be considered. Nolasco is a competent mid-rotation guy, but in my opinion, not worth a multi-year investment, and that’s what he’ll want, and what he’ll get. I’d take my chances with Zach Lee before I put any money into Nolasco; money which I believe can be utilized elsewhere. I think we should get a better idea of just who will be available before deciding on what we want.

    This from Mike Petriello at MSTI puts this season in perfect perspective.

  38. Quasimodo says:

    I think we may need more than less than a day to build the spring camp roster. But its gonna be interesting to see what comes up on the menu. Especially with international scouting. I’ll bet Ned has taken the day off so he’ll have to come here to be brought up to speed on the ‘hoe-dee-doe’s’ for 2014. Even if Dodgers won 2013 WS we’d still have to brave a cold winter. I’ve had fun with you all. This site has become as important to me as the Dodgers games themselves. With that, CHEERS!

  39. Gonzo says:

    I have a feeling that both Ethier and Crawford will be moved with the Dodgers eating a significant chunk.

    I’ve been saying since Seager was drafted that we need a stop gap 3B. If Uribe agrees to a one year deal in the 4-6 million range I say do it. If not, move on.

    I think that the Dodgers will ask Matt to move to LF.

    Puig will have a short leash next year. He was given the chance to get acclimated and as exciting as he is he can’t win by himself, but his defensive lapses will not be tolerated.

    If Hanley is extended, it will be during the season to see how he’s holding up.

    Beckett will be DFA’ed after spring training

    Bills will work out of the bullpen when he returns and will be traded if he is decent.

    Wilson fell in love with LA and if he is given a decent contract he’ll stay. (Although it’d be funny to see him sign with the NYY)

  40. Badger says:

    Why wouldn’t you sign Nolasco Brooklyn? He just gave 199 innings of 3.0 WAR. He likes LA and probably be happy with the #4 spot. He’s only going to be 31. I hope we can keep him.
    Zach Lee? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    You think Beckett is done Gonzo? He doesn’t. I wouldn’t count him out.

    I think if Ramirez and Kemp are both 100% next year Puig won’t be acting like Superman on every play. Just a hunch.

    I also think Bills will be back and like so many who have had that surgery will do very well. I think it’s the best thing that could have happened for him. He was pitching hurt.

    Read the MSTI piece and he did sum up the season – by stating the obvious. I look forward to his ideas on how to improve the club.

  41. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Look at Uribe’s career stats:

    He’s probably not going to repeat what he did this year, and is most likely to regress to his career norm of about .240-.250. Bringing him back would be a bad move. I don’t believe that Puig needs him (he also has Agon to mentor him), and being a good clubhouse guy is not enough. Uribe was originally acquired to provide some power. He’s not that guy anymore, and will be 35 next year. His defense is a plus, but the rest of his game is mostly a negative. We need a more consistent bat at 3B. The Dodger lineup has to be lengthened. And I don’t think Uribe would provide that much off the bench.

    Josh Beckett will be 34 next year. I don’t know what to expect of him, but I do know this. He did not have arm trouble in 2013. It was a rib pressing against a nerve, and the rib was removed. So I’m not convinced he won’t be effective. But if there’s something else out there, then perhaps he could find a role in the pen. Too early to come to any conclusions.

    Actually, a number of years back the Dodgers did use Billingsley out of the pen, and he was very effective. In fact, at that time he was even hitting 97 in those short stints. Besides, he’s not likely back until midseason. Maybe when he does return he gives the team a boost. He could be tantamount to a July trade.

    Eating Ethier’s and Crawford’s contracts is a tall order. Also, Crawford was beginning to show some power in the playoffs. If the Dodgers could find a lead-off hitter he just might be very valuable hitting #2.

    And the Dodgers probably need more than a one-year stop-gap at 3B. I don’t expect Seager to be ready until at least 2016, maybe later. Do we need a reminder that Seager is still just 19 years old, and won’t be 20 until April? And he still hasn’t played above A-Ball, and struggled at Hi-A when he was promoted late in the season. For me he’s just a good prospect, and I wouldn’t be counting on him for anything anytime soon. In fact, he’s played shortstop exclusively since being drafted. If he’s ever to move over to 3B, he’s going to need some significant minor league time at the position before playing there for the Dodgers.

