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Just wait until next year…

There’s still a lot of season left and the Dodgers could play deep into the playoffs, even win it all!  But, they are hard to watch right now, so I am going to look forward to next season.  I can’t stand this team right now, but hopefully it will change soon.  So, here’s next year:

  • I discussed this yesterday – Hanley is OK at shortstop.  Don’t mess with it!
  • Kemp is OK in CF – Leave him alone.
  • Uribe may well be back next year.  I’m fine with that if he signs a 1-year deal.  That’s it!
  • Alexander Guerrero?  Like Puig, we have no clue, but I think he has a shot to be the Dodgers starting 2B next year.  I think Mark Ellis will re-sign with the idea of becoming a coach in the organization after retirement.
  • I am still going to drive the bandwagon of trading Puig for Stanton.  Puig is such a wildcard and the Marlins would kill to have him.  Stanton won’t kill himself running into walls or get popped doing something crazy with with Jay-Z.   I have never seen a player with Puigs potential, but I’ll take the known over the unknown.  His teammates don’t trust him.  Puig would pack the fans in at Miami.
  • Just say no to Robinson Cano – he’s another player in decline.
  • Try and sign Nalasco, but don’t get stupid.
  • I am sure Brandon League will be at Spring Training because they owe him two more years, but make that leash short!


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  1. Badger says:

    Yeah, Puig might lite up Miami for a while, but would people actually come to the park? Does it work financially? And how long would Miami be able to hold him? Don’t forget, he can opt to arbitration after 3 years of ML service, and will make 4.5MM that year. If he has a great year, after making 4.5, what would he make in arbitration? And Stanton only makes a half mil this year and is arb eligible for three more years. Miami might just decide to keep him, especially with this being a down year for him. Yes, Puig will make 2 million next year, and who knows what Stanton will win. It might work, but with Miami, they want 3 top tier prospects for their talent, and we don’t have that. In the long run, Puig might represent too much money for them. I am hoping he matures after all that he has been through. He is a 30-30 guy with Gold Glove potential. I see him as a potential 6 WAR man for years to come. Stanton is a lot of things, but he isn’t fast and has a negative dWAR. Puig would be better off getting his head out of his ass and staying in L.A..

    I suppose I agree about the rest of that. Sure would like to see an upgrade at 3b but don’t know where it comes from. I would like to sign Michael Young to back up AGon and play some 3b. I just don’t know about Uribe. He just doesn’t fill me with confidence.

  2. Quasimodo says:

    Kemp will be here next year. I think Roger’s plan of 4 man outfield will be the norm for Dodgers and other teams will fallow. I’ve always been a fan of both Ellis’, but neither have been a lot of fun to watch at the plate lately. But its A.J. who’s got a future coaching. Ditto on Uribe and ditto with what you said on Nolasco. Trading Puig? I’d pass on that for awhile. The ‘slip through your fingers’ factor is also a threat that might enter the picture if he was sent elsewhere and now he’s here at a bargain. No on Cano but that was needless to say. Hanley, just healthy and happy.

  3. Watford Dodger says:

    Mark agree with you on most of that. I’m all in for the Stanton trade. Think Puig may begin to wear a bit thin on his teammates next year and now the NL pitchers have seen him not sure he will have the same level of success. That said he is a great talent and its early days so would be a risk.
    For me if Cano wants to come then great – we need some power although he is another aging player who might be another visitor to the DL. I’m not worried about the money as I’m not paying it & these guys know their numbers. I’m pleased for Uribe but think we need more output at 3rd – so I’d only sign him if we can’t trade for an upgrade. Not much available on the free agent market. As for Nalasco he’s a must & he wants to sign. Great 1234 with Beckett & Bills to come back. That is a great line up.
    For me I’d be looking to upgrade at catcher as much as I respect AJ – his numbers are dropping off. He does a good job with the pitchers but we need more production from him & as Quas said the NL pitchers have his number now. League is a problem – forget him this season and see if we can build him up in ST.
    Still in a great position this season Mark – relax and enjoy the ride.

