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Tough decisions to make

Here’s what I think today:

  • It appears that Andre Ethier will miss the NLDS but likely make the NLCS if the Dodgers prevail… and I believe they will!
  • I do not think there is any scenario in which Dee Gordon makes the playoff roster – you are thinking with your heart if you believe that.  There is no way the Dodgers can keep a guy who they don’t trust to play the field.  Do you really think they will put him at 2B in playoffs?  End of story.
  • Ricky Nolasco’s stock is dropping to the point of where Volquez might be considered over him.
  • Marmol or Volquez?  I was leaning towards Volquez, but Marmol has been a find and can pitch multiple innings, so I have no opinion anymore!
  • Scott Van Slyke is on the team./
  • Jerry Hairston, Jr. will take Ethier’s spot.

Parting Shots:

  • Robinson Cano will get $305 million right after Scott Boras announces he will donate all his profits to charity.  NO to Cano/
  • Guerrero is ready to sign with the Dodgers.   He’s a guy who will hit 25 HR and bat .250 while playing a credible 2B.  I’ll take it!
  • Brian McCann is a player I really like, but AJ Ellis is the heart and soul of the Dodgers and it would disrespect him to sign McCann, besides if AJ can hit 8th and do what he do, the Dodgers will be fine.  McCann will get a big deal and get hurt.  Watch and see!

NLDS Lineup:

  1. Crawford  LF
  2. Ellis   2B
  3. Ramirez  SS
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Kemp  CF
  6. Puig  RF
  7. Uribe  3B
  8. Ellis  C
  9. Kershaw  P


If Edinson Volquez pitches well tonight he could supplant Nolasco!


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33 Responses to “Tough decisions to make”

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  2. Watford Dodger says:

    That’s the right team but Donnie will lead off with Puig and bat M Ellis 8th. I would go with your line up – let Mark Ellis get on base and the others bat him in.
    Totally agree about Gordon but 100% have him ahead of Jhair just to run.

  3. HawkeyeDodger says:

    JHair can’t hit or play much defense either these days, I don’t see the upside over Gordon. We’ve got a lot guys who move like snails on the team. I get taking Van Slyke over Gordon but not Hairston.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t see the upside of Hairston over Gordon either. This is not thinking with your heart, it’s thinking with your brain.

    I’m guessing that neither would play much defense, so I’ll judge this just based on offense. And right now, speed notwithstanding, Gordon has the better numbers, and is getting on base at a .320 clip, compared to Hairston’s .265.

    Of course, you never know. Maybe the Dodgers will take neither of them and carry an extra arm. And based on last night, Marmol vs. Volquez is a toss-up. I thought of that Nolasco/Volquez thing, but it’s probably not the case. I’m guessing the Dodgers will go with Nolasco, and just hope that he can find the magic that he’s misplaced in his last few starts. Maybe he just needs some days off to get back the velocity he’s lost. Or the Dodgers can just hope that they’ll sweep whomever they play, and never get to the 4th starter.

  5. Jae says:

    I see vet vs. rookie.

    I see a guy who can’t play the field vs. a guy who can play 5 or 6 positions.

    I see a spaz vs. someone who has been there before.

  6. Reggie says:

    Anyone who thinks the Dodgers will put a player on the roster who can’t play the field is insane. I say that with all due respect!

  7. Mark_Timmons says:

    Update above

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And putting a player on the roster who couldn’t hit his way out of paper bag, who is clearly on the decline, and who has no other redeeming skills, just because he’s a “veteran” is just as insane. Jerry Hairston WAS a good player. Not so anymore. And given that the Dodgers have their share of veterans, they really don’t need this one.

  9. Rob says:

    RIP Mr. Denver, what a horrible incident.

  10. Badger says:

    I have been to MANY games in San Francisco, both football and baseball. I have been to many baseball parks all over this country (obviously not all of them) and it’s my opinoion that San Francisco fans are the rudest, crudest, meanest fans anywhere. They HATE LA and all things Rams, Dodgers and Lakers.

    I take Gordon over Hairston in an LA minute. I take anyone over Hairston. He has completely lost it. We don’t need Hairston in the post season. There are other options.

