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The cost of living

In 1988 a Honda Accord cost approximately $13,000, while in 2013 the average cost has doubled to over $26,000.  A water softener from a professional dealer cost over $1,200 in 1988.  Today the cost is about the same, maybe less.  The average cost of a new home was $138,000 in 1988, while it is $257,000 today,  and the median household income of 1988 was $27,00 while it is 51,000 now.  In 1988 the Dodgers payroll was 5th highest in baseball (Kirk Gibson was not the highest paid Dodger and was 17th in all of baseball).  The Dodgers payroll in 1988 was $15, 462,000.  Today it is $216,000,000.

Cars doubled, houses doubled, income ALMOST doubled while baseball salaries increased in LA by almost 15 times!  The combined salaries of all MLB players in 1988 was $321,000,000.   The Dodgers payroll in now almost 2/3 of that.   Major league baseball 2013 combined salaries are now $3,185,000,000 – that’s a 1o fold increase.  The Dodgers payroll in 1500% higher than in 1988 while MLB is 1000% higher.

It’s also happening in other sports, but MLB is at the forefront in making  baseball game the game for the rich.  As I said yesterday, if I were President of the LA Dodgers with all of the resources Stan Kasten has, I may have done the same things he has done.  Let me change that, I would have looked the Red Sox in the eye and insisted they pay half of Carl Crawford’s and Josh Beckett’s salaries and said that was a deal-breaker.  The Red Sox would have done the deal anyway because NO ONE ELSE in baseball would have taken that deal.  That’s bad negotiation, period!  Maybe the Dodgers would have to throw in Joc Pederson to compromise but I believe it would have gotten done.   But I digress…

The point is that there is a huge disparity in MLB salaries.  When the bottom eight teams (Houston, Miami, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Oakland, San Diego, Colorado, Minnesota) have a combined payroll of barely more than the top two, you know the competitive balance is skewed.  That, along with baseballs archaic ideas about replay (or lack thereof), slowness of the game and failure to embrace technology is going to be the death of the grand old game.  My youngest son’s generation simply hates baseball… almost to a fault.  They are enamored with football and baseball which are fast-moving games in leagues where there is parity because there are salary caps.

I am looking forward to the playoffs, but it’s bittersweet because I see baseball headed down a dead-end road.

Dodger Ideas

  • It was a nice win last night.  Anyone still worried about Clayton?  He’s Cy Young – hands down!
  • Brooklyn asked a good question yesterday after Yasiel Puig hit another monster shot HR.  He asked this “Puig’s 18th HR reminds me that you made a remark a while back in which you indicated that you didn’t think he was going to hit for big power. I don’t remember exactly what you said, but if my memory is correct, I wonder if you still feel the same way. At the pace he’s hit HR this year, it would be about 30 in 162 games.”  Here’s my feeling on this:  For the most part Puig doesn’t have a big uppercut swing like Adam Dunn or even his fellow countryman Cespades in Oakland.   He will likely hit 30+ HR (maybe that makes him a HR hitter), but for the most part, he hits a lot of line drives and even ground balls which is why I think he will win multiple batting titles.  As he ages, maybe he will hit more HR – I see him as a Miguel Cabrera with speed and an arm!   He’s got so much talent!
  • Belisario has to be tired – shouldn’t Donnie be resting him?  Vin mentioned it too.
  • Brian Wilson has been extremely effective – he tops out at 93 but the dude knows how to pitch.
  • Chase Headly is back to being the player he was pre-2012.


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56 Responses to “The cost of living”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Baseball salaries did not double or triple over the past 20 or 25 years like other items did — that we purchase. With Free Agents, with professional agents working in their behalf, with TV contracts the game has changed. Money is there is some places in baseball.

    Some owners are trying to play by the old rules: some nice players, lower salaries and call it a day ownership. But the horse is out of the gate. And the Dodgers have really changed the game.

    Also, MLB has changed. I do not have the figures, but the money that MLB pulled in back in, say, 1985, is very low to what they have pulled in, in the last year or two.

    UNTIL THE COMMISSIONER AND OWNERS SET SOME KIND OF A SALARY CAP — THIS WILL CONTINUE TO BE A LOPSIDED SPORT, MONEY WISE. It is open market. If the Dodgers bring in the $$$$ and pay out the $$$$$ and make a profit of some kind — they will continue that way. Why not. That is success in their eyes.

