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Forget about Robinson Cano and David Price

If Stan Kasten is smart (and I am not certain how smart he is) he won’t even consider free agents like Robinson Cano or David Price and here’s why:

The Dodgers currently have nearly $170,000,000 in Guaranteed Contracts to their players for 2014 and that does not include the $25 million they will have to pay Clayton Kershaw.  AJ Ellis, Ronald Belisario and Kenley Jansen will also get substantial raises in arbitration (Elbert and Baxter are also eligible).  So, that’s near $205 million they have tied up for next season and they will have to replace or re-sign some of the following players:

  • Uribe
  • Mark Ellis
  • Young
  • Capuano
  • Hairston, Jr.
  • Nolasco
  • Marmol
  • Volquez
  • Howell
  • Punto
  • Schumaker
  • Brian Wilson

I think Brian Wilson will get a 3 year/$20 million deal as a closer somewhere.  I also think Nolasco will get a deal close to $50 million.  The Dodgers would like to have JP Howell back, but 2 years at $10 million is what he will likely get.  Punto will be back at $2 million, but Hairston, Jr., Young and Schumaker will walk.  I could see Uribe back on a 2 year/12 million deal and Mark Ellis coming back as insurance for Guerrero on a one year deal ($6 million).  Marmol could be back at the right price.

Signing older players in not the road map to success.  I think someone will give Cano $200 to $250 million and he will be near 40 at the end of the deal.  That’s a recipe for disaster.  Ask the Yankees and Angels.  Who would you rather have – Michael Waca or Albert Pujols?  The Dodgers need top be able to grow from within.  They have arms like Lee, Stripling, Garcia, Anderson, Dominguez and Withrow with several others nearing ready.  Dee Gordon needs to become a super-sub by playing the OF and 2B, as well as 3B.  He needs to play all three OF positions this winter.

The Dodgers have enough problems with older and fragile players.  Ethier and Kemp are aging and brittle.  Crawford has a history of injuries as does Hanley and they are getting older too (aren’t we all?).  How much longer can the Dodgers just pencil in A-Gone’s name everyday?  Another year?  Father time marches on…

If the Dodgers make a trade, it should be for prospects.  Kemp is un-tradable, but Ethier and/or Crawford could be traded if they ate a substantial portion of their contracts.  It might be worth it for a couple of top tier prospects.   The two Top FA outfield prospects are Choo and Elbury who will be other get $100 million + deals.  I’d love Choo, but the Dodgers would have to trade Ethier and Crawford. which, though possible, isn’t likely.   There’s a lot to be decided, especially in the pitching arena.  What’s the price for Price?  Again, he’s too old, in my opinion.  I might consider Tanaka, but don’t forget that the Dodgers have Billingsley, Beckett, Fife, Stripling, Anderson and Lee likely available too.

The challenge is to get a lot younger.  I’d love to see this next season:

  1. Choo  LF
  2. Ramirez  SS
  3. Puig  RF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Kemp  CF
  6. Guerrero  2B
  7. Uribe 3B
  8. Ellis  C


  • Punto
  • FedEx
  • Gordon
  • Van Slyke
  • Pederson or Baxter


  1. Kemp
  2. Greinke
  3. Ryu
  4. Beckett/Bills
  5. Stripling


  • Belisario
  • Withrow
  • Dominguez
  • Rodriguez
  • Elbert
  • Howell
  • Jansen

That payroll would be around $230 million.  Get younger!

Tim Wallach will likely be gone to manage somewhere.    How about offering a big contract to Brad Ausmus to be Mattingly’s bench coach?  That would make him very nervous, I assume…


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43 Responses to “Forget about Robinson Cano and David Price”

  1. Adam says:

    Mark, another good post; your may just have a future as an assistant GM! I agree the Dodgers need to get a bit younger, and from within. Does anybody know if Pederson is expected to be an impact major leaguer? He has good AA numbers. If he is a solid major leaguer, the Dodgers can definitely trade Ethier and/or Crawford for minor leaguers.

  2. Karlo says:

    Brad Ausmus…very interesting. Great analysis of the hot stove possibilities!

  3. Badger says:

    Most of that makes sense. Not all of it.

    “The challenge is to get a lot younger.”

    The challenge is to win the Championship. Getting younger would be cool, and we did by adding Guerrero. If we win Tanaka, that adds youth as well.

