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Here’s my take on the deal

We all know that the Red Sox traded Adrian Gonzalez, Nick Punto, Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford to the Dodgers for prospects, but that the Dodgers had to take on all the salary.   The Red Sox then replaced Adrian Gonzalez with Mike Napoli, Carl Crawford with Shane Victorino, Nick Punto with Stephen Drew and Josh Beckett with Ryan Dempster.  Both teams are in first place in their respective divisions, so let’s see how that has worked out this year.

  • Napoli: .260 BA – 21 HR  85 RBI – .819 OPS  – $5 Million/1 Year
  • Gonzalez: .287 BA – 19 HR – 87 RBI  – .784 OPS  – $131 Million/6 Years

Both are pretty equal in production, but Gonzalez has a $131 million contract and Napoli has a $5 million dollar deal.  I mean, you can go to the gas station and pay $800 a gallon and it will power your car, but why would you do that unless you are an idiot?

  • Victorino: .295 BA – 14 HR – 56 RBI – .774 OPS – 20 SB – $39 Million/3 Years
  • Crawford: .291 BA – 5 HR – 28 RBI – .753 OPS – 13 SB – $105 Million/ 5 Years

The Dodgers had Victorino and elected to trade for Crawford and no sign Shane.  Is Crawford really worth $70 million more?  Ned and Stan are idiots!  World Class Idiots!  Is there anyone that would trade Victorino for Crawford (with their contracts)?

  • Drew:  .249 BA – 12 HR  – 59 RBI – .770 OPS -  $9.5 Million/1 Year
  • Punto:   – .259 BA – 2 HR – 21 RBI – .667 OPS – $1.5 Million/1 Year

Punto has been nice, but Drew has provided a lot more production.  In a vacuum, maybe you’d take Punto, but Drew has solidified SS for the Red Sox.

  • Dempster : 157 IP – 8-9 Record – .479 ERA  – $26.5 Million/2 Years
  • Beckett:  43 IP – 0-5 Record – 5.19 ERA – $34 Million/2 Years

Again, Dempster has not been very good but Beckett was very bad and then was gone for the season.  To summarize this transaction, the Dodgers took on $270 million in contracts while the Red Sox got better production (quite a bit better)  with just $80 million in salary commitments.

Like I said, the Dodgers and Red Sox are first in their divisions, but the Dodgers spent 3.5 times as much money in this deal to get there.  Spin it however you want, but I see Stan Kasten and Ned Colletti as morons in this deal.   Not only did they pay a lot more FOR LESS, but the idiot Dodgers took on all the payroll, and the Red Sox also received some good prospects from the Dodgers.  I’d love to deal with Ned and Stan.  Hey Stan, I’ve got a bridge…

Where would the Dodgers be if they hadn’t made that deal and spent the money wisely elsewhere?

This is why I am having trouble loving this team.  Ramirez and Puig and Greinke were good deals, but the above deal smells like pig $hit!

James McDonald is free for the taking….




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26 Responses to “Here’s my take on the deal”

  1. Michael says:

    I think the wheel fell off the cart and the Indians are circling.
    With the likes of Volquez, Capuano and an iffy Ryu we can’t afford to lose when Greinke and the Kid pitch.
    Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen we are expecting turbulence.

  2. Michael says:

    We are all keenly aware how you feel about the trade Mark but the wealthy shop at Saks 5th Avenue not Walmart. It’s only[their] money.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Totally not true. Wealthy people don\’t overpay. They look for deals.

      I\’m setting you all up for something you haven\’t thought about.

      We will talk soon.

  3. Badger says:

    Yeah, how many times are we gonna have to hear this. You don’t like the trade. You prefer to go back to McCourt. We get it. But honestly, continually calling the current Dodger brass idiots when the team is in first place and making money is not only getting old, it is making you look rather silly. The Dodgers are not the perfect team but they have come a long way and that trade is part of their rather quick turnaround. Stop concerning yourself with the money. The Dodgers are seriously in the black now.

    We win tomorrow and start another winning streak. We can them continue it by beating up on our division.

    Crawford made a huge mistake today, but he and Gonzalez, and Punto, make us a better team than we were.