    Howie Kendrick is OK, but I noticed when I looked at his stats, that he’s not much of an on-base guys. About .330 OBP. Definitely doesn’t sound like a lead-off candidate. If the Dodgers decide to go after Cano they would be getting a player who gets on base, and provides significant extra base power. But he also is not a lead-off hitter. Shin-Soo Choo would provide a lead-off hitter, but with Kemp returning, that would mean both Ethier and Crawford might have to find new homes. It’s all so confusing, and the varialbes are endless. But I’m confident that the Dodgers can figure it out. But right now I have a headache just thinking about it.

    I don’t know what to think of Matt Kemp. Only time will answer that one. I would prefer him in right field, but that would mean Puig would have to move to center. But that’s not impossible. And I’m not worried about Puig’s youthful exuberance. I think that’s something that he will gradually get under control as he learns and matures. And let’s keep in mind that he’s not some kid that came off of a Cuban farm in the backwater. Both his parents are engineers, and I suspect that he’s no dummy. He will learn.

    We can speculate all we want. I believe the Dodgers have a plan for the offseason, but I also suspect that even they are not certain about all they will or can do. But I’m confident that they will do stuff, and maybe some very significant stuff.

  42. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, I’m not suggesting that Zach Lee will be ready and will make the staff. However, I’m not all that confident in Nolasco either. And I suspect that there are alternatives to him out there, as long as the Dodgers are willing to spend. And they might be, given the rise in attendance in 2013, the prospect of maybe 4,000,000 attendance in 2014, and because big dollars in the tens of millions is coming off the Dodgers payroll. And I’m sure making it to the NLCS put a few more dollars in the coffers. One big name that would cost is Masahiro Tanaka, who will likely be posted this year.

    Also, if Beckett is OK, that’s just one more arm. I think Nolasco is OK, but that the Dodgers can do better. I’d rather have a pitcher that I can rely on in the playoffs. Besides, even when Nolasco was pitching well, I always had a suspicion that it wouldn’t last. And it didn’t. Also, he’s probably going to command a multi-year contract at significant dollars, and he’s not a guy I would want to make that commitment to. We may just have a difference of opinion on this one.

  43. Roger Dodger says:

    Puig needs a really good outfield instructor that he CAN relate to. Someone to teach him how to think and respond to plays — and then what to do in reaction to plays and runners — outs and cutoff men, etc.

    This can be taught this winter. Not just playing in winter ball, but maybe at Camelback with this special instructor.

  44. Bobby says:

    Nolasco was a nice #4 for us. He had a respectable 3.52 ERA while with LA.

    However, you can find plenty of #4′s around. If Nolasco takes a nice hometown discount, great, let’s keep him. He’s talent we can use or trade. If he wants to get paid, well then he should go get his check from whomever wants to pay him.

    It will be interesting to see if we go all out for that #4 (or maybe 3, and Ryu is the 4) by going for Tanaka or David Price. Bills and Beckett could be ready by March.

    Who knows, maybe Stripling or Lee opens eyes in spring training, and one of them comes up in May and take over a spot.

  45. Badger says:

    Well I am just fine with Nolasco as our #4. And I think Kuroda would like to come back as our #5. I think we will sign Guerrero and I think it’s possible we sign Peralta for 2-3 years. I believe Beckett will contribute and I believe Ethier and Kemp both stay and rotate with Puig and Crawford. I think Wilson loves LA and will stay. I have no idea who leads off but it may not matter cuz that team will score and keep teams from scoring.

  46. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Hiroki Kuroda will be 39 next year. I know that he seems to keep on going and going and going just like a Timex watch. But, in fact, he’s not ageless, and father time will visit him as he does all of us. And looking at his stats, it appears that, although he had overall good stats in 2013, his numbers declined markedly in the last two months. I’d rather invest a lot more money in the currently 24 year old Tanaka than the 39 year old Kuroda. And if it’s not Tanaka, there are other alternatives to Kuroda.

    Besides, Kuroda isn’t critical since we have Beckett, and Billingsley will likely return around mid-season. And again, I think this team has to get younger wherever it can. That doesn’t mean we purge all the older guys, but it does mean that we should filter in younger players wherever possible.

    And finally, as I noted in an earlier post, the Dodgers will be shedding tens of millions from their payroll (, attendance is up and promises to go up further, and the new TV deals kicks in next year. I expect that they will have the resources to further dip into free agency and take on contracts in trades, thereby buying time for the farm system to take hold.

  47. Leroy says:

    Choo was rated the worst defensive CFer in the league this year – do your homework, Mark!

  48. Rob says:

    Your welcome Boston. We helped you get to that WS.

  49. Not fair says:

    Boston trades away their ‘trouble’ and end up in the World Series. The Dodgers spend $220 million and exit the NLCS.