  4. Watford Dodger says:

    Hanley, Kemp & SVS all start tonight. That’s more like it.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Next season — a lot of if’s — with injured players and players with injury history.

    It is so hard for a GM to know where to go and cover and make the team stronger.

  6. Badger says:

    The money thing is on the Miami side. Why would they trade a guy they can afford for three more years for a guy they may not be able to afford after one year? From Puig’s perspective, as a Cuban he might “fit” in Miami but there is no spotlight there. He would not be happy and would likely want out quickly. That means he might end up traded to Toronto or Seattle or who knows where. No, his best fit is right here in LA. I am sure his advisors, whoever they might be, will be trying to reign the young man in and get him to focus. Stanton is an LA guy and would also fit here but I just don’t see that trade happening.

    Glad to see Kemp and Ramirez back in the lineup. Hope they are ready. Corbin is Arizona’s ace.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Puig for Stanton? There was a time I would have jumped at that deal, and considered it a no brainer. Shows you where my brain is at. Stanton’s down year combined with what I see with Puig gives me pause about that one. All the mistakes I see Puig making are eminently fixable, and really not that out of line with a 22 year old with very little experience. And I disagree with what someone wrote in the last thread about Puig not being a quick study. Actually, I think he is. What I do think is that some people forget just how long it takes to put some shine on a rough diamond. Since coming up with the Dodgers in June, Puig hasn’t had the luxury of an offseason to think about all that he’s experienced, nor the luxury of a spring training following his rookie year in which he can work on things in a less pressurized atmosphere. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight, not even for a quick study, and especially in the midst of pressurized pennant race in one of baseball’s largest markets.

    So no, I don’t trade Puig for Stanton. However, if I’m the Dodgers I explore if there’s another means of acquiring Stanton, without Puig. I’m not fully convinced that the Dodgers don’t have the quantity and quality of prospects that it would take. If it could be done, that would leave us with a lot of outfielders, and also some trade bait for another deal. On the surface it may not seem feasible, but I don’t think it’s impossible. And although he’s not Puig, no reason Onelki Garcia couldn’t be included in a the package. He’s had some problems in his brief appearances with the Dodgers, but the stuff is there, and so is the Cuban aspect.

    Hanley at short? OK. But if something else is possible, I’m all for it.

    Kemp in CF. OK with me. I’m a huge Matt Kemp fan, and just hope these injuries will be behind him after this year.

    Uribe will be 35 next year, and I’m absolutely opposed to signing him for anything more than a backup. And he wouldn’t agree to that. Upgrade at 3B or upgrade at short.

    None of us has a clue about Alexander Guerrero. And what I’ve seen of Dee Gordon’s new found patience at the plate, and what I hear about his ability to play 2B, has me intrigued about him at 2B, at least in a platoon with Guerrero. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, Gordon might be perfect for a role as a utility player in the infield and outfield, with perhaps some regular work at 2B.

    I don’t see Mark Ellis re-signing with the Dodgers, if only because he’s not an ideal utility guy, since he doesn’t play anywhere but 2B. And I don’t see him getting much playing time as a regular after this year. And he doesn’t have to play with the Dodgers next year to join the organization as a coach. If there is a mutual interest there, it will probably happen in any case.

    Agree about Cano. Better places to spend big bucks.

    Agree about Nolasco too. Signing him has the advantage of not losing a draft pick. But realistically he’s a mid-rotation guy, and there are more of those around. Maybe the Dodgers get involved in the bidding for Masahiro Tanaka, if he becomes available out of Japan this winter.

    You might need a subscription to read this scouting report on Tanaka from Baseball America.

    I have no doubt that the Dodgers will make League’s leash short, if necessary.

  8. Badger says:

    We don’t have the A prospects required for Stanton. But money talks. We could also work a deal for Ethier that might net 1 A prospect. But I refer you again to Stanton’s contract status. He is arb eligible for 3 more years! Think about that. Unless Miami gets 3 A prospects in return they have no reason to move him now. He made about a half million this year. He should remain affordable for three more years. Miami would be crazy to move him until they have to.

