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Ned should have gotten five outfielders

Matt Kemp is done!  Sounds like ankle and shoulder surgery.  Andre Ethier is hobbled and may not be able to run.  Actually, it sounds like Ethier should miss the NLDS, but the Dodgers may be forced to put him in there.  He has four days to heal his ankle, but to me it seems that Puig needs to play CF.

Wow!  What a change of plans!

So, the Dodgers outscore the Rockies 12-3 and lose a three-game series?  How does that happen?  Simple: they don’t get hits when they need it!

The top of the playoff rotation looks great with Kershaw and Greinke while the back is a crap-shoot.  Trying to decide over Ryu, Nalasco, Volquez and Capuano is like asking if you want to be shot or hung when you die.

This changes everything!



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44 Responses to “Ned should have gotten five outfielders”

  1. emerson-Lake says:

    Well, one thing that is comforting is that the Dodgers went on their great run without Kemp (who I still love and am sure will come back to MVP form next year.) What’s not comforting is that most of the rest of the team is slumping, especially Puig and Crawford. So what it all means to me is that we’re going to have lean on the pitching, which fortunately we are blessed with in abundance–I think Nolasco will be back just fine. And these last two low scoring games makes me think we should find a spot for Gordon, since it looks like the games may be tight, and maybe his speed can steal one for us as a pinch-runner–or even hitter.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    So, Mark, who are the starting outfielders?

    Crawford has seemed a bit of day to day with him on starting. Puig is there, but is a bush hitter now (last 10 games he is hitting .129 with 3 RBIs; with 9 Ks and zero walks). Ethier is standing on one leg. Kemp is under doctors care. So SVS or Schu . . . or is there another?

    Don’t tell me Castellanos or Buss or Hairston.

    Clayton must think shutout all the way.

  3. Bball says:

    I hate to say it but the kemp and ethier injuries might just sink us. Dang. I sure hope not

  4. the truth hurts says:

    The best part of the playoffs are unsung heroes…who will be ours?

    Wipe the slate clean, this is a new season. Someone who is cold can become incredibly hot.

    The Kemp and Ethier injuries suck, but I’ll be damned if this season is over.

    Booking my plans for Atlanta, let me know if anyone else plans to be there.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    After the Pirates got Marlon Byrd I vaguely recall suggesting that maybe the Dodgers should have gone after him. Not sure. But if I did, then it wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

    Without Kemp and Ethier this will be tough. Very tough. It’s going to take superior pitching, and discipline by our hitters at the plate. And also getting more out of some of them than we can usually expect. Maybe Hairston AND Gordon and SVS will all make the team. Who else is there? Not Castellanos and Buss as Roger fears. I don’t believe either is eligible, since they didn’t come up until after August 31st. Maybe they should have given Gordon some time in the outfield.

    If Ethier can’t play the field, then it would appear that SVS will have to be pressed into action. I’d definitely prefer him to Hairston.

    “Trying to decide over Ryu, Nalasco, Volquez and Capuano is like asking if you want to be shot or hung when you die.”

    He wasn’t at the top of his game today, but I have confidence that Ryu could pitch well in the playoffs. Problem is, can he shut the opposition down enough to compensate for our anemic offense. Actually, maybe the same thing can be said of Kershaw and Greinke. It’s not like even those guys toss a shutout every time they go to the mound.

    This won’t be easy, but who knows, maybe the Dodgers will add another memorable chapter into the annals of Dodger lore. Maybe we’ll get to see the magic of the Great Dodger in the Sky.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Kemp injure the ankle in July, BEFORE the trade deadline. As far as I can remember, I don’t recall him injuring it any further since that play at the plate. Therefore, all that I can surmise is that whatever is wrong with his ankle now, was also wrong then. But somehow it took until now to properly diagnose the problem. This just throws up more red flags for me with respect to the Dodgers’ medical staff/practices. Maybe I’m way off base, but I am left scratching my head.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Truth, my sentiments exactly.

  7. Quasimodo says:

    I know one thing for certain, and that’s that I’m so far removed from being able to witness anything to make me feel better about this upcoming race these past couple days. I’m not full of negativity but I’ve had enough negative news. So friends, I’ll just have to let the wind blow and keep my hopes high and see what tomorrow brings. Sheesh!

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, your mentioning that the Dodgers lost this series after outscoring the Rockies 12-3 reminds me of what someone noted in the previous thread. The Yankees massively outscored the Pirates in the 1960 World Series, but managed to lose in 7 (Mazeroski’s HR).

    I don’t remember if the Dodgers were outscored in the 1959 World Series, but I’m guessing they were. They lost the first game 11-0, but won the Series in 6 games. A win is a win, and a loss is a loss, whether the score is 11-0 or 1-0.

    Hang in there Quas. Anything is possible, even if not probable. And if things don’t turn out the way we want, there’s always next year. And with this new ownership that’s not a farfetched hope. And if the Dodgers do hang in and win it all this year, it will be all that much sweeter. Hope springs eternal.