    I still believe the Dodgers want a Championship much more than they are concerned about payroll. They make money even with a payroll over $200 million. So, what’s the quickest way to make up those two games we lost against the Cardinals?

    I still say if Kemp and Ramirez are both in the lineup all post season we win.

    I like the Choo idea, only for a .400 OBP guy leading off. Wish he played a different position. I don’t see us moving Crawford, (show me how) but I can see us moving Ethier for prospects. I don’t see how the Choo fits. (see what I did there) As long as we have Kemp, Crawford and Puig, that will be our outfield. And if healthy, that is a very good outfield. Maybe we can have all 4, knowing how fragile Dodgers are, it could work well by the time post season rolls around.

    Lee, Stripling et all are good young pitchers, but I doubt any of them are going to make the rotation this year. I think Lee is considered the closest, and does show up on a lot Top Prospect lists (in the 60′s), so he could conceivably be a #5 on this team. Why not? He might be able to do as well as others being considered. btw, BR has a new top prospect list for 2014 and some new Dodgers show up well on it. But, that happens every few months with Dodger prospects. New ones move up, old ones move down. I don’t see Stripling or Anderson anywhere. Stripling, another college boy, 24 next month, threw 127 innings last year. Not sure how he goes from that to the rotation, but, I guess we’ll see.

    I wouldn’t give up on Price yet. He may want to come here. It would cost every pitcher you named, but, what a rotation. That could be a 100 win team. 4 million BIS. Has to at least be considered. Odds against it? Sure, but, we know these guys want to make a statement.

    I stick by my prediction. No rookies in the rotation to start the year.

    Baxter? really? The Dbacks mascot?

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    What, Kershaw changed his name to Kemp?

    And how do the Dodgers get younger by re-signing the 35 year old Uribe? I could see the Dodgers maybe re-signing him for a single year, but not for a whole lot of money, in which case Uribe probably goes elsewhere. And two years at $12 million would be insanity. I just don’t see the Dodgers shopping in the bargain basement anymore.

    And I don’t see the Dodgers picking up the $5.75 million Mark Ellis option. Give him his $1 million buyout and say goodbye, or else, if he’s agreeable, come to terms with him on a less expensive 1 year deal. If Ellis still has some value in the larger market, that’s probably not possilbe, especially since the Dodgers are out of pocket for that $1 million buyout. Ellis can play only 2B, and keeping him around as insurance for Guerrero simply defeats the purpose of signing the latter, unless Ellis is cheap. Hell, maybe Dee Gordon could platoon with Guerrero at 2B. And by the way, I like your Dee Gordon super-sub idea.

    If it will cost them, I can see the Dodgers just non-tendering Belisario, Elbert and Baxter. Baxter I’m sure was just signed as minor league depth, and someone I think the Dodgers will not make a large investment to keep. And after Belisario and Elbert are non-tendered they could either come to an agreement with the Dodgers, or just test the free agent waters. Want to stay younger? Then consider Yimi Garcia to replace Belisario, and maybe even Tom Windle could get a shot in the bullpen if we need another lefthander. But the lefthanded situation isn’t hopeless. Paco will be back (and hopefully Mattingly won’t overuse him again), and I’m not sure exactly what Howell will get on the open market, so I’m not yet ready to concede that he won’t return, although he might not.

    I doubt if the Dodgers will sign Cano. They would only do that if they were considering Guerrero for short or 3B, and that’s highly unlikely. I also suspect that the money saved by not signing Cano will make it possible for the Dodgers to make a strong run at Tanaka. And if that’s not successful, that the money saved could be used elsewhere.

    I don’t know what the Dodgers are going to do on the trade market. I suspect that they will try to unload Ethier. And what they get back in return, be it just prospects or a young established big league player, is anybody’s guess. And keep this in mind. If Ethier is traded he doesn’t have to go just by himself. He could become part of a larger package that also includes prospects that could entice our trading partner to take on his entire contract (or a large portion of it) and/or also include either big league ready prospects or an established, younger big league regular (e.g., I’ve heard Elvis Andrus with Texas). Same thing for Crawford.

    Ellsbury and Choo are both good players, and they are both north of 30 and each of them has an injury history. I don’t say not to sign either of them, but I would consider other alternatives. Kemp (or is it Kershaw?–SMILE) is definitely a question mark, and probably near impossible to trade. With him, I think, we just have to hope. Too bad the Dodgers aren’t an AL team. For now, at least, he’d be a good DH candidate.

