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Change is in the air

So, yesterday Don Mattingly says that he won’t return as a lame duck manager – that he wants a longer-term deal.  The Dodgers fired back by firing Trey Hillman, Mattingly’s bench coach and close friend.  No matter if Mattingly returns or not, the IQ of the dugout is bound to increase.

The Dodgers also dismissed advance scout Wade Taylor (Mattingly’s friend – detect a trend?), and athletic trainer Sue Falsone resigned.  Who saw that coming?  The Dodgers have been lacking in the advance scouting department since Mel Didier.

This doesn’t mean that Mattingly is safe.  In fact, I lean toward the side that says he will go, but maybe he can survive, even flourish, if he has a smart bench coach?  Tim Wallach?  Maybe, but Donnie may not like that.  Jody Reed?  Yeah, I like that.   Orel Hershiser?  Can’t afford him (OK they can, but they won’t).  OK, I’ve got it – Hiram Bocachica!  Just Kidding!  I have no clue.

Well, Matt Kemp ain’t going anywhere, physically or otherwise.  The Dodgers will be lucky to have him to start the season, so Ethier will get moved for prospects (which is cool) and I hope Choo is signed.

Stay tuned.  The Thlot Plickens!

What do I think about the signing of Alexander Guerrero?  I have no clue.  The Dodgers should have a clue.  Other scouts say he’s not all that.  Who knows – we’ll find out.  I will predict one thing:  If he hits .515 in Spring Training, he’ll break with the team!


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7 Responses to “Change is in the air”

  1. Bobby says:

    Mark says: What do I think about the signing of Alexander Guerrero? I have no clue. The Dodgers should have a clue. Other scouts say he’s not all that. Who knows – we’ll find out. I will predict one thing: If he hits .515 in Spring Training, he’ll break with the team!

    Totally agree. None of us seen this dude, so we can’t say anything, except from what we hear/read from scouts. I’ll give our guys the benefit of the doubt because of all the average reports other scouts gave Puig, and now we see that our scouts were completely right while other scouts were way off.

    Perhaps other scouts are a bit off on Guerrero, and our guys are more correct than they are.

    Ellis to return for 5 mil is fine with me. Smart vet to have around. Perhaps in the beginning he platoons a bit if Guerrero is ready. By mid season, somebody will need a vet 2b, and we can cash in.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t know Mark. The last guy to hit .515 (actually .517) in ST got sent out. I think a lot will depend on what he shows in winter ball. Since Guerrero is older than Puig, maybe he’s a bit more polished both on the field and emotionally. Other scouts also said that Puig was “not all that”. Maybe he’s not, maybe he is. We’ll find out one way or the other. Actually, the way his contract is written, he can be sent out in his first year.

    No doubt the dugout IQ will go up. I wonder who that bench coach might be. Could be Wallach. But what if Wallach somehow gets what he really wants, a managerial job? And if someone new becomes the bench coach, and Mattingly isn’t fired, how well do they get along? How much resentment does Donnie harbor? And of course, does Donnie really get to stay. Maybe keeping the coaching staff mostly in tact was a compromise, or maybe Stan Kasten would prefer not to let this drag on through a Mattingly multi-year contract, and decides to cut ties now. And Kasten may just see this as a challenge to his authority, and could respond decisively and put this issue behind him rather than keep Mattingly around and let it fester.

    So Mark, like you I tend to think that Mattingly will be let go, but could perhaps survive, and maybe even flourish. Who knows, maybe Wallach becomes the manager and Jody Reed becomes his bench coach. Like you I don’t have a clue.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Considering what great team chemistry we had last season, I say we bring Donny Baseball back for 3 years and see what happens. We have a good thing going and why should we bring “CHANGE” into the locker room? Lets add a few pieces and achieve what every player and every fan wants……..a Championship!.

  4. SpokaneBob says:

    Sorry, that was me.

  5. SpokaneBob says:

    I also ment to suggest that we hire a great bench coach to keep Donny company where he is not sure what to do.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I can’t see hiring anybody for the purpose keeping Donnie company “where he is not sure what to do.” First of all, if Donnie is not sure what to do, he shouldn’t be managing. That would indicate an IQ-challenged manager. And second of all, no self-respecting manager would accept such an insulting arrangement.

    I’m not worried about the clubhouse. If we have the right players then they’ll be self-motivated. If they can’t find leadership among their own ranks then they don’t deserve to be called Dodgers.

  7. MJRod55 says:

    I agree with you Brooklyn! Donny is IQ challenged, and I was open minded about his hiring. But the dude has had a number of mental melt downs, add that to his tirade yesterday and he needs to go! Bring in a fresh face like Hershisher, he’s a Dodger thru and thru!


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