    Game time. I am hopeful tonight.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Let’s hope that Kemp hit is a harbinger of things to come.

  10. Quasimodo says:

    Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Uribe, Uribe, Uribe…. But I still don’t want him back next year.

  12. Badger says:

    Different look hey?

  13. Badger says:

    Puig being Puig. Swings at two out of the strike and looks at the only pitch over the plate. Oh, nice rainbow to third. Whe this actually learns how to play baseball his ceiling is really high. How long will that take? Who knows.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    OK, I don’t want to throw any rain on this parade, but I will. It’s nice to see Kemp hitting the ball, and hitting it with power, and don’t get me wrong, I’m encouraged. However, it’s off a lefthander who isn’t fooling anyone. If Kemp is healthy and hitting, he can hit anyone. But I’ll feel even better if I see him hitting against righthanders with good breaking breaking stuff moving away from him. Oh well, one step at a time. Baby steps now, big giant ones to come.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    OK, it was a fastball, but Kemp still got a hit off a righty. One more baby step. He’s having a nice first game back.

    Badger, it will happen for Puig. It could be tomorrow, or it could be next year.

    If everyone is healthy, I like Puig, Gonzalez, Hanley, Kemp, and Ethier/Crawford, all in the same lineup. Hard to pitch around anyone in that lineup. Upgrade at 3B/Short, Catcher, and 2B, and the lineup could be a pitcher’s nightmare.

  16. Bball says:

    Is that AJ Ellis or drew butera. Holy cow. Play fed x I can’t stand watching Ellis hit.

  17. Badger says:

    I like those guys too Brooklyn. If they can all be ready by October it could be an exciting run.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It appears that Alexander Guerrero is not a slam dunk to be a Dodger.

    This from MSTI.

    “Unfortunately, we can just stop thinking about Alexander Guerrero entirely for now, reports’s Jesse Sanchez. In a situation far too reminiscent of the Luke Hochevar mess, we’ve learned that the reported verbal deal the infielder had with the Dodgers was with his former agents, and now that he’s switched to the Boras Corp., he wants a “better overall deal”. That doesn’t shut the door on him as a Dodger, but it certainly doesn’t help.”

  19. Badger says:

    Bora$$. Why does anyone ever deal with that guy? If enough teams just said “no” then maybe players would get the hint. Not a great way to start with the Dodgers – reneging on an agreement. Hopefully, he needs us more than we need him.

    Man this team looks different when the first string is in the game.

  20. Pete M. says:

    There is and will be life after Guerrero…
    Still would like to squeeze another one out of Mark E. on a one year contract…
    Call me a fool or a dreamer…Dee G. leading off or 2 hole playing 2B in 2014… I know the kid has the tools and it’s just the cabeza getting in the way!??!!?
    No to Stanton!!! Donnie and the staff may drink more during Puig’s maturation, but it’s all there, 5 tools and all…
    Welcome back Bison…

  21. Badger says:

    I like Gordon at the top of the lineup too Pete. But it has to be the Gordon that has figured out how to get on base. What a difference maker speed is. Second base SHOULD be easy for him. Hopefully he plans to get some innings in over the winter.

    Kemp has 18 at bats since July 3, but does have 11 hits. Wouldn’t it be great if he is finally ready to play everyday?

    Fife. Can he go 6? We get McCarthy who hasn’t pitched all that well at times this year. I give us a 50/50 chance of clinching tonight. Depends on if Kemp and Ramirez are in the lineup. I suspect both may not be.

  22. SpokaneBob says:

    The game last night has to be a huge lift for both the team and Matt Kemp. Lets take care of business tonight and work on getting everyone right for the playoffs.

  23. Quasimodo says:

    Last night was fun, period! Yeah, I think this blog made its way around the club before the game and touch a few nerves. Good and touche, Dodgers!

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I too like Gordon at the top of the lineup. From what I’ve read, he’s played well at 2B, and likes it. Gordon’s defensive problems have never been picking up the ball. It’s the long throws that have been his problem. A lot less of those at 2B, so that should help immensely. And it doesn’t hurt to have a second baseman with lots of range and a strong arm. The strong arm is an asset in getting the ball to first base quicker on double plays.