    In the end, the offseason will almost certainly take twists and turns we don’t anticipate. So anything we speculate on now may prove to be meaningless. Hopefully the Dodgers have an actual plan in place, and hopefully will be able to execute it. Should be an interesting offseason. Right now its too muddled for me to make any predictions, except that I think the Dodgers will be active.

    By the way, Stan Kasten has a reputation for being extremely intelligent. Of course, high intelligence does not preclude making stupid decisions. I’m sure even you have done that.

  5. Badger says:

    Another announcement of a manager being named today. MLB must be steaming with all these announcements taking text and attention away from this compelling Cardinals vs. Red Sox serieszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Bobbie17 says:

    Michael Young can still play and be productive. We should try to resign him to short term, utility infield contract. I doubt if he will play for Punto money, though. We can’t count on Beckett or Billingsley for anything much. For me, they are now both disruptive influences on a potential youth movement. Pay them and forget them as much as possible. I like the idea of a young starter from the minors, but we still need a reliable 4th guy. Maybe #4 and #5 from the minors? That would be the best scenario, but unrealistic. Getting back to Young, can be be a full time third baseman? Maybe his defense isn’t the best, but he is still a more consistent hitter than Uribe. He would benefit from a sure fielding SS, which we don’t have. I would still put him there for the right price.

    • dpwtv says:

      No. Michael Young is terrible. It was a terrible trade in August and resigning him will only exacerbate this. I’ll tell you this… if the Dodgers didn’t have Michael Young on the roster in the game Adrian got pinch run for in the seventh inning, we’re probably in the World Series. Don Mattingly never makes that move if our backup first baseman is Hairston or Van Slyke. He got caught up in old Michael Young, not reality Michael Young and it cost us that game, momentum, and most likely a trip to the World Series. Gonzales was out of the game, Michael Young hit into two double plays I’m pretty sure Adrian wouldn’t have hit into.

      That’s a Coletti and Kasten screw up and you fix your mistakes not let them linger

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, it could well be the Dbacks mascot.

    Pretty much agree with everything you said. And if the Dodgers sign Tanaka, I could easily see a rookie fitting into the #5 slot, which usually isn’t used early in the season. So yes, there isn’t much of a chance of a rookie fitting into the rotation early in the year, especially if we sign Tanaka.

    Yeah, and if the Dodgers were to make a deal for Price, we definitely will be including some of our pitching prospects.

    And yes again, the Dodgers are more concerned about winning a championship than saving on payroll. In fact, the additional revenue from a championship would more than pay for any expansion in the payroll.

    Just imagine if we trade for Price and sign Tanaka. Rotation would be Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Tanaka, Price (not necessarily in that order). All that would be necessary would be to keep all of those guys healthy. I can dream, can’t I?

  8. Jason says:

    Pitching is obviously important, but we watched an NLCS loss where Kershaw threw a 1 run two-hitter. We need some damn clutch hitting.

  9. Badger says:

    Jason is right, but I still say if Ramirez and Kemp are healthy, we clock the Cards.

    Brooklyn, nice post up there at 11:32. And that rotation is the one I saw too. It could happen. With our lineup healthy, and those pitchers? Yoiks.

    I am hoping Kemp takes his job seriously and he comes back loaded for bear. I don’t know him well enough to make that prediction but others out there seem to think he will. Maybe Guerrero can play some, SS, maybe Uribe likes playing here and will take less to do so. He kind of owes us two more years, though I doubt he sees it that way. Young can still hit, and can play some 1b, will he take a cut to stay home? Will Nolasco? If we can get these pros to take less, and rotate with our regulars all year, all of them could be standing for the post season next year. And I believe NEXT YEAR this organization is going to pull out all the stops to make it happen.

    IF we can move Crawford and Ethier, first of all we have to swallow a lot of payroll to do it, so the deal better be damn good. If both those guys are gone, then Choo is a possibility. If you count the money we eat dumping Crawford, Choo is going to cost 20+ million. Is that what we pay for a .400 OBP lead-off guy? He was a 5.2 WAR player last year, and is going to cash in on that. But his dWAR was -1.8. One thing you can count on, he won’t come from Cincinnati to Los Angeles and put up another 5 WAR season. That just doesn’t happen. So, do we pay the extra cash to dump Crawford – or do we just use Crawford at lead-off again? I got a feeling it’s the latter.