    I think some other big time groups might try to purchase a hurting team in a decent market — and try the same approach.

  2. DRomo says:

    Baseball death is greatly exaggerated.

    Attendance is up, viewership is up, television revenue is up….. What’s the problem?

    I do know the younger generation is drawn to fast pace more violent sports. Football,MMA, etc.
    But the point is baseball is going nowhere. Follow the money. The money keeps rolling in and baseball is going strong. Sooner or later everyone comes back to baseball.
    This fascination on replay cracks me up. It’s not just Mark it’s a lot of people. That’s ok, next year replay expands and will include plays like the bang bang play at the plate with Michael Young the other night. Calm down boys it will happen.
    Parody in baseball can happen it is unique from other sports where scouting and development can trump big money. It just takes time. Tampa has figured it out. Pittsburgh is finally figured it out & do not sleep on the Royals. This organization is on the rise. Good scouting is better than big pockets. Which is what I think Mark is missing in his argument today. The “big spending” is a short term fix to a player development problem. Are farm system was broken despite what we had bee sold by Logan White. So unless this organization wanted to stink for the foreseeable future they needed to grab high priced talent to put on the field now and give the farm system time to grow. The payroll will go down. It is only a short term solution.
    The last point (and maybe the biggest) it w important to win with stars this season because the Dodgers have their own network starting next season. What better way to start a buzz and create excitement/viewers than have a run like they have. Stars are showing up to Dodger games like we usually see at Lakers games. With more games and 24/7 content the advertising revenue alone will make a $200 million payroll seem like a drop in the bucket.
    I’ll ask the question again: would you feel better if the ownership just kept the money?

    Some people are only happy when they are unhappy.

  3. Evan Bladh says:

    I learned something from this post, “Don’t invest in water softeners.”

  4. Pete M. says:

    I think my top salary was maybe in 1966. I made $17,000 and 11 of that came from selling other players’ equipment.
    Bob Uecker
    I still think about the Reds paying a singles hitter (Pete Rose)a million…”Where will this go???” I muttered…
    That being said, My Dodgers are going to the NL playoffs…

  5. Badger says:

    I’m not the least bit worried about baseball. There will always be enough players to have a gameand enough suckers willing to pay $100 for a ticket. If we can’t dig the players up, (and I believe we will) the Latin and Asian players will provide what we need. Heck, even Russia is playing baseball now.

    As for the inequity in MLB baseball team salaries… well… yeah. People have been screaming about that for a long time now. MLB is doing some things to help support those teams that don’t have a chance to compete financially, but I won’t figure out the luxury tax thing. Here, somebody else explain it:

    I know those teams that don’t have anybody show up at their games still have stadiums and owners that make money. What they don’t have is the ability to compete. Maybe filling their own pockets is good enough for them. i.e. – the Chicago Cubs. (somebody said the Astros are making money too)

    As for Romey’s point, the model has been there for a while. Pittsburgh and Kansas City are today’s Marlins. The A’s and Ray’s are able to compete with good management practices, but we are still waiting for them to win a title. The problem of course is, once you get enough good players to graduate into the bigs, you have to have the finances to keep them. And that has proven to be the demise of all those financially crippled clubs that rise and fall. You have 3 star players and ALL of them want to cash in? Good luck in looking for Oakland to pay 3 guys 20 million. It just ain’t gonna happen.

    Salary cap. Until it’s done, this is what you will get.

    And MLB just has to follow Little League’s example and get the damn calls right. It’s embarrassing and has gone on long enough. Time be damned. Get it right. It takes me about 3 seconds to see a bad call. With an “eye in the sky” umps can get it done just like football and hockey have. Hell, even basketball has replay. It’s way overdue.

  6. SpokaneBob says:

    Its been 25 YEARS since the Dodgers won a world series. Us older Baby Boomers, who were use to the consistant sucess of the fifties, sixties and seventies have suffered long enough. Forget the money…WE DESERVE THIS! We have paid our dues and thank God or the Guggs, we can now look forward to being contenders every year. Its a great time to be a Dodger faithful and we no longer have to suffer rooting for players like Jason Phillips.