  9. Watford Dodger says:

    Oh dear.
    Really need Ethier. If not have to play with the hand we’ve been dealt as we have all season.
    Others will step up. Don’t give up yet.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    So this might come down to a series of IF’S.

    IF Clayton and Zack can hold the other team to zero or 1 run . . . IF the batting order can hit, move runners along, bunt when needed, go for the single up the middle, get a big hit here and there —

    The Dodgers still get the same number in the batting order, 9 guys.

    I assume that SVS will be in the outfield, he is as good as anyone else out there.

    Key IF — IF Puig can get it together and play some baseball. Dodgers win.

  11. Matt says:

    Somebody will step up. Maybe its Schumaker maybe its Scotty Van Stache. This is a good team and I beleive a better team than the Braves. Lets not forget that McCann is hurting over there as well. While he is no Kemp or Ethier he has meant more to than team than certainly Kemp has.

    We need at a minimum a split in ATL in games 1-2. I think this series may go 5 and with Kershaw on the mound I like our chances.

    Its been 4 years since we made the playoffs, I’m going to enjoy this and can not wait until Thursdays game. Will grill some steaks and have a few cold ones while watching Kershaw pitch a gem….Hairston gets the game winning hit….

  12. Badger says:

    Well, weeks ago some were saying we will win, or lose, with pitching. Looking at the lack of hitters on our post season roster, that point has never been more true.

    If Puig doesn’t hit this will be a very easy roster to pitch through. Teams will figure a way to get 27 easy outs from everyone not named Gonzalez or Ramirez.

    That’s a lot of pressure on our staff. Ok Clayton, you want $300 XXL, show us you’re worth it.

    And for all those who saw that ankle injury and said Kemp was day to day – I freakin told you so! Ankles aren’t constructed to bend like that! Will Kemp ever be the same?

    Let the games begin. Here’s hoping for a 11 shutouts.

    • Matt says:

      Not sure I toally agree. Ellis and Ellis will give you good AB’s. Schumaker has been here before. In the post season its unheralded guys that come thru more so than the stars. Maybe Schumaker or an Ellis wins NLDS….ya never know.

  13. jhallwally says:

    Ned should have been gone 5 years ago…

  14. SpokaneBob says:

    While I agree that lesser players often surprise in the post season I believe that the key to our offense will be how Agon and Hanley perform on the big stage. Neither has played in the post season and there have been some great players who under performed in the past. My personal feeling is that they will do well. We saw Hanley play well in the World Baseball Classic and Adrian is a consumate professional who I believe will rise to the occation. I am concerned about Puig. I don’t know if its because he is fatigued, which would be logical. But does being tired make you swing at anything? In any case I don’t think we can count on much from him in the way of offense. If Hanley and Gonzales can play well and we get a big post season from someone like Ellis, we may score enough to win.

  15. Quasimodo says:

    One of the things we’ve got going for us is surprises. The same game that Greinke got his collar broke it was Juan Uribe who answered the call. Both Ellis’ have given us clutch walk-offs. We’re fielding a team that’s nearly exactly the team that made history breaking records. There are 11 teams this morning still in this thing and come tomorrow night 3 of those teams will be feeling like they let opportunity slip through their fingers. Its time for this team to show us what they’re made of. Make us proud! Cheers!

  16. Badger says:

    Ellis Ellis and Schumaker?


    Add Hairston, Punto and SVS and predict their post season stats.

    I’m with Bob on this. The two veteran studs left standing must have productive at bats.

    Anybody seen the rookie sensation Yasiel Puig?

  17. Badger says:

    Michael Young, Carl Crawford, Juan Uribe, Hanley Ramirez, Adrian Gonzalez, Yasiel Puig and pitching.

    Go get ‘em Blue.

  18. jerry says:

    most teams have figure out puig….he will never be the man who came up in june..he is now watching to many pitch down the middle and when he does swing..he misses them.the out side pitch kills him ..and i dont think you can teach someone to lay off those type slider away,

  19. SpokaneBob says:

    Can Young play the outfield?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’m in OC Superior court for jury. Closest i’ll get getting water boarded. Thank God for LAD Talk. Keep the faith and just keep believing.
    Not to unearth and beat the horse, but I’m thinking it would b great to have Dee in the late innings. OK unload if you will.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    No sense in predicting who is going to come up big, or who will disappoint. Totally impossible to hit that on the nose. I’m just hoping for solid, focused baseball from everyone. And perhaps, there will be some players that step up and surprise. This is going to have to be a team effort.

    And Jerry, saying Puig will NEVER be the man who came up in June is ludicrous. Maybe he’ll find it this postseason, or maybe we’ll see it over time as he matures and gets more experience. The talent is there. But apparently you’re a what have you done for me lately kind of guy. Puig has a lot to soak up after this season. He will likely benefit from an offseason to think about what’s happened, and an entire spring training to work on sharpening his game. Let’s try to remember that he’s still only 22, has very little professional experience, and is coming out of a closed society. Quite frankly, I’m amazed that he has adjusted as well as he has. And I expect that things will only get better over time.