  10. Adam says:

    I only consider Uribe at a 1 year deal.

    I don’t know if it’s been brought up before, but Ethier for Adrian Beltre could be a good fit.

  11. Quasimodo says:

    Badger, just a question, ‘why is it a hatred for Cardinals?’ Even as rivals, Dodgers and Cards have always been more on the friendly side. I see their franchise to be pretty classy.

    • Badger says:


      I don’t hate Missouri. I used to live there. Great place for kids. Not so much for progressive thinkers though. My cousins are strange, but good folks I suppose. My dad and his entire family are from a small Missouri town outside St Louis. He was a Cardinal fan. I think we’re better. I think they drilled our best hitter and I think I don’t appreciate that. I am actually hoping they hand those arrogant Red Sox team and fans their hats.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I love the thought of Beltre, and I also fear it. I would hate for the Dodgers to get him just as he was beginning to decline. I know he’s shown no sign of declining (at least based on his stats), but at 35 in 2014 I do start to wonder. But in a sense, he is cheaper than Ethier (less years), so maybe it could work. Beltre is due $35M over the next two years, and could vest for another $16 million in 2016 if he gets 600 plate appearances in 2015 or 1200 over the next two years. But I guess that doesn’t matter, since if he does that it means that he probably did well in 2014-15. My guess is that it’s not going to happen. I can’t see Texas removing that large offensive force from their lineup for Ethier, especially since taking on the latter doesn’t give them any additional payroll flexibility.

  13. Bob says:

    Originally I was of the opinion that Mark Ellis would be a good transition player for the anticipated arrival of the new second baseman from Cuba. However I have changed my mind. So many people are looking to Tampa Bay to trade for players like David Price.

    I am looking for the Rays to not exercise Ben Zobrist’s option to play 2B for them, for an unheard of Tampa Bay price of $7,000,000. That is just too high for them to pay a second baseman. The Dodgers should try to sign him to a 2 year deal with an option for year #3. He can play 2B, SS and RF, and he probably could play 3B and 1B with a little training. I prefer him over Punto, Gordon, Shumaker, Young, and a biannually unreliable Uribear.

    If Tampa exercised his option, and if the CBA allows, then the Dodgers could then trade some mid-level prospects for him, with sufficient quality and quantity that Tampa might save face. At least they would not have paid the $2,500,000 option price and would obtain some prospects in return. I would trade #14 Valentin, #17 Baldwin, and #18 Martinez.

    Ben is 32, a switch hitter, better from the left side of the plate, with a 2013 WAR of 5.1 and a WAR of 8.8 in 2011.
    Only 6 errors in 2013.
    Only 91 Strike Outs in 698 PAs.
    71 RBIs, 36 doubles, 12 HRs, and 72 Walks.
    OBP of .354 and OPS+ of 113
    A quality guy, which Ned always likes, and his wife can sing the national anthem!

    For 2014 he could start at 2B until Guerrero is ready, which is not yet a guarantee. Then he could back up Ramirez and Uribe; the dodger old injured disabled list outfielders, when needed. Assuming that Uribe crashes again, then Zobrist would be the 3B until Seager is ready. In 2016, Ben will be 35 and ready to be a quality utility and/or platoon player.

    Tampa Bay has other options for 2B and you know that they always promote their upper level prospects on time.

    Their #3 Prospect (MLB 56) is Lee and he plays SS. He can easily be moved to 2B, although he is coming off of a major knee injury.
    Their #16 Prospect Beckham is also a SS that could move to 2B. He batted .429 in 5 games this September and is presumed ready for MLB.

    They have 2 other middle infielders projected for 2015 and 1 for 2016.

    Zobrist, even though he was an All-Star last year, just might be available. Ned should look into this player.

  14. Michael says:

    That is quite astute from you Bob, especially for your first post, at least that I have noticed here.
    Sounds good to me but MLB Trade rumors predicts TB will pick up his option[don't believe anything you read, see, hear and only half of what you see]
    Anyway, really great idea and I would be elated if we got him.
    Maybe Dee should have stuck with Basketball, would love to see him flying on the hardwood.

  15. Badger says:

    We talked about Zobrist before but not with that depth. Solid post.

  16. Bobby says:

    Michael Young caused more outs than he had at bats in the playoffs. I’ve NEVER heard of that before!!