    There is NO guarantee that we will make it to the Fall Clasic, but we have a good shot. I would love to see us battle the Red Sox (I love Fenway Park) in the series. I am sure the TV folks are hoping for the same thing.

    So lets quit this hand ringing over how we got here and get ready for a very exciting post season. I am looking forward to see how guys like Adrian and Hanley preform on the big stage but in the series it is often guys like Mark Ellis that come up big. I can’t wait. Go Dodgers

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And by what percent have media revenues increased since the 1980′s? Remember in addition to the $7-8 billion the Dodgers will be receiving over the next 25 years, they also share in revenue from MLB, e.g., MLB.TV, and probably a portion of the national TV contracts with FOX, ESPN, etc., etc., etc. I don’t have the time to research this, but my best guess is that revenues are also way up compared to what it was 25-30 years ago. It’s apples and oranges, or better yet, apples and water softeners (two completely different animals).

    I pretty much don’t have to add to this, because it’s been said above by Roger, Romey, Badger and Spokane.

  8. Watford Dodger says:

    Mark you are right about Headley. I have advocated trying to trade for him a number of times on here but now not so sure he’d be a big upgrade on Uribe. Actually I can see the club offering Uribe something – maybe only a year as his numbers are not too shabby and I think the management have seen his value in the clubhouse and as something of a mentor for Puig.
    That was like a home game last night – so many Dodgers fans. Very good to see AJ back on form again at just the right time. Now to just get Ethier back.

  9. Quasimodo says:

    My ADD has me at a loss of words. But its was my ADD that took me from the above topic to compare Chinese economics 1988 forward. And sheeesh! I just can’t wait for today’s game to start as my brain is in spins and I need to keep things simple.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Chase Headley wasn’t all that much prior to or after his 2012 career year. I wouldn’t be too quick to target him without seeing what other fish in the sea might be available for 3B. He might be looking a bit better right now, but is that something that will carry over for a full season. No so sure.

    If Uribe wants to come back on a short term deal for significantly less dollars to be a backup at 3B and 1B, and a bat off the bench, then OK. But nothing more than that. And is that something he would be OK with? Probably not. Also, be reminded that Uribe will be 35 next year.

  11. Quasimodo says:

    Tony Jackson’s last night story on Kershaw was an XLNT read. It was the story inside that story what made it XLNT. Even if Fedex is catching A.J. is still at work. There’s no way Dodgers will let him get away-ever! Mark was the 1st one to bring up A.J. will manage someday and it made me keep my eye open on that and I think he was dead on. Not only is he a pitchers catcher, he’s also a catcher’s catcher and a pitching coach’s catcher. I’ve pretty much been a fan of both Ellis’ so maybe its easy for me to read too far into things I like about them, but its fun and sometimes I get to feel the satisfaction that I got it right. CLEARLY though, not always.

  12. SpokaneBob says:

    As for todays game…..

    Andrew Cashner has a problem with Puig. Did anyone else notice that the last time Cashner pitched aginst us Puig was hitting leadoff and Cashner walked him to open the game. As Puig went to first, Cashner was yelling at him and by the expression on his face he was not saying anything nice. He then proceeded to throw over the 1st base and on the first throw, I believe it was Banks who was playing first, tagged him with an upward motion and shall I say “rang his bells”. Puig had to take a moment to recover and Cashner kept throwing over to first and Banks kept tagging Puig harder than necessary. I believe this was payback for what Cashner felt was Puigs showing up the Podres and not knowing his place or how a rookie should be acting. Frankly, I would like to see Puig drop a bunt down the firstbase line and steamroll Cashner. We will see what happens today.

  13. SpokaneBob says:

    I’d also like to cast a vote in favor of our catchers, especially A.J. I think there are other places that are in more need of an upgrade. I am glad that Uribe is a mentor to Puig and a good clubhouse guy, but I want to move on from Jaun. And I agree with those who say we should not go after Cano. We need to start getting younger. As great as Hanley has been I wait until the end of next year to make that decision.

  14. Badger says:

    Good points.

    I too have no problem with AJ as long as he is hitting 8th.
    I like the other Ellis too – as a backup. My feeling on Uribe is well known.

    Screw Cashner. The way to handle the Pods is to not let them get under the skin and 10 run the punks.