  11. Bball says:

    So badger I planned on going to a couple games next year in San Fran but I have 2 kids under 5. So I ask u, do u recommend going or staying away cuz ill stay away if that’s how they act. Or do u think the stow and yesterday’s incidents are do to back talk etc etc. ill tell u what. I would just ignore the comments. Don’t faze me one bit. I can’t imagine someone talking mess to a woman or 2 younge kids. So I ask ya or nah?

  12. Bball says:

    My wife just told me no way in hell Shes going if that’s how it is and said she won’t be wearing her dodger gear if she does, but is that really how it has to be. From an earlier post ill agree that’s absurd.

  13. Badger says:

    Personally I wouldn’t wear Dodger gear again there. I did once and paid for it. As long as you sit with the high paying customers, box seats near home plate, you should be fine. Don’t take your family anywhere near the bleachers.

  14. Badger says:

    Cano will be 31 next year, obviously on the wrong side of 30, and has already turned down 7 and 168 from the Yankees. Forget him. He has maybe 3-4 years of good production left, and without roids, like every other player over 35, the numbers will drop dramatically.

  15. Bobby says:

    The only reason the Cano people are throwing out the “10 years 305mil” deal is because they want that number in everyone’s head.

    Even though we know its ridiculous, it’ll be in our head.

    Now, when he “settles for” 7 years and 200mil, people will think “oh, well thats not bad. he wanted 300″.

    He’s not worth 30; no chance. do NOT want him here.

  16. Badger says:

    “He’s not worth 30; no chance. do NOT want him here”

    I agree. He won’t get 20. But he might get 25, which he could be worth for a few years. But, being that his best years are behind him, why risk it? Find the guys that are 26 and bring them in here.

    Volquez with 5 IP and 2 earned, but only threw 74 pitches?

    Rams swallowed another olive. Don’t know why I continue to follow them. They should move back to LA where an area of 15 million or so would embrace them. I’m done. Going to bed.

  17. Watford Dodger says:

    Our last two innings were pathetic. Folded without even a whimper. Need to get the adrenalin going quick.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Looks like Dodger pitchers will have to allow 1 or fewer runs in their starts — for the team to really have a chance.

    Uribe’s big swing usually means a very hard hit ball or nothing. He is not a guy to move a runner along or go the other way.

    AGon has to get his hitting eye somewhat back — and start driving the ball. He is a vet and knows that.

    Puig keeps swinging at pitches he just cannot hit. We need the old Puig back and hit good pitches he can reach.

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    Giants games . . . there . . .

    I have mentioned this before — but back in about 2005 I was in S.F. with some BOARD fans (Vience, Robber, and others) for a Giants game. Wore my Jackie Robinson Jersey —

    About the 6th or 7th inning went to the men’s room — and some big guy pushed me up against the wall and yelled in my face. Then 2 Giant fans came to my rescue and pulled him away. That could have been nasty. I was only through with my stem cell transplant and massive chemo by 1 year and was about 50 pounds lighter because of the treatment.

    I do not know after several of these situations of ballpark violence — are there just some nasty folks going to games, is booze partly to blame, or is any gang related and just folks looking for something to do????

    What is it in Great Britain one of the football teams there sing: You will never walk alone — meaning, after we beat you up, it will take others to help you walk.

  20. Watford Dodger says:

    Roger – think that means that the team will never walk alone i.e the fans will always be there to walk the road with the team. It’s the Liverpool song taken from a local band called Gerry and the Pacemakers.
    This final 3 game series versus the Rox is very important now. Need desperately to get some momentum – especially the batters. I would play the starting position players in all three with the exception of Hanley who I would play in 2/3.
    At least Crawford is beginning to hit.
    We need to really start getting some energy going and get some proper at bats.

  21. Berdj Rassam says:

    Are you guys serious – you guys are considering giving the ball to Volquez to start a postseason game? Good luck with that.

  22. Quasimodo says:

    Kinda seems that the only Dodgers-Giants rivalry is with fans only. That’s not a mission the Dodgers seem to want any part of. If Dodgers perform as lackadaisical at the plate as they were last night, there won’t be play deep into postseason.

  23. jerry says:

    the average runs score in a game most of the probably 2 runs.and that is not the sign of a winner in the post season, very few time did we score more runs..this is just from memory not from stats.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Jerry, it’s definitely from memory. I don’t have the stats in front of me either, but I believe the average is about 4 runs per game, give or take.