    And I think Gordon is beginning to turn the corner offensively. He’s become more selective at the plate, and is consequently drawing more walks. And the selectivity has to result in his making better contact when he does swing. I think even his bunting has improved. In fact, it seems to me that he’s been exhibiting a more mature demeanor. I suspect he’s really starting to get it.

    I’m not upset over the Guerrero thing. He’s reputed to have really good power, but I’ve also seen reports that question his overall hitting ability. Besides, the money saved by not signing Guererro (if, in fact, he doesn’t sign with the Dodgers) can probably be used productively elsewhere.

  25. Watford Dodger says:

    Good performance last night – that kind of hitting added to our pitching will give us a good chance in the post season. However my very real concern is what to do now? Kemp needs some game time but how much dare we use him for fear of his hammy going. Same applies to Hanley. We need those two in the middle of the order. If they get injured again between now and the end of the season that will be the end of them – no chance of recovery. Is it kid gloves or to hell with it with them? I would play them sparingly – maybe every other night – and remove them from games when able. I know it sounds cautious but I believe we will need all our A team to win this thing.

  26. Quasimodo says:

    I want Dodgers to spill the bubbly tonight. After that let the pussyfooting play out. Blood hungry with killer instinct where it counts. Feast tonight and fast tomorrow. Then prepare for the Pennant plan.

  27. jerry says:

    dont know if gordon can turn a double play…it about his throwing ..and a double play is going away from first, to me that is the one that has to be straight. when he plays 2nd.

  28. Badger says:

    If Gordon can get on at .350 he solves our 2b question. Sign Young/Uribe and Ellis and go to work on upgrades at third and catcher. Outfield will sort itself out.

  29. Quasimodo says:

    Gordon still has to earn 2B and that won’t happen this year. ST may land him in the team but likely only as backup. My bet is he’s on the postseason roster for reasons we all know. Goddamn Kemp looked good last night, almost miracle-like. He surely exceeded more than we had a right to hope for. After tonight’s win all we need is to be healthy. You can be certain that if the Dodgers are all healthy they are instilling much fear through MLB.

  30. Quasimodo says:

    I think A.J. will be his own upgrade. We haven’t seen the best of him, we’ve only seen him better. His defense is outstanding and he’s a pitcher’s catcher. Salt of the earth.

  31. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I think A.J. Ellis could be a lot better if the rest of the lineup were strong, and he could be put in the 8-hole to stay and get on base in front of the pitcher. He’s not suited to hit 5th and 6th. That’s not his role, and he needn’t be burdened with those expectations. At the same time, he will be 33 next year, and the Dodgers have to at least begin thinking about him moving to backup relatively soon. I like Fedex, but doubt if he’s starting material long term. There are a couple of catchers that might be available as free agents this winter (Saltalamacchia and McCann). In each case, maybe. I don’t see either one of them play enough to conclude anything, so that’s decision the Dodgers will have to make. Depends on the price, and on what the Dodgers think of A.J. Ellis going forward. But if the lineup around Ellis is fortified, then I have no problems with him being our catcher with Fedex to backup.

  32. Tony C says:

    Trading Puig for Stanton would be a big mistake. Puig has more tools (speed and defense especially) and is only 22 years old. He is under control for at least 4 more years and will be a bargain if he does 20-25 HRs, 85-90 RBIs and 90 runs per year. Add 20 steals and 8-10 assists and all is well.

    He’ll settle down and be an asset for years to come.

    By the way, with Alberto Guerrero aligning with Scott Boras, it likely means that he should not be signed. The Dodgers have seen this movie before. Move on unless the deal is close to the original offer.

    Tony C from Massachusetts, a fan since 1955

  33. Quasimodo says:

    On MLB Now, Brian Kenny and Harold Reynolds host to clash by design. However on World Series favorites both completely agreed Dodgers – short topic.

  34. Bball says:

    Well no Hanley tonight, hope everything is ok with him. Lets clinch it tonight boys.