  15. Quasimodo says:

    Somehow I’m thinking Uribe won’t be seeking a long term deal. But also see no reason to putting him in as backup yet. Sure he’s getting older and its a question that he’ll be able to keep up his current performance, but for now I’m seeing it wise to backup Uribe. He’s gained a lot of respect for his turnaround. A year ago I wanted him dumped/cut/off the roster and out of baseball or at least to never wear a Dodger uniform again! And being so wrong still has its rewards in his case. I can think of none better for comeback player of the year!

    • Badger says:

      Juan Uribe has 370 at bats this year. I want my starting 3rd baseman to have well over 600. For me it might come down to which backup 3b/1b guy you would rather have – Uribe or Young. It might not be that simple as it is possible neither would accept that role.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I think Young is the more likely to accept that role, since I think he’s concluded that that is his role at this stage of his career. Of course, he just might decide to retire.

    Uribe, on the other hand is probably not likely to accept that role, especially if there’s a sucker team out there willing to hand him a multi-year deal worth more than he’s worth. I certainly hope the Dodgers aren’t that sucker team.

    I don’t consider Uribe’s at bats this year indicative of what he might get next year, even though he will be 35. A lot of Uribe’s lack of AB’s was due to the Dodgers putting Luis Cruz ahead of him after Uribe’s highly unproductive 2011-12 seasons. However, if Uribe were to reprise what he did in 2011-12 he would likely be out of the lineup faster than any of us can say Luis Cruz.

    Yes, the Dodgers could sign Uribe and see how it goes. But if it doesn’t go well it would likely not be so easy during the season to find a replacement. That’s better done during the offseason. I would really like to see the Dodgers to go into next year with a lot less question marks than they went into this year.

  17. Badger says:

    We are an offensive juggernaut.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, truer words were never spoken.

  19. Yo! Adrian says:

    Alex Guerrero will get no better offer, and he should accept 16mil/4yrs deal from dodgers.

  20. jerry says:

    i dont think puig well hit in the 300 next yrs..i dont think he can start a new yr ..hitting like he did..they have a different book on him now.yes he will hit high 290s but not near like he started this yr..

  21. Joseph Olivas says:

    I actually with everything you said….& I do think Ned could of at least got one of Either Crawford or Becketts salary split but Ned sux! Good article here!

  22. Badger says:

    “The Lakers don’t draft and develop players, they SIGN players”. LA Times

    It’s a model that had worked very well for them.

    Can the Dodgers, on cruise control, catch the Cards? Does it matter? Mattingly seems unconcerned.

  23. Watford Dodger says:

    I would love to secure homefield advantage but I think Donnie has confidence in our ability to win on the road and to be honest I think our boys feel a bit of pressure at Chavine Ravine. As you have said Badger it will be won with pitching and I think we must feel confident in that department. We have to hope that in a short series in post season some of the bats come alive – and as someone posted earlier it is often an unsung player who comes good. If we can get our best line up out there we must have a good chance with Kershaw, Grienke & Ryu. In fact I think Donnie will be pleased if Ryu is pitching the 3rd game at home as his figures are definately better there. One thing is certain – we need Hanley and Donnie is doing the right thing being cautious with him. I’m a bit worried about Kemp though as after the great start he seems to struggling again. Too much movement at the plate – when he’s hitting well he stands still. One more week before the real fun & games begin.

  24. Bobbie17 says:

    I am wondering if Paco will be on the postseason roster. I think he has had it for the year. I’m sure the coaches are keeping careful eye on him, checking speed, etc in off-field sessions. I hope he plays, but I am not so sure. Wilson has taken his spot and is doing well, in his own stupid, crazy way. Long innings, long pitch counts, lots of base runners. But no runs. I almost cant’s stand the notion that a Giant is helping us, but I will take it, at this point. Let’s watch Paco this week and see if he plays and how he does

  25. Quasimodo says:

    Home field advantage means less in the pennant race and the World Championship home advantage had been determined months ago. I’m more worried about jet lag than pressure of where we play. Can’t win if we can’t beat em at their house. Its a small series and I want Dodgers to win so I simply hope all the ducks are in a row and that umpires get the frigging calls right. Dodgers are already champs.