  50. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t know about his defense, but Choo also had a .423 OBP, and hit 21 HR and stole 21 bases. I expect the power numbers would decline outside of the Reds bandbox, but overall he’s a good player, and did show good power with Cleveland. With Kemp, Ethier, Crawford and Puig, I’m not sure how he would fit-in on the Dodgers. He wouldn’t come cheap, and bringing him to LA requires that Ethier and/or Crawford be traded, neither which is an easy task. But I don’t make those decisions, so I’ll leave it up to the Dodgers.

    Badger, I look at Jhonny Peralta’s stats, and I see a lot of not so great years mixed in with the good ones ( I don’t see spending a lot of money on a guy that I’m not fully confident will give me all that much. And although I’m not opposed to bringing in a player who’s in his 30′s, I want that player to be a real difference maker. I don’t get the impression that Peralta is that guy.

  51. Badger says:

    I DID look at Kuroda’s stats Brooklyn. 201 innings of 1.16 WHIP and a 3.31 ERA in the AMERICAN LEAGUE! Translate that to the NL and you have even better numbers. I think he would sign for less than he has made just to stick around one more year. Maybe not, but, I am looking for guys that are dependable and that is a guy that would LOVE to go for a Championship before he finishes. Just for fun, let’s make a friendly bet as to who has the better year…. Kuroda, Billingsley or Beckett. You on?

    Just read that the Dodger ownership is not going to spend every year, they want to use homegrown sooner rather than later… yada yada. Let’s say that is true, who is there now that can be counted on for next year? Sure, one of those starters that has had some success at AA MIGHT step up and earn a spot in Spring Training. But, I think it’s safe to say none of them are being talked about the way Kershaw was (and many others now are) and these owners want to finish what they started sooner rather than later. We haven’t even seen Lee or Stripling in a call up yet. Fife? I think he has shown he is a September call up to stretch the staff. Who else is there? I check the Top 100 prospects regularly and I don’t see any of our pitchers near the top. The Dbacks have one (Bradley at #7) The Padres have a couple. Even the midgets have one. We don’t. The closest we have is Lee at around 56. Not saying he WON’T make, am saying he won’t make it next year. It would appear we need bridges to those positions we have players ready – outfield (Pederson) left side of infield (Seager) and SP (Lee). Who out there would make a nice bridge? You know, the Beltran, Scutaro kind of bridge that other teams seem to come up with when they need them (Uribe for the midgets). And I see no reason not to kick the tires on a guy who has been as reliable as any in the game the last several years – Kuroda.

    I happen to like Mark’s lineup up there. Do I like it better with Puig and Kemp in it? Yep. But at least he is thinking outside the proverbial box.

    I think Peralta (31) would be an excellent bridge to Seager and might come cheaper than you think because of his suspension. And yes, I already checked his splits. He did fine the second half of the season. I think we have as good a shot, better actually, at Guerrero and who knows, maybe he is good enough to lead off. If not him, then ef it, sign Cano for 5 years with an option. Make sure Kemp and Ramirez know what is at stake and insist on monitoring their off seasons. They need to be ready for 150 regular season games and then about 19 more.

    Gonzalez and Crawford, the Boston “rejects” were extremely valuable to us. Getting out of that town was the best thing that happened for them. They were NOT a problem this year. OK, Beckett was but Punto was a throw in that earned his keep. If Beckett comes back, and Crawford/AGon can repeat what they did, that trade was not bad at all. We led all of MLB in interest and intrigue. We can do it again. And we can win 100 games in the process.

    Life is fair. It all has to do with karma. Action reaction. We came within 2 games of the WS in this ownerships first real year in the game. We would have mowed the field down if Ramirez and Kemp were in the lineup doing what they SHOULD do. Add a healthy Ethier to the mix and we are BETTER than the Cardinals.

    I remain confident.

    I’ll finish with this – Dominguez.

  52. Quasimodo says:

    I don’t know how much truth there is in Kershaw being offered $300 million from Dodgers, but if there’s any truth in it it’ll be time to seek a different form of entertainment. I can’t imagine how contracts like that could not be passed down for viewers to watch. I see very few championship boxing matches anymore due to pay-per-view charges of around $55. I’m gonna guess that I’ll need a package upgrade with directv to watch the upcoming Dodger channel this coming year. At some point one has to say enough already. I’ll say goodbye to baseball before I’d pay-to-view the World Series. Time to be a turnip in a vampire world.

  53. jhallwally says:

    I love your thinking… I would do all those deals…

    But, I would fire Nedcompoop and Dildon first…. This organization needs a complete makeover…


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