    I’m not worried about how the Dodgers finish the season. The Giants lost 2 of their last 3 last year in a series against the Dodgers. And they also fell behind in their series against the Reds, if memory serves, and came back from that.

    On the other hand, the 2006 Dodgers won their last 7 and 10 of their last 11, and still managed to get swept by the Mets in the NLDS. The 1988 Dodgers lost 10 of 11 to the Mets during the regular season, but prevailed in the playoffs. When a team gets hot at the end of the season and then carries that into the postseason, everybody attributes it to momentum. But when the opposite happens, there’s another explanation. So really, I’m not concerned with how the Dodgers are playing right now. All I want is for the team to be healthy (my biggest worry with this team), and to be playing their best baseball when it counts. That’s what it usually takes in the postseason, and this postseason isn’t any different.

    I don’t think teams can turn it on and off at will. But at the same time, just because it isn’t on right now, does not preclude that it will be on come playoff time next week and beyond. If the Dodgers win it all there will be one explanation, and if they don’t there will be another. In any case, there will be an explanation, and whatever it is, it’ll sound logical. There’s nothing like 20-20 hindsight.

  25. Quasimodo says:

    I have to think its something Puig can turn on and off and really hasn’t addressed. I’m a bit confused at how he can look so damn good at the plate and then so damn bad. Looks like he’d rather go down swinging at bad pitches than take a walk too many times. And that has everything do do with his approach. That fake bunt attempt is a bad habit as so many times the pitch was perfect to bunt on. Clearly a fake intended. If Dodgers are trying to put a postseason plan together, there’s many things ALL in this team needs to work on and the bell is about to ring. Its frustrating to see opposing pitchers get ahead of the count at the rate they do.

  26. Badger says:

    Hard to predict anything with this team. But it is safe to say we need ALL the bats healthy to play with the teams we are about to face. Not having Ethier is not good. Ramirez, Kemp, Crawford and Puig have to play every day. Can they? We’ll see.

    There is a book on Puig. You can bet all the play-off teams have been scouting him, and everyone else, for weeks now. Will he adjust? Somehow I doubt it, but, hope he proves me wrong. The most consistent thing I have seen about him is his stubbornness.

    We all would like to see the bats come alive in this last series. But I expect more of the same. And I stick to my earlier prediction, we will win, or we will lose, with pitching. Our first three guys up keep us in the game we have a shot.

  27. Bobbie17 says:

    The team better find needed inspiration for the first playoff series. The showing against the Giants was pathetic. Lost 5 out of 7. I thought the rivalry meant more than that. I guess not. No way does Volquez get a start. I haven’t looked into the days off, etc, but a 3 man rotation might work. Paco is done for the playoffs. He will not pitch in any important situation. Too bad. He had a great season, when it counted.
    The 2 Giants series, I think, give some indication of how this team will play in the first round. Not pretty. St Louis will play well. It always does. #1′s are equal. #2′s give us the advantage. #3′s are equal. #4′s go to the Cardinals. Bullpens are a plus for us, barely. Blue must hit. Period.

  28. Bball says:

    U guys asked for it and its happening. Sure hope it continues through October

  29. Gionfriddo says:

    The “declining” A Gone just garnered his 100th… hope he continues this so called slide.

    Thinking with my heart on Gordon? No, actually it’s called thinking in baseball terms– you know, the same damn way Dusty Baker will be thinking with his heart when he has Billy Hamilton on his roster vs. Pittsburgh come wild card game…..Also, Hairston is SHOT.. done & also finished as his .213 avg tells us & all NL pitchers….

  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Is Billy Hamilton eligible? Did he come up before September 1st?

    Kershaw has hit 95 on several occasions tonight, and 96 once. Looks like the extra rest has helped. He’s pitched the required 5 innings, and is ahead 8-0. In my humble opinion he should come out. Maybe he can keep that extra velocity if he doesn’t have to throw too many pitches tonight. In any case, what reason is there to keep him in the game?

  31. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    OK, that’s enough. I hope Kershaw is out of this game after 6 innings. Anything more would be ludicrous. He’s thrown over 80 pitches, is ahead 10-0, and I see nothing to be gained by him going any further. Why even risk the possibility of injury?

  32. Badger says:

    Well, that’s more like it. Even Capuano contributed.

    All teams in the NL tournament playing well now. Should be interesting.


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