    Send that guy packing back to Texas or Philly or anywhere else on the planet but Dodger Stadium.

  17. Yo! Adrian says:

    If Puig can play 3B, we don’t need a trade.
    And seeing that Miggy can do the 3B job, I think Puig can be a better 3B. Matt Carpenter, Schumacker were the good examples of the position conversion.

    1. Crawford (LF) 2. Puig (3B) 3. H.Ramirez (SS)
    4. A.Gonzalez (1B) 5. M.Kemp (CF) 6. Ethier (RF)
    7. Guerrero (2B) 8. A.Ellis (C)

    And Tanaka (24yrs old) will be a good addtion, he looks like another Kuroda.
    1. Kershaw 2. Greinke 3. Tanaka 4. Ryu 5. Beckett
    Billingsley is expected to come back early July also.

  18. Badger says:

    That’s interesting too. It won’t happen but I like that lineup. It might be better if we trade Ethier and sign Choo.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Yo! Adrian, I don’t know what you’re smoking (drinking?), but asking a player to move over to a completely unfamiliar position is not as simple as you may think, no matter how talented the player. Puig has enough issues in the outfield that he has think about and work on over the winter and into spring training. Now you want to stick him at 3B. Puig has the arm to play 3B, and has the athleticism that might enable him to learn that position over time. But there is little likelinood that he could master the nuances of the position to be ready for next season. And besides, he’s shown all the tools to be a great right fielder. Why in the world would you want to mess with his head and move him to 3B? Bad, bad idea.

  20. Badger says:

    McCarver sucks. Jay gave up that bunt way too early. If you’re going to drag, you have to wait til the last second. Don’t praise Pedroia, critique Jay. For a guy who played as long as he did McCarver sure seems to cough up a lot hair balls.

    Back to college football.

  21. Bball says:

    Badger I never noticed how crappy mccarver was till you mentioned it. Can’t wait till he retires.

  22. Oops says:

    Beltre for Ethier? Nope. Wouldn’t do it … too late. His bat would come and die here at his age. We’re wishing for the Adrian of old. Watch Ethier go elsewhere and his bat will come alive. Bad karma.

    Of course, I could be wrong, very wrong. In fact, on second thought, I must admit that if I heard that trade go down, I might get emotional. God I miss him.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Oops, you could be correct. Beltre’s age would worry me in that deal. I’m not so much worried about Ethier’s bat coming alive elsewhere. The Dodgers need to get younger, and if Ethier can bring over a good young player or two, I’d welcome such a trade.

    Meanwhile, A.J. Ellis, who I think we all recognize as future managerial material, might also be future front office or sportswriter material. And having heard him in some interviews, he would probably be good behind the mic.,0,2451777.story#axzz2iBOqQwrT

  24. Badger says:

    Beltre had a WAR close to 6. Ethier close to 3. I think it’s safe to say Beltre’s number goes down in LA and Ethier’s number goes up in Texas. We need a good, everyday third baseman for a few years. Texas could use outfield help. For those reasons I could see this deal working for both teams.

    No comments on last nights ending?

  25. Michael says:

    As to last nights ending; Since I’m rooting for the NL I’ll take it but if the billy goats gruff had won that way I would be livid.
    As for McCarver, the thing I don’t like about him is he talks to the viewers like he’s Mr. Rogers and we’re all a bunch of bumpkins who have never seen a game. BTW Tim is retiring and this will be his last call. Hoorah

  26. Badger says:

    Agree about McCarver. I find myself waiting for him to say something condescending or something I disagree with. Both happen multiple times when he is broadcasting.

    My take, technically the blue got it right. It took a clumsy Craig to get the call but Middlebrooks did impede his natural path to the plate.

  27. Quasimodo says:

    You worded it exactly, Badger. I don’t really see why there’s all the hype about last night’s play. Maybe MLBN should hire you and less time would be spent whipping the dead horse. Move on already, media! The ump making a correct call is the bigger news of it all.

  28. Bobby says:

    You’re right Quas. It’s only a big media deal because espn’s darling Red Sox were the victims of that “controversial call.”

    It was the correct call. And that’s the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so!!

    Also, great game last night between Fresno and SDSU. Go Dogs. (yet we drop a point in the AP. love the bias)

  29. Badger says:

    Fresno still ahead of a Notre Dame. Cracks me up.

    And I believe there are more than a few less rated teams that would hand Northern Illinois their ass.