  26. Watford Dodger says:

    I had some time so I had a go at picking my 25 man post season roster & it’s not easy. I read that Donnie would go with 11 pitchers & 14 position players.There will be some casualties & hurt feelings. The first ten pick themselves. I would take Young so It came down to 3/5 between Punto, Schumaker, SVS, Hairston & Gordon & I would go for the first 3. Gordon’s speed would be useful but to me that is his only asset while the others bring more. Hairston hasn’t put up the numbers.
    Pitching is even tougher – the obvious 4 starters + Kenley, Belly, Withrow, Paco, Howell & Wilson – and one of League, Marmol, Cappy(If fit), Fife & Volquez. I decided on Marmol for his experience & as cover as Set Up man if Belly continues his wobble. Wilson & Marmol give us lots of big game experience. Also we have managed all season wihout a longman so we should be ok without one now. Not easy for Donnie though as some of those left out have been there all season.

  27. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    B17, you can rest assured that Paco will be on the postseason roster. He’s probably not getting much work now in order to get him some rest before the the playoffs. I expect that he will get some work this week, just enough to keep him sharp, but not wear him out. I think what they’re doing with him is similar to what they’re doing with Kershaw. And think about it. Do you really think that the Dodgers have plans to go into the postseason with only ONE lefty. And I doubt if the Dodgers would replace Paco with Capuano or Onelki Garcia.

    The fact that Brian Wilson used to pitch for the midgets means nothing to me. The fact is, he CHOSE to sign with the Dodgers. He’s a professional baseball player who didn’t always have a choice of what team he played for. After all, he was drafted by the midgets. If he wanted to sign at that time he had no choice but to sign with them. In fact, if he helps us, what could be better than having a former midget contribute to the success of the DODGERS.

    Since the Dodgers aren’t playing any series in the eastern time zone I’m not all that worried about jet lag, which really only affects the players flying west to east. Besides, aren’t there some days off before this all begins and the Dodgers have to get on a plane?

    I too hope that the umps get it right, unless of course their bad calls work in the favor of the Dodgers.

  28. Badger says:

    All good points.

    I figure the pitchers spots will work themselves out over the last week. I don’t really know who I would go with at this point. League and Marmol both have the arms – it’s just whether or not they have found the locations. If it comes down to it, I take Wilson over both of those guys. I am fine with Withrow getting Belisario’s innings if Belly is done. He has the experience, but he has looked like crap several times of late while Withrow is getting people out. I just don’t know, but I figure whoever it is we should be fine with our post season pitching.

    The bats. I don’t take Hairston. I just don’t. Schumaker and Punto are the same guy as far as I can tell, but they both have earned the spot. Take them. Young and Ethier off the bench, or rotate Ethier and Kemp… it will all work itself out – I just hope by October EVERYONE is ready to go.

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Agree with Badger about Hairston. He’s not special enough on defense to make up for this year’s weak bat. Michael Young’s bat gets the nod over him.

    I don’t think Punto and Schumaker are quite the same guy. Punto is more versatile around the infield, and far better there than Schu. Also, Schu is limited in the infield to 2B, where he’s somewhat of a liability on defense, but he plays the outfield well, and Punto although I believe he has had some outfield time in his career, it hasn’t been very much. Also, Schumaker is a good lefthanded hitter, whereas the left side is the switch hitting Punto’s weak side. And when it’s needed, I think Punto is the better small ball player.

    Also, and I haven’t really looked at this closely, but if there’s room to carry Gordon I would do it. I think his speed, or even the threat of his speed could be crucial in a tight game, and I believe his bat has improved enough for me to consider it superior to Hairston’s. But like I said, I haven’t done the roster math, and I’m too busy/tired to do it now.

    In the end, whatever roster decisions are made, just keep in mind that for the most part the playoffs are a crap shoot.

  30. Badger says:

    Same guy in that they are singles hitting utility players. I realize they have been used a little differently this year. Punto has to go because he is the back-up for an oft injured Ramirez.

    Personally I would consider Gordon over Schumaker for one reason only and it’s obvious what that is. Punto can play anywhere, including outfield if necessary and there is no speed off the bench. Do we need both Punto and Schumaker? In these short series it sure would be nice to be able to steal second base late in the game.

    Now watch them go with Hairston.