  35. Quasimodo says:

    I already pounded one bottle of bubbly. Cheers!

  36. Badger says:

    Puig. Enormous talent that does not know how to play this game.

  37. Badger says:

    With Fife on the mound we might need 9 runs tonight.

    Where is everybody?

  38. Michael says:

    Why in the f*&# do you give Goldie anything to hit? Fire Donnie DumbF*&# ASAP>
    What an idiot

  39. Badger says:

    Donnie not pitching.

    Mark Ellis with as bad an at bat as you will ever see. Take strike one right down the pipe, swing at a pitch a foot outside and low then take strike three. Good morning good afternoon good night.

    Hope Fife can go 5.

  40. Badger says:

    Nobody here on clinch nite?


  41. Bball says:

    Jim Joyce blows another one. Hurry up replay.

  42. Badger says:

    Joyce sucks. Umpires. This game needs to follow Little League’s example.

  43. Badger says:

    MSTI board is lighting up. 1200 posts and counting. This place is a ghost town.

  44. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I never read the posts on MSTI, but I was curious about those 1200 posts. I like reading Mike Petriello’s posts, but I prefer this place even when it’s a ghost town. I didn’t read all 1200 posts, not even near that many, but what I read brings one word to mind. INANE. I didn’t post tonight because I was busy before the game, and away from my computer when it started. I usually watch this game on my computer, but tonight it was ESPN.

    Bad game, and lousy call. Well, there’s always tomorrow.

  45. Badger says:

    I dint read them all either. It feels like a junior high chat room over there. But it is busy and they are involved. I usually go just to read Mike’s take.

    Yeah, Joyce took the wind out of the sail. But our pitching really sucked.

    Day game today. I’ll be around.

  46. Pete M. says:

    I think the best commenting out there can be found here hands down…
    MSTI and other blogs takes give me a good idea how folks are feeling…
    Puig has reinvented the phrase ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’… His HR was a NASA launch… Being caught off 2B a sequel to Dumb & Dumber… I can see Donnie and his staff lining up the Cuervo shooters!!!

  47. Badger says:

    I think the way the game was managed, and umpired, both Donnie and the umpiring crew were doing Cuervo shooters before the game.

    That was one of the strangest games I have ever seen. We could go over the bizarre moves but just read Tony’s take at scribe. He covers it all.

    To tell you the truth, I would have probably throw Kershaw in the clincher. Get that done then you can set up your post season rotation any way you want. Same with the bullpen. Donnie’s use of the pen the last two games is a head scratcher.

    Just clinch this thing already.

  48. Bobbie17 says:

    Keep Puig–for a long time. I take Michael Young over Ellis and Uribe. He’s forgotten more about hitting than those 2…and I love Ellis. Do not discount the intangibles with Puig. That energy cannot be replaced; and the rest of the team gets off on it. Stanton won’t do that. I hope that we are playing at about 60% right now. If it is 100%, we won’t win a playoff series.

  49. William says:

    A few thoughts as I revisit this site:

    1. I never would have thought that the Dodgers would turn the season around like they did. It was an incredible run.

    2. But..the Dodgers very well may only end up with the fourth best record in tne National League, so the season has to be put in some perspective. The sad thing would be to go out early in the playoffs, but then see Mattingly get a long deal, and Colletti be a fixture. Most of what has gone on with the team has not really been due to either of them. I don’t give Colletti credit for Puig, or Kershaw or even Greinke, and not for Jansen. Credit due for Ramirez and M. Ellis, and Nolasco. Discredit due for B. League, Volquez, Marmol, two of the three years of Uribe, etc.

    3. Virtually all of the top teams in baseball picked up a key relief man during the trading period. Colletti, as usual, picked up a few guys from the waiver heap. He’s done it plenty of times before. This time, he figured that Marmol, whom the lowly Cubs gave up on, would be a good addition. Wilson I don’t mind, but he still is a risk. Volquez, who obviously won’t be on the playoff roster, was a “look how clever I am” Colletti pickup; thinking that he could add a fifth starter for next year for peanuts. If Bud Black gives up on a pitcher, I would never take him. But just like he grabbed Blanton and League last year, Colletti could not resist. The playoffs may well be lost because the Dodgers’ bullpen is not strong or deep enough. And Mattingly may have overused Rodriguez and perhaps Jansen, we’ll see.