  4. Bball says:

    Who gives a rats ass who won the deal. You would be complaining if the new ownership did nothing as well so who gives a shit. Do you realize you said both teams are in first. Oh and the dodgers are leading in attendance. Big fuckin whoopie if the dodgers lost the trade. They are on there way to the promise land for many years to come. Get over it. By the way if you think victorino would be doing the same things he’s doing now ( which aren’t that great ) in pitcher friendly dodger stadium your crazy. What contract would u rather have agons or vottos. Ill take Agons anyday. My point is teams do things not cuz they want to but they have to. Reds couldn’t let votto go and the new ownership had to make a statement. Deal with it there will be better deals made but this was a statement deal. One I happen to like.

  5. Bball says:

    Well said badger. I wish I could write like you. The way I’m saying things in my head don’t always come out the same way on my iPhone.

  6. Kevin says:

    Pretty sure none of those Red Sox players would be putting up those numbers in dodger stadium….especially Napoli. And didn’t we try the Victorino thing? If you don’t like em quit watching and writing about them and try selling more water filters with your time…..or whatever is your selling.

  7. Bball says:

    Kevin. Exactly

  8. the truth hurts says:

    Wake me up in October.

  9. Badger says:

    You guys are right. Punto has played better for us than Victorino did. It’s much easier to hit in Boston than it is in L.A.. I think everybody knows that. And according to Forbes, the Dodgers are more valuable than the Red Sox. What’s the fascination with the Red Sox anyway? Who cares about the Red Sox? Well, besides Mark, who cares? I know I don’t. ef the Red Sox.

    I still think Beckett can come back and win some games. I think he has a better shot than does our first round 5 million dollar quarterback.

    Ellsbury hurt again. Anyone think he and Kemp might live in the same orbit? He’s only played 150 games twice in his career. Kemp had a string going, but, the last two years he has looked plenty fragile. Then there was the Rihanna year where he was plenty distracted and just bad. That year should just be dropped from his stat line.

  10. Bball says:

    Kemp = the new Grady Sizemore. Great talent just can’t stay healthy.

  11. Mark_Timmons says:

    I\’m setting you up for the next issue… Something you may not have thought about. And… I don\’t want Frank back. Your words, not mine!

  12. Mark_Timmons says:

    What about the future? It might not be as bright as you think

    • Badger says:

      You liked McCourt because he was some kind of underdog. Underfunded, under qualified and completely overwhelmed. I know you hoped he would succeed because it was against all odds. Well, he failed miserably. Now we have more better baseball people in charge.

      What kind of Debbie Downer news do you have for us now?

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not going to rehash what was said above. I agree with just about all of it.

    By the way, you think that Drew should have been our shortstop? How would that have fit it with “bad Hanley”? Maybe I’m mistaken, and you think Drew would have been a utility guy. Actually, I don’t know what you were thinking.

    “What about the future? It might not be as bright as you think.”

    Maybe. Nobody can really predict the future with any certainty. But I do know this. Since the departure of Mc#$@*^%&! the Dodgers have invested heavily in the international market they pioneered and then abandoned. And they’re using their resources to fill in the gaps until the farm system begins to supply us with a steady stream of talent. And among those international signings is one Yasiel Puig, a player who would not have been possible under the previous regime, and a player, I believe, you think very highly of.

    And let’s be certain of one thing. Things would be looking even brighter around here if Matt Kemp had just stayed healthy. And who in the Dodger organization should have been clairvoyant enough to predict the string of injuries he’s had?

    Didn’t know that Ellsbury was hurt again. If so, he’s a player I might stay clear of. He has a history of health problems, and is probably the last player the Dodgers should consider. Maybe Shin-Soo Choo, who I heard today might be a free agent next year. But that’s another matter, and it’s probably not something to even be thought about now. Lots of time before the offseason, and too many variables between trades, free agents, and international free agents. But whatever the case, the new Dodgers will be players, not so before they had some money to play with.

    “Totally not true. Wealthy people don\’t overpay. They look for deals.”

    No doubt that wealthy people prefer a deal if they can get it. But they will also overpay if they think it better assures that they’ll get what they want if they think that thing will make them money going forward. Case in point. The new owners may well have overpaid for the Dodgers, but did so to secure an investment that they perceived would make them a bundle going forward. If you’re not just rich, but super-rich, then spending a few extra hundred million may well seem to be a small price to pay for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    • Badger says:

      Amen brother Brooklyn.