  22. pete M. says:

    Anonymous was me!!
    Badger, its gonna b a long season with #11 leading my beloved Irish.

    • Badger says:

      Sorry about that Pete… but I think you are right.

      Pac 12 looking great, but the North is going to feed off each other. Washington, Stanford and Oregon all belong in the top 10 if you ask me. Which you didn’t. You know what would be cool…. Chip Kelly goes to USC. I don’t think he belongs in the NFL. Get out of that contract, face the just cause thing, and get back to college.

      I think what jerry meant was Puig will not hit .400 with an OPS over 1.200, unless it’s for very short periods. Like for example…. the 17 or so games in post season. It would appear the book is out on him, and he isn’t doing much to re-write it. Take the walks son. We need men on base. They will throw something over the plate eventually, but, not if they don’t have to. Get on base, steal second and score on a single. Small ball is more than ok, it’s damn near imperative when you score as little as the Dodgers do. (Dodgers 17th, Atlanta 13th, Cincinnati 11th, and St. Louis 3rd – Pittsburgh 20th…. go Pirates!)

  23. Watford Dodger says:

    Puig will come good and be our MVP.
    Wait till those bright lights start shining his way and the nation is watching.

    • Badger says:

      That’s the spirit W!!!

      Go Blue. Drink some de-caf tea Yassie. Stay calm, focus, and DO NOT SWING AT ANYTHING OUT OF THE STRIKE ZONE!!!!!

  24. Matt says:

    When are the game times going to be released??? Tough to plan a trip.

  25. Bobby says:

    Whatever it is, whoever is playing, the season begins Thursday!

    Cannot wait!

  26. the truth hurts says:

    GO BLUE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Quasimodo says:

    Game 163 about to start. Hard not to have gained a bit of interest. While it matters little who wins, I’ll cheer for Loney’s team.

  28. Roger Dodger says:

    Loney on one team and Beltre on the other. Love them both.

    Hope one of them gets the key hit for the win.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Schumacker will have a great series. He has been through this before. The pitching is going to carry us to victory.Have faith.

  30. Idaho al says:

    Anonymous is Idaho al.

  31. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Matt, you probably got it by now, but here’s the schedule just in case you didn’t. Game Thursday is at 8:30 p.m. ET, and on Friday it’s at 6:00 p.m. ET.

  32. Badger says:

    I took the over on 94 wins. I loser and owe somebody some push-ups. Oh wait, nobody took me up on the bet.

    I had faith in this team when I knew they had key guys disabled. Then Puig showed up and he and Hanley hit .800 for a while, the bullpen got good and the team took off. But we have been a mediocre team for a while. Puig and Hanley have landed and one starting outfielder, and very valuable guy, is gone and another starting outfielder isn’t close to 100%.

    Pitching. And a lot of it.

    I am now a huge Uribe fan. And Michael Young. Carl Crawford. Gonzalez. Puig. Kershaw. Greinke. Ryu. The entire bullpen.

  33. Quasimodo says:

    I just took a look @ MLB injury report and oddly only Billingsly and Elbert are shown. Wonder why that is.

  34. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And update on Alexander Guerrero.

    Doesn’t sound like the Dodgers are a lock for this one. But who knows, in the end it could be a blessing in disguise. You never know how these things will turn out. Remember, there was lots of disappointment when the Dodgers weren’t able to sign Luke Hochevar in 2005. Well that didn’t turn out too badly, even though Hochevar pitched well this year at age 29. Turns out that Hochevar was taken #1 overall in the 2006 draft, leaving Andrew Miller on the board, and he was taken at #5 by the Tigers, just in front of the Dodgers who took Kershaw at #6. Had the Dodgers signed Hochevar, it may well be that Miller (who was very highly rated going into that draft) may have been taken #1 overall (instead of Hochevar), leaving him unavailable to the Tigers, who were also reported to be interested in Kershaw. Of course, we’ll never know, but I for one would not like to go back and sign Hochevar and have to find out.

    So maybe we don’t get Guerrero and use the money somewhere else that gets us a better player (and I’m NOT even thinking Cano).

  35. Quasimodo says:

    Dodgers fell short of my 94-102 prediction too, but I’ve got the good excuse of them winning the division too early.

  36. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Quas, if the Dodgers had been healthy all year they would have exceeded the high end of your prediction, and maybe by a considerable margin.

    • Badger says:

      Agree with that Brooklyn. That’s why I took the over. Mark was so upset with the high payroll I thought he might bite on the bet. But he dint. Probably because of his record on these bets.

  37. Quasimodo says:

    Indeed, Brooklyn. Indeed.

  38. Bobby says:

    Great game by David Price tonight.

    We will need that type of game from Kersh Thursday

  39. Quasimodo says:

    I just visited the Braves site (not to comment) and read what they were saying. I suggest others to do that, its pretty funny.


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