    3. I hope I am wrong, but I do expect Metheney to badly outmanage Mattingly in the playoffs. I just hope that the Dodgers’ bats can come alive, and we can jump out ahead, so that managing won’t be that important.

    4. I would not trade Puig for any other player in baseball. You have to be kidding. He is hitting .338, with 17 home runs, missing two months of the season. He has more tools than anybody. My worry is that he’ll leave after six years. But the Dodgers finally come up with someone who could be one of the all-time greats, and we want to trade him?

    5. I wouldn’t trade any of the outfielders. We can’t afford it, not with their injury prone aspects. Trade Ethier, and them Kemp or Crawford gets hurt again, and you have to play the unimpressive Van Slyke? When Joc Pedersen is ready, then I’d trade an outfielder. You wouldn’t get value for them, anyway; Colletti would pick up more worthless relief pitchers; and the Dodgers would have to pick up much of the salary. You’ve got them under contract; take advantage of that, whether someone gets disgruntled or not.

    6. I wouldn’t want to see Dee Gordon in any lineup. He hasn’t proven he can hit major league pitching, and he is not that good a fielder. There is a guy I would trade; he might have value. He might become a good player some day, so trade him to the AL where he can’t hurt you. Or keep him and spot play him if you want.

    7. I have all year thought that Puig should bat third, not second and certainly not first. He’s too good to hit him without protection, and where teams can pitch around him. Why do I want my first or second best power hitter hitting first? Mattingly’s answer, “Because he’s really fast.” Let me know when Willie Mays or Hank Aaron or Clemente or Cobb or Ruth or Snider batted first. I might like to see Crawford, Kemp, Puig, Ramirez, Gonzalez, in that order. Just my opinion. I don’t have a real problem for the rest of this year, but if Mattingly keeps wasting Puig in leadoff, I will think it is idiotic.

    Best of luck to the Dodgers and all of us Dodger fans in the playoffs!

  50. Quasimodo says:

    Good morning all, just woke up after getting a very rare 8+ hrs. sleep. The MLBN channel and they were saying Hanley was singing “I got to do it” so it was a cheerful waking even through a bit of a headache.(I pounded two bottles last night) While still trying to get my eyes to gain focus via coffee I’ve managed to read Dodgers are fielding a 100% right-handed lineup. Interesting, but cool. Just knowing HanRam is cheerful tells me how the outcome of this game will end. Cheers!

  51. Bobby says:

    I’ve been traveling in London, so these games start too late for me to watch and end too early for me to see the results right away, until I wake up!

    However, tonight’s game starts at 8:40pm London time, so hopefully I can see a clinching victory!

    I look forward to being here and celebrating with you all later tonight!!!

  52. Quasimodo says:

    About umpires. We keep hearing “we have the benefit of instant replay” on bad calls by umps. Its time that the game used that benefit as well. I don’t believe that it’ll make a game too long. And if it does makes a game longer its still better to get right. I’m even hoping that strike/ball calls soon enter the picture. Umpires, your shit stinks and you’re Way out of line. Your arrogance displays the need to be trimmed. You’ve been acting like bad cops.

  53. Badger says:

    Swing at strikes dammit!

    Umps think too much of themselves. And why MLB won’t address the glaring weaknesses they have is puzzling. Umpires union? They actually approve of a 90% accuracy rate? Obama?

    I get the RH lineup thing – but Hairston batting second?

  54. Rob says:

    Nolasco just lost his command! He keeps going outside and the Dbacks are having a field day going opposite field.

  55. Badger says:

    Puig being Puig really pissed off Hairston. Nolasco pitching his way out of the post season rotation. It really looks like the Dodgers are on cruise control. It also looks like dbacks want it more. “Not in our house” appears to be working.