      I still don’t get why Mark doesn’t like the Dodgers success. Over the years I have seen him on the wrong side of a few issues, and frankly I wasn’t all that surprised by his take on those things. But this is puzzling.

  14. Mark_Timmons says:

    I\’ll explain it soon enough.

    Surely I can\’t be the only one who has thought this through… Or am I ?

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    B17, read this from MSTI. Do you really think Paco isn’t getting enough work?

    “Unfortunately, Greinke was replaced by Paco Rodriguez, pitching for the sixth time since last Friday, and again it didn’t go well. Rodriguez squandered the lead by allowing a single and then a double to Cesar Izturis — yes, that Cesar Izturis — before being saved by Ronald Belisario. Rodriguez has been wonderful all season, and carried a .182/.265/.318 line against since August 1 into this game, so it’s not like he’s turned into Russ Ortiz or anything, but he’s had a tough enough last few outings that I think we can all agree a nice long rest is exactly what he needs.”

  16. Bball says:

    Mark I think u are. Sure there are aspects we don’t like but at the same time we don’t care. As long as the team wins we really just don’t care

  17. Quasimodo says:

    What do I know? But I’d guess the new owners already feel they achieved a pretty major goal. Post season is as close to a shoe-in as can be. And that’s only a plus. Their major goal in the trade was to raise the prize in negotiations for a TV deal. But that’s just how it appears to a guy who really doesn’t know. Doesn’t that make sense? As a Dodgers fan I’m reaping rewards that are fruit of what is somebody else’s business. It didn’t cost me a thing so how could I be unhappy with the trade? I don’t think the Dodgers franchise will go bankrupt anytime in the near future.

  18. Badger says:

    McCourt is gone. That alone would be enough for me. The most watched team in all of baseball, money invested in international signings that has already reaped benefits and we know there are more to come, the second most valuable franchise in MLB, new tv deal that keep the team profitable for years – and only one fan on the planet that is unhappy….

    I think things are looking up.

  19. Gionfriddo says:

    “The above deal looks like pig shit”…wow, not going to rehash that BS nonsense talk–Badger summed it up pretty good in my estimation.
    The pig slop was worth it based on A Gone & Punto alone… Gonzalez has been the steady glue that has been money from game 1 on… Punto is an invaluable bench piece who’s a winner… Mark has bitched & moaned from the minute this deal was consumated last year–who can recall last years story on “maybe the Blue would’ve have been better off with Loney”??

    Bottom line, some folks (mainly contrarian whiny individuals), will say this year will be a complete failure if it doesn’t end in a World Series parade. They then will most likely blame the Boston trade…

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    Gee, I could see griping if the Dodgers were in 2nd or 3rd place behind the D-Backs and Giants . . . but with a 10 plus lead, ownership did what they had to do — make a major statement and move last year.

    The baseball world looked, the fans showed up — and that deal worked.

    My feeling has been, ownership did not do enough. You all know I have been critical of Dodger: catching, 3rd base and 2nd base. And other than a few games this season, those three spots are still hurting. Don’t tell me that AJ is a great receiver and throws out runners and takes a lot of pitches when at bat — he is a weak hitter with clutch problems. I do not have an answer for something better — have not looked. And Fedex should be playing every day to get better, either in the minors or majors.

    Right now, the Dodgers are flat. Puig is not an RBI machine we hoped he would be.

    AND I keep seeing Kemp rounding third — jogging home, then seeing a play would be close at the plate — and running hard the last few feet — and the crash and dive to the ground —– and limping away . . . probably for the rest of the season. Hot dog, he did.

  21. Badger says:

    Kemp had a mental lapse and it cost him and the team big time. Not sure what is going on with his body but having hammy issues is not a good sign.

    If Kemp were 100% this would be a championship team. I believe that. We could live with the Ellis brothers and Uribe if Matt Kemp was there with a .900 OPS. We still have great pitching.

    Without our MVP we are still a very good team. But we are a low scoring good team.

  22. jhallwally says:

    Spot on. Our new ownership and management is not as on the ball as we expected and hoped…. That Crawford contract sucks now, and it is going to get alot worse… Basically money thrown away, like the Andruw Jones and Manny deals….. Thanks Ned….

    By the way, why is Ned still employed?????????


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