    I accept the job Quas. As long as I can do interpretations from my recliner. I do some of my best work while reclined.

    I don’t care for either team, but it would be fine with me if this series ends in Missouri. It would serve those arrogant snobs from Gnu Inglin right to be eliminated just north of the Ozarks.

  30. Badger says:

    There’s a good explanation of the posting changes over in the comment section of MSTI – for anyone who might be interested.

  31. Badger says:

    Where is everybody? Got lives do you?

    Spirited talk at scribe re: “the call”.

    Anybody gonna watch baseball tonight? I’ll go back and forth.

  32. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ve actually got some work to do tonight, so I’ll probably watch the game sporadically, if even that.

    I looked at Dodgerscribe and saw that discussion. Can’t believe that anybody thought Craig was other than safe. There is no question that their was obstruction. And anyone that compares that to the Ellis play is a moron. I’ve never observed that umpires just call a player at the plate out if the ball beats them on a tag play. Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe that I’ve seen plays at the plate where the runner was called safe when the tag was missed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the “neighborhood play” at 2B is a force play, which is way different than a play in which a tag must be applied. I don’t ever recall seeing a neighborhood play at 2B when a tag was required. Yes, umpires miss tags on occasion, but they also call runners safe when the the tag is missed, or when they don’t see the tag).

    I’m hoping that the Cardinals take the next two games and get this thing over with so that the postseason can begin. I also know one of those arrogant Red Sox fans, so all the more important that the Cards win. I also know a Cardinal fan, but he’s way so much more agreeable. Also, when I was a kid and the Dodgers moved out of Brooklyn I considered becoming a Cardinal fan. However, I was emotionally unable to let loose of the Dodgers.

  33. Quasimodo says:

    I’ve mostly been playing online poker, cooking and eating tacos today…oh and also reading everywhere I check that its Boston against the world on ‘the call’. Yeah, M.S.T.I. was able to turn the page. So props to Mike Petriello.

  34. Pgunn says:

    Re: Dodgers-Cards rivalry

    Rem Oember that:

    * the Cards wanted to strike over Jackie Robinson.

    * Enos Slaughter spikes Robinson.

    * the Dodgers “stole” Pete Reiser from the Cards; the Cards’ plan to hide Reiser backfired. Reiser was the five tool, can’t miss player that won the NL batting title in his first full year and was second in MVP voting. A lot of people who saw Reiser say that he was as good as Mays and Mantle. Injuries got to him.

    * Ozzie Smith and Jack Clark

    * Hanley got drilled; you don’t think somebody’s gonna remember that?

    * Gene Oliver and the sweep in 1962, leading to the three game playoff with … well, you know …

    * Dick Nen, spoiling Musial’s last run in 1963.

    *Steve Garvey claimed, that in the ’70′s, the Cards tried to intentionally spike him at first base.

    They have history.

  35. Pgunn says:

    The deal with McCarver is that he is not speaking to hardcore, die-hard baseball fans. He’s speaking to the casual fans,the fans that don’t watch baseball on a consistent basis. That’s why he gets away with what he does; they don’t know that he’s speaking to them like they came from Mars. Makes him self-important.

  36. Pgunn says:

    Looking at M’s lineup:

    12 pitchers, which Ned and Donnie will keep, means that you only have four spots on the bench, since FedEx is a constant.

    So, versatility is a must. That means Punto and Van Slyke are keepers. They need a better left handed bat than Gordon; I don’t think you can carry Gordon and Punto on the bench together and I don’t see the value of having Gordon as a bench OF. Pederson is too young to be on the bench with no chance to happen. At worst, Pederson could platoon with the LF.

    In this lineup, Hanley should not hit second.Until puig calms down, he should hit xecond. Thankfully, Donnie realized that AGon hits fourth, not third. Guerrero and Uribe will be switching all season long.

    Donnie overused Paco and Belisario. If Wilson leaves, Donnie has to find a person for the 8th inning. That’s not Belisario.

    Who’s the long man? You need a long man. there will be opportunities, especially with Donnie’s ability to burn pitchers. This would’ve worked in the NLCS, where they could’ve used Capuano, like he was used against Atlanta. Instead of using Jsnsen in extra innings, Capuano would’ve been used. But, of course, we didn’t take in account the genius decision to take out two leftys against a team that struggles against leftys for the two shakiest pitchers .

    Too many decisions for Ned and Donnie

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