  56. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    What’s the beef with the Marmol pickup? The Dodgers gave away virtually nothing (Guerrier), and received not only Marmol, but a couple of hundred thousand dollars in international cap money. That cap money is worth its weight in gold. MLB teams now have limits on what they can spend on international free agents. Adding cap money gives the Dodgers more flexibility, and is part of the plan to re-build the Dodgers farm system. The Dodgers also got additional cap money in the Nolasco trade. I give credit to Kasten and Colletti for that one. As for Marmol. What’s to lose? Either he eventually finds it, or he and the Dodgers part ways.

    Who deserves credit for Puig? Probably Colletti to a certain degree. But that’s mainly the result of a new ownership making a statement that the Dodgers are back big time in the international market they abandoned under McCourt.

    Totally disagree about Gordon. But that’s my opinion.

    Ultimately Puig doesn’t lead-off. But for now, Crawford is in and out of the lineup, and the Dodgers don’t really have a lead-off hitter. I don’t have a problem with Puig hitting 1st or 2nd until the Dodgers find a suitable lead-off hitter, and Crawford plays everyday.

    Why discredit for Volquez? What did that cost us? Nothing to lose, and maybe something to gain. And League was a bad sign. But that’s not necessarily totally all on Colletti. Kasten and company signed off and that one.

    Who are all those relief guys that other teams picked up? I don’t remember every trade, so I really can’t recall. But along with that question, I ask this one. What did those relievers cost in the way of prospects? If they were any good, then they probably had a cost associated with them.

    Nolasco is suddenly starting to look human. But really, that should be no surprise. He’s a mid-rotation pitcher who’s been pitching like a number 1-2. What’s happening is called the law of averages, and should give pause to those who want to sign him up for big dollars next year. He should be considered, but there will also be others to consider.

  57. Quasimodo says:

    Into the 6th and time to add AGon and Crawford. At least it should go as such.

  58. Quasimodo says:

    Well, I for one fail to see why AGon wasn’t at bat when Hairston came up. Am I alone?

  59. Badger says:

    Agree about Puig Brooklyn but he gets on @ .400 and he has speed. Until we seriously address the lead off spot I put him there. I agree that he is a middle of the order hitter.

    Billy Hamilton appears to be everything we hoped Dee Gordon would be

    Why is Jerry Hairston hitting second?

    League. Edge if seat time.

    Wrap this up dang it.

  60. Watford Dodger says:

    Why League?

  61. Watford Dodger says:

    We must wrap Hanley up for the play offs if we win tonight. He is too valuable to us to risk.

  62. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Why is Jerry Hairston hitting second?

    I don’t know. But I was thinking, why didn’t Young start at first and hit second? Oh well. Hairston is out of the game, and Young is in.

    And I agree. We need to wrap this dang thing up.

    Watford. I agree. If we do win today, Hanley will probably play, but just not everyday. And he will likely be taken out of games early. But first, dang it, let’s wrap this up.

  63. Badger says:

    Kemp and Ramirez are running like 60 year olds. I appreciate they both need the a.b.’s but it would be nice to play them every other day for the next two weeks.

  64. Quasimodo says:

    Whew! I’m able to relax a tad with the removal of League. Some confusing moves today. But still feel Dodgers got this.

  65. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Oh, by the way, not so quiet in here today.

  66. Quasimodo says:

    I’m not as drunk, though I don’t know if my comments today are any less sober. And there’s A.J. adjusting!

  67. Rob says:


  68. Quasimodo says:

    Cheers friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Badger says:


    Now get everybody ready for October!

  70. Bobby says:

    Congrats kids!

    11 wins to go

  71. Watford Dodger says:

    Who would have thought on June 22nd that we would be 1st team to clinch? And with 10 games to go? What a turn around. Badger I salute you. You said all along that it was possible and you were right.
    Wrap em up now – Hanley, Agon, Kemp & Puig. Get Ethier & CC back and we will be set.

  72. Watford Dodger says:

    Good to see AJ hitting at last.

  73. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Been watching the celebration. In a word, WHEW.

    Now let’s get 3 more celebrations.


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