  31. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I think I’ll just wait and see what happens instead of using any more ATP than I have to looking over the Dodgers roster and trying to figure out who should go and who to leave off. Too much work for now. My head hurts.

    Finally, maybe it’s not absolutely necessary to go with 11 pitchers in a short series. Maybe it’s worth carrying one less pitcher to have an extra player on the bench for every game.

    As I see it, the starters on the playoff roster will be:


    The definites from the bullpen are:


    That leaves Marmol, League and Belisario. Maybe just one of these three goes, and it would probably be Belisario, who might be best of the bad choices.

  32. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And here’s the take from Mike Petriello at MSTI.

  33. Badger says:

    Mike has a solid take on the topic. He usually does. I go there daily just to read what he has to say about things. I avoid the inane posts that follow.

    You know, we are close enough to both Atlanta and St Louis to believe we could catch them.

  34. Roger Dodger says:

    Just read the article above.

    I also had come down to SVS or Gordon as the 25th players. In the first series of best of 5 — I am more concerned about a very close game — and needed with speed at some point or power at some point.

    I have to remember, these other teams have great relief pitching and fielding. They most likely will not give a game away. So it will take the right manager moves at some point with either the speed or power that can make a difference. If it is pinching hitting for the pitcher in the 8th or 9th — then if Puig is up next in the order, he does both the speed and power (depending on the number of outs at that time).

    Hairston just needs to sit the first series out.

  35. Badger says:

    It is time to start practicing for a 5 game series against the Cards. Whoever your 24th and 35th choices are, start using them as you intend to use them next week.

  36. Badger says:

    Anybody read Tony’s new post on the pool incident? He is making a habit of being on the money over there.

  37. SpokaneBob says:

    This was also posted at DodgerScribe…

    The Dodgers have the best road record in baseball at 44-34 with three games remaining in San Francisco. Additionally they are 33-12 on the road since June 22 with Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, who will most likely open the NLDS, having a combined 14-1 record on the road with a 1.88 ERA and a 0.99 WHIP while striking out 7.94 per nine innings over 124 2/3 innings and 18 starts in that span.

    Maybe we are better off starting the playoffs on the road. Ryu seems to pitch better at home and he would be going in game 3. If Kersh and Greinke could win on the road we would be in great position.

  38. Badger says:

    It makes sense on paper, and the history suggest it’s 50-50 starting at home…. I just can’t help but look at what starting at Dodger Stadium would mean. With 53,000 screaming Dodger fans and a sea of Blue, I always prefer home field advantage. Especially if the teams are evenly matched, and no matter who it is, our records are going to be nearly identical and the teams will be very evenly matches.

    But, I would think, with Kershaw and Greinke, even starting on the road the Dodgers WILL be favored. I would be very surprised if that were not the case.

  39. Quasimodo says:

    Give ma a break! No Dodgers peed in their pool! It was me who got that rumor started. Even as I said it to be for fact I never thought it’d be taken seriously. I said that lie at more sites than this one. And now its even a story coming from a reputable sports reporter. Shame on me! The keyboard is mightier than a gun.

  40. SpokaneBob says:

    Maybe the Phillies will give us some help this weekend. I doubt we can expect much from the Brewers. We will just have to take care of business, win the next two series and see what happens.

    I think the best part of having the best record and beginning aginst the wildcard team is that either the Braves or the Cards would be eliminated in the first round and we wouldn’t have to play both.

  41. Bobby says:

    I agree with Spokane.

    I would have no problem starting on the road for games 1 and 2, knowing we have Kersh and Greinke going. Either way, 1 week to go!

  42. Quasimodo says:

    I actually fear the Cardinals more than Braves and can’t explain why that is. Perhaps its only because I see it likely they’ll be the team we’ll be facing the 1st round. I’m already telling myself to be satisfied with Dodgers being the division champs. Luck is a major factor in series so short. Gotta hope Vin will be making another ‘historic’ comment and not to hear his casual “so close and yet so far away”. Unless he’s talking about the other team.

  43. Watford Dodger says:

    With you on that Quas – would much rather bypass the Cards. They are clutch & hit well. We pitch well. Would be close.

  44. Badger says:

    I am with you guys on playing the Cards. They are a scary bunch and know how to win in post season.

    I think we can beat anybody and it has EVERYTHING to do with our pitching.

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